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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aghoris making Dhaani drink something. Dasharath runs in the jungle and finally sees Viplav. Viplav hugs him and asks where is Dhaani. He comes there and sees Dhaani fainting after drinking something. He asks someone to bring water. He tries to make her drink water. Dhaani coughs. Viplav asks are you alright? Dhaani asks about Dasharath. Viplav says he is fine and went home. Sushma calls Shalini and Kanak. She says Viplav called and said your Dada ji is found. Kanak says how can this be happen and is shocked. Sushma says what do you mean? Kanak says I mean how? Just then Dasharath comes. Sushma and Shalini make him sit. Sushma asks him to say something. She asks Shalu to ask Ram deen to shift his bed downstairs. Kanak asks Dasharath what happened to you? Where did you

go? Dasharath thinks she is acting and it was all her plan. Sushma asks if Viplav saved you. Dasharath says no and says he was saved by Dhaani. Kanak is angry at Dhaani.

Dulaari asks Dhaani, how did she fight with Aghoris. Dhaani says I don’t know. I just jumped to save him. Dulaari says if Viplav haven’t come then what? Viplav comes and says Dhaani have made history by saving Dasharath. Dhaani says she couldn’t do the puja which Dasharath asked her to do. Dasharath comes to Ashram and says you have done a big puja by saving one’s life. There is no big puja than saving someone. Dulaari greets him. Dhaani touches his feet. Dasharath blesses her and asks her to sit. Dasharath says you have saved my life. Dasharath says if Dhaani haven’t come on time then I couldn’t have been saved, and if Viplav haven’t come on time then Dhaani couldn’t have been saved. He thanks her and leaves. Viplav says it is good that Dasharath is fine and says he need to bring Tripurari’s truth out. Dhaani keeps hand on him and says I am always with you. He hugs her. Dulaari comes and sees them hugging. Viplav breaks the hug. Dulaari gives them a fruit. Viplav says I will leave and goes. Dhaani smiles.

Next day, Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house. She stands outside for sometime and then thinks to step inside. Sushma stops her and calls Ram Deen. He brings aarti plate. Sushma says I will never forget the favor done by you. She says I am sure that I have done good work and that’s why God has given you. She blesses her. Dhaani asks about Dasharath. Sushma takes her to Dasharath’s room. Dasharath thanks Dhaani for saving his life. Viplav asks him why did he got in the jungle. Dasharath says he went to jungle as he came to know about the temple. He says he wants to pray for them, but Aghori caught them. Kanak thinks Dasharath is not taking her name and thinks he is upto some thing. She calls tripurari and tells him that something is going on in Dasharath’s mind. Tripurari asks her to postpone her plan to kill Dasharath for now and says Viplav also doubts on me. Viplav brings Dhaani to room and says I am sure that you will get some proofs as you are auspicious for me. Dhaani says this room must have been cleaned many times. Viplav says yes, but he is sure that she will get some proofs. He asks her to see in the room. Dhaani thinks anyone can come from window. She looks at the window and finds a blanket piece. She informs Viplav. Viplav says it is someone’s blanket piece, and says laundry name is written on it. We can get to know about the person, and if he is Tripurari then he will not be spared. They go to the laundry shop and enquires about the blanket. The shop owner says that it is your house blanket, and shows MDT written. He asks him to show the register and couldn’t find anything. He tells Dhaani that Dasharath used to give old blankets to Tripurari.

Dhaani comes to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi asks her about Aghoris and asks her to tell the story. Dhaani prays to God and asks him to show the way. Just then Suwarna comes covering herself with blanket. Dhaani sees the blanket torn. Suwarna says I came here to apologize to you all. Dhaani looks at her. Suwarna holds her hand and apologizes. Raj Lakshmi goes to bring tea. Dhaani asks her to sit. She sees the blanket torn and looks doubtful. Suwarna tells her that she got Bijli’s call, and says I told her that I am happy and is married now. She asks about Badi amma and Dulaari. Raj Lakshmi brings tea and asks her not to apologize as they are her near ones. Dhaani makes the tea falls on her blanket intentionally. She asks Suwarna to give blanket to her and says she will clean it. She makes her wear her shawl.

Dhaani rushes back to Dasharath’s house and asks if Viplav is in his room. Kanak hears her. Sushma says yes. Dhaani rushes to Viplav’s room and tells him that Suwarna came covering herself with this blanket. Viplav matches the blanket piece and it matches exactly. Viplav sits down in shock. Dhaani says it means it is of Tripurari. Viplav also says the same. He cries and says what did Baba do to him? He says my Baba never raised voice on anyone? Why only him? Why did he kill him? Dhaani asks him to have strength. Viplav says do you think that I shall give this proof to Police. Dhaani says no. She says if we give these proofs to Police then Tripurari will come out like last time. We need concrete proofs to prove that he has killed Shambu baba. Viplav asks what we can do? Dhaani says we shall search for proofs in his house. Kanak hears them and is shocked. She thinks if Tripurari goes to jail then I will also have to go. I have to do something fast. Viplav says I have an idea? Dhaani asks what?

Viplav tells Kanak that until he couldn’t catch Shambu’s killer, he will not leave Banaras. Kanak is shocked. Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Viplav came and threatened me to sent jail. He asks can I go without you. Kanak is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    god knows how will viplav take it he will come to know his mom s reality. .

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