Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming inside the Police station, and tells Inspector, you are the one who has freed Tripurari, and asks him to show warrant, FIR, Charge sheet etc. He asks how dare you to arrest Dhaani without warrant and chargesheet, and now I will slap case against you. Now the you will see what law does to you. Tripurari comes to meet Kanak. Kanak informs him that she sent Dhaani to jail, to make her leave from their life and Viplav’s life. Dasharath comes there to do Surya Namaskar. Kanak gives him money and says she is happy with her first win. Dasharath sees Tripurari and calls her. Dhaani comes out of lock up. Viplav asks Sushma to tell the truth to the honest police officer so that they don’t trouble Dhaani again. Sushma tells Inspector that Dhaani was with her when

her son had died. Viplav asks her to come. He tells Dhaani that he has bear enough and says Kanak have to answer me. Dhaani asks him not to question Kanak as she is already tensed and also asks him not to get angry. She asks him to promise. Viplav refuses and says I have to ask Maa about this. He leaves.

Tripurari greets Dasharath. Dasharath asks what you are doing here? Tripurari says I want to give your support in this time, and says I am faithful to you. Dasharath says I have doubt on you, just like Viplav doubting you. He says I am silent now, but if I get the proofs proving you to be Shambu’s murderer then it will be last day of your mother. He goes inside. Tripurari tells Kanak that he was troubling Dasharath. Kanak laughs. She gets a call from Inspector informing her that Viplav got Dhaani freed from Police station. Tripurari says what will happen if he comes to know that you are the one who sent her there. Kanak looks on.

Dulaari is angry as Kanak accused her of Shambu’s death. Badi Amma asks her to calm down and says she will keep shanti paat in the ashram. Dulaari says we shall invite Viplav. Badi Amma says she will personally invite Viplav and Dasharath. She tells Raj Lakshmi to call Suwarna, but not Tripurari. Viplav comes home and asks Shalu, where is Kanak? She says she saw Maa going towards Dasharath’s room. Viplav rushes to room and sees Kanak trying to hang herself.

He holds her and saves her. He calls Shalu. Shalu and Sushma comes there and are shocked. Kanak says I don’t want to live. I want to die in the same place where my husband died. She cries and says nobody believes me, why I shall live. Viplav says if anything happens to you, then what will happen to us. Kanak says everyone is against me and says you can’t understand my pain. She says I can’t live without you and hugs him. She smiles and makes faces. Dasharath looks on.

Dhaani invites Suwarna to Ashram for the shanti Paat. Suwarna says she will come. Dhaani asks her not to bring Tripurari there as Viplav will be there and he will not feel good seeing him. Suwarna says okay and says she will help her with the arrangements.

Sushma comes to Ashram for the Shanti Paat. She tells Dulaari and Badi Amma that they have done good by keeping the Shanti Paat. Badi Amma asks Viplav and dhaani to sit together in the puja. Viplav agrees. Badi Amma asks about Gangajal. Dhaani says I have asked Suwarna to bring it. Tripurari comes and greets everyone. He tells Dhaani that he has brought everything which she told. He says he has taken bath and is ready to attend the puja. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Viplav gets up and tries to go. Dhaani tells him that she called just Suwarna, and wasn’t aware that Tripurari will come. Tripurari tells Dhaani that he has brought all the things which he asked him to bring. Dhaani asks when did I tell you, I haven’t invited you. Viplav says I will not attend this puja and apologizes. Tripurari says if he has objection with me, then I shall leave. Dulaari asks Viplav to forget it and sit down for puja. Sushma asks Viplav to sit. Tripurari says I want to say something. Viplav asks him to tell how did he come out of jail, how Shambu died, how his ring was found in Dasharath’s room, how he had tried to kill Dhaani and him? He asks can you tell truth? He looks on and is about to go, but Dhaani stops him and says she will ask Tripurari to leave. Dhaani asks him not to go, and says she will ask tripurari to leave as she hates him too. Viplav says his blood boils seeing Tripurari and he don’t want to do anything bad. He leaves.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani for doubting her and says whenever he sees tripurari, he loses his cool. Dasharath calls Dhaani and asks her to keep fast. He sees Kanak eating food and asks her to fast. Later he sees Kanak leaving in a hurry and thinks she might be upto some conspiracy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aa voicelo mathundhi
    Aa nadakalo stylundhi
    Aa actinge o power pack evaro thelusa.
    That is our ikrs hero mishal really mishal ur amazing in ur acting skills. U change the ur expressions to that particular situation.
    In today’s episode I like mishal questioning of inspector by holding his angry. It was very nice.ur rockstar of small screen.

  2. Itna sannata kyun hai Bhai….
    Omg comments less than 100…

  3. What Trp 1,6 ????????? Best serial Indien. ??

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  11. Choose-
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      1) Eisha 2)Viplav 3)RL 4)Raj 5)Badi Amma

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      definitely rajlaxmi
      I love both dadi n badi amma so difficult to choose one

    3. 1) Dhaani
      2) viplav
      4) raj
      5) daadi

  12. I think many of ikrs are students and its exam season that’s y do in trp.. it will pick up soon

  13. Anyone watches Zindagi Abhi Baki hain Mera Ghost on life ok? 😛 I love that show a lot and even Badi Amma is also in that show she plays a black magic guru there her character is negative but I think they ended her track
    Sorry don’t know what to write that’s why but still does anyone watches tht show 😛



      2. Oh I see I also missed some episode and then I read the updates and I started watching it again but sad it’s gonna end soon nowadays good shows end so soon

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  20. Colors does nt promote dis show,n don’t know why audience lyk saas bohu,family drama, black magic type seriels.same thing happens with movies also

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