Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Constables coming to the PCO and asks who called at 12:30 pm. The PCO owner signs at Parshiya and he made the last call. They come to Parshiya and asks where is that boy? Parshiya asks who? Constable asks did you make a last call. Parshiya says yes. Constable slaps him and asks about Atharva. Parshiya recalls a man coming to him and asking him to dial some number. Parshiya dials the no. and asks the man to take the call, but sees the man missing. Parshiya tells about the man asking him to dial some number. Constables doesn’t believe him. Parshiya searches for the chit, but couldn’t get it. He says I will redial the number. Constable says that number is of Viplav Tripathi, whose son is kidnapped by you. Constables call Inspector and informs him. Inspector informs

Viplav that suspect is caught from the PCO. Kamini asks what about my son? Inspector says we will get him also. He says kidnapper is none other than Parshiya. Dhaani is shocked and asks how can be possible? Inspector says he made the last call. Dhaani says he can’t do this. Kamini says I want my son back.

Inspector says Parshiya will tell about your son’s whereabouts. Dhaani says Parshiya is a humble man, and can’t do this. Inspector says we are doubtful about him. Dhaani says when I came to Mumbai 5 years back, he supported us. She tells Viplav to believe her and says Parshiya can’t kidnap any child. Viplav thinks may be Dhaani is really married to Parshiya and that’s why trying to protect him. Dhaani keeps hand on his shoulder, asks him to believe her. Viplav brushes off her hand from his shoulder and says my son is missing Dhaani.

Inspector asks them to come to other police station. Kamini asks Viplav to come. Parshiya is beaten by the police. He tells Inspector to believe him and says a man asked him to dial the number. Atharva is seen playing game and asks Tripurari to give him juice. Tripurari gives juice. Atharva asks when you will take me to meet my papa and mamma. Tripurari says soon. Parshiya is being tortured by Police. Constables shows past record of Parshiya. Inspector says what is this? Parshiya says it is old thing before I met Dhaani. Viplav and Kamini are seated at other police station. Dhaani brings Parshiya’s bail papers. Inspector asks Constable to bring him. Kamini says my son is kidnapped and you are letting the suspect go. Inspector says you people are lawyers and knows law. He says we can’t keep him in lock up for long as we don’t have proofs. Constable brings Parshiya. Viplav asks Inspector what have you done? Dhaani sees Parshiya with injuries and touches his wound. Viplav looks on. Inspector asks Parshiya to sign. Dhaani opens the shawl to cover Parshiya.

Viplav apologizes to Parshiya. Parshiya says I am poor, but I can’t harm a kid. Constables gossip about Parshiya and Dhaani. Viplav and Parshiya get angry and beat them up. Dhaani asks Parshiya to leave them. Kamini asks Viplav to leave Constables, but he continues to beat Constable. Dhaani asks Viplav and Parshiya to stop the fight. They stop. Dhaani asks Parshiya to come with her. Kamini picks the same shawl which Dhaani brought for Parshiya, and covers Viplav. She asks Viplav, what you are doing? We should search our son….She gets a call and goes to attend it. Viplav looks at Dhaani. Dhaani also looks at him and cries. She recalls Viplav’s words about his pain which he felt since she went. Chadariya Jeene plays……………..Dhaani also recalls Viplav saying he did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words. A fb is shown of the same. Judaai plays…….Kamini comes out and talks to Tripurari. Tripurari asks since when I have to keep him here, and asks shall I kidnap you now. Kamini asks him not to be oversmart. Tripurari says you are a naagin, and can eat your own child. He says you have trapped Viplav, Dhaani and Parshiya. Kamini asks him to be in his limits. Tripurari thinks now see what I will do with your son.

Dhaani recalls Viplav and Parshiya beating the constables. Dulaari asks Dhaani not to blame herself. Dhaani says it was my mistake, and says Parshiya is suffering as I lied that he is my husband. She says Parshiya was wrongly framed by Police. Vidha comes and asks Dhaani if her uniform is ready as she is having school tomorrow. Dulaari shows the uniform. Dhaani asks if Papa will come tomorrow on my big day. Dhaani gets sad.

Vidha tells Dhaani that you said that my papa will come. Dhaani asks her not to trouble her and says Principal will get angry and will not give you admission. She asks Vidha to come. Vidha says I will go with Papa. Viplav says your Papa came. Vidha asks Rakshas uncle…you are my Papa? Viplav looks at Dhaani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Renu


    • Porkodi

      |Registered Member

      Yes tripurari said correct words to vk that u r nagin… I hate her eyes movement when she is doing some dirty tricks with her eyes

  2. Renu

    When dhani n parshiya had gone together to police station then they should have gone back together too. How come parshiya went alone leaving dhani at police station. It seems he sat near that pco waiting for the trouble to cone☺

  3. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Thankyou H.Hasan.Hope you are keeping well ?Loved the episode,so sad though when viplav and Dhani were looking at each other,and when viplav drew the shawl round him..Looking forwards to new storyline and a new location hopefully. And please God,take Kamini.?

    • Renu

      Hi maha? areeb? mahira ☺ maria?cool?n all who r keeping fast. How r u all dear . Hope yr fast r going well.

      • cool

        ffine renuu wat abt uu? fast are good
        because i think u had send the rain from ur state to my state
        so the climate is very chill

  4. Renu

    The way dhani praised parshiya n said that she can trust him blind folded left viplav confused. Till date viplav believed dhani was lying abt her relation with parshiya but today she showed that she had feelings for him. Viplav was so engrossed in dhanis new relation that he rudely brushed off her hand from his shoulder. Ut aas real heartening. Later viplavs doubt became concrete on seeing dhanis affectionate touch on seeing badly bruised parshiya.

  5. Renu

    It seems dhani had taken all ger belongings from blast site before running off ? she brought the same shawl to police station which she used to take to night school ? but really love the way in which viplav was touching it as if carassing dhani.

  6. Renu

    Felt like slapping Vk when atharv was shown enjoying juice n watching TV while parshiya was beated up for atharvs kidnapping.

  7. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Yes renuji today’s precap was very awesome. I luv that scene when viplav says papa agay vidha asks rakshas uncle aap merey papa cute father n daughter. Very eagerly waiting for tmr.

    • Renu

      Yes dear eagerly waiting for tomorrow. Hope yr dad is fine . U had mentioned earlier that now yr brother is working n he is at rest. Take care.

  8. Renu

    It was good to see viplav getting violent on hearing abuses for dhani. But was strange that they beat police officials in police station n were let off☺ legally its a crime to physically hurt an officer on duty that too at POLICE STATION.

  9. Renu

    Wonder why parshiyaa freinds n booth owner didn’t standby his statement in front of constables. A person with covered face had requested parshiya to dial viplavs no n all were witness yo it.

  10. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Thank you hasan mam?

    Proved today combined plan of kamini and tripurari as expected. Maa h ya jalaad??
    Tripurari you were so right man..naagin hai naagin..Jo bhuk lagne pe apne bache ko hi kha jayegi??? Kill her tripurari..why killing dhani then and harming atharva????
    Poor parshiya had to suffer all this because of those evils???

    No no no viplav you are wrong this time. Viplav is now confused. Thinking dhani’s trust and concern for parshiya as love? Dhani is not married. Keep your faith man please ??

    OMG Ye dono fighters?? But i was watching viplav only? Damn hot ??
    Agghhh this flashback??? But that separation scene?? i cant handle this anymore please. Stop it now✋ They love each other❤ but..?

    Super super precap…yayyyy…mumy papa and vidha????????❤ Feel like dancing watching it?? And so now viplav can easily confirm that dhani is not married to parshiya?? although he already knows but was becoming doubtful today?
    And the trio were looking smart? Perfect family?? And that cute adorable vidha asking viplav “aap mere papa hai?”??

  11. maha

    Hello my dear friends. How are u all ?
    I wasn’t commenting from many days as I was busy but today I get some time

  12. Saraswathi.j

    Why Viplav suspects dhaani that she may be married to parshya that is why she is trying bail for him and through her hand from his shoulder…….horrible Viplav !,,,,

    • Renu

      Dear Saraswathi VINASHKALE VIPRIT BUDHI actually situation is such that dhani is showing her care n affection to parshiya on humanitarian ground but viplav has misunderstood due to a
      dhanis lie of loving parshiya n marrying him.

  13. maha

    Maria and areeb how are ur fast going ?

    Maria how is ur studies going.. waah u have chosen commerce even my faculty was commerce in intermediate and now I am doing bachelors in commerce? so if u ever need any help I will be there.. u can ask me without hesitation?
    Here are 5 subjects in commerce
    Accounting, statistics, economics, commercial geography, introduction to business
    How many subjects do u have ?

  14. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasanji for the update..
    Painful episode today… can’t able to see viplav in tears??
    The Bg song between mishal and sanjeedha was superb… I downloaded that song is in my favourite playlist… I know only 4to 5 hindi songs because of ikrs… I downloaded all that songs (sanam re,jeena,agur tum saath,title song) all r my favourite???

  15. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Frnds I like thatthat viplav possessiveness towards dhaani when she was showing sympathy on parsia by touching him.
    I was expecting this from previous episodes when dhaani(eisha) drunk n makes party spoil. Viplav appolise to that dhaani have possessiveness towards viplav.n now he was feeling the same.if it will be old dhaani means it will be more awesome than today.
    Y y y these guys left eisha to leave the show.that still irritating sometimes in my heart.

    • Loveleen

      Yeah I agree, but I read that she is still a teenager and refuse to play a mother role…which means eisha may spoil any future roles as a young girl, if she plays a mother role. But yeah I wish she didn’t leave…cause I reckon the trp of the show would have gone up if she played the mother. As well this new Dhani looks scary to me with those contacts!!

  16. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Haha frnds did u observe today’s viplav dress .he copied dress match from my son which was in my fb profile pic.hahaha?????tharun too said that he was wearing same my type of dress with same color.
    Sry that was too same lemon yellow n
    black outfit n my tharun too have same we matched like this .very funny na.

  17. Yetty

    |Registered Member

    Nice episode, feel hopeful with the precap.
    I think tripurari is coming up with something good that could help dhaani ( unknowingly).

  18. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Little Vidha in her school uniform with her hair in braids looks adorable . Dhani should tell her and viplav the truth that he is her father.That’s two people happy, which is about time.??

  19. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Hello H Hasan. Thanks for he update.

    LOVED the episode, so much..

    So much stuff going on, spoken and unspoken, was just beautifully done I think.

    I really can’t stand VK but am enjoying watching her lose it. She is taking bigger risks and it feels like her downfall is around the corner… Fingers crossed ????????

    Love seeing how cold Viplav is towards her. Enjoying that he hates her as much as we all do.
    It was obvious that Kam was behind this and lived that trips is annoyed at her too. She almost has a full house of people who hate her.. Love it ??????
    poor Parshiya, beaten badly for doing nothing but standing by his friend Dhani. He loves her very much and it feels like the sort of love that would let her go, if it meant she could be happy. He feels very genuine and vulnerable, like the way he is already thinking he’s bit good enough for Dhani compared to the big vakil.
    Dhani’s reaction that he would never do anything like kidnapping was a nice thing to see. She was feeling awful that she’s got him caught up in this mess.
    When she bought the bail papers in, Viplav was staring at her so intently, looking for clues about hers and Parshiya’s relationship and and when Parshiya came out, Dhani was so concerned for him, but also hesitant in touching him. But Viplav had a moment where you could feel the hope left him, as he actually started to believe that maybe they were married. MIshal today was awesome. So much said without saying a word. He is a fine fine a for, and soooo good looking!
    The mini convo between Viplav and Parshiya felt like they were. Learning the air between them. They both seemed to respect each other and believe in each other.
    Loved when both Viplav and Parshiya went for the police as they insutlted Dhani. And also the way they both stopped when she asked them to. Dhani wanted to go and help Viplav but she had the same hesitation he had the day before. That was very sad to see.
    They saved the best til last…
    Viplav and Dhani,s eye lock at the end was awesome, as if they were both trying to read each other, say sorry and also let the other know that they still mean the world to them.. Viplav’s eyes slowly welling up, Dhani’s tears flowing, both their hearts breaking.
    Then silly VK tying to break the stare by wrapping Viplav in Dhani’s shawl. The way he felt it and caressed it was totally lovely, like it was her. Then his tears rolled down his cheeks and I was floored again by Mishal’s amazing talent,
    Finally the lovely Precap., Vidha asking will my papa come and Viplav saying I’m here. Vidha asking him are you my papa and Viplav look of hopefulness at Dhani was just perfect.

    I know opinion on here is divided between those of us that don’t enjoy the show and those that do, which is fine. I’m very much in the love it and can’t get enough of it camp, I’m back to realiy looking forward to each episode and I can see so many subtleties that hadn’t been there pre leap. Post leap IKRS is revived and I love it!

    Have a lovely Thursday everyone. Xxx

  20. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    About the shawl, VK tried to get in the way, but she actually gave a bit of Dhani that Viplav so yet again managed to bring them closer.

    Also Viplav and Parshiya felt like they were clearing the air.. Stupid autocorrect up there.

    Also when trip called kam a snake who would consume her own child was so true. Atharva, sadly is a pawn for her,ma way of keeping Viplav close. She doesn’t love him or Viplav, she just has to win! But ur feels like in post leap IKRS she is failing and losing her grip on everything, so not the kam show anymore. Can’t wait for her to go, but that side of it is definitely welcome and the show still feels hopeful and very positive.

    Excited for tomorrow’s episode. ????????????

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Oh yes didi love to watch the way viplav treats kamini but still wish she leaves the show asap

      Me too excited for todays✌✌

  21. Saraswathi.j

    How Viplav is in at school admission of vidha? May be Dulaari told him to go to school or Parshya informed Viplav about school admission of his gudiya or Dhaani called him,I think it may be both Dulaari and Parshya .Now Dhaani is repenting for telling lie that she married to Parshya ,what ever may be the situation we must always stand for truth ,that truth itself save us from problems , in between wife and husband never tell a lie to your husband and vice versa ,the lie it self create so many misunderstandings between them only stand for truth ,that give us so much of peace and relief to our inner heart.

    • SARAS

      dear saraswathi j.. whenever I read ur post it feels you have typed my mind… we not only share common name but thoughts too.. Well said. . I too think exactly same

  22. Shanitics

    |Registered Member

    My frnds wat can u identity from this serial…
    Moral.. While speaking be careful ?
    Only because of Vk’s 5-6 weds destroyed 5 years.. ? SOO BE CAREFUL WHILE SPEAKING?

  23. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Yes saraswathi ur right truth is very powerful one n eone it will come to light from one or one day dhaani truth will come out wat is in her mind about viplav.but it take time.we have wait for that day.but this waitng is also irritating like kamini.wat to do

  24. Saraswathi.j

    Shanitics it made me difficult to understand your code language “while speaking be careful ,Kamini,s five to six words destroyed five years of life in Viplav and Dhaani,s and steals the beautiful childhood of vidha with her father “

  25. SARAS

    post leap. I can clearly see vip actually hates kam.. n though in general he respects woman he doesn’t respect her reason being..he believes she let that mistake happen inspite being in senses n knowing his love for dhani…

    in totality he has understood she was only acting Tobe good friend of vidhani which she was not (pre leap)

      • gowtham

        Thank u arshdeep
        I like Your comments.. and ofcourse I am a silent reader
        I am a big fan of mishal raheja and also I love the saranya comments…..
        so sad that she is not commenting from few days

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Thank you?
        Glad you commented now

        I asked saranya di few days ago to come and comment and she said she will come whenever she gets time
        So be hopeful
        And keep commenting?

  26. SARAS

    viplav I can help you findout the truth of dhani n parshiya n vidhas father. ..

    think. . While talking to atharva vidha has told her papa is not around n don’t know when will he come. . it means she has not met her dad yet…

    in her school application moms name is written as dhani tripathi (when schoo guys called hee fir ptm they addressed her as dhani tripathi )…

    one more hint. .. yday when parshiya came out hurt.. if she was really his wife she would hug him not hesitate so much even to touch his wound. ..

    viplav apni ankhe kholo .. aansu pochalo aur khushi manavo… Please aise aasu mat bahavo.. hum nahee dekh sakte tumhe rote huve…

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Exactly Saras. LOTS Of clues, he’ll work it out,

      As long as he has a bandage on his head he is thinking! ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Wow mam
      Hope viplav finds these clues too

      And also it should be confirmed to him today that dhani is not married. If she was married to parshiya he should have come with vidha to school

      • A'isha

        Arshdeep it doesnt matter if she married or not cos his married to that witch and how will Dhaani accept that? ?????? i dont believe in cos his a man, he got married and had his fun on the side while dhaani suffered as single parent. And whats Duularis secret?

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        He did not have fun aisha
        I feel pity on him too.. i know he was at fault in the beginning but he had spent 5 years in dhani ashram with her memories

        Dulaari past was something that her husband is alive
        And if you remmber when viplav and dhani were at sarla kaki house a photo of dulaari was shown
        Piya seems to be dulaari’s step daughter i guess
        Lets wait for the complete past to be revealed

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Yes super excited to finally see dulaari’s story being told. And also that we will go back to Sarla kaki’s house. Super excited!!!


  27. Saraswathi.j

    Saras good your detective work vidha told to every one that she did,t see her father so eliminate Parshya, comming to marriage your opinion is correct so Viplav babu is happy ,he knows it , in his inner heart that she won,t accept any one as her hubby except him.Another doubt how he attend the school ,who told him to attende the school is it Dulaari or Parshya ?

  28. cool

    today episode was nice precape iam exited to see the precape
    eagerly waitingg for tommorows episode

  29. esh

    Hey ppl eshani here my name is registered as esh so henceforth will comment with this name

    Am excited for dulaari’s track but before that I wanted viplav and dhani to come together

  30. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Just had a thought…
    If viplav asks why parshiya did not come to attend meeting to dhani? And she says that is because he was badly injured.. Then?? 🙁

  31. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone……
    I hate being emotional watching a daily soap….. But I can’t help it ????
    Mishal and his expressions….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️????? Ye banda mujhe hasata hai…kabhi rulata hai….. I feel I am so near to him….watching him doing all those scenes…… Why? Kya Ye pyaar hai???? ❤️❤️
    Now enough of romantic talks…. But are sooooo hot MANNNNNN ???
    Talking about episode….. Viplav has started thinking ke Dhaani and Parshiya have some relation….. And Kaamini is happy seeing this…. This lady….maa ke naam Pe kalank hai….. Kidnapping of your own kid …..that’s why I say Kaamini Ko Narak mein bhi Jagah nahi milni chhahiye ?????????????????????????
    The action sequence….. Kaamini was about to die of insecurities…but DAMN she did not die
    She was shouting Viplav to stop beating the constable…but Viplav ?? did not give a damn…
    And when Dhaani shouted ruk jaayo Viplav…. He stopped at once….
    Feeling the shawl…???? those eyes speaking heart…For once I felt if Eisha was there…..but koi nahi ??
    And precap ….. RAKCHAS UNCLE AAP MERE PAAPA HAIN?????????
    My sweetie pie Vidha… you cutie…. Tumhi ek hope ho…. Kaamini Ko udaane waali top (bomb)ho

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Ha yeh pyaar hai Sujie di.
      Hogaya hai tujkho toh pyaar sajnaa
      Na kar le tu inkaar sajnaa.
      Hogaya hai tujkho toh pyaar sajnaa
      Na kar le tu inkaar sajnaa
      Yeh hai pyaar sajnaa
      Ha hai pyaar sajnaa.
      Perfect song for u.

      Agree with u. Lekin agar Kaamini ko narak mein nahi daala toh woh waapis dharti pe aa jayegi. Nahi baba nahi usko narak mein hi rehne do.

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Louellu…thank you for the song…. 🙂 🙂
        Aur haa…. Narak mein agar kaamini jaegi toh narak basi bhaagjayyenge

  32. gowtham

    In june 21 episode…. police said to viplav that we have tap your phone…..
    that means police should listen the kamini and tripurari conversation…

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Hi gowtham welcome to our cute family.pls tell us about u.bcs here we know everyone.sry if I hurt u by asking about ur personal.keep commenting.I think after this new spoiler the show will become interesting then our old members who r not interested too will com after this

      • gowtham

        Hi Kavitha….. I recently completed my and I am trying for government jobs
        …… and I am from Andhra Pradhesh…. actually my real name is not gowtham….
        my real name is harika….
        I like the name gowtham ….. so I commented using that name sryyyy

  33. Anne

    Good morning everyone. Hope today is a good episode, cant wait to see what Dhani replies when vidha says are you my papa? Series going really well and no sign of a quick end if new stories to come, Goody goody!!!!

  34. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Dont know why but i sooo hopeful that kamini’s all truths are going to come forward and she is gonna bid adeiu to ikrs??

  35. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone. Arshi di gussa toh mere naak pe rehta hai lekin jaldi shaant bhi ho jaata hai. Kya karu aap logon ke bina reh bhi nahi paati. Lo aa hi gayi.

  36. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Gowtham welcome to ikrs family. Keep commenting. This is not fair. U like Arshi di and Saranya di’s comments but not mine? Very bad.

    Arey don’t take it seriously. I m just kidding.

  37. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Arey why so less comments? Maine ek din comment nahi kiya aur comments kitne kam hogaye? We have to not let our reputation down. We ikrs family r famous for our comments. At least don’t let the name go down. Come on come and comment or again I will get angry.

  38. varoley

    I want the misunderstanding between Vidhani to clear and then they face the situation together…….but apart from the story Ishita is a superb actress …how she has made the role of Kamini live… is Mishal The Expression King…..and the rest of the team…Sanjeeda…her mai…Kanak all r awesome.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I agree almost all actors of show have always played their roles so well
      2 of my favourites are dulaari and kanak..superb actors??
      A big applause for all of them??????????

  39. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Maria same here. My school is also going very boring. When there is Maths period I feel like sleeping. I m missing my 6th std class. Those days were like golden days for me and my friends. But all those days have vanished

  40. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Arshi di I forgot to ask u from so many days but now I m asking. R those stones out? Or is it still paining? Sorry but I just forgot. As u know I m also a forgetful girl.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Thank you for asking?
      They dont pain now but i did not have an ultrasound yet to confirm if they are out or not

  41. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    This Kamini is so stone hearted that she kidnapped her own son. She is so disgusting and can go to any extent. She should just go to hell.

  42. SARAS

    hi louella Princess. . How r u dear…
    acha huva tum aagayi.. varna……

    jab main kal tumhara message dekhato Tum already jaa chuki thi..varna vahee tumhe rokleti…

    r u in 7th now? ?

  43. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Feeling sorry for Parshiya. The police had beaten him too much. Poor thing!! He is not even aware of anything and the police beat him so much.

  44. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    How can Viplav think that Dhaani and Parshiya have some relation? Poor Viplav!! He beat the police just for Dhaani but Dhaani didn’t even say anything to him. His expressions were just mind-blowing. The way he hugged the shawl was heart-touching.

  45. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    As expected Kam is behind this inhuman act! ?

    But why Trips said; ‘ ab dekho me tumharay betay ke sath kya karta hun. ‘ ? I thought Arthava is his blood. ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Ever ready louella??
      But tell the date well before so i could keep less work for the day?

      Every time i reply to your comment the moderator tells me you are posting comments too quickly
      They dont want us to have another one i guess?

  46. Anne

    |Registered Member

    At some point there has to be a storyline where Dhani goes back to AN and sorts out the mess there..I think I’m jumping ahead too soon though??????
    Trps , at 0.6 ,if they are to be believed,but I think they are manipulated sometimes.?

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Morning Anne I think it’s time the writers start giving the viewers what they want to watch. Am not enjoying the Mumbai scene too much am ready for Dhani to go back and fight for her rights if Viplav knows that Vidha is his then it’s time he starts thinking with his head. I think the writers have to atleast punish one of those villains maybe get KT to confess to Viplav
      I think it will help with the TRP they need to give high voltage drama I am getting fed of seeing Both leads in pain ??

  47. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    An idea has struck my mind. The number of comments r going on decreasing day by day. So I thought to keep a comments day for the increase of comments. So I m thinking to keep a very different theme and also on a very suitable day on which everyone r free. So guys first tell me that whether we should keep a comments day or not? If we r keeping then what should be the theme and when should the comments day be? Plz reply me guys.

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Hi Louella, I wrote about you yesterday but forgot to mention the important thing. ?

      Since Arshi is a commenting machine here you are no less to be said The Jr CM! ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Sorry louella i posted the reply to you above to areeb as moderator wasnt posting my reply to you
      Hope you will get it

  48. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Precap is so good!!! ?

    Expecting some cute argumentations between Mom & Dad!! And Vidha cutely poking in making Viplav smile and leaving Dhaani in some tears!!! That would be a perfect treat in today’s episode. ? Rather than that Kam’s plotting scenes. ?

  49. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    What the new spoiler says Dhaani will join hands with Viplav to reunite her parents! ? Does this means that kam’s truth will still remain concealed!? And they are planning to work on a sub story again? Without making any revelations ? No please! ?

  50. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Renu Ma’am fasts are going well. ? 🙂

    Maha I’m good , fasting here in this summer but still smoothly spending days! ☺ Hope you are having a peaceful Ramadan too.

  51. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Arshi you asked about the Urdu, yep it was. It seems you think Urdu as rather different and tricky language, well obviously it may be for you.

    But it’s just a common language we normally use to communicate. Usually people use their native language informally in daily routine. Aap bhi simple words hi use karty hogy Hindi ke. When I’ll be talking in a formal way in Urdu then you might got to see the Typical Urdu. ? Other than that we use simple words and phrases. That is quite similar to the language you speak. And that is the reason we are able to understand and watch Indian shows know? ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I feel urdu is very difficult to read coz i dont have any idea about it
      Might be easy for you
      I heard it is written from right to it?

      One of the reasons i started watching pakistani shows and loved them was the language offcorse.. Used to catch up few words but not so talented as renu di can.. but i used to love hearing them
      I had first time heard appi word in beintehaa show
      Can you tell me what you call elder brother in your language??

      I would love to hear more of urdu from you? if you can say few words for me

      • Areeb

        |Registered Member

        Oh, but I was talking of Spoken Urdu. That can be relatively easy than reading or writing.

        Yes I too had learned many Hindi words. ? Mushkil Mushkil bhi. ? Oh yes Renu Ma’ams’ Urdu is ?! I saw her comments on Mahira Appi’s story. ?

        You can use Bhai, Bhaijaan, Bhai Sahab..

        Oh, sure! I would love to. But tomorrow InshaAllah. ?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      And that is also the reason i am able to understand and watch pakistani shows??? because its similar
      Hai na?

  52. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Good morning everyone
    Hope you’re all enjoying the show, must say I didn’t enjoy the show on Monday but I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday but like everyone think it’s time some MU starts clearing up don’t care if Viplav and Dhanni don’t get together now but need them to start unraveling some old issues. Don’t like them just ignoring old issues and again bringing new ones. I feel like they are going back to their old ways again

  53. Maria

    |Registered Member

    Louella again idea is good! Comments day! But I am not sure if I will be able to comment much???

    • Maria

      |Registered Member

      Yes sorry but I also can correct you? yes it’s bhaijaan no need of correction you are right!??

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Yep Bhaijaan.

      Bhai – brother ( not specified to the age; can be elder bruh or younger one. ) Adding up Jaan to it as a suffix is more of a way to emphasis the love towards your brother. Similarly, most people use Ammi-jaan, Baba-jaan and so on..

  54. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Hlo to all my frnds…. Specially arshdeep… Thnk u buddy for remembrng my name in our ikrs family … It was lovly but i am sry as i was irregular… Here aftr pakka promise i wil b regular…..

  55. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Ya One more hour to go but here current cut due to rains…. So sad…. I wil watch it online but lil late… 🙁

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Episode was good. Love viplav vidha moments. But viplav and dhani keep on fighting
      Precap- dhani hears kamini talking to tripurari
      Dont know whats gonna happen next

      • Devga

        |Registered Member

        Thnk u soooooooooo muuchh arshdeep…… Could u suggest me any nick name for u…. Coz ur name is lil big to typ evrytime

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Why thank you han? No need of it ?

        Aww you can call me Arshi
        My family and everyone here too calls me Arshi only

  56. Saraswathi.j

    Today’s episode 23rd upsets me Viplav came school not as parent as rahkshasshas uncle again Dhaani fight with Viplav that vidha is her daughter only but he tell to the principal he is the father of vidha ,Dhaani again start quarrel with Viplav then principal advised them do not it like for the welfare of their daughter ,this type of parent relationship not good for the development of child ,and Viplav take a cheque to pay the fee ,Dhaani say no to it he donated five lack to school,for that also Dhaani fights with Viplav,we do not know suddenly witch Kamini came to school (God only knows how she appear there) Parshya also came he informed to Viplav they traced kidnapper the police also confirms immediately kamini alert Tp that police trace him go to other place immediately ,all this conversation is listened by Dhaani and she shocked……..Dhaani and Viplav again fight just like dogs ,here Dhaani ,s attitude is not at all good ..

    • Anne

      |Registered Member

      Thankyou Saraswathi,really enjoyed your comment ,I don’t speak Hindi so have to wait for updates so your comment was helpful ,very clear and gives more translation to the spoken word which is sometimes missing.???????xxx

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Yep actually, how she appeared all of sudden. No clue to that. But eventually both Kam & Parshiya got late. ?

      • Areeb

        |Registered Member

        Lol. At some extent my wish and prediction got true! ? Vipla-Dhaani argued but not in a cute way tho. But Vidha was cute enough to hide that part! ???

    • Porkodi

      |Registered Member

      Thanks saraswathi. Nowadays I m waiting for ur comment… because hasan mam is updating so late… I can’t catch episode on TV because I m living at Us…ur update is very helpful to me.. thanks once again

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