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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini knocking on Viplav’s room while he is sleeping. Viplav wakes up and asks Dhaani to open the door. He checks if Dhaani is on bed and goes to open the door. He opens the door. Kamini says good morning and sorry for disturbing him. She says Kanak was calling Dhaani downstairs to attend Shambu’s barsi puja and asks him to send Dhaani fast. They see Dhaani sleeping on the chair. Viplav wakes up Dhaani. Dhaani says she is hiding the truth. Viplav checks her fever, says you are unwell and asks her to rest, and come downstairs later. Kamini tells Dhaani that today is Shambu’s barsi and asks her to come downstairs for sometime. Viplav says but she shall rest for sometime. He says I will do all the rituals. Dhaani asks him to listen to her. Viplav says you are unwell,

take rest. He goes to freshen up. Kamini is irked. Dhaani is distraught with the truth that Kanak got Shambu killed, and recalls Dasharath telling Kanak that he was doubtful about her hand in Shambu’s murder. She recalls Kanak blackmailing Dasharath and saying that Tripurari is Dasharath’s illegitimate son.

Kamini asks what happened? Is something bothering you? Dhaani says no, and says she couldn’t sleep. Kamini asks if Suwarna called you again? Dhaani says no, and says she don’t want to tell anything. Kamini says if you don’t tell me then I can’t help you out. She says I can’t see my friend in distress. Dhaani says she can’t tell, and politely refuses to tell her. Kamini thinks there is something for sure which she has hidden. Kamini sees servant giving bhaang laddoo to Pandit as Shambu used to like it. Kamini sees it and takes the laddoo plate on the pretext of adding almonds in it. She thinks Dhaani will blurt out the truth under bhaang influence and smirks. Dhaani wonders how to tell Viplav and fears that he will never believe her. Servant brings milk for Dhaani. Dhaani asks him to keep it. She thinks she will tell Viplav once Puja ends. Kamini comes there and says you are not resting. She asks her to rest. Dhaani says I am fine. Kamini asks her to drink milk. Dhaani says she will drink later. Kamini says I will tell Viplav, he will feel bad as he might have sent it. Dhaani says okay, I will drink and finishes it in one go. Kamini says good. Dhaani feels her head heavy.

Kanak comes and gives something to Pandit ji. Dasharath stares her angrily. Kanak asks Viplav what happened to Dhaani? Can’t she attend the puja for sometime. Viplav says she was insisting to attend puja, but I asked her to rest and come later when she feels good. Just then they see Tripurari and Durga coming there. Viplav looks angrily at Tripurari, and greets Durga. Durga asks about Dhaani. Viplav says she is unwell and have been resting in room. He asks about Suwarna. Durga says she is also unwell, may be due to bad weather. Viplav asks her to sit. Viplav sits beside Tripurari. Tripurari asks how are you Viplav baba? Viplav asks where did you elope? Tripurari says it doesn’t matter, and now I am back. Viplav says trust me, this is what I wanted. Tripurari looks on.

Kamini waits for Dhaani to lose her consciousness. Dhaani says she is feeling strange. Kamini asks her to tell her worries. Dhaani starts crying. Kamini asks are you fine? Dhaani says yes, and says she is feeling like room is taking rounds, or am I taking rounds. She cries. Kamini asks her not to cry. Dhaani says how can I tell this big truth to everyone. She says nobody will believe me, not even Viplav. Kamini asks her to tell. Dhaani says it is a big truth which you couldn’t even think of. She says everyone is different here, and are wearing mask of goodness. Kamini asks what are you saying? Dhaani cries and says even walls have ears. Everyone sit for the puja. Viplav thinks Tripurari must have come here with a motive. He looks at tripurari. He recalls Dhaani’s words that the lady was Suwarna, and that she saw Tripurari. Viplav thinks Dhaani was right, and Tripurari is playing some game. He gets up and goes to room. He sees her missing from room. Kamini tells him that she doesn’t know where Dhaani went. While everyone is busy with the puja, Pandit ji asks Kanak to present Shambu’s favorite food dishes to her husband’s soul. Kanak says okay, and keeps food plate near his photo frame. She says why did you leave me and cries.

Dhaani comes and asks Kanak to stop her acting. Kanak is shocked. Dhaani says you are really lying? Why? For your husband. Dadi Bua asks have you gone mad? Today is shambu’s barsi. Dhaani acts as drunkard and says you don’t like my laugh naa, why? She sees Tripurari sitting there and says he is also here. She asks why you are shedding crocodile tears. Dadi Bua asks someone to call Viplav, and let him see her drama. Dhaani says call him, he shall also know their doings. Kanak says what nonsense? Can’t you see that puja is going on here. Dhaani says 1 min, and asks them to tell about their doing. She says who will tell, Kanak, Dasharath or this Tripurari. She asks them to tell their truth infront of everyone. Everyone is shocked. Dhaani asks why they are shocked? She asks Dasharath to tell truth about Tripurari and his relation. Kanak asks what nonsense? Can’t you see puja is going on and holds her hand.

Dhaani asks her not to hold her wrist and says even she can hold her hand and twist too. She twists her hand. Everyone is shocked. Sushma asks what are you doing Dhaani? Dadi Bua asks her to leave Kanak’s hand. Viplav comes there and is shocked to see Dhaani twisting Kanak’s hand. He pushes her on floor. Dhaani says you have pushed your Dhaani….Viplav. She says I didn’t feel bad. She gets up and says I know whatever you do is for my betterment, as you love me very much. She says there was a mask on everyone’s faces. Viplav asks her to keep quiet. Dhaani says your maa, dada ji and Tripurari are wearing masks, and have been fooling you. Viplav asks her to keep quiet and says you are insulting my family. He asks why you can’t stand properly. Dhaani says this world is taking rounds today and faints. Viplav asks what happened to her. Dadi Bua says she has fainted. Sushma asks him to take her to room. Viplav lifts her and takes her to room. Everyone looks on shocked.

Precap: Dasharath says Dhaani have insulted him infront of everyone and have made fun of him. He says she can go to any extent and can do anything. Kamini tells Viplav that sometimes woman drinks in depression. Viplav looks on at unconscious Dhaani. Dasharath tells Viplav that he has taken a decision and asks him to go with Dhaani. Everyone is shocked. Kamini smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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