Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aghoris making Dhaani drink something. Dasharath runs in the jungle and finally sees Viplav. Viplav hugs him and asks where is Dhaani. He comes there and sees Dhaani fainting after drinking something. He asks someone to bring water. He tries to make her drink water. Dhaani coughs. Viplav asks are you alright? Dhaani asks about Dasharath. Viplav says he is fine and went home. Sushma calls Shalini and Kanak. She says Viplav called and said your Dada ji is found. Kanak says how can this be happen and is shocked. Sushma says what do you mean? Kanak says I mean how? Just then Dasharath comes. Sushma and Shalini make him sit. Sushma asks him to say something. She asks Shalu to ask Ram deen to shift his bed downstairs. Kanak asks Dasharath what happened to you? Where did you

go? Dasharath thinks she is acting and it was all her plan. Sushma asks if Viplav saved you. Dasharath says no and says he was saved by Dhaani. Kanak is angry at Dhaani.

Dulaari asks Dhaani, how did she fight with Aghoris. Dhaani says I don’t know. I just jumped to save him. Dulaari says if Viplav haven’t come then what? Viplav comes and says Dhaani have made history by saving Dasharath. Dhaani says she couldn’t do the puja which Dasharath asked her to do. Dasharath comes to Ashram and says you have done a big puja by saving one’s life. There is no big puja than saving someone. Dulaari greets him. Dhaani touches his feet. Dasharath blesses her and asks her to sit. Dasharath says you have saved my life. Dasharath says if Dhaani haven’t come on time then I couldn’t have been saved, and if Viplav haven’t come on time then Dhaani couldn’t have been saved. He thanks her and leaves. Viplav says it is good that Dasharath is fine and says he need to bring Tripurari’s truth out. Dhaani keeps hand on him and says I am always with you. He hugs her. Dulaari comes and sees them hugging. Viplav breaks the hug. Dulaari gives them a fruit. Viplav says I will leave and goes. Dhaani smiles.

Next day, Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house. She stands outside for sometime and then thinks to step inside. Sushma stops her and calls Ram Deen. He brings aarti plate. Sushma says I will never forget the favor done by you. She says I am sure that I have done good work and that’s why God has given you. She blesses her. Dhaani asks about Dasharath. Sushma takes her to Dasharath’s room. Dasharath thanks Dhaani for saving his life. Viplav asks him why did he got in the jungle. Dasharath says he went to jungle as he came to know about the temple. He says he wants to pray for them, but Aghori caught them. Kanak thinks Dasharath is not taking her name and thinks he is upto some thing. She calls tripurari and tells him that something is going on in Dasharath’s mind. Tripurari asks her to postpone her plan to kill Dasharath for now and says Viplav also doubts on me. Viplav brings Dhaani to room and says I am sure that you will get some proofs as you are auspicious for me. Dhaani says this room must have been cleaned many times. Viplav says yes, but he is sure that she will get some proofs. He asks her to see in the room. Dhaani thinks anyone can come from window. She looks at the window and finds a blanket piece. She informs Viplav. Viplav says it is someone’s blanket piece, and says laundry name is written on it. We can get to know about the person, and if he is Tripurari then he will not be spared. They go to the laundry shop and enquires about the blanket. The shop owner says that it is your house blanket, and shows MDT written. He asks him to show the register and couldn’t find anything. He tells Dhaani that Dasharath used to give old blankets to Tripurari.

Dhaani comes to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi asks her about Aghoris and asks her to tell the story. Dhaani prays to God and asks him to show the way. Just then Suwarna comes covering herself with blanket. Dhaani sees the blanket torn. Suwarna says I came here to apologize to you all. Dhaani looks at her. Suwarna holds her hand and apologizes. Raj Lakshmi goes to bring tea. Dhaani asks her to sit. She sees the blanket torn and looks doubtful. Suwarna tells her that she got Bijli’s call, and says I told her that I am happy and is married now. She asks about Badi amma and Dulaari. Raj Lakshmi brings tea and asks her not to apologize as they are her near ones. Dhaani makes the tea falls on her blanket intentionally. She asks Suwarna to give blanket to her and says she will clean it. She makes her wear her shawl.

Dhaani rushes back to Dasharath’s house and asks if Viplav is in his room. Kanak hears her. Sushma says yes. Dhaani rushes to Viplav’s room and tells him that Suwarna came covering herself with this blanket. Viplav matches the blanket piece and it matches exactly. Viplav sits down in shock. Dhaani says it means it is of Tripurari. Viplav also says the same. He cries and says what did Baba do to him? He says my Baba never raised voice on anyone? Why only him? Why did he kill him? Dhaani asks him to have strength. Viplav says do you think that I shall give this proof to Police. Dhaani says no. She says if we give these proofs to Police then Tripurari will come out like last time. We need concrete proofs to prove that he has killed Shambu baba. Viplav asks what we can do? Dhaani says we shall search for proofs in his house. Kanak hears them and is shocked. She thinks if Tripurari goes to jail then I will also have to go. I have to do something fast. Viplav says I have an idea? Dhaani asks what?

Viplav tells Kanak that until he couldn’t catch Shambu’s killer, he will not leave Banaras. Kanak is shocked. Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Viplav came and threatened me to sent jail. He asks can I go without you. Kanak is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Rajee

    Good morning to all!!! Cud not catch the episode. It seems dhani’s character is evolving as a smart girl..but I find d episode a little funny as I am yet to watch d episode…& dhani so smart,unbelievable… Lol…but a grt move..let’s c how vidhani solve d mystery… Bye to all…

    • Ya te girl who don’t know what internet is can use smartphone with English somemore very easily and the girl who easily got fooled now can also make others fool 😛
      Typical serial problems at one point of time the lead actress will always become detectives be it part time or full time

  2. sara

    good morning friends. . What’s your opinion about the episode?

    I feel again a shabby work by the editor… none of the scenes were complete. .. they have been jumping from scene to scene. .

    so dt realised babuji’s realities. . cool. .

    • Anne

      Sara ,I agree the editing is not good .Relieved to see someone else says so. I thought they were missing bits of the story out and thought it was because I’m in the UK. It jumps from scene to scene in a strange way sometimes. Still love the show though.x

  3. sara

    dhani ke pyar mein viplav itna doob chuka hain ki vakaalat poori tarase bhholgaya hain. ..
    how v to use evidences? What all can be effective evidence he doesn’t know. . he is asking dhani as though he is an illiterate. .. so funny. ..

  4. Hi dear frnds a very gud iam leaving from my native to Bangalore. Iam very sad to leave my native but wat to do there was the life for me and my children.
    And frnds I watched ikrs show at 3 am.I can’t wait till tomorrow for retelecast.I can’t watch it in youtube also because there was weak network.
    Sara my dear don’t worry viplav will definitely fight for his father death case as a lawyer he will win also.
    And also saw that scenes were happening most fast movements.
    Do u know in telugu if any one asks tell the story of Ramayan.they will tell shortly KATTE,KOTTE,THECHE .thats all story over like that I think story was short but it was clean OK.
    Even though I luv this show.

  5. Guys come were r u today is Sunday I think every one is free of all works so come on we have to make much comments today. Share ur opinion frnds.

  6. Finally DT was changed his character from bad to wat everyone will changes their character who were close to dhaani.after all our viplav also a naughty and careless badmash guy,she changed him as a good lover.very nice na.
    Keep it up dhaani ur gem of the show.

  7. Actually we have thank badi Amma and pankaj for clearing MU of vidhaani.because only told them clearly that some one creating MU between vidhaani then they got an idea about it may trps plan.if not viplav and dhaani fights with each other.
    So thanku badi Amma and pankaj.luv u both.

  8. Dhaani can become a good detective.
    I liked the scene when dhaani pour tea on suwarna’s shawl and acted as if she did it unintentionally ??
    Very smart move ?

  9. And guys do know in the show ganga at &channel they was copying the story of our ikrs there similarities
    Hero is an lawyer like viplav
    Heroine is a widow as dhaani but from childhood.
    And they are also matching kundli for hero and his girl friend .
    But here in ikrs our hero proposes our heroine and fights for his love .in that show ganga heroine proposes to hero and she fights for her love.
    And about dressing that sagar character wear same types of costumes that our viplav wears in our.
    Its OK story is copied but wat about costumes this not fair.
    As some one mentioned in our comments East r west ikrs is always best.
    Luv u ikrs.and I don’t want to mid u in any way.

    • But I think Ganga started before IKRS which is what my friend told me and it was more of little Ganga, and as for the leap I watched some episodes I also find a lot of similarities between Viplav and sagar, Mishal Raheja and Vishal Vashtith , but I find less similarities between Ganga and Dhaani, Aditi and Eisha

      • Tia

        I used to watch gangaa,child widow story,started in March 2015,I think IKRS was influenced from that,IKRS was started in August 2015 ,but Dhaani are Viplav are really good than Sagar and Gangaa,though child actor was excellent.

  10. Saranya

    Bravo Dhani bravo.finally our cute princess became smart realistic heroine.i think wakil babu’s company made her tricky,look how she acts like innocent after pouring tea purposefully.go on CID Dhani.we support u for your brave step.

  11. AM

    hi guys …how are you all …happy happy Sunday to BR mam,varsha,joyee,saranya,sonu,Sara,shri,Tamil,jyoti,akshay and all ikrs family ……
    I love yesterday’s episode ….lots of vidha scenes … 😀 …..little funny but awesome … Dhani ..RL,viplav and DT will join hands to find the evidence against tripurari …..precap was hilarious 😛 ….tripurari is too funny ….love the way he said bhabiji ….hahaha 😛 😛 . ..
    share your opinions guys 🙂

  12. Saranya

    Though dhani poured tea for a good cause,i really enjoyed it bcz Suwarna deserves that.she is a dumb girl with only nonsense.

  13. Saranya

    Guys,its merry time.finally our balloon passed qualificaion test for mahant with full his turn to teach a lesson to kanak.vampire has only supporter,that too a selfish evil man.but dhani has so many supporters now.i am very glad that our show goes in a positive way with more positive characters.

  14. And y can’t they realise there may ears for walls also.if any hears their plan wat could happen.poor vidhaani they every one good in character. See they don’t that their own mother is the silent killer.cunning knk.

  15. Sujie

    Hello friends,,,,
    Today’s episode was fabulous….
    DT will change for good…nice
    The evil deeds of Kanak and Tripurari should be revealed in front of Viplav and Dhaani……
    LOVE ViDhaani
    Love IKRS

  16. Saranya

    Guys in yesterday’s epi in the vidhani scene we saw that dulaari maayi comes and seeing viplav hugs joyee’s fan fiction also there was a similar scene.i think writerji really started listening our fan fictions.

  17. Saranya

    Gud mng friends.
    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    Gudiya,gennipher,rezmie,meghs,and all my dear friends.

  18. Saranya

    Sonu,sorry yaar,i didn’t commented yesterday.there is no special reason behind it.its just like i thought to be a passive listener for yesterday and that feeling is very special u know.thanks for remembering me always sonu.

  19. prachi

    gudd mrng frndss.Have a beautiful sunday.i think story is going so fast writers are in a hurry to end the scenes very first .i agree with sara dat scenes are incomplete.

  20. Saranya

    Varsha,BR mam,brity
    Raj,tamil,where are u all.pls comment.atleast one per day.really missing u guys.its a request.

  21. Saranya

    Now dhani will replace kanak for gori tore naina song but unlike kanak she willn’t shy and run saying aa daiya,she will only seek blessings.

  22. Hey who is happy Prince won I am happy as I wanted Prince or Mandana to win Bigg Boss 9
    But so sad no one from IKRS came to BB9 finale, even Ashoka n Thapki came but no one from IKRS 😛

  23. Guys ,we all r friends and members of ikrs family.
    For me ,its not commenting on the episodes ,its just like meeting u all everyday having a good time, sharing the good and the bad,cracking jokes same as wat I do with my classmates ,roompartners and other friends

    • Saranya

      U are right Akshay i also feel like same.meeting all matters more than commenting now and i wonder how will all of us chat after the end of this show or if they stop these updates.

    • AM

      me too bro …enjoy here very much … to fresh my mind I watch ikrs and come here to comment …it become a daily routine of me … and yes saran …what will happen after show end …. 🙁 …think something …… I suggest fb ….but I think no one is agree with me 😛 ….

    • Lol akshay 😛 I loved ur movie airlift 😛 and yes I m totally free this month nothing to do that’s why from feb I will be in my homeland so I will be little busy that time and in April I will be totally busy as my college is likely to start in April and then I think I will be able to comment weekends

  24. Yesterday episode was good….but I felt scenes would be shown in a minute way…..I see some hurriness in the scenes…..Each scene should have been shown in a more detailed way…..not sure why sudden hurriness from the writer…..overall good but 3 episodes scenes were put into one episode….

  25. yesterday we saw intelligence in Dhaani along with beauty…she was brilliant and brave in the episode….As usual, Viplav killed with his expressions in Aashram scenes…..

  26. prachi

    frnds today is purples previous episode rahul wrote abt her i checked it.lets wish her.
    many many happy returs of d day dear purple.may all ur wishes and happiness come true.

  27. Guys did u watch 6th October episode when tulasi enters ashram by her cunning innocence,wah kya expressions hai mishal ka.suchme mishal tum tho kamal kardiya.
    Omg this show was really rocking I don’t words to express it.

  28. Hi purple many more happy returns of the day dear from me and our ikrs family.may ur all wishes come true and every year ur birthday gives u a new hope for ur success.

      • Saranya

        My God, many days without commenting Raj?where were u?u know it feels very good when our friends talk to us and u,u always busy in your work.why can’t u post atleast one comment per day,that much busy?

  29. Swara.sss

    Hii frnds…I was a silent reader but I knew all of uuu…love all so much. …
    And can I join ur family..??

  30. Swara.sss

    Vidhani is rocking. …both are so cute… hi frnds I was a silent reader. .. can I join ur family. ..

  31. Saranya

    in which serial can we see this type of togetherness.VIDHANI ROCKS.THEY ARE BACK IN ACTION.

      • Saranya

        Wow super but is your real name Swara?we keralites doesn’t have these type of names so that i asked.and where are u in kerala?

      • Swara.sss

        It’s not my real bestys call me swara. .I also love it…and my real name is varsha. But already here is another I choose it…
        And I frm trivandrum
        And u???

      • Swara.sss

        U r also from trivandrum. ..I am from attingal…so what about u..
        I can’t believe it.i thought u r frm calicut.acalicut.and what are u doing

  32. Shwetha

    Hai frnds,
    Iam shwetha from TamilNadu… Iam a reader of all written updates…. Can you please join me in ur team friends

  33. Anne

    I’m sad sometimes because I only speak English but sometimes there is a long meaningful conversation but no translation,just the bare bones. This gives enough info to know the direction of the story but I feel I’m missing the good stuff.?

    • florentina moldovan


      • Anne

        Hello Florentine, thankyou for your lovely reply. I’m full of admiration for you ,you must be young and clever I think,I’m neither..However,thinking about it I did learn a few single words when I watched Laagi Tujhsi Laagan because of the subtitles.I’m afraid I can’t follow speech though.I started watching when I unknowingly got Hindi channels when I got myself a free -to-air box. Love them.xx

    • Saranya

      Hai Anne,don’t worry if u need any such translation pls feel free to ask us.we will try our maximum to help you.

    • Saranya

      Hai Raj,i posted a reply to u above.pls read it and i hope u will replyt. And about conversation,i will post it for tmrw’s episode yaar.sorry.bcz i have a seminar to present tmrw.and pls comment atleast one per day.

  34. sara

    good evening everyone. . hey varsha not to worry its all fine. . actually what you had told before? …

    my name is saraswathi.. There was someone commenting with same name that’s y I made my name sara..
    but from long time saraswathi isn’t commenting. .

  35. Hi swara and shwetha ur heartly welcome to our another two new comers. Our family becoming huge.happy to see u here.keep on commenting dear.

  36. florentina moldovan

    FOR ALL MY FRIENDS….this is my real name, i am almoust 34 -i was born on 4th april, i have 1 child-a boy 10 years old ,i am still loving my husband and i love tales. My life is a tale. I belive in tales. That is the reason for watching this indian serials. VARSHA, IT IS OK. kiss you!

  37. florentina moldovan


    • sara

      hi florentina. . nice to hear about you.. I m 37 n have a baby girl aged five. .
      I too love tales n they fascinate me. . though i m a practical person I love to live in a dream world … lol

  38. florentina moldovan


    • Saranya

      Of course we all are lovely and friendly Anne.i didn’t thought that i develop so much intimacy here.genuinely saying at first i just intended to share my thoughts on the show but gradually i developed a friendship bond here without boundaries.thanks all guys and i hope u also feels the same.

    • florentina moldovan

      you too are very lovely and very kind! And the real age is not a problem if you still love to do things you didt do before. I FEEL YOUR SOUL IS SO YANG AND BEAUTIFUL!

  39. gennipher

    Hii everyone. I know i didnt comment for tooo many days. But i was busy with my studies. I dont know how many of them remember me?

  40. Saranya

    Of course we all are lovely and friendly Anne.i didn’t thought that i develop so much intimacy here.genuinely saying at first i just intended to share my thoughts on the show but gradually i developed a friendship bond here without boundaries.thanks all guys and i hope u also feels the same.

    • sara

      same with me I feel as though we all know each other from ages.. I never had such personal level interaction on such platform. .
      I used to sometimes comment on facebook of madhubala.. nbt n swaragini. .. but never got such interactions. .

  41. gennipher

    Hlo everyone. Iam sorry icouldnt comment as i was busy with my studies. I dont know how many of them remember me. What is happeninig in ikrs.i couldnt read or see the show for so many days

  42. florentina moldovan

    Saranya, my boys name is ROBERT and this days he readed the first novel of his life-270 pages. i am so prous of him, he speaks english better than me and reads from 3 years but to get concentration on a novel is a big step in his life. I am happy that he enjoyed the book cause his passion are the computers and this days is very hard to teach children the love for books.

  43. Saranya

    Gennipher,everyone here remembers u and its ok that u are busy in your studies and about the story:
    Kanak’s plan to kill dt backfires her by murder of her husband shambu by tp.thus tp’s and kanak’s plotting fails.she is only sad that she became a widow not in demise of shambu instead she accuses dhani responsible for all these and even instigates shalu against dhani.she and tp again plans to kill dt by trapping him in jungle.but dhani saves him from there in hands of aghoris.dt is now completely a positive character.what showing now is that vidhani trying to collect evidences against tp as they doubts them and they are in full efforts to win.this is only a skelton of many episodes.if u want u can watci it by youtube or through

  44. florentina moldovan

    Sara, i knew you have a girl cause you mentioned that when we voted for the pair of the year! i think is super to be mother of a girl! Girls are so cuties, so….sweeties. i think, nobody should stop dreaming even we are practical people like you and me.

    • sara

      florentina. . congratulations to your son n you too.. reading habit is amazing. . once kids get love for books nothingv like it. ..all the best for his future. .

      I m an engineer . stopped working full time after becoming mother.. now I just work as consultant. .. I m almost a full time mother. .

  45. gennipher

    Thank u so much saranya. U r very nice. Hii mam.hritya.and everyone

  46. purple

    Hii all…….how are you all….plz comment to me guys……because I am feeling so much sad…because rahul fought with me and not replying to my mdgd

    • AM

      hi purple di …how are you .. 🙂 …missed you ….how dare Rahul to fight with purple di 😛 😛 ….don’t be sad …be happy happy …. 😀 …

  47. florentina moldovan

    Sara, me too i am a full time mother but i hope this year i will go on a job and make my boy independent ….step by step…i had a good job before i gave birth but me and my husband decided to raise our children ourselves and not the strangers. We think that nowdays children needs more love than things. Happy to you cause you too chosed to became full time mother! GOD bless you and your family !

  48. Frnds I have on doubt. If DT had changed his mind y can’t he reveal knks real face with viplav.wats problem with DT.if he wants to find out the murderer of his son by trying alonely r something I don’t know.but I was confused with DTs character. Isn’t right.

  49. Br mam wat happened to u its allover one week till now u didn’t comment here is there any problem to u.pls make at least one comment per day.we all mis u,luv u mam.

  50. Saranya

    Oh our family is blessed with proud mothers.sara and florinta should feel proud to have such cute babies.and its great that both of u left ur career temporarily for your children.i am sure it will make them also feel proud.

    Florinta,its great that your Robort started devoloping reading will help him throughout his life.even i love interest lies in reading pre modern gives me enjoyment than modern works.

    And Sara,the name Saraswathi is even more sweeter.and all the best for your cute princess.

    • florentina moldovan

      thank you, Saranya, you are so sweet!!! one day , i will tell you about the greatest romanian poet-Mihai Eminescu who loved so much India and was inspired by indian philosophi . He even translate some of Vedas from sanskrit into german . And one of his poems speaks about world birth -we call that poem masterpiece.

    • sara

      Thanks a lot saranya…
      When you love reading you never feel lonely n bored that’s the beauty of books. .. I love reading .. off late I m not able to make much time but still I try…

      thanks a lot for you wishes saranya. ..
      today my princess going for a school picnic. .. she is over exited about it. ..

  51. Anne

    Florentine,,my son is also called Robert ,he’s an adult now with 3 small kids ,my grandchildren. They are beautiful but noisy!!! My son works designing video games here in the UK.I’m very proud of him,he worked so hard to become what he wanted to be.More important he’s decent and kind hearted….proud mumxx

  52. This Sunday we witness the story of three supermom’s ?
    Mom’s are amazing,multitasking and very much loving ?.
    Take care all of u
    Good night ?

  53. florentina moldovan

    Dear Anne, i don t belive in coincidence, i belive in Karma. Something brought us together here and i am so happy to know you. Congrats for your beautiful family!

    • AM

      hi genni ….I didn’t forgot you ….I am little busy in studies …so can’t read every comments to reply ….sorry 🙁 …..happy to see you back

    • sara

      hey genni hi dear sorry for the delay in getting you please don’t mind. .. I remember you. . but had very lil time to comment n was involved in other discussion about mothers so delay. . please don’t mind. .
      have a nice day

  54. Saranya

    Anne,so u are like our BR mam.feeling a lot of respect to are also a proud mother,right?and we really miss our BR mam.BR mam pls come back.pls.comment atleast once a day.

  55. Swara.sss

    Florentina and sara , so swt mothers. …ur child are blessed to have such nice mother. …and I tooo love my swt mother. .she is super girl for me…

  56. Fatarajo

    Hi everyone sorry couldn’t comment at night much as I was watching 2 back to back programmed Bigg boss finale and Star Screen awards that’s why 😛 and now I m back with a bang. And hi genni, don’t worry everyone will hi u back soon, and akshay I do agree Anne,Sara florentina r super moms n amazing they reminded me of my mom who also did a lot for me , she didn’t work when I was a kid she did a part time as a teacher once a week, but after my father passed away she brought me up single-handle and also did job and took care of me together, she did business but she always wanted to do jobs so when I grew up she came back to singapore for me and she does a job so that I can study well, I just don’t want to put her down she did so much for me

    • AM

      very sad to know about your father joyee 🙁 🙁 …your mother is very strong by mind …she did so much for you only ..never let her alone …always be with her ….

      • I was only 10yrs old that time I wasn’t that mature that time, and he passed away 3 days after my birthday 🙁 I still miss him a lot 🙁

    • sara

      very sorry to hear about your dad joyee… but look at your mom her strength n determination to give you a good life. .. please liveupto her expectations (I n sure you are doing it).. keep up the good work. .
      ultimately what a mother needs is her child’s happiness. ..if you are comfortable n happy thats what age needs. … take care of yourself n ur mom too… have a great life ahead. ..

    • Saranya

      Joyee,super mom’s kid.i always noticed in your conversation a special bond b/w u and ur mother.dearest mother and dearest

    • Sujie

      Sorry to hear about your father Joyee :(…. he must be watching you from somewhere and showering his blessings to you…. Your mother is really a strong woman…. I wish you and your mother always remain happy….. always be by your mother’s side and never let her break down. Make her proud by your achievements 🙂

  57. AM

    there are four super moms in our page …Sara,florentina,anne and BR mam ….
    missing you BR mam 🙁 …love you

  58. Saranya

    Hai Raj,going to college so can’t comment much today.and i will post a conversation for today’s epi.

    And AM,of course u can call me by that name.afterall everyone here calls me by that name.bye now time to college.

    • raj

      ok saran im weitng 4 ur convrsatn and i wont to tel u somthing in short
      ” duty first entertainment next ” nowadays am following this methd 4 my schedule (not its b4)
      and most important u have nw bautful huge safed famly so dnt miss me sooooo but u r my first friend best fried first class friend in da forum evr…..

  59. sara

    how sweet annie you are a grandmother. . just like our br madam.. how sweet. . it must be a super great feeling to have Grand children around. .

    florentina. . since robort is ten years I think you can think of making him independent. . Next year even my daughter will go to full time school. . so I can also think of doing something more..

  60. sara

    @rahul… please don’t fight with our purple. . see sge is so upset m with her we all feel upset as you guys are our vidhani right. . Call her n speak to her please. .
    purple when rahul calls please speak to him nicely. .
    have a nice day both of u

  61. prachi

    Of all d gifts DAT lyf has provided us ,a loving mother is grtst among all,u people r d living god for us.luv n respect to all mothers,specially anee,florentina and Sara…

    • sara

      true prachi… mothers are the gift of God. .. (talking about all mothers including mine)..

      thanks for ur generous appriciation for me. .

  62. Sonu

    Hi Good morning to all my dear BR mam, Shri, Sharu(saranya), Sara, AM, MM, Florentina, Genni, Varsha, Tamil, Akshay, Jyoti, Raj, RAjee, Ranaji, Kavi, Kavitha, Louella, Swasti, Swara, PurpleRahul, Gudiya, Radha, Sujie, Divya, Anne, Sofe, Hritya, Megha, Prachi, Britty, Marine, Marees and all of IKRS friends..

  63. Sonu

    Wow our family includes lot of lovely mothers.
    Shri, Saras(SAra), Florentina, ANNE, BR mam, Kavitha, Radha, Sana. Hatts up to all lovely mothers.
    Here BR mam and ANNE are the senior of our family, love uuu.
    Love u all..

  64. Sonu

    HI GENNI, don’t feel sad, we are all remember u. Sorry yaar, I am too busy from back 2 days, so i can’t able to reply u..

  65. Its very sad to hear about ur father joyee.and ur mother was really great by managing her life without a support u must be thankful to be supportable to ur mother and fulfill her all wishes that she can’t achieved through this circumstances.have a great day .take care dear.

  66. Sonu

    @Joyee, sorry to hear about your dad. Fikar matt karo, abb tumari sabkuch tumari maa haina? And take care of her ( I know u are r the good daughter) I always like, whenever u commented u told about your moms. I love that both of yours lovely bonding.

  67. Sonu

    HI BR mam, where r u? Please comment mam, really miss u mam… take care, love uuu….
    Hi Shri, hegiddya? Please do atleast one comment per day.. Miss u Gelathi..

  68. Sonu

    Our family(IKRS) have lot of lovely mothers. Not only our family, in whole world. One proverbs is there, in the world childerens are Bad, but no one mother is bad to her children. She always good, kind hearted and she is only the VISIBLE GOD. She ready to sacrifies her everything to her children.
    I have one doubt, why DRAMA QuEEN behaves like? She doesn’t have any feelings to her childrens, especially Shalu. She is the ashame of Mother’s place. NO one mother has don’t play with her childrens feelings, emotions and future. But here all is opposite.

  69. Anne

    There is a time difference between our countries which makes answering comments a little late. I think I’m more than half a day behind . So please don’t think I’m not replying .it’s 8.22 am now..

    • Fatarajo

      I also have same problem it’s 4.52pm here which means it’s 2.22pm in India if I m not wrong , btw which country r u from Anne?

  70. I m happy with the fact that we can get to communicate with people of different age and from different countries and that too with a lot of security as bad comments r always deleted

  71. Really prachi isn’t colors had promoting ikrs show ,i didn’t saw anything .let’s watch.
    And I have a request to retelecast the show after 11pm.that is after kishnadaasi.
    Pls colors its a request from all our ikrs fans.

  72. Louella

    Hi guys. Hey fatarajo which country r u from? Actually I m from India and what about u? Sorry couldn’t comment yesterday as I had my last exams today. But now I will comment everyday till March. Feeling very relaxed. Exams over

  73. Ya joyee its a really happy to see different people with different ages and from different places this show ikrs only mingled all of us here.iam really very happy to be part this show and in our family.luv guys.

  74. florentina moldovan

    thank you , SARANYA,SONU,AKSHAY,PRACHI,SWARA.SSS, AM,FATARAJO. SARA,ANNE,FOR YOUR LOVELY WORDS. it means a lot for me. It is so sweet to see people who care and respect the mothers.Fatarajo, sorry for your father but i think from where he is now he is very proud about you and your mother. LOVE YOU ALL GUYS! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  75. sara

    actually promotion of the serial has to be done by the production house (mainly)I think. . if the team gives promo content channel will promote..
    this ikrs guys have no interest in promoting their own show good knows y..

  76. Sujie

    I am so happy that people of different ages that too from various countries are bound together by this page… it is so much fun to communicate with you guys……
    Its time for my full introduction…. My name is Sujita and my family calls me Sujie lovingly…
    I have completed my 12th grade… I live in Nepal and the time difference is just 15 minutes early than India
    Love this family of IKRS lovers a lot 🙂

  77. gennipher

    Dont worry purple. Everything will b alright.hii i felt so happy when u all replied back. Hii joyee.

  78. gennipher

    I hav one doubt is viplav lawyer? Bcz dhani easily thought that murderer could come through window eventhough she is not educated. Bt viplav being a lawyer failed to think so. Does anyone agree with me.?

  79. sara

    I was watching old episodes as they uploaded all in b YouTube. . tgat pooja episode was too good. . superlative performance by all. ..

    the way vip lifted dhani while she was apologizing to pandits was so so amazing n his dialog to silly pundits (hum nahee chahate aap kisee bheevtarahase apavitra hojaaye was sooper dooper)..
    Great ikrs team you guys are really standing against superstitions n nonsense in society. ..all the best

  80. Louella

    Hi gennipher. Sorry for the late reply. I’m new here andI don’t know all the members here properly. So Will u be my friend?

  81. sara

    good evening everyone. . I watched only second half of the episode. . it was good. .
    god knows how will viplav take it he will come to know his mom s reality. .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.