Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani refusing to accept bangles. Viplav asks her to keep the bangles and asks her to wear when she agrees. Dhaani agrees. She asks him to promise her. Viplav asks what? Dhaani tells him that he has to marry someone else, and says Raj Lakshmi loves you very much. Viplav says this is my heart and is not a toy shop. He says I don’t want to marry Raj Lakshmi. Dhaani says I don’t love you, but Raj Lakshmi loves you. Dhaani says Raj Lakshmi loves you, but you don’t love him. You should marry her. Viplav says I don’t love her. I love only you and not some Raj Lakshmi Paaj Lakshmi….He says you loves me too, and I will make you confess. He says you can’t lie infront of God. He holds her hand and takes her inside the temple. He keeps her hand on his head

and asks her to take his head promise, tell her infront of Devimaa that she don’t love him. Dhaani is shocked. Viplav asks her to tell…..Dhaani keeps her hand on his head and says I don’t love you. She asks him to leave following her and goes out of temple. Viplav tells God that if his loves is true then Dhaani will return back to him. He lights the diya on her hand. Dhaani hurriedly goes out. Raj Lakshmi asks her to come inside the temple. Dhaani refuses and says Viplav is inside the temple. Raj Lakshmi gets excited and forces Dhaani to come along with her. They see Viplav’s hand burning and rushes to him.

Raj Lakshmi sets off the lamp on Viplav’s hand. Dhaani says he is well educated, but have done work like illiterate. Viplav says I haven’t given right to anyone to speak about my love. Ishq Ishq Rang Safed plays……..

Dasharath comes to meet Tripurari and says this place is very much suitable for you. He says you couldn’t marry Dhaani because of your foolishness and that Dhaani is fooling my grand daughter. Tripurari reminds him of his promise that he will marry his mom and give name to him. Dasharath says he is not bitten by a mad dog and says he will never give his name to him or marry her mum. He says if I am fine then your mum will be fine too. Dhaani recalls Viplav’s blood filling her maang when he rescues her. She recalls Viplav confessing love and asking her to say that she don’t love him. She recalls Badi Amma telling that Viplav is a nice man. Badi Amma comes and asks Dhaani to think again. She says if your heart want to love Viplav then don’t stop your heart else you will repent all your life. She says you will not get a guy like Viplav again.

Raj asks Viplav to take Dhaani for dinner. Viplav says she don’t want to see my face. Raj says I will go now and asks him to think something. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks if she is making garland. Dhaani looks around her and thinks he is around her. Viplav is in his house and says their life is splashed like flowers. He says if you don’t give a chance then how will I prove my love. He asks her to come for dinner with him. Dhaani refuses and says you are wasting your time. Viplav says I will go there, and wait for you, if you don’t turn up then I will be hungry.

Suwarna comes to meet Tripurari. He asks her about Durga. Just then Durga comes and feels ashamed to have a son like him, who is behind bars. She says people spit on me for having son like you, and says I will never come again to meet you. She leaves. Tripurari asks Suwarna to take care of Durga until he comes back from jail. Suwarna assures him. Dhaani is still thinking about Viplav’s words. Raj Lakshmi comes and tells her that she has saved Viplav today and she is sure that he will marry her. She says she can do anything for him and will learn english. Dhaani is still lost in Viplav’s thinking.

Viplav gets the place decorated and asks the musicians to play music. He hears someone coming and sees Raj Lakshmi there. Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani sent her here. Viplav wonders why she does this. Dhaani thinks about them….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……..She thinks she shall not call and disturb them. Viplav and Raj Lakshmi have food.

Raj Lakshmi and Viplav come back after dinner. Raj Lakshmi likes the food. Dhaani asks why they are roaming late at night. Viplav asks what is her problem. Kanak tells Dhaani that her son doesn’t want to marry her, and says he is young blood, and asks her to agree to Viplav’s wishes. Dhaani is shocked. Later she tries cutting her hairs to make herself look ugly. Viplav and others come to room and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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  2. Sonu

    Hey Joyee, now a days i am started to watching the ‘Yeh Vadha raha’ serial instead of MATH. I am inspired from your mini movie of ikrs, thank you joyee. This serial is nice.

    • Haha thanks Sonu. I also used to watch MATSH only because for Ranveer and Shikhar but when I saw Yeh Vaada Raha promos I switched to Yeh Vaada Raha, and do u watch Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do or Kaala Teeka as these are the two other shows I wanted to include in my mini movie

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    • Jodi of the year is Suhani-Yuvraj? I don’t know why people like to watch Suhani Si Ek Ladki I used to watch it last year not this year, even of my friends love this show a lot for some reason , Vidhaani is better

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