Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath accusing Dhaani and says since she stepped in the house, she have ruined his family. He says Dhaani have ruined Shalu’s happiness and she will be punished. Viplav says if Dhaani is guilty then she will be punished else not. Dasharath asks him to shut up and asks him not to take her case. Viplav is shocked.

Sushma emotionally blackmails Dhaani and says I have always supported you. You both tried to be together, bur God don’t want you both to unite. She says my family’s happiness is at stake and asks her to go far from Viplav. She says your love can be culminated into a relation and asks her to try to understand, go far from here and save her family. Dhaani thinks I have taken a decision what to tell in court.

Dhaani is brought

to court by the police. Dulaari hugs her and asks if she is fine? She asks her not to worry and asks her to tell the truth only. She says Viplav will save you. Viplav tells her that the opposition lawyer will ask dirty questions, but she shall not get tensed and answer well.

Raja’s mum tells Mami that Dhaani is standing in the witness box as she had killed her son. She says she will be punished. Dulaari gets angry and tells that her daughter haven’t committed any crime. Judge comes and asks to start the case. Opposition lawyer tells that it is a very simple case, but I want to ask few questions to you. He asks if your husband was a drunkard and used to beat you. Dhaani recalls Sushma’s emotional blackmail while the lawyer continuously asks her same question. Viplav asks Dhaani why she is silent. The lawyer asks if you had killed your husband, yes or no. Dhaani says yes. Everyone is shocked. Lawyer says that’s all my Lord. Dasharath and Kanak looks at each other with relief.

Viplav asks Dhaani what are you saying? that too infront of judge saheb. Did anyone force you to lie? He asks her to tell truth. Opposition lawyer asks why he is trying to make her change the statement. Viplav says just because someone forced her to lie. He asks her tell the truth. Dulaari asks her to tell truth and says you haven’t kill him. Opposition lawyer says case is crystal clear and asks him to announce the verdict. Viplav argues and says Dhaani said yes to the first question that her husband used to beat her in a drunkard state. Dhaani says her husband used to drink. Viplav asks for a chance to question Dhaani. He says my client got scared when the opposition asked her repeated questions. He asks for a next hearing? Judge says okay, the verdict will be announced tomorrow, and adjourns the court for a day. Viplav thanks him. Kanak tells Dasharath, why Dhaani have accepted her crime so easily. Dasharath says I am also thinking the same. Viplav follows Dhaani and asks why did you lied in the court. If someone came to meet you in jail and forced you. Dhaani is silent. She is taken by police. Dasharath says she has accepted her crime. Viplav says she is lying? Dhaani looks at Viplav while going and thinks she has done this for their family, and don’t want anyone to have suffer because of her, and that’s why lied. Constables locks Dhaani in the lock up and says I have seen for the first time, that a criminal have accepted her crime. Dhaani looks on sad.

Dulaari cries crazily and worries if Dhaani will be punished. Raj Lakshmi asks her not to worry as Viplav will take care of the case. Viplav comes to meet Dhaani and asks her to tell the truth as nobody is around. He says what do you think that you will accept the crime and I will be able to save you. He asks who came to meet you in jail. Dhaani recalls Sushma’s request and says I have killed my husband, but was scared to accept it. Viplav says you are lying and asks her to tell by looking in his eyes. Dhaani doesn’t look in his eyes, and cries. Viplav understands she is lying. He tells her that today was the happiest day of his life, as he had planned to take her home. He promises her as her husband that he will get her freed of all charges and will take her home with all the rituals. Dhaani turns to him and says Viplav. Viplav leaves. Dhaani cries.

Raja’s mum accuses Dhaani and says she has killed my son. Kanak says she has trapped my son. Opposition lawyer talks ill about Dhaani’s character. Viplav loses his cool and announces that Dhaani is his wife. Dasharath, Kanak, Raja, his mum and others get shocked. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Hi i also saw the olv dhani was looking pretty in red n ornaments viplav was in his usual white tee n red plaid shirt . badi amma was missing . eisha was saying that now ishq ka rang is red mishal said its gรณd now dhani would be seen in red colours as it was needed for a change as white had become monotonous theysaid it would give a good message to society specially remote areas

  3. Guys now Me too saw in saas bahu bidhayi of Dhaani..Dhaani is looking pretty…
    I was jumping and dancing ? when I saw it and cousin were telling that she is dancing like it is her sister’s wedding ?…I am sooo happy ? happy ? no words to express my feelings…I am soooooo exited…
    I love u guysss
    IKRS rockssss
    IKRS is awesome
    IKRS is fabulous
    Woooooooooooooooow Vidhaani’s marriage ? yeey
    Wooooow I am sooo happy…
    Mera mood toh ishkholic hai
    Ye sab thum gareliye
    I am sooooo happy


  5. Dulha ban gaya hoy ban gaya sadda barkhurdar
    Ghodi chadh gaya hoy chadh gaya chhadake motarcar
    Sehra saj gaya hoy sehra saj gaya jalawedar
    Dulhan dwar ghadi sajan sang jane ko tayyar
    Nachale hoy – 2
    Hoy yaara hoy ho mitra ho

    Tere dware pe aai barat – 2
    Prem ke moti luta de nain swagat me bichade – 2
    Ho jara aadar ke sath
    Tere dware pe aai barat – 2

    Vivah shubh vivah – 2

    Dilli ka raja aaya warne ko madhupur ki rani
    Hone ko hai aaj puri inki adhuri kahani – 2
    Phul khushiyo ke khile hai badi mushkil se mile hai – 2
    Hay re tarse do hath
    Tere dware pe aai barat – 2

    Teri taraf badh rahe hai nanhaise pag bite kal ke
    Sukh dukh ke is sangam pe naina hai kyun chhalake chhalake – 2
    Rit babul ki nibhade apni betiya ko wida de – 2
    Re asiso ke sath leke dulhan ko laute barat
    Barat leke dulhan ko laute barat
    Do not know when my comments are going to get posted…
    Iss Khushi ke moke par pls moderation mera peecha chod tho..

  6. I am soooo happy…??????โคโค?

  7. I was literally enjoying that video …….. Wanted to jump and dance…. Very very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Good morning/afternoon to everybody.Trying to catch up.HI to all new fans.Just watched olv of Viplav fetching Dhaani from ashram, she looked so beautiful. Must have got rid of Raja n family pretty quickly.? Can’t wait for tonight ??

  9. Hi friends, good day to u all and to all newcomers WELCOME. have not been commenting regularly for some time, this is due to the fact that I’ve not been feeling well buh I do read all ur comments.
    I’m very glad abt the olv and will surely watch it. As for today’s episode I’m eagerly waiting for it.
    Luv u all with lots of hugs

  10. @Arshdeep, sorry yaar, late hogayee. Welcome to our one and only IKRSians..Keep commenting dear, be happy..

    1. Thnks sonu

      Can i knw sumthng abt u?


  12. Bhai(AM) apne sachhi bola sab ne new hairstyle Kiya hai…
    Eisha is looking prettier in that hairstyle..It seems like it is her original hair..
    Alas..Varanasi ke raja ke sath Pankaj & Raj aagaye..
    Guyss band kesa laga…bahut acha na..Raj or Pankaj hamare event house Mein aayethe band valo ko dund kar &
    Jab Hume pata chala Ki Vo bole baba keliye bachane vale hai tab humne hamare shop ko best band valon ko supply kiya hai
    ? ?? lol

  13. Hi my dear lovely IKRSians, how r u all? Today I am so busy. Now i give my attendance. Ok guys, bye, see u later.. Love u alllllllllllll…………..

  14. Am can I call u bhailu\bhai..???

  15. areh …aaj mere yaar ki shadi hae …
    aaj mere yaar ki shadi hae ….
    oye …aaj meri yaar ki shadi hae ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ ….

    shantics is singing this song in vidhani marriage ….cool down sis ….itne mat uchlo …hahaha

  16. I’ve seen the image on Twitter of the scene in the ashram, happy times ahead.. At last.

    I’m not going to watch the olv so I can enjoy the episode as not so keen to know too much in advance.


  17. Guys I now i watched mishals shaadi vaadi n all that it was very nice .u people also like it definetly watch it my of frnds.before we got pyar vyar n all that n this is very it n enjoy.

    1. ya u r right kavitha coz i am already watched it n i downloaded it also i liked mishal’s look in shaadi vaadi his looking dashing n very handsome ikrs mein bhi utna hi handsome hain but shaadi vaadi ka mishal muze bahut pasand aaya

    2. Hello Kavitha. It’s good isn’t it.

      My Mishal Raheja journey started with IKRS. I then watched shaadi vaddi. Then I discovered Laagi Tujhse Lagan and OMG I was totally and utterly hooked on the man.

      I have watched that series, up to when Mishal leaves the show, 3 times and cannot get enough of him.

      I honestly think he is the finest actor. He draws me in totally so I forget I,m watch a ‘show’ and his ability to emote both during spoken scenes or unspoken ones is second to none. Yes he is stunning looking but honestly his acting ability is just phenomenal.


    3. watched it already 2 months back dear…. so good to see Mishal as Ranbir Ahuja…..

  18. good evening everybody. .
    many many happy returns of the day vaishnavi more. god bless you. .Always. .

    1. thanx saras ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Bhailu ahhh mere yaar Ki shaadi hai….?
    No problem knw In calling you bhaia\bhailu,na!!!
    I am sooo happy

  20. Loved this episode

  21. Thank u so much my lovely friends who made my day. I love you all very much for the wonderful feelings you gave me on my special day and made it the most memorable birthday of my life.
    i feel so happy n proud that i am the member of this cute, loving n caring family…

  22. Hi nimisha i like yr name ur thouhts are genuine, superb may i know something about u

    1. Hi Renu

      That’s sweet. Thank you.

      What would you like to know.

      I am the wrong side of 45 but the right side of 50 and am a stay at home mum to 2 kids an 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy.

      I live just outside London in England and I desperately want to work in the Indian film or to industry. Behind the scenes would be amazing, I guess living over 4500 miles away from where it all happens means it’s unlikely that I’ll get the chance but I live in hope.

      Errrmmmmm can’t think of anything else.

      How about you?


  23. Episode 196 @ at court Viplav announces in front of eveyone that he is married to dhani. Episode [email protected] the court acquits dhani of murder charge Episode 198 @ viplav happily plays holi with his wife at ashram . later he decides to take her home. Episode199 @ viplav is shocked when he learns that no one in the family is ready to accept dhani.

    1. Thank you for the spoilers Renu…. from where did you get it?

  24. Hi Renu, just read you episode update.

    Really…. Viplav is shocked that no one is ready to accept his marriage. I’m not surprised by that. He must be pretty naive to think they would have accepted her. Sounds like the track might star to drag from epi 199.


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