Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Dhaani and says Shalu agreed. Dhaani says everything happening is good. She says I will make you have medicine, and makes him have syrup. Dadi Bua comes and sees Dhaani making him drink syrup while sitting on his bed, and gets angry on Dhaani. Dhaani apologizes. Dadi Bua asks where is your husband? Dhaani says he went out for work. Dadi Bua says that’s why….Viplav says I was having pain and that’s why I asked her to sit on bed. Dadi Bua says she will not stay in room in night and asks her to sleep in servant’s room. Viplav says if I need anything then. Dadi Bua says we all are here to take care of you. She asks Dhaani to go. Dhaani goes. Dadi Bua calls someone secretly and asks her to come there fast without any delay.


tells Sushma that Dadi Bua is not doing right with his wife. Dhaani says she is our elder and we should respect her. She says she asked me to stay in the hut. Viplav says I will handle her. Dhaani says I will go. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………Viplav holds her hand and she goes. Later Dadi Bua sees Viplav going to Dhaani’s room, but couldn’t see his face. Viplav comes to Dhaani and keeps hand on her eyes. Dhaani says some lafanga have come. She worries for Dadi Bua’s reaction. Dhaani fears. Viplav pulls her closer to him. Dhaani says it is just a matter of 2 days. Viplav says I can’t stay without you for a min. Dadi Bua comes and calls nurse…Dhaani asks Viplav to go. Viplav hurriedly goes.

Dadi Bua comes to Dhaani’s room and asks where is that guy. She says I saw him coming here and asks who is he? Dhaani says he is my husband. Dadi Bua asks then why did he elope, and says you told that he is out of town. Dhaani says he came just now. Dadi Bua asks her to go back to her husband, and then asks her to call her husband asking him to come here. Dhaani says how can I call him now, as he is not having phone. Dadi Bua says okay, and asks her to bring him before morning. She thinks this girl thinks me as a fool. Dhaani gets tensed. Dadi Bua goes, and Dhaani closes the door. Viplav comes to room through the window, and tells about Dadi bua’s doubt. Viplav says I will drop you to Ashram for 2 days and says if Dadi Bua comes to know about the truth then she will twist Dasharath’s ears. Dhaani wonders what will happen in the morning.

Dadi Bua talks to someone on phone, and asks her to come soon. She says I know you care for me very much. Next morning, Dadi Bua asks Ram deen about Nurse. Ram deen says she went. Dadi Bua says I need an answer from you all, and scolds Dasharath calling him fool. She says can’t you read your home nakshatras. She says some man entered nurse room in the night and when I called her, he eloped. Dasharath and everyone is shocked. Dadi Bua says she lied to me. She says I can’t bear any lie. Kanak says we will talk to that nurse. Dadi Bua says she has eloped. Kanak is shocked. Dadi Bua says I told her to bring her husband before morning, and she eloped. Sushma says she might went to bring her husband. Dadi Bua asks where is her home? Kanak says Tarni’s Ashram. Dhaani reaches Ashram and meets her family. She tells Dulaari that Viplav didn’t come as his dadi bua came. Just then Dadi Bua comes and asks where is your husband? Dulaari says bachwa ji. Dadi Bua says her husband. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav. Dhaani gets tensed.

Dadi Bua looks shocked. Viplav comes there and says he came to give nurse money and gives some money to Dhaani. He says Dada ji asked him to give money to Dhaani. He says he is going to hospital for checking. Raj Lakshmi and Dulaari are confused. Viplav feigns pain in his stomach and asks Dhaani about his medicine. He asks Dadi Bua to go. Dadi Bua goes. Dulaari asks what is happening? Viplav says I am going mad, she will tell you. Dhaani says I will tell. Viplav tells Dhaani that he took a short cut and came here knowing Dadi Bua went to her house. Dhaani says she is doubtful. Viplav says we can’t break her heart, but we have to tell the truth.

Viplav falls on the woman whom Dadi Bua called to his house. Dhaani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. shan sowmya kumari is sonu

  2. Hi Louella kutti contracts my dear for ur luvly percentage.I luv ur skills in this cute small age.ur speech is about attract all of us n now ur studies too attracted me.
    Iam happy for u n also u kept our ikrs family to be proud for u.
    Keep loving,keep commenting n also keep studying well in future also.god bless u my dear.n keepsmiling always.

    1. Thanks kavitha.

  3. Yes shanitics(swetha) pethu sri is kaviya fb n mine is Kavitha Madhusudhan fb account so u can give us friend request.
    And sonu aka soumya kumari fb all there u can give us.if u open our fb GRP then u get all of our frnd need to take tension.
    Guys I have a request to my ikrs frnds who r not in fb can join us in fb GRP.and also who have an twitter Ac they do request with me on sat n sun at u say frnds.

  4. Br mam I don’t know clearly about medical CLG in blr .but I’ll tell u by asking my cousins at blr may they can all know bout this.
    But if chennai means for arshdeep SRM medical CLG is also a choice to choose good CLG.
    Bcs my frnd she was worked for three years there and she said that CLG n hospitals was gud.if u want u can check in that web sites also.

    1. Kavitha di i checked abt srm university..
      M sorry but i found it a bit costly.. we cant really afford it.. moreover i myself dont want my parents to spend a lot of money over me.. by god’s grace if i got admission in any government collg is best otherwise i will go for something else.. but studying in private colleges is out of my range

      1. Arshideep u can go with thirupathi n kupam ,nellore clgs they were best in studies an also we can mng it with low expenses u try from their own websites dear.
        And I’ll also search for gud clgs for u don’t worry we r all here na.

  5. His friends

    1. Raj r u in fb in d name raj raj

      1. I’m still not there. But I know all of ur fb profiles. I hope to join but not now. As I am very busy this year.

  6. @Raj..his friends??? Who’s friends???

    1. Logo changed !!

    2. Soooory I meant hi… typing stupidi

    3. Swetha I think raj said hi friends due to auto correct he typed as his friends right na raj.
      Sobhi raj how r u y ur not commenting these days r u bore with ikrs n with us.

  7. Frnds now I saw one olv that new girl kamini enters mishal without knowingly that was another girl thinking she was dhaani he hugs her n sees stunningly that she was new girl n dadi bua enters BT them all tripati family members were there n dadi bua announces every one that was girl chosen by her for viplav (dadis proposal for viplav) and dhaani here’s this n goes from there with angry expression.and viplav confuses how to convince her.very nice to see.
    Today was thrishakthi iam happy for that bcs of this thrishakthi we can see retelecast at 11 on also n tmr will be retelecast of this thrishakthi wat u frnds am I CRT.

    1. That’s good that the trishakti’s get repeated.

      We must all make an effort to keep watching. I have two tv’s so will switch them both on, and will record the show too.

      Let’s show the channel how much we love the show.


    2. Yeah! I was all thinking the same.
      First time i’m feeling happy on trisahkti, because of it at least will be able to see in repeat also.

  8. No didi.. Unknowingly spelling changed in my e-mail Id

  9. Got this post on IF
    There are rumours and this article is also a rumour . it may be true or false

    But the fact is nothing is confirmed yet for sure .
    And in the article itself they have written that channel has quashed the news, otherwise they just write channel didn’t respond.

    channel is still giving promos guys .

    The decision will be take after TRP of a week or two.
    we may get a earlier slot too .No decision has been taken.
    So please relax and watch the show. such rumours can cause lot of harm to already dipping TRPS
    This media is known to give out many false news previously too .

    so lets wait for a few more days. And hope you all can trust me on this.

    These are testing times . please keep your spirits up for ikrs sake.

    1. Agree Arshdeep. We should all keep hope alive and keep watching and enjoying and supporting the show.

      I am even going to watch the trishakti to Ishtar even tho I don’t enjoy those so much. ?

  10. Arshdeep and Nimisha….. don’t worry dears….allergies of cute princesses will vanish soon…and lots of love and hugs to them from my side 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie.

      How are you today?


      1. I am good Nimisha….. 🙂

    2. Thank you sujie di.
      She is of your age only..!!

      1. is that so Arshdeep

  11. Just out of interest, with other shows that ended, is this how it’s done? Do the channel feed the rumour mill as their way of announcing it?

    Seems pathetic that Colors don’t just make an announcement, they are acting like they are hiding something or are guilty of something,

    All very strange. Rumours like these must be awful for the cast and crew. Just hope they are treated better than they treat their audience.

  12. @arshdeep there r many clg in Bangalore for medical students … In Karnataka Bangalore is best for medical students … Another one is kmc in manipal … The famous medical clg here n best hospitality service its famous too… Its best clg as i heard people from many countries n state study there… If u want i can say address too… U can search in net regading kmc hospital manipal too…

    1. Thanks meghs di.. I will surely check it..
      I had already done a mistake.. I hadnt filled the form of comedk that was linked to bangalore colleges i think.. 🙁

  13. I have strong hope that IKRS will not go off air …..please meri duaan sun lo bhagwaan……. never had any feelings like this for any serial before…please…… IKRS rocks
    ViDhaani rocks…..
    Just saw an olv…… one that Kamini wala …i skipped …..
    and another was cake cutting…. Mishal was mimicking Gulfam Khan…aka Raaja’s mother…. Mishal ran with the piece of cake he was supposed to share with Eisha…and Eisha was like ” Mujhe Khaane nahi deraha hai”……

    1. florentina moldovan


    2. Yeah! Me too! I too love IKRS had sy zayada like seriously! Paglon ki tarhan.
      Just can’t imagine my day without seeing Mishal aka Viplav teasing Dhaani!
      Love them to bits!

  14. Cutie congrats u got best result…
    I am proud of u…
    U really done well dr…
    I am so happy for u

    1. Thanks Meghs

  15. Hey RAJ I simply said it.. Hey why not commenting here…

    1. Ah it’s okay. I can’t comment regularly because I handle my father’s business. (shops,travels and all).
      U asked about me that’s why.


    Hey I have wrote an article just read it and put ur valuable comments…
    Hungry for ur comments…

    7th episode of my ff….read it and do drop your valuable comments for sure

  18. Guyss I think ikrs going off air is not an rumour.. Die hard fan of mishal reheja has shared the link of ikrs going off air?????

  19. Thanks a lot kavitha di..
    I will surely check all the 3 colleges you mentioned..and about their admission procedure whether it is through a separate test or by aipmt..
    I will tell you if i have a confusion..
    Thnks again 🙂

  20. Friends one more thing i wanted to say..!
    Dont think that i am so bad.. Its just my love for my serial that i am telling you so..
    STOP watching other serials yaar..!!! 😛 😀
    i know that sounds really bad to ask you to do so..
    But in one way we are increasing their trp by watching them. Why to do that then?? Just read the written update if you watch it for timepass.. And not a big fan of the show..!!

  21. Hi louella congrats for yr flying colours. Keep it up .

    1. Thanks renu.

  22. Hi friends had spoken to neeraj mahendrù in sales dept of colors he has noted the concern about repeat telecast n promos of ikrs n has promised to put forward to his HR N MARKETING TEAM too. He also told me to write a mail to colors for same.

    1. Wow Renu! Well done you.

      I tweeted Colorstv yesterday as well as Raj nayak but as usual no response.

      There have been soooo many tweets over the last few weeks/months about lack of promos and repeats but no response as far as I can see.

      I hope your person does their bit.

      Thanks again for doing that, it feels weird not being able to do anything about this.

      I still think 2 months is enough time to turn things around.


    2. Thats great di..!!
      Hope it will help us all.. 🙂 warna yaha to sab thodi der me rone wale h 😛

  23. Meine rona shuru kardiya.. Didi..

    Renu di its awesome..

    Misha didi ye Raj nayak koun hai…

    1. Hi Swetha

      Raj Nayak is some big guy at Colors. He came on stage at the GPA and made a speech about how well the channel was doing. He didn’t reply but I noticed today the are more tweets to him directly, asking Colors to give IKRS a chance by giving it a better time slot before deciding to end the show.


  24. A request to everyone here..
    First of all stop believing the rumours..
    Secondly even if they are true.. To kya ab 2 mahine rote rhoge???????
    Enjoy the time we are having to the fullest..!! Imagine vidhani.. Beautiful couple.. 🙂 Stop thinking abt ikrs going off air.. Just do what you can..otherwise leave everything and enjoy the current track !! Humare rone se aaj tak na colors walo ko farq pada h na kabhi padega.. So why wasting tears yaar?

    I am.sorry i dnt think i can help anyway bcoz i dnt use tweeteer

    1. Moreover i rarely watch it.. So m not even contributing to trp
      i am a bad fan indeed 🙁 🙁

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