Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with the inspector coming out of parshiyas room n he tells dhani that we have taken parshiyas statement. He has told us the facts about what happened on that night. Dhani looks on tense.
Dt is shown on phone n exclaims oh parshiya has gained consiousness.!! Its good atleast he didn’t die. He tells this to sushmaji . She says( BHAGWAN KA LAKH LAKH SHURA HAI) means she thanks god for this. Kanak is shown irked n says what to thank god now he would blame viplav. All get tensed.
Inspector tells parshiya wants to withdraw the case against viplav. So now Ms dhani the case is over n he goes. Doctor tells to dhani ; dulari n parshiyas mom that there is a good news for u. Parshias reports are normal n tomorrow u can take him home. All get pleased n azked if they can

meet him. Doctor tells ofcourse but one by one. Prathibha (parshiyas mom) tells dhani that u have the right to meet him first n sends her .
Dhani enters parshiyas room n asks ARE U OK. he tells her
( JHAKKAS) absolutely fine. Dhani tells him for past many days u were unconscious then he smilingly tells hospital people r so good so i thought why not rest for some more time. Dhani asks him why did he withdrew the case. Parshiya tells that he didn’t see viplav hitting so how can he blame. He tells yr lawyer can be whatever but cant kill anyone. Dhani tells that we had heard about yr fight with him that day. Parshiya says agree we did fight. I pushed him n he retaliated n pushed me back n i lost my balance n fell down. Afterwards who hit me was not seen by me so i cant blame. Dhani asks him then why did he take viplavs name earlier . Parshiya claims when did i take his name i was not in my senses. Yr lawyer is not that bad.
Dhani tells parshiya to take rest n would come later. Vidha comes inside with Prathibha n calls him baba.!! He gets happy to see her n then exclaims Aai . How come u r here it had been long n i used to remember u a lot n now would eat dishes cooked by u. She teฤบls him ok first u reach home. Parshiya tells her that u have travelled so far… prathibha interupts n tells him not to worry as dhani was there n has taken good care of her. Parshiya asks vidha if she is ok n does she go to school. She complains that i was not allowed to come here n asks about him. His mother tells him that all basti people r waiting for him. Parshiya says now i will go with great pomp n show. Nuse enters n scolds them n tells that they wer given permission only for some time. Parshiya tells her that i have gained consiousness after long so let me…… Dhani intervenes n stops him she tells the nurse ok we r leaving. She tells him to rest n goes.
Kamini is shown talking on phone n exclaims smilingly n says what
parshiya is ok. She goes to dashrath tripathi n tells its good news!!!
Viplav is saved as parshiya has taken his case back.
Sushmaji prays to god n says parshiya is indeed a good person. Dashrath seems confused n asks if viplav didn’t hit parshiya then who hit him n where is viplav.
Sushmaji tells that we shud go to banaras n my heart says he would be there only. Dashrath says that i got a call from someone who said he has seen viplav in banaras but i didn’t listen to him.
Kamini gets angry n asks how could u not tell such important thing. Kanak tells lets go to banaras.

Dhani is shown lighting a diya in front of lord ganeshas idol . She is recalling hospital incident when parshiya told her about viplav that however he is but he can’tkill anyone. She also recalls viplav coming to her house last day n asking her how can i kill anyone. She feels bad thinking how she had told him to go from basti n never come. She is teary eyed. She feels bad n realises her mistake n thinks how could i not trust viplav. She thinks of old flash back of viplav in vks arms n thinks it means viplav is innocent in that incident . She remembers viplav telling her to clear the misunderstandings n she cried for not listening to him. She repents n says where is viplav pl. Come back to your family n yr vidha. I would not doubt on u. Now i am only waiting for u.

Dhol beats r heard n parshiya is shown coming on shoulders of hiw freinds n all r dancing . prathibha exclaims with joy n says my son has come.
Vidha thinks when would her papa come. Then she remember dhani telling her that papa would come when lot of noise n drum beats would be there. Then she recalls prathibha telling her that yr mother would marry parshiya n he would become your papa.
She concludes it means my papa has come . Parshiya touches prathibhas feet takes her blessings. N sees vidha he waves to vidha n she comes running . She kisses him n asks have u come. Parshiya says yes i have come for u.she exclaims n says yeh papa has come. Parshiya is shocked n asks what she says my papa has come. Parshia smiles.

Prathibha tells dhani to do parshiyas aarti. While dhani is doing aarti he dreams of both of them in wedding ouytfit n exchanging sweets. He is lost in his dream n comes to reality on listening his mother’s voice to get inside. He is impressed on seeing his room n praises his mom for the clean up.
Dhani asks him how r u feeling now.
Parshiya tells he is feeling too good n people respect him a lot n have brought him with great affection n show. He tells dhani u also have taken a lot of care. Prathibha agrees n says yes if dhani would not have been then…… she is interrupted by dhani n she says to go n come later. Vidha says i will also ome later. Prathibha stops them to take prasad n gives a sweet box .she thanks her n says that i live far off from my son but dont worry due to u. Two of u look after each other u should get into relationship soon. Once u get married then can take care of each other. Parshiya is shown worried n stops his mother. Vidha says ok papa n goes.
Later at her room dhani asks vidha why did she call her baba as papa.

Parshiya at his room gets angry on his mother n calls her mand budhi means . He asks her why did she react like this as he had told that he loves dhani n not that dhani loves him. Dhani considers me a friend n does not love me. Why could u not wait for some time. Prathibha realises n says i told so much to her.
Vidha is adamant that her baba is papa. Dhani explains that it is not true then she argues and asks then who is my papa.

Precap is that vidha has locked her inside room n dulari is knocking and telling her to open the door. Vidha says that she wouldn’t open till u tell me who is my papa. Dhani too comes n dulari tells about vidha. Both breakopen the door n don’t see vidha inside. They see an open window and are worried.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey arshi all the best for ur exams dear and ur dp is it vividha from the star plus show i dont really remember the name is jana na something right? my aunt watches that show thats why. I have no idea about that show only saw one or two epi ๐Ÿ˜›

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  5. I have come to the conclusion that all the serial writers think on the same lines becos all the serials get their girls married multiple times. Nice example is set for the young generation

  6. Then it is the fault of Dulaari and Dhaani not restrict vidha not to call Parshya as baba,they know that he is not the father of vidha ,it seems that Dhaani has no respect at all to Viplav , why they did it like this mess up relationships,,,,,vidha may call him as uncle or mama…..

    1. in one episode it’s shown that.. vidha heard everyone calling him parshiyababa n started calling him baaba

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