Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini singing bhajan…Om Jai Jagdish….Hare..Dasharath, Sushma and others join her. Dasharath praises her voice. Kanak says they have liked it. Dadi Bua asks Kamini to distribute prasad to everyone. She tells that nurse is inauspicious. She asks Dhaani to go to her room and not to cross their way like a black reflection. Sushma tries to speak. Dadi Bua says once Viplav gets well, she has to leave. Viplav says she will not go anywhere. He says when Kamini can do aarti being guest, then why she can’t stay here. Kamini says Viplav is saying right, and says Prasad should be given to everyone as God don’t differentiate between his bhakts. Dasharath says lets go and have food. Viplav tells Dhaani that he will tell everything to Dadi Bua. Dhaani asks him to wait for one

more day until Shaalu’s pagphera rasam happens.

Shalu and Pankaj come home. Dadi Bua and Viplav make Pankaj have sweets. Sushma says Shalu is looking happy. Kanak gives the gifts. Kamini asks Shalu to take gift. Shalu refuses to take it. Kamini says she is giving this gift with love and says this is GPS connected watches. Shalu says it must be costly. Kamini says money don’t matters. Dhaani comes and brings sand box. Dadi Bua says it is sand. Dhaani says yes and asks them to keep their foot on the sand. They oblige. Dhaani asks them to walk together in life. Pankaj says it is a beautiful gift. Dadi Bua says when did you bring it? Dhaani says no, and says it is from Viplav’s side. He asked me to make it. Dadi Bua praises Kamini and Viplav’s choice. Pankaj says now we will leave. Shalu hugs Viplav. Viplav shouts. Shalu says sorry. Viplav says I am joking and hugs her. Dadi Bua tells one bidaai is remaining and asks Nurse to come. Dhaani and Viplav gets shocked. Dadi Bua puts tilak on Dhaani’s forehead, and thanks her for taking care of her son Viplav. She says I am very much happy and keeps money in her hand asking her to go. Viplav signs Dasharath to say something. Dadi Bua asks what happened? Why are you standing still? Do you need any more money. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath to make Dhaani understand.

Viplav asks Dadi bua to listen to him. Dadi Bua says if this chic will tell me? She asks him not to interfere and asks Dhaani to go from there. Dasharath says you can’t throw her out like this, her husband is not here. Dadi Bua says is this a house or ashram. Sushma asks what are you telling? Dadi Bua says only she will rule on the house and says if Dhaani don’t leave within a minute then she will not eat hungry. Viplav says Dhaani will not go anywhere. Dadi Bua says if Dhaani don’t go, then your mum have to leave. She asks Kanak to throw her out. Kanak holds her hands and asks her to leave. Dasharath stops Kanak, and falls down on Dadi Bua’s feet saying his respect will be ruined. Dadi Bua reminds Dasharath of her contribution and favors towards making him mahant. She asks Dasharath to stand up and gives him 24 hours time. She says either her husband should come and take her or she should leave.

Dasharath says how can she go in a day. Dadi Bua says my words are lines on the stones. Viplav tells Dasharath that if his wife is thrown out of house, then he will lose his respect and also his grand son. Dhaani looks at her hand. Viplav comes and throws thing in the room. He says I can’t bear anymore and will tell everything to Dadi Bua. He says I don’t know why we are helpless. Dhaani says I don’t have any complaints with you. Viplav says I do have. He says your husband will come and take you. Dasharath comes there. Viplav shows Dhaani’s hand and says it is because of your lie. Dasharath says I came to apologize to my choti bahu. He says I have done this mistake and should be punished. He asks Dhaani and Viplav to beat and punish them. Viplav says why you can’t tell her the truth. Dasharath says I will tell her truth and asks Viplav to give him one hour of time. Viplav says if you couldn’t tell then…Dasharath says then I will accept whatever you do. Viplav nods. Dasharath looks at their expressions.

Kamini tells Dadi Bua that Viplav respects her a lot, and that’s why taken good care of her when they went out. Viplav applies ointment on Dhaani’s hand. Viplav says thunderstorm will come. Dasharath says they have to stop the thunderstorm from coming else….

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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      Hmmm… What will he do ????….

      Btw, don’t forget to get the moderators to do that thing on the previous update. Yah?

      • Arshdeep

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      • Nimisha ?

        Send them a message ⬆️ Using the contact us thing. They,ll help. They are super lovely, just tell them the date and time and which thread and they will delete it for you. Otherwise, I can do it for you,

        I have the thing copied down so thanks so much and sorry to worry you. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Arshdeep, hello again.
        Just had an email from the lovely moderators saying they’ve sorted it.


      • Nimisha ?

        Just checked on the other thread and it’s all gone now.

        Thanks again lovely moderator peeps!


    • Nimisha ?

      Arshdeep, I have contacted them and asked them to either edit it out or to delete our convo p.

      Hope that’s ok. I didn’t want you to worry some hop you don’t mind.

      Right, you concentrate on your exam. Will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing all about it,

      Goodnight lovely and sweet Mishal walla dreams. ?????

  1. Nimisha ?

    Ooh what a good good good episode.

    Loved seeing Viplav actually getting angry over the ridiculousness. He was saying and asking the questions I have.

    Poor Dhaani. How much more does she have to put up with. Hate KT for grabbing her wrist like that.

    hate DT and KT. Of course they are colluding together. And Kamini saying Viplav took good care of her. Did she not see how disinterested he looked??? I reckon he’ll feign a heart attack! Idiotic man!

    Seriously apart from Viplav they have no respect for the institution that is marriage, even Dhaani seems to think it’s all ok, hate DB, horrible horrible woman!

    Really good episode. Well done the makers of the show.

    Well done Mishal too. ??????


  2. Today again DT acted like chamaleon

    initially he was begging dadibua to not send dhani out of the house n even appologised to dhani but in end showed cynning n mysterious looks.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes you are right at the age of eight he is so fond of his power as Mahant but he did not bother his own grand sons life become restless because of him Directer Ji give punishment to this cunning jackal as fast as possible.

    • Nimisha ?

      You don’t need to feel sad for us. We’re all here to support the show, the cast and the crew for as long as it continues. It’s such an excellent show that even if it ended tomorrow, it will have left a permanent mark on us all and will definitely live on in our hearts forever. So Thankyou, but we definitely do not need your pity.


    • ahana

      Sorry to say but kya tum sad feel kar rahi hoh ya jale pe namak chidak rahi/rahe hoh……..sorry if u felt bad but just asked

    • Nima

      bahoot dukh k sath kehena pad raha hai RG aka Rawan Goon ek din tumhare body se v air off ho jayega so sad na, tum off ho gaye/yi toh yeha kisiko farak padne wala nahi hai bichara/ri.
      agar hamara show off ho v jayena hum sabhi apne #Mishal n #ikrs ko 7 janam tak yaad rakhenge.aayi baat samajhme.

  3. If dadibua was told that sandbox idea is of dhani then she would have not given any importance but when she was told it is from viplavs side then she praised that only educated people can have unique ideas disgusting.

    • Nimisha ?

      That was such a lovely present. Hated DB,s attitude towards Dhani too. DHani maybe uneducated but I bet, so are KT and DB. Dhani has more intelligence, empathy and kindness in her small fingernail than those two do in their entire bodies.

  4. Could see pain n anger in viplavs eyes n actions he is helpless in this situation but has told right to dt that if dhani would go out of the house then he would also go.he has to as they r inseparable.

  5. Anne

    Thankyou HHasan ?xxx
    I’m loving this track for some reason, looking forwards to the big fight when all is revealed. Hope there is one!
    I feel the writers will surprise us though….xxx

  6. Kamini u r trying to impress viplav by rolling yr hair ‘ trying to be close to hom’ acting of feettwisting’ repairing car ‘ singing arti or giving gits to PALLU but u know all yr efforts would go in vain. Dt n kt can fall in yr trap but a big no for viplav’sushma dadi n pallu.

  7. Anne

    Strange thing happened on this website. Suddenly changed to grey background ,lots of space between comments and comments were numbered.?
    Is this what you all see?
    My site plain white,no numbers.
    Back to white now.??????xxx

    • Zee

      Actually come to think of it – Viplav publicly called Dhani ‘nurse’ in the wedding, but most guests wd know that she is his wife. She didnt even hug Shalu in her bidaai :/. Happy fr Shalu and hope good things happen for RajLaxmi too.

      • Nimisha ?

        That’s what’s so weird. EVERYONE Apart from DB and new girl know that Dhani is married to Viplav, but everyone stays quite. No one lets on or anything. How very compliant they all are…

  8. Yesterday was really a hush hush affair pankaj s parent not shown even raj was missing who is the best freind i think he is on a vacation.

  9. Could not understand why dadi bua said to kanak that if dhani would not leave the house then she would have to leave.

  10. As per precap tomorrow dt would again play a dirty game i think it would not be in favour of dhani lets wait n watch.

    • Nimisha ?

      As long as Viplav stands by Dhani, let DT and KT do their worst,

      DT Will probably feign some illness, I hope it’s an ‘exploding with a loud bang’ disease. He,s already hit away with far too much.

  11. Today dt was feeling helpless crying begging although it would be crocodile tears but his momentry situation also made me happy as he used to traumatise people n today he was being traumatised.

    • Nimisha ?

      It was good to see, briefly, until I caught that evil twinkle of realisation that his plan was working.

    • Nimisha ?

      I love that they are happy siblings again. I hope Shalu is still in the show. She’s been one of the few happy souls, apart from the raja track, so it’ll be good to still see her stuffing her face with a burger or 3.

  12. Guys,

    In wholly GITA LORD SHRI KRISHNA that Every person has done good or bad (Karma) in the life will pay the price in his / her full of life.

    I think DT has been trapped in his own conspiracy for which he used conspiracy to so many persons and especially Vidhani. His bad Karma will pay the price for whole Tripathi Family.

    I think in his creepy mind think to show Dhani fake Huasband (Another New Entry) for saving his status as Mahant.

    Only our Vipu as always will save and stand for his beloved wife Dhani’s with great respect and full dignity.

    Now only both Vidhani good Karma will save Tripathi family.

    Please share your comments.

    • One more Interesting thought on my mind for tomorrow Episode.

      DT attempt fake Suicide to out Dhani from AN house will take time to think for this attempt VIPU is also not able to take decision for Dhani’s sake.

      In the meanwhile Dadi Bua & KT will plan for VIPU remarriage to seprate Vidhani.

      Guys please comments

      • Nimisha ?

        Does he really try to attempt suicide? For once I hope his plan works.

        I think if KT is shown trying to remarry Viplav off that will be a very frustrating new track and would possibly be another nail in the coffin for the show. Viplav is married to Dhani. He doesn’t have any doubts about that or his love or anything. He wouldn’t let that happen. I really hope it doesn’t go that way.

        I just want them to tell the truth.

        These OTT characters like DB and the awasthis’ I don’t think do the show any favours. It’s just lots of drama for the sake of drama with no really purpose.

        I hope DB and the new girl go and quickly as they came.

  13. Zee

    Thanks H Hasan for very evocative and timely updates. Guys apart from missing IKRS and this forum, we will also miss our punctual and precise Hasan ji.

  14. Fatarajo

    Viplav should have beaten DT would have enjoyed it lol, he is one of the biggest problem in Vidhaani’s life , but as usual Viplav’s dialouges are cheesy

    • Nima

      well said joyee, trp jaye guthaliya ganne hum toh IKRS ka aam(mango) khayenge. jo bahoooooot mitha hai.

  15. Nimisha ?

    Thinking about it, if The house is DB,s then surely all the gold and money the DT has amassed with his corrupt mahantshipness is his, so even if DB kicked them out they have enough to not be homeless.

    He also owns the ashram… Hope he doesn’t decide to take that over.

    Hope Viplav and Dhani face the truth after the hour DT asked for. I hope they don’t feel to carry on the charade,

    Nail biting stuff!

  16. Saraswathi.j

    It is the dharma of a husband to protect his wife from humiliation and disrespect by others , during marriage performance both the bride and groom take the oath to respect and protect each other Viplave should not act properly being a lawyer how can he tolerate such humiliation to his wife by others,in India there are very stringent laws for atrocities done by in..laws family members ,immediate non bailable arrest Directer Ji and writer Ji please educate people through your show .

    • Nimisha ?

      Very well said sarawathi!

      I think Viplav has wanted to tell the truth but Dhani kept saying it’s only for a few days. She is too willing to accept this kind of treatment which is very sad.

      • Saraswathi.j

        I do not hurt Dhaani because at the age of 20 an Indian girl is well protected and she is always supervised by her elders like Dhaani in this story she do not see much of society and that she is not well educated she is always under the guidance of her mother now after her marriage Viplav should take care of her ,he promised Dulari ma that he should not see tears in her eyes , if she is alone how can she face this world so it is better to educate her and she can herself learn how different outside her little world is the story really wanted to show a change in widow,s life education is a must ,all the widow,s dharma what they told is made by man through ages in one way for maintain the betterment of them there are lacks widows who are suffering in the hands of in ..laws so through your show give them a good solution for their betterment and understanding this specifically our Indian society.

  17. vaishnavi more

    todays epi is very heart touching n hats off to mishal for his superb acting
    n dadi bua u r very irritating yaar disgusting character really

  18. eshani

    Loved the episode specially viplav he constantly telling DT to tell d truth else he will tel and that super dialogue of him bezadi tumhari hogi aur dard hame hoga so true of it….and this KT was all d more happy to send dhani out I wonder y dadi bua said of dhani doesn’t go then KT has to go

  19. Nimisha ?

    If anyone on here is on Twitter there seems to be a trend thing going on at the moment to ask Colors to give IKRS a later time slot. So if you are on Twitter, search for #IKRSTheBest and retweet to try and raise the profile.

  20. eshani

    Am anxious to knw d upcoming episodes now will thy tel abt d wedding or will dhani have to leave d house hope that vidhani don’t separate am sure DT will play some dirty game again

  21. Hello everyone …thank you Hasan mam for the update…..Mishal rocked in today’s episode…..the part where he said beizzati tumari hogi toh dard hame hogi ….love you Mishal…. Aka Viplav…he did right by saying whatever he said as it was seriously something that I too wanted……

    • Nima

      hlw Sujie, aaj ko episode ma Mishal ko acting ekdam prasmsha yogya thiyo hai. aaj ko episode fb ko Die Hard Fan Of Mishal Raheja’ video page 2patak here 🙂

    • Nimisha ?

      Sujie, he seems to be saying a lot of what I want to say too. The questions I’d DT see things I would want him to say too. LOve his ‘realness’ you know???

  22. Hello everyone …thank you Hasan mam for the update…..Mishal rocked in today’s episode…..the part where he said beizzati tumari hogi toh dard hame hoga ….love you Mishal…. Aka Viplav…he did right by saying whatever he said as it was seriously something that I too wanted……

  23. I’m sure dt is upto something …. He can never change….oops he can always change…pal mein hi choti bahu and pal mein hi planning and plotting against Dhaani…. Sometimes I think Dhaani is sooooo innocent …she does not know duniyan mein kaise kaise log hote hai…dt kt ki tarah….. Poor she….
    But our hero is with her and they will cross all odds together….. As they know the true meaning of love

    • Nimisha ?

      To be honest Sujie, I didn’t know people like DT, KT, the awasthis and now DB existed either. DHani is young and naive due to her sheltered life. I’m not and am still shocked by these people and their attitudes and evil ways. ???

      • Sujie

        yes Nimisha….people like DT AND KT,DB still exist in the world…. but i am hopeful that Viplav and Dhaani will be together…… love,respect and care being their relation’s most beautiful thing

  24. Meghs

    Sankari kaamini wah wah wah wah
    Mechanics se Bhagwan ki arti taak aur kya kya karonge agage tu.. Kamini drama will more now than vidhani.

    But no matters hw u try kamini vidhani will not separate

  25. Nimisha ?

    Nothing is posting so I’ll be back later.

    Arshdeep, in case you’re going to bed early today, GOOD LUCK again for tomorrow. Xxx

  26. Anne

    MY post are taking AGES.. ………… ………… …..?… ……………. ☕…….. ?………………………? ………. …………….??……… ….??. ?


  27. Hi br mam’ flora’ saranya ‘rajee’prachi ‘kavitha’ louella ‘sonu ‘am’where r u’ missing yr comments

    • Nimisha ?

      Wow Renu. YOu are up super early,

      HOpe you and everyone else on here has a splendid Sunday!


  28. AM

    hi guys ..good morning …all forgot me ..kisiko yaad hi nahi hae 😛
    … hahaha ..just joking …bohot din bad kal IKRS dekha
    .episode was good … mishal was awesome as usual … hope trp increase because of this two new entries but I am not like dadi bua …. kamini ayi to achcha laga ..dekhna parega .viplav kitna responsible and trustful husband hae 😛 😛 …

  29. shanitics

    The bst preparation for gud wrk tomorrow is to do gud wrk today
    Good mrng my frnds….
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  30. shanitics

    Vidhaani scenes heart touching.. Wanna have a such a caring husband ?… Whenever Dhaani gts pain he will also through it… Love u Mishal aka Viplav…(Misha didi no worries I love him as my brother?)Mishal being sad.. Vidhaani pain unbearable… Lagta hai Dr ko dhikhana hai… Arshi didi kuch to suggest karo!!!

  31. shanitics

    Sorry for the late reply Misha didi Arshi didi correct thi… Mera b’day 29th Nov ko thi…
    If u wanna knw my address no problem I will tell u…? Misha didi..

    Arshi didi may I knw wat ur sis is studying for??

    Waiting for you both on FB?

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Swetha. Would love yours too. But don’t put in on here. We’ll figure out a way of you telling me. Xxx

  32. Ikrs is going gud d vipu b DT neiled der scenes with der excellent acting.gud to see Salu happy.n dhanis gift was excellent. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  33. Meghs

    High voltage drama is going… Hw can dadi bua humiliate dhani… Viplav has to protect dhani respect …

  34. Saw IKRS full episode properly and I must say IKRS till now is going good and fine but I m thinking about the tracks they are still not solved yet.

      • Nimisha ?

        Yes, his uncle I think. And he quoted me to Mishal. ???????
        Seriously made my day! Hopefully if his uncle is telling him I or rather we love him, then he has to believe it. ???????

        In my dreams!! In my dreams!

      • Nimisha ?

        Still on cloud 9. ????
        Seriously though he, Dinesh Raheja, writes good articles so I follow him separately to Mishal. There are so many articles that are so badly written that his work is like a real insight into people in the movie and to industry. Seems like a jolly nice man!

  35. florentina moldovan

    Good afternoon, my sweet family!!!!!!!
    lot of hugs and lot of love for you !!!!!
    Guys, this morning Aroon Bakshi-DT post on his wall on fb that she want to see everybody opinion about yesterday epi!!!!
    But many of us are just fallowing his page, and can just like or share, so i wrote him on private and told him about us, i asked him if he wants to see our opinions to came here,see how many we are, how many message we share here about every epi…
    And i asked him to give us a public page where we can share our opinion!
    i hope he will read my message, if it happens i will let u know!!!
    you can also do it!!!

  36. florentina moldovan

    i will copy here his mesI expect IKRS friends to tell about yesterdays sat episode….like to see through yr eyes….
    26You, Prachi Swain and 24 others
    1 share
    View 1 more comment
    Hina Khan
    Hina Khan Awesome shot hats off Aroon Bakshi sir #ikrs rocks
    Like · 1 · 3 hrs · Edited
    Meena Kaviya
    Meena Kaviya Mishal raheja and you rocked it . But would not like to see viplav bend under pressure to bua and his character being ruined. For me that wld be end of IKRS.
    Like · 3 · 3 hrs
    Meena Kaviya
    Meena Kaviya Please also bring a ashram track. That was an imp part of IKRS
    Like · 1 · 3 hrs
    Nital Thakkar
    Nital Thakkar Mishal Raheja, Eisha Singh & you nailed it, out of the world performances!
    #Viplav’s character is the soul of show if he changes & leave #Dhani for whatever reason, then there will be no meaning left title Ishq Ka Rang Safed!
    Like · 2 · 3 hrssage…

  37. Nimisha ?

    So folks… Whatbdonwenthink will happen..

    Will Viplav have to succumb to DT,s dirty tricks.

    I really hope not, but I have no idea what DT will do. After the last 2 days of brilliant episodes, where Viplav shows his total love and adoration for Dhani, I sort of have faith that the writers know what they’re doing,

    Really hope they don’t change anything about Viplav and hope they let him ROAR and tell the truth. If not today then very very soon. Dragging these lies on and on is harmful to my health! Makes my blood pressure rise and and my heart race at the injustice of it all. VIplav needs to take control. I really hope he does! I also think it’s harmful to the TRP,s, personally.

    Also want to see DB and new girl outta there on the first train never to be seen or heard from again!

      • Anne

        Vidhani will pack bags and go to own house after telling DT n KT what to do with themselves. %&%&#++%&&%&&&&%”:; ??
        In my dreams I think…?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Gosh I sound like a right sad do! But I LOVE HIM!!!!! I,m singing that song from Les mis in my head now….

    • Anne

      Checked colors tonight, omnibus edition on at 1am
      Desi Beat on at 8’30 !?!?!? Why not IKRS?!.
      Will re check later .
      God and colors move in mysterious ways…?

      • Nimisha ?

        Desi beat is such an awful program too!

        I got that wrong about the omnibus. It is indeed ?

      • Nimisha ?

        Anne, just checked on Desi serials and there is a link to an episode today. At least if it’s on we’ll see it online.

        Can’t believe it’s been bumped of the schedule here and some. Rap is being shown instead! How very dare they!!! ???

  38. Anne

    If vidhani tell the truth,I think dadi bua may not accept it and come up with plans to split them ……did viplav ever go and register the marriage? There were no witnesses to the ceremony .She would grasp at any thing.
    Also Dash is looking desperately shifty and he has the capacity for great cruelty.
    Seeing how his elder sister treats him I’m beginning to see how he became like that…sneaky sympathy for him.?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes but didn’t he call her in to stop the marriage ceremony of VIPs and Dhani?

      I,m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing. Stupid old man!

      I read somewhere that KT had called DB in and somewhere else that DT had, but it’s not been clear, to me anyway…

  39. shanitics

    We guyss can c chocolate scenes curtain romance…. Shower romance any time 20+ times bt not dadi bua and Kamini scenes…?

  40. Ranaji

    guys ikrs won’t end be happy i have seen in one website that ikrs has huge fans so they will not end they have told i mean colors……….they will end balika vadhu

    • Nimisha ?

      I hope so, really do.

      But, I think we should all stop worrying about it as its out of our hands. Colors haven’t had the decency to confirm or deny the rumours, there are many counter rumours too but who to believe..??

      But whatever happens, we should just enjoy the show and support it as much as we can. I have since the rumours started tried to watch some of the TRP race leaders and honestly some of those shows, esp the snake one and the ghost one are really bad! I mean really bad. Who knows why IKRS doesn’t get the trp’ but hand on heart of the ones I watch it is by far the

      It’s all very mind boggling.

  41. RG

    Actually the truth is this that IKRS is a stain on the progress of colors that is why it will be replaced by shakti

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