Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s epiosde started off on …Viplav, Dhani and the biggest KMH of our fav show IKRS, Kamini…
Viplv was lovingly staring at Dhani, Dhani was looking at Viplav with full love love, Vidha holding hands and kamini was looking at our love birds with anger…Kamini tried to break their eyelock by starting her stupid talks…about how she cooked some bakwas food items for DB …anyways our bholi dhani got engaged in some boring convo with Kamini and Viplav was getting bored…He complained to God that kamini, the KMH, was spoiling his beautiful night with dhani…He suddenly got up and requested dhani to dance with him…Dhani first hesitated, but then on Viplav’s constant insisting, she started dancing with her husband…””Jeena jeena” song playing in the BG and Vidha dancing…Kamini

was staring at vidha with anger…Suddenly Dhani saw Tripurari in the restaurant…She stopped dancing and rushed towards him …An irritated viplav started complaining to himself that how can dhani look at other things instead of concentrating on him while dancing…Dhani came back and told Viplav that she saw TP…viplav was shocked at first, but then he did not pay much attention and left…

Scene shifted to vidh’a bedroom..vidha entered their bedroom…A worried dhani sat before the mirror..Viplav told dhani to take rest for some day..Dhani got annoyed to which Viplav started his romantic baatein that he wanted to keep dhani inside his heart for ever and never let her go away and do any work…Then Viplav hugged dhani from back…Then again Vidha hug with Dhani resting her head in the nape of Viplav’s neck

its night time, Tripurari quietly entered KT’s bedroom..Kanak was shocked but instead of getting irritated or angry, she was quite happy…KT brought TP ouside and asked him to leave carefully so that no one could see him…they started discussing about how they planned to murder DT but because of their bad luck and DT’s good luck that their plan flopped…DT overheard them…
He came outside and threatened to kill TP and strangled KT, badmouthed her…But TP, KT snapped at him that if he tried to expose them then they will reveal his true face that he is the illegal father of TP and also that he was the real thief behind the gold stolen during ‘tola dan’…

DT got nervous…

Dhani who had come downstairs to drink water over heard their convo…She decided to tell Viplav about all these but changed her mind because she knew that Viplav would never trust her…
The screen freezes for the day on a shattered, upset Dhani..

Precap: Kamini made Dhani dring intoxicated milk…Some puja was going on for shambu..A drunk Dhani started behaving awkwardly in front of everyone and started blurting out the truth about KT DT and TP…Viplav was looking too much frustrated, irritated and angry…

Update Credit to: Barbie

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  1. Oh! Forgot to tell my ‘ Most Favorite Scene ‘ ? ViDhaani dancing in the restaurant, and the thing which made it me go lost in thi scene was Atif’s song in bg! ??

    I just love the show!!! They mostly use songs of My Most Favorite Person on this planet! ???

    Was so worth watching Mishal on the voice of Atif! I was just like please stay like this for the whole episode. And when Dhaani goes out shouting Tripurari, I was like Oh Crap!!! Dhaani!!! You are so dumb!!! ?

    1. I still did not watch the episode
      was soo tired that i went off to sleep.. 🙁

  2. Right, we are out today so have a brilliant Sunday everyone.

    Catch you all on the next thread. It’s gonna be a good episode, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


  3. Guys…… Is it true ikrs going to end soon…. ??????? I will die without viplab and dhani…. Seriously… This is the only daily soap I watch from the core of may heart…. Yesterday I dreamt viplab… ?

    1. Hi di my wish poori ho gayi

  4. Sabhee ko suprabhaat sab hai, ek achchha din.
    Main aap sabhee se pyaar karata hoon.?

    1. Wow yetty u know hindi

    2. OMG hindi..!!
      Karta nhi karti hu 😛

      1. Thanks Renu and Arshdeep, learning from Google.
        Van lav.

    3. Hum sab bhi apse boht pyar karte hai

  5. Renu didi did u call me??
    Sorry that number is in tab..dont know where it was that time….i could not pick up..sorryy
    I will call u tomorrow by myself didi most probably in afternoon…is it okay didi??

  6. hey guys today barbie cant give update as she didnt watch todays episode so i request anyone from IKRS family to update pls pls

    1. i also didn’t watch the epi….plz anyone plz……

    2. Shall i update plz??

      1. ya we r waiting arshi didi

  7. arshi didi saw ur pic on fb today and i must say u r looking so gorgeous….

  8. watching now yesterdays epi…….best scene…….
    viplav: chalo tumhe kya dikh rahe ho?
    Dhani: rakshas

  9. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I have made vidhaani as imp role.. So pls read and comment..

  10. Hello everyone. I m back with beautiful mehendi in my hands. Didn’t watch today’s episode as I and my cousins had gone to apply mehendi. So Arshi di plz update today’s episode if possible. Waiting eagerly for it.

  11. Friends finally the day has come for which I and my family was waiting for. As u all have said me to comment whenever I get time, I will definitely do it. If I get time I will comment tomorrow morning at 4 before leaving itself so that I can give my attendance for tomorrow. Yes the trip is super interesting as we r going in a mini bus and also we r 27 of them. So full on masti going to be from tomorrow.

    Ranaji so sorry I will not be able to post my ff. Here at home also I m so busy in packing and other stuff. Also yesterday my mother’s friend’s wedding anniversary was there and we were there till 1 so yesterday also could not post and today I was at my friend’s house till evening. And after that I went to apply mehendi. Now I will sleep early because tomorrow I have to wake up at 3:30. So no time to post. Even no time to comment. But I m commenting little by little. So sorry but u have to wait for one week. Again very sorry.

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