Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking Nurse if Parshiya’s masked was removed due to her carelessness or someone went into room. Nurse says may be mask was loose. Dhaani scolds Nurse for her carelessness. Anshuman comes there and asks what happened? Dhaani says Parshiya’s mask was removed. Anshuman asks Nurse to be careful. Kamini tells Tripurari that Dasharath has a doubt on them and asks him to leave from here. Tripurari tells her that Viplav’s rule will end and he will take over. Kamini says nothing will happen as such and says Viplav will returned soon. She warns him and goes.

Anshuman asks Dhaani, is everything fine? Dhaani says nothing is fine, Viplav went somewhere, and Parshiya’s mum misunderstands about our relation, and doesn’t know that Viplav is my husband. Anshuman

asks her to clear Pratibha’s misunderstanding. Dulaari says don’t know about her illness, if anything happens to her then….She says let Parshiya gain consciousness then we will see. Anshuman asks her to tell Pratibha. Dhaani asks Dulaari if Vidha went to school. Dulaari says yes. Dhaani says I will go home. Anshuman says Dulaari and me are here, he asks her to go.

Pratibha prays to Ganpati Bappa and gives Prasad to Vidha. Vidha asks will you not eat? Pratibha says she has kept fast for him and is not eating sweets. She says she is sacrificed sweets for him. Vidha asks what it means? Pratibha says it gives strength and God gives us that thing. She asks her to call her Aaji/Dadi. Vidha says okay and goes. Rahul and other friend come there and greet her. Pratibha asks why Viplav came to stay in Basti and says he is from rich family. Rahul says it was just an excuse to stay near Dhaani, even though she asked him to go. He says Viplav is Dhaani’s first husband. Pratibha is shocked and thinks that’s why Vidha is so attached to him. Other friend tells that Vidha doesn’t know that Viplav is her father. Pratibha thinks why did Dhaani hide a big truth from her and goes to her house. She knocks on the door. Dhaani opens it and asks what happened?

Pratibha asks if Viplav is your husband? She asked why you didn’t tell me. Dhaani is shocked. She says I was about to tell you everything… Pratibha says you are really a Devi. She says why did you bear? She says you are devi’s avatar, have been silent when I cursed him. Dhaani says Parshiya’s condition is because of me. Pratibha says Parshiya came back and fought with yamraj for you. She says your first husband will be punished by God. She says I don’t hold you responsible. Dhaani says I was about to tell you. Pratibha says I understand you, it is good that you left that bad man and says Vidha didn’t get fatherly love, once you marries Parshiya, your family will complete. Dhaani says now we have to go to hospital. Pratibha says he is very lucky as he got you.

They come to hospital. Pratibha thanks Dulaari. Dulaari says your son have done so much for us. Anshuman tells Dhaani that he has to leave from some work. Pratibha asks Parshiya to get up. She says your gudiya is waiting for you. She says Dhaani and her Maayi are also here. She goes out and cries. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Pratibha got to know about Viplav and her relation. Dulaari asks who told her. Dhaani says may be Parshiya’s friends. Vidha comes to Pratibha. Rahul says she was insisting to see. Pratibha says Parshiya will be fine seeing you. Vidha hugs her.

Dhaani asks Parshiya to wake up and says everyone is waiting for you. Vidha gives her favorite doll to Pratibha and says she couldn’t sleep without it, and says she is sacrificing it so that her baba gets well. Pratibha tells Vidha that baba will become her papa after marrying her mum. Vidha gets happy and asks really? Dhaani recalls Parshiya trying to tell her something. She gets teary eyes and cries. Her tear fall on his hand. Parshiya opens his eyes. Dhaani gets happy and asks Dulaari to call doctor. She asks do you want to tell anything? Parshiya tries to say….Dhaani asks him to say slowly. She asks are you alright? She asks who had beaten you? Pratibha comes there with Vidha.

Doctor asks everyone to leave from ICU. He says I will confirm first if he is fine then Police will take his statement. Dhaani and others go out of ICU. Doctor checks Parshiya. Inspector tells Parshiya that he will find the guilty. He asks what happened that night. Did you remember? Parshiya tells about his fight with Viplav. He says Viplav pushed me and then….Pratibha tells Dhaani that Vidha’s wish came true. Dhaani is tensed. Pratibha says my son got a new life and cries. Dhaani thinks if Parshiya told about Viplav, if he is guilty.

Dasharath tells that Parshiya got consciousness and gave statement to Police. Kanak says he will put all blame on Viplav and worries for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. zee

    Hello Areeb, Arshi, Nimisha, Renu, Sujie and all IKRS family.
    How are you? I am happy to be back and among you again.
    Sujie congratulations for making it to Indiana univ – did I miss any other news in the last 6 weeks? Pl tell.
    Read TUs for the last few days like an addict. But story seems a bit out of sync. Hope story improves in the coming days.

      • Zee

        oh i missed you too dear Louella. Sorry forgot to mention your name earlier. Tho u and your funny stories were much in my thots. Pl write some soon. Your little stories are better than ikrs.

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Thank you Di …… We are happy as well…..keep commenting 😀😀
      I don’t think you missed any news ….but if there is any others are there to tell you 😀😀

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Helloooooo Zeeeeeee

      Good to see you. How are you?

      The news you missed is that I met MIshal. He fell madly in love with me and asked me to marry him 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

      And then… I woke up 😂😂😂😂

      Hope you’re well. Xxx


      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        Wow nimmy i thought u were serious n must have met mishal at some restaurant …..

        Till i read the last line😁😀

      • Esh

        |Registered Member

        Hey nimisha I really thought u met him as he was in UK till I read or last line was thinking lucky u

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Finally you are here. Got happy seeing yellow logo! 😊 I’m super good, hoping the same for you too. 🙂

      How’s all going.. your thesis and all?

  2. Saraswathi.j

    Why Dhaani is behaving with Parshya as if he is her husband,when parshyas mum scold Viplav she just keep quite, how she forget all the good deeds that Viplav had did for her I think her charecter is going to scoop down ,is she ready to marry again third time that goon Parshya?what a Sakti she is as per parshyas mum ,leaving good husband going to invite another goon like Tp…!in to her life as husband,and as father for vidha as her own father is alive and like his daughter very much ,how Viplav will face all these new developments,why vidha forget her Rakshas uncle and ready to accept Parshya as her father ….what nonsense story it was ,what message the creatives are going to give society,break all good relations and invite false relationships multiple marriages is this the message they want give to the society,do ,t give backwas story and messages to society,bad is very small and minute in society,majority of people are good , do not blow up bad into thousands of times and do not show that as good do not break family relationships..please please give Dhaani a good message ,marrying multiple times is not a good message and solution to her,if something happened to the person whom she is going to marry ,is she go again to marry another person ,what backwas are you going to show to this marrying aspect ,that Kamini is hundred times better than dhaani,she only want Viplav.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Agree saraswathiji original plot of story was to spread a social message about WIDOW REMARRIAGE BUT THAT DOESN’T IMPLY THAT U WOULD GET A WIDOW MARRIED THRICE😊😋

      • SARAS

        hahaha lol saraswathi ji n renuji…

        really it has become a comedy show. ..

        vidha forgetting rakshas uncle is understabdable.. kids in that age forget things soon also She is been with parshiya since birth she will be happy if he becomes her papa as it is she is longing for her paapa..

        but dhani??? widow repeated remarriage? ??

  3. Saraswathi.j

    Even the cvs manipulate little girl vidha by forgetting her love for rahkshasshas uncle to accept Parshya as father,she gave the gift doll given by her father sacrifices it to Parshya,how creative the writers are ,do not do all backwas ……..

  4. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Nimmy Di… Renu Di….Latha…..Porkodi ma’am….Shaani…thanks for your wishes everyone…..😀😀😀

    Okay……. Because of writers creativity….we are getting back to back meaningless episodes….. Waiting for Viplav’s aka Mishal’s entry…. But at that time…. Viplav will be shocked to see his Dhaani marrying some other person….. 👿👿😑😑😑😔😔😔
    Why did Dhaani remain silent when her forced mother in law was badmouthing about Viplav….
    Poor Vidha…. She is not told about her father who was with her since so many days…in this situation if someone will say ….after your mum married some man he will become your dad…it’s obvious that the little kid will get excited because he or she will think that the love he or she is yearning for will now be given by someone…. Poor kid 😱😱
    What did parshiya’s mum said to Dhaani…. You did good by leaving that bad husband …… Arrey kohi iss auntyko bolo who is Viplav Tripathi actually….💎 hai Viplav……
    The thing that shocks me is how Dulaari Maai gets ready for her buchiya’s wedding in a haste….
    When Dhaani Viplav were starting their friendship….she had problem…. Later she was ready to make Dhaani get married to that goon Tripurari…… And now that Parshiya….. dunno what will happen now……

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Sujita meri mabarkan bhi lelo tho I’m little late. 😄 So happy for you. And InshaAllah your Visa interview will go well. 🙂 Congratulations! 😘

  5. Zee

    Why are we forgetting that Viplav slapped Dhani and threw her out of AN without checking facts? He himself droppped her at Ashram and did noot come to check on her. He did nit even listen to Dulaari maayii when she contacted him. Plus he went ahead and married and had a child with Kamini? Why should Dhani or Dulaari trust him anymore? Parshiya helped her at a time when her inlaws and husband abandoned her based on lies concocted by Kamini and Asthana.

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Thanks zee, I was thinking the exact same thing!

      I actually am frustrated at Dhani for being so mute! BUT a lot has happened to her. Parshiya’s mum like with everyone else just bulldoze her into submission, she is never allowed to speak. Then when she tries to her own mother stops her! I am disappointed in Dulaari.

      Parshiya mum was wrong to tell Vidha that her mum and baba would be getting married soon. Little Vidha so happy that she will be getting a Papa.

      We knowI Viplav is good, but he has wronged Dhani, and from her prperspective she can’t forgive him. These last few episodes have given her some time to admire she knows Viplav wouldn’t hurt Parshiya, but the evidence she thinks says otherwise.

      Also, Parshiya has always been there for them all and he is the only father figure in Vidha’s life. She is slowly realising that it wasn’t such a surprise that Parshiya has feelings for her. But she is still in shock and processing it all.

      She also has kam telling her to marry Parshiya as that will make Viplav return to his son. Dhani doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking Viplavs marriage.

      Dhani is in a very confused state of mind. She seems like she is in shock and can’t process what she wants because everyone tells her what they want. She’s very put upon. By everyone. It’s only been Viplav who told her to believe in herself, but he also hurt her so she is like a zombie with no clue what she wants for herself.

      Parshiya, doesn’t know what went on with Dhani. All he sees is Viplav hanging around upsetting her. I believe that if he actually knew how Dhani feels about Viplav that he wouldn’t marry her. I still feel he’s a good man.

      I def think the story has lost its way a bit and I am also not happy with the spoilers. BUt from Dhani’s perspective she has no one she can confide in or talk to to helpmhervrationalise things. It was nice to see her call Anshuman Baba today without Dulaari losing her temper.

      I hope Anshuman is looking after Viplav and maybe that’s why he turned up today out of the blue to make sure Dhani is ok.

      My long two peneth worth. I am happily sticking with the show as I want Viplav and Dhani to have a happy ending with Vidha. They deserve it, but the cv’s won’t make it a walk in the park for them.

      Not long to wait for Viplav to return, then the story can get back on track.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Ooh, there’s more.. Sorry..

        Dhani has also had time to process her feelings for Viplav, she does love him and thinks he’s the only man for her. But that realisation also means that if she accepts how she feels she accepts that she would be responsible for breaking Viplavs marriage and home. She’s not selfish.

        I hope we soon learn why Viplav married kam. He has heard Dhani say atheist twice that he should return to his wife, I hope he realises that that is the problem for her

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Well zee its indeed a debatable topic.
      Situation at the moment, when viplav saw dhani confronting Dt was such that his mind overpowered his heart he could not see his ideal dadaji being confronted by dhani so in a fit of rage he dropped dhani to ashram. Actually before this VK HAD grown the seeds of Mu in viplavs mind viz


      ♨ After so many invidents viplav didnt say anything to dhani.

      Later when dt had organised vidhànis meeting viplav had gone to meet dhani but vidhàni was caught in the conspiracy of DT N VK DUE TO DIFFERENT time givrn to both thus they cud not meet.

      That day viplav was feeling guilty n was blaming himself for slapping dhani. He thought dhani is angry do didn’t turn up for the meeting. This time too VK gained n acted as if viplav is saying that he did a blunder marrying dhani.
      Here dhanis got furious n as viplav had got angry seeing dhani soeaking rudely wirh dhani .



      • Zee

        Hello Renu,
        many of the points you raised like night school were known to vIplav.
        Viplav married Dhani bec he valued her qualities – truth, honesty and pride. If she was assaulting DT, then Viplav shd have wondered why his Dhani was pushed to that extent. Ok I accept that he was angry seeing her hold DT’s collar and he dropped her back to ashram. Dhani said, someday you will know my truth, even then he ignored her plea and did nothing to find the truth.
        He did not talk to Dulari – this was disrespectful to an elder.
        He missed Dhani at the meeting point, but he could have called or gone to ashram to check.
        And then he does what all men do – unpardonable things under the effect of alcohol. I think Viplav did all wrong and broke the bond of trust which is the basis of any relationship, most of all marraige.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Zee, I agree that they were both at fault… DHani for not telling Viplav about all the goings on with kam. That was just weird Kam told her nit to tell and she was too easily swayed.

        But I totally agree with everything you say.

        At the end of the day, Kam manipulated them both, but she didn’t make any of it happen. VIplav should have wondered why Dhani was behaving as she was, like you say and he himself told her what she later heard kam say. Kam manipulated that moment, but he had said the same to her earlier, so from her perspective he knew she was pregnant and she still found him in another woman’s arms telling her he made a mistake. We know it was about the slap but Dhani didn’t,

        And that slap was awful. Again Kam didn’t make him slap her. He reverted back to his old spoilt brat self. Yes he later regretted it, but he never once let Dhani explain, just left her telling her he’s made a mistake. He had watched for weeks how badly Dhani was treated by his family but she quietly took it without complaining, He wondered after the bhang incident what had happened but her actions were so out of character he said have wondered,

        He broke the trust in their relationship. Dhani put the pieces together wrong, but all the pieces we there to start with.

        Like Dulaari said for a woman betrayal in a relationship is the worst thing and I agree.

    • Saraswathi.j

      If any one slap and drag with collar to your beloved grandpa what will you do will you keep quiet…no na..Viplav also did the same by that time she messed up her life by doing so many abnormal unwanted things not allowed to do a daughter in law ,going midnight without telling even to her husband that to through red light area,she has done a sequence of wrongs in that time at every time Viplav saved her we do not forget that Astana trapping is it a small one in that time also Viplav stand on her side as a pillor and fight for her honour,in the journey of life if you deviate from normal life so many will help,that means are you going to marry some one suggest you,no it is utterly wrong for a women,she has a daughter who is longing for her father ,even that father also loved then what right she has to separate them and go hug another false father,now a days women in the name of liberisation not properly thinking marrying divorce,again divorce and again marriage become a fassion ,for women self respect and charecter is important if she lose them every one look down her ,……

  6. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasanji for the update… I don’t know what is need for bringing another marriage track…. If mishal was in holiday means, they can show other plots like clearing the MU between Dulari and anushman or they can show piya or they can show what happened to Dadibua.. She is missing so many days… No need of bringing new character parathiba…
    Our CVs r very intelligent in making new characters.. after some episodes they will disappear without finishing the track…

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Porkodi, I think we have to assume that DadiBua died and that is how kam inherited everything at AN and why she has the power over them all. DB changed her will to leave everything to Viplavs wife, which sadly is Kam.

      Btw, love your little pic of MIshal. Where is that from? Think it’s lovely! He looks gorgeous in it! 😍😍😍

  7. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Did anyone notice the decor of parshiya room. It didn’t like a kholi at all that too of a bachelor’s.
    Sofa with cushions n a centre table with cover.😁😂😃

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Lol are u, I though pt that too! Also the incense sticks were already lit and the diva was ready for be lit.

      Yes, what a tidy young man 😂😂😂

    • Saraswathi.j

      Renu here see any married women directly enter into a mans room like Dhaani that to he is single living ,Dhaani is not at all behaving as a good house wife ,that to if she had a girl child why she made call Parshya as baba when in that region baba means a specific place for father,she is doing many unwanted things and trapped in those situations ,her hate towards Viplav is baseless and inhuman,I think she did not believe Viplav ,s sincerity at any time.that is why she very easily told Viplav she married to Parshya ,otherwise no woman will say like that if she has any respect to her husband ,she never think how her daughter feel about her father ,when he is alive why she is ready to made Parshya as her shows her arrogance,stubburn,and stupidity,

  8. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Seems writers want to show patchup admist anshuman n dulari else why would he had come to hospital. Though dulari looked a bit uncomfortable having him around n did make faces whenever anshuman spoke or gave some suggestion.😐😑

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      I wondered if he was there because Viplav went to him after leaving ….

      And maybe he was there to make sure Dhani was okay, and just happened to walk in at the same time as Dulaari.

  9. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    It Seems writers want to show patchup admist anshuman n dulari else why would he had come to hospital. Though dulari looked a bit uncomfortable having him around n did make faces whenever anshuman spoke or gave some suggestion.😐😑

  10. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    When parshiyas mom came to know viplav is dhani’s ex hubby she went running fuming in anger in the heavy rain.

    I expected now it would be over n she would tell dhani that she can never accept her as parshiyas wife.

    Against my expectations she praised dhani n compared her to goddess . I found it weird. On the top of it when she badmouthed about viplav i really wanted her to ✊👊✊👊✊

  11. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Just loved the way cutie vidha was asking about sacrifice.
    She is pretty intelligent n could get that need to give away yr favourite thing to get lords blessing.
    She was so obsessed that she was ready to part with her favourite doll given by her favourite uncle.

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      she’s a very grown up little 6 year old. My son is 6 and he’s an inquisitive little thing sometimes so Vidha and her stubbornness are very believable to me.

  12. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Didn’t watched episode. Today’s episode seems better. 😌 Finally Pratibha Aunt is known to the fact that Viplav was Dhaani’s husband. But known to the fact she is still stubbornly thinking of Dhaani. 😤

  13. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    I have a gut feeling that Parshiya will not take Viplav’s name. He probably be saying that he doesn’t know what happened after Viplav pushed him and he fell.

  14. Saraswathi.j

    Viplav just leave Dhaani she may go and marry multiple timeS ,you take your daughter from Dulaari and Dhaani both are stubborn take away your daughter……then she will enjoy her life with her coming new husband…

  15. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Yikes! Spoilers are so bad! 😷 Some members had predicted the same wedding bells For Dhaani Third time. 😑 Okay. -,- So with Viplav’s entry lot more drama will be created. Cool. Will wait to see, if it turns out making things better or as the CV’s choice situation gets worst!

  16. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Okay.. so, it’s just a thought.. or you can say my wish.. I think Viplav will be with Anshuman may be. 😂 When everyone close to him left him alone then may be Anshuman Uncle put consoling hand on his shoulder. 😋

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Ya areeb i too feel he is with anshuman as last call by viplav was to anshuman only. At that time he was shattered n devastated which was clearly evident from.his voice so anshuman at time must be somewhere around n took viplav with him.

  17. Amisha

    If Dhani wants to marry parshiya, Viplav should get his daughter from her because no man wants another man raising his daughter.. She and parshiya can raise their own kids but not a child whose father is a live 😡😡😡. Writing is messing up the story more. Dhani marry three times. Y can they just clear their mu and move on with their life.

  18. Anita

    Hi Renu…..Hi IKRS family….Hate the spoilers. Sanjeeda Sheikh should have a serious discussion with the producers as to how her role is turning out …. Third marriage ….manipulative mother….are we to believe that a woman can give herself so easily to a man just because so and so expects her to…. Dhani’s character was supposed to be pure and simple and now we see that she easily agrees to marry people like Tripurari and Parshiya.
    How can a woman be portrayed so cheap…. How is it possible to have a relationship with another man just because other’s expect u to… Just not possible.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi anita.☺ agree to u m exactly this is being discussed by everyone as to what is the need of getting her married thrice. It means cvs wanna show that women have no self respect n they are a mere object which can be used by anyone as per the convenience. Also surprising that when dulari knows tbat viplav is too concerned for her daughter n loves her to tbe core n moreover he can never do wrong (in parshiyas assault too she is sure viplav can’t do this) then wby does sbe agree to third marriage with parshiya. Sbe shud take a stand n convince dhani.

      • anita

        Hi, I am so over Dhani’s character that I am ready to accept another person in Viplav’s life (not Kamini). Someone beautiful and who understands his nature…..beautiful from inside not just outside…..someone cultured and caring…. someone he can trust…..all of these characters are missing in Dhani for sure.

  19. Saraswathi.j

    Believe it or not God or Nature created a special one Female in every species it has special importance because it is associated with production of new progeny in one it is the gift given by Nature or God ,and it is the responsibility of Mother to look after her progeny with the help of her partner(not by others if you carefully observe the Nature you may find it)As human species we think we are superior than other species but there are many in nature they look after their progeny better than us ,we human beings always fight who is superior the woman or men and fight each other for their superiority ( this we can see in Tretayug the period of Ramayanam ex Gorgi)But we all should bound and fallow the nature,s principles,so first priority to a woman as Mother is her Childern woman cano,t escape from this responsibility ( in the name of women,s lib)then comes husband etc…and it also her responsibility to tell her Childern who is their biological father( there are many men act like father depending upon their help when they grow up,but biological father is only one)(in our Ithihasas many types of fathers very clearly described )think all ladies once who will nurish the new born baby mother or some one ,the Nature has given that only to mother( now a days due to figure consciousness many women cscape from this responsibility) so for woman always after marriage and have Childern our duty is to look after the welfare of Childern not the enjoyment of self,here in this story Dhaani degraded herself her own charecter by not disclosing to her daughter who is her biological father ,and she not even informed him whether she alive or not and have given birth to a daughter to Viplav is her fault ,as a mother she has to inform it to him,Nature also told us raise your Childern by both parents,not single mother,it is against nature ,all of you observe nature it will tell us all stories .

  20. Saraswathi.j

    I want to end this with this song in some Telugu movie “dharani ki giri bharama ,giri ki tharani bharama,tharuvuku kaaya bharama,TAlli ki pilla bharama ” a lovely song which explain the responsibility of a mother these lines means,”are mountains are heavy for Earth,are plants and vegetation heavy for a mountain, are fruits are heavy for a plant,for a Mther her child is not a burden” she rise her Childern by sacrificing herself.

    • anita

      Well said Sarawathi, a woman’s nature is to protect and love her child even if it means AT THE EXPENSE OF HER OWN HAPPINESS. In this case Dhani is so consumed in her own self pity (just like Dulari) that the welfare of Vidha seems to take a back seat. How dumb is she that Vidha’s own father wants to take responsibility but she prefers Parshiya’s attention only because of her stubbornness re. Viplav. The excuse here is that she doesn’t want to break Kamini’s marriage thereby affect Atharva…..BUT her priority should be her own child. At least try to work it out with Viplav as to how they can come to some agreement re. parenting both these kids. If she so cares about Viplav’s marriage to Kamini than she should raise Vidha alone and allow Vidha to have a relationship with her real dad. Why is she going in a relationship with another man if she truly loves Viplav…. does she know that marriage entails more than friendship (which is what she currently has with Parshiya). I hope Viplav doesn’t accept her when he comes back …I know this is just a serial but the writers have truly got on my nerves.

  21. anita

    The writers are treating Dhani like a football…..throw her from one man to another just to keep the series going. This is not giving right message to women in general. It seems there are no woman in this team of writers because a woman would have understood and not allowed such thing to happen. Disgusting.
    Also this story line is demeaning Viplab’s character . He is supposed to be an educated successful lawyer….how can he accept a woman who is willing to have a relationship with another man for whatever reason she may give… real life Viplav would say go ahead I’m not interested any more. Furthermore if Dhani wants to give Vidha a father than why Parshiya when her real father is dying to take on the responsibility….gosh what a hotch potch of mistakes. Dhani is now able to support herself so why marry someone just so her daughter can call someone papa……ridiculous.

  22. swetha

    Thankss Hassan mam…
    It’s only because of u now I could co operate with the serial through ur updates..😉

    Yesterday’s episode was boring 😓
    Soo vidha happy 😊 gettng Parshiya as hr fathr… Bt hr happiness will be double if she cme to knw Viplav is hr dad..

    Wat a handsome dad he is.. If I would have cme to knw Viplav is getting a second marriage 💑 thn I would have snd Misha di.. Instd of VK so tat misha di’s dreams could b cmpltd alng wth my dreams of callng him as jiju..😜

    Soo epi is becoming boring day by day. Only vidha is good.. Dhaani everytime her action is in her hands…😞

  23. Saraswathi.j

    Here I will tell a small little story ,there was one little boy in a village,all his age group Childern went to Gurukul to study and get knowledge ,he also wants to get knowledge just like other kids ,one day he went to his mother and ask her he wants to study in a Gurukul ,then his mother told ,my dear son ,iam a servant maid in rich house and I do not your fathers Gotra and name because of my duty,I am not able to tell you your ancestors Gotra ( in those days it is required) tell your chosen guru that you are the son of Jaabala and your name satyakaama,that little boy went to a Gurukul and ask him please train me to get knowledge,the sage the great Goutham Maharishi,then he asked his Gotra ,the little boy replied guru Ji I asked my mother about my father and his Gotra ,she told as she worked as a servant maid at the time of my birth she did not remember who my father and his Gotra, she told my name is satyakaama and my mother ,s name Jaabaala ,so iam satyakaama jaabala.The Guru Goutam bless him for his telling truth and accepted him as his shishya,in later days he became a famous sage,what is the moral in this story those days to get education caste is not a crieteria,2. Woman do not feel shame to tell the truth to her Childern who is their father is , whether he look after them or not ,but in IKRS the so called heroin Dhaani always tried not to disclose her daughter,s question who is my father even though she knows that Viplav loves his daughter very much and Viplav ask her please tell her daughter that he is her father ,what type mother is she?

  24. Meghs

    |Registered Member

    Wow dhat an epi must say… writer can’t forget rtry so easily and forgetting characters unbelievable. ..
    From lst few part atharva is missing and anshuman appears sometimes snd disappear. …

    Parishiya may help alot dhani but dhani is crying like she also has some feelings for him…..

  25. Zee

    Good morning friends,
    Thank you all for a very warm welcome. Areeb, all well thank you. NImisha pl keep the LPs on – loved the last one. Yes Renu, I will be posting regularly now. I wonder where is Arshi!
    Where is IKRS going? They did not clear the probs due to which Dhani was made to leave AN. How Viplav ended up having a child with Kamini (some clues there but nothing clear). They did not show what happened to DB and Asthana, how Trip became mahant. What happened to Ashram ladies. How only Dhani and Dulari escaped and others maybe did not. where is Durga maai? They expect viewers to assume all that and start new tracks.
    Today i will be in library etc, so will not post, but will post in the eve and tomo.
    Wish you all a nice day!

  26. Gilu

    I saw sanjeeda pic in Instagram wearing maharashtrian wedding dress..I guess she is getting married to parshiya

  27. Saraswathi.j

    Yes I also thinks Viplav won’t resist Dhaani,s marriage to Parshya,he just take away his daughter the title of the show “ishq ka rang safed”suits only for Viplav not for Dhaani ,there are so many women like Dhaani who end their life in misery ,every day in news channels and news papers in front page the stories of Dhaani like women yesterday one person killed wife,her father and her brother,because illicit story of her wife,we women where we are going,? Is it progress to abandon your won husband who did so much for you ditch him and invite another man into your life do you think he will stay with you life long as you are twice married already, you think yourself what is good what is bad here Dhaani remains a bad example to women

  28. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Instead of showing a sensible Dhaani post leap they are continuously dropping her character. I should accept now, my Amma is right.. why Sanjeeda took such character! 😟

  29. Esh

    |Registered Member

    Hey nimisha I really thought u met him as he was in UK till I read or last line was thinking lucky u

  30. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Why are so,e of you saying Dhani should marry who she wants and Viplav should take his daughter.,???

    She is only considering Parshiya for Vidha in the first place.

    I’m a but shocked at the lack of empathy here for Dhani. It’s not as black and white as it seems. She has always done what’s right for others.

    I don’t like the fact that she’s going to marry Parshiya but I can see how she’s arrived there.

    In her mind Viplav knew she was pregnant but still didn’t come to her. She went to him but saw him in another woman’s arms.

    She decided she wouldn’t get in his way, that it was over as the trust was gone in that moment. Then she was involved in a bomb blast where she nearly lost the baby.

    She fled, fearing her for her life. She wasn’t wrong. The blast was intended to kill her and the child.

    She has lived for 5 years by herself raining her child by herself.

    Parshiya has been a good friend and the only father figure in her life.

    Viplav walks back in and everyone expects her to just go back to him. Errr NO! Then she finds out he,s married to the woman who he betrayed her for and has a son!

    It’s not so straightforward. Saying Viplav should just take Vidha is awful. Dhani doesn’t know how she feels about Viplav but she absolutely loves and lives for her child!

    • Saraswathi.j

      The story of IKRS is running in the surroundings of India,and it is an Indian story ,regarding brought up ,marriage of girls is different ,our customs are different the story not have an universal approach,so many people who like this story are indians in India and those who settled in abroad.A few may be others who love to see Indian scenario,so the comments also reflect the mind set up of Indians only,here a woman marring many times is not socially acceptable( though there are few remarriages)in broad they are not invited whole heartedly ,a woman left her husband and live separetly by her own with the help of another man( like Parshya)is very rare that it ends like Dhaani,s only ,because in Mumbai basti(slums)the surroundings ,the language,the people ,and there financial status,their relationships are different ,they are not sofesticated as in urban area ,the places in basti are not like in ashram scenes,it is entirely different ,the comments about Dhaani is influenced by all these,that Dhaani suffered her life due misunderstanding of her mother about her father,she lived and grown up in utter poverty even though her father is rich,the same situation now facing her daughter even though her ex second husband is well off and he is asking to tell why she left suddenly without informing and she did not even inform the birth of her daughter due to prejudice to Viplav and do not even bother to know about him ,here her ex second husband think that she is no more and spent all the five long years in her memory,not she in his memories,all these indictees to our Indian mind that the woman dhaani is a callous,arrogant,stubburn,egoism,headstrong nature of both Dulaari and Dhaani,Dulaari has advised her as she has seen many up and downs in her life she may advised her daughter to take the help of her father instead of goon Parshya,she may also advise her to tell her ex husband the truth why she left Banaras,to drive away misunderstanding and to know the truth underlying his marriage to Kamini.why she mainly believe Kamini not Viplav?

    • Anita

      Hi Nimisha, you are right in every comment you have made and I think all of us totally agree with you. BUT empathy for Dhani disappears when she agrees to marry someone like Tripurari and now Parshiya at the bequest of others around her. She would have ended up as Tripuraris wife had Viplav not intervened at the right moment. Now she may end up as Parshiyas wife just for her daughter . Agreed that she has suffered a lot and there are many misunderstandings ……as well as she is supposed to care a lot for others around her. But what we don’t understand is how on earth can she give herself to another man when she is shown as not being in love with that person. Surely there is a limit to “self sacrifice “. This is where the writers have failed miserably. They are portraying Dhani in a very conflicting manner. Solutions to her problems should be resolved in any other manner but not by making her get married third time. This cheapens her character. She is so headstrong about all other things but not when it comes to her own self respect. I think this is what is annoying most of us.

      • Nimisha :-)

        Hi Anita
        I totally agree with you and am also frustrated at Dhani. I am always surprised just how much she listens to others. It’s her nature but you’re right self respect.
        She always allows herself to be railroaded. In some way she only has control over the nurse who she
        shouted at, and to some extent
        She has lost the ability to think fir herself.
        I am as frustrated with the way the
        mu’s have been dragged out and as
        much as I hate kam, she has been a master manipulator of them both but
        has mostly capitalized on their

        I love Viplav and would love him to walk away from Dhani and to come
        to me. 😂😂😂

        I was only responding to those who were saying Viplav should take vidha
        which to my mind is just wrong. Just
        as wrong as Dhani has been in keeping Viplav and vidha apart.

  31. Hella

    Hello everyone…actually IKRS…..has now become story of two egoistic and headstrong women…..Dhani and Dulari….there is no social message at all……but only increase of episodes and shooting of drama ……no storyline.
    Otherwise all questions should be answered stepwise:
    Shambu’s murder
    TP’s story
    DT &KTs evil plans
    VT marraige etc

    Now things are very complicated for Dhani and being an egoistic she can go to any extent making things more complicated.

    But writers are creators…..can finish all in one episode or drag for 200 years more……we have to depend on them.

    Another thing is that IKRS has only one lead Kamini in my opinion.

  32. Ade1111

    Good Morning Everyone hope you all doing great
    Not watched at all this week just being reading TU not liking what is being shown.
    Anyway you all have a lovely day 😘😘😘😘

  33. Harika

    I think when viplav knew about dhani and parshiya marriage….
    He questioned dhani why she was ready to marry parshiya…
    Then, dhani questioned him why he was married kamini…
    Atleast then viplav reveals the past….
    It is just my imagination….

    • Saraswathi.j

      There is one saying “if a dog rores to another it also bark with same strength” it is not a solution to solve the problem the effected persons sit and discuss the problems and solve them ,there is lot of communication gap between Dhaani and Viplav they can sit and discuss and solve the problem.

  34. Mona146

    |Registered Member

    I know mishal walked out but I thought they will end the serial with a happy ending. Now that I do not hear of viplav what shall we think? Viplav is gone? cant we see mishal again on this serial?

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