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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to Ashram and tells the widows that he came to sympathize with them. He assures his support to them and says this incident will not repeat in future. Bai Amma praises him and asks for his blessings. Dasharath tells that his blessings are with him. He asks them to accept the fruits which he brought. He picks up a fruit and says he wants to give this fruit to a widow who was insulted. He asks who is that girl? Badi Amma asks Dhaani to step forward. Dhaani steps forward and touches his feet. Dasharath blesses her and gives fruit saying it is your respect. He promises to help her whenever needed. He tells he is very much impressed with her honesty and learnt a good lesson. Tripurari looks at Suwarna. Dulaari folds her hands and tells that her daughter

didn’t do anything, but the boy is responsible who put wine in her pot. Dasharath coughs. Raachna tells we got your feet’s mud and blessings.Dhaani tells Dasharath is God in human avatar.

Viplav is making pan along with Dadi. His mum scolds him and asks him not to do it again. Viplav says you are saying as if I have become Pan maker. She asks him to see suit clothing kept in his room. Dadi asks why did you get angry on him. His mum says you will make him sweep the house, if given a chance and asks her not to fill his ears with shit. She says my son is a gold and you want to make him sand. Shambu comes and indirectly taunts his wife, saying laughing is not allowed in this house. She taunts him and goes.

Dhaani shares with Dulaari that she is thinking about Maha Pandit ji and praises him. Dasharath and Viplav sing together. Dasharath gives him ticket and says my son is going to delhi. Viplav asks suddenly? Dasharath says there is his worry behind his decision. He says Banaras is not for you as people are very narrow minded here. He asks him to go to Delhi and be a great man. Viplav asks about his visit to Ashram. Dasharath gets tensed and asks him to trust on him. Badi Amma tells that Maha Pandit ji is God for them. Raj Lakshmi and Rachna apologizes to them. Dhaani asks Badi Amma to forgive them.

Tripurari and Dasharath are in the car. Dasharath tells him that he can’t trust him until his work will be done. Tripurari asks him to tell his plan and assures not to break his trust. Dasharath tells that his plan is a secret and nobody could figure it out. Dhaani tells that everything has got fine. She is thankful to Dasharath and decides to give something to him as a gift.

Dasharath comes to temple and meets Lala. He tells him that he has a Raj Yog, but his Ashram is a hinderance in achieving Raj Yog. Lala says no…..Dhaani thinks to make sweets for Dasharath. Dasharath asks him to sell Ashram to someone who can take care of widows well. Lala says who will buy this Ashram. Dasharath agrees to buy for a double price and asks him not to tell anyone. Dhaani decides to give shawl to Maha Pandit ji and asks Badi Amma to bring Zari. Tripurari understands his plan and says Jai Ho Prabhu……..Shambu’s wife scolds the servant. The servant tells her that he is on leave for 15 days. Dadi comes and tells she gave him leave. Shambu’s wife taunts her. Viplav comes and tells them that he is going to Delhi. Shambu’s wife asks Dadi not to fly high and says you will not become princess if Viplav says.

Viplav is with his friends. His friend asks him to have some wine. Viplav refuses. He asks Pankaj to bring soft drink. Viplav says he don’t need anything. His friend gives him promise. Viplav throws the drink and says you added wine in it. Raj asks why you are angry as we forced you to drink. He says you are Dasharath tripathi’s grand son, and have fake rules. He argues with him. Viplav gets angry and warns him. Raj asks will you beat or add wine in my pot. He calls him spoilt son of a rich family, and says you are showing attitude to your friend. Viplav asks him to stop it.

Viplav comes to talk to Dhaani in the night and asks her to open the door else he will break it. Dhaani informs Raj Lakshmi that the Rakshas has come again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. after saw the precap,cant wait for tomarrow,,,,,,,lovely leads

  3. Vo Dashrath Tripathi ek gera hua admi he, vo esa kese kar sakta hai vo widods ke saath. am waiting for tomorrow episode….

  4. I am waiting ……for a good episode
    Dont trag the story by showing that oldman

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