Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First Part of Trishakti Episode:


Simar thinks where is her family members. She thinks where is Sattu, Sanju, Anjali etc…She says where are my daughters. Chandramani appears infront of her. Simar asks where are my daughters? Chandramani says your daughters have to suffer because of their parents’ mistake. Simar asks where are they? She sees Anjali in bad condition on the road and gets shocked.


Thapki asks Shraddha what is she doing? Shraddha hides the sesame laddoos box and says I was thinking to do some work. Thapki asks her to leave work and take care of her and her unborn baby. Shraddha nods and goes.


Dadi Bua comes back home and thinks Nurse was lying. She thinks to expose Dhaani and tries to get proofs from her room. She finds

a man’s chappal and thinks Viplav used to wear this. She calls Sushma and Dasharath and shows the chappal asking whose chappal is this. Kanak says it is Viplav’s chappal. Dadi Bua says it is found in nurse room.


Thapki’s bhabhis receive DVD from a courier. They argue and think to watch english film to become like Shraddha. They argue to get it, but hearing Vasundara, they ask each other to keep it. Vasundara comes and asks them to make Aam ras for Shraddha. They hide the DVD and goes. Bihaan talks to someone and asks about the songs. He is informed that one DVD have songs and others is having bhajan. He says ok. He comes to room and plays song DVD but bhajan DVD plays. He thinks wrong DD have reached Dadi. Dadi asks Shraddha to sit and Balwinder play DVD. Dadi asks him to play it again. He says it will come now. Dadi asks Shraddha to see it carefully and it will have good impact on baby. Just then Bihaan comes and changes the DVD. Preeti plays the DVD and hindi song plays. Her husband scolds her and asks her to romance with the song.


Dadi Bua tells Dasharath that Dhaani is trapping Viplav. She says that’s why she sent him out when I call her. She asks them to throw Dhaani out before Viplav comes in her trap. Viplav brings Dhaani home, hears Dadi Bua and asks what is she telling. Dadi Bua says she has seen world and knows what is going on. She calls Dhaani nirlaj and says don’t know where did she blacken her face. Viplav says Dadi Bua, and says I will tell you everything. He says I was in Dhaani’s room last night. Dhaani says Viplav came in my room last night, as he came to get his bandage changed. Dadi Bia asks why did you lie then…..and made me go to Ashram. Dhaani says I thought if I take Viplav’s name then you might have thought him wrong. Dadi Bua threatens Dhaani and says she will throw ink bottle on her face next time. Viplav gets angry. Dasharath asks Dadi Bua to get busy in Shalu’s marriage function. Dadi Bua asks Viplav to come and takes him to apply ointment.


Simar sees Sattu and other brother asking Anjali to take out today’s earnings. Anjali gives them 10 Rs. They scold her badly. Simar is shocked. They think they couldn’t get wine in this money and eat food infront of her. Anjali asks them to give one paratha and says she is very hungry. Sattu and other brother asks her to change clothes silently else she don’t know what they will do.
Simar tells Chandramani, how can you be so heartless. Chandramani says she is pained and that’s why giving them pain. She asks Simar to take care of her, and says this game is mine, and I will decide when to make someone fall. She asks her to look at her kids.


Bihaan plays song CD and english DVD CD plays. Thapki gets embarassed and so is Bihaan…. She shuts her ears. Bihaan switches off TV.

Next part in Thapki Pyaar Ki update.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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