Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja telling his mum that he would have win the case, but Viplav have spoiled the case. Lawyer asks him not to worry and says chance will come again. Raja asks him to do something and goes. Raja’s mum asks him to listen. Dulaari cries and asks Viplav to do something. Viplav asks her to tell everything clearly to him so that he can help Dhaani get freed from the charges. Dulaari tells Viplav, that day she went to Dhaani’s home. Dhaani came running to her and asks her to come with her. She says we went to Police station, to file the complaint, but just then Inspector received call about Munna’s murder and they accused Suman. Dhaani and Dulaari run away from there. Dulaari tells Viplav to save her daughter. Viplav asks her not to worry and says he will save

Dhaani. He seeks her blessings and comforts crying Dulaari. Later Dhaani and Viplav are thinking about the moments between them. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….Viplav thinks just today and you will be freed. Dhaani thinks she will not come in between his family and him.

Next day Opposition lawyer tells Judge that Dhaani have accepted all crimes yesterday itself. He asks Sulakshana/Raja’s mum about Dhaani’s behavior. Sulakshana tells that Suman used to take care of Raja more than Munna, then she changed her color and acted cleverly, one day she ran away after killing Munna. She calls her characterless. Dulaari says She is lying? Opposition lawyer calls Mami and she gives statement against Dhaani. Then Raja is called in the witness box. Raja says I can’t say anything wrong about my bhabhi, but that day I saw my brother lying in a pool of blood and Dhaani holding the glass piece.

Opposition tells judge that Dhaani is a characterless woman. Viplav asks her to stop accusing her. Dulaari asks Dhaani to tell the truth. Opposition lawyer says Viplav might disagree with Raja and his family, but what he will say about his mum’s statement. Kanak comes to witness box, and says Dhaani is selfish, characterless woman and have trapped her son. Viplav says my mum dislikes Dhaani from the start and says the matter here is of murder. He asks Judge not to take her statement in consideration. Opposition says her character is bad, and she has first trapped Munna Avasthi and now Viplav. Viplav asks him not to say anything against her and says he will not bear anything against her. He grabs his collar and says he is married to Dhaani. He says I have convinced Dhaani to marry me, but still she is living a simple life. Kanak gets hysterical and beats up Dhaani. She asks Judge to punish her. Everyone is shocked. Court is adjourns. Mami tells that Dhaani became Raja’s bhabhi again.

Raja says Viplav will not win the case. Raja’s mum gives him an idea. Sita Maayi asks Dulaari if Viplav married Dhaani. Dulaari says yes, and says I didn’t tell because of Shalu’s marriage. Dulaari says nothing will happen to Dhaani. Sita Mayi and Raj Lakshmi show faith on Viplav and says Dhaani will be freed. Dasharath and Kanak are angry at Viplav’s marriage with Dhaani. Dasharath tells Viplav that he has broken their relation at one go, and says you would have killed me. Viplav says I thought you will understand me, when world don’t understand me. He asks them to give him sometime. Dasharath says Dhaani was silent, when she sees Raja, and broken Shalu’s marriage at the marriage day. Viplav says Dhaani saw Raja’s face just before the wedding, and asks them to think what would have happened if Shalu had married her. Kanak slaps her and calls him blind and selfish in Dhaani’s love. She says if you try to save her then you will see my dead face.

Opposition lawyer remarks on Dhaani’s character again, Viplav loses his patience and tries to hit him with a glass. Everyone get shocked. Dhaani gives her promise to Viplav. Judge announces the verdict, which will be revealed tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    Thanku H. HASAN for live update
    Viplav’s declaration of dhaani as his wife was the best part
    Hate KT ..Jab dekho thappad marti rehti h sabko ?

    We all knw actually that dhaani will be saved but still eagerly waiting to see how viplav will save her

  2. saranya

    Kamal ka episode tha par iss balloon ko kya hua!hamara Mahant ka moustache nakli hai kya?aare baap re,ek mahant,woh bhi nakli moustache waala mahant.aaj tho meri mann bhar gayi.mann karthi hai ki uss nakli moustache ko aag pe jala de.bhir aayegi maza.bilkul ek football ke tarah ban jaongi woh.then ek camera click tho bantha haina.aare poore banaras mein dikhana hoga mahant ka asli roop,haina?

  3. Avijit(AM)

    Episode – 19506:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 22 Mar Set
    More show timings
    Viplav is shocked when Dhani confesses that
    she has killed her first husband.
    Episode – 19606:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 23 Mar Set
    More show timings
    At the court, Viplav announces in front of
    everyone that he is married to Dhani.
    Episode – 19706:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 24 Mar Set
    More show timings
    The court acquits Dhani of murder charges.
    Episode – 19806:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 25 Mar Set
    More show timings
    Viplav happily plays Holi with his wife in the
    ashram. Later, he decides to take her home.
    Episode – 19906:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 26 Mar Set
    Viplav is shocked when he learns that no one
    in the family is ready to accept Dhani back.

  4. Sujie

    Thank you so much Hasan ji…. you are doing a really very great job….
    Hello are you all????? share your point of view on today’s episode
    I don’t wanna talk about that psycho raja, his mum the lady balloon, DT the male balloon,safed bhootni and chorni maami……… They will go to hell one day…………..
    I am happy that Dhaani will be released from jail and ViDhaani will celebrate holi together….
    I just can’t stand this opposition lawyer…but thanks to his provoking words because of which Viplav declared Dhaani is his wife…… But no thanks for calling Dhaani characterless……
    Viplav …how many slaps will you get….. I really wanted to slap Kanak for slapping Viplav…. emotionally blackmail karke Viplav Dhaani ko dur karna chahti thi…nahi kar paaogi………
    Everyone in Tripathi family is so concerned about Shaalu….
    Her grandfather who broke her first relation for his benefit and her mother who bullied her everytime for getting fat….suddenly Shaalu bitiya ke liye pyaar umad raha hai…. agar shaadi honeke baad pata chalta Raaja awasthi ke baare mein tyo kya karte….. KHAALI PILI EK HI AIM LEKE BETHE HAI KI DHAANI VIPLAV KO EK NAA HONE DENGE……
    BUT we know our ViDhaani are not just mere lovers but soul mates….. their love is so pure so eternal…nobody can come between them……..

  5. woww nice every one has faith on viplav………. kanak disgusting how can u call dhani characterless woman by the way she is a faithful etc woman truly love her character!!!!!

  6. BR



    but this rajaji is fraud cheater………..womeniser……wolfish …..greedy person and so on ………so don’t call raja as rajaji with respect he is not a worthy person

  7. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode everything went on such a swift manner and Vidhaani marriage truth revealed but shocking precap I wonder what will the judge’s verdict be

  8. saranya

    Kanak Tripathi aka Vampire Tripathi,who are u?what u think of u?always beating dhani and now u crossed limits.u are the cheater mother and u beat ur own’s give a big applause to the one and only Mrs Vampire Tripathi.mann kartha hai usse maar maar kar ganga nadhi mein phek de.aaj nahi tho kal,mein usse nahi chodoongi.samjhe ya samjhayein Vampire ji.

    • Sujie

      hamari Dhaani ko characterless bolne waali Kanak Tripathi ye khud bhool gayi ki unhone apne hi pati ko maar daala…disgusting Kanak aks Bhootni Tripathi

    • ahana

      Hah! Wo badi ayin dhaani ko charecterless bulane…… mera man toh karta hein ki use ubalte pani mein daldu aur use shudh kardu (like how we boil water)…….

  9. Hi hasanji thank u for ur fast update.not only ikrs we r become fans of u also.bullet train tharah update rahahiho aap aajkal.thank sooooo much.

  10. No aishideep
    Poor viplav Sab se thappad khathi hai.
    Kabi dhaani se
    Kabi dulhaari se
    Kabi knk our kabi kisi aur se.
    Kya bura din dekna padrahai viplav ko.

    • Arshdeep

      Yaa i was feeling so sad for viplav today
      Mann to kr rha tha uss kanak ko itna maaru na??hate her sooo much

  11. BR

    kt plz jump from terrace … all the matters will sortout…

    don’t slap vip … he is a gente man…. but u r criminal . if u r crime proof u will hang……………..over allll

  12. BR


    second part of to day”s epi is marvelous ……bcz that part is still remembering in my mind………so I use present……

  13. Louella

    Thank u hasanji for the fast update.

    First of all I would share my opinion on today’s episode. Today’s episode was once again emotional. U can’t see Viplav like this. He was slapped by his mother and even dt did not care for him. I feel sorry for him. He is also not supported by hid Dadi and shalu. And dhaani is learning to become mahaan atma bcoz of trishakti. Why she is not understanding about viplav’s condition? Plz dhaani u support viplav bcoz only he will be the one who will always be with u and always trust u. This raja’s lawyer can’t control his mouth I think. He is going on talking bad about dhaani. And kanak also is a drama queen. She can’t survive without doing drama for even a day

    So the best drama queen award goes to kanak shambhu tripathi. What u say guys?

  14. BR

    raja”s mom make up over with in 4days one lipstick kali okgaya …

    producer … and make up man note …..

  15. eshani

    Hi all..all these days I was a silent reader here but from today even I started commenting….am sure I will have a warm welcome like others….today’s episode was very nice viplav saying merit patni hai….even am curious to know how will viplav save dhani….waiting for vidhani scenes

  16. saranya

    @BR mam,there is no curd rice in our festival.i will send u payasam.there is a ten or seven day celebration in temple.the added attraction is (malappuram pattu),a song which recites the story of goddess,the speciality of this song is that it can’t be learned through writing,its compulsory that it should be learned orally.these days are nostalgic and best days of our life.we just love to celebrate.

  17. Sujie

    hey friends…. Mishal and Eisha’s interview…. He was really blushing when asked about onscreen wedding…. they look so cute together….
    and they also said… IKRS will soon telecast on SUNDAYS also…. Mishal was like: PURA HAAFTA CAPTURE KARENGE..CHHODENGE NAHIN HUM…..

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx mam I liked today epi becoz dhaani and viplav marriage truth is out nice to see kanak and dashrath getting bulb??????????????

  19. Louella

    Spoiler of the week
    Episode 195
    Viplav is shocked when Dhaani confesses that she has killed her first husband

    Episode 196
    At court Viplav announces in front of everyone that he is married to Dhaani

    Episode 197
    The court acqiuts Dhaani for murder changes

    Episode 198
    Viplav happily plays holi with his wife in the ashram. Later he decides to take her home

    Episode 199
    Viplav is shocked when he learns that no one in the family is ready to accept Dhaani back

  20. Louella

    Friends the spoiler is shocking. I m shocked to know thay np one is ready to accept Dhaani as their bahu. It’s too much now. Even dadi is not ready. But never mind when viplav is there with Dhaani nothing Will happen to her.

    • Sujie

      Louella dear don’t worry Viplav Dhaani ek dusre ke liye kaafi hai…. So nothing will happen if that Tripathi family full of ek se ek dramebaaz leaving Viplav Tripathi does not accept Dhaani…. who are they to accept or reject someone?? Viplav should take Dhaani and shift to ashram first aur mein toh kehti hun…dono hi Boston chale jaao… is that??

      • Louella

        Sujie it’s a very good idea. They should go either to Boston or ashram. If we would have been the writers of ikrs, we would have just made ikrs the best show ever. But ikrs writers r also good only the problem is they have bhoolne ki bimaari (the disease of forgetting things)

  21. hi guys spoiler for this week
    viplav is shocked when dhaani confesses that she has killed her first husband
    at the court viplav announces in front of everyone that he is married to dhaani
    the court acquits dhaani of murder charges
    viplav happily plays holi with his wife in the ashram later he secides to take her home
    viplav is shocked when he learns that no one in the family is ready to accept dhaani back
    there is no synopsis available for this episode

  22. Marees

    Hai… my dr lovely frnds…
    A for Arsheedp,arshi,aish,akshya,anne,ahana,avijit(am)…
    B for br(rukmani),bharathi….
    C for enemy(anjum)…
    D for dilu…
    E for elizabeth…
    F for florentind…
    G for gopu,gundia,genita,gayu…
    H for hritya…
    I for isha…
    J for joyee…
    K for kusankar,kavitha,kaviya…
    L for louella(princess)…
    M for mm,meghs,mangai,maria…
    N for nima,naty,nim…
    P for prachai,purple…
    R for raj,rahul,ranaji,renu,rajee,radha,rezmine…
    S for saranya,sujie,swetha,sonu,swara,saras,sandy,saraswathi,sofeya,shri,sanjana,sivanai,sreelaxmi,shruti,shanatics…
    T for tamil didi…
    V for versha,vaishu,vinny…
    Z for zea…and all silent readers gud eve to all….

  23. SARAS

    episode by episode are going awesome n awesome. ..
    but feel so bad for viplav. .
    he is t trying so hard to save dhani but Even she is not supporting him. .

  24. SARAS

    from the holy promo of gruhapravesh I had guessed no one will welcome dhani :(( ye to hona hi tha…
    partial truth of kanak wad revealed to him now slowly dt’s truth will also be revealed .. good for viplav

  25. Louella

    Hi Saranya, Saras mam, Sujie, Swetha, Sonu, Swara, Sandy, Meghs, Marees, Mangai, Zea, Gudiya, Gopu, Anisha, Ahana, Aish, Arshi, Akshay, Raj, Rajee, Arshdeep, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Yetty, Fatarajo, Flora, AM, BR mam, Renu, Radha, Dilu, Genita, Nima, Nim, Nikzzz, Vaishnavi, Naty, Elizabeth, Hritya, Sofeya, Kavitha, Kaviya, Maria, Josh, Jonah, Saraswathi, Kusanskar, Isha, Vinny, Sivani, Prachi, Anne, Sanjana, Rezmie, Shruti, Jessi, Sreelaxmi, Ranaji, Bharathi, Varsha and all my ikrs friends, New comers and all the silent readers. A very big hii to u all! Plz share ur valuable and sweet comments on today’s episode

  26. BR

    vip …if u came to know u r dada real face u will run away by flight to boston……

    dhani saved shalu’s life this is true ……… Most the families no trust …….no love……..mission life…… instead of they love to live luxury ……no faith …….
    so greedy …so now a days so many divorces……..and murder…….theft….and so on…………

  27. SARAS

    good evening friends. .
    very warm welcome to all new comers.
    warm greetings for old comers. .
    thanks a lot to always comers. .
    boosters to late comers. .
    invitation to nocomers…
    and so on n on…

    bday girl vaishnavi what’s up dear???

  28. hi my friends tamil,gaya,saranya,brmam,Am,brity,renu,sonu,shri,kavitha,sujie,joyee,louella,florentina,nima,
    naty,prachi,shanatics,MM,arshdeep,marees,shreya,swara,sofe,hirtya,genni,raj,aish,ahana,kaviya,meghs,mangai,sandy,saras,akshay,gennita,anji,rajee,ranaji,sabitha,sanjana,gudiya and other i wish u happu holi,good friday, and happy easter in advance [;-)

  29. SARAS

    nima your comments are very nice n you seem to be keen watcher of ikrs.. nice..
    writer takes his own time in revealing things..when vip was in ashram they showed us she was scared of being called khooni I thought writer has forgotten it.. but no he brought it to limelight now….
    similarly he will bring dulari’s past also sometimes I feel. ..

  30. BR

    kavi don’t say aorry for mam ….nim also .. I am also comment here just like u ……..

    hi varsha…loulla….shri….saran…floronida…sonu…kavi…renu…yetty…geni…arshi….deep…nim…sofea…swara…sachi…vishu……mirsada…..AM……MM…….JOYEE…..sorry and others I cannot type full ikrs family…. registered u r thoughts in this page bcz to day is argument day……..

  31. SARAS

    saranya for sure you won over colors. ..may be after two three weeks when krishnadasi n kasam’s trp falls down they may give one re telecast slot to ikrs I m still hopefull…

  32. SARAS

    except that he is getting carried away in court, vip is doing very well as lawyer… veey good vipu..

    his reaction when kanak slapped him was amazing. .. what an amazing person is viplav. . oh god thanks writerji n mishal. .. truly amazing

  33. BR

    amulya ……give two cups of icecream to VIP……bcz he is too hot……he must .cool…….

    see preecap he is going to kill lawyer ……ask him to calm down

  34. Avijit(AM)

    saw SBB segment AN . they are celebrating holi with raja and family .without vidha of course …so how raja is saved ….very confusing ……so everyone is against Dhani …now will start saas bahu and grand sasur drama …and devar also ….

    Louella and varsha ..I win in spoiler race ..I gave it first …yippee. 😛 😛 …..

  35. BR

    KT has no right to slap in front of the judge…….Dulari should not shout while the argument is going on…… Is it possible in real . I think so not………out sider not allowed

    comments plz if any one knows

  36. hi my friends tamil,gaya,saranya,brmam,Am,brity,renu,sonu,shri,kavitha,sujie,joyee,louella,florentina,nima,
    naty,prachi,shanatics,MM,arshdeep,marees,shreya,swara,sofe,hirtya,genni,raj,aish,ahana,kaviya,meghs,mangai,sandy,saras,akshay,gennita,anji,rajee,ranaji,sabitha,sanjana,gudiya and other i wish u happu holi,good friday, and happy easter in advance [;-)
    hi guys my first comment didnt post everyone name so here it is pls post this comment fully at this time

  37. mangai

    powerful performance done by vipu 🙂 hope daadi n shalu soon accept dhaani as vipu’s wife :))))

  38. bharathi

    Viplav acting s so awesome today……. best part of love episode…….. viplav look so cute in smile angry…….

  39. Guys, I have one serious complaint against VIPU that why he was not opposing (KT) his mother again – n – again taunt for Dhaani told (Vidhwa) widow.

    Vipu must gave reply to (KT) his mother that Dhaani is now the wife of of Viplav Tripathi.

  40. raj

    @saranya conversation is very nice.. dont write that rotten egg story cauz you have that talent naturally…

  41. Kanak ( viplav mom) calling Dhaani characterless woman
    When she is the one biggest disgusting characterless woman,n mother. SHE is nasty face 2 timed b*t*h.
    Anyways, Hats off to viplav!

  42. eshani

    Thanks for d welcome ppl….very true how can KT behave with dhani like that in court and poor viplav getting beated by all…love his acting so cute he looks in any mood….jus wish dhani had supported him he is so alone

  43. Smita

    Thank God viplv s with dhani but …. infurtherepisodes he also. Starts hating?like other. Serials

  44. BR

    SUJIE complete analyzing very effort ….. ii read u r comments…….. to day”s epi …juice…… good job … al l r very talented in their job… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so sweet…..

  45. Hi friends finally tomorrow dhani would be acquitted due to lack of evidence , viplav is so desperate to free dhani from murder charge that he was about to murder the lawyer this is selfless love

  46. SARAS

    just saw a news about vidhavas celebrating holi in vrindavan… whatva revolution. . I think they were inspired by ikrs…
    I m so glad seeing those old woman so happy for being able to play holi. .

  47. Hi vaishnavi how was ur birthday.did u enjoyed it.
    Once again happy birthday my dear.
    May god bless u with lot of happiness in ur life darling.

  48. Why kanak always tries to emotionally blackmail viplav by saying she would die well by now viplav understands this and would not fall in her trap

  49. BR

    MERE RANGNE RANGNE WALI …..advance holi ….

    thx varsha and kavi


    send colour powder one pocket and laddu one pocket to every one …….for holi

    new comers our president is varsha ……… saran and AM R TREASURERS… IN OUR FAMILY….

  50. Ya saras n marees u made an warm welcome of ikrs family frnds .
    Very nice u know these type of comments give energy to our family.

  51. Dear avi u have not won the spoiler race as i had posted in yesterday’s page itself seems noone has read it ????????

  52. Vins

    Why did they stop repeated telecasts. And regarding today’s episode slaping vidhani is just unrealistic.. how can one slap a lawyer who is on duty even though he is her son and before judge… on what right she slapped dhani before judge.. that’s too disgusting… viplav is fighting the case emotionally and not with the mind…

  53. Anisha

    Loved the new IKRS spoiler!! Dhaani enters Viplav’s house as his wife!! Updates say that Viplav will collect Forensic Evidence and prove Dhaani innocent!!! Sooooooooooooooo excited!
    Thanks for the perfect update Hasanji❤️

  54. Louella

    Arshdeep u want the birthdates of ikrs family so here it is
    Louella(that’s me)- 19 March
    Zea- 23 February
    Anne- 9 September
    Meghs- 28 April
    Saras- 24 August
    Akshay- 24 May
    Saranya- 13 December
    Renu- 11 September
    Kavitha- 27 June
    Fatarajo- 22 August
    Rajee- 13 August
    Prachi- 16 June
    Sujie- 15 November
    Ahana- 2 October
    Swara- 14 May
    Arshi- 24 July
    Marees- 2 August
    Flora- 4 April
    Vaishnavi- 22 March
    AM- 10 September
    Sonu- 13 November
    All those whose name is not mentioned here plz tell it birthdates bcoz Arshdeep has told us to do so

  55. Louella

    Renu if. I m not wrong on 20th March it was ur wedding anniversary. If it’s correct then happy belated wedding anniversary. Sorry for late wishes

  56. Its an beautiful episode.really our writers doing grt job. Dey way dey r moving the story is amazing. Viplav ll take dhani to his home,so DAT we can see more vidhani scene n as well as more story line.eagerly waiting for der remarriage. It ll b a grt episode.

  57. Nim

    Renu, hello. I replied to your question at the end of the last written update. Let me know if I should post it again here.


  58. Nim

    Kavitha, hello. I also posted a reply to your post about shaadi vaddi on the last written update.

    Not sure if you’ve seen it though as my posts were awaiting moderation for a while.


  59. Meghs(megha)

    Hi varsha … Saranya. . Br mam …
    Cutie louella … Florentina … Sri..
    … Sonu … Kavi akka…

    Akshay .. Swara… Prachi.. Sujie… Renu..
    Saras .. Arshi …. Nikz… Zea .. Kaviya…

    Joyee … Ahana… Maris… Anne…
    Avi… Purple… Shanitics.. Nima…

    Anjum… Anisha … Ria… Alia …
    Vaishnavi… Sofeya… Yetty..

    Isha… Hrithya… Raj.. Elizabeth…
    Saraswathi… Mangai.. Mirsada…

    Abbi… Shruthi… Maria… Neil megh..
    Narendran… Naty… Iwania…

    Nim … Gennipher… Gen chechi…
    Sanjana… Bharathi… Arshdeep..

    And all new commers
    (sry if i forget anyone name )

    Share ur opinion regards today episode ..

  60. Nim

    Ok. So just watched the episode.

    Loved Mishal in it.

    Also loved Garima.

    I can’t see how he’s going to get her off?! Not much happened that we hadn’t seen in the precap.

    KT and DT are showing their true colours. Loved Viplavs smirk when KT said the bholenath if you get Dhani off bit.

    Viplav’s temper flaring in the courtroom is worrying as he should know better.

    The prosecution have had their turn. Does Viplav get a turn too to defend Dhani, his client?

    It’s all strange. But worth it for Mishal and Garima. Loved when he announced that Dhani is his Patni! Yihooooo!

    Also, no one seems to have told Viplav about how creepy raja is and how he is/was with Dhani.

    Still don’t understand why Dhani s keeping quiet. Not at all.

    Hmmm. Will wait for tomorrow.

    • Arshdeep

      Ya naty i have seen it
      I even replied but my commnt is nt getting posted..dnt knw why ?
      My bday is on 5th june

  61. BR


  62. Nim

    Oops sorry. I meant wow Marees for the a-z list of IKRS fans.

    I’m fasting today and am weak with hunger. Waaahhhhhh! ???

  63. Hi nim ya I saw ur comment dear.this shows how long u love mishal acting.not only u dear most of our ikrs family loves this show only for mishal.even I too yaar.but at first l don’t watch ltl of mishal n also not a fan of ltl n mishal.n now this story n action n CLv n all each part of ikrs attracted me to become a fan of ikrs.
    After ikrs only I used to watch ltl and it was awesome.mishal picks very beautiful stories with a beautiful concept.
    This I came to know after watching ltl only.
    In ltl the concept was beauty is not permanent love.
    N in this ikrs widow remarriage n also to solve all inauspicious things going through in India even in this 21 century also.
    That’s reason I like him n his action.n now iam big fan of eisha also.see being a debut she looks dadi of acting.really good performance of both vidhaani in ikrs.
    So guys ikrs hip hip hurray hip hip hurray…..

  64. ArShi

    Kank is trying to blcml our Vips….bt he’ll rply…”Dhaani is no more a widow, her husband is in frnt of u….nd abt Volenath…I also prmis to him tht I’ll tak cre of my wife, alws will be wid he nd alws keep her hppy nd safe…..nd I’ll do all of my rspnsblts as a husband.”

  65. ArShi

    Kank is trying to blcml our Vips….bt he’ll rply…”Dhaani is no more a widow, her husband is in frnt of u….nd abt Volenath…I also prmis to Volenath tht I’ll tak cre of my wife, alws will be wid her nd alws keep her hppy nd safe…..nd I’ll do all of my rspnsblts as Dhaani’s husband.”

    • Nim

      Ooooooooohhh now that’s what I call a reply!

      Go Viplav !

      I kinda wanted him to slap KT back for slapping Dhani in court but those words are the best verbal slap he could give.

      Love love love Viplav’s unending faith and belief in Dhani. Just love it!

      • ArShi

        Dear Nim….it’s not Viplav’s dialogue….it’s jst my imaginatn….😉😉😉

  66. BR





  67. florentina moldovan


  68. aish

    Hi friends can anyone pls help me out with the name of the song that was played in the ashram wen vidhani were exchanging garlands in the promo. I really love it

  69. Hi devi r u new to our family.sry dear our colors didn’t telecast our show at day time only at 3.30 am early mrg.if possible u can watch it.
    Hi eishani welcome to our ikrs family dear.keep commenting.
    So guys till 200 episode our ikrs members will increase up to 100 definetly.
    So get ready for celebrations.
    200 episodes
    100 members fans
    Vidhaani second time marriage
    Dhaani bidhai to AN
    So many celebrations r there.

  70. Sry aish I don’t know about which song was u talking about.if come to know me I’ll definetly inform.
    Guys pls help our select that song.

  71. Nim

    Hi again Kavitha.

    We’re opposites then.

    I started to watch IKRS out of a curiosity about the theme but also because I was intrigued by Mishal.

    Then I found LTL and well and truly fell in love with him. his portrayal of DSP in my opinion is some of the best acting I’ve ever seen.

    I do also love him as Viplav, I think his character development has been brilliant and I hope he continues to evolve.


  72. Nim

    Ooooooooohhh BR Mam, just seen your comment above about the shock tactic with the glass… I hadn’t though of that. I’ve been worrying that Viplav is in contempt of court and that Dhani is too by withholding facts and not speaking the truth.

    Not sure how the judge can let them get away with all this stuff in his courtroom. I mean KT slapping Dhani – I mean what!?!

    Also Viplav grabbing the prosecution lawyer by the scruff!

    It’s just not normal.

  73. Br mam i totally agree with u regarding Louellas way of writing she writes in a mature manner she is blessed with this great talent

  74. Madhuri

    Hello all, i am a big fan of ikrs and i have been a silent viewer of all your comments. Its nice to know there are people like me who admire this show so much…

  75. florentina moldovan

    i keep watching off sets video and i love so much that atmosphere btw Eisha and Mishal!!!! what a beautiful bound they have!!!!! they look so good together, they laugh o lot,teasing each other…friends….this is love….maybe they do not realize that but they are fabulous together….EISHA is purely beauty……and he handsome,…….omg-i love them!!!!!

    • Nim

      Florentina, Mishal just seems like a thoroughly lovely man doesn’t he.

      He comes across as totally humble and kind and seems a very happy soul.

      I think that’s what makes him so special. He Is stunning Loki g but doesn’t seen to be at all aware of it. Just seems properly lovely.


  76. Hi nimisha even i fast on tuesdays . great to know that both of us are of same age even i am a mum to 2 boys 19 n 9 , decade difference . hope that yr wish of working in indian entertainment industry materialise soon n i would be most happy if u start with ikrs great na ?

    • Nim

      Oh ow Renu! Another oldie like me ? Just kidding.

      Wow a 19 and 9 year old. You must have started young. I had my kids quite Lat in life but they are my pride and joy, even when they annoy me by not listening ??

      I have 2 sisters and there is 18months diff between me and no2 and 10 years between me and no 3 and I would say that I am very close to both, but in a weird telepathic way really close to the one who is a decade younger. I hope your two get on as well.

      I would have loved to work in the industry from a much younger age but I would never have been allowed. My parents are of the study study study mindset which is fine and I respect that, but my heart was always in the Indian ents industry.

      I have never been a ‘looker’ so I also talked myself out of it from that perspective but as I get older I really think there could be a role for me. Would love to work in continuity for to serials and I notice lots of things that niggle me.

      I would love to move to India but my other half wouldn’t so I’ll maybe retire there one day. It’s a long way off yet though so like I say I live in hope that one day my dream will come true.

      How about you? Do you work? Where do you live? Is your older child still studying?

      I love this forum. SO many lovely peeps here.


  77. Nim

    I’m actually going to change my name to Nimisha. Is that okay? I became NIm as lots of people, mostly mums at school couldn’t handle Nimisha so I made it easy for them and it’s kinda stuck. But I much prefer my full name.

    What do you think?

  78. Nim

    My posts seem to get a bit held up in moderation so the posts move on more quickly than mine. Sorry to be so slow.

  79. Yetty

    Hello everyone, just finished watching ikrs not quite long.
    Why is kanak slaping dhaani and viplav? Is not fair on them, their not kids anymore so kanak be very careful.
    Viplav why so much anger in court room, I think dhaani is viplav antidote and weakness, when it comes to dhaani our lover boy loses all control.
    Raja is planing a backup plan, there’s still bad times for dhaani and viplav.
    In regards to the spoiler that no one accepted dhaani when viplav took her home, I think considering all that has happened, viplav shouldn’t be shock that no one accepted her.
    What’s next will viplav get an apartment for him and his wife? Well who knows what the twist will be.

  80. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Hi Yetty

    I agree. I don’t know why Viplav is shocked that the idiotic tripathi’s won’t accept Dhani. I mean he is very naive to even imagine that they would so soon after everything that has gone on.

    It also suggests that he is totally unaware of just how nasty they are. Talk about walking into the lions den.

    It worries me that when KT slaps Dhani in the courtroom, Viplav doesn’t really stop her, just pulls her away. I would have been happier if he had grabbed her hand to physically stop her. That would have drawn a line beyond whic h she shouldn’t cross. KT has been involved in attempting to murder Dhani. Dhani knows about the ashram fire, the big bell at the temple and another incident, but she still will go into that house.

    They should really just live at the ashram.


  81. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Oh ArShi… That’s a shame. That would have been the perfect response to KT.

    Viplav was definitely smirking in an exasperated way when KT slaps him so I hope he does have something to say to her to shut her up.

    And where is Dadi during all this?

  82. sasha

    What an episode….loved it when he confessed about his marriage.Dhaani plz dnt be a Mahaan Aatma and accept things you dint do…You are making it more easy for that Raja to ruin Shalu’s life.
    Viplav you are adorable.Love your acting and the charm you put in this serial.?

  83. Gud morning… br mam..renu…prachi…meghs…saras…florentina…nimisha..yetty…varsha…vaishnavi…arshdeep..louella…saranya…eshani…avijit…raj…rajee..marees….akshay …madhuri….kavitha…fatarajo…devi….vins…arshi…anisha…sonu..shanatics…ranaji…anjum…sofe and all ikrs family a very gud morning….. guys I am a
    newcomer did I forget any one
    name??? Happy family of ikrs

  84. Saraswathi.j

    Both Kanak and Dt behaved like street people the court scenes looks very improper if Dhaani still not open her mouth it means that she has done great injustice to Vishal and to Shalu and her mother also.

  85. Avijit(AM)

    mam a treasurer …this holi ..we have less money …because all money is used in vidhani secret marriage and renting the cottage for vidha romance ….so use less money only for colours ….send to our president varsha

  86. SARAS

    good morning all. ..
    nimisha.. are u indian or Indian origin????

    I m too one of the oldies here… I m 37 years n my daughter is about to be 6..
    I think I started much later than you ‘:)))

    nice to see lot of moms too joining the group. .

  87. Avijit(AM)

    hi guys good morning to all ……happy holi ….enjoy your day ….fill colours in everyone’s life 😀

    • Hi nimisha, nimmy dear. Kemcho . i had replied yesterday onlybut realised now that it was not posted. Yes u r right as both my sons with a decade diff get along well i have worked for 21 years n npw at jpme for past few months to take a break from the monotonous n hectic schedule i stay in gurgaon , haryana. My elder one is infirst year of electronic n telecommunications engineering

      • Nimisha (prev Nim)

        Hi Renu

        Saaru che. Tumne Kem che? ?

        If you stay in Gurgaon is that near the film studios where IKRS is shot?

        Hope your eldest is enjoying his course and hope you’re getting lots of ‘me time’ to do what you enjoy during your break.


  88. MEENA


  89. BR



    • SARAS

      hahaha br mam. . inch by inch second by second expression by expression. . make up by makeup everything we analysed isn’t it mam!!!!

  90. Rajee

    Good morning to everyone! I am in a hurry so no time to read or comment. Today I came up here with a request. It may b annoying but plz read my comment.
    Guys I know u all r big fans of ikrs,mishal& eisha..specially of Mishal I have a request to u all..plz join mishal & Eisha’s
    fan club in India forums. Guys don’t u feel Mishal deserves the numerous uno position but sadly he is @ no 40 in the celebrity ranking & eisha in some 100 nos. Let’s show the power of ikrs fans .we can help our fav show & fav actors achieve the top position. We have to post comments on mishal & eiaha’s profile daily once with their full name…that’s it..don’t hesitate to join IF as I am already there for company… So guys don’t delay…can’t wait to c Mishal @ no 1 & Eisha also on top. One more thing I have read in one of Mishal’s iv that he is a member of India forums. So its possible that he reads all comments there. So guys don’t u want him to read ur comments & appreciation for him..come on guys we fans can make a diff. What if channel is not promoting our show, we fans r there to support & promote ikrs…
    So join mishal & eisha fan club right now?…ab no more dekhte hain…show ur love& support for ikrs & MiSha…
    Have a grt day guys!

  91. Louella

    Good morning
    Saranya, Saras mam, Gudiya, Gopu,
    Anisha, Aish, Genita, Naty, Nima, Arshi,

    Sujie, Swara, Sonu, Swetha, Sivani, AM,
    Subhashini, Saraswathi, Amulya, Flora,

    Varsha, Fatarajo, Rahul bhaiya, Meghs,
    Marees, Purple di, Mangai, Mirsada,

    BR mam, Renu, Meena, Maria, Naty,
    Nima, Nim, Nikzzz, Zea, Kavitha, Raj,

    Ahana, Eshani, Dilu, Radha, Rajee, Shri,
    Kavitha, Kaviya, Yetty, Vaishnavi, Jyoti,

    Akshay, Anne, Gennipher, Vinny, Gopu,
    Gudiya, Prachi, Ranaji, Pjain, Vins, Isha,

    Sofeya, Hritya, Deva, Madhuri, Sasha, Ranaji and all my ikrs friends, silent readers and all the comers. A very good morning to all!!!

    If I have missed any of the names plz inform me

  92. randheer sha




  93. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am posting comments but no reply and this is not fair all forgot me?? Bye guys here after I won’t comment no reply for me ????????????

    • ArShi

      Hi Ranaji, dn’t ngry yaar. Aftr all, we r a fmly. So, u shud nt ngry wid us. Nd prsonally sayng I cmmnt vry rare. I read ur cmmnts in Kaala Teeka page also. Bt hnstly sayng….I dn’t like to typ msg.

    • Meghs(megha)

      Naren what happen to u u seems to be angry with us from yesterday if we did any mistake knowingly or unknowingly forgive us..don’t talk like this

    • Avijit(AM)

      why are you so sentimental ……chill yaar ….relax ….enjoy your day ..narendran ….don’t worry ….be cool always

    • Sujie

      Ranaji…. why are you so stressed….. Yesterday also you were saying like that…no one has forgotten you… come on…..please don’t leave us like this……..

    • ash

      Ranaji, my dear!!!! i saw your comments but just now i came from my son s school and i am free to write here!!! i love you, my special friend!!!!!

    • florentina moldovan

      ranaji, ash is me, i don t understand what happening with my name, maybe i typed somehow by mistake something else in name place and now i forget to see if it is corect name!!!!

    • Louella

      Ranaji don’t be sad. I replied u but my comment is not posted. Plz dont leave ikrs. I mentioned ur name above. Plz check and don’t leave the page

  94. raj

    good mrng friends
    happy holi my family
    lekin ye holi ka mutlab kya hai?
    jawab dedo i ‘ll see it later bye

  95. florentina moldovan

    guys,most of our friends are doing special things for us…..i will too do something special for you…I WILL start wit Ranagi! i studied a little european astrology so if you will tell me when it is your birthday i will be able to know you better and maybe tell you something interesting! i wait, my dear!!!

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      florentina, hello lovely! I’m Sept 1st. Do you need the year as well?

      Thank you in advance.

      • florentina moldovan

        oh….i need hour of birth,too!!!! check for it to be the most correct possible! if you give these infos i will tell you something today!

      • Nimisha (prev Nim)

        Ooh how exciting,

        Ok dog : 01/09/1968
        Place: Kampala, Uganda, east Africa
        Time :7am

        Thanks so so much!

    • Sujie

      Florentina……please can you check mine as well…. that would be great…..
      DOB: 15th November,1996
      Place of Birth: Lalitpur, Nepal
      Time of Birth: 11:55 pm

  96. shanatics

    Welcome all the new commers..just like how we fill colourss in our face during the same manner..u guys filled colours in our family..
    Happy ? welcome..

  97. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Gooooood Morning everyone.

    Happy Happy Holi.

    I love what the colours mean above and how apt that white means love. Perfect for this group!

    Wishing you all a lovely day!

    I woke up just now, wondering about you all and am just checking in. louella thank you for the name check. You have me as Nim so really appreciate the mention.


  98. shanatics

    ??????????? ???????????????????????? ? ??????????????????????? ? ? ? ????????????????????????☕☕???????,??????????????????????????????????


  99. shanatics

    Guyssss happy holi..let this holi brings in a balloon ? full of happiness,health care sweets jor prosperity and luck
    Happy holi my dadi mas and dadas?

  100. shanatics

    Louella can I call u lols..
    Louella da u knw something age Mein tum hum se bhi chotthi hai..lekin maturity & knowledge or character Mein hum thum se bhi chootte hai..?
    Jab tum ne bola Ki him aane vale exams keliye padnewale hai..I was shocked..mein 10th Mein pahunchh gayi lekin hum ne abb tak exams ke pehela padne ke baare Mein soch the bhi nahi…sirf uss chapters padthe hai Jo teacher bole padkar aavo..varne baki sab chapters..exams ke kuch hi din pehele ya exam ke din…?
    Tum bahut mehanat karthe ho..tumhari maturity or baaki sab ke baare Mein Maine apne dosth se bola tab usne bola Ki usse kuch Sikh ne kaliye..

    U r best..?

  101. shanatics

    I am simply crazy who enjoyss the present moment..I always think tat
    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?
    Keep smiling ?
    Keep loving ? all the moment just feel it..

  102. shanatics

    Guyss I have a plan for the 200th episode celebration…ahh Hume event manager iss parivaar Ki kyun hai na??pls tell me!!?
    On the the day of 200th episode we all should change our name and put the name of the character of the serial..
    Hamara theme hoga;-IKRS THEME..
    Ur names can be eisha\viplav/dhaani /suman/raj Lakshmi /pankaj\bhole baba/kanak/ballon/pp/drama team/kdt team/badi amma…something else but the name should be a character of our serial..u can also put their original name like mishal,Eisha….in bracket u should put ur name..for eg:-Vidhaani (shanitics)

    Understood samaj Gaye ya samjhayee

    Wat u guys say???

  103. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Hi Shantics.

    Well done for getting through your exams.

    Thanks for all the treats. How very lovely that you can relax now starting on Holi.

  104. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    SARAS, helloooooo

    Yes I am Indian. I am Gujarati but was born in east Africa. We came to the UK when edi Amin kicked out lots, about 70000, Ugandan Asians. Have lived in or near London ever since.

    I had my first child, my daughter, at 39 so I think I beat you in the starting late thing. ?

    But… As they say… Better late than never, in my case anyway!

    I have a 6 year old too. A boy.

    How about you?

    • Yetty

      Is very good to know I have elders here, used to think I’m too old to comment at first but later took the courage to start commenting early this year other wise I would have been a silent reader till now, I’m so glad i took that decision to meet wonderful people like you all.

  105. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Sujie, your episode analysis from 7.28pm yesterday was spot on! Loved reading it!

  106. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    So… Just saw the band Baraja Bharat thing online and it seems mega creep raja is still in the tripathi household and looks like he was having Holi fun with Shalu.

    Was hoping someone had chased his and his family out of town.

    Really hope Dhani has told Viplav about how Raja was with her!

    Also, in the flashback where you see munna fall off the balcony, he was also telling raja to get away from Dhani, so despite his alchoholic nature, it seems he was trying to protect her from his creep brother.

    It’s going to be awful for Dhani if she ends up as raja’s sister in law again.

    Also awful that the idiot DT and KT look like they’ve succeeded in continuing with Shalu and raja.s relationship.

    Poor Dhani – how can she ever be happy in that house. Poor Viplav, too. How can he protect her there? She will be surrounded by evil.

    I’m scared for them both.

  107. Sonu

    Friends now I am so happy, because I just watch the Vidhani’s Vidhai scence video on DHFOMV (Die Hard Fans Of Mishal raheja’s Video) Friends r u observe? In this scence Raj’s (Vipu’s friend) expression on Rajlakshmi is something different. I think Raja is in love with RL.
    Our dreams will be come true.. I am so, wow…….

  108. Sonu

    My dear lovely friends I wish u all to a VERY HAPPY HOLI.., I wish u this holi brings a different colors (HAppy, Success, Love, Joy, Peace, Health, wealth etc) in your life..

  109. Sonu

    Hey naughty, cutie our little princess, how r u dear? u done a good job dear. U remember all most all of us birth date…

  110. Sonu

    @Nimisha, your way of talking and comments are too good. I like your name as Nimisha, more than Nim..

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Thanks Sonu. That’s very kind.

      Glad to be called Nimisha again after what seems like ages.

      Have a lovely day. Xxx

    • SARAS

      hey chonu… you becone active post noon… cool. .. hope raj n rl pair gets materialized. . iv will be the happiest. ..

      I appreciate the way rl supports dhani n truly she wishes well for vidhani though she is also young widow. .. she is never jelous. .. how genuine companion she is. . I love her..

  111. SARAS

    I m an Indian. . living in blre… I m an engineer by proffesion worked for ten years but taking a break since 6years years now. . only full time mother..

    I have only one daughter siri this June c she will be 6 years..

  112. Sonu

    Stupid KT, always beating Dhani. Hamari pyaari Sasur aur Bahuji, aap Dhani ki baare mein itini ghatiya baath kartae raheti. Pheli aapka charitra per dyaan rakiyae. Sasur nae,Banaras ki ek bada Mahan Pandit honae ki naatae, usnae ek najath beta ko janam diya( illegal relationship with Durga).
    Then Bahuji ne apni hathoon se apna suhag ko cheen gayee. (Murderor of his own Husband)
    Then how would u both told like that Dhani is a Charecterless women. You both are the charecterless people, go to hell.

  113. SARAS

    @ranaji .. u r more attention seeker than my daughter haan…
    yday only I mentioned your name n replied to you about your post regarding vivian’s new serial..

    I m really happy with the news. .. I like him a lot…
    honestly I like vd’s screen presence n acting more than mishal (please guys don’t get angry with me I m not really comparing both still)..
    he is too good an actor. . he is very egoistic still an excellent actor..

  114. Sonu

    Friends dont’t worry, if Tripati family not accept Dhani as thier Daugter in law,. then our lovely Vidhani directly goes to seperate house, (i mean Vidhani’s lovely, small and cute House). Friends r u rembered? one of the Vidhani’s romance (Geharuva song) episode, Vipu shows thier house (glass settings) to Dhani and explain the each and every room of Hose to Dhani.
    So now hamari pyaari, cutie vidhani ne seperate ghar mein rehengae. Aenha per koi nahi hamari Vidhani kaa romance ko disturb nahi karega. Agar voo Tripati ghar mein rahega tho, vanha per Vampire, Baloon, Psycho, Moti, Chorini(Kt, DT, Raj, Sulakhshana, Raja’s mami), Daadi aur Shalu Sabb log hamesha disturb kartae rahetae.
    Isliyae Vidhani seperate ghar mein rehega, aeh tho acchhi baat haina? Hum sabko Vidhani kaa jyada hi jyada romance milegi..

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Sonu, yes Yes yes! How could I forget that lovely episode. Now when I hear Gerua I always remember Viplan and Dhani in that episode. I love shah rukh and kajol, but for that song its Vidhaa in my minds eye and always will be.

      Really hope they do move out of the mad house. Either to the ashram or their own place.


  115. shanatics

    Thanksss Nimisha di..& Saras mam…

    Mein ne aap logon se chuk puchha tha chukhi comments ke pehele..uska answer dijiye…voo 200th epi wala question..

    Silent math hojavo..mein violent ho javogi..?
    ? lol ?

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Awww Shantics. I love Nimisha di. Sounds lovely. ?

      I am defo up for the 200tg episode plan. Count me in.

  116. Meghs(megha)

    Hi Abhi.. Ahana.. Aish.. Akshay.. Alia.. Amulya.. Anisha.. Anjum.. Anne.. Arshi.. Arshdeep.. Avijeeth….

    Bharathi.. BR mam.. Brity..

    Elizabeth.. Eshana..

    Fatarajo(joyee).. Florentina Moldovan..

    Gennipher.. Genni chechi.. Gudiya..

    Hrithya.. Isha.. Iwani..

    Kavi akka.. Kaviya..

    Madhuri.. Mangai.. Marees.. Maria.. Meena..

    Naty.. Neil megh(arshi).. Nikz Nima.. Nimisha..

    Prachi.. Purple / Rahul

    Ranaji (narendran).. Randhir.. Raj.. Rajee.. Renu..

    Sanjana.. Saranya.. Saras.. Saraswathi.. Sasha.. Shanitics.. Shruthi.. Smitha.. Sofeya.. Sonu.. Sri.. Swara.. Sujie..

    Vaishnavi.. Vidya.. Vinns..

    Happy holi

    And happy Easter( good Friday) in advance ..

    • Sonu

      No Yaar, now a days I commented regularly. Yesterday also I commented, I think u r not see that..

  117. Sonu

    Hi Shanatics aka Swetha, now u r full free haina? Aeh tho kishi ki baath hai, tumnae hamari vIdhani ki Vidhai function mein full attention de saktae, haina? All the best dear..

  118. shanatics

    Can anyone tell me how to make the name invisible from this telly update…

    Nimisha ur thoughts are very unique..
    Can I call u Misha..a unique name..everyone calls u Nim and u got tired ? therefore I will call you by this name….Hope u have no problem..

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      No problem at all. In fact it’s only one letter off from my fav actor so how can I mind ??

      Thank you. Xxx

      • Nimisha (prev Nim)

        Seriously, I’m 47 so I hope I don’t sound like a dirty old woman but I do totally and utterly love Mishal. Love has no age limits henna?? ??

  119. Sonu

    Hi friends, where r u all? Now our Bethal is as same as Vipu ( busy with Dhani’s case), so now we r free. Friends come fast and make comments..

  120. shanatics

    Saras mam apne sachhi bola.. Vidhaani ko one bed room flat iss family Ki president vidhya balan aka Varsha degi..
    Lekin uske bath vip tho shop Mein Jana bhul jayenge.voo dono romance karke home ? Mein rehenge..

  121. Sonu

    In yesterday’s episode, first part, Dulari mayyi’s acting was superb. Usnae uski acting se humko sad feel kar diya. Good work Garima mam…..

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      She is amazing!

      And she,s also totally cool on Twitter and often replies. Seems like a truly lovely lady.

      Hope she gets more scenes that make her smile soon. Her character has had too much pain to endure but with a son in law like Viplav hopefully she’ll be smiling lots more.


  122. Meghs(megha)

    Naren .. How can u think we forget u… N sry na we r posted replies but they r not posted….

    Pls comment …

  123. Hi nimisha, nimmy dear kemcho . ?? had replied at night only but unfortunately it has not been posted . you r absolutely Right as both my sons with a decae difference gel well n share a lovely bond. I worked for 21 years currently sitting at home for pastfew month’s tp take a break from the monotonous n hectic schedule. My younger one is in 5th standard n elder one would be in second year of electronic n telecommunications engineering in june this year i stay at gurgaon . haryana

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Hey Renu, this post pearled twice. I replied on the previous page. If you can’t see it let me know and I’ll reply again. Xxx

  124. Hi dearest Florentina a big hug . my dob is 11 sep 1971 at sirsa . haryana at midnight approx 12 exact min not known thks

  125. Tho frnds aaj se hamari ishq ka rang safed se ishq ka rang gulal hone wali hai.
    So a very happy holi to our ikrs clv team.
    Ishq ishq ishq ishq
    Merely ishq ka rangulaal hai yaar
    Merely ishq ka rangulaal.
    Ishq ishq ishq ishq ka rangulaal hai yaara
    Ishq ishq ka rangulaal…..

  126. Hi nimisha another similarity both of us r virgo n if u have read LInda Goodman then according to her virgos r very freindly. Loving . caring . emotional. N meticulous they always work systematically n arrange all things inorder let it be office files or kitchen,,,, list goes on but others would kill me seeing irrelevant things on this page?? do u agree

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Yes Renu. Agree with you totally.

      It’s interesting isn’t it. I can be very self critical and not everyone appreciates my ability to spot the slightest detail… Lol.

      We have a lot in common. Love it!


  127. Thks sonu gelathi for yr wishes. Wish u too n entire ikrs group a vibrant, dasging, colorful n peaceful holi. Lets resort to dry colors n flowers n save precious water.

  128. aish

    Hi br mam, varsha, louella, philo, Saras, florentina, saranya, rajee, prachi, nimisha, arshi, ranaji, fatarajo, sujie, Maria, sonu, renu, mirsada, meena, kavitha and all IKRS family.
    I’m very happy with the video I washed on die hard fans of mishal raheja on dhani leaving ashram. I really love the song and can’t say how many times I’ve listened a d danced to it.

  129. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hi everyone who commented sorry I got little angry yesterday becoz of sujie and today also???sorry guys if I hurted u all don’t worry if I don’t talk with u also I will comment here becoz I love IKRS a lot??????????????? Sorry let us be a family

  130. Aish yesterday had wrote about the song it is meri jindagi me aye ho tum. Bahar ban ke from movie raja. Hindustani.

  131. [email protected]@tics

    Thanksss misha
    Aaj mujhe ek aur bahen arey vah!!!
    Kyun haina misha didi..

  132. [email protected]@tics shahathan?

    Hey SONU ha ab Mein bilkul free Hu..or main Vidhaani ke vidhaai Mein pure @tension dugi…ab to iss group Ki sab se badi notanki free hogayi…

    Arey Va…Raj Lakshmi weds Raj….quite interesting…lagta hai ab Dhaani Lala ke nazar se out or Raj Lakshmi inn….
    Mathlab Raj Lakshmi ka Salam bhai pahujh Gaya….?

  133. florentina moldovan


  134. [email protected]@tics naughty?

    Lagta hai Geni chechi apne fiancé se Baath karthe karthe Hame bhul gayi.
    Geni chechi comments…

  135. [email protected]@tics naughty?

    Friendship Mein No sorry no thanks ?
    Only stupid talkssss??

  136. [email protected]@tics naughty?

    Sonu may I knw abt u????

    Aaj to hamara mood bahut acha hai…
    Love u all
    IKRS family ?
    Vidhaani love ❤ u

  137. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    I’m getting confused. Some of my earlier posts replies are on the previous page and I feel dizzy going backwards and forwards. Sorry if I’m getting confused.

    Shanatics.. Are you also [email protected]@tics???

    I think I need some coffee!?

  138. aish

    @renu thanks for that I’m sorry I didn’t notify u that I saw it
    @shanatics, Pls I’m sorry dear I don’t mean to omit ur name pls pardon me. I guess ur bhaiako means brother an referring to AM as I don’t understand hindi except little words or expression.
    I love all IKRS family

  139. florentina moldovan

    NIMISHA, YOU ARE DOUBLE VIRGO, your sign is virgo but your ascending sign is too virgo, so double….eyes on seeing all the mistakes….just kidding. i am going to say only few things, but if you want to ask me something else come on fb and talk…..i am going to say only your lesson in life-i mean what you have to do in this life to evolve and things go good for you. first , you have to take always your decisions, no receive advices from other, just acting like you fell and think, you have a very strong personality and you have to show this to the others and 2nd you have to learn about compromise in order to have a happy family life….your husband it is very important in your life and you have to make him happy, to create a great bound with him even when you think different….i think you will travel again and…if you want something badly go for it, but with the support of your life partner…and if your kids comes a little late, there is no problem, that means you learned few lesson about life before they came in your life..

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Wow Florentina. Thanks so much.

      I know I,m a Virgo with Virgo rising,

      My daughter is also a Virgo and although she,s only 8 we do clash so I do need to learn to compromise. You are SO right.

      I really am very grateful to you for taking so much care to reply.

      I do tend to think a lot and get stuck in the cycle of thinking so much about every possible outcome to whatever situation, that I spend a lot of time, and I mean ALOT of time feeling stuck.

      I also seek others approval and don’t believe in myself enough so what you’ve written is spot on. I always doubt myself and often go with what others think and eventually realise I was right in the first place.

      Thanks so so much. I’m not in FB but you are AMAZING!


  140. florentina moldovan

    friends, if you want this kind of info from me, post only your dob and i will answer you but i need some time, to see a little the chart and then i will post only few infos so not create problems with others! love you all, i am not astrologer, i only studied a little and red a little about spirituality and things like this! love you all!!!!

    • Sujie

      Dear florentina I have posted my dob and details in this page.. would you please kindly check that

      • florentina moldovan

        yes, my dear! sorry i didn t watch yet but i will do in one hour! i finish what i do in my kitchen and i tell you! ok???

  141. shanatics

    Aish I referred bhai to AM and I am not gonna pardon because I never felt sad and why should I pardon u if u didn’t make a mistake..I am sure U either 4got my name or lazy to type..
    Sooo no worries ?..u r my sis am I right!!!
    Sorry if I hurt ur heart ♥ in any manner..
    I simply commented…

  142. shanatics

    Misha didi haan I am the same person
    [email protected]@tics=shanatics…?

    Misha didi I am sure u need a cup of tea…and from the previous posts I only understood that:-From this moment I am ur chotti bahen\small sis
    And u r nt gud in hindi?

  143. shanatics

    Tats wat u meant na tat I am ur choti bahen…I am soo happy tat I got one sibling..?

    SONU;-may I knw about u???

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      tHats exactly what I meant. ?

      I Have 2 younger sisters plus a very close cousin so welcome to my family!

      I,vet just had my tea too so feel much better ?


  144. Hi nimisha saru che well indeed my son is enjoying his course n i am enjoying after many years as lofe had become too mechanical morning chore s breakfast n lunch preparation. Office then again dinner n kitchen wind off official mails at late night seriously had no time to think about of own . also i stay in gurgaon n ikrs, shoot is in Mumbai probably goregaon

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Renu, Sounds like you had a hectic few years with working and running a house and raising your boys.

      I would like to go back to work, but my career used to involve lots of travel and staying away from home which I wasn’t happy to do once I had kids. I now just need to find my way into the Indian ents industry and then I’ll be in my dream job

      Sorry for the confusion over Gurgaon and goregaon. My geography and knowledge of places is terrible.


  145. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Wow the update for the 23rd is already showing in the IKRS page so I guess I,LTL see you all on the other side of today’s episode,

    Enjoy everyone!

    Eeeeek I’m very nervous of what will unfold. Xxxxx

  146. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Saras, where is blre? Apologies for my ignorance.

    6 is a very cute age so hope your enjoying your time out from work.


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.