Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalu and Pankaj’s marriage. Kamini stares Viplav. Dhaani gets upset. Pandit ji asks Shalu and Pankaj to exchange garlands. They make each other wear garland. Kamini andi Dadi Bua looks at each other. Pandit ji asks Shalu’s siblings to tie the ghat bandhan. Viplav says I will tie ghat bandhan and acts as pained. He calls Dhaani and asks her to help him. Dhaani ties the ghat bandhan. Dadi Bua thinks why this nurse always interferes. She asks Viplav about his pain. Viplav says he is fine. Shalu and Pankaj takes pheras. Viplav looks happily. They get married.

Dhaani comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav asks her to accompany him for shopping as he needs to buy clothes for Shalu’s pagphera rasam. Dhaani says how I will go and fears about Dadi Bua. Viplav asks her

to come separately. Dhaani likes the idea. Viplav checks if any one is outside his room, and tells Dhaani that the way is cleared. Dhaani goes.

Viplav is going somewhere and sits in car. His car doesn’t start. Dasharath, Kanak and Dadi Bua comes out. Kamini offers help and asks him to open car front side. She repairs the car. Dasharath and Kanak gets impressed. Dadi Bua asks Viplav to take Kamini with him. Viplav says he is going to buy stuff for Shalu, and tells your train will be missed if I take her. Dasharath asks Viplav what is he saying? Viplav says he was saying it as he booked the train. Dhaani waits for Viplav, while Kamini and Viplav are travelling in the car. Kamini asks Viplav about the places to visit. Viplav asks her to sit in boat and see ghat. Dhaani calls him. Viplav asks her to do her work and go home. He says he will meet her later. Dasharath tells Kamini is good. Kanak says she is understanding girl. Dadi Bua says the house will be lucky whereever she gets married.

Kamini tells Viplav that she want to eat something. Viplav asks what? Kamini says gol gappa. She says it is okay if you don’t like. Viplav says no. Kamini have gol gappa. Raj Lakshmi sees Viplav and says jija ji. Just then Kamini coughs and Viplav gives her water. Raj Lakshmi asks him where is Dhaani. Viplav says Dhaani is at home and asks what are you doing here? Raj Lakshmi says she came to buy something. Dhaani comes to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani what happened? Dhaani says Shalu have to get married in a hurry because of Dadi Bua. Dulaari talks to Dhaani and goes inside. Raj Lakshmi informs Dhaani about seeing Viplav with Kamini. Dhaani gets worried. Raj Lakshmi asks her to be careful. Dhaani calls Viplav. He picks the call. Dhaani hears Kamini purchasing anklet and asking about Viplav’s choice. Viplav says it is good. Kamini says she will buy when he is liking it.

Dadi Bua tells that Dhaani have to leave once Viplav gets well. Viplav comes and says she will not go anywhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. But precap is promising. It always feels gud when vipu stands with dhani in every odd.make dem stand together in every situation n CRT a new history in Indian d audience how d hudaband n wife relation should b.don’t separate Dem by introducing 3rd party.

  2. Director sir its gud DAT u showed Salu n pankajs track..but wat abt rajlaxmi.she is also an early widow.why u ignore some track of her also
    Ikrs is nt all abt a single widow.ashram natives r also widows. So pair rajalaxmi with another gud person n make some sociable work by viplav for dem as vipu done for dem ll b also a gud track.

  3. @ Nima…Purba Sanket ho jasto ni laagcha …hoina jasto pani…alert hune bahek kei garna sakidaina…. Bholi 11:56 baje chahi Mann daraaula…

  4. Don’t make is SAS bohu drama as other has an unique plot so make it unique. Mishal is a phenomenon actor .use his skill properly n make ikrs an evergreen DAT whenever audience remember gud shows remember ikrs also.

    1. Right di
      if it has to end.. End..but on a good note !!
      Dont make it like other usual dramas

  5. Yes I agree with zea n joyee.if u want to end end with grace nt by dragging. All mystery should show properly n full fill ur theme.don’t spoil it to gain may backfired to u

  6. Thank u flora di for ur spoiler. But d upcoming episodes r interesting..

  7. Hey.. Movie ? starts by 9 only na??
    After Naagin… BAJIRAO MASTANI is the movie.. Right???

    1. Ya swetha u r right.

  8. MISHA DIDI.. Nw wat u will do.. Viplav has now got 2 pairs.. Jealously uh???

    1. No, not jealous at all. Viplav can have who he wants. I,m interested in Mishal ???

      1. Hahaha mishal ki mishani..!!

      2. And don’t you forget it! ????

      3. Never??

  9. Good afternoon everyone.

    Hope you all have a superb Saturday!

  10. Arshdeep, hello lovely.

    GOOD LUCK for tomorrow! Hope it goes brilliantly well.

    Ps. Am I forgiven ??????

    1. Good afternoon didi ?
      Thank you so much???
      And let me think should i forgive you or not..??
      Okay fine maaf kia..!!
      But this is the last time hmm….!!
      Next time if you ever doubted on VIPLAV na…huh..then no forgiveness??

      1. I’ll consider myself well and truly warned.

        This is my knees shaking…

        “””> <''''

        Thank you. ???

      2. ??????

  11. florentina moldovan

    HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi there Florentina! Thanks and you too have a great weekend. Sadly it seems like they’ve removed IKRS for today – we’ll miss that.

    2. Good afternoon ?

    3. Hello Florentina. Hope you have a fab day too! Xxx

    4. Hi di.wish u a beautiful day too

    5. hi florentina…good morning

    6. hlw florentina ☺

    7. Morning Flo..?xxx

  12. hey guys even udaan fans also feeling IKRS going off air here is the link in this website u can read those comments

    1. felt bad* not feeling

    2. Oh no varsha still der is a rumour too:-(:-(

  13. hi all gud afternooon

  14. I’m actually feeling a bit exhausted with all the rumours and counter rumours.

    Who knows what will happen.

    To be honest, if the episodes are like yesterday’s, I.e. Brilliant, and the show ends in 2 months, it’ll be ending on a high. So that’s about 60 episodes to look forward to.

  15. Morning/Afternoon IKRS fans ,have a lovely day .Thanks for the info Nimisha, I’ve seen the trailers for film ,I was going to watch it if its got subtitles. Didn’t know the timing though.
    Seems to be a case of Chinese whispers about IKRS finishing, we really don’t believe denials do we ?
    I hope viplav ends the lies tonight,like ZEE says what about Tanya ?
    DT was keen enough to get him married then !
    I wonder what the original storyline would have been if Tripurari had stayed?
    Can you remember kanak ordering the floor cleaned because a widow had stood there? Brilliant story lines,really hard

    1. Yep, defo remember that. And when she dropped the sweets the ashram ladies bought and ordered ramdeen to feed it to the dogs.

      There were also the pile of photos for VIPs to chose a girl from, plus another girl introduced to him as some function at the house.

      Where was Badi thingy (?) then??? Hmmmmm??!

  16. “Bajirao mastani” is a super duper hit movie…awesome songs…deevani mastani… Deepika..the beauty queen..superb story..!! A Must watch movie..!! (I havent watched though)
    But no translation in english for the movie..??

    Those who are free today..go for the movie..i bet you will not regret !!

    1. I love ranveer singh and deepika so really looking forward to it, just wishe they had let me watch IKRS first.

      1. Ohoo u watch ikrs online first
        then enjoy the movie.. Superb one !!

      2. Ooh, good plan ArShi baby. Good plan. I’m assumed it was on late for everyone. Yippee! Thanks lovely! Xxx

      3. No thanks .. no sorry ??

  17. Repeat of cgpa going on

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  19. Everybody has seen the same piece about IKRS ending but at different times I think.
    So its NEW news to others,but they keep TELLING us as though we don’t know !! Please guys, we know.? xxx

  20. Arshi didi.. Yup bajirao is a nice movie ? Nice graphics in n it… Deepika stunning…

    1. I will surely watch it after my exams

  21. My posts are still stuck.

    Just in case the one up there ⬆️ Goes pfft I,m saying it again

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow ARSHDEEP. HOpe the exam goes really well and that you arrive safely and get back safely. I can’t remember if this is the jimper one, but have fun with your family if it is.

    Lots of love and hugs, xxx

    1. Thank you so much didi..!!
      Its of ipu..indraprasth university delhi..exam is at chandigarh from 2 to 5 will have some outing after the exam..hope so
      Jipmer exam is on my bday

      i replied to ur comment looong ago but it is still awaiting moderation..!! 🙁

      Bdw forgiveness granted 🙂 🙂

      1. My upper commnt also got posted.. finally ?

      2. Ooh, that’s good. Not too far for you to travel.

        Well I know you’re gonna do well but wishing you the very best anyway.

        Where will you go afterwards.. An outing sounds like a nice way to chillax!

        Thank you SO MUCH for forgiving me. Means a lot. Xxx

      3. Chandigarh is such a beautiful city.. many places to enjoy..!!
        But wont be enjoying that much this time..
        Main aipmt exam is again at chandigarh.. so after that i will be enjoying fully ??
        And my didi exams will also be over by 30th april.. so best tym to enjoy together ??

      4. But the one in June, on your birthday, is that the big one?

        I’d love your address to send you something for your 18th. Can you dm me on Twitter maybe? Or is that a bit weird???

      5. That isnt the main exam but i would love to clear it as i will then be travelling to place .. nd more closer to many frnds here..almost all r south indians can meet them..!!

        And i wont have any prblm to share my address here too… but actually its not needed.. your wishes nd blessings are enough for me to make my day????

      6. And you said that u want to send something that made me so happy??
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        You have an amazing memory which is why you,re going for a medical qualification. Me… I’m def not in your league,

        Sorry for making you angry. I meant everything even though I was a bit wrong on the date, xxx

    2. Thanks a lot di
      U remember all my exam dates..??

      1. I only know the one tomorrow and the one on June 15th… Is that right?

        Tell me when the others are.

        And, definitely let’s try and figure out you getting your address to me. Either by dm on Twitter or message on IF or I,ll try and join FB. Your birthday is June 15th yes?


      2. Ahh didi very bad of u??
        U changed my bday date
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      3. I thot u were good at remembering dates
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      4. I really dnt knw how to use IF.. m not on twitter..
        I will my address here itself but first you tell me my bday date??????

      5. Since having children my memory is awful! So I,m very very bad at remembering dates. Was convinced I had yours right,

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        Sorry to be so rubbish! ???

      6. AaaaHaaa!!!! 5th June.

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      7. Aww its okay di..
        I said you so much i suppose..??
        I am also sorry !!
        Your read it wrong then not ur mistake di.. dnt say sorry anymore

  22. hi frndz …I’m olso a regular viewer of IKRD..2dy meh saas bahu aur betiyan dekha ki IKrs is going off air 🙁

    1. Gayathri we got the news.. Please dont say that again n again..
      Dont mind.. But yaha sab rone lag jate h.. We wish these news are only rumours

    2. Yes Gayathri, since Viplav got stabbed we,ve all been an emotional mess, or at least I have.

      My emotions the last few days:

      Viplav gets stabbed ???????????????????????
      Viplav stops breathing ??????????????????????????
      Viplav starts breathing ????????????????????
      Happy romance scenes ???????????????????
      New of IKRS going off air ????????????????????
      Counter rumours ????????????????????????
      Lovely episode yesterday ????????????????????????

      So yeah, a bit of a yo yo of emotions for me. I’ll have no malls left by next week.


      1. Haha same here..!!

      2. florentina moldovan


      3. It’s crazy isn’t it?? All over a to show. I mean when you think about it, that’s all it is. BUT! IKRS is sooooo much more than that, can’t explain it at all. I’m dumbfounded by how I feel. You know???

      4. TV show

      5. I’ll have no nails left.

  23. Eshani u r right. Most of the times we comment at the same time. By Tue way I m having my summer vacations as u all know. I m going in std 7th now.

    1. Hey lovely Louella, when is HMS? Did I miss it? I hope not,


  24. Magic is happening again.


    1. Yup nazar na lag jaye??

  25. Where is saras mam? No commnts from her..!!

  26. Ya.. Me too wondering the same arshi didi..

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    1. Yours is 29 november na?
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      Mere bday date hi chng krdi??

      1. Soooo try, I,m the biggest gandi that ever lived.

        Sorreeee arshdeeeeeeeeeeep give us a hug ((((((((((((?))))))))))))

      2. Its the last time i am forgiving u?
        Yup its 5th june.. the world environment day!!
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    2. I don’t know yours Swetha. But I would like to. Also would like to know when Louella and Ahana,s are too.


      1. Louella 19 march
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    Can I ask a doubt arshi didi aap itna exams kyu likthe Ho??

    1. Thnku dear?
      Itne exams likhne padte h?
      Actually most colleges comes under AIPMT but jo nahi aate unke separate entrance exams hote h.. so i searched earlier for all those jaha m jana chahti thi.. admission kahi bhi mil jaye.. but mile toh? and my parents are ready to send me anywhere.. so i applied for a no. Of tests..
      Abhi to 2 hi hue h
      Abhi to orr boht h
      Will tell u my exam schedule??

  29. Today episode was a block buster..!!
    DT ko rote dekh kar itna maza aya.. Boht rulaya h usne sabko..ab teri baari.. Felt very bad for viplav and dhani..
    Dnt knw what will be DT’s new plan now??

    1. DT is a slime ball. First he begged Vip to support his jhhooth ka jaal (web of lies for our Hindi learners 🙂 and didnt even stand up for him when DBua forced Vip to take Kamini sightseeing. I wish Trip (Mr printed pants) comes back and tortures DT slowly so he lives in fear of being named and shamed and hung out to dry.

  30. Nimisha di u don’t know my b’day? Even I don’t know By the way when is ur b’day?

    1. 1st september
      Am i right di?

      1. Yes… Ermmm how did you know? I don’t remember saying on here…

        But, I,m way too old now, so we shall just celebrate all of yours. Ok. The gandi has spoken so it is now the law. ???

      2. I dnt remember wen u said..but i remember the date..

        Hehe no we will celebrate yours too..
        U know what does gandi mean????

      3. If it’s the same as the meaning in Gujarati then yes. I was called that for a lot of my life growing up, as well as paagle. I am the family clown. ?

      4. Arshdeep, your memory is amazing! Seriously impressed and envious in a good way! Do you eat lots of badaam(almonds)???

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