Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Dulaari that she won’t let Viplav meet Vidha under any circumstances. Dulaari asks can you see Vidha yearning for her dad day and night. She says can’t you see how much Viplav loves her and asks why you are coming inbetween you both. Dhaani says she can tolerate the meeting, but he wants to buy her with gifts/toys. Dulaari asks don’t you know him, and says he don’t want his daughter to cry or yearn for something, and that’s why he brought these things. Parshiya says he is married and have a son, then why does he come here. Dulaari says what if he is married, but the truth of Vidha remains the same, she is his daughter. Dhaani says I love her very much and can’t let her go, cries. Dulaari says Vidha is his blood, he won’t do anything and consoles

her. Vidha brings Constable home and says he asked for them. Constable says he came to take them to Police station for interrogation as Viplav’s son is missing. Parshiya says why you came here, we didn’t do anything. Dhaani says he was there when we went there. Parshiya asks who has complained against us? Constable says Mrs and Mr. Viplav Tripathi. Parshiya says have he gone mad and says I will come, but not Dhaani. He asks him to come. Constable stops him. Vidha asks what happened and says she will also come. Dulaari says you can’t go. Dhaani says I will be back. Vidha says Atharva is nice and gave his toys to me for playing. She asks her to tell Rakshas uncle not to get sad. Dhaani says I will tell.

Inspector tells that they have tap their phones, incase if kidnapper calls them then he will know. HE asks them to go. Just then Dhaani and Parshiya comes there. Parshiya asks if you think Dhaani is a kidnapper. Viplav says never, I can never doubt on her. He says Inspector wants to talk to her, and asks Dhaani to give answer to Inspector, says I know you are innocent. Inspector asks them to come to interrogation room. Viplav says no, and asks him to ask questions infront of him. Dhaani says you can ask anything. Constable takes them to interrogation room.

Parshiya tells Inspector that he went there to take Vidha, but had some work and that’s why left from the place. He says Viplav came to drop them home. He says we didn’t kidnap his child. Inspector asks Dhaani, you are Viplav’s first wife and asks her to tell why did she left him. He says you have started this business to kidnap the child. Viplav enters and asks Inspector to search his son rather than accusing him, and says Dhaani is not involved. Inspector says may be they have kidnapped your soon to get money from you. Viplav says they are not like this. Inspector asks Viplav to let them speak and asks Dhaani to tell why did she break the marriage. He asks if she had any affair or anything. Parshiya asks him to ask her husband and not her.

Dhaani asks Parshiya not to tell this. Inspector says I know everything about you. Viplav tells Inspector that I told you everything about Ashram fire. He says Dhaani was alive and stayed with Parshiya. She has a daughter also. Inspector asks whose daughter is she? Parshiya says she is my daughter. He says Vidha is not missing, but his son. Inspector says now you both can go, but have to come for interrogation again. Parshiya says okay and asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani looks at Viplav. She is about to faint due to stress. Viplav forwards her hand, but Parshiya holds her. Ishq Ka Rang plays…………..Dhaani cries. Viplav goes out. Dhaani says she is fine. She comes out of interrogation room and tells Parshiya that she wants to talk to Viplav and Kamini.

Before she could talk, Kamini hugs Viplav and sheds fake tears. Viplav asks her not to worry. Dhaani asks Kamini not to worry and says Parshiya have connections and he will search. Kamini gives him Atharva photo and asks him to tell soon where is her son. Parshiya says I took just photo, I do pity work, but is not involved in this cheap thing. Viplav says I know and told Police that I don’t have any doubt on you bothm and apologizes. Parshiya says ok, I will tell if comes to know anything. Dhaani tells Kamini not to worry and says Atharva will be found soon. Kamini tells Dhaani, you know naa where is Atharva? Dhaani is shocked. She sits down on her feet and asks Dhaani to tell where is Atharva. Viplav says what nonsense. Kamini says you are angry at me as I have married him. She asks her to punish her, but return her son back to her. She cries and asks Dhaani to take the money and give her son. Viplav asks Kamini to stop it. Kamini says Dhaani is having our son..Dhaani says you are misunderstanding us, I don’t know anything about your son. She says I don’t have any complaints with you and Viplav, I want happiness for you both, and I just wants to stay happily with my daughter.

Parshiya is drinking tea and is upset. He tells Viplav is a big lawyer and is like a tiger. He says I am just mosquito infront of him. His friend says didi likes you. Parshiya says Viplav will keep Dhaani more happy than I could. He says what I will tell her, that I love her very much, even though I have no place to live, what I will tell Vidha?

Kamini asks Dhaani to return her son. Dhaani takes Promise of Vidha and says I don’t know anything about Atharva’s whereabouts. Kamini acts and asks where is my son? Viplav asks her to stop the drama. He gets a call from someone informing him that Atharva is in their custody. Viplav asks what do you want? Kidnapper asks for 50 Lakhs ransom. Viplav asks what is the guarantee that you will give my son. Kidnapper laughs and asks him to come to certain place with money else he will kill him. Viplav says nothing should happen to my son. He tells Kamini that Atharva is kidnapped. Inspector tells Viplav that call is traced and it is from PCO near Versova chawl. Viplav and Kamini look at Dhaani. Dhaani looks on. Inspector says we will catch the kidnapper soon.

Inspector tells that kidnapper is caught from that same PCO. Kamini asks where is my son? Inspector says we will find soon and says Parshiya is the one who has kidnapped Atharva. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mariyam123

    Yesterday’s episode was very boring. So no opinion about it. Kamini is a big drama queen. Viplav was as usual handsome. Instead of watching ikrs we all ikrs fans should start a new show. As all of u know we r very good writers. If we become the writers, ikrs will get a good trp. What u say?

  2. Mariyam123

    Today and tomorrow is my holiday so many comments from my side. But I think I m commenting alone. No one comments when I m there. Jaao sabse katti. Ab jab sab aayenge tab hi main aaoungi. Bye bye!!

  3. Elle a big hi to u?☺?

    1. Mariyam123

      Aapka hi nahi chahiye. Koi mujhse baat hi nahi kar raha hai. Main yaha bore ho rahi hu

  4. Mariyam123

    Arshi di aaj chutti isliye hai kyunki humare school ka ssc result 100% aaya hai na. Bas yahi bataane ke liye aayi thi. Main aapse aur ikrs family se katti hu. Ab main comment tab tak nahi karungi jab tak mera gussa shaant nahi hota. Bye!!

    1. Arshdeep

      Ohooo gussa to tumhara sabse upar rehta h..

      Calm down girl..calm down..
      And aa jao wapis.. Itna gusa nhi karte

  5. Nimisha

    Hello everyone

    Hope you’re all well. Had a very busy few days so not had a chance to come and say hello. So hellooooooooooo!!!

    As much as I don’t enjoy VK on the screen I a, really enjoying the show ALOT! It’s going really good at the moment.

    Agree with Anne that the last couple of episodes have moved the story on.

    I enjoy seeing how much Viplav detests VK.
    I also think Dulaari is cool for reminding Dhani of Viplavs right.
    I don’t think Parshiya is involved but the 50000 ties in with the school fees for Vidha so someone is trying to stitch him up.
    Viplav in the police cell cleared the MU that he had them arrested and loved seeing him defend Dhani, he knows he so so well and still has faith in her.
    VK falling to Dhani’s feet was a ridcisulous scene and convinces me that she is def involved. But that scene did allow Dhani to speak and for Viplav to realise that he can neve take Vidha away from her. I think he wants to have both Dhani and Vidha back in his life and when he has said to Dhani he won’t leave without his child, it’s been said in anger as he would never do that to her.
    Parshiya saying Vidha was his child must have stung Viplav and when Dhani was fainting he stopped himself from going to her, which was sad to see.
    The spoilers of trips and kam trying to kill Dhani are predictable. But as we know Viplav is her protector so let’s hope he manages to do that again. Really hoping VK is caught when she attempts to take Dhani’s life in the hospital. She is getting more desperate that. I play is hers despite the fact that she hasn’t managed to win him over the last 5 years. Now that Dhani is back she knows she has no chance!

    Viplav knows VK is being over the top. In the day before a epi when she said this city will steal everything for me was another clue, but then she pretended to faint but I’m sure it’s a clue that Viplav heard.

    Also love KT and the way shto is enjoying reminded VK Of just how much Viplav lives Dhani.

    Hoping we see her change her tune and also willing Dulaari to talk to Viplav and tell the truth, Vidha is her granddaughter so I think she needs to speak up. She also know how much Dhani loves Viplav and she knows that VK was evil all along , so she needs to take control, with Dadi too.

    Anyway, apologies for the long post again, but making up for a few days.

    Have a fab day everyone

    1. Nimisha

      That Viplav is hers…

    2. Hi nimmy lov to read yr posts. Missed u a lot can understand your busy schedule. Really happy to see u back ???

      1. Nimisha

        Awww hi Renu! Missed you LOTS too. Hope all’s well with you.

        Are you still on the other place? I sent a message but not sure if you’re still using it.

        loved your comments too. Will try and be more present here again, have summer hols starting soon so kids will be at home, which means I’ll have less time for a few weeks but will try, I promise. Xxx

      2. Nimmy luv u . Actually it got deleted and have to reinstall . Oo.. know the hectic schedule eith kids at home on hols… ??

      3. Nimisha

        Love you too Renu,

        Am actually really looking forward to the kids being home for a few weeks. LOVE It esp as they are ready for the break right now. Just have to figure out when to fit in my show watching and commenting on here. Lol.

        I find the other place easier as its so quick with the app on my phone but am limited to so few characters. Maybe I’ll learn to be succinct. Lol!

    3. Ade1111

      hey you

      1. Nimisha


    4. Sujie

      Nimmy dear…. Loved your post…. jiyo ???

      1. Nimisha

        Thanks Suji. Love yours too, hope your well. Any news on your sat’s? When do you hear how you did??

  6. Anne

    Good morning everybody????????xxxxxxx
    I think the story will be exciting this week,Viplav and Dhani are being thrown together, so that looks good..! ??????

    1. Ade1111

      morning hun

  7. Anne

    Just thought , viplav will eventually get to know Vidhas birthday, he only has to look at the school paper that he found at the wedding or wait for her birthday to happen then surely he would be able t work it out..??

  8. Areeb

    So in upcoming episodes the story might go ? ;

    Parshiya getting interrogated ( Rather pressurized to confess the crime he didn’t commit. ) .. Dhaani showing her believe in Parshiya .. Dhaani deciding to prove Parshiya innocence .. Dhaani heading to find Atharva all alone ..

    Rest has not been yet in mind. ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Empty stomach makes much stories.. i can understand?????

      1. Arshdeep

        But i agree when i can show faith in parshiya..dhani will show too

  9. Areeb

    Louella fasts are going good Allhumdullilah. ?

    Pta hai kya, when I saw your picture here.. me tub sy soch rahin hun yeh itni si larki itni sari fictional stories kesy likh leti hai yaar! ? You are really talented yet so cute!!! MashaAllah MashaAllah !! ??

    And yes thank-you for asking about fasts.. almost daily! You know what it really makes me feel special. ❤

    Thought to share it today what I really feel about you. You are such a darling . Stay Blessed. 🙂

  10. Areeb

    If kam is behind this kidnapping. Then I’m worried why she did so? ? Was she planing to trap Dhaani in a false kidnapping case? Really? ?? Then, what’s next? ?

    I really didn’t understand why this Kidnapping game? What she is thinking?? ?

    1. Areeb !!! Vk wants to defame dhani n parshiya to win over viplav as she could not stand viplavs fondness for her n her daughter.

    2. Arshdeep

      Do you think the inspector is part of plan too?

      1. Nimisha

        Hellooooo Arshdeep.

        The inspector went from being really rubbish at interrogating to having tapped and traced a call. He was awful at the questioning. Usually it’s guilty until proven innocent but his style was guilty until you prove yourself innocent, ????

  11. Areeb

    When Kam held Dhaani’s feet.. If I would have been playing Dhaani I would have gone like this;

    ” Get off me Kamini!! ( pushing her hard ) ( Looking at Viplav ) Yaar, Problem kya hai tumhari!? Jubsey miley tub sy meri life hell banadi hai!! Kabhi koe mujhy murder bolta hai, kabhi thief, kabhi kidnapper, kabhi characterless ( sitting on the floor ) kiya kya hai mene akhir!! Ajeeb mazak bna raha hai! ME TO NAHI KHEL RAHI! ”

    It’s in Urdu because when I’m extremely happy or angry I express things in my own native language. ?

    1. Areeb

      ‘ Me to nahi khel rahi ‘ ; is actually my catch phrase. ?

      1. Lajawab areeb. Kaash dhani ne ye sab vk se kaha hota to vaastav me ….☺?

    2. Arshdeep

      Superb areeb????
      Wish you would be the writer of ikrs?

      Anyways is it really urdu? Very similar to hindi na

    3. Sujie

      Superb Areeb….. How about the addition….. After all the dialogue baazi…Dhaani holding Kaamini by her hair and pushing her towards the lockup along ki jor ka jhatka….Wouldn’t that be awesome??

  12. Angel20

    Louella, My school is going good but very boring I must say?? All subjects in one day, it’s really tiring!! I feel like sleeping during my classes?? but I have made new friends so enjoying??

  13. Angel20

    Sorry for not commenting much, but after coming from school I am really tired??

  14. Angel20

    Louella saw the link of your ff but will read it later now feeling sleepy??

  15. Ade1111

    Good Morning Everyone
    have a beautiful and positive day today

  16. I m also thinking by at least this month end ishita will be out. ..
    I don’t know what to tell about
    sanjeeda’s acting..Whenever she looks at viplav she is good but her dialog delivery n the way she keeps her body n face too stifly I feel it’s too artificial b weird. . still I m ok with her also as she is viplav’s love -:)) lol

  17. Shanitics

    Yesterday’s episode was quite a bit boring ? The way Viplav supported Dhaani is awesome… VK drama queen ? Parshiya y u held Dhaani.. Otherwise ?
    Sanjeeda Viplav mre thy use is Judaai and not ikrs title sng.. If thy played title song ? It makes me remind mst of the miesha scenes ?

    Hope misunderstanding won’t be thr any more..?

  18. watt a boring episode
    vip is now btwen dhanni &cruel kamini
    but he always supports his queen
    y dhanni couldnt understand his love &pain

  19. Sujie

    Arshu….. Your profile picture!!! Aw….

    1. Arshdeep

      Yesss didi and after watching todays precap i am very sure about it??

      1. Sujie

        Hope so Arshu 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Sujie

    Sometimes I wonder someone from the makers’ team have fallen in love with Kaamini…tabhi toh she is given so much footage… Hadd hai bhai….. We want NEGATIVITY KI DOOKAN KAAMINI to be out of the show right now…

  21. Kavitha

    Yes sujie even I too think that type as u said our writers will be slaves of kamini creating the kamini as lead in show.
    U know I can tolerate even KT as villain role but really I can’t bear that stupid kamini yaar.don’t know from when they will remove kamini from show.I want they treat her mosquito in milk.waiting to that day.

    1. Sujie

      So true Kavi di 🙂 we will party that day

    2. Latha

      Kavitha KT DT and trip never irritated like kamini.

  22. Kavitha

    Hi Louella cutie so ur back with ur power pack com sry dear I too can’t com continuously bcs of works.only when iam free I’ll be here definitely. Any way catch in today’s episode.

  23. Kavitha

    Hi nimisha after a long time so happy to see ur com.keep commenting dear.luv u guys.

  24. Kavitha

    Watching ikrs very eagerly mu was going on extending BT vidhaani.but that scene how viplav reacts to dhaani n Persia’s acting that was heavenly super.
    Really no hubby can bear this that his wife shows some type of love on other guy.

  25. 22nd episode makes me cry how two loving people suffers in the hands of cruel( Kamini,DT,kT,Dadi bua )people , both Parshya and Viplav beat the police people for wrong commenting of Dhaani ,and Viplav feels ,though his beloved is so near to him she cano,t console him,how he hugs the shawl of Dhaani ,this is the same shall Dhaani used to go to night school, and in tomorrow’s episode Viplav attended vidha school as father,waiting for tomorrow’s episode……….

    1. Latha

      Yes saraswathi madam u r right and waiting for tomorrow’s episode that to see that scene ‘Rakshas uncle becoming vidha’s papa….

    2. Porkodi

      Thanks saraswathi for ur brief and sweet update about today episode.

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