Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak and Tripurari seeing Dasharath falling in big pit. Tripurari says he had fallen by himself. Kanak says he is very clever and might be acting to be unconscious. She says she made Dasharath follow her and it was all her plan to kill him. She thinks to stand there for sometime, but Tripurari says that they shall not stay there fearing wild animals. They leave. Viplav asks Dhaani about her fast and puja in jungle, and laughs. Dhaani asks him to go. She says I get afraid of losing you. . Viplav says I will remove all your fears and gets closer to her. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….He covers her head with pallu and adores her beauty. He says you are scared to lose me and I am scared to lose you, but no one can separate us, we are one. He

pulls her nose, and smiles. Dhaani smiles looking at him. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………….He leaves.

Kanak talks to Dasharath’s pic and says you have gone. Now you can do your Pandit’s work there…up. She sits on his chair and says she has waited for long to sit on this chair. She thinks to rule on the house and laughs. Just then she hears Viplav calling him, and gets up from chair. She starts cleaning the room. Viplav asks why she is working during fast. Kanak acts and tells that she is missing Shambu. Dasharath gains consciousness and finds himself in a huge pit. He asks if anyone is here, can anyone hear me? Just then someone throws a rope. Dasharath holds the rope and climbs up. He finds the rope tied to the tree. Just then Aghoris come and surround him. Dasharath says he is Maha Pandit Dasharath Tripathi and says he can give money or dakshina to them.

Viplav asks her to have food. Kanak says she can’t eat and break the fast. Viplav says okay, and is about to go. Kanak thinks he agreed so soon, and says she will eat for his happiness. She says she will break fast for his happiness. She thinks she has food atlast. Aghoris tie Dasharath on to the tree. Dasharath asks them to leave him. He thinks where he is trapped? Sushma informs Viplav that Dasharath isn’t picking the call, even though bell is ringing. Viplav asks if she has driver’s no. Sushma says he don’t have phone. Sushma gets worried and wonders why he didn’t inform her. Kanak acts and prays for Dasharath’s well being. Sushma says nothing will happen to him. Kanak says since Shambu died, whenever I heard something, thinks something bad is going to happen. Viplav goes insearch of him. Kanak tells him that Dasharath went to Shambu and says please god give peace to his soul.

Dhaani comes to jungle early morning and sees his car. She finds the driver sleeping and wakes him up. Driver informs her that Dasharath went into jungle yesterday and then haven’t come back. He sees Dasharath’s phone in car and picks the call, but the phone gets switched off. Dhaani asks him to go home and inform Viplav. She comes inside the jungle and finds his shoe. She wonders what to do? She thinks Viplav will come there for sure and puts flower on the place. Kanak says something bad has happen to him. Driver rushes home and informs Viplav that he took Dasharath to jungle and then he vanished. He says Dhaani went to jungle insearch of him. Viplav says I will go and bring them. Kanak thinks Dasharath might have reached Shambu by now. Aghoris play the music. Dasharath is tensed. Dhaani walks in jungle and leaves the flowers as a sign for Viplav. She sees Dasharath in Aghori’s captivity. Viplav and Driver come there with some men. Viplav happens to see Dasharath’s shawl and says he is in trouble. Dhaani prays to God. The man tries to make Dasharath drink something, but Dhaani runs and stop them. She threatens them with a fire wood. She asks Dasharath to go and opens his hands. Viplav finds the flowers on the way and understands Dhaani put it. Aghoris holds Dhaani’s hand.

Sushma informs Shalu that Viplav called and said he has found Dasharath. Aghori makes Dhaani drink something and she faints. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Louella

    Today’s episode was good bcoz there were vidhani scenes. That safed Bhutni and printed pyjama r disgusting. Just hate them. But precap is shocking. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Hey guys whats ur opinion about today’s episode

  2. sri (kaviya)

    omg dhaani cutee what haapend to you, what those aghoris feed you. oh dadaji how could you leave dhaani like that, she save your life but you leave just like that. u r too much. how our hero save dhaani?

  3. Oh my God these aghoris how dare you to touch our Dhaani only Viplav has the right isn’t it? Hi guysssssssss view ur opinion’s on today’s episode
    Hey Hritssss and Tamil no comments yyy r u busy with ur xams?? Nisha I Had Replied To Your Comment See The Previous Update Death?

  4. Sujie

    our hero Viplav will save Dhaani for sure… loved today’s episode as there were ViDhaani scenes…… 🙂

  5. Fatarajo

    Finally some Vidhaani scenes wow so cute can’t wait for tomorrow 2pm to watch this episode and there is a custom of having a baby boy , Viplav is right no customs can decide if baby is a boy or girl. I hope Vidhaani gets married soon, so that I can also enjoy Vidhaani scenes and also hope we will get to see Dhaani pregnancy track and then Viplav taking care of her awww how cute 🙂

    • Fatarajo

      Somehow IKRS indirectly showed us Vidhaani marriage track lol, when Shalini accidentally applied V instead of T in Dhaani’s mehendi and even if Kanak erased and put T no use as it makes it VT Viplav Tripathi , and then Viplav making Dhaani wear mangalsutra and also Viplav holding the knife and the blood stains as Dhaani’s sindoor, and then Viplav breaking Dhaani’s fast feeding her chocolate
      And they also show Dhaani’s pregnancy track indirectly like the godh barai thingy and also Viplav and Dhaani fighting if it’s a girl or boy 😛

      • AM

        godh bharai is a rasam before marriage not any pregnancy ….too much thinking joyee …itna mat socho 😛 😛

      • Just saying lol AM I know but I only know one kind of godh barai, when I saw this show I got to know another godh barai thanks to IKRS got to know more about Indian culture 😛

  6. Marees

    Shocking precap….

    Hey kanak ant whenever i see you…. i can’t control my anger…

    I hate u so much….

  7. Fatarajo

    Hasan ji please update Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain mera Ghost today’s written update also as Sophia is gonna know about ghost family

  8. Hasi

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode because of precap.our hero Vipuuuuuu pls………. Save our Dhani soon.may god bless you. both are really super actors.

    • Hasi

      Yes Divya I agree with you.our vidhani hamesha ek hai,koi unko alag kar ne ke koshish karengi tho wo zarur fail hoga. I am ek Malayali hoom isliye hamara hindi kuch bura hua tho pls dont feel bad to me

  9. Sonu

    I am eagerly waiting for Tomorrow’s episode. I know Dhani ko kuch nahi hoga. Her Vakilbabu must save his love or his jaan.
    I eagerly waiting for DT’s reaction, expression and his feeling towards Dhani, after this incident.

  10. sara

    episode seems interesting. ..I could not watch. . Tom no repeat telecast also. ..
    no youtube upload as well. . what to do now? ??

  11. Sonu

    Hey Saru we have same date of birth but month is change.
    Me – Nov 13th
    You – Dec 13th.
    And we both born in same month, haina?

  12. Oh god abthak dadaji dhaani ko Marne keliye try kiya Sab bekar hogayi.ab dadaji dhaani ko marna nahi chahthe huye bhi dhaani ko mardala.selfish dadaji.DT.
    But guys don’t worry dhaani ko kuch nahi hoga.kyun ki an heroine marjathe tho kya story hai isme .is liye aaplog sabhi phikar math karo.San kuch ache keliye hi Botha hai.
    Hosaktha hai is situation ke Bach vidhaani ka Milan hojaye.kuch bhi hosaktha hai.isliye aap be phikar rahiye.

  13. Sonu

    @Sara did u watch yesterday’s episode, I mean 21st Jan? This episode was updated on u tube just before 2hrs. So I think today’s episode will update on tomorrow 7pm on u tube. So tab takk wait karnayee padega..

    • sara

      hi sonu.. I watched ydays episode today in repeat telecast. .. thanks sonu. .. I will try to watch today’s episode on zeevidz. com. . later. .

  14. I think aghoras gave her poison that not completly its only partially they given so i think dhaani can be easily saved by viplav Precap is very interesting but its very sad that I can’t watch it tmr.I should wait till iam leaving for temple maruvathur.tmr night I’ll be sad can’t watch but dear frnds catch u in updates.

  15. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends BR mam, Shri, Saru, Sara, Joyee, Kavi, Kaviya, Florentina, Louella, AM, MM, Marees, Hritya, Nisha, Sofe, Genni, Varsha, Tamil, Sujie, Divya, Swasti, Swati, Megha, Gudiya, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Akshy, Jyoti, Radha, Marine, Vaishnavi, RahulPURPLE and all of IKRS friends.
    Share your opinion abt today’s episode..

  16. Frnds today dhaani was very cute an lovely in white saree that she wored when she rescues DT.I liked her very much sorry she was really cute but today much more.luv dhaani .ur character is very awesome in this show ur helpful to everyone and ur acting skills ko dekar me tho hil gaya.aaj kal aisa character kahi dikthanahi per thyme dekhkar aisa achahona achalagtha hai. I mean koi bhi tum jaisa ache aur sache manse hona hai.ur character inspiration for eveeyone .being good to evry one.ur rocking dear.keep it up.

  17. Sonu

    BR mam, atleast tell me what happend? Why u r not commenting now a days? Are u OK? Really miss u mam, love uuuuu…
    Anyway take care of yourself..

  18. Ya sonu iam also missing br mam very much .mam pls come back .we miss u.take care.pls reply the reason y ur not commenting. We mis ur powerful punches.

    • Thanku sonu I’ll definetly pray for u dear and for my ikrs family also .of curse this is also my another family so I’ll pray for u frnds.

  19. Sonu

    I think today BETHAL leave us. Friends do comment as soon as fast. Then late night mein BETHAL aa sakta hai, isliye..

  20. Today episode was nice…..scenes between Viplav & Dhaani r very pleasant and cutee….the way scenes are picturized between them are very colourful yar………precap is shocking…..I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode………..

  21. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Don’t worry I m gonna watch airlift anyways in the theatres tomorrow thanks for the review 😛

  22. Hi Anne aghoraas means people who were settled in historical places like kasi,badrinath,kedarnathand other places.they stay there itself till their life ends.they Will fight for religious problems.

  23. Hi sonu n all fans. Could not watch today’s episode as I was very busy. We r going to Bangalore tomorrow for four days for a family function so won’t be able to join u guys. Will miss ikrs, vipu, Dhani n all fans.
    Take care all of you. Good night.

  24. anni

    Aghoris are devotees of lord Shiva and also human death body eaters.. Lives in Shamshaan where hindus burns death bodies.. But I never heard that they harm anyone..

  25. Anisha

    Guys please chill! I m kinda happy that Dhaani faired because this increases the chance of a CUUUUTE Vidhaani scene after she become ok. And we all know that Dhaani won’t die as she is the protagonist! So let’s all hope for some super cute Vidhaani! And spoiler- Dasharath will have a change of heart for Dhaani as he saved her!!! Yaaaaaay!

  26. florentina moldovan


  27. sara

    good morning everybody…
    hey the way dt went away from the place once dhani freed him was too funny.. he did not even see our think about dhani. . oh god what a selfish guy..
    I couldn’t control my laughter actually. …

  28. sara

    I have a doubt. after dhani comes back from jail.. dulari was scolding her I didn’t know why was she angry with her n what was the point she was proving.. it hilarious. .dulari u r too cute n funny

  29. Hi br mam,sonu,Sara,saranya,Sofie,sujie, jyothi,joyee,AM,MM,kaviya, Louella, marees,raj,rajee,gudiya, radha,anisha,anni,Anne,purple,rahul,akshay,and all my ikrs family a very very HUD mrg to u frnds have a great day.take care.

  30. Hello?sonu,sofe,louella,saranya,varsha ,Akshay,sara,Anisha,fatarajo,rajee,marees,kavitha,divya and all ikrs family a very gd mrng and tight hugs!!!!!!!!!!

    waiting for precap wt will happen next omg!!!!

  31. AM

    hi …guys …good morning to BR mam,varsha,Tamil,joyee,sonu,shri,saranya,jyoti,akshay,brity,florentina,sofe and all … .
    many of us are missing a days …. feel very alone in this page 🙁 ….come back yaar …
    yesterday’s episode was very awesome …loved all scenes ….I love KT and TT …fully funny 😛 …
    in every serial hero come and fight …heroine don’t have that courage . but in this show ikrs …Dhani is as powerful as viplav ….same importance is given to the male and female lead … ikrs ….enjoy your day fully guys … 🙂 🙂

    • sara

      hey am… all serials of colors have female dominations… u should see ssk swaragini etc there only heroins are after solving all the problems of whole world n all others are like stupid idiots. … they are all too much n too irritating. ..
      but ikrs is different though dhani fights its in a different n nice way

  32. What Dasarath has done for Dhaani is not good despite she saved him from agorish….that only shows how selfish he is…at least this incident should be the eye opener for Dasarath if he has anything in mind negativly about Dhaani…..

  33. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends, good morning to BR mam, Shri, Saru, Joyee, Sara, Florentina, Kavi, Kaviya, Raj, RAjee, Ranaji, Megha, Sofe, Hritya, Louella, Gudiya, AM, MM, Nisha, Genni, Swathi, Divya, Prachi, Akshay, Jyoti, Renu, Vaishnavi, Varsha, Tamil, Rahulpurple, Anne, Swasti and all of IKRS friends.

  34. Marees

    Kanak’s kaki your are asking DT(thatha) soul from god….

    but we were asking your soul from god….
    God plz help us….

  35. Marees

    Gud aftn br mam,tamil,saranya,sara,sona,kavitha,kaviya,rajee,joyee,florentina, nisha,am,mm,shri,versha,guidya, haritya,louella,gayu,raj,purple,akshya,bharathi,div and all..

  36. Hi guys good afternoon to u all .now only we came out from temple.we finished Amman dharshan and had lunch now came back to bus.till I have one feeling today I’ll mis our show very sad.its OK catch u in updates. Bye frnds.

  37. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    I feel that this agnihori or whatever it’s called have a huge role to play in viplav-Dhanni marriage or something like that

  38. Ya jyothi iam from andhra near thirupathi.I know that ur also from andhra some were from tpt r nellore kada.pls mention ur place correctly iam confused.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

      The Vipu complaining Dha about her anger that if she continues to be angry she will have grey hair soon and her teeth will fall down when Vipu do that expression I saw that scene like 10 times or more 😛

  39. Good afternoon friends….Kanak is superbly apt for the cunning role…..Good choice……Expecting today’s episode will be more interesting..waiting…Have fun on weekend…

  40. sara

    now what will happen to dhani’s fast they made her drink.. oh god now they may not be able to have a son. .. only daughter. .

    so I don’t want kanak to die.. if she does she will be born to dhani as daughter hahahaha..

  41. I forced my friend to watch the ashram episodes and Vidhaani cute moments on YouTube as she came to my house today and enjoyed watching IKRS only for Vidhaani scenes so I told her to watch the ashram episodes she say I wish i had colors missed such a good show she used to watch Bb and Zindagi Abhi baki hain mera ghost on life ok in YouTube as she doesn’t have that channel now she say she will watch IKRS also, and she forced me to watch Ganga on YouTube as she is crazy Ganga fan the other episodes and I also enjoyed Ganga serial when I have time I watch Ganga on YouTube as I don’t have &tv 😛
    Today we spent whole time watching hindi serials she watched IKRS I watched Ganga 😛 later we r going out to watch movies 😛

  42. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Guys I will comment less today for 2 reasons:
    1) I m going out now
    2) I will comment more in Bigg boss page today as it’s finale and I also have. A lot of friends there

  43. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Hey does anyone knows that if they will show IKRS today or big boss instead of IKRS today as it’s bb finale today, anyone knows in India what time will they show BB finale today till why time as in Singapore they will telecast it tomorrow so that I can watch it please reply ASAP if u know

  44. ArShi

    Tday’s epi strts wid DT is elopng & Viplav found him. Viplav bs hpy & asked him abt he wasn’t able to say antng. Viplav thn search fr Dhaani & see sum Aghoris drnk her smtng forcbly. He beat thm nd rescu her. He drnk her watr. She feel bttr nd ask abt DT.
    Dadi called Shalu nd Kanak nd infrm thm abt DT. Kanak gets shked. DT cums nd infrms tht Dhaani save his life. He thnk it’s Kanak’s plan.
    In asram Dulari talked wid Dhaani abt the incident. Viplav lstnd thm. DT also cum thr nd thnk her nd leave.
    Kanak calles TP & talked abt DT. TP advs her to be quit & plan smtng later as it would be bttr fr thm.
    Viplav also thnk Dhaani nd tell he won’t nrml if he can’t catch TP. She tells the she’s wid him. He hug her. Duari cums nd they get shy. Viplav thn leave.
    In the mrning Dhaani cums to Viplav’s house. Dadi done her arti nd thnks her. She cums to DT nd he agn thnks her. Viplav ask DT why he went to jngl. He rplied fr dong puja. Kanak tnks why he tells lie.
    Viplav nd Dhaani cum to DT’s room to find out any clue. She gets tge part of a shawl nd show him. He found a tag nd go to tht shop wid her. The shpkepr tells it’s frm their house. Viplav chk the resister bt dn’t get clue.
    Dhaani cums to asram nd pray fr help. Subarna cums wearng tht shawl. Dhaani gets suspcs nd slips tea on her shawl intntionlly.
    She thn goes to Viplav’s house & show him the shal. They match the part wid it nd cnfrm tht it was TP.
    Viplav becm shoked & Dhaani cncle him. He ask if they sud infrm police. Dhaani say no as it’s nt a strng evidnce. Kanak hears thm nd thnk if TP caught thn she will be caught. Viplav tells Dhanni thr’s an idea. She ask what.
    Precap: Viplav tells Kanak widout punishng the murdurer. he won’t leave Banaras. TP calles Kanak nd thretens her.

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