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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidha asking Dhaani if her Papa will come to her school. Dhaani looks sadly. Dulaari says tomorrow is first day for you at school and asks if she kept her new bag, books, pencil etc and takes her inside. Dhaani thinks Vidha is happy and recalls Viplav saying that his son is missing. Viplav looks at Atharva’s superman and says I will come and get you freed. Dhaani thinks about Viplav and prays for Atharva’s safety. Viplav asks God to punish him and not his son. Vidha gets ready and wears uniform and shoes. She shows it to her neighbors. Dulaari tells Dhaani that it is a start of her dream. Dhaani says Vidha is very happy to go to school. Vidha says it is my first day. Dulaari says when you was young, you used to share your happiness with everyone like her. Vidha goes

inside to get something. Dhaani asks if Vidha is like her or Viplav. Dulaari says you know better, and I can’t lie and if I tell the truth then you will feel bad. Vidha comes out. Dhaani asks why did you go inside? Vidha says she prayed for Atharva. Dhaani says Atharva will be found soon. Vidha asks did you call Papa? We will wait for him. Dhaani looks on surprised and says if we go late then you have to sit on last bench.

Vidha says she will wait for Papa and asks Dhaani to call Papa. Dhaani asks her to come. Vidha asks her to call her Papa. Parshiya comes and lifts her. He says your Papa is on the way and will reach school directly. Dhaani asks Parshiya why did you lie? Parshiya says there was no solution than this. Vidha asks Dhaani to come fast and says her papa will come. Dulaari asks Parshiya what will happen when her Papa doesn’t come. Parshiya says I am here naa, I will become her Papa. Dulaari is stunned. Parshiya says I mean we will handle her.

Dhaani comes to school with Vidha and makes her sit. Vidha asks did you call my Papa? Dhaani says do you remember what I have taught you. She asks her to answer to Principal’s questions. Vidha asks how I will identify my Papa. Dhaani asks her to listen to her first. Vidha says how we will identify him, if he returns back, we shall go and check on the gate. Dhaani asks her to sit as their turn might come.

Dhaani says I called him, I told you. Peon calls Vidha’s name. Dhaani says your papa will not come. Vidha says all kids came with their Papa also. Dhaani tells Vidha not to trouble her and says Principal will get angry and will not give you admission. She asks Vidha to come. Vidha says no, I will go with Papa. Dhaani says your Papa. Viplav comes and says came…Vidha runs to Viplav and asks if you are my Papa. Viplav says no, I am your Rakshas uncle. Vidha asks where is my Papa then…Viplav says he sent me as he is busy, and he has apologized to you and your mum. Vidha asks what else he told you. Viplav says now we shall go, and takes out chain from his pocket, and makes Vidha wears it. He says it is sent by your Papa, and he asked you to wear it till he comes. Dhaani asks them to stop and gives Prasad to Vidha and Viplav. She says she has prayed for Atharva, and he will be found soon. Ishq Ka Rang plays………..They go inside Principal’s cabin. Principal asks her name and gives her chocolate. She asks her to go with teacher and see the school. Viplav tells Principal that he is Vidha’s dad. Principal says father’s name is not written in the form. Viplav says sorry, I forgot and is about to write his name.

Dhaani stops him and tells Principal that they are not together now. Principal asks them not to make Vidha feel bad about their separation and argument. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Principal asks them to pay fees on time. Viplav says don’t worry about the fees and takes out cheque book. Dhaani says it is not needed. Dhaani says I will pay fees on first week of month. Viplav gives 5 lakhs cheque as a donation. Principal takes it and says all the best for their child. Viplav is talking on phone. Dhaani comes out and says you did wrong. She snatches his phone and asks why did you give donation. Viplav says you have stopped me from writing my name and also you didn’t tell Vidha about me. He says can’t I deserve this much happiness. I am her dad and I have right on her. Dhaani says you don’t have any right on her, and says you want me to feel low. She asks him not to snatch her daughter from her. Viplav asks if you are insecure. Dhaani asks who called you here? Viplav says my daughter called me here. Dhaani asks him to answer. Viplav says I was asking for answers sometime back.

Vidha comes and informs Dhaani that she liked her school. Viplav asks did you see canteen? Vidha says yes. Kamini comes there and asks him if he don’t care about Atharva. Viplav says I do, but this is also necessary. Parshiya comes there and informs Viplav that he saw that man wearing maroon color kurta. Kamini gets tensed.

Inspector calls Viplav and says he has traced kidnapper’s call and says he will let him know. Kamini calls Tripurari and informs him that Police can reach there at any time and asks him to leave from there immediately and keep Atharva at safe place. She turns and sees someone standing and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Devga

    Hi arshi renu and others…. Happy news i got….. Ikrs is on top….

    1. Latha

      Devga it’s not in 1 st place now also the Trp is still 0.6 only

    2. Thks dearest devga n congratulations to u too ☺

    3. Arshdeep

      Hey devga. Nice picture?
      And yaa its not at first place. Trp is all time low again??

  2. Arshdeep

    (Just an attempt to help you all to know what happened today. Not much detailed episode.)

    The episode starts with parshiya telling the man who asked him to make a call is here only and is wearing maroon color kurta. Kamini says how you know? Parhsiya tells he is very sure. Viplav gets call from tripurari and asks for 1 crore for his son. Viplav asks him where to come? Tripurari tells the place and asks to come alone. Kamini asks whose phone it was? Viplav tells kidnapper is asking for 1crore money. Viplav says they need to inform police. Kamini says not to inform police if he harm atharva. Dhani says but they need to as the police is already involved in this case. Viplav gets call from police saying call is traced. He is again calling from same booth. Viplav feels guilty that they doubted parshiya and says that parshiya is standing in front me and kidnapper is calling. Parshiya asks him not worry. Viplav goes. Kamini asks sorry from dhani to doubt them. Dhani tells her not to worry and asks her to go to find atharva. Kamini calls tripurari and asks what was the need to call again? You will be trapped and i will also be. She asks him to move to another place and keep atharva at safe place. He says the area is surrounded by police. She asks him to move fast. She turns back and sees dhani standing. Dhani is shocked.
    But dhani did not listen anything.??
    Dhani asks her not to worry and that atharva will be found soon. Kamini pretends to cry saying will atharva be fine na? Kamini Hugs dhani and thinks stupid..nothing wil happen to my son..but will happen to you.

    Police is interrogating from people about atharva. Someone tells that there is a sunsaan way.
    Police follows. Parshiya comes and tells viplav the same. Parshiya goes there. Viplav also go. Kamini is worried. Dhani comes running to viplav that he has seen maroon color kurta wearing man going that way. Viplav asks her to wait here and he will go. Dhani says that she will accompany him. There can be danger. They both sit in auto and leave. Parshiya sees them leaving and comes back. Kamini asks why he returned? Parshiya says that viplav has gone with dhani. And asks her not to worry. They will find atharva. Kamini gets worried and says they keep sticking to each other always. This tripurari will create problems for me. He should not be caught.

    Viplav and dhani follows tripurari in auto. Tripurari hides and viplav and dhani misses the bike. Trp calls kamini. Kamini asks him to move atharva at safe place. Says she wont help him he will go to jail if he is caught. Dhani sees the bike. Tripurari gets tensed. Viplav checks bikes engine and says it is hot and says someone has parked just now, dhani tells viplav that something is there. They move to the place. Tripurari says they have intense love. After so many years they again met, your love story will end by my hand today. Vidhani enter the place. They strike itno each other. Dhani says sorry. Dhani asks where will be atharva. Viplav signs her not to speak. Tripurari points gun. He shoots. He misses the aim. Dhani shouts. Viplav move her back. They look at each other. They move forward. Tripurari again shoots. Something pricks dhani’s feet. She gets hurt. Viplav ties handkerchief to dhani’s feet. Dhani says thank you. Viplav says he knows you are not married to parshiya. Dhani is shocked. Tripurari shoots. Dhani and viplav sits down. Dhani says he has seen someone there and asks viplav to go and check. Viplav goes behind him and comes back searching for dhani. Tripurari calls kamini and says i shooted dont know who has got it. Kamini asks him to tell the address of godown. Viplav sees dhani stitting and asks what are you doing here. Someone cries. Dhani asks him to check there. Viplav finds atharva and hugs him. Viplav comes back with atharva and hugs dhani. Kamini comes and there and see them. Viplav goes forward. Dhani falls down. Viplav is shocked to see bullet in dhani’s back. He carries her to hospital and tells kamini to take atharva. Kamini thinks she will Kill her at hospital now.

    1. Arshdeep

      Sorry 24th june?

      1. Meena

        Thank you for the update dear…. Hahahahahahaahaha try as much as you want DK ( devil kamini ???) you know you are going to fail…. Hahahshahaha

      2. Thank you Arshdeep,such a huge help xxxxxxxx

      3. Arshdeep

        My pleasure??

    2. Porkodi

      Thank you so much arshi. I need not to wait for hasan mam update. U explained all in detailed… nice attempt…

      1. Arshdeep

        My pleasure akka. I wasnt feeling good everyone kept on waiting for update for loong time. So decided to give a try today

    3. Porkodi

      If u get free time try to update arshi… otherwise don’t do… your studies r very important for us..

      1. Arshdeep

        Akka i will try if i can
        I did not waste time at all..wrote the whole only between 6 to 6.30 just checked it and then posted it

    4. Thank u sooo much Arshi.. it was a detaied update .. Good job:-)

      1. Arshdeep

        Your most welcome??

    5. Areeb

      Oh thanks! I have missed the first part but it’s in detailed here. Good work! ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Thank you?

  3. Arshdeep

    Precap- Viplav asks doctor to treat dhani fast. Dhani is taken inside. Nurse comes and asks him to bring some medicines. Parshiya comes and snatches the paper and says dhani is his responsibilty now. Thanks for whatever he did till now. Viplav is shattered and looks at dhani from window.

    1. Porkodi

      What happened to parshiya? Why he is behaving like that with viplav??

    2. Latha

      Awwww arshi thanks a lot dear. You had written superbly. It is very detailed and for me I don’t know that much hindi. After reading your update I clearly understand what i had seen in the episode….

      1. Arshdeep

        My pleasure latha??

    3. Have Parshiya gone mad .. he is behaving like urgh !!
      Anyways thanks Arshi 🙂

  4. In writers view before and after leap Dhaani same ,after listing the phone talk of witch Kamini Dhaani console her we will get your son safe,as usual Kamini shed crocodile tears and hugs Dhaani ,and laughs and thinks foolish girl I will kill you this time ….then police trace out Tripurari all Viplav ,Dhaani,Parshya reach the place Kamini alert Tp police near to go immediately with atherva to safe place,any how Dhaani spot tpgoing on a bike and told Viplav ,they both take auto ricksha and enter the godown where Atharva was,during search Dhaani,s foot injured,and she listen the cry of a child ,mean vile Tp shoot when Viplav and Dhaani searching the boy ,due to injury Dhaani is slow and Viplav rescue Atharva and come back to look Dhaani but she is in unconscious state then Viplav saw she has bullet injury,Tp and Kamini are on phone Tp informed the hiding place as usual Kamini reach on time to the den and take her son ,while Viplav take Dhaani to hospital ,there the docs removed the bullet and Dhaani is in unconscious state on the bed in icu,the nurse asked for medicienmedicines and gave the prescription to Viplav to get medicines,at that time Parshya came told you go I will look after Dhaani and rudely grab the proscription slip from Viplav,s hand ,Viplav dumb folded………I do not understand why Parshya behave like that …Kamini restless because Viplav attended Dhaani and she again plans to kill Dhaani …here in this episode I do not like Parshya while rudely grabbed prescription from the hands of Viplav in the godown Viplav again ask Dhaani to tell why she left Banaras what happened but by that time she is injured…….wait for tomorrow

    1. Porkodi

      Thanks saraswathi.

    2. Areeb

      Exactly, ma’am! They haven’t modified her character just except being an independent working woman. I was expecting a more sensible Dhaani but she is only acting strong against her husband ( which is not needed at all! )

  5. Ade1111

    Thank you Ashi and Saraswathi for updates
    Episode seems very intense I thought Dhani would be different post leap guess she is still the same naive girl? Oh well looking forward to tomorrow’s episode Viplav need to start thinking honestly he does

  6. Writers may move Parshya and Dhaani close to one another ,and they can also marry Dhaani third time and separate Dhaani and Viplav permenantly ,and Viplav and Kamini living together happily for ever ,…..stupid cvs how many episodes they drag this story really fed up with the creations of problems always in Dhaani and Viplav .one fine morning we will quit the show.

  7. Or they ( cvs) create memory loss to Dhaani and new love story begins between Parshya and Dhaani ,please keep Parshya in his limits….already Trp of IKRS rating comes down from 0.9 to 0.6…..donot degrade the charecters of Dhaani and Viplav .

    1. Arshdeep

      Shubh shubh bolo mam
      Aisa kuch ni hoga ab. Just dulaari past track will start
      The shooting has already started

      1. Latha

        Saraswathi mam they can do number of marriages and they keep on introducing new characters..

    2. Areeb

      Nahiiiiiii! ( A big no ? ) I don’t think they will try for a memory loss track at the moment.

      I guess for the time being they’ll just show cat and mouse chase. ( Kam attacking Vidhaani bond and somehow the two resisting unknowingly )

    1. Porkodi

      Wow new entry… so they decided not to close this Kamini track… anyway waiting for the future story

  8. Sujie

    Thank you Arshi and Saraswathi Ma’am for the update…..
    I watched the episode….. Pata tha mujhe Dhaani will not hear anything …but instead console Kaamini oblivious to her evil intentioms…..
    Post leap Dhani is suppossed to fight the evil…not console them and get manipulated by them …..
    I was frustrated by the way Parshiya behaves rudely with Viplav …
    That heart broken wala facial expression… 🙁
    Atleast ab toh writers expose Kaamini….. Please make Viplav catch KD red handed while trying to harm Dhaani in hospital…..
    Kaamini tu toh marr jaa chudail …..

    1. Latha

      Yes Sujie whatever u said yesterday that happens today that dhani didn’t hear anything…

      1. Sujie

        Exactly yarr….. Kaamini manages escape everytime ….hate this

      2. Yes sujie u were righr yesterday?????

  9. Sujie

    Parshiya ko koi samjhaao…..ask him not to cross his limits …hadd hai bhai

    1. Kavitha

      No sujie he is write in current position.if someone creates my then only the bonding of vidhaani will come out.that’s y writers in the same way I think. Let’s see how it works.

      1. Sujie

        You are also right Kavi di… But this is a kind of over interference in Viplav Dhaani’s life ….
        Maybe Parshiya thought Dhaani is in this state because she went to find Atharva…and landed in hospital injured and unconscious… Maybe Parshiya was frustrated

  10. Sujie

    Okay…so Mr. Ramakrishnan of Dahleez is coming to IKRS to portray Dhaani’s father…..
    Reminds me of the scene when Eisha Singh was there…. Dhaani drunk…asking Viplav to bring her baauji…. So cute that scene was….
    Now finally ….
    Swadheenta’s appa gonna be Dhaani’s pappa…. 😀

    1. Arshdeep

      Yes didi??
      Appa ne adarsh ko acha dance karwaya tha??
      Yaha dekhte h apni rani ka kya karte h

      1. Sujie

        Hope so Arshu 🙂 🙂

      2. Areeb

        Appa bohat hi kharros thay. ??

      3. Arshdeep

        But appa ne suhasini se baat toh ki thi
        So good father ??

    2. Areeb

      Arey, thanks Sujita. ?

      Ramakrishna G was a typical dad in Dehleez. I’m eager to watch him in a new attire different from the South Indian. ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Exactly me too✌

  11. Kavitha

    Hi frnds ways going on here dudes.
    Arey arshi tum tho hasan mam ko bi hara diya.updates mein nice attempt.
    N thank u for spoilers of dhaanis dad. Seems he may take changes in vidhaani life.waiting for vidhaani reunite.

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you didi??

      1. Wow arshi great attempt. I think after seeing this hasan mam mught not even post today??

      2. Arshdeep

        Haha not so good di..just read it again and got mistakes and found few things missing too.
        I was feeling very bad actually that everyone kept on waiting so decided to do it today
        And thank you??

  12. I have not seen dahleez n so have seen sagar saini do called dhani’s dad for first time n he has a charming personality ☺

    1. Arshdeep

      Seen him as a south indian dad over there
      Looking forward to watch him here in new attire

  13. Areeb

    Lol, Arshi that was indeed an act of stupidity. It was your name only in Urdu. Khaair. Ikr ? fun hoga tabhi tou student interest lega project mein. ?

    Okay, roz kya sikhaon gi me?? ? Wesey Urdu likh ke kya karogi .. New words bolna seekho.. that would be a good thing to learn know? ? As you say, i’ll teach. ? ?

    By the way let’s just complete your name first; Kaur — کور

    ک – Kaaf
    و – Wow ( wow know? ? but not wow. ? )
    ر – Rey/Ray

    1. Yaar you wrote commnting machine in bracket so i got confuse?

      Ahh thank you i was just going to ask you to teach me to write kaur.. you understand me so well han???

      Just tell me how to write ‘BINEET’ too

      And you daily give me 5 typical urdu words with their meaning. I will try learning and using them. Good idea na?

      1. Areeb

        HAHA. Touchwood. ??

        Sorry, didn’t understand Bineet kya hai.. ?

        Done! ?? Also ask whatever you want to translate in Urdu. ?

      2. Areeb

        Oh just Google it, it’s a name. As I don’t the pronunciation much so I will try to write it..

        Bineet — بینیت / بنیت

        ب – Bay
        ی – Ye
        ن – Noon
        ی – Ye
        ت – Tay/Tey

      3. Arshdeep

        Aww thanks
        That my sister name actually. Thank you so much??
        It looks beautiful??
        Ya i will ask ✌

  14. Devga

    Thnk u arshi….. Btw awesome explainer u r….. Wich std u r in??

    1. Thank you devga?
      12th Passed

      1. What about u dèvga. U r in which std.

  15. Still no update?

    1. Ramya dont worry just scroll few messages upwards n u wud find today’s episode update from arshu aka arshdeep ?

      1. R u from TN???I mean tamilnadu???if TN which district??? curious bcz I am from TN…

      2. @arshdeep…and thzzz renu…

      3. Arshdeep

        Rohini you are Asking me or renu di??

        Anyways none of us is from TN..
        One from haryana and one from gurgaon


      1. Ade1111

        Hey Renu I commented earlier thanking Arshu for updates it’s taking so long now. How are you doing hope you enjoyed the episode it was good but I absolutely hate Kamini would love her track to be over already and I will like the story to move on a bit now

    3. Kk dr…u used akka abd said siuth actor so i thought u r film south….anyways study well….

      1. Arshdeep

        Thank you?
        Actually porkodi akka is from TN so she only asked me to call her akka. Thats why i call her.

  16. Arshdeep

    Commented after a long time with my logo?
    But dont know how i got logout by itself??

  17. Thanks a kit arshu n saraswathi… We really needed this update…

    so good episode with bad precap…
    parshiya may need some treatment from us now lol…

    1. Arshdeep

      Most welcome saras mam?

      Well defined awesome episode with a bad precap

  18. arshu you wrote verymuch in hasanji’s style. . I was feeling it was same. .. but u did an excellent job…

    I loved it when you commented with yr original logo. . I m used to identify ing people with logos now I get too confused who is who!!
    All having vidhani or vidhas photos they r indeed cute but difficult to identify-:((

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you so much.. wrote it in a hurry actually. Wanted to experience how they do live updating. Was consistent till the first two breaks but the last part is usually the longest so was lost in between??

      Actually i was the same.
      I could identify almost everyone from their logo so never read the names even but know have to check who is it??

  19. Stopped viewing when Kamini stepped in & original Dhaani left. Switched over to Ek tha Raja & ek tha Rani due to ex Dhaani.

    1. Arshdeep

      To be very true i am enjoying the show right now

  20. sweety sahu (MS)

    thnx Arshdeep….nd keep ur study well

    1. Arshdeep

      Hmm thanks sweety?

  21. viplav y r u sooo obsessed with dhani’s wedding truth?? First Look at urself…see u r married n have a son. . think from dhani’s position once…
    How would she feel looking at ur wife n son? ?
    We know u have been loyal to her all ur life n u give damn to kamini.. But she doesn’t know. …

    I feel dadi should step in now. . She is the one always showing reality to dhani…

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