Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini knocking on Viplav’s room while he is sleeping. Viplav wakes up and asks Dhaani to open the door. He checks if Dhaani is on bed and goes to open the door. He opens the door. Kamini says good morning and sorry for disturbing him. She says Kanak was calling Dhaani downstairs to attend Shambu’s barsi puja and asks him to send Dhaani fast. They see Dhaani sleeping on the chair. Viplav wakes up Dhaani. Dhaani says she is hiding the truth. Viplav checks her fever, says you are unwell and asks her to rest, and come downstairs later. Kamini tells Dhaani that today is Shambu’s barsi and asks her to come downstairs for sometime. Viplav says but she shall rest for sometime. He says I will do all the rituals. Dhaani asks him to listen to her. Viplav says you are unwell,

take rest. He goes to freshen up. Kamini is irked. Dhaani is distraught with the truth that Kanak got Shambu killed, and recalls Dasharath telling Kanak that he was doubtful about her hand in Shambu’s murder. She recalls Kanak blackmailing Dasharath and saying that Tripurari is Dasharath’s illegitimate son.

Kamini asks what happened? Is something bothering you? Dhaani says no, and says she couldn’t sleep. Kamini asks if Suwarna called you again? Dhaani says no, and says she don’t want to tell anything. Kamini says if you don’t tell me then I can’t help you out. She says I can’t see my friend in distress. Dhaani says she can’t tell, and politely refuses to tell her. Kamini thinks there is something for sure which she has hidden. Kamini sees servant giving bhaang laddoo to Pandit as Shambu used to like it. Kamini sees it and takes the laddoo plate on the pretext of adding almonds in it. She thinks Dhaani will blurt out the truth under bhaang influence and smirks. Dhaani wonders how to tell Viplav and fears that he will never believe her. Servant brings milk for Dhaani. Dhaani asks him to keep it. She thinks she will tell Viplav once Puja ends. Kamini comes there and says you are not resting. She asks her to rest. Dhaani says I am fine. Kamini asks her to drink milk. Dhaani says she will drink later. Kamini says I will tell Viplav, he will feel bad as he might have sent it. Dhaani says okay, I will drink and finishes it in one go. Kamini says good. Dhaani feels her head heavy.

Kanak comes and gives something to Pandit ji. Dasharath stares her angrily. Kanak asks Viplav what happened to Dhaani? Can’t she attend the puja for sometime. Viplav says she was insisting to attend puja, but I asked her to rest and come later when she feels good. Just then they see Tripurari and Durga coming there. Viplav looks angrily at Tripurari, and greets Durga. Durga asks about Dhaani. Viplav says she is unwell and have been resting in room. He asks about Suwarna. Durga says she is also unwell, may be due to bad weather. Viplav asks her to sit. Viplav sits beside Tripurari. Tripurari asks how are you Viplav baba? Viplav asks where did you elope? Tripurari says it doesn’t matter, and now I am back. Viplav says trust me, this is what I wanted. Tripurari looks on.

Kamini waits for Dhaani to lose her consciousness. Dhaani says she is feeling strange. Kamini asks her to tell her worries. Dhaani starts crying. Kamini asks are you fine? Dhaani says yes, and says she is feeling like room is taking rounds, or am I taking rounds. She cries. Kamini asks her not to cry. Dhaani says how can I tell this big truth to everyone. She says nobody will believe me, not even Viplav. Kamini asks her to tell. Dhaani says it is a big truth which you couldn’t even think of. She says everyone is different here, and are wearing mask of goodness. Kamini asks what are you saying? Dhaani cries and says even walls have ears. Everyone sit for the puja. Viplav thinks Tripurari must have come here with a motive. He looks at tripurari. He recalls Dhaani’s words that the lady was Suwarna, and that she saw Tripurari. Viplav thinks Dhaani was right, and Tripurari is playing some game. He gets up and goes to room. He sees her missing from room. Kamini tells him that she doesn’t know where Dhaani went. While everyone is busy with the puja, Pandit ji asks Kanak to present Shambu’s favorite food dishes to her husband’s soul. Kanak says okay, and keeps food plate near his photo frame. She says why did you leave me and cries.

Dhaani comes and asks Kanak to stop her acting. Kanak is shocked. Dhaani says you are really lying? Why? For your husband. Dadi Bua asks have you gone mad? Today is shambu’s barsi. Dhaani acts as drunkard and says you don’t like my laugh naa, why? She sees Tripurari sitting there and says he is also here. She asks why you are shedding crocodile tears. Dadi Bua asks someone to call Viplav, and let him see her drama. Dhaani says call him, he shall also know their doings. Kanak says what nonsense? Can’t you see that puja is going on here. Dhaani says 1 min, and asks them to tell about their doing. She says who will tell, Kanak, Dasharath or this Tripurari. She asks them to tell their truth infront of everyone. Everyone is shocked. Dhaani asks why they are shocked? She asks Dasharath to tell truth about Tripurari and his relation. Kanak asks what nonsense? Can’t you see puja is going on and holds her hand.

Dhaani asks her not to hold her wrist and says even she can hold her hand and twist too. She twists her hand. Everyone is shocked. Sushma asks what are you doing Dhaani? Dadi Bua asks her to leave Kanak’s hand. Viplav comes there and is shocked to see Dhaani twisting Kanak’s hand. He pushes her on floor. Dhaani says you have pushed your Dhaani….Viplav. She says I didn’t feel bad. She gets up and says I know whatever you do is for my betterment, as you love me very much. She says there was a mask on everyone’s faces. Viplav asks her to keep quiet. Dhaani says your maa, dada ji and Tripurari are wearing masks, and have been fooling you. Viplav asks her to keep quiet and says you are insulting my family. He asks why you can’t stand properly. Dhaani says this world is taking rounds today and faints. Viplav asks what happened to her. Dadi Bua says she has fainted. Sushma asks him to take her to room. Viplav lifts her and takes her to room. Everyone looks on shocked.

Precap: Dasharath says Dhaani have insulted him infront of everyone and have made fun of him. He says she can go to any extent and can do anything. Kamini tells Viplav that sometimes woman drinks in depression. Viplav looks on at unconscious Dhaani. Dasharath tells Viplav that he has taken a decision and asks him to go with Dhaani. Everyone is shocked. Kamini smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    Thank you hasan mam
    I also wrote the update and was going to post it but then saw it has already been posted

    • Zee

      Thank you H Hasan and welcome back!
      I thot Arshi had written the update and was thinking hmm Arshi’s style is quite similar to H Hasan and then I saw the credit.
      Arshi why not post what you have written. We will be happy to read.

      • Arshdeep

        I wrote conplete update and just opened TU and it was not there.. Then i remembered i have forgot to write precap.. Went to write it… Then again opened TU and found the update there.. I was disappointrd offcourse.. Many a times i write update just bcoz i love to do it. Never posted.. And this time when i thought i will update then hasan mam did it..
        But she is the best.. She write it so well..

  2. Arshdeep

    Episode was awesome today

    Dhani acting was superb..mindblowing??

    And when viplav pushed her and she fell down????

  3. Areeb

    Mo one can beat DT in playing! ? He really is experienced villain amidst all! ? Plays safe and very well know when to through the trump card. ? He is asking Viplav to leave the house! ? Very well played Chaluu Uncle! ?

    Sorry for the language but can’t control my emotions. ?

  4. Areeb

    Overall, Episode was Awesome! ??

    Today Eisha just nailed it throughout the whole episode ! Must say she acted so well and funny after consuming Bhang! ? Was thoroughly enjoying her drunkenness! ??? Lol, what am I saying. ?

    • Porkodi

      Yes eisha just nailed the episode.. she is acting beautifully in a small age . Well done eisha??

    • Zee

      Yes. I wish she would have twisted it some more. Kanak was doing so much drama abt Shambhus death. I cant decide who I hate more Kanak, Kamini or DT. Tripurari is bad but atleast he has been wronged and humiliated hence he has anger and negativity.

      • Arshdeep

        I hate DT and kamini more because they are the ones who wear a big mask in front of viplav.
        Atleast viplav knows that kanak dont like dhani.. But the other two pretends as if they are true well wisher of dhani

      • Zee

        True. But kanak insults Dhani all the time and talks to her v badly which they do not. She also sweet talks sometimes – when she wanted to feed her poisoned halva and again when she almost succeeded in sending her back to the ashram.

    • Areeb

      HAHA! Yes! Dhaani k andar ki Bharti Nari jag gaey thi. ?✊

      I think I have written right ? there! ?

  5. Viplav???

    Hasan ji thanks and good to c u back….arshi didi i was also eagerly waiting for the update….
    Coming to today’s episode…. Dhaani is really ???just outstanding performance… Viplav always realise the truth very late… But i must say when he got to know about the truth he will surely kick them out….. ?not so excited for pregnancy track ?will love to see more romance between vidhani ?????????????????

  6. Porkodi

    Fantastic episode. Dhani’s performance is too good. Haven’t watched the episode. After reading updates I felt happy. Going to watch now. Definitely viplav will understand dhani… after seeing tripurari viplav felt dhani is correct???

    • Arshdeep

      Right now it will be difficult for him to believe her… But thank god atleast some thing he thought..
      Hope he would join the chains and come to a conclusion soon

  7. Nimisha :-)

    Just checking in

    Thanks so much for the brilliant update H Hasan. I can totally picture the scenes.

    In the car on way home and can’t wait to watch the episode.

    Loved Dhani drunk last time. She sounds even better on bhang. ???

    Catch you all later. Xxxx

  8. Sujie

    Thank you for the update Hasan mam…..
    Loved today’s episode…..
    Wonderful performanceby Eisha…..loved it…….
    And hello everyone….love you all

  9. Zee

    MInor observations abt our dear Mishal:
    1. He looks like a million bucks in kurta pyjama.
    2. He had v.little screen space today 🙁
    3.He does not say Tripurari he says T i R purari

  10. Areeb

    Mishal in White was sprinkling his charm! ??✨

    Same time, my younger bruh came in the room wearing white Kurta & Shalwar! I saw him and said, ” Ary tumny bhi white pehna hai, ek tum ho or ek Mishal hai white me. Woh kya lag raha hai or tum kuch bhi nhi lag rahy. ” He replied with plain facial expression, ” Mishal kon hai? ? ” And I said , Go to mosque beta you are already late. ? conversation ended as the show resumed after the break, and don’t wanted to miss any single scene ! ?

  11. Louella

    Hello everyone. Episode seems interesting. Will definitely watch it at 3:30 before leaving for the trip. After that I will share my opinion.

  12. Zee

    Viplav the lawyer shd totally look into who sent the milk and hope Kamini’s truth comes out.
    She is such a biaaatch. My turn to say sorry for the language. DB seems to be a sharp woman how cd Kamini fool her for so long!

      • Correct arshu DB had warned her to be in limits n don’t play with family ‘s prestige. Now if she comes to know that vk had given bhang to dhani then ???✊✊??✊✊??seriously want this to happen ?

  13. Louella

    Lakshmi u wanted to read some moments about my trip na. I will tell u about shopping. Here it is-
    On Friday I had gone for shopping with my relatives and mom. When we were returning we were at least five of them and we were returning by auto rickshaw. So I sat on my mother’s lap and the other two girls Sat at side of us. Now my brother Aaron was left. U won’t believe but he just went and Sat with the driver. The bechara driver didn’t say anything. But this was not the end. There was traffic on the road. My brother is sitting and saying Hi to all the vehicles on the road!!! I know u would be laughing right now. I have got ek se ek namuna and namuni as my friends and cousins. U just won’t believe.

  14. V. . . . . . . . . . . k ??? ? ? ? so mean of u . U have given bhang to dhani n telling that ladies drink in depression. How dare you u must have the habit of drinking in depression not dhani. Understand that u can not achieve yr goal by these lies n fals3ly implicating dhani. Soon yr empire of LIES CHEAP ATTITUDE IS GOING TO FALL N U WOULD NOT BE ABL3 TO COME OUT OF THE DEBRIS.

  15. Louella

    Zee don’t worry I will give u the dose of laughter. I have many. So no worries because Louella is here. Whenever u want to read any funny incident u r most welcome. Just ask and I will tell u.

  16. Amisha

    today esp, Dhani’s proformance was very outstanding but know why Viplav pushed her to floor? he could just say stop talk and yelled at her.

    • Arshdeep

      I know i am saying again n again
      But even when viplav pulled her and she fell down….. And then turned towards viplav she was again looking sooo cute…

    • I think amisha when viplav saw dhani twisting kanak’s arm he got furious. He just pushed away dhani to save his mom but as dhani was not in senses so could not balance n fell of with viplavs push

  17. H Hasan

    H Hasan


    Hi, Thanks all for liking and missing my updates when I was unavailable. I would like to thank the readers who were doing my updates in my absence. Now I am back from my vacation. I assure that all my updates will be on time like before. Thanks for the co-operation.

  18. Viplav???

    Guys back to my school tomorrow… Will be back only 4 pm…. Today very busy on arrangements…. Ironing uniform… Packing bag… Notebooks… Pen… So many…. Miss u guys… Good night…. Sweet dreams of mishal…. ??

    • Arshdeep

      Good night

      Read ur comment on previous update..
      Thank you for the compliment but

      that gorgeous thing was totally wrong.. You are misguiding people 😛

    • Arshdeep

      And i read the last episode of sanam re
      was totally involved in it that i forgot to comment 😛
      hahaha..pj na?
      I will commnt tmrw for sure

  19. Maria(Mishalian?)

    Wow today’s episode was awesome eisha nailed it, loved her acting yaar, at such a young age she does wonders, very talented love you eisha???

  20. lekshmi

    episode was good,.. hope viplav wl nt leave dhaani…. hope he wl understand that dhaani didnt drink alcohol by herself… plz plz remove that kamini really disgustingggg

  21. Amisha

    even thought there’s going to be huge rifi btw Viplav and Dhani which cause them to get separate for eachother, please don’t drag it for so long and I also want a romance secene at ashram????

  22. To some extent its good as we say whatever happens is for good
    Actually dhani would not had dared to speak against DT? KT?N TP? . IN Case she would had then it would had been difficult to digest by viplav. Now in inconcious stage when dhani has put the truth forward then viplav might think deeply as all r aware that a person always speaks truth in intoxicated stage. What do u say friends.

    • Arshdeep

      Right didi.. Viplav needs to think over her words.. Will dhani remember what she did??

  23. Anne

    ?Thankyou H.Hasan…
    Did Dasharath ask Viplav and Dhaani to leave or just Dhaani???
    Not scene epi yet so looking forwards to it .?

  24. Anne

    They are giving us what we want !! We wanted vidhani in the ashram and that’s where they are going.
    They nearly ruined it by altering original promises to the cast eg,Dulari and Tripurari who left.Realising the mistake they’ve brought them back.
    Otherwise there would be no ashram to go to.What WAS the story going to be without that and Dulari I wonder ?,

    Kamini is the catalyst for the end of secrets ,hope not the end of IKRS when loose ends are tied up.?

      • Anne

        Hi renu hope your well ,are you extra busy with boys at home? At least there’s no school to prepare for.
        Just started watching a film BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL.
        I’ve seen it before and love it.Its set in India ..Jaipur.Its probably not very realistic but India looks fabulous…?

    • Annie iam not sure as i cud not hear properly but i assume DT TOLD viplav its high time n all limits have been crossed so he should stay separately with dhani.

  25. Nimisha

    Ok hello everyone and hello H Hasan. Lovely to see your message! Honestly without you and the other updates, we wouldn’t all be her so Huge thanks to you all.


  26. Nimisha

    Watched the episode and I absolutely loved it!

    Hate VK, but that is a given so moving on.

    Loved, loved loved Dhani today, OMG how does Eisha do these scenes. It was her show today and boy she nailed it!

    Loved how she entered the pooja and the way she said you KT, ‘you’re crying?.. And then laughed and clapped. She was brilliant in that bit.
    Then when she grabbed KT’s arm after making her let go of hers, it was a real enough is enough moment. KT getting a it of her own medicine at last!
    Also loved DT squirming when trips and his mum entered and then his little cough as Dhnai started!

  27. Nimisha

    MIshal also nailed his scenes. Lots of expressions that spoke volumes.

    I don’t think Viplav pushed Dhani over. He tried to release her grip and Dhani was so unstable, that she fell. What she said to him was very sweet, but I wonder if she was also having a little dig at him! Really liked that scene,

    Then when she helps herself up holding DB’s hand was interesting as DB just let her ?
    Viplav asked her why can’t she stand still, and then asked everyone what’s wrong with her. He also stopped her from speaking as if he knew he had to protect her. in all those scenes I didn’t get the feeling he was angry, but more shocked and concerned for her. Also in the Precap, he looked very concerned,

    Hate VK? How dare she! Are we surprised, nope. As Anne says, VK catalyst for the truth to come out. It really is about time.

  28. Nimisha

    I hope Dhani spills the beans about the fact that she was fine before she had the milk and that Kam told her it was from Viplav. I really hope that doesn’t get swept under the carpet.

    Also, I hope Viplav remembers how he felt when he was bhaanged by Raja when VK tells him that some women drink when depressed.

    I really hope he starts piecing the info he has about VK together and that he remember he knows Dhani and that she doesn’t drink or cause dramas. The only it her time she was drunk was when her drink was spiked in the nightclub.

    Also hope DB figures out this is all VK,s doing and deals with her for brining shame yet again to the family.

    Really looking forward to tomorrow. Sooooo excited! I mean like ridiculously!


    • Arshdeep

      Dhani will spill the beans only if she will be allowed to say something.. Hope viplav gives her chance to say her pov.

  29. Nimisha

    I still had a lot to say,????????., sorry… But broke it up in smaller long posts to hopefully help the comment count! ???

  30. Louella

    Just watched the episode. It was very funny.

    Dhaani was soo cute after she had drank that milk. Eisha hats off to u. What an acting u have done in such an early age u r just 4 years elder than me.

    Dhaani good job but this time not for acting but for twisting Kanak rani’s hand. U would have twisted it more badly. But this was better. Chalega but next time take care to twist more badly!!

    Viplav was looking handsome for me in that Kurta pajama.

    Today Kamini had worn backless saree but that time DB and Kanak rani had become blind enough to see it!!!

    Precap is shocking. Let’s see what happens!

    • Arshdeep

      Yes when she went to dhani while she was sleeping.. I saw her backless blouse nd it was looking soo bad..huh.. And that was a party but here puja is goin on..still no one says anything to her..

      • Saraswathi.j

        Kamini,s backless blowse looks redicules in this scene,she changed two dresses within seconds,it is high time cvs send her home,she do not have any work simply making fun of Dhaani,I do not know why she is smiling when Dadaji told Viplav leave Ayodya Nivas along with Dhaani .?

      • Nimisha

        Hey Arshdeep and saraswathi.

        VK’s dress sense for is inappropriate at the best of times, but for the barsi!? ??. Dhnai got slated for wearing that black sari and backless blouse but she covered herself up. DB, KT and DT are such hypocrites. I think VK is there to bring this side our their characters out even more,

        I think the Cv’s want us to hate her so they are 100% successful in that aim. I still feel she is surplus to requirements, I hope DB kicks her out this time.

        And she better not follow Dhani to the ashram!

  31. Louella

    Hi everyone. Good morning to all of u. Have a great day. Wish me also as the day has come for lots of masti. After half an hour we have to go down and wait for the bus to come. Our mothers r in competition now that who will come first. Let’s see. Well this is the first time I m getting the chance to comment so early morning. Good opportunity for me. Okay so good morning. Have a great day. Keep smiling. Keep commenting. And also I will comment once I get time.

    • Nimisha

      Hey Louella. I’ve been out and about for a few days but am intending to read FF’s later.

      I love the way you are ready for masti! You make me wish I was your age again! Have lots of fun doing whatever you do. It makes me smile thinking of you! Xxx

  32. Louella

    Ranaji I saw ur comment on the previous page. So sorry but I can’t post my ff. It’s impossible for me. We will all be so busy in playing that we will forget everything. U can read my ff after one week. Yes it’s one week. But plz have patience. I will post my ff next Monday.

  33. Saraswathi.j

    Why gold medalist lawyer,s mind not working logically he knows very well Dhaani won,t drink,then why do,t he think some one make her to drink Bhang then he question himself who? Viplav wake up sharpen
    your brain and save your Dhaani from further humiliation.

  34. Marine

    Hi frnds

    I hv read somewhere that dhani will be send back to ashram…and we’re is will find out tht she is pregnant

  35. Louella

    Again hello everyone. Anyone here to chat with me? I m still at home. Feeling very sleepy.

  36. Zee

    Good morning friends!
    Great fun watching Dhani giving it back to all of them. But from Viplav’s POV it must be one of the worst days of his life. Hard truths abt his family plus dhani in such a state. He must find out how the milk reached her and discover the truth being Kamini.
    I was wondering why Shalu did not turn up for her father’s death anniv?
    DT throwing Vidhani out of AN was much less than what I feared. I thot they will plan to kill her since she knows their secrets. But sadly there seems to be no evidence of the murder attempts on Dhani, DT and finally Shambhu’s death. It wd be interesting to see how it all comes out. On a positive note, DT, KT and Trip will alls go to jall for their crimes and Dadi and Vidhani will be together. Just that they will be broken by the truth. Dadi knows abt Trip and I am sure she wont be shattered by KT’s truth. But all the respect that the Tripathis have in Banaras will be over.

    • Nimisha

      Hey Zee,
      Viplav can’t be that dumb… He must also know about trips. At one point in court when trips was on the stand he alluded to it.

      He also knows he and KT were in cahoots over something, so it,ll be good to see how KT wriggles out of it.

      I think Trips character is rejuvenated and back with a bang! I can’t imagine he will let DT or KT sideline him this time.

      Also, KT seemed to have a but of a glint in her eye when he woke her up and also before DHanis arrived at the pooja! She thinks she’s really clever!

    • Arshdeep

      Hey zee… dheere bolo… directors ke bhi kaan hai.. kahi tumhari baat sun li,…and again dhani ko marne ke plans na bnane start ho jaye?

  37. Gudmrng I loved the episode. Dhani nailed it.finally main truth is going to b revealed. Happy to watch today’s episode

  38. Saraswathi.j

    A big question is Shambuji,s ladly daughter and son in law not attend the bursi they are in the same town, DT ,s second family attended why Shalu not?

  39. Sujie

    Good morning everyone…..
    Saw Hasan mam’s message thanking us. 🙂 thanks to you too hasan mam….hope you had wonderful vacation.

  40. Sujie

    Now its high time for Viplav to know about all those secrets…… And its high time he throws kaamini out of the house with tons of slaps……
    Dhaani should tell Viplav about drinking the milk given by Kaamini who was saying it was sent by Viplav….
    Wakil Baabu please join all these links…think about it hero……

  41. Yaar…..its high time that intelligent lawyer viplav should start acting like a real intelligent lawyer and know all the truth now…..too much of innocence now….dhani should should get the real support from hubby. And i think that DB role should become positive after knowing all the truth…or is she that ruthless????

  42. shanitics

    gud mrng 2 all./… yesterday’s epi was nt much gud….bt Dhaaani’s acting after the milk was awesome….Saw only a few parts though…. Misha di,Arshi di,Lols missing u all…

    Hassan mam back wow!!!

    • Nimisha

      Hey Swetha

      Hope you’re well. When up do you start back at school? Not long now is it?


    • Louella

      I think no one in mood to comment today. After all I m not there to comment. Arey don’t get serious. I m joking. But why so less comments? I think really u want me to comment then only u all will comment.

  43. Nimisha

    Hellooooo everyone.

    Morning to you all.

    Hope you’re all well and hope you have a magnificent Monday!

    I’m still out and about today, but am very excited to see today’s episode. Arun Bakshi posted something on FB that says it’s going to be a cracking episode today. I can’t imagine it being anything else at the moment.


  44. Guys,
    Chanakya Niti said in his books and very well that never share your secrets and thoughts with anybody.

    It will destroy you and your life . Life is full of secrets and lies so when you get in a touch situation do not act surprised.

    If a person would have secret it would break your heart. Very few people of us are what we seem to be. Some of secrets will never leave us alone.

    Please never underestimate desperate people. You never know how far they will go to get what they want.

    Here DT, KT & TP are very well aware each one’s weakness and the very well know how to take advantage from among them as and when they required. This 3 main villain very much desperate to save & protect themselves and in this situations they would not bother if other persons gets hurt and harmed.

    They do not realize that one or some day their secrets is going to reveal and to be out and they shall pay the price which they did earlier to others . In IKRS DT’s weakness is KT & TP stregnth and same with KT & TP also. Also realized that they are no longer a team and rifts will be created among them as well. In the desperate situation with them they can save themselves and can go to any extent.

    Here is Dhani’s quality is very pure, good, kindhearted always considered her weakness but when the situation and time requires she is too strong and she has been and will be going to any extent Even though in the last episode she was in the drunken stage she clearly told to KT not to misuse and take undue advantage of the respect she gave her. Now she knows the truth and real faces of 3 main villain and she will have together her strength come to face them.

    Here is VIplav’s quality and strength is helping and protecting the weak but he fails to face his own weakness i.e. when he will accept the truth of DT for whom his great respect and too great respect and acknowledges his family’s true colors will be reveal and after facing his biggest fear and weakness when he will realize his strength in true sense.

    Guys for the above all to see this more interesting situations with our Vidhani’s life.

    Request you to share your comments & feedback.

    • Nimisha :-)

      Excellent post as ever PJAIN. Lots of stuff going on, mind games,power struggles, lies, and more.

      Current track is awesome. Truly!

    • Sujie

      wonderful post Pjain….loved it ………
      and you said so true…… people like DT,TP and KT exist in our society too…. in the serial, they are just the characters and the role they portray…but its true …these people are so desperate to get something they want…they don’t even think for a second to fulfill it …they can do anything…everything if that benefits them……..
      DT is so engrossed in his prestige.that he does not see anything besides his fake prestige and respect…
      KT wants to be powerful in that AN no matter what…… she does not have any concern for her kids … all she wants is money and power…… and for this she planned to kill DT but her own husband died…… she does not have any regret for that……. the only thing she complained about is that she could not wear colorful clothes…jewelries and all other accessories because of Shambhu’s death..she curses her husband time and often… even when he is gone……….

      TP…such negativity is obvious ……. he did every work that DT assigned him …just in a hope that DT will accept Durga and TP…..but in vain……..dt was using him and he was being used continuously…….. This aggression was used by KT for her benefit……………
      These 3 culprits are using each other and their secrets … They have one and only mission …………..just to separate Viplav and Dhaani…now VK has also joined the queue…………
      whoever comes in AN…they have one and only motive of separating Viplav and Dhaani…..let them be in peace…..
      Hope DB turns positive soon and realize the difference between real sanskari bahu and fake sanskari bahu……………

  45. Anne

    Good morning everybody, looking forwards to next episode, but if I were viplav I would just send Dhaani to the ashram for her own safety. If he stays he can investigate his suspicions..
    After seeing Tripurari and durga he Must have suspicions.!!!
    I want to see Sherlock Viplav lol?

    • Nimisha :-)

      If he sends her away alone it will Def be for her own safety and sanity.

      Loved that after seeing Trips and durga he rushed up to tell Dhani she was right.

      Hopefully we’ll get sherlock and not inspector clusueo Viplav ???

      • Anne

        Yes as long as he doesn’t tell Kamini his suspicions thinking she’s a true friend..aarrgghh ?
        ALSO I REALLY WANT TO SEE KAMINI TRY TO SEDUCE VIPLAV ,if Dhaani is gone she s got a free run. The CV,s will give us a cliff hanger on that I’m sure.Will he Won’t he.!
        I hope they are not running towards the end…eg..Dasharath found to be mixed up in Dularis family story.
        Smiling sometimes cos Kaminis clothing seen to be ultra daring while where I live she’d be considered to be dressed like a nun.!!!
        Hope Dhaani tells Viplav about the baby and doesn’t keep it secret.

        But I think writers have big surprise for us regarding the separation so fingers crossed.?????

  46. Arshdeep

    Hellooo everyone..

    Went to school today with my frnds to meet sister principal and one more sister there..,

    How are you all??

  47. florentina moldovan

    good afternoon, my sweet friends!
    I feel so good to have you as friends…you are great…
    I decided last week to do not read update or see the show…but i couldn t stop reading your comments so, finally, i saw all the epis i missed because your comments…
    Barbie, too, was so lovely in her update, thank you , Barbie!
    Thank u , Hasan mam!
    Lot of love and hugs for all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Arshdeep

        Ok ok i am sending for you and renu di
        Arshi-Go rain go to them too…
        Rain-as u say arshi??

    • Zee

      Tumhari bheji hui baarish mili. Thank you :).
      I hope it pours and absorbs all the ground heat. Had made a promise to myself not use AC. bec it is bad for the envmt. But was suffering a lot.

  48. Hi freinds agree with all of u. Firstly they r showing shambhus barsi which looks unrealistic as from cvs pov only it has been a few months. Anyways if it has been a year too then where is her only daughter. I suppose she came once after marriage for pagphera rasam n now vanished not to be seen ever. Also cvs have forgot viplavs brother too as no one seems to discuss about him not even DB. surprisingly there’s no servant in the house owing to which guest aka VK HAS to be send to fetch vidhàni for puja. As everyone mentioned about vks attire more suited for a jazz party but not on death ceremony’s sacred puja. Infact i think even kt was over dressed for the puja as she was suppoed to be sober n descent with expression of pain guilt on the contrary she was decked with jewellery looked confident n least concerned.

  49. florentina moldovan

    Renu, arshdeep, nimisha, zee, swetha, sujie, maria, prachi, anne, pjain, louella, genita, saraswathi, marine, varoley, yetty, renaji, areeb, porjodi, viplav, nima, amisha, lekshmi, shinjini, philo, niks, jyoti, vaishnavi, bilkish abdul hamid, latha and aLL who commented these days,

    kavitha, saras, br mam, rajee, swara, , i missed you , my dears!

  50. florentina moldovan

    omg, this is not love story anymore, thriller is it name!!!!!! ha-ha-ha!
    even there is a lot of negativity still, l at least, something changes….
    huge things will happen, i think….
    i can t wait for Dhani to go far away but, to be honest, i think the villans will try to kill her…
    hope Vipu will be there and save her and his baby…
    maybe the baby is the one who will die…will be so much sadness..

  51. Arshdeep

    Okay so telling everyone out here
    Today i talked to renu didi..?? and u wont believe..
    She seems so young..her voice is soo young..?
    Aww loved to talk to you didi??
    Love you soo much??

    • Thks arshu even i sm so happy seriously cant believe that spoke to u as i was longing to talk to u but difnt had the contact n all thks to dearest nimmy ?☺infact i do want to talk with many on this page IKRS IS REALLY AMAZING BESIDES A NICE STORY N ADORABLE VIDHANI IT HAS ALSO GIVEN A PLATFORM WHERE WE CAN INTERACT WITH INTEĹECTUALS N HAVE SHAIRED A SPECIAL BOND LUV U IKRS LUV U VIDHANI N LUV U IKRS FAMILY. ?

    • Nimisha

      Sending you both the biggest hugs!

      Actually sending everyone on this thread the biggest hugs, also to the silent readers and the members who have been here before, obv I’m not including the viruses in that.

      (((((((((((((((Group hug for all the lovely ikrsians!))))))))))))))))))))))))


  52. Viplav

    hey guys look at this fb post of Aroon Bakshi yani dadaji DT

    Dashrath Tripathi
    Shot a deadly scene
    Expected to b 23rd May telecast…
    People would lovv to kill dashrath tripathi
    After watching this……
    Awaiting yr response

    omg………truely it will be a scary epi

  53. Saraswathi.j

    With band baze Viplav bring his wife to Ayodya Nivas now he send her to ashram again with band baze ? We should see today’s episode ,how he will send Dhaani to ashram without investigating who is wrong ,there is one custom in our Indian families ,the should not go to parents home with strong blame on her ,this reminds me Seeta story Rama knows that she is not at blame but for the sake of his people he send her to jungle when she is in advanced pregnant stage he did not even tell her,she won,t return back to Ayodya after the birth of her children ,she hand over her sons to Rama and go to her mothers womb .if Viplav did the same to Dhaani what twist will do cvs of IRKS to Dhaani,s story.

  54. Viplav

    hey guys look at this fb post of DT

    Dashrath Tripathi
    Shot a deadly scene
    Expected to b 23rd May telecast…
    People would lovv to kill dashrath tripathi
    After watching this……
    Awaiting yr response

    omg very scary one

  55. Arshdeep

    So a quiz for you all
    One of our old member will come back today hopefully
    If that person liked today’s episode (nakhre boht hai logo ke)??

    So can you guess who that person will be???

    Winning person ko meri taraf se result ki treat pakki????

  56. Yetty

    @arshdaiaip, aap bahut bhaagyashaalee hain to be able to communicate with people outside TU

  57. Areeb

    Correct me if I’m wrong. ?? Did Viplav heard Dhaani saying ;

    about DT and Tripurari’s relation?
    Kanak’s crocodile tears?

    I don’t think so.. ?? Viplav came when Dhaani was twisting KT’s wrist. And at this beautiful sight he got angry and upset on Dhaani. ??

    • .Yetty

      @Areeb, how I wish Viplav heard it all but no he wasn’t there.
      He already had his doubts on why tripurari came back and what swarvana was trying to warn dhaani about.
      Let wait and see dadi bua’s reaction to the secrets, I expect her to take reasonable steps in knowing the truth.

    • Viplav

      yep genita chechi daksh ajit singh ne miss cheyunnu….he was the best tripurari than the new one

    • Areeb

      Yep that Tripurari was the best! Also missing that printed pajamas ? new Tripurari is not wearing his trend setting pj’s! ?

  58. Viplav

    arshi didi u said in previous page me the murderer…..i say something
    no one will consider u as a murderer becoz by killing DT u are doing a punya pravarthi…….. we will do pooja

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.