Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s episode starts off on Dhani standing in her room and her phone starts ringing. She receives the call, the same female voice from the other side says that she knows more about the gold theft and she is ready to inform dhani from where to get more proofs. Dhani asks about her real identity to which she asks Dhani to come and meet her. She will be wearing a red sari and waiting for dhani…A hyper Dhani runs to inform Viplav where Kamini was also present. Dhani tells viplav about the phone call when kamini, very cleverly, deleted the recent nember from Dhani’s mobile..Viplav asks for Dhani’s phone and called back the last number which was of some Sitara Mobile Company. Dhani tells viplav that the lady wants to meet her and so she wants viplav to go with her to get some proofs …Viplav

agrees to go. Kamini too wants to accompany Vidha and viplav agrees…

Vidha and Kamini came to a jungle type soonsaan area. Dhani tells viplav and kamini to go in one direction and look for the lady whereas she will go in the other direction…

A lady in a red saree with a veil came to dhani and she is none other than Swarna…Dhani hugs her and asks her to wait till she brings viplav..Dhani goes to viplav and brings him to the place where she had met swarna but swarna has already left..
Dhani requests viplav to go to swarna’s house but another KMH, i.e. viplav damn phone rings and dadiji asks him come home for some puja for Shambhu…Viplav holds dhani’s hand and leaves for home..Kamini all jealous-vealous..

Back at home dhani is cutting some vegetables in kitchen, kanak come and taunts dhani for not concentrating on her work…A disturbed dhani gets nervous and in a hurry pours water in boiling oil…hot oils spurts out and kanak gets injured..whole family blames dhani…an irritated viplav asks dhani to stay away from kitchen and take rest till she gathers her concentration again..Dhani leaves…The dumb ayodhya folks takes kanak inside her ghosla leaving behind viplav and kamini…Viplav, in frustration, kicks the sofa and suts on it…Kamini tries to put her hand on his shoulder and console him but viplav moves away and goes to his bedroom…

There in Vidha’s bedroom, viplav enters…Dhani tries to defend herself but viplav shuts her and pulls her in an embrace. He makes Dhani sit on the bed and offers to go away from AN to spend sometime alone with each other away from the never ending jhanjhats of AN.

Dhani wraps her arms around his neck and tells that she was afraid that these family problems could have created problems them too…viplav consoles dhani and says that nothing can separate them and gives her a peck on her forehead. Dhani all shy-why

scene shifts to DB’s room where the two dumbo evils Bua and kamini were busy in their stupid discussions about how to separate vidha…

scene cuts to kamini calling tripurari and asks him to find out about the lady who is trying to tell the truth to dhani…Dhnai calls kamini and she disconnects the call…Dhani tells kamini that she is going out for dinner with viplav and she wants Kamini to accompany them..Kamini refuses saying that she does not want to become kabab mein haddi .. but dhani still insists.. and Kamini finally agrees and goes to get ready…

there in TP’s house tripu is shown ill treating Swarna and threatening to kill her if she tries to tell about his plan with PC to Dhani and arguing with Durga that he had to come back to benaras for his mother had called him back…now he will teach DT a good lesson and make him fall on durga’s feet for never giving her the due respect of a wife and also for not giving him the rights of a son…

Episode Ends

Update Credit to: Barbie


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    What happened hasan mam?? Anyways thnx for the update.. How r u all IKRS family??

    • Nima

      yes Renu ji I loved too.I watched 4times ☺. kal k epi me VK ki 3times(include precap) insult huwa that was happy moment for all vidhani’s fans.

    • Porkodi

      same happenend when Dhani was giving medicine to dadi.. Kanak is always forcing Dhani to do something irrelevant…today that was backfired on her.

  2. Today viplav showed too much concern for dhani n the way in which he told her to go inside so that no one cud scold her further. Later at his room he amazingly hugged n consoled her ????

  3. Latha

    Thank you Barbie for the update. In today’s episode I kind of admired the friendship between suvarna and dhani. I loved viplav’s care for dhani. I ADORE HIM A LOT???????????? LOVE YOU MISHAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dhani when u are with viplav that too romantically dancing then u should forget about others or surroundings why did u suddenly screamed tripurari??

  5. VK DELETED THE RECENT CALLS n nobody noticed in case she didn’t delete then probably viplav wud have agreed to dhani.

  6. Maria

    After a long time todays episode was good, new twist lets see what happens. Now Viplav is supporting Dhaani but what will happen to him later yaar, they both should go out not only Dhaani to the ashram..

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I also like ikrs alot….bih/dha esp..n der romance…enough of dhamini….pls

  8. Saraswathi.j

    The episode is funny ,paanakam lo pudaka ( Kamini) so irritating ,the sprilling of hot oil on Kanak is quiet laughing scene.

  9. Anji

    Whoa.. M d first to comment….. yipee..thanks Barbie for d update. I loved ur style of narration..
    I hve not watched the episode yet..but I loved the way vipIav consoles dhani.. at first I thought it’s a dream sequence of dhani.. but wen I realized m wrong.. iwas jubilant.
    But dhani is such a dumbo.. y did she take vk wid her. Viplav wantd 2 spend quality time with her..

  10. Anne

    Thankyou for the update Barbie..
    I love Kaminis face when she’s jealous, she looks as though she’s sucking a lemon .?
    It was lovely when Viplav went to their room and held Dhaani, kissing her ,it was a relief too as I didn’t know what would happen after the kitchen row . They all jumped on Dhaani ,I just wish Viplav had stood up for her there..Any way it was a better episode than I expected..???

  11. Porkodi

    Today episode was good. Love to see viplav taking care of Dhani in this situation ..
    Welcome back swrana and durga maa.. Good friendship between suwarna and Dhani..
    If old tripurari means it will be more interesting..Ikrs is back in good track. Hope trp will increase.

  12. Hi rasmèena ☺saw yr comment on previous thread. Were u a silent reader till now. Welcome to TU’s sweet IKRS family ?

  13. vaishnavi

    i like the way vipu saved dhaani from kt’s anger
    very nice vipu
    but precap is not good again dhaani ka waham samjh ke tp ko ignore karega vipu n vk hai hi waha aag me ghi daal ne ke liye

  14. Amisha

    Hate see kam getting into Viplav and dhani’s businesses. She need to stay on her limit and leave them alone. Go back to where you come from and get lost kamini please!? You’re a loser for loving Viplav. I’m afraid of the upcoming esp????

  15. shanitics

    Wat happnd to Hassan mam??? Hope is in good health….
    Thanksss Barbie?
    I saw only a few parts and those few parts consisted of vidha romance…
    when Viplav said lets go out of AN for few days I was soo ? happy… And when he said thumhe laga Ki hamare rishthe Mein koi darar aa gayi thn nahi.. And I felt a sigh of relief… Dhaani ne ek kaam accha kiya.. VK ko bulaya dinner pe… Now she can see Vidha romance and be jealous…. Tats the best punishment… Being jealous… WAT U SAY MY FRNDS??? can’t even spit the jealous out on Dhaani….
    In precap y Tripurari passed by whn vidha were romancing… Always villans will pass by whn leads are romancing…

    And Narendran Bhaia I am fine ?.. Wat abt u?? Hws ur hand ✋ now???

    • Nima

      yess Shanitics, you said true and also requesting to director sab aap yaisi hi VK k scene me usse again n again punishment dete rahe

  16. lekshmi

    today viplav proved that he loves n care for dhani alot..that hug when he consold her was lovely she really needed that.. i hv feeling that in the upcoming eps vip wl think that dhaani is mentally distrbed, n he wl send her to aashram for few days…

  17. Amisha

    He will take care of Dhani because when his father pass away she was always there for him. He has to be there though her hard time too.

  18. Nima

    Thank you Barbie for the update.
    where is our Hasan mam???

    yesterday’s episode mujhe bahoot achxa laga. 4times dekha☺
    poor VK ? uske samne se Viplav apni Dhani k hath pakad k le jata hai VK k aankho me jealousy k sue chuv rahe the n 2nd jb Viplav frustration me sofa ko kick marta hai tb VK console k hath aake badhati usi waqt director sab ne Viplav ko uthadiya ye ✌scene mujhe bahoot pasand aayi.hats off to you director sab PH/rangeela wale VK ko nikaal nahi rahe to aap yaisi hi dikhaya kare ☺

    • Zee

      Thank you Barbie your update was funny :).
      Like everyone else I am also keen to know where is H Hasan, I hope all well.
      Nima, and othrs I agree that scene was brilliant loved it:), not 4 times, but twice dekha. As Anne said jealousy in Kamini’s eyes is worth all the negativity.
      Suvarna shd have told Dhani everything on the phone and also to avoid telling others. But I guess that scene was a build up to show that Dhani is losing it. Which is fine, we are all expecting her to move to Ashram and get some peace of mind.
      Have a nice day all and Arshi pl ek do hi msg likho to know that you are fine.

  19. Nima

    good morning our beautiful IKRS family.
    Again Viplav proved that he loves n care for Dhani. Viplav you deserved ??????

  20. Zee

    Seems like today will be a low comments day! My guess is today comments will be 150 at best. Epi did not generate much response and some of our heavyduty commenters are missing in action! Others pl keep commenting!

  21. Areeb

    Morning Everyone! ?

    Episode was so good!! ?? Good to see tripurari and family! ? Smelling something really fishy! ? New venture of bad tricks.. Dhaani being blamed.. Viplav getting frustrated.. Viplav and Dhaani argumentation.. Viplav asking sorry from Dhaani.. Roller coster ride is all set to roll! ?

    Read the spoiler of Dhaani going bad to Ashram, so excited for this! ? besides the pregnancy part I liked the spoiler! ?

    Dhaani Dhaani.. why you always got to be so sweet.. especially to those who are not at all the deserving ones! ?

    Post scriptum is story is intriguing. Anxiously waiting to catch up an action packed week! ??

  22. Sujie

    Hello everyone….good morning…..
    I watched yesterday’s episode….and felt why was I frustrated with Viplav….i regret it….. 🙁 🙁
    Loved the way Viplav consoled Dhani…that hug and those words were much needed…..
    Kaamini was burning with jealousy and that was also needed…..
    Viplav always cared for Dhaani…he handled the situation so well…. He has full faith on Dhaani…he knows she can never lie…and concludes that somebody is trying to create misunderstandings…….awww…..
    But i wonder what will happen when Viplav knows DTs dark secrets….. :O :O

    Comment your views guys…. Will be back soon…..

  23. Areeb

    Sorry for not commenting. ? Internet is not working properly. ?

    Internet was not working and I was missing to be here! ?? Anyways, take care guys! Will be back soon, properly. ?

  24. Zee

    Yes it was so nice to see Durga maai.
    There is such stark difference between Durga and KT.
    Both their sons married widow girls. But Durga treats Suvarna with love and respect and KT treats Dhaani with hate and insult.
    Durga is poor and most probably not educated yet so dignified with modern views on widow remarriage.
    Kanak is rich and educated yet so cheap and old-fashioned.

    • Arshdeep

      I dont think kanak is educated..

      Felt bad when DT gave her money in flashback..would loved it if she would have thrown that money back on his face

      • Zee

        Hello there Arshi. Nice to have you back. Hope exam went well. Now forget abt it for a day and relax.

      • Arshdeep

        Yep zee exam was very good??
        Just found my speed a bit slow as it was of just 2.30 hrs duration rather all my other exams were of 3 hours

      • Zee

        Yes Durga is so devoted to DT that she never says anything against him. Dadi is also devoted to DT. Suvarna to Trip 🙁 crazy na!
        DT is a mahapandit but does not respect ppl. He treated PC, Trip and the massage boy very badly.

      • Saraswathi.j

        Arshadeep the relationship between Durga and DT is a sensitive issue Durga Ji may be a prostitue once one pandit said it on the face of Tripurari “you are the son of prostitue”‘so it is highly impossible for DT to accept her as his wife and Tripurari his son ,that durgaji also knows it ,this type of situations are many in the society ,I think you are small little one donot keep your mind on this, it will give negative energy to you , concentrate only on your education ,there are so many problems in this society we cannot solve each and every one,nature itself is very diversified so mankind be,humans by virtue of our brain we solved so many issues from generations and now we framed some rules and regulations for the betterment oh mankind,that to our Indian society reached maximum maturity ,the core of our society won’t change only superficial change here and there ,try to read more books other than class books then you will get more knowledge.

      • Arshdeep

        Thank you saraswathi mam..
        I dont realy get time to study more books other than my class ones.. But i will try once my exams are over.. 🙂
        And i dont take it much to my heart..just see and then leave it

  25. Anne

    Its good that Tripurari Durga and Suwana are back . They are a strong and much needed link to the beginning of IKRS and the ashram,with strong family links to the Tripathis. This brings me a sense of a circle being completed which also opens up the story becoming less one -sided as Dhaani may have friends and supporters.?
    Good morning and afternoon IKRS fans.
    Watching BBC and shows 50’temperature in parts of India ,it looks bad,so take care..?

    • Arshdeep

      Ya it reached 51 in rajasthan yesterday..
      Toooooo hot
      Waiting for rains??

      Yes as the villains are are now dhani’s supporters?

    • Zee

      Thanks Anne its really hot here 47 degrees. In the IKRS family – Arshi, Renu and I are in the middle of the heat wave. But I read in the news that its raining in some parts of India 🙁 and in Nepal – Sujie got drenched and sick last week 🙁

  26. vaishnavi

    dhaani ka pregnancy track to thik hain lekin mujhe ek baat ka darr hain most of the serials will use this track heroin pregnent hoti hain but villain ki wajah se uska abortion hota hain i hope dhaani ke sath aisa na ho

  27. Anne

    Anyone seen the olv on IF where Kamini gives Dhaani milk with bhang in it? Good performance from Aisha,kamini is a *%&£*.

    • Arshdeep

      I saw an olv on die hard fb page but thought not to watch it…leaving it to watch in episode

      Will love to watch that performance of eisha…already we have seen her dancing in club after drinking

  28. Louella

    Hello friends. I m back after a busy day. Was missing u all so much. Also my internet was over. Yesterday I was not commenting because one of my relatives expired and I had to go for the funeral in the evening. After I came back I went for shopping. Couldn’t comment the whole day but I was reading all ur comments through my mother’s mobile. Thank u so much for wishing me a happy journey. Now I will be commenting and will increase the number of comments. Who’s with me?

    • Arshdeep

      I was having my exam today in karnal…so went there..and then my result came….not yet had a party still?

  29. Vandana

    I have notbeen able to watch the episode but thanks to the updates and comments that help m keep in touch with Vidha

  30. Vandana

    All these days Ikrs had become a little sad as Vidha seemed to be drifting apart but today their closeness brought a cheer! Great!

  31. Arshdeep

    Hellloooo everyone..Very very sorry
    I was having my exam today of icar.. and then my 12th class result came…so could not comment.. busy thi..?
    Loved reading the update
    So Now only watched the episode
    And then came here??
    How are you all??

  32. Arshdeep

    The episode was superb??
    Lovely to see suvarna?? a true friend of dhani..
    But how badly tripurari treat her…aghhh…??

    Feel pity for dhani when she was continuosly saying that suvarna was here only..
    And awesome when viplav gave his hand and they went????

    Right said kamini…dhani may do any any big mistake..viplav will never be against her…never…Exactly right they are coming closer as much as you are trying to separate them..hahaha…keep going…you are doing a great job

    Saraswathi mam you said right kanak scene was actually very funny??? she deserved that
    Viplav you are a true saviour of dhani..??
    Aww i loved it when viplav hugged dhani????? she needed that
    Yes yes please gooooo for an outing… but dhani madam please kamini ko sath nhi leke jana…please??
    Good that u took kamini to hotel….love to watch her getting jealous…??
    Aww aaj to vidhani dance dekhne ko milega????
    Bdw koi mishal ke sath dance kar rha ho…use to koi aas paas ki khabar bhi na ho.?..and dhani tum use chod kar tripurari ko dekhne bhaag gyi??

    • Nima

      1 interview me Eisha ne kaha tha Mishal use bahoot irritated krta hai sayed isiliye Mishal ko irritated krne k liye romantic dance xodkr vaag gae.jaane se pehele mujhe keh deti main aa jaati Mishal se romantic dance krne?????

  33. Arshdeep

    Nimisha didi hows ur child free day going??…and that show you were going to watch today..??

  34. Arshdeep

    Hello zee saw ur msg on previous page
    I am all good
    You all know i cant live without you
    Just i was busy with the exam…so did not get time to comment

  35. Arshdeep

    Thank you renu di…
    Much depressed again..
    But as nimisha didi said and my mom says leaving everything to god(uppar wala)..
    I trust you god..
    I trust you 🙂

    Thank you nimisha didi.. 🙂

  36. varsha(philo)

    hi guys one news to u all
    got this from indiaforums

    HI GUYS…
    HOW R U ALL…??






    • written update

      There is first vidha scene VIP making dhani rest and it’s nice
      Next km comes makes dhani drink milk to which she must have added something. After drinking dhani is crying, acting like insane. It’s heart breaking to see dhani like this. Can’t understand the dialog.

  37. Louella

    Hello. Sorry I cannot comment now. Going to church. Will try to comment tomorrow morning after watching the episode. Bye bye!!

    • Arshdeep

      Sorry didi
      M dasna pull gyi c?
      Exam ta acha hogya
      Te result v acha aagya..
      Mumy papa khush ne??

  38. Annie u r right its too hot n standing in kitchen in front og gas stove is torturing. It shiuld be ok by next week.

  39. Maria

    Arshi di can you tell me about your health pls because I don’t know many times I have read about you to get well soon, pls can you tell me…

    • Arshdeep

      Awww u called me didi
      Maria actually i am having stones.. One in my left kidney..and other in right side urine pipe..
      Sometimes they hurt a lot…maybe when they get displaced from their position.

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