Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s epiosde started off on …Viplav, Dhani and the biggest KMH of our fav show IKRS, Kamini…
Viplv was lovingly staring at Dhani, Dhani was looking at Viplav with full love love, Vidha holding hands and kamini was looking at our love birds with anger…Kamini tried to break their eyelock by starting her stupid talks…about how she cooked some bakwas food items for DB …anyways our bholi dhani got engaged in some boring convo with Kamini and Viplav was getting bored…He complained to God that kamini, the KMH, was spoiling his beautiful night with dhani…He suddenly got up and requested dhani to dance with him…Dhani first hesitated, but then on Viplav’s constant insisting, she started dancing with her husband…””Jeena jeena” song playing in the BG and Vidha dancing…Kamini

was staring at vidha with anger…Suddenly Dhani saw Tripurari in the restaurant…She stopped dancing and rushed towards him …An irritated viplav started complaining to himself that how can dhani look at other things instead of concentrating on him while dancing…Dhani came back and told Viplav that she saw TP…viplav was shocked at first, but then he did not pay much attention and left…

Scene shifted to vidh’a bedroom..vidha entered their bedroom…A worried dhani sat before the mirror..Viplav told dhani to take rest for some day..Dhani got annoyed to which Viplav started his romantic baatein that he wanted to keep dhani inside his heart for ever and never let her go away and do any work…Then Viplav hugged dhani from back…Then again Vidha hug with Dhani resting her head in the nape of Viplav’s neck

its night time, Tripurari quietly entered KT’s bedroom..Kanak was shocked but instead of getting irritated or angry, she was quite happy…KT brought TP ouside and asked him to leave carefully so that no one could see him…they started discussing about how they planned to murder DT but because of their bad luck and DT’s good luck that their plan flopped…DT overheard them…
He came outside and threatened to kill TP and strangled KT, badmouthed her…But TP, KT snapped at him that if he tried to expose them then they will reveal his true face that he is the illegal father of TP and also that he was the real thief behind the gold stolen during ‘tola dan’…

DT got nervous…

Dhani who had come downstairs to drink water over heard their convo…She decided to tell Viplav about all these but changed her mind because she knew that Viplav would never trust her…
The screen freezes for the day on a shattered, upset Dhani..

Precap: Kamini made Dhani dring intoxicated milk…Some puja was going on for shambu..A drunk Dhani started behaving awkwardly in front of everyone and started blurting out the truth about KT DT and TP…Viplav was looking too much frustrated, irritated and angry…

Update Credit to: Barbie


  1. Viplav???

    Thanks for the update barbie….??? but this villains r too much… ??kamini ko main sach main maar doongi… because after a long time our vidha was back to romance…. and our mishal has cleared his position in yesterdays epi… but now i think he will be more irritated by dhaani behaviour on next epi.. it will be a tough time for all ikrs fans in upcoming epis????
    i would like to do all villains KT.. DT.. TRI.. KAM.. DB.. PC.. ASTH this???? what do u guys think?

  2. Maria

    Feeling very bad for Dhaani but hate that kamini, she is just irritating, i want viplav to kick her from AN

    • Ya maria she would be kicked out soon now as after dhani goes to ashram she wud try to encash the opportunity n get closer to viplav. I am sure viplav would not tolerate her n avoid n out of frustration she would take sucha step that her deeds would be exposed. Lets hope for best.

      • Zee

        Hmmm Tripurari’s return and solving Shambhu’s murder mystery are also signs that it may wind-up 🙁

      • Viplav

        renu di go to google and search ikrs there….u will find a wikipedia there….in that it is written as
        First Episode Date ; AUGUST 10 2015
        Final Episode Date ; JUNE 2016
        And i must say many shows ke baare mein aise khatham hone se pehle wiki main iss tarah ek date aaya tha….and it become true also
        so i’m scared seeing this….

  3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Episode starting was good and later was seriously? This kamini uff hate her. And Dhaani looks funny when she is drunk 😛 but Viplav’s anger OMG I m scared of Viplav :O 😛

  4. lekshmi

    it was a relief that dhani was intoxicated when she spilled out the truth,otherwise viplav wl throw her out of his life in the next moment…it is not easy for him to belive that KT was behind shambhu’s murder…nd vidha scene was lovely as usuall. nw all truths wl come out one by kamni is taking advantage of wl gud good if they show some positive twist like viplav is taking any step secretly to find the hidden things behaving like a sharp criminal lawyer..gdnight guys….

  5. Sujie

    ViDhaani romance……..aww……
    arrey Dhaani …. you are dancing with Viplav …then concentrate on your dance nah….why running after Tripurari???
    you did the same thing in one of the previous episode in which Viplav was making you wear the bangles….. the only difference is now you ran after him… and at that time you were thinking about him………………. Enjoyed their dance on Jeena Jeena………..
    sach mein KMH Kaamini is too much….. isska naam na ‘ghatiya quality ka chipku gum’ hona chahiye…… whenever ViDhaani are together….tapak padti hai…….

    precap is much much much horrible……………………. but hope kaamini gets out soon along with DB………… KT DT AND TP ka bhi bhaanda phoot jaye…………. i would be so happy

  6. Sujie

    Thanks Barbie for the update…………. Hope Hasan mam is okay……………
    Sabko Hello……….. and good night ………………….
    will be back tomorrow

  7. Thanks barbie for d after a long tym sambhu s murder mystery is going to b revealed.n after a long tym we watch romance of vidhani.actually its a trt to eyes.hehehe. happy to see to is back but I lyk drakhya ajit singh.he is a gud actor. Overall d story is going to take a new turn but precap is horrible…hope vipu ll understand dhani

  8. Latha

    Renu why are you scared.viplav is taking so much care on dhani and I feel that viplav may be knowing about kamini that’s why he is telling to dhani to stay at room itself.?????

  9. Amisha

    I don’t think that Viplav will leave Dhani for good… he loves her so much that it’s going to be so hard for to be without her in his life:) kam can do anything she please to do but noting will work for her?

  10. When vidhàni were lost in their own at hotel VK FRLT SO JEALOUS that she tried to deviate by her conversation n look what happened ?viplav requested dhani to dance n KMH VK ?????????

  11. After so much happened viplav should install cctv outside the gate so that all movements r recorded specially of VKs n ofcourse all who come in night

  12. Today viplav was so caring for dhani that he sweetly requested her to stay in her room so that noone could blame her . Loved the dialouge when viplav said that understand u want to unite the family n crave for their betterment but current situation is such that a small thing can explode. He is really understanding n loving n caring hubby indeed. ??

  13. Zee

    hello all. I agree with all about the episode. Very sweet Vidhani scenes and then the K-T-D showdown. Precap seems scary, bec Dhani is drunk on Shambhu’s death anniv. which is embarassing for Viplav and Dadi. But Dhaani does not spill any secrets, she just says that they are not what they look like.

  14. When dhani got up in middle of night she was looking ok n not dressed up but when kt woke up she was fully decked up as she roams in day time??? who can afford to sleep with big necklace earrings n fluffy hairstyle ?☺

  15. vaishnavi

    vidhaanis dance was very romantic but tp ke wajah sara mood kharab ho gaya n precap is so dangerous
    kamini i wanna slap u

  16. Zee

    Renu – you asked in the last thread that there was a zea on 21 March. That wd not be me. I started commenting about a month back. The day when KT sent Dhaani away from AN and Viplav got her back from the road was my first proper post. I may have written a line or so a few days before that.

      • Zee

        Arey no no why say sorry – there is only one alphabet ka diff betw the two. I was a silent reader for a long time. Then one day, i decided to share my views and have slowly become part of the family and happy to be here:).

  17. Arshdeep

    Good night guys
    feeling very sleepy today..
    Meet u all tomorrow …
    Mishal wale dreams..
    Take care

  18. Arshdeep

    Viplav saw ur sanam re last episode posted
    but i will leave it for tomorow morning 🙂 🙂

  19. Viplav

    guys what is ur opinion about the current track of IKRS??? if it increase the TRPs?? or decrease??

    • Nimisha

      I think it would increase the TRP’s. But not sure how people are supposed to know what’s going on if colours don’t promote it,

      It’s a shame we can’t promote it ourselves.

      I’ve also noticed that here in the uk we seem to have lost a few of the repeats. Not sure what Colors are up to. It feels like a deliberate attempt to make sure it doesn’t do well.

      I hope with trips back, as a proper villain, things will get better,

      I do believe that VK is the reason people have given up watching as her antics are just too annoying, but I guess we’re stuck with her but I feel like she will be diluted by the much better Tripurari character.

  20. Viplav

    ok i’m also leaving good night to all….i know these r sleepless nights for all of us…phir bhi good night and sweet dreams….hey bhagwan sabko mishal ki sapne de dena

  21. Nimisha

    Helloooooooo everyone,

    Hope you’re all well!

    Thank you Barbie for the amazing written update, loved yesterday’s too. HOpe H Hasan is well and thank you for your efforts.

    I caught up on yesterday’s and today’s epidoes today and I have to say I loved them.

    Todays was very good. I am sooo pleased that Viplav rolled his eyesi N the first half wondering what VK was doing there.
    also loved that he suddenly stood up and asked Dhani to dance, just to shut VK up. Honestly she really has no clue whatsoever.
    Hated her when she said to Dhani she has no idea about romance. She kills it every time for Viplav and Dhani and then tells Dhani it’s her fault! Actually, this time it was dhanis fault, why on earth did she invite her along,

    Loved the bedroom scenes too. A lot of folks are guessing that there is a separation on the way, and I felt like Viplav was kind of hinting at their today when he said he wants Dhani to have some peace and a break from his family. The Precap looks scary but I am so so pleased that the writers are finally dealing with unfinished business, esp shambu’s death.

    The second half was really good too. A real thriller with DT, KT and Tripurari revelations. Loved when DT had KT by the neck. I hope it leaves a bruise that Dhani can use as proof when she tells Viplav.
    TEallyblike this new Tripurari. Not the actor but he has come back with a real sense of getting DT, which I liked. He always seemed to be able before but I always felt like her held back so will be hood to see him give back as good as he gets.

    Poor Dhani, burdened again by what she saw and heard. Such a shame she didn’t have her phone with her, rather than the water jug, she could have recorded it. She did well. It to drop the jug and he spying ability has improved lots as she didn’t, for once get caught,

    She also returned to her room and locked the door. ????

    Precap looks horrible, but Dhani is a very cute drunk, so hopefully she will be okay. I know she won’t but hope she will,

    A little disappointed that Viplav was sort of moaning about Dhani to VK in the longe scene when she tried to get her claws into his shoulder. Also disappointed that Dhani didn’t tell Viplav because she has no proof. Can’t figure out his she will get the proof.

    Good to see Suvarna back. Poor thing though, it can’t be fun being married to trips. ?? really hope trip is more interested in getting DT and KT and that Suvarna can help Dhani.

    Also hope bhang scene means Dhani finally sees Vk,s truth!

    It’s going really well I think and am nervous for Dhani but excited to see some awesome acting by Mishal and Eisha in tomorrow’s episode.

    Oops, I can’t tell but this is probably long. Thanks for reading… If you get this far, ???


  22. Nivin

    Genita atleast chat with me on whatsapp… I know u will definetly read this serial and these comments.. Iam sure you saw my msg… But you are purposefully doing it… For the last three days iam continuosly calling you and also texting you.. You are teating my patience…i said sorry already for that fight.. Now pls talk to me… This will b the last time iam texting you

  23. Thks Laxmi . if Wikipedia date is correct then it is really sad. Surprised that when ssk n balika-vadhu uttaran can run for endless years then IKRS COULD have run for atleast 2 years. They have so much to show in that case the cvs would hush up everything in 30 episodes not done

    • Nimisha

      The Wikipedia date thing is old news I thought. The date was added and then removed. has it been added again?

      All this will it end won’t it end is just boring now isn’t it?

      The main thing for me is its going really good at the moment, I am excited to watch it.


  24. Amisha

    can someone please translate for me the whole dialogue of what Viplav says to Dhani when they came home

    • Arshdeep

      I think hasan mam updates late so barbie just like us a viewer update it early for us

  25. Anne

    I loved today’s episode,a!though I think sometimes the romance is exaggerated a little (sorry) probably to keep us happy. Hope Dhaani goes to the ashram ,and I hope Kamini trys to get too close to viplav ,he will be disgusted I think and hope . He may put two and two together .
    But I feel sorry that he has to find out about his family ?

    • Nimisha

      I think you’re right Anne, but in today’s epi, it was good to see Viplav being shown as being totally uninterested in Kam, which we know, but good to see anyway.

      Also I think the chat in their bedroom, is a hint about Viplavs mindset of and when he tells Dhani to go to the ashram. Whether in anger or not, he is doing it to protect her.

      I also feel bad that Viplav has to find out about ha family, I have wanted the truth about DT and KT and trips to come out for ages, but know it won’t be easy for Viplav to handle, but Mishal will be awesome to watch when he acts those scenes out. Gonna be awesome!

  26. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Why ul fite? Say ur piece n move on…its just a series…and tge saying goes…different strokes for different folks…dnt like sumting ignore n deal wit it
    ..either way no ones life is gona stop

    der will be no shows if we viewers dnt watch.wer can I get ratings…two weeks for us then Ramadaan…soooo

  27. Hey annie n manisha for u. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V : dhani I think u should rest for some time d : how much rest u have told me not to go to kitchen. V : dhani u know this much i am saying this to avoid misunderstanding. Neither u would go out nor u would see any family member no one would say anything to u n thus no further problems. D : rest in room means? V; I am not keeping u in prison and u can go wherever you want n whenever u want but if u would meet family then problem would arise can’t u stay with yr hubby for some time . I love you i am yr husband so saying for yr benefit only . If it was possible i would have locked u in my heart forever. Viplav then put his arms around her n asks what do you see dhani smiling RAKSHAS viplav says I see a man who is mad in love of his lovely wife. Today I really enjoyed dancing wanted to dance for whole night with our eyrs glued we should forget whole world dont think about anyone relax rest yr mind. Today we will talk about our happiness. Dhani becomes restless n says suvarna viplav says forget suvarna forget tripurari. I know this is yr family u have come to bind it n not break it but current situation is such that even a small thing can explode like a volcano. Now u will live in yr hubbys arm what if we couldn’t dance there we will dance now n no one can disturb in our room.

  28. Hi guys, 2 days before i have said that the 3 main villain (KT, TP & DT) will come accross what’s interesting is going on it’s shows very interesting. Guys saw last episode looking very very much interesting.
    Guys one more thing how dhani will save her and her baby. Especially when TP will knows that. I think after this reveal dhani would not stay AN.
    Looking very interesting how she convince Vipu all that. Can she give her baby’s swearing to beleive her for the real face and truth of KT,DT & TP. Looking also very interesting when Vipu knows that he is going to be Papa what’s his reaction and expression.

    • Arshdeep

      Yes pjain eager to watch those expressions
      aLready he treats dhani as a princess.. what more will he do after knowing this for her

  29. Louella

    Hello everyone. Good morning to all of u. Yesterday’s episode seems very interesting and romantic. Unfortunately missed it. My mother didn’t allow me to wake up at 5:30. Actually I slept at 1:00 after my mother’s friend’s wedding anniversary party. Have a great Sunday.

  30. shanitics

    yesterdAy’s epi was awesome…..Vidha scenes superb…
    PJAIN Dhaani save her baby???Wat’s that???is she pregnanT????bYTHE WAY SEEMS LIKE MRE TRUTH ARE GONNA BE REVEALED…..

  31. Louella

    Swetha di Dhaani is going to be pregnant. After she will leave AN and come back to ashram she will realise that she is pregnant.

  32. Porkodi

    Good morning to all.Yesterday episode was good. All truths r coming so fast. Story is moving very interestingly.

  33. Louella

    Tomorrow is my trip. Very excited for it. I wish we would go for a trip to Kerala. Then I would at least meet some of my ikrs friends. But we r going tarkarli. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 3:30 am. Don’t know how I will do it. My younger sister Angel is still sleeping. Thinking how she will wake up at 3:30. Anyone here to chat with me?? Feeling very bored. I have no work now except packing. But will do it later.

    • Zee

      Enjoy Trakarli L. Heard its lovely – When are you back?
      We will miss you. Saranya and you are the funny bones of the group. She is not writing and now you too on vacation. Who will give us our daily quota of laughs!
      Anyway have fun 🙂 and give us many posts to make up for your absence.

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Enjoy.. Yaar pls update journey of love pls pls pls I am véry excited to see my name.

  34. Viplav???

    Its really happy that ikrs time changed to 6 pm…because most of us cannot watch it at 6.30 because its the prayer time for us…and then no retelecasts r not available also…so its useful to me and my some frnds

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Same here laxmi the time slot change also is a benefit for me because i can’t watch tv at 6.30pm most of the times

    • Dhaani taken Bhaang it seems, can’t even stand properly!! (Might be any family function) haven’t seen previous Episode.

      Dhaani revealing the truth about DT, KT & TP to Viplav & Viplav is not believing her words Ouch
      viplav closes her mouth
      & Dhaani faints..
      viplav carries her to room

  35. Anne

    Do you think viplav sends Dhaani to ashram for her own safety? He may start putting 2 and 2 together.?

    • Zee

      Hello Sujie, Anne, Nimisha, Areeb,
      I totally want to bash up Kamini…and how. But yday I felt happy to see her jealous (lemon-sucking) face.
      I dont know how much Dhani will reveal in her drunken state. BUt I guess there is this build up that she is looking lost, confused seeing and hearing strange things. So maybe she will be sent off. As of now I dont think Vip has any inkling abt the KTD linkup.
      But I do hope as someone said earlier that aft Dhaani leaves, Kam may throw herself on Vip and get exposed by Vip hiimself.

  36. Sujie

    I was thinking there are many people here in our group who wanna seriously do this thing?????????????????????? ??????to Kamini…. Mann karta hi Ki ? Se sarr Phod doon…. Comment your views guys….. Really irritated with her….
    The day Viplav will throw her out… We will celebrate ????

    • Anne

      I will volunteer, Just have to sort out the details eg tools needed….location…. Car…train..or boulder.
      Make sure there’s no witness. .burn clothes after….oh yes….Lol?

  37. Areeb

    Good Day Everyone! ?

    After so many days, ViDhaani’s cute scenes! Loved them to the core. Viplav always stands by her side! This is the reason I love this show!!! ? They never drag the misunderstandings between the leads. From the start till the current track Viplav always makes the first move to clear the misunderstanding, that’s the best thing in the show! ?✌

    Precap is interesting also nail biting. ? As the spoiler has been placed to tell that Dhaani will be going back to the ashram. I guess Viplav will be doing this only for her betterment. ? As he will be thinking Dhaani is not well mentally. ? On the other hand so very excited to watch ashram scenes! ?

  38. Nimisha

    Hello everyone

    Hope you’re all well.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. I’m hoping based on what Viplav said to Dhani in their room, which Renu translated above, that Viplav tells Dhani tongontonthe ashram for her own good. I know he will I itialy be angry but when he calms down I know he will be by her side again.

    Really hope he finds out that VK gave Dhani the bhang too.


  39. Areeb

    Oh! Forgot to tell my ‘ Most Favorite Scene ‘ ? ViDhaani dancing in the restaurant, and the thing which made it me go lost in thi scene was Atif’s song in bg! ??

    I just love the show!!! They mostly use songs of My Most Favorite Person on this planet! ???

    Was so worth watching Mishal on the voice of Atif! I was just like please stay like this for the whole episode. And when Dhaani goes out shouting Tripurari, I was like Oh Crap!!! Dhaani!!! You are so dumb!!! ?

  40. Nimisha

    Right, we are out today so have a brilliant Sunday everyone.

    Catch you all on the next thread. It’s gonna be a good episode, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


  41. Guys…… Is it true ikrs going to end soon…. ??????? I will die without viplab and dhani…. Seriously… This is the only daily soap I watch from the core of may heart…. Yesterday I dreamt viplab… ?

  42. Arshdeep

    Renu didi did u call me??
    Sorry that number is in tab..dont know where it was that time….i could not pick up..sorryy
    I will call u tomorrow by myself didi most probably in afternoon…is it okay didi??

  43. Viplav

    watching now yesterdays epi…….best scene…….
    viplav: chalo tumhe kya dikh rahe ho?
    Dhani: rakshas

  44. Louella

    Hello everyone. I m back with beautiful mehendi in my hands. Didn’t watch today’s episode as I and my cousins had gone to apply mehendi. So Arshi di plz update today’s episode if possible. Waiting eagerly for it.

  45. Louella

    Friends finally the day has come for which I and my family was waiting for. As u all have said me to comment whenever I get time, I will definitely do it. If I get time I will comment tomorrow morning at 4 before leaving itself so that I can give my attendance for tomorrow. Yes the trip is super interesting as we r going in a mini bus and also we r 27 of them. So full on masti going to be from tomorrow.

    Ranaji so sorry I will not be able to post my ff. Here at home also I m so busy in packing and other stuff. Also yesterday my mother’s friend’s wedding anniversary was there and we were there till 1 so yesterday also could not post and today I was at my friend’s house till evening. And after that I went to apply mehendi. Now I will sleep early because tomorrow I have to wake up at 3:30. So no time to post. Even no time to comment. But I m commenting little by little. So sorry but u have to wait for one week. Again very sorry.

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