Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming inside the Police station, and tells Inspector, you are the one who has freed Tripurari, and asks him to show warrant, FIR, Charge sheet etc. He asks how dare you to arrest Dhaani without warrant and chargesheet, and now I will slap case against you. Now the you will see what law does to you. Tripurari comes to meet Kanak. Kanak informs him that she sent Dhaani to jail, to make her leave from their life and Viplav’s life. Dasharath comes there to do Surya Namaskar. Kanak gives him money and says she is happy with her first win. Dasharath sees Tripurari and calls her. Dhaani comes out of lock up. Viplav asks Sushma to tell the truth to the honest police officer so that they don’t trouble Dhaani again. Sushma tells Inspector that Dhaani was with her when

her son had died. Viplav asks her to come. He tells Dhaani that he has bear enough and says Kanak have to answer me. Dhaani asks him not to question Kanak as she is already tensed and also asks him not to get angry. She asks him to promise. Viplav refuses and says I have to ask Maa about this. He leaves.

Tripurari greets Dasharath. Dasharath asks what you are doing here? Tripurari says I want to give your support in this time, and says I am faithful to you. Dasharath says I have doubt on you, just like Viplav doubting you. He says I am silent now, but if I get the proofs proving you to be Shambu’s murderer then it will be last day of your mother. He goes inside. Tripurari tells Kanak that he was troubling Dasharath. Kanak laughs. She gets a call from Inspector informing her that Viplav got Dhaani freed from Police station. Tripurari says what will happen if he comes to know that you are the one who sent her there. Kanak looks on.

Dulaari is angry as Kanak accused her of Shambu’s death. Badi Amma asks her to calm down and says she will keep shanti paat in the ashram. Dulaari says we shall invite Viplav. Badi Amma says she will personally invite Viplav and Dasharath. She tells Raj Lakshmi to call Suwarna, but not Tripurari. Viplav comes home and asks Shalu, where is Kanak? She says she saw Maa going towards Dasharath’s room. Viplav rushes to room and sees Kanak trying to hang herself.

He holds her and saves her. He calls Shalu. Shalu and Sushma comes there and are shocked. Kanak says I don’t want to live. I want to die in the same place where my husband died. She cries and says nobody believes me, why I shall live. Viplav says if anything happens to you, then what will happen to us. Kanak says everyone is against me and says you can’t understand my pain. She says I can’t live without you and hugs him. She smiles and makes faces. Dasharath looks on.

Dhaani invites Suwarna to Ashram for the shanti Paat. Suwarna says she will come. Dhaani asks her not to bring Tripurari there as Viplav will be there and he will not feel good seeing him. Suwarna says okay and says she will help her with the arrangements.

Sushma comes to Ashram for the Shanti Paat. She tells Dulaari and Badi Amma that they have done good by keeping the Shanti Paat. Badi Amma asks Viplav and dhaani to sit together in the puja. Viplav agrees. Badi Amma asks about Gangajal. Dhaani says I have asked Suwarna to bring it. Tripurari comes and greets everyone. He tells Dhaani that he has brought everything which she told. He says he has taken bath and is ready to attend the puja. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Viplav gets up and tries to go. Dhaani tells him that she called just Suwarna, and wasn’t aware that Tripurari will come. Tripurari tells Dhaani that he has brought all the things which he asked him to bring. Dhaani asks when did I tell you, I haven’t invited you. Viplav says I will not attend this puja and apologizes. Tripurari says if he has objection with me, then I shall leave. Dulaari asks Viplav to forget it and sit down for puja. Sushma asks Viplav to sit. Tripurari says I want to say something. Viplav asks him to tell how did he come out of jail, how Shambu died, how his ring was found in Dasharath’s room, how he had tried to kill Dhaani and him? He asks can you tell truth? He looks on and is about to go, but Dhaani stops him and says she will ask Tripurari to leave. Dhaani asks him not to go, and says she will ask tripurari to leave as she hates him too. Viplav says his blood boils seeing Tripurari and he don’t want to do anything bad. He leaves.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani for doubting her and says whenever he sees tripurari, he loses his cool. Dasharath calls Dhaani and asks her to keep fast. He sees Kanak eating food and asks her to fast. Later he sees Kanak leaving in a hurry and thinks she might be upto some conspiracy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. One thing I love about IKRS is that the hero is not dumb at all till now and the heroine has also stopped being foolish and what is best is the understanding and support Vidhaani give to each other an how they overcome their hurdles, I just have a request as a viewer please don’t drag this Kanak cruelty and murder case thingy murderers should be exposed as fast as possible. Vidhaani rocks Viplav rocks Dhaani rocks well done superb acting by Mishal Raheja and Eisha Singh 🙂

  2. sara

    There was a power cut here couldn’t watch the episode. .. looks like a happening episode. . amazing n sooper precap

  3. Sujie

    Thank you for fast update
    I wish Viplav had not stopped Kanak….he should have let her go to hell……
    This Tripurari is such a headache…..

  4. AM

    thanks hasan ji . .today’s episode is OK OK …. I liked DT very much today…..precap is very good …DT is awesome …..kanak jil jil itni nautanki kese kar leti hae 😛 .. really superb actor 😉 …..
    hi BR mam,varsha,Tamil,saranya,joyee,sonu,Sara,shri,akshay,jyoti,brity,hritya,Rahul,purple and all ikrs family .. share your comments … br mam plz comment today … missing you a lot ….

    • Sonu

      Hi AM, this year best of the kalanayaki ( negative female actor) award goes to The none other than Drama Queen.

  5. Saranya

    Kanak kanak kanak kanak.u are really a vampire and more than can u do these much drama?how can u cheat ur own children?u selfish greedy lady.i feel like eating u raw.most perfect death for u will be burning u alive,then by removing ur bones i will make bone powder and then i will mix that with clay from ur head.and will make a perfect donkey figure u idiot.

  6. Saranya

    Now a days romantic vidhani scenes are not there.and full of vampire drama.inspite of all these too i am enjoying it bcz we can’t see this type pure and epic romance in any other misunderstanding only trust.that’s what we all need.a serial’s motto should be show reality not non doubt our show excels in that.of course,kanak character is cruel very cruel but a personality like kanak need many time a long time to that is permissible.same is in the case of tp.IKRS rocks.

  7. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam
    Sofe,Anne and all my friends.pls share ur opinions.

  8. Gud episode, how are you guys, tell me ur views about the episode. Spoiler is good I think DT will get a soft corner for Dhaani bcozz she saved him from those man-eaters I don’t know what it means actually. What do u think guys plzzzz reply ?

  9. Today episode was ok…..I think Dasarath will come to know the truth behind Shambu’s death before Viplav and Dhaani….Stupid Tripurari came to the shanti pooja and spoiled it…Precap is good…

  10. Saranya

    BR mam,where are u?pls comment mam.i really miss u mam.pls.

    Shri,why no comments?pls comment.Raj,Brity,tamil,where are u guys?pls comment.atleast one per daily.if u read this u will definitely comment.pls do it yaar.

  11. Saranya

    Guys,u know sometimes we love villians more than heroes because of their that case i love joker from batman movie very much.he is amazing.i just hold my breath with the dialouge
    “introduce a little anarchy.upset the established order and everything becomes chaos”
    What a mind blowing dialogue.guys pls share ur favourite villains u can choose either from big screen and small screen.

  12. Sonu

    Today’s episode was OK OK..I really enjoyed DT’s look on Drama queen when she acting..
    My guess will be right ho Sakta, DT should first find out the KT and JP’s crime on Shambu’s death.

  13. Saranya

    This one is for my beloved moderation
    “kaise hai rishta tera mera
    bechehara bhir bhi itna gehara”

    • Fatarajo

      Alhamdullilah now I m fit n fine am watching last 3 episodes of IKRS with my mom as she missed them her second priority is always IKRS after PKHJD among all the shows she watch
      Inshallah tomorrow I will publish epi 3 of my ff and more suspense awaiting 😛

  14. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends BR mam, Shri, Saru, Sara, Gudiya, MM, AM, Joyee, Varsha, Tamil, Florentina, Sofe,Divya, Swasti, Swati, Nisha, Hritya, RahulPurple, Gennipher, Kavi, Kaviya, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Megha, Aksay, Jyoti, Marees, Marine and all of Ikrs family..
    Friends what’s your opinion for today’s episode? Please share it..

    • Rajee

      Precap was good but I am sad that I won’t b able to watch the next 2 episodes as some guests r coming to our house…I hope these episodes will b uploaded in YouTube…by that time only WU will b the only life saver..thank u Hasanji for WU !!!
      Good night friends!

    • jyoti

      Hi sonu episode kal ka bohut drama bazzi hogaya. Dhani / Viblap ka romantic scene tho mujhe kaam laag rahahai. waiting for today’s episode.

  15. Sonu

    I am exited for Precap, so superb. DTji you must follow behind your lovely Bahuraniji. DTji please start your cid work on her. Then you get to know the who is the real killer of your son’s murder.

  16. Sonu

    This moderation Bethal ki taraha hamari peeche nahi chodti, especially in night. Oh pyaree moderation please night mein hum sabko chodo, because most of them comments in night..

  17. Sonu

    Dear BR mam where r u? Yaake comments maadtilla? Husharaagiddira? Really miss u mam, take care love uuuuu…
    I hope you must comment tomorrow..

  18. Sonu

    Hey drama queen don’t do over acting. One day all are know about your real face. Then no one don’t believe you. Uss samay tumnae sach mein roo rahegi tho koi bi tumko nahi barosa karta especially Vipu, except Dhani.

  19. Hi ikrs frnds a very gud there was a power cut so can’t watch last part and precap of today’s episode. Isaw update its OK
    But now a days in ikrs I can see cid scenes due shambus death.
    Don’t know when the show becomes to normal situation.
    Our writer creates a short MU BT vidhaani and at short moment it would be sort out.
    But it was very tensed that don’t know next wat MU will be created by knk BT vidhaani.
    So very curious.
    And they showed that knk hangs herself and viplav rescues her but they didn’t show how they compromise her or nothing something else .they suddenly jumped into pooja scene.

  20. vini

    Guys pls tell me what DT said to dhaani in precap i.e kya praapth karne keliye dhaani ko puja karna hoga

  21. Guys if DT comes to know that knk planed to kill him and his son dead because of knk how he will react.if he reacts
    Positively-DT Kik out knk from ayodhya.
    Negatively-DT supports knk that she was trying to spoil vidhaanis marriage.
    Pls comment ur opinion.
    But when I saw spoiler after dhaani rescues DT from aghoraas, DT will be completely changed positively.

  22. Rajee

    As last week I cud not catch some episodes of ikrs I cud not mark tp’ s dressing… But someone here mentioned abt it b4 & gave d name jpg…now there is no Jill Jill & no pp…their dressing is suddenly changed…may b tp is trying to impress SUV wearing jeans.

    • sara

      he doesn’t have to impress suvarna. . she is anyway blind in his love. .. he may be trying to impress kanak…
      after shambu’s death. . his attitude n body language towards her has changed. .

    • sara

      I frrl dt already has a soft corner for dhani n he feels viplav’s pain if dhani is in trouble. .. since he is a villian he has understood kt n jp are not trustworthy people that’s y he is not depending on jp for anything now…

      one thing we can say is dt is at least a human (he has feelings) unlike kt n jp..

  23. Kaviya and joyee tell me when is ur next ff is posted.its very interesting yaar.Iam eagerly waiting.because u know in our ikrs we were missing some masala in the story.that I could funded in ur stories very nice .
    In my opinion our ikrs writers should take suggestions from u make ikrs more interesting.
    Very nice ff keep it up guys.all the best.keep on posting it.

    • Saranya

      Hai kavitha,there are four fan fictions.two of them u know joyee’s and kaviya.other two are by divya and sujie.divya wrote 20 parts of it and sujie 8 parts,if my memory is correct.try reading it also they are really nice,sometimes more better than real IKRS.

  24. Guys is really the ikrs show is not updated in YouTube y oh god I was going to omshakthi temple at maruvathur for two days from Friday and Saturday so I’ll miss this show .
    I thought that we can watch it in wat to do guys iam very hurted to hear this.kya karein kya karein.guys do have any idea.

  25. Rahul

    Hi everyone…….how are you all…my mba exams are going on…plz pray for me…..todays episode is gud….hope viplav will be with dhani everytime…thanks for everyone who consider me and purple as vidhanni…but in actual sense may be I will be equal to viplav but purple is not cute as dhani..she is actually cute devil who drinks my blood when fighting

  26. Sonu

    Hi Aksay congrats dear for the win of your Kabaddi and Valleyball celebration time, cheer up yaar..

  27. Hey frnds till this cid situations ends I’ll watch previous episode’s that viplav and dhaani proposal scenes. Because then only my tensions will become cool.
    A twist wala rang ka safed mujse bardash nahi hoga.very tensed and suspensable track. Directors pls tel us When this story takes new track of vidhaani luv story.
    We want vidhaanis marriage as soon as possible.there r more expections for vidhaanis marriage.
    But after all this twist and turns don’t finish vidhaanis marriage suddenly.we need clean n clear conversations.
    Let’s wait n watch

  28. Saranya

    Guys,see my comments above.i wrote it very early but moderation made it posting such late.i asked a qn: too pls answer it also.i think there is four comments by me there.moderation is killing my patience.

  29. vinay kumar

    today’s episode was ok nd i think DT will come to know reallity of d KT very soon nd will throw her out of d house…….

  30. Saranya

    Hai kavitha,there are four fan fictions.two of them u know joyee’s and kaviya.other two are by divya and sujie.divya wrote 20 parts of it and sujie 8 parts,if my memory is correct.try reading it also they are really nice,sometimes more better than real IKRS.

    • Hi Sean gud afternoon dear.thank u for ur information.but I really don’t know that divya and sujie also writing their ikrs ff.its really very happy to hear this .but I’ll definetly see all episodes of divya and sujie when I was free but for 2,3 days I was busy.till Sunday. OK thanku dear. Take care .keep commenting.

  31. purple

    Hi guys after a long time am here…rahul I will kill you man….who said you are so cute as our are like a Dracula who drinks others blood…sonu am doing mbbs…

  32. Saranya

    Now too they did n’t got posted.better i wait till tmrw.if it is not there tmrw,i think reposting will be a better option.gud night friends.

  33. Saranya

    Oh,thank God at last my comments posted.pls see those and i wrote a qn: also there,pls reply to it also.i don’t know why they went through these much moderation.i only scolded kanak not telly updates operators,then why these much moderation,only God knows.

  34. Fatarajo

    True saranya, villians with a comic taste brings more colors to the show , my mom also enjoys kanak’s acting a lot . Like my uncle he watches two hindi serials a lot cause of the villian which is the old lady in Mere Angne Main on star plus and the kanjoos father-in-law in Sarojini on zee tv, he enjoys these two shows because of the funny tactics of the villians 😛 and I also love the joker a lot even more than batman , my cousins r crazy fans of the joker, I also like the evil scientist, doofensmitz in phineas n ferb 😛

  35. Thank you ? Sara ,kaviya,sonu and fatarjo for being with me in my celebration. We enjoyed a lot .late night party with friends.
    #full fun#? %crazine$$

  36. If Tripurari goes to jail half of the problems solved……If Dasarath really changed then he will counter Kanak…..If these things happen then we can expect Viplav & Dhaani marriage…..let’s see what is on cards…….I would like to see Viplav initial episodes ………(piyas house,ashram am scenes….)

    • Saran there r many to list the best villain on big screen .but on small screen I think that no one is better than knk(kajal) for best villain.she is very good creating best charecterof negative role that shows her non sense in story that everyone gets angry and irritation on her.I think so.this my opinion.
      And now a days I didn’t watch any another shows except ganga.that too from last two didn’t find any other best vilian.

  37. Rajee

    Akshay, Meri aur se bhi dher sari badhaiyan… u r very good in leg pulling haan…arre…sorry…I mean kabaddi mere bhai…
    I am giving some gyan here.-
    The word kabaddi is derived fm Tamil words-‘ kai-pidi’. Kai means hand & pidi means hold.
    Once again congratulations for d victory!

  38. Rajee

    Hi saranya! Good question. My all time fav movie is sholay ,what a phenomenal movie& Gabbar singh is my fav villain.. I always find its fun to play a villain..if I wud b an actor I wud love to play a vamp…hi hi hi…villains ko kitna maza ata hoga..they never cry but always make others cry..

    • Hey saran ,sara,rajee,joyee,and others do u know the reason y br mam is not commenting from last three any issues iam worried about her.
      Br pls come on soon mam we mis ur comments.

  39. Fatarajo

    Hey all looks like most are busy nowadays , I just looked at no.of comments suddenly Bb has 92 comment and IKRS has only 67 but IKRS always beats BB in terms of comments I know this track is being dragging but it’s much much better than raja rani and Thapki current track lets try to comment if possible 😛 and I hate BB nowadays

  40. Shri

    Hii Dear Friends
    BR,,SONU..Saran..Marees ..Kavith..Rajee..Gennie..Varsha..Tamil and others

    Hey Sonu ..Sry was nt keeping well..hwz u ?

    BR hwz u and and ur family

    The episode was really intresting ..but jst dont understand hw come DT dint think to whom is TP talking to..

    waiting for DT to find out the truth..

  41. Rajee

    Yes all r busy yaar..but right now I am free in office… As big boss is coming to an end its slot should b given to ikrs for repeat telecast.. Becoz of bb our ikrs lost its night repeat telecast & now its time for the vice versa.

  42. Ya joyee I was also thinking the same that the story of ikrs was little un interested but much much better than other shows.but in our show I know there is suspense thriller twist every day I was very eager to watch that wat will happen next.its really good than other show.
    So guys pls go on commenting.

  43. Rajee

    Vini, DT informed dhani abt some pooja & ritual when ladies observe fasting for getting a male child..DT asked dhani to observe it.

  44. Hi akshay congratulations for u and ur team frnd.playing games is hobby for everyone but winning the game gives motivation for all the keep on playing all the very success to u guys.I think now u all r getting enjoy for ur success celebrations.go on.

  45. sara

    I like all three villians of ikrs.. they are indeed small time comedians…

    In most of the serials I used like villians more than leads… in rangrasiya his aunt was the villian she was too good both acting n dialogues. . madhubala aslso rk’s step bro sikki (sikandar).. I used to enjoy his acting as well as role. .
    in swaragini I like only ragini n here I hate swara lol.. she is too irritating..I love tejaswi

  46. sara

    according to me current track of ikrs is not boring at all. . its going very good. . n I m not in a hurry for their marriage. . as that will lead to stagnation of story line n they will start dragging n bringing in some uninteresting storyline( that’s what happens in all serials)

    • AM

      yes I agree Sara …ikrs current track is not boring at all …every time they would not give us romantic time …then it will be ended very soon …so stay tuned and love ikrs …ikrs is far far better than any other serials ….

    • Sujie

      Yes Sara you are right…. IKRS is not boring at all…this is an epic love story…we have to be thankful to the makers of the serial for bringing such a nice story…Mishal Eisha and all the other actors have nailed their roles.ViDhaani moments are awesome…
      I am waiting for the track when DT will be saved from those aghoris by Dhaani and i am wishing for his change in DT’s perception about Dhaani so that he supports ViDhaani’s relation…… 🙂

      • sara

        Thanks am. joyee n sujie. ..
        I somehow feel dt is convinced dhani is good for vip lol.. lot of wishfull thinking

  47. Frnds u know one thing now I was in bus journey going to my native.and now iam watch ikrs only.I don’t y this show became my all time entertainer.I was really very impressed with this show and iam happy to be a part of ikrs family with u all.

  48. prachi

    Samething happening with me also,as I get free I start watching ikrs n intrrviews of mishal n eishu on youtube

  49. Guys I have one doubt about ikrs.can u clear me.if ikrs show is dubbed in all languages then how it will it fine.
    In my opinion it is good but when they dub in other languages the background songs and manthras will be changed its not suitable. I want to see this show in other languages,like,Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam and may be others but not without our ikrs title song it was something missing in the the perfect highlight of the show is title song.without this there is in my opinion if the show is dubbed also the songs and manthras must kept like that only without changing them.
    This my opinion. Guys share ur opinion also.

  50. Fatarajo

    OMG I was watching IKRS this episode when Viplav removed his hand I thought he was gonna slap Dhaani :O almost got a heart attack 😛

    • Don’t worry joyee that will not come as viplav slaps dhaani because .dhaani is not an ordinary girl she is always well understood and comfortable with others except for TT and KT .so imagine this that viplav slaps dhaani.omg I also can’t imagine this.I can’t bear this much off MU BT vidhaani.

  51. sara

    hi kavitha. .. sorry to disappoint you. .
    I neither like dubbing nor remake…
    every language is unique n when u try to translate the charm is gone. .
    can u translate ishq ka rang safed to ur mother tongue meaningfully?..evrn if you do.. I don’t think it will give the right meaning..

  52. AM

    hi ..guys .. good afternoon to all my friends ….how are you all ….can’t able to comment for studies …..I am free now so come here … missing you BR mam very much …. come on mam …. 🙁 ….guys aaj comment itna kam kyu hae …100 tak bhi nahi gaya ….gear up guys ….plz …
    akshay ..congratulation for your win …bye guys see you all in night…. 🙂 😀 😀

  53. Sonu

    @ Kavi, I really like when ikrs doubbed to other languages. And one thing as you told don’t change BG music, title song and mantras are remaing same. I already saw IPKKND(Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo) serial in Telugu language. Even now i am ready to watch IPKKND comes again in any language, i must watch it. Because I love that serial is so much. Now my favourite serial is IKRS. So I have no objection to doubbing.
    But I really object the remake of this serial. No one can fulfill the each and every charecters of IKRS.

    • Ya sonu I also saw the dubbing of ipknd show so that only I thought about ikrs also.its nice to dub in other languages but at same time I want to change the background songs to other languages.
      If it is the same songs in other languages also it will be very fine.
      But they don’t do so.I think

    • sara

      oh god this autocorrect… I meant I have not watched ydays episode. . n god knows when will power come back

  54. Sonu

    I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Now DT start CID work on KT. In today’s episode DT only makes KT in fast. First she do drama i also do fasting, but both DT and Vipu oppose to her and ask her to don’t make fast. Then DT ask that, hamari bahuraniji shambu keliyae vrath aur upavas karnekeliyae tyaar hai. Iss mein se hamari Shambu ki aatma ko Shanti mila tho, she must keep fast. And told to her I am appreciated Bahuraniji.. She get shock. and agree to keep fast.

  55. Guys come on till now we didn’t reached 100 comments also. Come on ikrs fans go on commenting. This only we can do for ikrs to be praised.

  56. Fatarajo

    Guys got a bad news IKRS trp decrease to 1.6 :O and if it continues this way IKRS is in the danger line along with MATSH, infact IKRS will be more danger as MATSH is at least the slot leader. I don’t think anything special will happen next week, so if the week following something good happens in IKRS , it may be safe

  57. AM

    hey guys trp of ikrs is dropped again …
    last week 1.8
    this week 1.6

    what is this happening ..??? .very much irritated to see this ….people only like bhoot ,dayan,nagin,”patali Debi” and negativity …..when in other serials they show negativity …we see that …but if this happens to ikrs ….all became irritated ……that is not fair ….
    we should change our perception( “nazariya badlao apna”) …we should promote this serial (ikrs) not ssk ,tpk,swrg….

    I am very much angry to see this trp chart ….bye guys …hope to see you all at night …

  58. Saranya

    Hai guys just came back from college.but why so much less comments.yesterday i thouht making our comment 200 today but in vain.everyone is busy.only three or four keeps commenting problem i am optimist so i aim maximum comments for today.if moderation will not be a problem i also post as much comments i can for today.

  59. Aa voicelo mathundhi
    Aa nadakalo stylundhi
    Aa actinge o power pack evaro thelusa.
    That is our ikrs hero mishal really mishal ur amazing in ur acting skills. U change the ur expressions to that particular situation.
    In today’s episode I like mishal questioning of inspector by holding his angry. It was very nice.ur rockstar of small screen.

  60. Saranya

    I think the real problem is we don’t have any interesting topic to discuss now.earlier there were i think the better option will be offering a topic by each member to will keep us busy and alive here.what’s ur opinion guys?

  61. Sonu

    Now a days IKRS is too good, but our comment is too less. What can we do?
    I agree with you Saru. We need one topic and discuss about that. Then only our comment will be increase.

  62. Sonu

    Our energetic and motivating BR mam comment is missing now a days. This one is also the reason of less comment. Please BR mam, atleast do one comment per day, its our humble request to you mam. Miss u, love uuuuuuuuuuuuu….

  63. Fatarajo

    Anyone watches Zindagi Abhi Baki hain Mera Ghost on life ok? 😛 I love that show a lot and even Badi Amma is also in that show she plays a black magic guru there her character is negative but I think they ended her track
    Sorry don’t know what to write that’s why but still does anyone watches tht show 😛

  64. Sonu

    Friends you have one good news. From last week all episodes of IKRS now updated on you tube. Whoever missed episode, see and enjoy it.

  65. Saranya

    Go to hell with trp.east or west IKRS is the best.we don’t need anyone’s merit certificate.let others eat and drink with stupid parthali devis and other non sense.

  66. sara

    seriously I don’t understand this trp … any good serial never gets trp.. or may be it also has some tricks like that jodi of the year.. its all fixed. .. I n with u saranya hell with trp n all other serials. ..
    how ikrs doesn’t lose track n end

  67. sara

    I watched swaragini today as power came after ikrs repeat… swasan scenes were going on. .. it was so bad n dumb I can’t tell you .. it was so plastic n unnatural n no chemistry bw them

  68. Saranya

    Today,all friends pls try to post as much comments as possible.we have to make our comments 200 for today’s epi.we can do it friends bcz unity is strength.a plus point we have diverse unity this time of tmrw we should reach there.i am sure we can. Come guys let’s join our hands to show our love for IKRS.this is a open request.i hope once active but now silent readers will also take this as a message from a humble fan.

  69. prachi

    Colors does nt promote dis show,n don’t know why audience lyk saas bohu,family drama, black magic type seriels.same thing happens with movies also

  70. Rajee

    One more, choose a pair-
    1. Vip- dhani eisha
    Just for fun & comments

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.