Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming back inside. Badi Amma says lets start the puja. Dasharath apologizes and says puja will not happen now. He asks Sushma to come and leaves with her. Dhaani asks Tripurari, why did he come here, when she haven’t invited him. She tells Suwarna why she sent him. Tripurari says Suwarna went to take bath and he thought to help her so came here. He asks why they are behaving badly with him and says whatever he has done is for Suwarna’s love. Suwarna tells Dhaani that what wrong did he do? He didn’t come here to interrupt the puja, but to help you. She says I felt bad thinking everyone’s perception about him. She leaves with him. Dulaari says this puja is incomplete. Dhaani says she will complete the puja.

Kanak thinks it is good that puja was

cancelled, else I would have to eat that non tasty food. She eats the food and says it is Kanak Tripathi’s delicious food. Just then she hears Sushma’s voice and hides the plate. Sushma asks did you take plate from kitchen. Kanak asks do you think that I eat hidingly and gets angry. Sushma asks her to eat whenever she is hungry. Kanak says she will follow the widow customs from true heart. She says it is my bad destiny that my husband left me, but I will follow the widow customs. Dasharath hears her. Kanak says my husband is sacrificed because of Dhaani. Dasharath thinks Kanak is trying to gain attention and thinks to teach her a lesson.

Dulaari talks to Badi Amma about the happenings. Badi Amma says Tripurari is creating misunderstandings. Viplav tells Pankaj that Dhaani got Tripurari freed from jail and now have invited him. Pankaj asks him to trust Dhaani and asks why she will lie? Badi Amma says Tripurari is instigating Viplav against Dhaani and filling his ears against her. She says Dhaani asked Suwarna to bring the stuff, but it was brought by Tripurari to create misunderstanding between them. Pankaj tells Viplav that Tripurari might be the one who is conspiring against them and asks him to deal everything patiently.

Dasharath calls at Ashram’s number and asks Badi Amma to give call to Dhaani. Dhaani greets him. Dasharath asks her to keep Akadashi vrat for getting a son…..and says I believe that I will get Shambu through you. Kanak hears him. Dhaani is quite surprised, but agrees to keep the fast. Dasharath thanks her. Dhaani apologizes to him and says we have done the puja without you people. Dasharath says you have done right and blesses her. Kanak asks Dasharath why he asked Dhaani to keep this fast when she is not yet married. She asks why you want Dhaani to give birth to little Shambu. Dasharath asks why you are acting to be following widow ritual when you never talked properly to him when he was alive. Kanak says she will never let Viplav marry Dhaani, and says he can have illegitimate children with Dhaani, just like you have illegitimate son Tripurari.

Dasharath shouts Bahuji…Viplav comes and asks why you are shouting at me. Dasharath tells him that Kanak wants to keep strict fast for 2-3 days, but I am asking her not to keep fast. Viplav asks her not to keep fast. Dasharath says she wants to keep fast. Kanak looks on angrily as she have to keep fast now. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Dasharath asks her to fast for getting a son. Dulaari says it means he wants your marriage to happen with Viplav. Viplav comes and praises Dhaani. Dasharath informs Kanak that her fast timing have started. Kanak is irked.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani for getting angry on her. Kanak comes down talking to someone on phone and leaves in a hurry. Dasharath sees her going and wonders which game she is going to play, have to find out. Dhaani says I don’t know what is in my destiny…I am a widow. Viplav asks her not to call herself a widow, and says we are engaged, you are my life and I can’t see my life without you. Dasharath asks his driver to keep driving the car as he follows Kanak’s car, but suddenly his car stops. He gets down the car and says he will come.

Viplav asks Dhaani, about the fast? Dhaani tells about the fast. Viplav asks her to have fast for daughter also. He says it is in God’s hands to give son or daughter. Dhaani says she felt good when Dasharath asked him to keep the fast. She asks him not to joke when he don’t believe. She says I accept your all sayings. Viplav looks smilingly. Kanak gets down the car. Dasharath follows her and gets deep into jungle. He falls down and gets unconscious.

Sushma informs Viplav that Dasharath’s phone is not connecting. Viplav is shocked. Kanak says you will never get your Dada ji and smiles. Driver informs that Dasharath went by walk and he is waiting for him since then. Few tantriks are seen there. Dhaani comes and gets something related to Dasharath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Everyone needs a friend like pankaj and raj to guide them properly not dumb friends like suwarna.guys i noticed that in the characters among our show,if someone is good he/she is extremely good.if someone is bad extremely bad .

    1. Saranya ,What do You think, dear Coupe Ray and Raylaksmi ????

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    1. My fav party song- aaj ki party from bajrangi bhaijan and matarghasti from tamasha
      Fav romantic song- janam janam from Dilwale
      And my fav English song is worth it from 5th harmony 😛

      1. My fav Party song- chhamak chalo fm
        Romantic song- dheere dheere fm ashiqui & khuda jaane fm bachna ae haseeno…

    2. HI friends fatarjo this is the reply to ur question my fav party song is aaj ki party from bajrangi bhaijaan and fav romantic song is rang de tu mohe gerua from dilwale

    3. fav romantic song- Suraj hua madham
      fav party song- Abhi toh party shuru hui hain

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  5. Till today the show is going firstclass but I think the screenplay is deprived.

  6. saranya y bunk college today?
    I m all set to watch repeat now

  7. I think yes tyre puncture episode only both of them started developing feelings for each other. .

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    1. Hi louella our cute young member of IKRS family 🙂

    2. 16th june

  10. Because of school can’t even watch the retelecast of ikrs. At least on Monday and Tuesday I will be able to watch it as I will leave early on Monday and Tuesday of course is a holiday. Feeling very happy. But I wish there will be more vidhani scenes from today onwards. Writerji pls add more vidhani scenes

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  17. Hello to all. Today full busy. But still trying to contribute some comments. I cud not watch the episode bt fm WU it seems it was a very good episode. Even I want twins for vidhani, but vips already said dhani that he wanted 11 children …..yeh toh aur bhi achha hai…All the best vipu!! Dil kehta hai ek din haseena Mann jayegi.

  18. Kanak , J for Jill Jill
    …’J’ HAI ASLI 4G…
    G- ghost in safed saree
    G- goondi no1, all know
    G-ganddi baat,she always have for Dhani
    G-golmaal, always planning & plotting agst vidhani.

    1. So true……

  19. 10 din hogaye, youtube mein show upload nahi kaar rahehein. Colors channel ka kisibhi serial upload nahi karrahahein.

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  21. Saranya, I always feel it was a love at 1st sight 4 viplav but it took time for him to realize…& when Tanya asked viplav that how she was looking with that red dupatta, viplav imagined dhani…I think that moment vipu felt something something for dhani.

    1. s… i also feel it was love at first sight. .realised in piya’s house. .

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  23. Hi guys gud evg.saranya I have answer for u I think at first episode itself viplav felt feelings for dhaani.
    His frnd pankaj tells arey bhaiya oh dikrahai jars dekhona.then viplav asks pankaj kyun bey koi pary dikraha hai the moment viplav saw dhaani he falls in love and also in river goes on swimming to ask her viplav follows follows her and till now he was engaged with dhaani.
    This my opinion I think viplav falls in love dhaani at love at first he can’t leave her first he fighted and became friend then now he loves her and tmr he was going to marry her.

  24. Hi my sweety Louella this for u first welcome to our ikrs family we r saying this a big family in this only teenagers r there but childrens r not there till now .and now u fulfiled it.and don’t think that ur youngest, my son studying 2 standard types with in my comments and also helped me for voting vidhaani best jodi.he always eager to watch ikrs very cute dont worry keep commenting.
    And my birth date is 27 June .

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    1. My fav changes over time 😛

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  27. @kavitha even my cousin takes my phone and comments… She is in 9th and is a big fan of IKRS… She also voted for vidaani as the best jodi……. She does not miss any episode and also tells me many ideas in my ff…. Just love her

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  30. I think dhaani will save dhasarath

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