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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Viplav seeing Atharva and Kamini sleeping and strokes Atharva’s hairs. He picks Kamini’s phone. Kamini turns and he stops. Kamini wakes up and asks shockingly you? Viplav says i was just putting the blanket on you and says good night and leaves. Kamini looks at her phone worriedly. Dhani asks Vidha to sleep. Vidha asks dhani why papa hide when Kamini aunty came? She is atharva’s mother. Dhani asks her to sleep. She asks Dhani Are you atharva’s mom if papa is his father? Dhani asks not to asks such questions to her. I will talk to you in morning. Vidha insists. Dhani thinks that Vidha should not mistake Viplav. I need to tell her. Dhani says i will tell you a story. Few years back There was a bad angel who did black magic and separated papa from

vidhu and muma and sent them to basti. There Vidhu met Parshiya baba. One day Viplav papa came to basti and taught that bad pari a good lesson and she left and Vidha lived happily with her family. Dhani sees Vidha sleeping. Dhani thinks very soon Kamini will get punishment for her wrong deeds and our family will complete.

Viplav is thinking that the person who called Kamini yesterday is her partner in crime. I have to find about that person soon. Kamini comes and offers coffee to viplav. Kamini says why we dont leave from here? Viplav says just few more days. Once court gives us divorce papers we will leave. Kamini asks but dhani has signed papers why it is taking so much time? Viplav says you know court works takes much time. I myself want to forget her. Just be patient for some time. Kamini says i am always with you Viplav. I will do whatever i can. Viplav says i know. Kamini smiles. Kamini’s phone rings. Tripurari says i have reached. Where are you. She says i am coming in sometime. Kamini tells viplav i have to leave and she goes. Viplav says Dhani’s anger is better than the love you call kamini. You can never imagine how dirty i feel touching you. But to reach your truth i have this one way.

Kamini comes to meet tripurari and asks why he was calling again and again. Viplav reaches there and listens to her hidingly. Kamini asks are you trying to trap me? Tripurari says i would have done that long ago by giving this phone much earlier to Viplav. This phone has all your recorded works. Kamini tries to snatch phone. Tripurari laughs. He tells all your wrong deeds..your conversation with Asthana..kidnapping your own child..bomb blast in ashram..attack on Dhani and Parshiya. All your deeds are recorded in this phone. She asks him not to blackmail her. Tripurari says you need to close my mouth for this by 5 crore. Kamini shockingly says are you mad? Do money grows on trees? Yesterday you were asking for 50 lakhs and today. She takes out money from her bag and asks him to keep this much. She will arranage the rest later. Tripurari says gunahon ki Devi…I need all the money 5 crores Rs. Kamini asks him to be careful and says you are equally responsible with me in those crimes. Viplav hears them. Just then stone gets moved by his leg alerting Kamini and Tripurari.

Tripurari asks whose there? Kamini says before anyone see me i have to go from here. She asks the cost of Tripathi sadan. Tripurari tells more than 50 lakhs. Kamini says i will try that it names on you. Kamini says i will call you if needed. Viplav thinks now i will bring out your truth.

Viplav tells truth to Dhani and Parshiya. Dhani shockingly says really. He is tripurari? Dhani says he came to mumbai as well. Viplav says i knew his deeds but never knew he would help kamini. That means attack on parshiya..bomb blast..atharva’s kidnapping all was done both by kamini and parshiya. Parshiya says we should give tripurari to police. He will blurt out the truth in front of them. Viplav i need solid proof against them. Kamini is a clever lawyer. She will let him out of jail for lack of proofs. Dhani says she needs to get punishment. She took away my family. Separated you and me. I and vidhu lived alone helplessly for these years. Viplav says kamini is very smart but tripurari can speak truth. Dhani says how much i know tripurari has 2 weaknesss- Drinks and girls. Dhani says i will arrange both. Dhani stops him saying not to 4th person in between. Dhani says i will do it. Viplav says are you mad. I cant put your life in danger. Dhani says i will handle it. Parshiya says dhani is right. Nothing will happen to her. Dhani asks viplav to truth her. Nothing will happen to her. Viplav says we need to take a lot of care. Small mistake will destroy entire plan.

Dhani in western dress and black net on face dances on song muskanein jhoothi hai trapping Tripurari. She dances around tripurari and gives drink to him. She keeps on dancing and gives him another glass. Tripurari dont identify her. Dhani stands at counter. Tripurari comes from behind and says te Dhani to know his plan as well. Dhani says i am not interested in you. You are not of my type. Viplav starts recording in his phone. Tripurari says you need money. Dhani says have you seen your face. Tripurari asks her not to go on his face. Dhani says we meet big people here..criminals..murderers. Tripurari says you will be shocked if i tell you about my deeds. Dhani says i am queen of this world. Tripurari says i am also king of this world. Banaras Vidhwa ashram bomb blast. I have done that. Dhani says leave it. I have seen many like you. Tripurari says i am speaking truth. I am illegal son of Banaras’s mahant Dahsrath Tripathi but i have killed his own son. Even his grandson couldnt catch me. I have killed his father and is successor of his house. Viplav gets teary eyed. Tripurari says Have you seen such murderer? Viplav comes and taps on Tripurari’s shoulder.

Precap- Sushma shows Dhani’s letter to Viplav. She says dhani was trying from 5 years to tell you that she is going to be mother of your child. Dhani asks Viplav if he never got that letter? Dadi bua says that letter was hidden by Kamini. Viplav says i wont leave Kamini this time. Anything may happen with me but i wont leave her.

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  1. Latha

    Sujie my deepest condolences to your grandma……let her soul RIP…….??

  2. Sujie, we can’t undo the loss that u and ur family have to bear but we pray that ur grandmaa’s soul rests in peace. U have to b brave and support ur family, remember what all she has taught u and try to live with it all ur life, that wud b the greatest tribute to her.

  3. Renuverma

    Sujie dear can understand yr feelings.
    In 2010 when i lost my mother (she was just 56) i was shattered completely. All happened instantly n we were not mentally prepared. She was my freind; my sister ; my mentor n my world. She was too…. caring. She was the only person who had bound the house together. After she went bith brothers split n sold off the house which she had build with great pains. Just before going she had renovated the house n changed interiors n was happy n after her no one bothered. None cud feel her sentiments n i was against selling but was mute as wasn’t allowef to intervene.
    Fir months i was into depression n felt what is life.
    why do we strive do hard in life
    Why r we so attached n possessive
    Why r we materialistic.
    Why to run after clothes n jewellery when one day we have to go n it would not be taken along.

    I kept on crying for months n then someone told me that if u wud cry then yr mom wud not get peace. If u want that her soul is happy u have to be happy. Now time has healed a lot though her absencecan never be filled by anyone or by any amount of any worldly entertainment.
    This is life . We have to mov3 on.
    U need to be the pillar for yr mother who wud be in my situation.
    Take care.
    God bless u

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