Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling that she don’t want any more troubles. She can’t tell anything to Pratibha, she says if Viplav wouldn’t had come on Vidha’s birthday then this wouldn’t have happened. Dulaari says everything will be fine, don’t know who had attacked Parshiya. Tripurari drinks wine at a local bar….and says I have to do complete some incomplete work. His goons ask what is he hiding from them. Tripurari says I will tell, but when the time is right. Dhaani sits at Vidha’s side while she is sleeping. She thinks about Viplav’s words that he got his daughter, family and happiness and he is happy with them. A fb is shown. She recalls asking him that she trusts only Parshiya and not him, and asking him to go. She recalls Parshiya asking her if she wants to clear

the misunderstandings or not…Chandariya song plays………..Dhaani cries as she recalls Parshiya taking Viplav’s name, Inspector telling that Viplav will be punished and Parshiya’s mum cursing him. Dhaani thinks her heart is saying that he is innocent and asks where are you Viplav?

Vidha shows sketch of her family with Viplav and Parshiya. Dhaani recalls Viplav’s words that he got his daughter and family and he want to see them happy. A fb is shown. Dhaani says it is good. Pratibha asks a neighbor about Viplav’s room. She picks a stone and throws on the door. Dhaani stops her and asks what you are doing? Pratibha says I will break his door and says he has ruined my son’s life. She sees Vidha standing at the door stopping her from throwing stone. Pratibha asks her to move to side and says you will get hurt. Vidha says I will not move, this is my Rakshas uncle house. Pratibha says he is not a good man, he is bad. Vidha says you don’t know him, he is good, if you throw stone then I will throw those stones back on you. Dhaani is shocked and scolds Vidha politely. She asks her to come with her. Vidha refuses.

Pratibha asks if he is your relative? Vidha says he is my best friend. Pratibha asks then who is baba to you? Dhaani says Viplav plays with Vidha and takes care of her. Pratibha gets angry. Dhaani says who are we to punish him. If he is guilty then law will punish him. Pratibha asks who is he? What is your relation and asks her to tell. Dhaani is about to tell that he is her…..(husband), but Dulaari says he is our neighbor. She asks Pratibha not to worry and says Police will punish the guilty. Pratibha goes angrily. Dhaani looks at Dulaari with teary eyes.

Vidha asks Dhaani why Police is searching for Rakshas uncle? What he has done? Vidha tells Dhaani that she had read a story where in Police caught a wrong man. Dhaani says if he is innocent then nothing will happen and if he is guilty then will be punished. Vidha asks do you think he is wrong? Dhaani asks her to ask Viplav when he comes back.

Kamini follows Tripurari in her car. Tripurari reaches hospital and wears a shawl and goes inside. Kamini also reach there and sees him going inside the hospital. He thinks there are many people, I will kill Parshiya and Viplav will be punished. He thinks I will be Banaras’ heir. Kamini also comes there and hides seeing Dhaani. Kamini sees a man wearing shawl and calls him Tripurari, but he is someone else. She apologizes and goes. Tripurari wears doctor’s coat and is going inside the cabin. Dhaani says doctor. Tripurari gets tensed. Dhaani goes past from him and talks to the original doctor. Doctor says he seems to be fine and will gain consciousness soon.

Tripurari goes inside Parshiya’s ward. Kamini sees him going inside. Tripurari takes off his oxygen mask. Dhaani thanks God. Parshiya’s starts taking heavy breath. Tripurari says I don’t know, but have to kill you. Kamini sees Dhaani going inside and thinks he will be trapped now. She worries for herself. Nurse stops Dhaani and asks her to bring injections to be given in night. Dhaani says I will bring later, and insists to see him first. Tripurari escapes from there. Dhaani picks the fallen puja flower and goes inside the ward. She sees him sinking and makes him wear oxygen mask again. Kamini comes to Tripurari’s hotel and asks why did you go to hospital to kill him. She asks if Parshiya dies then Viplav will be punished. She asks him not to trap him. Tripurari asks her to save Viplav being a lawyer and then stay with him happily. Kamini throws his glass and tells him that Dhaani went inside after he left, and may be she has saved him. Dhaani scolds nurse for being careless and says his mask was removed. She asks Nurse to do her duty else she will complain about her. She looks at Parshiya being worried.

Pratibha asks Rahul why Viplav came to stay in the basti being rich. Rahul says it was an excuse to stay with Dhaani and says he is Dhaani’s first husband. Pratibha is shocked. Inspector tells Dhaani that he has taken Parshiya’s statement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


      • Areeb

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        Hmm possible. 😐 In the end.. till Mishal again starts shooting, my mind is all prepared to watch absolutly uncertain episodes dragging the story. 😜

    • Areeb

      |Registered Member

      Worst thing is no sign of Viplav yet. Everybody is roaming around.. hospital.. Basti.. Roads.. and Bla Bla. 😤 Chalo.. will wait for Mishal! 😍😘

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  2. Mariyam123

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    Arshi di I don’t agree with u. Every time when I comment no one comments and when I don’t comment then everyone comments, why?

    And also the comments were just 30 to 50. No one was even commenting then how could I being alone comment?

      • Mariyam123

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        Areeb I was angry on the whole ikrs family because no one was commenting so I stopped commenting. I was waiting when the comments will cross 200 and then only I will comment. And see I m Here😊

      • Arshdeep

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        Actually na Louella said she was angry because there were very few comments from so many days and so she said she wont comment until the comment reaches 200.
        So i was upset and was just telling that it is wrong. If you arent commenting or not giving your contribution how can you expect others to comment or the comments to reach 200??😔

        Here Renu didi actually needs a mention. I have seen her previous comments replying to each and every person trying to make the comments as high as possible. Love you lots di😘😘😘😘😘

    • maha

      Hi Louella🙋 actually I am too busy in my studies.. I have to give test of economics and accounting daily to my tutor .. u know how torturing is this😭😭 and then my family is too big cousins etc so I am usually with them so didn’t get time even I am not on any social media😛 and u know I have reached home just now and opened TU page then saw ur comment and here I am so please don’t get angry I am active here whenever I get time💓love u .. gussa mat kiya karo, a sweet advise from ur elder sis😘

  3. Mariyam123

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    Don’t want to talk anything about the episode. Why wasting my anger talking about the useless and meaningless episode😂😂

  4. Mariyam123

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    Mishal has done wonders😂 The page which would not even make 100 comments this week made 300 comments in one day😂 Mishal ki jai ho😜😜

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    Eisha read your comment just now. At least there is someone who thinks I m existing in ikrs page😜 Others don’t get shocked. I m joking😂😂

    Eisha u called me like ur sister then I will call u di. Chalega na? And also when I saw your name I thought real Eisha came to comment here😂 I’m a die hard fan of Eisha and u reminded me of her☺

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    Oh just checked the previous thread. I’m the winner. 😂 Thanks Maria. 😂 Coincidentally, I was discussing Renu Ma’am Dokhla recipe today only with my Anni.

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    Tomorrow is a holiday💃💃💃 I will comment till 11. Yay!! I m so happy yaar. Guys where r u all? Come on comment. Like yesterday today also we have to make 300 comments. Kaam pe lag jaao sab log😂

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    Arshi di I think it’s too late for asking but it struck my mind so asking. Hope u don’t mind. Are the stones out?

    My science miss was teaching about the kidney stones and it reminded my about yours. She told us how much it pains. Hearing it only I was feeling the pain. So thought of sharing and asking about your health😊 Hope u don’t mind me asking u😉

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      Aww why will i mind dear!!
      Actually i myself dont know if they are out or not😂😜
      Thanks you reminded me of them so i am gonna ask muma to take me for an ultrasound

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    Sara’s mam, BR mam, Avi bhai, Akshay, Ranaji, Raj, Rahul bhai, Purple di, Hritya, Rajee, Sofeya, Anjum, Anisha, Arshi, Marees, Zee, Zea, Butterfly, Dr Sweety missing u badly😊

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    Saranya di, Swetha di, Genita di, Shruthy, Mahira, Nima, Naty, Elizabeth, Mishal(Karthik), Prachi missing your comments☺

    • Shruthy

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      Well quite busy these days Lou. Don’t even get time to write anything. Still I try my best to come to read fictions and written updates as i am not watching the episodes. Thoufgh I am gonna test that Vidha scene where she supports her Rakshas uncle. Pata nahin, my heart wants to watch that scene. Missing those Viplav&Vidha scenes na.
      But wanyways. Missing commenting. ANd if I start, then stop button will be hard to be pressed. xD So I need proper time for that.
      But I miss you all, that’s true. <3

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    I forgot to give the treat to all of u. Here’s the treat👇
    I think its enough for the whole ikrs family😂 If its not enough I would give u the name ‘bhukkad’ 😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜

  12. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasanji for the update… once again boring episode without mishal…. but who cares…. waiting for mishal’s re-entry…

  13. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    I havent watched few previous episodes so want to know. Do you all think Parshiya has any clue that it was not Viplav hitting him?

    If not, then how will Viplav be saved?🤔😔

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      No arshu when viplav n parshiya were confronting then no one else was there n when viplav went off in anger parshiya had fallen on ground n immidiately he was hit by tp . I dont think he saw anyone. But it all depends on cvs. It is also possible that he says that he was attacked after viplav left went thus saving viplav 😊

    • Saraswathi.j

      Arshdeep why you are worrying about Viplav all criminals DT,kT,Kamini,Tp,are freely moving in the society in the Tripaty Khandan , what happened to Viplav he also freely move even though really he do something to Parshya in anger.

  14. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Last week we are all happy about kamini free episodes… this week we have to watch viplav free episodes😞😞😞. Our hero is enjoying his holidays… Please guys who are all in India try to watch ikrs only on TV to increase trp…we have to watch all these meaningless episode only for mishal👍👍

  15. maha

    Hi everyone🙋.. I hope u have enjoyed ur day alooot😊
    Thanks Hasan mam
    Episode was borrring😣 but doesn’t matter😂reading only updates..
    Waiting for mishal eagerly😍😍 I think from next week we can have our viplav back💓

  16. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Thankyou H.Hasan😘
    Waiting for mishals return , but Dulari and Dhani are really getting on my nerves a little Just Speak!!! Say something!!!.😂😂😂

  17. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Friends I didn’t find it meaningless as I have analysed thoroughly.

    ⛦ Dhani blaming viplav for parshiyas condition n thinking it would have been averted if viplav didn’t come to the party. Liked dularis trust on viplav n assuring her that parshiya would be fine n sort this issue .
    ⛧ Tripurari drinking wine with local goons😎 wonder he has contacts in mumbai. 🤔He goes to hospital to kill parshiya thus landing him behind bars n clearing his way of becoming the sole heir of tripathi family assets. Vk too follows him n i am sure both r being followed by detective lady hired by Dt🤗🤗

    ⛧ Dhani being nostalgic n thinking of viplavs words that he wants his famuly their happiness n wants to clear mus . Thank god that old repetitive flashback of viplav n vk has been wiped out from her memory card.😀😁😁😂

    ⛧ Loved vidhas family pic with viplav though didnt like parshiya too in it😶

    ⛧ Parshiyas mother was so violent n pelted stones as she knows viplav has attacked her son n lives adjacent to dhani . Adored cute vidha when she stood in front n told her that if she wud throw stones then she would throw same back at her. Infact dhani too told her to calm down leading to her doubt on dhani’s relation with him. Dhani wanted to tell but dulari handled the situation tactfullt.

    ⛧ was a bit amused how come little vidha has heard a story of police catching wrong person🙄🤔😋☺

    ⛧ Tripurari in doctors coat enters parshiyas room n removes his oxygen mask.again wondering he had entered hospital in a black shawl n where did he get the coat from😤😤😤😤

    ⛧ It seems cvs dont want to kill parshiya so they send dhani inside his room who saved parshiya ☺😋 .Didn’t like her acting when she scolded nurse for being callous. She appeared to be unnecessarily aggressive. WISH SOMEONE SEES CCTV FOOTAGE TO SEE REAL CULPRIT 🤗

    ⛧ PRECAP is nice as atlast parshiyas mom comes to know of reality.

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Hey Renu

      Love your analysis. I also liked it and didn’t think it was as bad as some of the comment suggested.

      The sketch was lovely and I Didn’t mind Parshiya being in it. he,s been there from the start of vidha’s life and she loves him. But she obv feels a strong connection with Viplav so he also has a place in the pic of her loved ones! also loved it when she called Viplav her best friend. 😊😊

      I’d forgotten about the sketch!

      We posted a few minutes apart. Like I said , love you analysis! Xxx

      P’s I also mentioned cctv, so we’re thinking along the same lines. Maybe there’s a chance the nice policeman will also think it! 😂😂😂


  18. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Watcha everyone!

    So the epi today was a bit of a filler but in the interests of positivity the bits I liked

    Vidha defending Viplav was lovely! She is such a cutie pie!
    Dhani admitting to herself that in her heart she knows Viplav couldn’t have hurt Parshiya but confused by the evidence. Lovely flashbacks of some good episodes and conversations!
    Trips is such a good baddie. Kam is so tiny compared to him that I,m surprised he doesn’t just squish her.
    What happened to the spy hired by DT,m did she see Trips in the hospital? Did she see kam? I hope so,

    Precap is interesting, the cv’s obv want us to think oarshiya made a statement and accused Viplav, butbi’m hoping he says it wasn’t Viplav or that he didn’t see as the person had their head covered. Also hope someone with some sense thinks to check the hospital cctv footage.

    P’s mum is a very irritating character, glad she finds out the truth about Viplav and Dhani. I also hope we see Dhani find her voice and actually say something to defend herself and Viplav.

    She almost blurted it out today when P’s mum was being annoying but no, Dulaari found her lying voice instead! Ggrrrr! Honestly what is she doing! No wonder Dhani is such a deer in headlights! Dulaari seems to almost force her to be that way,

    So, yes a filler epi, but it’s kind of setting the scene for what is to come,

    No idea if this is a long post as the window is very small and no not how to scroll. I will hit post and it will be a lovely surprise, 😂😂😂

  19. Anita

    Happy to read everyone’s comments…….unhappy to watch last episode. Parshiyas mother is a torture to watch….. I guess we have to go thru this bad times to appreciate the good times ahead. Come on Mishal please cut short your holidays , there’s a lot of people’s happiness dependent on you !!


    Just love reading everyone’s comments. Last episode was stupid and worthless to watch. Parshiya’s mum is a real torture to endure. Please please please please Mishal cut short your holidays and come back……….so many people’s happiness depends on you !!!

  21. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Eisha di I m happy that u r my fan in fact very happy but u have to wait till I become famous😂😂 Just joking. Don’t take it seriously okay😂 And I wanted to ask u, were u a silent reader before? If yes then for how long u were a silent reader?

  22. swarna

    Again boring episode. I think that un known lady may reveal the hidden secret. Let’s eatch wat’s going on ……

  23. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Hello Everyone. 😊

    Renu Ma’am & Nimisha Ma’am good analysis. 👏 It’s we girls are impatient especially me. 😂 Waiting for some clue of Viplav’s well being. 😏

    Good Day Mishalians! 😎

  24. saras

    hello friends. .
    I think parshiya will say viplav didn’t attack him that’s when dhani will feel bad as she misunderstood viplav n starts missing him but he is not here. .

    he is enjoying holiday in Europe -:))

    every time dhani needs third person to tell her understand viplav..

    first suvarna had to tell viplav is not wrong now she needs parshiyas words to believe viplav. .

    • Nimisha

      |Registered Member

      Hey Saras

      These episodes are good as they are showing her slowly awakening and allowing herself yo admit how she feels about Viplav. She has been stuck begind her fear of what happened and fear of being hurt for soooo long that he natural knee jerk reaction is to push him away. Now that he’s missing it’s giving her space to actually miss him.

      Yes the epi’s are slow, but I am enjoying watching her repent and think. her relief will be obvious to all when Viplav returns.

      If Parshiya says its Viplav then that would be too predictable. The cv’s have never been predictable and have always surprised me so am hoping that he did see and does remember that it wasn’t him.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Well, the cv’s have surprised me again! Lol! Or maybe it won’t be a surprise to some of you but on twitter there was a picture posted of Aanshul and Sanjeeda with Sanjeeda in what looks like a wedding outfit! 😡😡😡

        So goodness knows whatsbtomcome but I’m now hoping this scene will be when Viplav returns to stop it!

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi saras. Good to see u back. Yes even i share this theory that. Parshiya would not give abti viplav statement n then dhani would realise her folly

  25. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    No spoilers. 😤 Aghh!

    Aur what’s up Mishalians. 😂 Is everyone sleeping out there! 👓

    P.S. Itna sanatta kyn hai bhai.

  26. Minu Banerjee

    Old Dhani was soft looking but have strong mentality she loves Viplav by heart and where is love there no suspect but here we saw they are suspect each other. I can’t under stand why Viplav should not explain the matter. why Dhani should not tell Viplav the original mistry created by Kamini.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi minu welcome to our family.😊 Old dhani was pretty young but she cud not have carried a matured mothers role ; well if cud have then also she didn’t wanted it.hence new dhani had to come.
      Now we should not blame the actor for the writers new dhani is shown suspecting viplav as she had seen viplav n kamini together n it was kamini who bridged a gap between the two.
      Now she wants to stay away from viplav as kamini has told her about their married life n a son . To save his married life she is trying to sacrifice n now once the story takes a twist revealing kaminis bad deeds that trust is gonna come back for sure .

  27. Eisha

    Yes dear I am silent reader from November.these days are very special and beautiful days of IKRS. I used to read all yours comment daily I am regular visitor of TU.and ha I am new here

  28. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone…..
    Good afternoon….. Sorry for not commenting
    And visa interview is on 2nd of August …… Hope everything goes well….wish me luck 😀😀😀

  29. ViDha

    Hello everyone,I am new here..I watch this show only for Mishal.He is my favorite actor 😀
    Spoiler is out.
    21july:Prathiba expresses her desire to see Dhani as her daughter in-law,but Dhani is hesitant.On the oder hand Vidha insist on a father figure in her life.
    22july:Prathiba expresses her desire to see Dhani as her daughter in-law,but Dhani is hesistant.On the oder hand Vidha insist on a father figure in her life.
    23 July:After thinking about Vidha,Dhani submits to her fate and agrees to marry Parshiya
    24 july:Dhani and Parshiyas wedding is called off after Vidha meets with an accident
    25 July:Wen Viplav returns home after many days,he is schoked to learn about Dhani and Parshiyas alliance and Vidha accident

  30. Saraswathi.j

    What a backwas this one outright condemn this story how many times the stupid Dhaani marry what is her mother doing and her father Anshuman?there is also another plot in this they are playing this one to bring back Viplav they are doing this drama…..!

  31. Saraswathi.j

    What happened to creative writers,are they lost creativity?for this stupid story we want Viplav to come back ?

  32. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Spoilers are out…. Arrey Dhaani is marrying again… Shouldn’t we go and congratulate her for the 3rd marriage she is going to do…. 😁👿👿😂😂😂😂👿👿👿 how many rituals would be there????? Dulaari Maai would be in tension thinking how to manage everything…. Because her daughter will be marrying for the 3rd time… Isn’t that a great news????? 👿👿👿👿
    Wah rey writer…. Teri leela aparampar hai….😁😂😑😱😱😱😱

    Writers ko bolna padega who will be from parshiya’s dance in BAARAT..👿👿👿.. and who will be with Dhaani among us…..
    Writers have lost their mind….. And Parshiya …..if you love Dhaani by heart…then you should have Dhaani will never love any other person other than Viplav… Such a despo 👿

  33. shanitics

    Many new members.. Quite god.. Stry for nt cmntg due to hectic schedule of school life I’m nt gttng enough time to pt cmnts.. 😞

    Welcome to all nw members…

    Koi mujhe bhul nahi Gaye na…

    Yesterday’s episode was quite good… So tp is havng a bittr feeling towards viplav…😏

    Accrdng to spoilers Dhaani marries Parshiya😞 Gt a diamond 💎 Viplav.. Bt gng for a fake Diamond 💎😭

    Sujie di cngratss and all the bst😉

  34. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Yes just saw n spoilers r as mentioned above. Hope they r not true. As earlier too on tuesday a spoiler was posted which was never shown.

  35. Pooja

    Worst spoilers I don’t wanna comment anything on that..
    My nerve breaking by seeing all these – I stopped commenting for this reason only

  36. Pooja

    Wat writers think of urself- do you thinking anyone can color one girl’s life.
    I don’t find word’s to express..
    I won’t watch till next spoilers – looking for good one.

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