Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with A lady walking on the area in which Suwarna is buried. Suddenly her hand comes out and holds her foot. The lady digs the land and sees Suwarna. She is shocked and checks her pulse, thinks she is still alive and take her to hospital. Doctor informs her that Suwarna is alive but her baby died. He says you did right by bringing her here at the right time. The lady thinks who might be the person who want to kill both. She looks at Suwarna who is still unconscious on the bed. Dhaani worries for Suwarna. Tripurari and Durga come there and greets them. Durga asks Dhaani if she is happy with the marriage as she sees him sad. Dhaani looks on.

Dulaari says my daughter is very happy and says she has approved with her consent. She says Dhaani is feeliing shy. Tripurari says

he is have Dhaani as his life partner. Viplav shares with Dhaani that he is not feeling good about Dhaani’s marriage with Tripurari. Tripurari comes and invites him for his bachelor party. Viplav agrees to come. Durga tells Dasharath that she felt Dhaani is not agreed for marriage. Dasharath says she might be scared of marriage and its after effects. Durga says but I felt she is not ready for marriage. Dasharath asks her not to think wrong and says no one can stop the wedding now. Viplav thinks about Durga’s words that Dhaani don’t want to marry Tripurari.

Tripurari meets the lady ( who is a dancer by profession) and she hugs him. Raj and Viplav come to the bachelor’s party of Tripurari. Tripurari greets them and asks to come inside. Viplav says I am fine here. Tripurari says I have arranged indian and foreign wine for you. The lady starts dancing on the song ghagra………….Viplav looks sad. He sees Tripurari dancing cheaply with the lady. Raj tells Dhaani can’t marry this womanizer.

Viplav tells Tripurari that you are marrying a widow and praises his move. The lady hears it and looks at Tripurari. She brings him to side and asks how is her program? Tripurari praises her and gives her jhumka saying he brought it for her. She says you are a murderer and says shows the other jhumka. She says someone stabbed that girl and buried her in the land. Tripurari holds by her neck. The lady says it seems you have really killed that girl. The lady says I was going somewhere and found a girl buried. Tripurari says jhumkas can be similar. The lady says that girl is still alive. Tripurari says how can she be alive as I stabbed her. The lady says I can go to Police or………Tripurari asks her to kill Suwarna. The lady says she wants a big amount for the murder. Tripurari agrees to give her money.

Viplav thinks about Raj’s words that Dhaani can’t marry Tripurari as he is a womanizer. The lady wearing doctor’s apron stops Viplav’s car and takes lift till City hospital. She gets down at the hospital and thanks him. Viplav sees that she forgot something and gets down the car. The lady picks a pillow and comes to kill Suwarna to her ward. Viplav is also coming inside the ward. The lady looks on with pillow in her hand. Viplav enters the ward and looks on.

Dhaani wonders Suwarna can go with whom? Two men gossip that Suwarna went with someone. Viplav scolds the man. The man tells Viplav about using Dhaani and then leaving her. Viplav beats the man. Dhaani comes and stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. K.praveena

    Swarna is alive it’s nice. Plz swarna told to dhani all about tripathi truth. Viplav u r superb yaa

  2. Brity

    Oh… Suvarna is still alive… She can get proof against TP…I thought something stupid is gonna happen… Anyways…
    Heyy… Guys … I had written a FF of Manmarziyan….Hope you guys will visit that page…It’s name is”It’s complicated….!!!!” For now I have written the introduction,soon I will post the chapter….
    Adi… How is your preperation of IAS exam?? All good…!!!???And what your special one research about?? Is she a scientist?? I wanna know just as a friend…I’m your friend so I’m Her friend also,right??

    • AAditya

      Haha…:) Sure u r her friend too…:) She doing research on Cancer biology… She aspiring scientist… My exam on 7th Aug. 🙁
      U knw Brits, today epi fun is Suvarna so clean in dat mud also… nd That dance girl dug dat with hand?????

      • Brity

        Ok… That’s good… And about the funny thing .. It is
        an imaginary story.. So it can happen…. Usually…

      • AAditya

        Yupp it became imaginary story only… HaHa…:) Waiting for some positive track yaar Brits, I liked dat Dhaani nd Viplav fighting only…:)

      • reZmie

        Wow aditya.. u r preparin for IAS so hope we would c ya in kerala also as an IAS officer.. soon.. 😀 #kerala welcomes you. !! Here in ma place our collector is balkiranIAS

      • AAditya

        Thank you reZmie…:) For now Im just praying dat god give me enough energy to finish syllabus… HaHa…:) Nd Kerala is d true heaven on earth…:):)

      • priya

        May be razmie I also have such a thought because of trip he already filled in a hospital form viplav name is a father of swarana baby. whatever viplav accused or not he only safe until swarana alive.but I hope all the DT devil plan will be ruined by tripurari one mistake. Even though he try to killed swarana two time but he failed now he asked to dancer to kill her but I hope this plan also failed.

  3. vaishnavi more

    i am enjoy todays epi it was nice at least suwarna is alive n 2 weeks aaram se jayenge trip ka sach pata lagne me i think
    bcoz itni jaldi uska truth nhi samne ayega n i am not happy with precap bcoz it again shows vidha’s fighting

  4. Gayathri

    Hello tamil and varsha today episode was some what okay…but still waiting for good episode….what about you??…and tamil how was your exam…and varsha comment soon…yeah tamil I like ajith..

  5. Lifñä

    not bad.. Epi..
    Brity.. May i say something..plz write.. Thahaan ff..(tpk). Plzz… Ilve tapki nd bihaan..

  6. This precap viplav know the love for dhani.thinking every scene(include precap scene)why he concern dhani verymuch he didn’t want to hear bad for dhani so he feel the love

  7. New spoiler:viplav expose tirupthi for suvarnas murdar itheye than oru varama poduthanga ennaika telecast aakunu dateta solluka annaiku pakkom(this comment must post ungaluku only good comment than venuma….)

  8. Anyone see tamila LTL I like mishal very much but i didn’t know that is serial in risteyla LTL pakkumpodu mishala think i like the hero in childhood.gaya,varsha, BR you see ltl tamil

    • Gayathri

      What is LTL tamil??…naa inun vedhalam pakala tamil…varsha comment soon yaar…tamil I told u know college exams are more different than school exams so don’t worry…

  9. varsha

    hai guys hi tamil,gaya,BR,brity.lifna and everyone thank god they show vidhaani scene in tomorrow i am so curious to know about tomorrows episode i really hate todays episode how do swarna hands come out she is pregnant she loss much blood after this she must be in unconsious and she doesnt have any oxygen supply then how could it be possible really todays episode was a crap hi guys yesterday i dont have internet connection after that i saw everyone comment tamil ennaku ajit arambam , ennakul oruvan indha rendu padathuladhan ennaku ajit pudikum

  10. AM

    very good episode …finally something good happen ….waiting for tommorow epi…precap is also awesome …seeing viplav’s dutta avtar

  11. BR

    hi tamil , thanks , , today epi how vip ajeep about dhani weds with TP just like that 1, how is it possible to dig the ground with hand? Rajalakshmi is looking clean face without any dot soil. . Monday onwards our hero starts the investigations. Suvarna is innocent girl seigarige. so sweet. tamil Never see THE TAMIL SERIAL CONTNUOUSLY. . sasural and bahu jegada. tAMIL WHAT IS THE TAMILNAME OF LTL ? PLZ TELL NOW I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF MISHAL. I WILL START TO WATCH NOW IT SELF . plz write tamil. . adi IAS PLZ appoint as a IAS at TRICHY DISTin TN . I AM THE 1 WOMAN TO WISH AND WELCOME U SAMAJGAYA OFFICER.

  12. Desi Girl

    I never miss a episode of IKRSl. Its my no.1 serial at this moment. Watching this for viplav only ….. he rocks!!!!!!

  13. LTL tamil name AAVAL ORU THODAR KADHAI mishal act mudithavaraikum pathen next mishal placela shabir vatthan pakkala ending kooda theriyadu.. I think mishal imporant illa so he discontinue LTL.Thana mishal name in tamil LTL

  14. BR

    hi good morning , this is the 1 serial to watch 92 episode bcz of mishal.some times his expressions and stlish walkiiiing just like natkar thilakam sivajisir .. I searched aval oru thodar kathai . I got only 194 epi . not continue part 2 or pat3 missing we couldno get 1 to 193 epi after that 247only so I watch in hindi. thank u tamil.. 70 percent I can understand hindi , . if I cannot updates google tranlater , hindi dictionary, , now I teach hindialso for my g.son. 5std.bye . take care those who r in TN . BCZ OF RAIN

  15. priya

    There is a new synopsis available in times of India.DT announce dhanni stayed in DT bungalow and viplav will move out

  16. Gayathri

    Varsha read “A journey to love” Fan fiction’s based on swalak and ragsan…really a nice one…I suggest you to read that FF…awesome one…and tamil do you watch swaragini? ..

  17. BR

    Varsha u r too young. u r and tamil comments are too high . I couldnot predict u r age with this comment . s prichi meiringa keep it up my children. one day anyone can interview ADI IAS AS A REPORTER . OR A N ANALIZAR IN T V WHO KNOWS. all r very talented.

  18. Gaya enaku antha swaragini serial puriyala so i don’t watch WU.varsha kidnap scenela abi pragyava miss &love panran theriyum but abi purichika late aagum..ennaku kkb like or dislikenu sollamudiyadu.

    • varsha

      yeah tamil abhi avan love a puringka it will take 2 months and finally abhi will propose pragya but at that stupid pragya say that she does not love him because of tanu’s baby

      • Gayathri

        Ohh…yeah tamil antha serial therium…but I didn’t see…varsha check that FF nice one…you will like it…

  19. BR you post encourage comments in all IKRS team thanks.this my special serial first time serialuku comment panneran so i post many comments happily.

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