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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav reminding Tripurari of his words and says last time I said that even if Court forgives you, but I will not leave you. He beats him. Dhaani moves her veil, and Parshiya looks on. Viplav says killer, getting happy about your crimes. This time you will not be saved, as I have recorded your crimes. Tripurari asks him to stop his nonsense and threatens to kill him like killing Shambu. He says I will shoot you. Viplav asks him to shoot him, and calls him coward. Tripurari is about to shoot at him, but Dasharath comes and pushes him. Tripurari turns and sees him, says Bau ji. Dasharath says I didn’t know that my blood will be so dirty and cheap. He slaps him and asks Inspector to take him. Viplav asks Inspector to take him away and says I have proofs of all his crimes.

Tripurari says you haven’t done right Viplav, I will kill you after coming out of jail. Viplav says you will come out of jail, but through hang to death. Dasharath says you have many cases on your head, now nobody can save you. Kanak, Sushma and Dadi Bua come there. Tripurari asks Inspector to arrest Kanak and says she has killed her husband Shambu…Everyone is shocked. Viplav gets angry and shouts. Kanak asks him to stop and says I am accepting my crimes today. Whatever he is saying is truth, I had killed your father. Everyone looks on shocked. Inspector asks Kanak to come and arrest her.

At the police station, Kanak tells everyone that she wanted to kill Dasharath through Tripurari, but didn’t know that her own husband will be killed. She cries and says I am repenting for my deeds and asks to give hang punishment, says I am guilty of my son and Dasharath. I agree to my punishments. She couldn’t look in Viplav’s eyes and I had done that for my selfishness, and had ruined my life. She apologizes to him and says I am repenting much. Viplav says I don’t know what to do? I am a lawyer and gets the guilty punished, but I will have to bear the punishment. He turns his face.

Kanak bends down infront of Dhaani. Dhaani asks her not to do this. Kanak apologizes and says all our happiness went since you left home. She apologizes to her for torturing her. Dhaani says you are doing penance by heart, I have no complaints with you. Kanak folds her hands and says I am going on, but you both don’t leave that Kamini. She says we are just puppets, but she is the real players. Dhaani says you said right, Kamini’s game will end soon. Viplav is shattered with the truth. Dhaani says Viplav. Viplav says what I can say when my mum was involved for my dad’s death. Dhaani says I can understand, don’t know what would had happened then, but today she is repenting and doing penance. She says court will punish her, but you don’t hate her, fulfill your duty as a good son, then only we can live our life well. She asks did you remember Maayi’s words, she asked us to be careful with Kamini. Viplav says Kamini have to accept her crimes with her mouth else there is no way to send her to jail.

Sushma gives him letter. Viplav asks which letter? Sushma says Dhaani’s letter. We got this letter when Kanak and I was cleaning the room. She says Dhaani tried to tell you since 5 years that she is going to be your baby’s mum. Viplav reads the letter. Dhaani gets emotional and asks didn’t you get this letter. Viplav nods no and says this means someone had hidden this letter before it could reach me. Dasharath and Dadi Bua looks down, as they were aware of her pregnancy. Viplav says I didn’t know anything…Dhaani. This means you wanted to tell me, and I thought….I am so sorry. You kept my baby in your womb for 9 months and gave birth to her all alone and brought her up. He hugs her and apologizes. Dhaani says I continued to hate you. She says Kamini’s heart is very hard, she did drama and conspiracies. Viplav says I will not leave her this time, even if anything happens to me.

At home, Kamini brings coffee to Viplav. Viplav thanks her, and says I told you about keeping party to inform everyone about our new relation. Kamini says yes. Viplav says party is in hotel banquet hall, and asks her to invite her guests. Kamini gets happy and thanks Viplav. Viplav asks her to take Atharva to market and buy clothes for both of them. Kamini says okay, I will go now and will be back soon after shopping. Viplav calls her and says letter came for you, hotel staff came and gave it. She reads it and is happy knowing that the letter is written by Tripurari, which reads that he is going somewhere and will not trouble her for money, wishes her happy life with Vidha. Viplav asks whose letter is this? Kamini says I told you about manager, his case is solved and is thanking me. She says I will go with Atharva and come back fast. Viplav thinks what do you think that you can only write fake letters, he says just waiting for party to begin and your end to happen. Kamini thinks Dhaani shall attend her victory party and would get jealous. She says lets call her. She calls Dhaani. Dhaani sees her call and wonders what happened to her. She picks the call and says hello. Kamini says my dear are you. She says I called you to invited Parshiya and you for the party which was thrown by Viplav to make a new start with me. She says it is a big party, you must come, we will feel happy. Dhaani thanks her for invitation and says I have some plans with Parshiya. Kamini says you must have plans, but you must come. Dhaani thinks she didn’t know what will happen with you. She has invited her own death and says I will come for sure tonight, to hear your crimes with your mouth and to send you to jail….I will surely come.

Viplav brings Kamini to the banquet hall. Kamini says amazing and asks why there is nobody here. Viplav says guests will come, and says he has planned a surprise for her. Kamini gets happy and says wonderful…you have made all these arrangements in a short span of time and says I am really impressed. Viplav says I am doing this to impress you, and asks her to sit and enjoy. Kamini sits on the chair. Just then she sits Dasharath sitting beside her and is shocked. Dasharath signs her to see Sushma and Dadi Bua. Kamini sees them and is about to get up. Dasharath asks Kamini to sit down and see what is happening. Sushma makes her sit. Kamini thinks what is happening, why they are here. Viplav says I called you here so that I want to give tribute to my wife. Actually she likes surprised and I have made a skit on our love story, which is named “Pyaar Ki Tamanna” and will show the determination to get love. He says you have many avatar, says you are a true person and a good friend. You have not only loved me, but also my family and even helped Dhaani. He says your heart is so big that I am running out of words. Kamini gets impressed and happy. Viplav says if this story is heard by people, then they might not believe, so I thought to show it. He says lets begin. Kamini gives him flying kiss and waits for the surprise skit anxiously. Viplav smiles.

Viplav tells Kamini that he has gathered all his family here, so that you can understand that Tripathi family know everything about you. Kamini is shocked. Viplav says you are the same woman who have snatched my love from me, and slaps her….Kamini falls down because of the tight slap and is shocked. Just then electricity is gone, Viplav shouts someone switch on the light. When electricity comes back, they see Kamini missing. Dhaani says how can she go, just now she was here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you H. Hassan. Hope you are keeping well.

    Today episode was actually a blockbuster. ?
    Episode’s highlight does not matter! ? The Precap is much more Heavier! ? That Slap! Oh God. Ouch. ?

    1. Renuverma

      Hi areeb. Just got free n saw n no of comments is just 24.

      Great u again bagged first position ?

  2. Arshdeep

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update??

    Yet to watch it✌

    1. Renuverma

      Hi areeb. Just got free n saw n no of comments is just 24.

      Great u again bagged first position ?

    2. Renuverma

      Hi arshu?

  3. Aiswarya

    Thanks Hasan mam for the update ?

    1. Renuverma

      Hi aish?

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks for the update mam

    Sujie just now read about ur grandmother.. so sorry to hear about your loss, indeed it’s a tough time.. anything in the world can’t replace her love but if u are strong enough to face the world then she would smile at u from heaven.. so stay strong as ur loved ones need u.. just keep this in mind that those who are closed to our hearts never truly leaves us, they lived in the kindness they have shared and the love they brought into our lives.. MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCE.. may God rest her soul

    1. Maha how’s your grand mom and cousin?

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        They are better but nano’s leg is paining too much because of her age and my cousin’s feet is badly injured so it will take time to heal.. just pray for them, thank u so much for ur concern 🙂

      2. Renuverma

        Take care mahi

  5. Aiswarya

    Precap is very scary where did kamini disappear

    1. Oh yes. Me too thinking, who switched off the lights!!! ?

  6. Mariyam123

    Tɦaռҡs Hasaռ ʍaʍ ʄօʀ tɦɛ ʊքɖatɛ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Louella thanking in new style 😀 😀

    2. Renuverma

      Hi elle?

  7. Why Dhaani express shock when she heard the confession of Kanak she already knows it ,writers for get it

    1. Renuverma

      Yes saraswathiji i too found it a bit weird

  8. Where did Kamini gone from banquet hall all of a sudden

    1. Renuverma

      She is indeed a CLEVER FOX

  9. Again the cvs create twist and give scope to kamini

    1. Renuverma

      No saraswathiji i wish her chapter is closed today.

  10. Maha_Aijaz

    Finally kanak accepted her crimes.. but now I don’t want her to get sever punishment because she is repenting.. she should come back as a changed person like in Sujie’s fiction, and then not only kanak did crimes DT was also not less so in this way he should also be punished .. Sorry if I am hurting someone because I know we all hate kanak because she tortures dhani alot but now as she is repenting so I felt pity on him..

    Apart of it I loved Kajal Nishad, she is the second beautiful villain whom I liked, first one was Sakshi Goenka (Simone Singh) in ek haseena thi.. The way kajal did acting from starting was superb.. her dancing eyebrows her face expressions her way of talking everything was fantastico no one can do justice with kanak’s role like she did, its just my opinion.. She is very beautiful lady which is a fact <3

    1. Renuverma

      Yes mahi agree to u . She should be forgiven.

  11. In every one,s life both happy and little sarrows will come and go , we inculcate the habit in such a way spread happy news to others not sarrow , if any one smiles to see you we smile that spread positive energy to others,if you say any bad news the receiving person feels sad even though that is not related to him/ her because of negative energy ,do not spread it ,only share positive news if we make it as a habit we will be happy through out our life.

    1. Renuverma

      Agree to u saraswathiji but sorrow n pain r lessened by shairing n happiness increases by shairing.

  12. Arshdeep

    Happy Birthday Joyee???
    God bless you dear???

    1. Renuverma

      Thks arshu for reminder

  13. dear sujie..
    my hearty condolences. …
    May God give you n your family the strength to face the situation. may ur grandmother’s soul RIP.

    undoubtedly you will miss her for ever.. but time will teach you to handle urself without her.. That’s life. .

    Take care. ..

  14. Aiswarya

    Good morning family ??

    1. Renuverma

      Hi aish good evening ?

  15. Aiswarya

    Today I’m going to school after sooooo many day’s I’m sooooo happy ??

    1. Renuverma

      How was yr day at school dear.?

  16. Today the episode was very powerful.viplav was over smart in black coat.his attitude was superb.pls writers don’t give still trouble to viplav and dhani.where did kamini go???we want a happy ending and make viplav and dhani a beautiful love story.

    1. Renuverma

      Yes sharmi viplav was looking too smart n not oversmart??

  17. Aiswarya

    Renu di where r u,??

    1. Renuverma

      Aish bacha i am here. Just busy

  18. Overall good episode. This is probably the last week of IKRS. I just hope this Kamini exposure gets over as quickly as possible so we can have maximum Vip,Dhani and Vidha scenes before the end. kamini seems to have some very volatile scenes coming up….Ishita is getting to do some really good acting !!!
    VIPLAV LOOKED SMASHING IN HIS SUITE……he always looks good but his attire yesterday was superb.
    Missed Vidha …..hope she is in maximum scenes for the rest of days left.
    Wished Raj Laxmi was alive….could have introduced Parshya to her….I really want him to be happy.
    Kanak was mind blowing…..she has done superbly in this serial….enjoyed her even though she had a negative role.
    IKRS will leave an impression hard to forget.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi anita. Perfect analysis.
      Even i want vk tracķ to be over asap so that we can get to see max vidhani n vidhu ??

  19. Ade1111

    Good Morning everyone
    Have a good day. ???

  20. Good morning friends.
    Hi Arshi, read your update. It was nice and it happened 🙂
    Hi Louella – your plan sounds good and would be happy to continue.
    Where is Kamini any guesses? Have a nice day all and keep the comments going.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi zee when r u coming back from France

  21. Arshdeep

    Have seen ishita’s pic in changed look in a bengalan saree
    Thinking she will change her roop and then come again to kill Dhani???

  22. Renuverma

    Hi joyee wish u a very happy birthday ????????????
    God bless u .
    May all yr wishes come true.
    Have a great evg ahead.??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Thank u renu dii so sweet of u 🙂

  23. Renuverma

    Though writers r in a hurry burry to complete n thus giving block bluster episodes but it is really difficult to digest belw
    From where did DT N GANG come up at that bar at the nick of time with police force ?
    Hiw come kt all of a sudden accepted her crime
    When Db was pushed onstairs by Vk then someone at home must have helped her n it was strange she didn’t reveal anything suddenly vanished to reappear at closure?

  24. Renuverma

    Hi kavi where r u.?

  25. Renuverma

    Nidha; shweta; anya:,porkodi pooja; nima; shruthy; shraddha; saranya; laxmi where r u.?

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    NIMMY N ANNIE where r u.?

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