Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sushma asking Dhaani if Vidha is your daughter. Dhaani touches Sushma’s feet and says yes. Sushma is happy. Dhaani asks Parshiya to come. Kanak asks Dhaani to stop and says she wants to talk to her. Dhaani says what? And says she don’t want to hear. Vidha holds Viplav’s hand and gives his hand in Dhaani’s hand asking them to become friends. Viplav thinks Dhaani is not married then why did she lie? Dhaani thinks our way is changed. Chandariya song plays……….Viplav thinks nothing has changed and he is still wearing same mangalsutra in his hand, with same love. He looks at her maang…and sindoor. Dhaani also looks at him. Vidha and Atharva jump with happiness, saying Papa and Mamma got friendly. Dhaani is shocked and says he is not your Papa. Atharva says until

her papa comes, she can call my Papa as Papa. Kamini says who told you this? Atharva says I told her. Kamini says Dhaani will feel bad and says Viplav is just your Papa. She asks Atharva to come. Atharva says I won’t leave you Papa and runs to Viplav. Viplav says he will give him chocolate and asks him to go. Dhaani says I will leave and takes Vidha with her. Viplav stops Dhaani and says my driver will drop Vidha home. Dhaani says she don’t need his favor. Viplav says he is talking about his daughter. He says my daughter will go in car only and asks her not to push him. He asks servant to bring toys stuff from room.

Dhaani apologizes to Parshiya. Parshiya says it is not your mistake, and says Viplav is right. It is danger if three of us sit in bike. He asks Dhaani to come with Vidha in Viplav’s car and says he will meet her directly at home. He goes to say bye to Vidha, and says he will finish work and meet her at home.

Viplav asks Dhaani to come. Dhaani asks him not to show off by bringing costly toys for her daughter. Viplav says he brought toys for his daughter and is not showing off as he don’t know how to show off. He says you knows how to do show off and says where did you meet your new husband, and when did you marry, how and when? Dhaani asks him to think what he wanted to. Viplav says I came to now everything in your eyes. He says Vidha is my baby. Dhaani says she is just mine and asks Vidha to sit in car. Viplav thinks he will find out the truth. Dhaani asks Vidha to sit on back seat. Vidha says she will sit on front eat. Viplav says you will be saved at back side and can play with toys. Viplav sits in car. Kamini takes Atharva with her. Dhaani asks Viplav not to smile and says Parshiya went for some important work. Viplav says I didn’t say anything, I am not you driver and asks her to come and sit on front seat. Dhaani says uncle is taking time and tells Vidha that they will take taxi. Viplav says your mind is not working. Dhaani says she knows. Vidha asks if you know him so well then why did you get angry on him. Viplav smiles. Ishq Ishq Rang Rang plays……….Viplav drives the car.

Kamini is angry and thinks Dhaani is a trouble. Atharva comes and asks when will vidha come. Kamini asks him to go and play in room. Atharva says Papa told…Kamini scolds him. He goes to room. Kanak asks why you are shouting at him. Kamini says your taxi will come, go from here. Kanak says Viplav will not leave Dhaani, never. Viplav drops them. Vidha gets happy with the toy and says it is same as she asked Baba to get. Viplav asks Dhaani, where is your husband? Dhaani says everything is joke for you, and asks if this world run according to your wish. She asks him not to interfere in her life. Viplav says what about your truth? He says you are not married naa?

Dhaani says we are married. She says truth is that you are married and have a wife and son. You should not ask me questions. Viplav asks her to tell what he should do, and what to remember and what to forget, and says I can’t forget you and my daughter. Dhaani looks on. Viplav goes in his car. Dhaani looks on and gets emotional. Viplav comes home and recalls Dhaani’s words. Kamini comes calling Atharva and asks where is he? Viplav says he was with you. Kamini says he is not with me and asks Viplav to bring her son. Viplav says lets go and find him. Kamini says this city will snatch my everything. Viplav asks her to shut up and says lets go and inform Police. Kamini feigns to faint. Viplav asks her not to fall weak, says lets go and find him.

Kamini and Viplav come to Police station and give Atharva’s pic. Kamini sheds crocodile tears and asks Inspector to find her son right now. Inspector asks her to calm down. Viplav also asks her to calm down. Kamini says I am a lawyer, and can get you behind bars. Inspector asks her to go ahead. Viplav asks Kamini not to do drama and calm down. Kamini cries.

Inspector asks Viplav what did he wear last time? Kamini tells about his clothes. Inspector asks who came to meet you today? Viplav says no. Kamini says yes, Dhaani came today. Viplav asks what? Kamini says Dhaani and her husband Parshiya came today to meet us. Viplav asks why you are taking Dhaani’s name and says they are our family. Viplav says I went to drop them. Kamini says what about Parshiya. Viplav says he went on bike. Kamini asks Viplav to get Dhaani arrested or interrogate her husband. Viplav says have you gone mad and says Dhaani can’t do this. Kamini says then who came to meet us. Viplav says 1000’s people come in hotel and asks why she is taking Dhaani’s name. Inspector says we will interrogate them and asks about Dhaani and Parshiya. Kamini says Dhaani was earlier married to Viplav. Viplav says they are simple and homely people. Inspector says Police have to interrogate. Viplav says that is unfair. Inspector asks him to let them do the work.

Constable comes to Dhaani’s house and asks who is Parshiya and Dhaani..He tells that Viplav’s son is missing. Everyone is shocked. Constable says you both are doubtful. Parshiya asks who has filed the complaint. Constable says Mrs and Mr. Tripathi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shruthy

    God! Again misunderstandings to develop between ViDha because of that chudail Kamini. Seriously, she is not able to take care of her child, and blames others. Dhaani would take better care of Atharvaa than Kamini even if she knows it’s her child. –‘ She annoys me so much this girl… And poor Viplav, he said nothing against Dhaani and Parshiya but still gonna be misunderstood!
    Quite scared for tomorrow’s episode. I just hope Dhaani trusts him at least a little bit that he could never do so, but expectations are useless nowadays regarding Dhaani’s trust for Viplav.
    Btw Atharvaa is so cute, the way he asked Kamini “Vidha kab aayegi?”. Both children are such cuties. <3 Can't wait for further scenes of them. I am sure children are hopes of us for some positive upcoming moments, especially between ViDha. The way they were jumping of happiness when ViDha shook hands. So adorable! <3

    1. Hi shruthy it seems VK HAS got arharv kidnapped with tripuraris aid to create trouble for dhani.

  2. Kavitha

    Thank u hasanji for ur luvable updates.we were enjoying ur updates.gud nite hasanji.

  3. Kavitha

    Hi my dear n luvly frnds .gud evg my dearones.
    Guys did u watch the episode I was really enjoyed was superb words for vidhaani scenes. They have love for eachother but fights each other for each others cute na.

    1. Yes kavi love for each other is clearly visible i their eyes . Viplav has confessed it too today
      . Once dhani gets to know about VKS TRUE FACE then she would also accept viplav.

    2. Sheneesha Fdo

      Can i know about atharva?who is his mother?dhaani or kamini?

      1. Arshdeep


  4. Lmaooo dumb ass writers think we retarded ?????? Kamini is so petty makes me sickto my stomach yikes

  5. Kavitha

    And definitely atharva is not kamini viplav son there is son mystery. See there is no fast reaction in viplav in his son missing.and kamini made over reaction for her son I got here that some text missingmissing in BT them.
    So I feel atharva is not viplav son.
    Hope soon all mu must clear n vidhaani will become closure.wat u say frnds.

  6. Arshdeep

    Thank you for the update..?

    The best scene was when vidha joined viplav and dhani’s hands and said friends..????
    Then their thoughts and then both atharva and vidha calling them mumma papa?? Damn cute?
    I am waiting whole heartedly to watch family reunited..??
    Both the children are so cute and adorable??
    Parshiya was good too in letting dhani go with viplav.. otherwise who lets a person go whom you love with their former husband. He understands her well.?

    And dhani’s reply to kanak shows she dont care hell about them..and in fact they dont even exist for her..??

    Is atharva’s missing thing another set of kamini’s stupid plans?? Or was he so tired of his pshyco mother that he thought to go to dhani or somewhere else?? ??
    Kamini is accusing dhani when she had seen she was with viplav.?? Loved that viplav denied it totally in police station.. He completely defended dhani… ?But i am worried again as misunderstandings stand again in their way……???

    Just love the way viplav still loves dhani and trusts her.. ??
    Aww he knows she is lying about her marriage and thats the best thing..? He knows and understand her more than her even?❤

    And viplav-dhani conversation was so emotional.. Loved mishal’s expressions..and dhani when she shown through the car’s window…??
    Viplav is never shown reminiscing those previous moments when he broke up his relation with dhani and all..? Come on viplav.. Atleast think something by yourself if she doesnt speak up..

    To show the same flashback Once a day is a must for directors.. Hasan mam must be tired of writing the same too… Mam you just write flashback shown and we will get which one???

    Is it only me or everyone who finds it funny the way kamini walks away in saree??
    She wasnt the same before leap? Isnt it?

    1. Shruthy

      Kamini is indeed able to kidnap her own child just to bring misunderstandings between ViDha. God yeh chudail bhi na!

      1. Arshdeep

        Chudail to boht chota shabad lagta h kamini ke liye 😛

    2. Lovely narration dhani n i agree fully to yr post✌✌ best scene was indeed vidha joining vidhàni’s hand n calling mummy papa.

      1. Sorry it was arshu i dont know how i wrote lovely narration dhani

      2. Arshdeep

        Aww its okay didi..
        Thank you 🙂

    3. Yetty

      Yes Arshdeep the flash back is annoying.
      Good summary, I think kanak will still be around to safe dhaani, she knew the boy was last seen with kamini and also she had a doubt on why kamini is getting rid of them quickly

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey yetty..

        I wish the same..
        Hopefully kanak will try to get dhani back in viplav’s life as she has suffered much of kamini’s tortures and also dhani being alive is giving her a chance to taunt kamini or make her feel insecure and i am really enjoying it 😀 😀

    4. Shruthy

      She is not Kaamini but a kamini ?

      1. Arshdeep


  7. Arshdeep

    Love the way viplav can read dhani’s eyes❤?
    And when ishq ishq played while they were in car?
    Vidha has a perfect timing to speak up???

    1. Yes her words made viplav smile cute expressions ☝☝☝☝

  8. I think atharva is viplav’s sister shalini’s son…the writer must’ve killed them off to create this complicated relationship and Kamini is using this luck for all she’s worth (just my guess)… N Kamini must’ve also kidnapped that kid to create misunderstanding again

  9. whos kid is that? Kamini was so nice in Shastri Sisters! Great diversification for her..even if we don’t like her role here!

  10. I think that Atharava is Shalu’s son.
    He might be Viphlav’s nephew.
    His mom and dad died and he called Viphlav as his dad

  11. Nice episode.

  12. Bye bye ikrs… Guyzz i stopped warching this serial now stopped reading updates also.. This is not the ikrs which i used to love…. So good bye ikrs… I will definetly miss u all.. Bur cant tolerate tjis kamini track anymore.. So bye to everyone.. Love you all…

    1. Arshdeep

      Bubye didi..
      Love you too <3

  13. Sujie

    Good morning family…..
    One thing. This Daayan is getting on my nerves now???????
    Such a witch….
    This witch is conspiring against Viplav and Dhaani….poor Viplav he is not doing anything against Dhaani. But Dhaani will misunderstand him now….??

    Vidha and atharva… They are such cuties ??????
    Sanjeeda too ???
    Mishal …….. ???????????

    1. Arshdeep

      Good morning didi?

  14. Arshdeep

    Good morning IKRS FAMILY??
    A- Arshdeep, Arshi, Aish, Anne, Areeb, Avijit, Akshay, Aaditya, Ansa, Ahana, Amisha, Aisha, Anju
    B- Br mam, Bharathi, Brity, Butterfly, Batool
    C- Cool
    D- Dilu, Dr. Sweety, Devga
    E- Elizabeth, Enemy(Anjum), Eshani, Eisha singh
    F- Florentina, Fatarajo
    G- Genita, Gayu, Gundia, Gopu, Genipher
    H- Hritya
    I- Isha
    J- Jessi, Jingo man, Jyoti, Josh, Jasmine, Joy
    K- Kavitha, Kusanskar, Kaviya, Kavitha(mishal raheja)
    L- Louella, Lakshmi, Latha, Lara
    M- M.R., Maria, Maha, Mirsada, Meghs, Marees, Mangai, Mahira
    N- Nimisha, Nima, Naty, Nim, Niks, Nkhan
    O- Ola
    P- Pjain, Prachi, Purple, Porkodi
    R- Renu, Ranaji, Raj, Rahul, Rajee, Rezmi, Rids
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    T- Tamil didi
    V- Varsha(philo), Vaishnavi, Vinny, Vini, Vish
    Y- Yetty
    Z- Zee, Zea

    First i thought to make a call out to everyone to return back here and comment…

    But then i thought why arshdeep..?? Why?? When they dont feel necessary to come up here..atleast tell us if they are ok or not..when some dont want to share their views over here…when some dont even watch the show now… So why am i calling them??
    So thats my last call out.. If you want to come..come and comment..i will be delighted.. If not..
    Then no problem..i have always taken this family as my own… It had given me so much so i will never ever be leaving it… But i wont be asking other people to return or stay hereafter..
    God bless you all??

    1. Kavitha

      Hi arshi a very gud mrg dear .have a wonderful day to u too.keep smiling ,keep loving n keep enjoying dear.
      My god iam too happy by seeing these much of frnds in ikrs family after a long long ago.very cute dear.thank u for remembering all of us.god bless u my dear.

      1. Arshdeep

        Hello didi
        Gud mrng??
        God bless you too??

    2. hi sweet morning arshdeep
      wait tii evening

      1. Arshdeep

        Good mrng cool??

    3. Great job arshu how could u list down all names so well? ??

      thanks for calling out my name too…
      God bless u too…

      I may stop watching show or eveb reading updates but will not quit this family for sure. .

      1. Arshdeep

        Just tried to cover up all names
        Not sure if everyone is there or not

        Glad to know you will never leave the family mam??
        Love you?

      2. Kavitha

        Yes Sara’s may be its by a TV show we all became a good family n loving frnds that no one can was an amazing experience with this family.really there is no words for its not just bcs of show we all Here by lots of love, only love.

    4. Sujie

      Arrey waah…. How can you Arshu??? How???
      Good morning dear….

      1. Arshdeep

        Bas aise hi..

        Good morning 🙂

    5. Hey arshdeep so sweet of u to remember all of us…..I couldn’t comment here so sorry from now on will comment everyday OK?

      Actually am liking d episodes now am sure viplav will make dhani tel d truth am in love with cutie pie vidha even atharva is cute i think der is some mystery with him wonder whose son he is….this kidnapping am sure kamini has planned it

      1. Arshdeep

        Good morning eshani 🙂

        I just request everyone to comment..
        Happy to know you will comment everyday 🙂

        But i will stop asking others fromn now onwards

      2. Thank u arshdeep

    6. Good arshu. If u dont mind below e missing who used to be active members for long last year ALIA: DIYA;RIA;ROSY;NEEMA;MEENA;GATATHRI ; GRACY ;LIFNA YOGI ; MM ; FATES WIERD ; SHRI…..

      1. Arshdeep

        Thank youu didi?
        I was awaiting your comment because i knew you can correct me and tell me many more names i had forgotten

        I will them in my list too?

    7. Latha

      Arshi maybe not commenting but I read all your comments and will not quit this Ikrs family. Love u…

      1. Arshdeep

        Love you too latha?
        But i will be more happy by reading your comments too

    8. Shruthy

      Oyye! Why so much emotions? ? Acha alright, at least for you, I will commenting about the episodes. But I have a big problem. Before writing, I feel to sat nothong, but then I end with a big novel ? And everyday repeating the same : kamini Kaamini / cute Viplav & Dhaani / adorable children blablabla … Though it’s funny actually ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Hahaha i am the same actually..
        I too write the same almost everyday.. But i dont stop commenting u know..

        Even if you write a novel..i wont get tired reading it.. You know it very well how much i love reading your works..

    9. Lol. It seemed a clear threat. ?

      Arshi, how you manage to remember all these names. Gosh! ?

      1. Arshdeep

        Does anyone forgets ones family names??

        I know the family is huge but something impossible to forget <3

        And ya it was a threat actually.. I am done now

    10. Ade1111

      Good Afternoon Arshi
      Thanks for always checking on me. Am good being commenting sometimes here
      Spoiler for the week looks good. Do you think Viplav would be able to now connect the missing dots and know that Kamini is the evil
      I just want them to clear their MU

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey ola..

        No idea if viplav lawyer brains would work or not.. But i want him to witness the scene when dhani will be shot by tripurari and to somehow know kamini is behind all this and punish her badly..

        But..i seriously dont feel they are going to be together so early as sanjeeda said in one of her interviews that she is liking this track..and she feels where hero heroine meet the shows trp falls.. Sp that dpesnt give a feeling that truth will come out so easily

    11. Shruthy

      Haan I have noticed that. At least I comment in one time. You keep commenting many times… Like one sentence per comment ? Oyyye! Bohot ho gaya ok? Aisa kuch bhi nahin. ? Stop praising my work so much theek hai ???

      1. Arshdeep

        I used to do that earlier one sentence per comment but dont do it much now.. Now usually share all my views in one go 😀

        And you deserve that ok?

    12. Shruthy

      I see! ?? waiting for today’s page to comment, what about you? Have anything to say for today? ?
      No I dont ok?

      1. Arshdeep

        Kamini left me speechless?

        Thats not ok
        You deserve it girl

    13. Shruthy

      Even me ! ?? what a performance! I was so happy to see her man that I was even kivving pappiyan to my phone screen ? No but seriously! What is gping on in her mind man ? ? That was so obvious how she was acting. Thank God Viplav was there to control her pagalpan but poor Dhaani! Gosh…
      I just feel Dhaani is going to help them searching Atharvaa because she was quite concerned as it was a kid. And then ViDha searching for Atharvaa, it might brings them quite closer. Well I hope so…

      1. Arshdeep

        Hahahaha 😀 😀 She is so weird.. Why dont she leave from the show now?? Enough of her nonsense

        And dhani will be finding atharva and in turn getting shot by tripurari as per spoilers

    14. Shruthy

      Chali gayi, then who will enjoy the moments when he will be scolding her and all… That’s something that make me laugh watching episodes ?
      Spoilers ? Kahaan?

      1. Arshdeep


        Here they are
        Episode – 284
        Dhaani is stunned when police arrives at her house to arrest her and Parshya for kidnapping Viplav’s son.
        Episode – 285
        After Viplav gets a ransom call, Dhaani decides to help him find his son.
        Episode – 286
        Dhaani and Viplav rediscover each other while on the mission to find his son.
        Episode – 287
        Viplav and Dhaani find his son, but Dhaani gets shot by Tripurari while trying to rescue Viplav’s son.
        Episode – 288
        Even as Dhaani battles for her life in the hospital, Kamini decides to kill her so that she and Viplav can reunite forever.

    15. Shruthy

      OMG those spoilers for tomorrow’s episodes ?? ViDha to rediscover each other once again… Cant wait for the upcoming episodes. They are so exciting ❤️??

      1. Arshdeep

        Yessss this week sounds interesting??

    16. Shruthy

      I AM WAITING! ?

  15. Good morning friends. ..
    I wonder sometimes. . is it the sane writer for first half n second half??
    amazing first half.. second… meaning less. . if a boy goes missing without searching anywhere they directly go to police station. . n which person coming to meet you officially will kidnap to get caught! !!!!

    viplav… From the time u have met dhani she is been telling you y is she angry y don’t u understand such simple things? ?(telling him to go his wife. .. n reminding him he is married to kamini etc…)
    obviously man she is angry n hurt that u r married to kamini n has a child with her. . Please clear her thoughts first with the truth of your marriage n child (Even we eagerly waiting to know that …lol)

    1. Kavitha

      Yes SARS story was gud but they were showing that same sequence for love in first part.they show they love eahother but hate ecahother type of scenes n it was too dragging na that’s y we get bored.other wise the scenes are too good with viplav ,dhaani,vidha n I think atharva too cute but need to know how his birth was.
      Wat u day my dear.

    2. Arshdeep

      Haha right mam
      Clear her and our doubts too??

    3. Yes Yes Yes. ? Me too thinking same, especially these days. When i’m only getting time to watch second half and it’s mostly of Kam part. But when I read updates, The first half is mostly the cutest part. Then have to watch it online. ?

      SadLife. ✋

      1. Arshdeep

        Awwww thats really sad 😛

        Anyways cute pic

  16. today the episode was good better than last 5 to 6 episode
    vidha & vidhani seen as awsome
    anyway that parshiya didnt distrub vidhanni

  17. Gudmrng frnds.arshdeep actually my exam is going cannt b regular here.sry for DAT.after my exam I ll b here regularly

    1. Arshdeep

      Gud mrng didi
      Its okay..all the best for your exams?

  18. Arshdeep if you believe one thing whether it is good or bad strongly you feel that your feeling genuine just fallow them do not bother what others think,I followed this show simply because it has social message and in the previous story many episodes are good and slowly I love that boy Viplav and his action and his positive attitude towards Dhaani slowly the story stoop down and reach its present state, still I am fallowing it stupidly because of Viplav I feel that he represent many youth in our midst now a days youth are facing so many problems ,after marriage they are not in a position to balance between family and wife ,if they give more imp to wife parents feel and vice versa ,that leads to divorce of couple. When we are young we feel financial independence of girls lessen these problems ,but in reality not( I have seen it in my experience of my colleagues) so what is the problem how the girls will make their marital life peaceful with husband and his parents ,that every girl should think herself ,the girl should develop patients and think that in laws are her family in this present story fighting with Viplav did not work it will lead to stress of Viplav one day he will lose his mental imbalance ,and ends to his death ….so Dhaani do not be angry with poor Viplav his only weakness is you without you he cannot live ..—

  19. Mostly boys think rejection of him by wife is an insult for them ,they feel very bad for it both at home and in society ,so they become mentally weak and do abnormal things.

  20. So it is the duty of woman to make her family happy by adjusting with all the members of family.

    1. Arshdeep

      I agree mam..

      Thats actually like a tradition that girls have to bind the family..that is going on.. And to have a peaceful life with live in society girls need to do it

    2. Yes saraswati brlow line from my composition for same NAARI ME HAI SSMUDRA SAMAN SAHANSHEELTA KYA OURUSH HAI HAR STITHI KO JHEL SAKTA.

  21. ii think so atharva mayy bbee kamini–tri son
    onthat dayy vip said i done a mistake by marrying dhaani
    that day he may drink more after that kaminii will make some drama
    that she is consive with vip son and she will say the fb
    that drank day vip had misbehaved with me then with DB compelstion
    vip will get married to kkaminiy

    1. s cool that’s what it means. . That they both did mistake that night n what vip meant is that only. . He was not in senses but she was. . still y did she let that happen? ? n that’s y he is angry with her too. .

  22. This week spoilers anyone??

  23. Wishing to see something nice in this weeks spoilers

  24. After 5 tears the new Dhaani somehow lacks the bubbly and natural acting which young Eisha Singh brought to this role. The new one i think her name is Sanjeeda Sheikh has a dead pan face. The story too has taken a weird twist. I liked i ts earlier part not the present which is boring.

  25. Sujie

    I wonder where is Daadi Bua…..
    She was the root of all these problems….
    Did her sanskaari bahu Kaamini killed her or she is held hostage somewhere??

    1. I think she went back to the Yatraa from where she came. After Viplav-Kam alliance according to her promise amd will she named everything to Kam and went. And I guess for some reasons Kam only has made Trips a Mahannt.

    2. Viplav is back. ? First he made Dhaani to confess her feelings for him and now trying ways hard to get truth out from her mouth. ?

    3. Arshdeep

      Pawade ki jad h wo????

      1. Sujie

        Arshu…. Kya main jaan saktk hoon what is Paawde ??
        And Areeb…may be you are right….she named her property after Kaamini and has vanished now ….

      2. Arshdeep

        Pawade means problems

  26. lot of misteries n I m sure writer will forget most of them n we will not get answers to all. ..

    How did trip become mahant?? Still y is he acting like obedient dog to kamini?

    if dhani n dulari survived blast y not other woman in ashram… Then where are other woman…
    I want rajlaxmi n badiamma back. . At least they would make dhani go on right track

    1. Arshdeep

      I am thinking if the writer was not interested in revealing dulaari’s past what was the need to show her photo at sarla kaki house..??

      Arousing curiosity first and then disclosing nothing 🙁

  27. There’s no doubt that I too think Kam is behind Athrava’s missing. ?

    Well I’m not upset with this. She can do whatever she want do.. as it won’t be working. Viplav is again in his form he won’t leave Dhaani alone now!! ? Whoop Whoop. ?

  28. Angel20

    Hi Arshdeep, college started so not getting much time to comment but will try to comment!

    1. Arshdeep

      I know maria… No complaints from you dear 🙂
      Love you <3

      1. Angel20

        Love you too <3

  29. Episode – 284

    Dhaani is stunned when police arrives at her house to arrest her and Parshya for kidnapping Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 285

    After Viplav gets a ransom call, Dhaani decides to help him find his son.

    Episode – 286

    Dhaani and Viplav rediscover each other while on the mission to find his son.

    Episode – 287

    Viplav and Dhaani find his son, but Dhaani gets shot by Tripurari while trying to rescue Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 288

    Even as Dhaani battles for her life in the hospital, Kamini decides to kill her so that she and Viplav can reunite forever.

    High Voltage Drama this week! ⚡ Super Excited!!!!! ?

    1. Arshdeep

      We posted the spoilers at same time … 😛

      Infact 3 in a line..

      All excited for this week han??

    2. Sujie

      OMG…… Super Dooper drama on the way…. But KD have no idea…. Whatever she tries…she can never separate Viplav and Dhaani….
      Dhaani is gonna be shot…. Its sure that Viplav will not leave her to suffer…. We will get to see some intense scenes….
      Ready for ride of emotions……especially MishLa’s expressions…..

      1. Sujie

        OMG…… Super Dooper drama on the way…. But KD have no idea…. Whatever she tries…she can never separate Viplav and Dhaani….
        Dhaani is gonna be shot…. Its sure that Viplav will not leave her to suffer….
        Ready for ride of emotions……especially Mishal’s expressions…..

      2. Arshdeep

        Yes didi ready for the ride 😀

  30. Arshdeep

    Episode – 28406:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 21 Jun

    Dhaani is stunned when police arrives at her house to arrest her and Parshya for kidnapping Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 28506:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 22 Jun

    After Viplav gets a ransom call, Dhaani decides to help him find his son.

    Episode – 28606:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 23 Jun
    More show timings

    Dhaani and Viplav rediscover each other while on the mission to find his son.

    Episode – 28706:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 24 Jun

    Viplav and Dhaani find his son, but Dhaani gets shot by Tripurari while trying to rescue Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 28806:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 25 Jun

    Even as Dhaani battles for her life in the hospital, Kamini decides to kill her so that she and Viplav can reunite forever.

    1. Arshdeep

      This time spoilers seems interesting?

  31. Nima

    hello ikrsian how r you all??

    @Arshi hw r u dear? I’m here?. I’m fine too?. I don’t know what happened to me? roze ikrs dekhti hu AGR WiFi mile toh online recent episode or previous episode bar bar dekhna pasant karti hu.. bt…lekin…kintu….parantu….why…comment Karna aalsi ho gayi hu?

    ek baat ki guarantee hai #Mishal #ikrs me jab tak hai tab tak yeh Nima isse Judi rahegi?
    sat/sun tak bg hu uske bad regular aane ki puri koshis karungi tab tak k liye mere ishq ka rang safed hai Mishal…….???

    1. Arshdeep

      Haha alsii log.. 😛

      Koi na… Aap show dekh rhe ho na wo hi boht h mere liye.. 🙂

      Love youu boht saara <3
      Apka intezar rahega

  32. Nima

    soiler from
    Times of India

    Episode – 284
    Dhaani is stunned when police arrives at her house to arrest her and Parshya for kidnapping Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 285
    After Viplav gets a ransom call, Dhaani decides to help him find his son.

    Episode – 286
    Dhaani and Viplav rediscover each other while on the mission to find his son.

    Episode – 287
    Viplav and Dhaani find his son, but Dhaani gets shot by Tripurari while trying to rescue Viplav’s son.

    Episode – 28
    Even as Dhaani battles for her life in the hospital, Kamini decides to kill her so that she and Viplav can reunite forever.

    1. Nima

      #spoiler ?

  33. Is atharava viplavs son?how come because viplav doesn’t even communicate with kamini properly how come they have a child.And when kaminis son got kidnapped viplav wasn’t even looked worried he kinda looked like kamini and atharava was like a burden in his life and imagine if Vida got kidnapped then he would search the 24 hours so I also think that atharava is a mystery or kaminis tripuari son for sure but I’m 100% sure that atharva is viplavs son.

  34. Shanitics

    Superb spoilers…?

  35. Shanitics

    Superb spoilers…? seems to be interesting ?

  36. Shanitics

    So spoilers says that misunderstanding track will almost come to an relaxing part..?

  37. Shanitics

    Felt sad for Atharv..? VK scolding?

  38. Shanitics

    Yesterday’s last scenes were full of Vk.. Tgere4 last few scenes were little bad?

  39. After seeing 21st episode I think Viplav will leave Dhaani to Parshya ………..

    1. Arshdeep

      Why i dont feel that

  40. Hey guys i am here i am busy nowadays can’t comment..
    Arshi good effort as u know i had exams after ot i went native … Now in native actually not possible to come here that’s reason i come back soon here n be regular … Hope u understand

    I too do miss our ikrs family n all of u…

    Cutie.. Kavi akka.. Joyee .. Prachi… Chotte.. Swara.. Philo.. Flora di … Marzu… Nimisha di.. Renu di… Nima.. Geni chechi.. N many more how r u all.. I hope all don’t forget me …

    1. Arshdeep

      I understand didi.. No come whenever you get time 🙂

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