Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector asking Dhaani to tell about Viplav. He says Viplav is not a kid to get missing, he may have gone by his wish or he would have kidnapped. She says some goons were threatening Kamini, Viplav went after her to get pics and complain in police, I think the goons have done this. He asks do you remember their faces. She says yes. He says fine, make sketch. She says I don’t know making sketch. He says not you, our artist will make sketch.

Kamini and Viplav are somewhere. Kamini looks at him and smiles. Sun Saathiya……plays…………. She holds his head and rests on his shoulder. They have an eyelock. He goes close to kiss her. Her imagination ends. He asks what are you thinking. He adds wood in the fire. She sits near him and says I m feeling strange sitting

there, I felt like someone is seeing me. He says you are really sacred, no one is watching us, there is no one, we are alone here.

She asks what are you thinking now. He says I m thinking about Dhaani, she would be worried for me, I can’t contact her, car and phone cheated me, she will find us and come, I wish she was here with us. Kamini says but fate cheated, I did not plan all this, it just happened. He says even I did not plan this. She stares at him.

Viplav asks are you hungry, maybe there is something in car, I will get it, Dhaani would have given some food. She says I will come along. He holds her and asks her not to worry. He goes. She smiles. Dhaani describes the goon. The sketch is made by artist Mishra. Inspector checks sketch and says fine, thanks Mishra ji. Dhaani says I will come with you inspector. He says we will find goons, its against rule for you to come. She says my husband is missing since 12 hours, I request you to take me along, please….

Viplav comes back and shows a biscuit pack. He says Dhaani is champion, I knew she will keep something. Kamini gets close and her lipstick mark gets on his tshirt. She says I will clean it. Dhaani and police reach there. Inspector says they are enjoying here. Dhaani says Kamini…. I was worried for you, I heard you shouting on phone. Viplav says everything is fine, she fell in water and screamed, I saved her and phone fell, I could not call you. Inspector asks are you fine, your wife was worried and sat in police station for hours, you should have informed her. Viplav says I said phone fell in water and I could not call, even my car is not working. Inspector says come with us. Dhaani says I gave goon’s sketch to police. Viplav says you did right, this girl was so scared and beaten me too, the goon should be found. Dhaani sees lipstick mark and says Viplav……

Viplav says this… Dhaani says I will clean it. Kamini looks on and says I think color is dark and won’t go easily. Dhaani says its not that tough stain, it will go. Viplav says our color love is dark and will not fade. He asks them to come. Dasharath is happy that they all came home and asks what happened. Viplav says Dadi Bua, she was scared…. Kamini tells Dadi Bua that I slipped and screamed, I m fine. Dadi Bua asks where did Dhaani go. Viplav says Dhaani went to call police. Dadi Bua says we did not know, its limit to create big issue. Viplav says Dhaani did right, our phone and car were not working, you would be tensed. Kamini thanks Dhaani.

Kanak comes there in colorful saree. Viplav asks what did she wear. Dadi Bua says so what, I m also widow and wear colorful clothes. Viplav says I agree with your thinking. Dadi Bua asks them to rest now. Viplav goes. Kanak asks Kamini to take care. Dadi Bua asks Kamini what happened that she is blushing. Kamini says no, I don’t understand what you are saying. Dadi Bua says I read faces, did you fall in love. Kamini says no, he is married. She goes. Dadi Bua says that’s the hurdle.

Dhaani arranges the room. Viplav says sorry, shall I hold ears, I m feeling bad, I did not wish our honeymoon to get spoiled. She says no, I m glad you came back home safe. Power goes. They light candles. Ishq Ishq…..plays…………. They smile seeing each other. They hold hands. He asks why did you not ask me about that mark. She says she does not need any answers from him, that’s why she did not ask him anything. He says Dhaani I love you. Kamini looks on and cries, holding a candle and dropping hot wax over her hand. Viplav and Dhaani get close to kiss. Kamini turns away and goes.

Its morning, Dhaani says breakfast is ready, come. Dadi Bua asks where is Kamini. Kamini gets her bag. Dadi Bua asks her whats this, where are you going with bag, did anyone ask you to leave. Kamini says no, I came for two days, I got love from everyone and stayed, its time I go home now. Dadi Bua says this house is also yours.

Kamini drives the car and Viplav compliments her driving. Some men drive rashly. Viplav says don’t know who give license to these animals. Dadi Bua asks Kamini to drive ahead. Dhaani gets worried seeing danger board and warns Kamini. Kamini hits car somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Anne

    Thank you H. Hasan xxx
    What a relief!
    But i hope there’s no memory loss for Vidhaani after the car accident.
    Almost felt sorry for kamini, almost.. Xxx

  2. Porkodi

    Couldn’t watch episode. Thank u director… finally it was kamini’s dream. How can anyone dream with other’s husband.. Kamini u r so disgusting.

  3. Porkodi

    Dhani u r having full faith on ur husband. Well done dhani. Don’t lose ur faith on viplav… that kamini will do some dirty tricks.

  4. Khoda pahad nikla chuha i was sure yesterday about viplav n many freinds were also sure about viplavs love for dhani n its confirmed officially ??????????????

  5. eshani

    Vidhani scene was nice what Dhabi said was very true their relationship us very stong n der is no need if such questions I wonder who gets hurt in d accident

  6. Amisha

    I hope vidhani didn’t get hurt ☹️ I am also want to know the whole dialogue that viplav and Dhani were sayin when they were in the room sitting down.

    • Eshani

      amisha viplav was saying sorry for spoiling the honeymoon and dhani said she is not angry but she is happy tht her viplav is back home safe later viplav asked her y dhani stil ask him abt the mark on his shirt for which dhani says there is no place for such questions in their relationship she doesnt need any answer from him thts y she didnt ask….viplav gets impressed and says i love you dhani

  7. Felt nice when viplav said that he was thinking about dhani but simultaneously vk was irked. Can’t understand why VK iß dredreaming about viplav n feeling bad on seeing vidhani in spite of knowing that they are married.

  8. Well done dhani for trusting yr hubby. First u told VK that stain is not that tough n would come off. Then u told viplav that intheir relation answers r not required.

  9. Db u don’t want viplavs happiness? Once u know that he loves dhani still u want Vk To be on his life. Why r u stopping Vk to leave n requesting her to stay back. Also u r forcing her to realise her love towards viplav n convincing her ti winover him very bad

  10. SARAS

    romance karte waqt to darwaza band karliya Karo yaar… had hai!

    ydays episode shows makers are going off track. ..
    it would be impossible for people in bananas to accept a vidhawa as mahant.. n that too she wears color cloths? ???? That’s too much to understand. ..

  11. Genita

    I think there will b a memory loss drama and violas will firget just about dhaani and that db tries to make Kamini and vipu close…..

  12. Thank God DAT was a DRM of kamini. I m relieved now.but its gud to see d faith of dhani on viplav.the way she replied kamini abt stain mark was superb. I m waiting for d today’s episode eagerly, wat ll b next track

  13. Saraswathi.j

    It seems that the life of Dadi bhua is not that good she is also like her brother DT ,what is the relationship between Kamini and she , why she is insisting VK to seduce Viplav? Though she herself is a widow why she dislikes Dhaani,what are her qualifications to become a Mahant ? How PC like pundits accept her as head of Varanasi pundits ,should they know that she is a widow ,PC harasses Dhani so many times because she is a widow so how these so called pundits accept Dadi bhua as Mahant ,why she is dressed as a Suhagin , why DT should not denounce her ? still he did not accept Dhaani because she is a widow ,there are so many unraveled questions Director Ji and writer Ji clear all these doubts to your audience then your story and TRP rises and your show become beautiful.

  14. Louella

    Thank God it was a dream. This Kamini is truly irritating. How can she see such dreams with our hero Viplav.

  15. Louella

    Precap is shocking. Hope nothing happens to our vidhaani. If anything happens to Kamini and Dadi bua I Will be very happy but if anything happens to our vidhaani it will make me very sad.

  16. Eshani

    Good morning to IKRSians…..y so less comments guys???? finally we had a nice episode after long time….

  17. shanitics

    So vidhaani scenes back!!!
    Quite relieved….
    Hope vidhaani is safe in precap…or else Dhaani should gt sme scratches on hand.. So Vip will care Dhaani mre..spnd mre time with hr… Lets hope…
    Honeymoon trip flop again..KYUN???

  18. Sujie

    Yes .finally it was Kaamini’s dream…….. I want to kill that DB ….Kaamini accha khaasa ja rahi thi….she was leaving…..then why did DB stop her and instigated her for getting Viplav………
    Everyone come in AN and they declare that they love Viplav a lot and want his good….but nobody realizes that Viplav is happy with Dhaani…… sab aajate hain ViDhaani ko alag karne ke liye…………ee your
    I liked way Dhaani replied about the stain………… Kaamini shocked …Dhaani rocked…. loved Viplav aka Mishal’s expression when Dhaani was trying to remove that stain………
    Kaamini was going …she knew that Viplav will never be hers….. she had decided …but DB stopped her …and now she will instigate her ….. DB agar itna pyaar karti hai Viplav se…toh how come she does not see that Viplav is happy with Dhaani aur koi kaamin.Daamini,ina mina tina, etc etc,… nahi chahiye…………
    share your views friends

  19. savi

    Yesterday episode was nice ,when show has started DT and KT used to talk about Vedant ,viplav elder brother ,where is he now

    • Anne

      Perhaps Mishal could play a double role ,plays his brother also, . kamini marries him….full of ideas this

      • Nimisha ?

        Mishal in a double role would be a double delight for me, but I couldn’t see him with that VK character anymore.

        Even Viplav sitting in the front seat with her was too much for me.

        Why do we need another cliffhanger. Why couldn’t we have had more romance instead? Why Anne why?? ????

    • Eshani

      savi when was tht talking abt viplav’s brother i dont remember which episode was tht??

  20. Anne

    Good Morning/Afternoon all IKRS fans wherever in the world you are.??
    I so hope we do not get memory loss——and wandering away from the accident ——-nobody can find them——–in hospital———one half starts a “new life”———-the other is told to ” move on” and nearly marries again————then they meet and another accident restores memory—–happiness.
    Writers, no need to do this track ,I’ve done it for you…

    Dadibua should get killed (sorry) so Dasharath gets everything back,kamini moves in because she has no where else to go.Kamini goes all out to get Viplav who is a bit naïve about her(unless he knows and has a long term plan )Dhaani becomes a tiger fighting for her man.

  21. Meghs

    Thank god its just dream … So called sanskari grl dream is this omg hw can u think about like married man kamini…

  22. Meghs

    Such an improvement in banaras… Director had lost track for damn sure..
    The banaras which humiliated dhani being widow ..
    Made widow dadi bua as mahant.. Great such improvement wow yaar … Not even single person have any opposite for widow becoming mahant…

    Sry if i hurt any its my opinion only

    • Eshani

      agree with you meghs widow dadi bua becoming mahant….so now since the directors have showed this and no one in banaras is opposing for it and also no problem in kt and db wearing colorful clothes thy should show the changes in life’s of other widows also like changing to colorful clothes,eating normal food enjoying life do everything wht thy r not doing now atleast this will get the show back to original track….wht say guys?

  23. Nimisha ?

    Hellooooo everyone. hope you’re all having a marvellous Monday!

    Arshdeep, hope you’re ok.

    Agree with everyone by the way!

  24. Nimisha ?

    This track was totally unnecessary in my opinion, inclu bring DB and VK into the story. It doesn’t need a conveyer belt of negative characters all with the same agenda of breaking Viplav and Dhani.

    Where did the memory loss story come from?

    What I’d DB like? She was encouraging VK to drive faster ???
    And of course, she was also encouraging VK yo go after a married man, oh yes, I forgot, VK is the pious virtuous girl and it’s okay fo her to behave like a bunny boiler!

    Why didn’t DB let VK leave? Also why did Dhani and Viplav make a fuss.? I know it’s because they see DB acting upset so are trying to make her happy but honestly Viplav must know what VK is up to??

    One other question, it was so easy for KT to get back into colour. Very very hypocritical. Of all of them.
    When she walked into the room where DT was going after Dhani, I got the feeling that maybe she had been in that situation with him before. I sometimes wonder of Viplav could be DT’s son rather than grandson.

    • Anne

      Hi Nimisha, the memory loss track comes from experience. Car accidents ending in memory loss seem to be favourite, but hoping for dadibuas demise.oooh I’m awful really.

      • Nimisha ?

        Aaat, so it’s your creative juices huh??

        I hope both VK and DB get deaded. And so endeth this track. Then DB,s will would say to VIplavs Bahu, and that would be…………. Drum roll…..
        DHaaaaaani!!! ??????????

  25. Guys I required your valuable comments on IKRS current track & incidence is going on.

    Dadi Bua is a Eldest women which is now is on the post of Mahant and she knows all customs and I think she is head of the family she forget her dignity and she is encouraged Kamini to love and trap a Married Man.

    Kamini is educated woman and she is also a professional and she is easily ready to accept and trap a married man with and eyeing him always infront of his wife.

    This is the social message you are giving to the society through IKRS……………?

    Before the Dadi Bua chapter started IKRS sets its own standards for its unique story live of subjects.

    Request you all to raise your voice to end this crep. We loyal viewers cannot digest our favorite show getting bad reviews from others………

  26. Louella

    It’s so sad to know that garimaji is leaving the show. Now what will happen about dulaari mai’s past?

  27. Louella

    Arshi di and swetha di I m missing u both. Arshi di how was ur exam? Hope everything is well and good. Swetha di till now no internet connection?

  28. Sujie

    did anyone notice Viplav’s expression when DB asked Kamini to stay back and took her to the room for some conversation?…. to instigate Kaamini against ViDhaani’s relation.
    I seriously hope Viplav Dhaani end the track of DB- dirty old chocolate wrapper
    and Kaamini-the husband trapper …like they ended the chapter of Tulsi and the gang……..
    and I am disappointed with the news that Garima ji aka Dulaari is opting to leave IKRS….. wonder what will happen to her past wala track and how would the makers reveal the relation between Piya,Dulaari and Dhaani??

  29. Anne

    The police have the drawing of the kidnapper so if he’s caught Kaminis story will come out,this may lead to allsorts of revelations about kamini,Dadibua and the Tripathi family.
    It was obvious I think that Kamini knew him as he wanted to marry her! So hopeful for the future storylines.
    BTW IKRS writers if you use any of my ideas I want royalties ??????? xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Absolutely Anne. I hope it’s not another plot that disappears never to be seen again…

  30. Nimisha ?

    I’m having trouble posting on here today,,, maybe the moderators are limiting me…

    Every post tells me I’m posting too quickly. Even when it was the first one of the day.

    A bit strange to see on only 50 or so comments. Hope everyone is ok.


  31. Nimisha ?

    I’m curious about something..

    When raja was clearly after Dhani, it seemed to be fairly accepted and no furore ensued, although that dream sequence in the kitchen was thankfully dropped.

    Now when VK is clearly after Viplav, there is a huge backlash.

    Personally I have hate both tracks and wanted the awasthis out as much as I want DB and VK it. BUt, the images of Viplav in VK’s dream were pretty awful for me. Is that the only difference, or are people more upset by a female going after a married man than a male going
    after a married woman???

    Like is said I’m just curious..

    • Anne

      Ive had the same probs with posting?
      We are upset over vip cos we all have so much emotion invested in him. Each of us thinks “he’s mine”. Hes the perfect man and husband, and hes SAFE. Mishal is prob nothing. like vip, he is conscious of his fan base ***and tells us Nothing personal. Lives alone, grocery shops, sundays with his family. Hum,,, hes an adult male in his 30s so big pinch of salt needed there i think.xx

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