Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dhaani that may be that man is Atharva’s father. Dhaani says you mean that he is her dad. Viplav says Atharva is my son and will be mine only. Dhaani says Atharva is my son too. Viplav says only Dadi Bua can tell us about that man. Kamini asks the man how did you know that they will trap me. She asks how did you know that I am Mumbai. Man says what did you think that you will continue to fool Viplav. Kamini asks him to tell everything. Man says it was you who left me 5 years back, I didn’t leave you. I was keeping eye on you.

Dhaani and Viplav come to Dadi bua to know about the guy in Kamini’s life. Viplav tells Dadi Bua that may be that guy who used to love Kamini might have helped her to elope. Dadi Bua says do you think this is the case.

She says as far as I know Chandan, he was a good man and used to love Kamini. She says I have separated them and instigated Kamini to marry you. She feels bad.

Viplav tells Dhaani that he wants to clear somethings. He tells that when Kamini came to me and told about her pregnancy story. A fb is shown, he gets shocked and asks her how can she get pregnant when they didn’t get close. Kamini cooks up a fake story and says when you was drunk 2 months back, you got closer to me. I tried to stop you, but you….She traps him. She asks where shall I go now? She asks him to get DNA test done. Viplav says that’s not required and feels apologetic. Kamini says thank god, Viplav didn’t get the test done else I would have caught. Chandan says Atharva is my son, and says I am ready to accept you and my son. He asks her to apologize to Viplav and says my heart is saying that he will forgive you. Kamini says Viplav and Dhaani will not forgive me. Chandan asks her to apologize to him. Kamini looks on. Viplav says I never doubt on her and married her for Atharva, and thinks he is my son. He says Kamini have taken advantage of our goodness, it is good that she has run away leaving Atharva, else don’t know what she would have done with him. Dadi Bua says she will not dare to return now. Viplav says she must be burning with anger now and says we should be careful. Dhaani says he is right. She asks if she try to snatch Atharva. Viplav asks not to worry.

Kamini says you said right that I ran away after Viplav, who never loved me. She says you loves me, and says we will start afresh together, but for that we need Atharva. She says you have forgiven me and loves me even now. Chandan says we can’t kidnap Atharva. Kamini asks him to kidnap Atharva. Chandan asks her to talk to Viplav once. Kamini says Atharva is our son, lets bring him back….She says lets go and bring him. Chandan says police is after you. Kamini says nothing will happen and asks him to support her. Chandan agrees.

Viplav asks Inspector to find Chandan, and tells that he was Kamini’s boyfriend and studied in the same college as hers. Inspector asks him to inform him if Kamini does anything. Chandan asks goon to do as he says. Vidha, Atharva and other kids are playing….Goon takes Atharva with him and says I will give you a better ball than this. Atharva says no, and says I want this ball only. Goon takes him. Dhaani asks Vidha about Atharva. Vidha says he went to get ball. Dhaani comes there. Atharva bites on the goon hand and runs away. He sees Dhaani and hugs her shockingly. Chandan slaps Goon. Goon says he had bitten on my hand and ran away, and then his mum came. Kamini says I am his mum. At Dhaani’s home, Atharva tells Viplav about goon kidnapping him. Viplav asks him not to worry. Kamini tells Chandan that she will go to Dhaani’s house and get Atharva back. Chandan says I can’t let you take such a big risk, as everyone know you in basti. He says I will go and bring Atharva. Kamini smirks as she has been using him.

Chandan comes to Dhaani’s house wearing police inspector uniform and says he came to take Atharva to police station. Later Viplav comes home, Dhaani informs him that Inspector took Atharva to take his statement about the goon. Viplav gets shocked and tells Dhaani that he was just coming from there and Atharva is not there. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    HAHA. Itna naik, innocent ex hai Kam ka. 😂 Bechara, still talking her politely. Tho he was nowhere in their lives before still he said I was keeping eye on you. – He meant he was happy with Kam doing all those crimes i.e. Bomb blast. He was okay watching her love Kam trying to appease & steal someone’s husband. MashaAllah!! 👏👏 Such a nobleman. Writes at least do something logically please. 🙏

  2. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    Haash! Atharva freed himself from kidnapper’s grip. That was a huge relief until next scene came. 😛 Dhaani will send a 4/5 year boy all alone with Police man. Seriously? 😑 Is she loosing her sanity. After all such happenings, when they have already been alarmed with Kam’s attempt of kidnapping. 😐 Ridiculous.

  3. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    The scene I enjoyed in today’s episode was kids playing cricket. 😍 Babies! ❤ The way Vidha was showing her sportsmanship 😂 fighting with the rest to get her batting. 😂

  4. Saraswathi.j

    Yes Areeb this entire episode unnecessary ,redicules all of a sudden how he come to the venue writers mind gone to mental hospital , because they con,t arrest Kamini so they are doing gimmicks , always in colors after a good episode followed by a stupid episode

    • Areeb

      Ye Ma’am. That’s so unconvincing, the sudden appearance of a person who loves Kam and was watching over her till all these year! 😑

  5. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was good😊 Loved it😍 Kamini was not less than a chudail today, with her hair left open😂😂 But then too Chandan loves her, don’t know what he saw in her that he blindly trusts and loves het😳

    Atharva seriously made me laugh today😂😂 When he bit that man’s finger I was like😂😂😂 I wanted to shout, “yayyy! He is saved” but my grandma was in front was I couldn’t express my happiness or my grandma would think I m gone mad😂😂

    Today Vidha was shown for a short time but its okay😔 Will manage with Atharva😍😍

    Sanjeeda was okay okay😌 But Mishal😍😍😍 He was again handsome😍 Ishita has done a good job👍 Bechari Ishita! All give her so many gaalis😂 But I m supporting her😂😂 She is a very good actress😘

    Precap is stupid yaar😡 How can Dhaani let Atharva go with Chandan? Atharva should use that trick again on his own father😂😂😂 Then it will be fun😂😂😂😂😜😜

  6. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Renu di how’s your son and mother in law? Hope they are fine😊 And how are u? I saw your comment when u told hi to me but was quite busy to reply. Sorry for the late reply😥

  7. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Sujie di, really sad to know about your grandmother😞😞 When I read your comment I was shocked😳 Take care of yourself and plz don’t stop commenting😞 We are a family and even if one person leaves the family then its a very sad thing for everyone. Plz try to at least comment once on a day and also take care of yourself amd also of your family. They need ur love, because if they will see u crying they will also cry😭 Take care. Keep smiling😊

  8. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    When I was not there, did anyone miss me? Well this is my regular question😂 But I m always curious to know😂 Just joking yaar. Yesterday was Fatarajo’s birthday na?

    Happy birthday Fararajo🎉🎉🎊🎊 I know its late but as I was not available yesterday so I m wishing u now😊

  9. Saraswathi.j

    The writers, cvs,the production house spoil the story even at the end of the show,they forget the charecter of Viplav after leap , he hates Kamini ,he donot even share the common bed he lie down separately,even in hotels also,then in flash back he is soft and ready to marry her after taking some time ……why they degrade his charecter again…..?.this entire episode and that Chand after five years he came back to live with a criminal ,may be he is also a criminal any how stupid episode it is !

  10. Saraswathi.j

    Even Dhaani charecter degrade…how can she send a little boy of five year old without elders escort with an unknown police person,it is absurd and ridiculous , is she ready to send vidha like that to a police station ? So her charecter also degraded by cvs,

  11. Zee

    Thank you H Hasan!
    I read the update but did not watch episode – seemed very Kamini heavy 🙁
    And you are right Areeb the reappearance of the ex and Dhani letting Atthrava go with ‘police’ seems ridiculous. Lagta hai writers toh story ke naam pe kucch bhi chipka rahe hain.

  12. Saraswathi.j

    How can Viplav marry Kamini within few months of Dhaani,s death after bomb blast if his love for Dhaani is so intense is he ready to marry Kamini within a short period because he himself blamed so any times that it is his fault to rise hand on Dhaani ,so such person marry Kamini within a short notice ,,,,he is behaving just like a normal man not an ideal ardent lover

    • SARAS

      That marriage was just to take responsibility of his child … not for anything else. ..

      he hates her as she knowingly did the mistake which he did in drunken state. . (he had mentioned in one episode mai hosh me nahee tha par tum to thi)

      • Saraswathi.j

        I also think like that Saras but in today’s flash back when Kamini ask about marriage Viplav answers you told that you will wait na this is his reply ..that means he will marry her some day …then she told about her pregnancy ,he immediately react how it happens when there is nothing in between them ,then she told in drunken state he did it in spite of her objection etc, with this Sara’s my opinion about him shattered , I have a very good opinion about Viplav ,s love towards Dhaani ,but he is just like any boy in general…..! Why cvs did like this to Viplav ,s charecter.?

  13. Aisha

    The writers made Kamini smarter and the rest of the characters dumb asses including Viplav 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Areeb

      You know you are right. They are still focusing Kamini more. 😑 Esi happy ending ka achaar hi dal sakta.. after doing so many things & getting revealed before every.. she is still not getting a step back. 😑

  14. Zee

    Ok I watched …. its crazy! Even a school play s better scripted than this!
    If the ex loved Kamini so much he should have contacted her and claimed her and his son atleast once in 6 years (while she was doing havoc in AN).
    Does it mean that she was already pregnant when she came to AN and Dadi bua knew abt it?
    The script is BAD but Mishal and Ishita both acting very well!

  15. Mirsada

    Dear, Much l was sad when he left Eisha and I’m sad that they ruined the series but when l see epi after the jump and this horror then l am happy to Eisha not here in this disaster. IKRS is Ishita show it remains until the last minute. Many oomissions, errors, inconsistencies, scary. Happiness we Mishal and Eisha, our ViDhani you can never forget and their love, chemistry, beauty, magic, nature, and, and.

  16. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Was not feeling like doing anything…..
    So came here… Did not watch it.. after giving back to back superb episodes…cvs have gone back to unrealistic mode….
    Once again that chudail is shown being superior… And all other people DUMB….

    Kaamini mein aisa kya dikha uss Chandan or whatever ko that he is soo lattooo about her… Where was he when Kaamini was dancing in Viplav’s head and applying namak mirch in
    Viplav’s wound …. He could have kidnapped her and taken her away…

    And Dhaani….dimaag ki batti sirf kuch dino ke liye Glowing…. now fir bulb fuse hogaya …
    Who would send a five year old kid alone with the so called police inspector to the police station…. If the investigation is to be done… Tab bhi any elder person should be there with the kid….
    Dunno what is happening… But still the actors and their adayein….. Superb…
    And lastly….thank you everyone for your support…. I feel really relieved coming here

    • Mahaaijaz


      |Registered Member

      Sujie I have read ur comment on last thread that u were admitted in hospital and was under observation take care dear and now good to see ur comment!
      Dear u have to come out from it, I know our words can’t lessen ur pain and even consoling words are not enough.. U have to make urself strong for ur mom as she will fall more weak if she will see u in this situation.. It’s not easy to cope up with the loss but u have to pull urself together because ur grandma must be watching u from heaven and if u will show urself strong than she will smile at u and will feel happy and if she would see u in this condition than she will feel hurt so for ur mom family and more importantly for u grandma stay strong and have the courage to face this world without her as this time shall also pass.. U know grandma and granddads holds our tiny hands for just a little while but they stay in our hearts forever and u are lucky that u have seen ur grandma from ur own eyes I didn’t see my dadi dada and nana from my eyes i have seen them only in pics.. I have just saw my nano may God give her long life with health.. So stay strong for ur amma
      Love u <3

  17. Saraswathi.j

    All Ayodhya nivas people. Including Viplav ( except dadi) should send to jail for giving shelter to a criminal who killed so many innocent people.

    • Mahaaijaz


      |Registered Member

      Mam even I hates DB alot, she is acting like she hasn’t done anything though all this is happening because of her only she should be punished.. whenever I see her face I just get angry 😛

  18. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    I guess this new character is only introduced to extend the serial till Sunday! They didn’t have any story as they had revealed everything! So to continue till Sunday they took this silly decision of introducing ‘PURANA AASHIQ’ how ridiculous! They are just doing their favorite job again that is DRAGGING!

  19. Anya

    Hello everyone !
    Hi Renu, hi Sujie. Please don’t say thanks bcoz we all r a family & family means sharing & above all Caring for one another. And Renu what pain u were talking abt, i asked the other day also but as u were so busy, perhaps u didn’t get time to answer.

    Coming to today’s episode now. Xcept for vidhaani scenes & kids scenes, the rest was more of stupidity today. Unnecessarily dragging that chudail’s track, y don’t they just end it away. And that so called kamini’s lover, totally an unwanted entry and that too at this time of the story wen it’s nearing the end, i really wonder what these mahaan writers r up to and what do they really want to show( perhaps this that if any channel people want to show utter stupidity & nonsense in any of their shows, they can approach us 😂😂😂😂). Arey yaar ab to baksh do, at least end the serial sensibly.

  20. Anya

    Saraswathi ji, my opinion differs a little from u here. As u said all AN people shudb b sent to jail but Viplav and daadi both shud b excluded bcoz from the beginning till a few episodes back Viplav was not aware of any of the crimes and shameful deeds of the members of AN be it Dt, kt or anybody else. Even today except knowing this that Tripurari is Dt’s illegal son, he doesn’t know anything abt what all Dt has done from the beginning to separate him from Dhaani. So acc to me, he hasn’t knowingly given shelter to the criminals. If i’m wrong anywhere, u can correct me.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Anya your not wrong ,but in Indian family set up who is head of family ,Father and mother true or not ,then in our families father is head for a single unit of here in this story Viplav after Dt ,after marriage every boy become a father and head of his family ,therefore he has the responsibility to know about the family members how they are what is there behaviour etc otherwise how can you correct when they did mistakes politely he has to correct them ,see in this show if Viplav correct his mom and Dt about the treating and humiliation to Dhaani the situation is different ,when Dhaani left AN he has to think why this happen,and coming to Kamini she tell all lies he simply believed her why, as a head of family he should know , his negligence leads to take advantage by Kamini and she even drugged him to control him,the failure of head of the house leads to collapse of entire family you think yourself is Viplav get punishment or not?

  21. Mahaaijaz


    |Registered Member

    Hello to everyone 🙂 Okay now asking a common question, MISSED ME NAA ? Say yes 😀 😀
    Just kidding!

    Yesterday episode was mind blowing full of action though agree to Zee, viplav shouldn’t raise his hand as its against ethics but at that time I was jumping in excitement and was like yeh hoe naa baat 😀 because she has done lots of sins so…. by the way I completely agree with u but Renu di was also correct so all are correct except kamini 😀

    Now coming to today’s episode it was just OK! an unnecessary episode, what was the need of chando or chandan, already some days are left and CVs had started dragging.. instead of all this they should send kamini to jail and can show some cute scenes of vividha.. but no they can’t give some happiness .. they love kamini so always try to give her maximum screen space even for that they can spoil the story 😛
    According to dadi bua chandan is a good man, from which angle he was looking a respectable man, ek tw he did that cheap thing with kamini before marriage than he is saving her from getting punishment though he know about all her misdeeds, may be he knows about that ashram blast too because he himself was saying that he was keeping an eye on her since past five years which is really very impossible they didn’t showed it ever and all of a sudden her majnu came.. Anyways how can a good guy helps this kind of women even if he loves her and than no respectable person has the contact with goons, but in our show every single person has contact with goons and all, they just dial their numbers and in a nick of second those goons came in front to help them. LOL! Cvs are masters in showing illogical things

    Precap Oh God! no words to say dhani is such a dumbo how can she send a child with someone even if that person is a police-man or army-officer, and when she know that someone tried to kidnap atharva.. pagla gae dhani 😛 Hope viplav doesn’t scold dhani for her pagalpan

  22. Mahaaijaz


    |Registered Member

    Kamini’s line “sochne ka kaam tum mujh par do” don’t know why I was laughing after hearing this line 😀 as because she is master in making conspiracies and baqi teil (oil) bechte hain 😛

    • Anita Roy

      Yes I found that hilarious as well……so far Kamini is the only one who “THINKS”… the rest are made out as followers and not leaders.

  23. Renuverma


    |Registered Member


    Where r u

  24. Anita Roy

    Last episode was such a waste of quality time…..why do we have to watch Kamini and her ex lover who seems like a dog on a leash….what an idiot…..there’s only a few days left and we prefer maximum screen time of the happy family……instead we are still watching this witch and her dramas. Ishita is getting maximum footage here when it should really be Mishal who should be ending on a high note after carrying this show single handily throughout. Very disappointing !!
    My point here is that we want to be left with a lasting impression of Vip, Dhani and the kids …..not to watch this witch till the last episode.

  25. Esh


    |Registered Member

    Hello ppl how u all?? Feeling bad that the show is getting over in few days n now d show is going good

    So u guys planned something to stay in touch after d show ends sorry I couldn’t Covent here for few days as I was not well

  26. SARAS

    Good morning everyone. .

    The new character is introduced just to get a biological dad for atharva that’s all. ..

  27. Zee

    Good morning all. Have a a lovely day!!
    We have reached 70 comments. Lets hit a century today and for the last few days of IKRS.
    Best wishes!!

  28. Zee

    Dear Sujie,
    Trust you are well. I read about your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
    You said that your beloved grandmother taught you to walk with your head high. The best way to honour her memories would be to continue on the path she showed. A BIG hug to you at this moment. May you always be strong in happiness and in crisis.

  29. Anya

    Hi Maria, thanks for the link, njoyed watching it. Waise bhi us chudail ko maar padti dekh k kisko mazaa nhi aayega 😂😂😂

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