Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Dhaani and says Shalu agreed. Dhaani says everything happening is good. She says I will make you have medicine, and makes him have syrup. Dadi Bua comes and sees Dhaani making him drink syrup while sitting on his bed, and gets angry on Dhaani. Dhaani apologizes. Dadi Bua asks where is your husband? Dhaani says he went out for work. Dadi Bua says that’s why….Viplav says I was having pain and that’s why I asked her to sit on bed. Dadi Bua says she will not stay in room in night and asks her to sleep in servant’s room. Viplav says if I need anything then. Dadi Bua says we all are here to take care of you. She asks Dhaani to go. Dhaani goes. Dadi Bua calls someone secretly and asks her to come there fast without any delay.


tells Sushma that Dadi Bua is not doing right with his wife. Dhaani says she is our elder and we should respect her. She says she asked me to stay in the hut. Viplav says I will handle her. Dhaani says I will go. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………Viplav holds her hand and she goes. Later Dadi Bua sees Viplav going to Dhaani’s room, but couldn’t see his face. Viplav comes to Dhaani and keeps hand on her eyes. Dhaani says some lafanga have come. She worries for Dadi Bua’s reaction. Dhaani fears. Viplav pulls her closer to him. Dhaani says it is just a matter of 2 days. Viplav says I can’t stay without you for a min. Dadi Bua comes and calls nurse…Dhaani asks Viplav to go. Viplav hurriedly goes.

Dadi Bua comes to Dhaani’s room and asks where is that guy. She says I saw him coming here and asks who is he? Dhaani says he is my husband. Dadi Bua asks then why did he elope, and says you told that he is out of town. Dhaani says he came just now. Dadi Bua asks her to go back to her husband, and then asks her to call her husband asking him to come here. Dhaani says how can I call him now, as he is not having phone. Dadi Bua says okay, and asks her to bring him before morning. She thinks this girl thinks me as a fool. Dhaani gets tensed. Dadi Bua goes, and Dhaani closes the door. Viplav comes to room through the window, and tells about Dadi bua’s doubt. Viplav says I will drop you to Ashram for 2 days and says if Dadi Bua comes to know about the truth then she will twist Dasharath’s ears. Dhaani wonders what will happen in the morning.

Dadi Bua talks to someone on phone, and asks her to come soon. She says I know you care for me very much. Next morning, Dadi Bua asks Ram deen about Nurse. Ram deen says she went. Dadi Bua says I need an answer from you all, and scolds Dasharath calling him fool. She says can’t you read your home nakshatras. She says some man entered nurse room in the night and when I called her, he eloped. Dasharath and everyone is shocked. Dadi Bua says she lied to me. She says I can’t bear any lie. Kanak says we will talk to that nurse. Dadi Bua says she has eloped. Kanak is shocked. Dadi Bua says I told her to bring her husband before morning, and she eloped. Sushma says she might went to bring her husband. Dadi Bua asks where is her home? Kanak says Tarni’s Ashram. Dhaani reaches Ashram and meets her family. She tells Dulaari that Viplav didn’t come as his dadi bua came. Just then Dadi Bua comes and asks where is your husband? Dulaari says bachwa ji. Dadi Bua says her husband. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav. Dhaani gets tensed.

Dadi Bua looks shocked. Viplav comes there and says he came to give nurse money and gives some money to Dhaani. He says Dada ji asked him to give money to Dhaani. He says he is going to hospital for checking. Raj Lakshmi and Dulaari are confused. Viplav feigns pain in his stomach and asks Dhaani about his medicine. He asks Dadi Bua to go. Dadi Bua goes. Dulaari asks what is happening? Viplav says I am going mad, she will tell you. Dhaani says I will tell. Viplav tells Dhaani that he took a short cut and came here knowing Dadi Bua went to her house. Dhaani says she is doubtful. Viplav says we can’t break her heart, but we have to tell the truth.

Viplav falls on the woman whom Dadi Bua called to his house. Dhaani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Guys it is very bad news for our IKRS family. IKRS is going off air with in 2 months time. New serial shakti will be replaced or udaan serial time has been changed from IKRS time. This is only because of low trp rating. That’s why colors would not promoting the serial.
    So sad to know.

    • florentina moldovan

      NEVER , IN MY LIFE!!!!!

      • Mahira

        I’m too with you! I curse every single production house who is thinking to replace IKRS! Resulting it to get off air! ?

    • Guys,

      I am twitting to our one of IKRS prominent member Dulari Mai (Garimaji) for asking & requesting for IKRS going off air.

      But she replies just know for non awareness of any such news for IKRS going off air.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Shakthi show leads are Vivian dsena and Rubina I think. That show will be huge hit. But I miss IKRS alot???????hope this show dubbed in Tamil.. But guys IKRS fans are not at all doing good becoz vishkanya gets 2.7trp why not IKRS?

      • Anisha

        NO GUYS!! IKRS just CANNOT GO OFF AIR!! COLORS doesn’t give it the required respect! And then they say that it has low TRP ratings! Its COLORS’ responsibility to see that IKRS gets good promotion! I have decided to start a trend on Twitter called #WeLoveIKRS! Please join in! We need to stop it from going off air!!

  2. Louella

    Hasanji thank u for the update. Again missed today’s episode. So I will not be able to share my opinion. Plz share ur opinion guys.

  3. Louella

    Arshdeep can I call u arshi di. U r also my sister na. Actually I m the only one of my parents so I always wished that I get a sister elder than me. And I have got so many elder sis here.

  4. Louella

    I think Arshi di my disease of talking went to u. Bcoz in yesterday’s episode update I read ur comments and I think that u r also talkative like me. Happy to know this.

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe really true yaar ur this talkative virus came in me today ??
      And i went on speaking and speaking??

      And offcorse you can me di.. i would love to hear it.. i am the youngest in my home.. so no one calls me di here..

      I really want to meet you princess??

    • ahana

      Hmmm hope it is a rumour….. what does colors think if u dont retelecast it obviously it will not run………may the new show flop as it is taking away our IKRS now…….hmmmmm saara mood gaya now I dont want to comment also…… literally so angry…….rangeela tuh itna bura kyun hoh………… TU peh fan following toh dang. reh jaoge…….. agar of air huah to hum kabhi colors nahi dekhenge…… samjhe ki samjhayein………..

  5. But trp is low owing to 3 factors first the telecast time is not prime time any serial sfter 7 pm has hood trp ‘ secondly there is no repeat telecast thirdly they dont promote it rarely i have seen a promo but it is promoting other serialslike nagin ‘ kasam krishdasi etc how can ttp be high.

    • Nimisha ?

      Exactly Renu. Seems crazy to be so biased on promoting some shows but not others. Also, to not give repeats is crazy.

      The headline on that article is a Question. Not a statement of fact.

      It also says that it has been denied.

      I think we should wait to see what happens.

    • Nimisha ?

      Actually there is another article that seems to state it rather than question it. But no one has confirmed it.

      blo*dy ColorsTV! Why can’t they just tell us fans what’s going on. Hate all these rumours!

  6. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update
    Hello everyone….
    Mujhe kuch nahin kehna ab…. colors waalon ko haee lagegi meri…… saare acche shows bandh karo….bhoot naagin chudail ko leke aao aur taandav karwaayo….. because viewers are fools to think that IKRS is only decent serial in Colors….if rumors are to be believed… i would be really disappointed and i bet our TU family would also be upset.
    Viewers would be disappointed if this happens…ye rangeela channel ko kaun samjhaye……
    Such a decent serial in today’s time…. and people are still busy in typical drama…instead of serial that gives a positive message…and is one of the medium to bring change in the society…but logon ko samajh mein nahi aata… THEY WANT OTHER CRAPS OR ANY SERIAL THAT LOST ITS PLOT TO RUN..BUT THEY CANNOT SEE OUR IKRS PROGRESSING….. I agree the 2 new entries were not needed but give IKRS a break…. it depicts the pure love of Viplav and Dhaani and respect towards each other …. but viewers are not interested…they are loving dramas of husband wife swapping, black magics,revenge drama and bla bla bla………
    Sorry for the long comment …as I could not stop myself after seeing the link posted which gave this awful news….. 🙁 🙁

    • SARAS

      lol sujie.. your comment is too funny..
      I totally agree with you. .

      I didn’t like they bringing in new characters. ..its meaningless.. when dhani is viplav’s wife n dadi buwa is his family member one or the other day she is bound to know about viplav’s wife right? y this drama meaningless…

  7. guts IKRS to go off air OMG

    We ask all Mishal Raheja fans to take a handkerchief before reading the entire piece.
    The youth icon, Mishal, who made a come back on television after a hiatus with Colors’ social drama Ishq Ka Rang Safed (FilmFare), is all set to bid goodbye to his fans soon.
    The latest news arriving to desk suggests that owing to low TRPs Ishq Ka Rang Safed is all set to shut shop within two months.
    A source shares, “Lately the daily is not receiving decent TRP ratings. Recently the original creative team also witnessed a change with the hope that the new group will be able to pull more audience. Unfortunately, it seems that the plan has backfired on the makers, with the show taking a different turn from its original storyline. And this has resulted in the failure to grab eyeballs and poor ratings in the number game”.
    Finally the channel has decided to pull the plug off and end the show.
    Another source reveals that Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ upcoming venture Shakti, starring Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik, is all set to replace IKRS from the time lot of 6:30 pm. Another buzz doing the round is that Udann will move to 6:30 slot, while Shakti will air at the 8:30 pm.
    Our efforts to reach Mishal, Eisha Singh and Ishita Ganguly for a confirmation remained futile.
    We have also dropped a message to producer Roopali Guha but have not received any info till the time of filing the article.
    The channel spokesperson on their part quashed the news.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi there.

      I’m new to how Indian to channels announce these things, but isn’t the last line important?? I.e. The channel quashed these rumours?

      Colors have announced two new shows. Of course there will be speculation, and of course shows with low TRP’s will be at the top of the speculation list, but don’t the channel announce these things? Or is it fed via the media in the form of rumours?

      With us loyal dedicated fans of shows like IKRS, Colors wouldn’t exist. Are they really that disrespectful of their audience?

  8. guys pls don’t throw eggs and slippers on me now a days IKRS is not going good i am fed up with romance i loved the starting episodes ashram scenes sarla kaki house i loved IKRS very much till 31 dec but after that i got bored i don’t know who all agree with me first i used to wait for the clock to come at 6.30 i used to count each and every seconds but now a days nothing sometimes i used to sleep when IKRS was going on in tv in starting many of them loved IKRS very much but now really bored with IKRS who all agree with me give a reply to this comment
    but i guess

    • Louella

      Varsha u r right. Even I loved ashram scenes and vidhani scenes at sarla kaki’s house but I can’t say that I don’t like ikrs. I can’t live without ikrs and without u all, not even for one minute. But I still love ikrs even if there r no nhok-jhoks of vidhani.

    • SARAS

      I agree with u..
      its been a long time I watched it on tv… today thought of watching last few days missed episode I couldn’t as it was really boring. ..

      offlate I m liking udaan -:))

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes I agree with you long back they deviated from main story and many negative charecters introduced all backwash and they thrust upon us,there are so many good actors in this show the producers not utilise their skill properly ,I think Indian viwers are not fools they accept and patronise good story line with social concepts they love the actors ,see Mishal Raheja is a good expressionist but they gave more importance to negativity in the show and promote the negative charecters ,the producers themselves spoil their show.

    • mister X

      after marriage sabkuch katham ho gaya

    • Fatarajo

      I agree with u varsha IKRS was fab in 2015, in 2016 it was good but the magic was totally lost , last time I used to never miss a single episode and now I don’t mind missing episodes I just read updates and watch if episode is good. Really the magic is lost. But one thing is true we will miss Vidhaani a lot and also IKRS not as much as Vidhaani but IKRS is much better than most colors shows like ssk

  9. but guys i guess that IKRS will not go off air because we dont know dulaari past we dont know about viplav’s brother and kanak need accept dhaani as her bahu dashrath also
    so many unanswered questions so i think so what u say guys louella,AMbhaiya,arshdeep didi,nimisha didi,prachi didi,BRmam,floren mam,sujie,joyee,maria,kavitha mam,renu,ahana,saranyadi,dr.sweety,shanitics and others

    • Louella

      Varsha I don’t know anything about what answer to give u. I m confused on what to say. I think they will finish all this within 2 months but I hope they don’t do what I m saying.

    • Sujie

      Hi Varsha…. Talking about me…i do like those golden episodes of IKRS……. today also they give me refreshment like they did when they were telecasted for the 1st time……
      Viplav Dhaani staying together in ashram with their daily nokjhoks…… their stay at Piya’s home ……. but I do like IKRS now…. I seriously hope IKRS should not end…there are so many plots to reveal…. I love the romantic scenes between them….. their intense scenes when their eyes…especially Mishal aka Viplav’s eyes express the emotion……. I hope for long run of IKRS during which all those unanswered plots should be revealed… its also true that this current plot should not have been introduced…but if Viplav Dhaani are together overcoming the obstacles ….then I would like to watch that because in typical dramas….these kinds of misunderstandings would lead to separation and whole story changes…concept goes in the air….. but incase of IKRS…Viplav and Dhaani are together…they don’t just only love each other …but care for each other and respect each other… so IKRS is a watch worthy serial…. i think like this and I would like all of you to express your point of view…
      I love IKRS…..

    • AM

      yes ..I am agree with you …too much romance … romance kam karke agar story pe jyada dhyan dete to achcha hota

    • Fatarajo

      I think colors gave IKRS those two months to answer all the viewers questions and to show and complete incomplete tracks, IKRS is not dragging at all but Kamini track was totally unnessecary

  10. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di..
    No not at r bot going to call us di..
    We call di/didi to our elder sisters..not younger ones..
    You need an urgent improvement in your hindi 😀

  11. Meghs

    Arre ye dt na how can he lie about dhani
    Guys this new entry kamini is grey shade she fall on vip n try to separate vidhani

    • Nimisha ?

      It’s the channel though isn’t It? They never have it a chanc to even attempt a good TRP. with one showing at a not very good time slot, is a TRP of 1 good? Probably? Esp considering no promo’s or repeats.

      It’s like saying this is a race between 5 people, all are able to win, but one person will have their feet tied together and be blindfolded. Ready steady go…. Race happens and obv the fee bound blind folded one loses and the race organiser says in a surprised voice..’but how can you lose??’

  12. I am desperate to get in touch with rupali guha creator of this show i wish i get her contact so that i can convince her for promo n retelecast

  13. Arshdeep

    @nimisha di i understand.. When we will meet den you tell me her name..
    Give her a cute kiss from my side.. :*
    i felt really sad to know about her.. 🙁
    you must be having a hard time..!!
    Is she like this since birth??

    • Arshdeep

      Didi my real sister..3 years older than me..
      She is suffering from celiac disease(wheat allergy) since birth.. My parents got to know when she was 2 years old.. She had endoscopy 3 times.. She is also allergic to egg..
      Last year in august we had another bad news.. She became a diabetic patient too.. 🙁 now she daily takes 4 insulin injections.. It pains us a lot.. Muma finds difficult what to give her to eat..!! And that too when lives in hostel not at home..
      She used rice there but after knowing abt diabetes..we had to control over that too..
      My parents remain upset for my sister.. But yours case seems more difficult one.. And that too when she is so small yet.. !! Lots of hugs and kisses to her !! 🙂
      hope she get well soon 🙂 🙂

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi again.

        Oh, your poor sister, so sorry to hear that. I am also gluten intolerant so don’t eat it, but not celiac. That sounds tough for her and of course for you all. Do you eat meat? My daughter eats a lot of meat and rice and some veg. A bit boring but she is growing well and doesn’t look like she has a limited diet.

        She has been like it since birth. It started with her not tolerating dairy very well but she can eat it now.

        I really hope your sister is okay and keeping in good health.

        Again, really so sorry to hear that. Sending you all a big big hug. Xxxx

      • Arshdeep

        We used to eat meat long before.. But left it.. So meat is not a choice for her here.. But she manages herself so well.. A source of inspiration for me !! 🙂

  14. Arshdeep

    The main exam is Aipmt but some colleges hold their separate entrance exams..
    Not so far off to travel but the farthest i have gone was aligarh on 10th april..u remember.. First time i went there..very busy place and roads arent good at all

    • Arshdeep

      1 collg of mumbai comes under aipmt itself.. And i had given the exam of wardha..close to mumbai only on 17th.. Its centre was at delhi..for the first time actually.. Otherwise used to be at wardha only..

  15. Arshdeep

    Many unanswered questions on last page .. So answering them now
    dont get confused frnds 😛

  16. BR

    good evening to al ….. 2 days before I told u it is going fast it going to wind up soon ……. pijan now u give the answer…..

    renu u give the 3 factors for low rating correct

    another points sorry to say continuity of story is lac k…….. first starting to up to vip returned from ashram ,,, and piya’s house after piya’s house he saved from the mob excellent ….. again and again we can watch ,,,,,,I watched 10 times each epi marvallous ………. in between also so many sothapal. but interesting …….. after that so many un answered questions ……..

    • Nimisha ?

      It’s true BR Mam, there are lots of unanswered plots and yes it has lost its way a little, but compared to some of the rubbish shows out there, it’s still brilliant. Such a different and unique story.

      I don’t understand Colorstv at all if this is true.

  17. Fatarajo

    Why on earth colors is ending IKRS? There are so many other shows I thought Balika Vadhu will have a time slot change turned to be udaan having time slot change, if they want to give prime time to Shakti why they want to end IKRS just let IKRS be at 6.30pm shift udaan at 6pm,

  18. Meghs

    Guys important announcement whoever not in fb grp pls join us … Even if ikrs end we all be like this bonds only so pls inform whoever want to join grp…

  19. BR

    to day epi …..1 point dhanni and bua meeting ….. dulari”s face is question mark enkeyo par tha nabagam ……I saw u but I don’t know where ? that question?

    after shalu”s marriage shalu cut ….. .. dt can tell the truth ……. but why? don’t they tell the truth…..about vip”s marriage …. it is not hard one ….. meeting between dadi bua and dulari will clear some .puzzles I think so

    • SARAS

      You are right br madam. . but I think nothing is happening as expected so looks like dulari’s past is burried under the dust of that room..

      is dadi bua same actress who played sarala kaaki??

  20. Maria

    I am very upset with the news. I am depressed from the moment I got this news. Really upset it’s my favorite serial and I watch no other serial than this. But I agree with varsha that there are many unanswered questions so maybe it’s a rumour hope for the best. And in the link also the colors channel has denied it so hope so the news is just a flying rumor. Today I am not in a mood to do anything seriously. Hope so it’s just a rumour…?

  21. Louella

    I m not even feeling to comment after knowing this news that ikrs is going to end. I m sitting sadly from near an hour. I can’t believe that ikrs is going to end.

  22. Arshdeep

    And philo i dont think it is necessary for the writers or producers of show to conplete all tracks before ending it..
    It is in their hands.. They can do anything they like.. They wont ask our opinion for it

    • Arshdeep

      And i believe some questions are always unanswered.. It is not necessary that the shambu death murder .. Or DT really face nd many more.. Needs to come for sure in front of viplav and dhani..
      If at last they only showed that they all accepted vidhani happily.. And den.end it.. We cant question them na to tell us the mysteries !!

  23. AM

    guys sad because of off air news ..but we have two months so tweet colors farm ..mishal ..eisha as much as you can … eisha ke asli account pe karna ..old one was fake …. so tweet them as much as you can …

  24. Arshdeep

    I am.actually feeling so helpless now that i cant do anything to stop it from getting shut down.. 🙁
    Really dont know how to raise my voice..!!

  25. BR



  26. anne

    oh ,what news to come back home to..
    I don’t think its definite yet,is it ??
    Hells bells.
    just absorbing the news…:[

  27. saranya

    Stupid Colors,u are going to pay for this if u are ending i can understand why all shows on colors except ikrs and ashoka is stupid.its all bcz of u people colors,bcz u guys are number one idiots.since the time they declared award for best actor,i was like burning their office.what are they expecting from ikrs without giving them any proper promos and repetitions.u have enough time to promote worst,yes of course worst shows of bhooth,preth and impossible love stories but not even a single minute for ikrs.shame on u colors.shame on u.feel like killing u all.

  28. Swara

    Frnds….join fb grp…we can all be in touch. …..bcz we all make a cute na nice family. ..nd now we can’t break this … we can all be like this in fb grp….so come on frnds…….
    We already start a grp chat too….

  29. BR



  30. saranya

    Ishq ka Rang Safed is the first production venture of Film Farm,i think and it was a big mistake of them to launch such a beautiful show in arrogant colors channel.if they launched ikrs in some other channel,i am sure ikrs must be a record breaking show ever.

  31. saranya

    @Mishal and Eisha,if this show is winding up,pls don’t even think about coming back to this arrogant colors channel.both u have enough potential and noone can stop u guys from reaching heights.don’t come in between bhooth and preth of colors.let them live in peace with their friends.i think hell is already full to accomodate new evil spirits so colors are accomadating them on behalf of satan.anyways pls run away before they catching u guys again.

  32. shanitics

    Omg IKRS to go off air soon…
    I want Ikrs not to go off air back…
    Its really a bad news for all of us… Colours do not do any stupid things like this… Because of trp less colours are going to make ikrs of off air.. CEO and MANAGER of colours channel u say trp is less its only because of ur fault u never gave a re-telecasted on ur channel.. U r treating our ikrs soo badly tats y it has low trp.. Ek tho telecast nahi karte and kahathe hoi trp less hai.. Pehele re-telecast toh karo 3-4 times then see the magic of our serial.. Our serial is best..
    If u want to make a serial go off air then make Balika vadhu and ssk go off air first… How much years it has been started.. It too offer a social msg.. If u make balika vadu gi off air u will get some peace because it too is a serial ooppss it was a serial which started with a social msg.. Now where it had been.. Colours just take e.g. of suhani si ladki of star plus @ 1st it was not having a great popularity among the people but star plus started to telecast it more than two times a day and it is now one among the most trp serials.. Tats success of star plus… They never end the show but try to maintain the show and help the show…
    Colours u think trp is less.. Then go through tu pages,fb pages.. Twitter and all I do not knw but I am damn sure its ur fault colours… If trp is less..



  33. Nimisha ?

    I just tweeted Raj nayak to ask him to ask someone to tell us what’s going on. Prob won’t reply but worth a try.

  34. varssha

    hi this is varssha from tamilnadu my badi aunt br told me that my buddy arsdheep is in need of medical colleges in tn so i would like to recommend aims it will be shortly opened in madurai it is one of the best colleges and srm university in chennai even my freind’s siblings are doing their medical coarses there and christian medical college in vellore they are in top 10 lists i’ll update some more colleges as soon as possible:)

    • Arshdeep

      Thanks a lot varssha di..
      Did not know aiims is going to open in madurai.. But i have filled aiims form.. Exam is on 29th may
      i have also filled forms of cmc vellore and jipmer puducherry.. All other colleges of tn i think comes under aipmt.. Did not check abt srm university..will surely see if forms are available now..
      Thanks a lot once again 🙂

  35. Louella

    Nimisha di u no need to call us di. Didi or di. Di means elder sis. So plz don’t call us di. Just call us by our name.

  36. vaishnavi more

    oh no plz say that this off air news is fake
    i am following only ikrs not any other serial honestly
    itna acchha concept hai “widow remarriage” but fir bhi itni low trp
    ikrs not complete 1 year at least after 1 yr ke baad end kar dete
    woh ssk serial ko 5 yrs ho gaye with the help if ghost concept fir bhi trp is good n our ikrs has low trp why?????
    if this news is true then i cant watch any serial on colors n not any reality show
    i hate u colors

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Suman.

      I was feeling happy for you as saw you on another couple of show threads being nice and happy and positive. But I was wrong… You seem to take great pleasure in putting other people and things down. My, what a lovely person you are. NOT!!!

      Do me a favour and GO AWAY!!!

  37. SARAS

    @nimisha very sorry to hear about your angel’s allergy.. its so difficult to restrict kids . I have one suggestion. Don’t know if it works for food allergies. . there’s a drug called monteculas sodium which cures allergy.. just chk with pediatrician. .
    my daughter too is allergic to lot of things n this helped her a lot. ..

    • Nimisha ?

      Oh SARAS, so sorry to hear you have the same issue. I’ll definitely look into it.

      It’s a pain isn’t it? But my little girl doesn’t know any different and has always had to just accept it. I think it must be harder to suddenly have to stop eating or doing things if you always been able to.

      What sorts of things is your daughter allergic to?

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi again Saras. I looked up that drug you mentioned but it seems to be more for asthma. My daughter does have mild asthma but it’s mostly managed by inhalers. I’ll def keep a note if the one you mentioned for future ref.

        And I’ll also try the breathing exercises with her.

        Thanks so much. Xxx

  38. SARAS

    @arshadeep I m very sad to read about ur sister. . its her diabetes type1 or type two? if it is type one I don’t know anything but it’s the latter one then I definitely have a solution. .
    it is pranayam n very simple asanas..
    I m sure in few months she can reduce from insulin to tablets n later no medication. . it has happened to my brother in law. .. its been 9 years he is not on medication yet normal reading. . he doesn’t miss kapaal bhati n anulom vilom Even a single day…

    I wish your sister too a healthy future n ur parents be relieved of the stress due to her illness. .

      • Arshdeep

        You must try with ur little onw.. They have a wonderful effect.. Maybe a bit time taking.. But you will have the results !!
        And my didi is also allergic to gluten only

    • Arshdeep

      Ohh thnks a lot saras mam
      she is having type 1 diabetes wjere doctors say that the pancreas dont actually make insulin.. So it has to be taken from outside.
      But we too tried for these like kapal bhati..pranayam.. But could not carry for long .. She gets irritated also bcoz of low Hb coz.of wheat allergy.. And she lives in hostel.. So we cant pressurize her from here to do so..
      But will surely ask her when she comes in may after her exams.. Or else i will do with her 🙂 🙂
      Thanks a lot once again

  39. Mithu

    Pls don’t air off soon, even though in our area colors TV is not telecast I used to read the written updates without missing to read the comments. Such a wonderful show to watch mishaal.kindly don’t air off the show…..

    • Kavina

      If you can’t watch on tv then go to this website then click colors on the top you can watch ishq ka rang safed on this website.

  40. Arshdeep really felt sad for yr sis but u know every crisis has a solution. If u dont mind i have a therapy in which u just crush bitter gourd’ karela although drinking its juice is beneficial ‘ but apart from it u just have to keep yr feet immersed in it till the time its bitterness reaches the mouth ‘ it takes 15 to 25min’ it is claimed that 15 days treatment is good enough to bring sugar to normal 140′ would request u to give it a try ‘ as if it doesnt help then also no side effects ‘ but iam sure ir would work.

    • Arshdeep

      Thanks a lot renu di..
      Somebody else also recommended us i think.. Again the same problem i told to saras mam.. She lives in hostel.. So just cant ask her to do all such things over there..comes only at weekends for a day or two..Will surely give a try when she comes for loong holidays in may.. Hope she listens to us.. !!

  41. Mirsada

    My dears, producer of Uttaran and IKRS is the same person, Uttaran is a great series but the first seazon of ICA -VIR -TIPU. after it was a disaster, they killed the main character is what we saw, means doing well and he messes up,l have no confidence in it, my friends have left the series because of Kanak, why always the bad guys manage a pozitive suffering. If the series ends sad or some place is nice, Vidha together and happy, they are in our hearts. I have a lot of disappointed by the news, Vidha has been part of my day. It would be interesting to watch Dulari past but again problems Vidhi, dadi bua i kamini l hate you.

  42. Arshdeep

    Yaar why you people are getting so sad?? Enough .. !! We will try our best to let the show go on.. otherwise watever time we have lets enjoy it,…!!
    And to those who are criticising that they loved old ashram scenes..nok jhok.. frnds tell me one thing when those scenes were gng on we always had one thing in mind..wish they meet soon..hey fall for each other soon… and now when finally they are together we should not say so.. story has to progress offcorse .. and if it was done soo late we would have said they are dragging the story..!!

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey there. We posted similar comments. I didn’t see yours as nothing updated for ages and then they both appeared. Xxx

  43. saranya

    Dear friends,i decided to write a spoof after hearing that shocking news on ikrs. This is a spoof on serials and its exclusively dedicated to our dear colors channel. I expect both positive and negative comments for this.this is only my reply to the arrogant attitude of colors.i don’ intentd to hurt anyone but sometimes truth is very hard to digest na,that’s why i said i expect negative comments guys pls be ready to bear my stupid short story.

  44. Nimisha ?

    I’m very curious about something.

    A day or so ago there was an article about IKRS being the best show. Also, Mishal Raheja’s profile on India Forums has gone up from 40 I think to 17.

    So why this news about the show ending now??

    Also on IF there is a link to a thread where there is, apparently a response forrom Rupali Guha saying not to believe the rumours. I don’t know if she works for Colors of filmfarm but it doesn’t all add up really… Does it???

    Like I said I’m new to Indian to serials so no idea how they usually manage this sort of thing.

    It seems very poor to just drop feed rumours as the way to announce it, Colors exists because of the fans of shows so not a very appreciative or respectful way to treat us.

  45. Rekha

    This is the best serial on colors .. Producers must be out of their mind if they are thinking to let it go off air.sasural simmer ka and Balika needs to go off air . Not ishq ka rang Safed.
    Viplav and Dhanni are too good.

  46. Maria

    I agree that IKRS is not like the earlier episodes. Me too missed Vidhaa nhiok jhoks a lot. And there’s too much of romance. Earlier I used to wait for 6:30 but later I didn’t mind going out at that time and just reading the written updates. But whatever I just love IKRS can’t live without it. Vidhaa rocks!! IKRS rockss!!

  47. Nimisha ?

    Ok folks! How about we stop this pity party now! I know I possibly started it but. IKRS will still be with us for two more months. That’s 60 or so episodes to enjoy. If we stay loyal the show and the stories move in a good direction then that’s def something to look forward to.

    Also, there is still time for the channel and production house to change their minds, if in fact they have decided to end the show.

    If it ends, at least we had it good for a while. Mishal was back on our screens together with some amazing actors so we,ll always have amazing memories of the show, plus online episodes to watch whenever we feel nostalgic.

    So, let’s stay positive,

    We’ll all have to agree what to watch next so we can all meet up on a new topic on here.

    I am sooooo pleased to have stumbled across telly updates. Whatever did I do without you all before. I know what you all did… Read much shorter posts… Lol!


  48. BR


    • Arshdeep

      Thanks a lot br mam.. Thnku soo much.. I replied to varssha di..!!
      I felt really good how everyone here care and help each other a lot 🙂 🙂

      i had already filled forms.of cmc vellore and jipmer puducherry.. Will check for sure abt srm university

    • Arshdeep

      For cmc vellore the seats are so few.. Just 16 for non christians.. And from that very few for general category..!
      So quite a difficult task to get there..

  49. florentina moldovan

    i think, even being just a rumor, someone does dirty things with our show….i was so sad that i couldn t enjoy the epi…..maybe they are doing this only to see what aRE THE REACTIONS…GUYS, I LIKE ALL THE EPIS, I LIKE THE CONCEPT, I LIKE THE VISION OF DIRECTOR, I LIKE THE ACTORS……EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  50. florentina moldovan


  51. florentina moldovan

    I LOVE RUBINA A LOT SINCE I SAW CHOTI BAHU, 1 &2 but , with all my love, if her show replace IKRS i will not watch it…sorry…

  52. Nimisha ?

    Today’s posts have been super fast, mostly. But since hearing about the show going off air, my posts are not posting,

    I have talked a lot today on here so maybe it’s deliberate on the moderators part. ???

    Anyway, hope they all get through soon. Xxx

    • Arshdeep

      Mam i have deactivated my fb account because of exams.. Will send you request after my exams

    • Anne

      I’m fine thanks Nimisha, been out alot today and im knackered and p***off about ikrs. Then heard about Victoria. Wood dieing, both in 5 mins of stepping back home, She is one of my heroines.
      Falling asleep, out again tomorrow so ill try to post more tomorrow. night

      • Nimisha ?

        Mine too Anne. Totally loved her, it’s been a pretty shit year for celebs dying so far.

        I keep thinking about Julie Walters too. Hope she,s alright,

        And yes this IKRS news… First they stab Viplav and now this. Feel pretty down about both bits of news.

        Big hugs Anne. Hope your day out was a bit of fun at least. Xxx

  53. Nimisha ?

    Haven’t watched today’s episode. Will prob watch it tomorrow as not feeling like it, ?

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Renu.

      Yes queen is 90 but nothing much happening as far as I know. A special family tribute in the tv. My sons school have a design a crown competition which I completely missed so was making one with him this morning, he won’t win but he was very happy with his attempt and that’s all that matters.

      Other than that it’s just a normal day here.

      How are you lovely? Hope all’s well with you.


  54. shanitics

    A smile is a curve that seta everything straight… Soo keep smiling ? and have a good day ahead
    Think differently ?
    Stay cool?
    Be unique ?

  55. shanitics

    Arshi didi.. Misha didi Sorry tu hear that ur sis and daughter respectively are suffering allergic diseases… Some magic will happen soon and their allergy too will go.. And didi do not worry everything happens for a reason

    • Arshdeep

      Hmmm hope so some miracle happens..
      I have seen my sis never actually having fast foods like pizza burger..which we all love to have..
      She always used to have dosa wenever we went out for a hotel.. but after diabetes potatoes too became her enemy .. ??

  56. Hi frnds. Avery gud mrg to u all.Have a great day to u all.
    Guys now I saw tu wat a shocking news for me In this new mrg our ikrs is going to off can colors do this.
    Last episodes I saw ahana msg that this was the best show of colors.n now wat happened to it.really very hutted n very disgusting news.

  57. Guys I have an idea I hope u all cooperate with me.that we all have to attack once in colors like we all made comments day.
    So we decided to do this sat n make colors twitter request that we all want ikrs n its retelecast n we don’t bother about trips.
    Suppose we all at once we attack means colors will come to know how many fans r there to ikrs supporting.
    This was my suggestion wat do u say frnds.pls reply me.

  58. Br mam u ask me about medical CLG.I know only sv university sv medical CLG in tirupathi n PES medical CLG in kupam they both r in chittoor district only.
    And narayana GRP of medical institutes in nellore.u can check it in their own websites also.

  59. Guys u all said that the two entries r not much needed in ikrs now.but I think the team wants to show that how vidhaani supports with eachother in every prb.
    In yesterday’s episode I saw how viplav saves dhaani in every single moment.telly that was amazing.
    Ishq ka rang safed with caption viplav saviour of luvly story it was.

  60. Eshani

    really the news is bad but as some ppl said it was a question and not a statement and there is no confirmation on it yet….so lets hope for the best also we recently saw tht it was the best show of colors so am hoping it is just a rumour…..lets wait and watch witth the hope that IKRS will not go off air this has become part of our life….lets smile and happily enjoy vidhani scenes….

  61. Eshani

    also guys i read tht naagin is going off air by may end and ya season 2 of the same is starting up also balika vadhu was also suppose to off air but the promos showing now are a leap of few years so dont know abt balika vadhu but about naagin i have read in many places that it wil go off air

  62. Eshani

    nice to see viplav back to his naughtiness….he coming to meet dhani ystdy reminded me of the scenes in ashram….good to see ashram after a long time though dulaari and RL remained quite confused….

  63. Louella

    Arshi di and Nimisha di when I read ur comments I felt like crying. U know my uncle had a son elder than me. He died two days soon after he was born. I was not born yet that time as he was elder than me. One day when I was seeing the pics in my album I saw a small baby boy with cotton balls in his nose and I understood he is not anymore. I asked my grandma who is he and she told me that he is my elder brother. I was shocked to know that he died soon after two days when he was born. I wish he could be with me. I don’t any elder cousin. I m the eldest from my cousins. Really feeling very sad knowing about u both. I will definitely pray for both of them.

    • Arshdeep

      Thats really sad..!! ?
      That is why we keep on thanking god for atleast she was born..she is among us today.. no defects in body.. she is so beautiful.. ?not only by face but from heart too…
      I am really thankful to god for giving me such a cute lovely sister??
      And also for giving her the courage to face everything..!!

  64. Louella

    Saras mam today was my results and u know I got 92%. I’m happy but at the same time very sad hearing about the shocking news of ikrs.

  65. Louella

    Eshani I didn’t go to play because my friends have gone for summer camp and they will come to play in the evening.

  66. Louella

    Hi friends. How r u all? Kavitha ur idea is good but I will not be able to do anything bcoz I don’t have Twitter but u can ask the others.

  67. BR


    • Nimisha ?

      Thank you BR Mam. I really hope so. I just want her to be able to eat things like Roti and chickpeas and all the yummy things I grew up eating. Xxx

  68. Nimisha ?

    Gooood morning wonderful ishqaholics!

    Louella! Wow! What an amazing pass! Congrats and well done. So sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope your uncle and aunt are ok. And that the rest of your family are too. Sending you all big hugs. Xxx

    • Louella

      Thank u so much Nimisha di. Everyone r ok. Infact everyone have forgotten that incident. Sending u and ur daughter also big hugs.

  69. Nimisha ?

    Aaah, just seen that it’s actually Gooood Afternoon. Let’s hope the horrible rumours get quashed today.

  70. shanitics

    Is Pethu Sri of fb is Kavi di???

    Saras mam and Anya chechi I have send u both friend request… My name is swetha …
    Who is sowmya kumari on fb???

  71. Yetty

    OK guys please be happy, even the rumours are going around that ikrs is going off air, we should know better.
    There are other shows that are not doing good.
    But be rest assured it’s just a rumour.
    This is my opinion, stay strong. Cheers!

    • Totally agree with you It is rumors spread by some one who do not want to such nice subject of IKRS serial to telecast.

      We will surly fight with those creepers.

  72. BR

    producer sir in this ikrs team the besr actors and actress,,, the best producer,,,,,

    the best story line , the best music director . but the ship of the captin director and asst writer r not even good ….. and the public relation officer …….. he has to approach colour”s tv manager to get correct time for telecast ……

    so plz this serial to hand over our team…here so many modern writers.. directers …..they r analyzing the story in various aspects and give the remedies also ……..

    for an example i have to take my grand son to music class to 6 pm to 6.45pm si i have to leave at and reach at 7pm… 2 office goers reach home after 8 pm so they wont 3 childern r doing home work at 6 pm to 7 pm only and doing some work … so automatically viewers become less ….. if we miss after 10pm one retelecast nothing .. all r not having net connection in their home…. if they r having only office purpose …only so rating becomes low this is my opinion

  73. Hi Louella kutti contracts my dear for ur luvly percentage.I luv ur skills in this cute small age.ur speech is about attract all of us n now ur studies too attracted me.
    Iam happy for u n also u kept our ikrs family to be proud for u.
    Keep loving,keep commenting n also keep studying well in future also.god bless u my dear.n keepsmiling always.

  74. Yes shanitics(swetha) pethu sri is kaviya fb n mine is Kavitha Madhusudhan fb account so u can give us friend request.
    And sonu aka soumya kumari fb all there u can give us.if u open our fb GRP then u get all of our frnd need to take tension.
    Guys I have a request to my ikrs frnds who r not in fb can join us in fb GRP.and also who have an twitter Ac they do request with me on sat n sun at u say frnds.

  75. Br mam I don’t know clearly about medical CLG in blr .but I’ll tell u by asking my cousins at blr may they can all know bout this.
    But if chennai means for arshdeep SRM medical CLG is also a choice to choose good CLG.
    Bcs my frnd she was worked for three years there and she said that CLG n hospitals was gud.if u want u can check in that web sites also.

    • Arshdeep

      Kavitha di i checked abt srm university..
      M sorry but i found it a bit costly.. we cant really afford it.. moreover i myself dont want my parents to spend a lot of money over me.. by god’s grace if i got admission in any government collg is best otherwise i will go for something else.. but studying in private colleges is out of my range

      • Arshideep u can go with thirupathi n kupam ,nellore clgs they were best in studies an also we can mng it with low expenses u try from their own websites dear.
        And I’ll also search for gud clgs for u don’t worry we r all here na.

  76. Frnds now I saw one olv that new girl kamini enters mishal without knowingly that was another girl thinking she was dhaani he hugs her n sees stunningly that she was new girl n dadi bua enters BT them all tripati family members were there n dadi bua announces every one that was girl chosen by her for viplav (dadis proposal for viplav) and dhaani here’s this n goes from there with angry expression.and viplav confuses how to convince her.very nice to see.
    Today was thrishakthi iam happy for that bcs of this thrishakthi we can see retelecast at 11 on also n tmr will be retelecast of this thrishakthi wat u frnds am I CRT.

    • Nimisha ?

      That’s good that the trishakti’s get repeated.

      We must all make an effort to keep watching. I have two tv’s so will switch them both on, and will record the show too.

      Let’s show the channel how much we love the show.


    • Mahira

      Yeah! I was all thinking the same.
      First time i’m feeling happy on trisahkti, because of it at least will be able to see in repeat also.

  77. Arshdeep

    Got this post on IF
    There are rumours and this article is also a rumour . it may be true or false

    But the fact is nothing is confirmed yet for sure .
    And in the article itself they have written that channel has quashed the news, otherwise they just write channel didn’t respond.

    channel is still giving promos guys .

    The decision will be take after TRP of a week or two.
    we may get a earlier slot too .No decision has been taken.
    So please relax and watch the show. such rumours can cause lot of harm to already dipping TRPS
    This media is known to give out many false news previously too .

    so lets wait for a few more days. And hope you all can trust me on this.

    These are testing times . please keep your spirits up for ikrs sake.

    • Nimisha ?

      Agree Arshdeep. We should all keep hope alive and keep watching and enjoying and supporting the show.

      I am even going to watch the trishakti to Ishtar even tho I don’t enjoy those so much. ?

  78. Sujie

    Arshdeep and Nimisha….. don’t worry dears….allergies of cute princesses will vanish soon…and lots of love and hugs to them from my side 🙂 🙂

  79. Nimisha ?

    Just out of interest, with other shows that ended, is this how it’s done? Do the channel feed the rumour mill as their way of announcing it?

    Seems pathetic that Colors don’t just make an announcement, they are acting like they are hiding something or are guilty of something,

    All very strange. Rumours like these must be awful for the cast and crew. Just hope they are treated better than they treat their audience.

  80. Meghs

    @arshdeep there r many clg in Bangalore for medical students … In Karnataka Bangalore is best for medical students … Another one is kmc in manipal … The famous medical clg here n best hospitality service its famous too… Its best clg as i heard people from many countries n state study there… If u want i can say address too… U can search in net regading kmc hospital manipal too…

    • Arshdeep

      Thanks meghs di.. I will surely check it..
      I had already done a mistake.. I hadnt filled the form of comedk that was linked to bangalore colleges i think.. 🙁

  81. Sujie

    I have strong hope that IKRS will not go off air …..please meri duaan sun lo bhagwaan……. never had any feelings like this for any serial before…please…… IKRS rocks
    ViDhaani rocks…..
    Just saw an olv…… one that Kamini wala …i skipped …..
    and another was cake cutting…. Mishal was mimicking Gulfam Khan…aka Raaja’s mother…. Mishal ran with the piece of cake he was supposed to share with Eisha…and Eisha was like ” Mujhe Khaane nahi deraha hai”……

    • florentina moldovan


    • Mahira

      Yeah! Me too! I too love IKRS had sy zayada like seriously! Paglon ki tarhan.
      Just can’t imagine my day without seeing Mishal aka Viplav teasing Dhaani!
      Love them to bits!

  82. Meghs

    Cutie congrats u got best result…
    I am proud of u…
    U really done well dr…
    I am so happy for u

    • raj

      Ah it’s okay. I can’t comment regularly because I handle my father’s business. (shops,travels and all).
      U asked about me that’s why.

  83. shanitics

    Guyss I think ikrs going off air is not an rumour.. Die hard fan of mishal reheja has shared the link of ikrs going off air?????

  84. Arshdeep

    Thanks a lot kavitha di..
    I will surely check all the 3 colleges you mentioned..and about their admission procedure whether it is through a separate test or by aipmt..
    I will tell you if i have a confusion..
    Thnks again 🙂

  85. Arshdeep

    Friends one more thing i wanted to say..!
    Dont think that i am so bad.. Its just my love for my serial that i am telling you so..
    STOP watching other serials yaar..!!! 😛 😀
    i know that sounds really bad to ask you to do so..
    But in one way we are increasing their trp by watching them. Why to do that then?? Just read the written update if you watch it for timepass.. And not a big fan of the show..!!

  86. Hi friends had spoken to neeraj mahendrù in sales dept of colors he has noted the concern about repeat telecast n promos of ikrs n has promised to put forward to his HR N MARKETING TEAM too. He also told me to write a mail to colors for same.

    • Nimisha ?

      Wow Renu! Well done you.

      I tweeted Colorstv yesterday as well as Raj nayak but as usual no response.

      There have been soooo many tweets over the last few weeks/months about lack of promos and repeats but no response as far as I can see.

      I hope your person does their bit.

      Thanks again for doing that, it feels weird not being able to do anything about this.

      I still think 2 months is enough time to turn things around.


    • Arshdeep

      Thats great di..!!
      Hope it will help us all.. 🙂 warna yaha to sab thodi der me rone wale h 😛

  87. shanitics

    Meine rona shuru kardiya.. Didi..

    Renu di its awesome..

    Misha didi ye Raj nayak koun hai…

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Swetha

      Raj Nayak is some big guy at Colors. He came on stage at the GPA and made a speech about how well the channel was doing. He didn’t reply but I noticed today the are more tweets to him directly, asking Colors to give IKRS a chance by giving it a better time slot before deciding to end the show.


  88. Arshdeep

    A request to everyone here..
    First of all stop believing the rumours..
    Secondly even if they are true.. To kya ab 2 mahine rote rhoge???????
    Enjoy the time we are having to the fullest..!! Imagine vidhani.. Beautiful couple.. 🙂 Stop thinking abt ikrs going off air.. Just do what you can..otherwise leave everything and enjoy the current track !! Humare rone se aaj tak na colors walo ko farq pada h na kabhi padega.. So why wasting tears yaar?

    I am.sorry i dnt think i can help anyway bcoz i dnt use tweeteer

    • Arshdeep

      Moreover i rarely watch it.. So m not even contributing to trp
      i am a bad fan indeed 🙁 🙁

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.