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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking Nurse if Parshiya’s masked was removed due to her carelessness or someone went into room. Nurse says may be mask was loose. Dhaani scolds Nurse for her carelessness. Anshuman comes there and asks what happened? Dhaani says Parshiya’s mask was removed. Anshuman asks Nurse to be careful. Kamini tells Tripurari that Dasharath has a doubt on them and asks him to leave from here. Tripurari tells her that Viplav’s rule will end and he will take over. Kamini says nothing will happen as such and says Viplav will returned soon. She warns him and goes.

Anshuman asks Dhaani, is everything fine? Dhaani says nothing is fine, Viplav went somewhere, and Parshiya’s mum misunderstands about our relation, and doesn’t know that Viplav is my husband. Anshuman

asks her to clear Pratibha’s misunderstanding. Dulaari says don’t know about her illness, if anything happens to her then….She says let Parshiya gain consciousness then we will see. Anshuman asks her to tell Pratibha. Dhaani asks Dulaari if Vidha went to school. Dulaari says yes. Dhaani says I will go home. Anshuman says Dulaari and me are here, he asks her to go.

Pratibha prays to Ganpati Bappa and gives Prasad to Vidha. Vidha asks will you not eat? Pratibha says she has kept fast for him and is not eating sweets. She says she is sacrificed sweets for him. Vidha asks what it means? Pratibha says it gives strength and God gives us that thing. She asks her to call her Aaji/Dadi. Vidha says okay and goes. Rahul and other friend come there and greet her. Pratibha asks why Viplav came to stay in Basti and says he is from rich family. Rahul says it was just an excuse to stay near Dhaani, even though she asked him to go. He says Viplav is Dhaani’s first husband. Pratibha is shocked and thinks that’s why Vidha is so attached to him. Other friend tells that Vidha doesn’t know that Viplav is her father. Pratibha thinks why did Dhaani hide a big truth from her and goes to her house. She knocks on the door. Dhaani opens it and asks what happened?

Pratibha asks if Viplav is your husband? She asked why you didn’t tell me. Dhaani is shocked. She says I was about to tell you everything… Pratibha says you are really a Devi. She says why did you bear? She says you are devi’s avatar, have been silent when I cursed him. Dhaani says Parshiya’s condition is because of me. Pratibha says Parshiya came back and fought with yamraj for you. She says your first husband will be punished by God. She says I don’t hold you responsible. Dhaani says I was about to tell you. Pratibha says I understand you, it is good that you left that bad man and says Vidha didn’t get fatherly love, once you marries Parshiya, your family will complete. Dhaani says now we have to go to hospital. Pratibha says he is very lucky as he got you.

They come to hospital. Pratibha thanks Dulaari. Dulaari says your son have done so much for us. Anshuman tells Dhaani that he has to leave from some work. Pratibha asks Parshiya to get up. She says your gudiya is waiting for you. She says Dhaani and her Maayi are also here. She goes out and cries. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Pratibha got to know about Viplav and her relation. Dulaari asks who told her. Dhaani says may be Parshiya’s friends. Vidha comes to Pratibha. Rahul says she was insisting to see. Pratibha says Parshiya will be fine seeing you. Vidha hugs her.

Dhaani asks Parshiya to wake up and says everyone is waiting for you. Vidha gives her favorite doll to Pratibha and says she couldn’t sleep without it, and says she is sacrificing it so that her baba gets well. Pratibha tells Vidha that baba will become her papa after marrying her mum. Vidha gets happy and asks really? Dhaani recalls Parshiya trying to tell her something. She gets teary eyes and cries. Her tear fall on his hand. Parshiya opens his eyes. Dhaani gets happy and asks Dulaari to call doctor. She asks do you want to tell anything? Parshiya tries to say….Dhaani asks him to say slowly. She asks are you alright? She asks who had beaten you? Pratibha comes there with Vidha.

Doctor asks everyone to leave from ICU. He says I will confirm first if he is fine then Police will take his statement. Dhaani and others go out of ICU. Doctor checks Parshiya. Inspector tells Parshiya that he will find the guilty. He asks what happened that night. Did you remember? Parshiya tells about his fight with Viplav. He says Viplav pushed me and then….Pratibha tells Dhaani that Vidha’s wish came true. Dhaani is tensed. Pratibha says my son got a new life and cries. Dhaani thinks if Parshiya told about Viplav, if he is guilty.

Dasharath tells that Parshiya got consciousness and gave statement to Police. Kanak says he will put all blame on Viplav and worries for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good Morning Everyone hope you all doing great
    Not watched at all this week just being reading TU not liking what is being shown.
    Anyway you all have a lovely day ????

    1. Renuverma

      Oops my typo errors credit goes to my phone??

  2. I think when viplav knew about dhani and parshiya marriage….
    He questioned dhani why she was ready to marry parshiya…
    Then, dhani questioned him why he was married kamini…
    Atleast then viplav reveals the past….
    It is just my imagination….

    1. There is one saying “if a dog rores to another it also bark with same strength” it is not a solution to solve the problem the effected persons sit and discuss the problems and solve them ,there is lot of communication gap between Dhaani and Viplav they can sit and discuss and solve the problem.

  3. Mona146

    I know mishal walked out but I thought they will end the serial with a happy ending. Now that I do not hear of viplav what shall we think? Viplav is gone? cant we see mishal again on this serial?

    1. Dont worry mona …Mishal is back within 2days

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