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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s episode starts off on Dhani standing in her room and her phone starts ringing. She receives the call, the same female voice from the other side says that she knows more about the gold theft and she is ready to inform dhani from where to get more proofs. Dhani asks about her real identity to which she asks Dhani to come and meet her. She will be wearing a red sari and waiting for dhani…A hyper Dhani runs to inform Viplav where Kamini was also present. Dhani tells viplav about the phone call when kamini, very cleverly, deleted the recent nember from Dhani’s mobile..Viplav asks for Dhani’s phone and called back the last number which was of some Sitara Mobile Company. Dhani tells viplav that the lady wants to meet her and so she wants viplav to go with her to get some proofs …Viplav

agrees to go. Kamini too wants to accompany Vidha and viplav agrees…

Vidha and Kamini came to a jungle type soonsaan area. Dhani tells viplav and kamini to go in one direction and look for the lady whereas she will go in the other direction…

A lady in a red saree with a veil came to dhani and she is none other than Swarna…Dhani hugs her and asks her to wait till she brings viplav..Dhani goes to viplav and brings him to the place where she had met swarna but swarna has already left..
Dhani requests viplav to go to swarna’s house but another KMH, i.e. viplav damn phone rings and dadiji asks him come home for some puja for Shambhu…Viplav holds dhani’s hand and leaves for home..Kamini all jealous-vealous..

Back at home dhani is cutting some vegetables in kitchen, kanak come and taunts dhani for not concentrating on her work…A disturbed dhani gets nervous and in a hurry pours water in boiling oil…hot oils spurts out and kanak gets injured..whole family blames dhani…an irritated viplav asks dhani to stay away from kitchen and take rest till she gathers her concentration again..Dhani leaves…The dumb ayodhya folks takes kanak inside her ghosla leaving behind viplav and kamini…Viplav, in frustration, kicks the sofa and suts on it…Kamini tries to put her hand on his shoulder and console him but viplav moves away and goes to his bedroom…

There in Vidha’s bedroom, viplav enters…Dhani tries to defend herself but viplav shuts her and pulls her in an embrace. He makes Dhani sit on the bed and offers to go away from AN to spend sometime alone with each other away from the never ending jhanjhats of AN.

Dhani wraps her arms around his neck and tells that she was afraid that these family problems could have created problems them too…viplav consoles dhani and says that nothing can separate them and gives her a peck on her forehead. Dhani all shy-why

scene shifts to DB’s room where the two dumbo evils Bua and kamini were busy in their stupid discussions about how to separate vidha…

scene cuts to kamini calling tripurari and asks him to find out about the lady who is trying to tell the truth to dhani…Dhnai calls kamini and she disconnects the call…Dhani tells kamini that she is going out for dinner with viplav and she wants Kamini to accompany them..Kamini refuses saying that she does not want to become kabab mein haddi .. but dhani still insists.. and Kamini finally agrees and goes to get ready…

there in TP’s house tripu is shown ill treating Swarna and threatening to kill her if she tries to tell about his plan with PC to Dhani and arguing with Durga that he had to come back to benaras for his mother had called him back…now he will teach DT a good lesson and make him fall on durga’s feet for never giving her the due respect of a wife and also for not giving him the rights of a son…

Episode Ends

Update Credit to: Barbie

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