Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalu asking Viplav where they are going? Viplav says we are going to Galaxy hotel to have food and to make you both talk and understand each other. Shalu smiles. Dasharath asks where you all are going? Viplav says they are going to BSU hostel to meet Raja’s friends, will go on an outing and return home. Dasharath asks them to take care, and gets busy in puja. He gets a call and says he is ready. Dhaani is leaving from Ashram. Dulaari asks where you are going? Dhaani says she is going to Bazaar to buy Gota. Dulaari says you didn’t tell me before, and asks her to bring some other thing, and come fast. Dhaani nods.

Viplav, Shalu and Raja come to the restaurant. Shalu sees the table and sits on the chair calling waiter. Viplav says my sister is fond of food and

asks him to take care of her. Raja says sure, and thanks him for giving him a chance to spend some time with Shalu. Viplav says I will be here, but then says he will be near there as he came on a date. Raja asks if she is here. Viplav smiles. He asks them to order food and says he will come. Shalu asks where are you going? Viplav says I am going to drown in pool and jokes. Shalu asks him to come.

Dasharath is asked to do puja in the same hotel. Kanak is also there. Dhaani comes to the hotel wearing colored saree. Just then Kanak gets a call, and she misses seeing Dhaani. Dhaani is stopped by the manager and he sends her to restaurant. Kanak sees her from behind and thinks Dhaani can’t be here. Raja asks Shalini what she wants to have? Shalini says she wants to go to washroom. She leaves. Dhaani comes to the restaurant side. Raja is having noodles, and waiting for Shalu to come. Dhaani is about to see his face, but Viplav holds her hand and takes her behind pillar. He says Shalu is sitting there, and tells that he will make her meet Raja personally. Dhaani says I saw him, but Viplav says that Raja didn’t see you. Just then he sees Dasharath and Kanak, and tells Dhaani that he will send them home. He asks Raja and Shalu to go home as Dasharath and Kanak are here. He asks Dhaani to go and says he will also leave. Dhaani forgets her bag, but comes back and takes the bag. Kanak stops her. She says so you are here? I knew that you are here, and my doubt was right. She asks did you start a new business, and asks if she is trap someone, didn’t have any shame or have sell it off. Dhaani feels insulted and leaves.

Viplav calls at Ashram’s number and asks about Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani is not here. Just then Dhaani comes to Ashram and takes Viplav’s call. Viplav asks if she reached safely. Dhaani says yes. Kanak comes there and blames Dhaani for changing colors like a squirrel. Dulaari asks what nonsense? Kanak says it means your daughter haven’t told you where she went. She says I saw her in hotel wearing colored sarees and asks if they give her these values. Dulaari asks if she has gone mad? Kanak says look at her face. She sees Dhaani wearing gold bangles and asks her to remove it. Dulaari stops her and says she is my daughter, my ego, and says I know what she does. She says my daughter is not shameless to wear colored saree without marriage. She returns her bangles and says we don’t want it as we are poor, but not beggars. She says if you tell anything against my daughter, then I will forget that you are Viplav’s mum, asks her to go. Kanak leaves and calls them beggars.

Raja asks Viplav if everything is fine. Viplav says yes and says he felt bad for them. Raja says we have to be together after marriage. He asks about his girl friend. Viplav praises Dhaani’s qualities. Raja says why you have hidden her from your family.

Dhaani cries recalling Kanak’s accusations. Dulaari comes and says I have full trust on you, and knew that you will not hide anything from me. Dhaani hugs her and cries.

Kanak shows the clothes and gold chain which she brought for Raja. Raja’s mum shows the clothes which she brought for Shalu for goad bharayi rasam. She gives the sherwani and gold chain to Raja, and asks him to wear and see. Shalu asks Kanak about Viplav’s clothes. Kanak says she has brought sherwani for him and gives it. Sushma tells Viplav that if he would have married before then his wife would have done this ritual. She feels bad for Viplav and Dhaani. Viplav says you only thinks about me. He says I love you Dadi.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she has lied to her. Dulaari says she don’t want to listen. She says I have given birth to you and knows your every move. She says if you have lied with us then there might be a reason behind it. She asks her not to leave Viplav and says it is not easy to get a loving person. She asks her not to get scared and leaves. Dhaani thinks she is in mess now. She says if she tell Viplav about Kanak then he will fight with her, and feels guilty for not telling the truth to Dulaari. She asks God to give her strength to tell her truth to everyone.

Viplav asks Dhaani to come for Shalu’s goad bharayi rasam. Dhaani refuses to come. Dhaani comes to Viplav’s house wearing red saree. Viplav gets happy. Raja takes their pic. Kanak stops Dhaani and is about to lift her ghunghat. Viplav and Dhaani gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Sabita

      Aaj kal tho vidhani scenes hiiin bohut horahahe. Serial tho bohut ache jarahahai. Aur kya chahihai dear

  1. Louella

    Wow precap is interesting. Hmmm dhaani getting naughty day by day. Tomorrow’s episode is very interesting

  2. AM

    spoiler man come with spoiler 😛 😛

    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM,
    01 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kanak gets suspicious after spotting Dhaani in
    a restaurant, wearing a colourful sari. Will the
    truth about Viplav and her marriage be
    Episode – 17806:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 02 Mar Set
    More show timings
    Dhaani covers her face and goes to Viplav’s
    house to attend Shalini’s ‘god bharaai’
    Episode – 17906:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 03 Mar Set
    More show timings
    On Mahashivratri, Raja Awasthy spots Dhaani.
    Now, what will be the repercussions?
    Episode – 18006:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 04 Mar Set
    More show timings
    Raja Awasthy talks to Viplav and hints that his
    brother was killed by Dhaani.
    Episode – 18106:30 PM –
    07:00 PM, 05 Mar Set
    More show timings
    Will Viplav come to know that Dhaani is the
    one Raja has been trying to hunt?

  3. Vinny

    Todays episode is good

    And guys i think you had gone through the week spoilers if not please go through it

    Ishq ka rang safed toi .many things are going to happen

  4. AM

    this week spoiler is thrilling ….finally Dhani ‘s thoda ayega but plz no mu between vidha again because they are married now ..

  5. AM

    guys who are not in our facebook group …plz join us …you can find it easily on fb

    it is “telly updates fans of ishq ka rang safed”

  6. vinny

    Episode – 178
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 02 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani covers her face and goes to Viplav’s house to attend Shalini’s ‘god bharaai’ ceremony.
    Episode – 179
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 03 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    On Mahashivratri, Raja Awasthy spots Dhaani. Now, what will be the repercussions?
    Episode – 180
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 04 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Raja Awasthy talks to Viplav and hints that his brother was killed by Dhaani.
    Episode – 181
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 05 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Will Viplav come to know that Dhaani is the one Raja has been trying to hunt?

  7. Louella

    Spoiler of the week
    Episode 177
    Kanak gets suspicious after spotting dhaani in a restaurant, wearing coloured saree. Will the truth about viplav and her marriage be exposed?

    Episode 178
    Dhaani covers her face and goes to viplav’s house to attend shalini’s god bharaai ceremony

    Episode 179
    On mahashivratri, Raja awasthy spots dhaani. Now what will be the repercussions?

    Episode 180
    Raja awasthy talks to viplav and hints that his brother was killed by dhaani.

    Episode 181
    Will Viplav come to know that dhaani is the one Raja has been trying to hunt?

  8. Louella

    I can’t control my anger now. It’s half an hour and till now my comments r posted. Now I m not commenting any more. Will meet u guys tomorrow. I have lost my patience now. Bye friends. Good night!!!! Sweet dreams!!!!

  9. prachi

    Tomorrow episode is soo interesting.viplav with blue sherwani n dhani with red saree looking gud.dhani looking prettier with red saree.n in today’s episode comedian of d show is Salu..

  10. Unlike amitabh m Aishwarya, who can be seen together at many events in north daughter in law maintains specific distance from fatherin law n accompanies him only if husband or mother in law is there here kanak was with dashrath at a pooja contradictory to the fact that widows are not allowed in auspicious get together well freinds this beief is not mine but widely practised specially in north n central india

    • Sujie

      yes Renu…. he could have taken Viplav’s Daadi along with her…
      Fed up of this balloon and safed bhootni….
      finally Dhaani in red saari…. good going …waiting for Raaja’s and Dhaani’s face to face so that true motive of Raja’s family can be known..
      If Dhaani stops Shaalu’s wedding with Raja after knowing his reality, then let Viplav support her and let the world know that Dhaani has now become Mrs Dhaani Viplav Tripathi….
      love IKRS…

  11. Today episode as usual.upcoming episode i am expecting very interesting.viplav acting day by day super.viplav smile ,expression,viplav carrying dhani wow.

  12. Bulbul

    Dear renu,
    These days daily soaps are even faster than superman in changing tracks. I hope that this raja’s thing come to an end soon’s really boring me..want to see VIDHANI together!!!!

  13. AM

    aaj itne sare spoiler Dene wale log agaye ….bachche ke pett pe kyu lath mar rahe ho sablog 😛 😛 …

    hahaha …just kidding …moderation ke wajase late ho gaye …fb pe mene 6 pm ko post kar diya tha … 😉 🙂 🙂

  14. Oh many spoilers r there today. But thank u AM,Vinny n Louella for ur spoilers.I think due to moderation without knowing each other u all posted spoilers.its OK this shows u all love ikrs family let’s know the spoiler.

  15. Hi my dear ikrs wat happened to u all. Y so less comments.
    Sorry yaar due to my children’s exams starting from 8 march I was busy in teaching them.

  16. And today’s episode was superb.vidhaani scenes r dam good.
    But renu ur right see kanak always says that vidhwas should not participate in auspicious things then how she can come to that pooja.that too our DT should come with her wife na then y he came with vudhwa knk.I think our director forget these things to show here for knk.

  17. Well a big round of applause for dear dhani who has become bold now n moves out alone initially always rl used to accompany her

  18. Hiii family ,I m back !!!!!
    From two days I m enjoying each moments of my life ?.
    Thanks to ikrs for giving me such beautiful friends and memories .

  19. And in today’s episode I like the scene when RL receives the phone at ashram n says hi mere sallu tum yaad kiya yahan dhaani agayi.nice dialogue.
    And also dulhaari n dhaani conversation was good.dulhaari says that she must luv bachuwa ki should not leave him at any cost or any ones compulsion.that was super.
    But there dhaani could reveal her marriage secret with dulhaari.then she n badi Amma could fined some solution.

  20. SARAS

    hi everyone. .
    I couldn’t watch our read comments of last week. .. where is saranya. . br madam. . rajee?

    hi kavitha. . florentina. . am. princess louella akshay. . swara. sonu..renu..anne.. joyee.. and all the ikrs family. .

  21. Anne Julia

    Dhaani looks beautiful in the red saree. BTW ,I don’t understand the connection between Raja and Shalini, how did he come to know the Tripathi family? Also, it seems as though he knows Dhaani is in the area and is going to look for her so how are the two things connected? Can’t speak Hindi so may have missed info. Also,I’m not a violent person at all BUT will someone please give Kanak a slapppppp.

  22. But guys I was thinking that dhaani always wear light n contrast coloured saree.y not dark coloured saree’s.but today she wear red saree that was nice.
    But guys I have a dream that viplav n dhaani Must wear meroune coloured dress for their marriage .n viplav must flat for dhaanis meroune coloured dress that she cute in that gagra.khash yeh Sab hamari show hotha tho kithna acha hoga.iam correct guys.just imagine.

  23. Frnds did u observe this we have three rajs in our show.
    Raj lakshmi
    Raja avasthi
    Hamari directors ko aur koi naam nahin mila hai kya.Sab characters ko yahi naam rakdiya.lekin mujhey lagtha hai yeh Jo naam future mein kuch gadbad karne wala hai .that’s y this name similarities.

  24. N dadi ur dam good in ur character. I luv soon viplav said ur the only person who take care of viplavs luv.great sadi.

  25. Yetty

    Today’s episode was so emotional for Dhaani , kanak insulting her and her mom standing up for her, what will happen next can’t wait slot will be revealed in the upcoming episode’s. Love IKRS

  26. Yetty

    Today’s episode was so emotional for Dhaani , kanak insulting her and her mom standing up for her, what will happen next can’t wait a lot will be revealed in the upcoming episode’s. Love IKRS

    • SARAS

      Thanks dear princess. . I messaged you in ydays(Saturdays episode) first page please read. .

      Even for florentina. ..

      felt so special you guys were missing me Even after a week. .. felt great

  27. Rajee

    Good morning to all!
    Hello Saras! Grt to c u back dear! Show is going good. I am enjoying it but going through a mood swing .so no comments..
    Hello princess Louella! Missing me or not?
    Jokes apart. I saw u mentioned my name some day. So felt spl. But I am always around u ppl. As there is no other means to greet u so came to greet u here.
    All the best to all for their upcoming exams!

    • SARAS

      hi dear rajee… please keep commenting. .. we can handle ur mood swings .no problem at all. the way I met my cousin raji von wedding so remembered you -::))

      • Rajee

        Hi Saras! We really missed u a lot. One funny & embarrassing thing. I thought u have joined our fb grp as ur name is also Saraswathi. So I texted Saraswathi thinking its u. I hope she doesn’t mind.
        Saraswathiji! Plz don’t mind it as I got confused with the name.

  28. Hi swara,Sara,Varsha,,renu,ahana,rajee,raj,
    Saranya,br mam,joyee,Florentina,sujie,
    Rahul,purple, divya,diya,zea,amulya,
    Hasi,dillu,Bharathi,BISWAJIT,meghs,marzu, mahvishparihar,and ikrs frnds
    A very gud mrg to u all.have a wonderful day.???????☕☕???????

  29. Hi saras n rajee pls give ur valuable comments dear here we miss u all.
    Lagtha hai hamari parivar adhura hogayi.
    Him Sab log yahan milkay kithna din hogayi.pls aap Sab log yahan comments karthay rahiye.pls Sab log.we don’t to Mis any one.

    • Rajee

      Hi kavitha! I am feeling like a sloth bear..lazy …I will try to comment like b4. Thank u 4 being here & for all the boost u gave to comment..
      In this episode I loved dulaari very much. She gave a tit for tat to kanak.

  30. florentina moldovan


  31. Haha sabitha I mean that I want more Vidhaani scenes in the ashram , Aisa chupke chupke romance se acha ashram mein hain but problem is that everyone will get to know the truth, and yes show is going great but mera kya kismet hain ach kal main match ke waja sain mujhe repeat dekhna par rahein hain

  32. AM

    hi guys …good morning to varsha ..BR mam…kavitha…saranya….Sara…Louella….akshay ….rajee…joyee…sonu…shri…and all ….
    sab log busy hae ….comment karo re plz …sab log exam ke preparation mae busy hae 🙂 …..mae hi sirf itna free hu .. 😛 😛 …hahaha ….
    bye guys ..have a nice day …enjoy guys …
    do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother 😛 😛

  33. Sonu

    According to me, Dhani tell her marriage matter atleast to Rajlakshmi. After reveal of her marriage, atleast Rajlakshmi will support her.What u says friends..

  34. Sonu

    Hi BR mam, Shri, Raj, Saru, Varsha, Gudiya, Tamil, Nisha, Sofe and Megha where r u guys? Pls make comments..Miss u all..

  35. Sonu

    @ Saras, hi dear, nice to see u back here. How is your cousin sis marriage? Where r u now? R u in native or in Bglore?

    • SARAS

      hi sonu thanks for missing me. .
      it was my niece’s wedding. . its over now back in bangalore. ..

  36. Shri


  37. Hi freinds rajee kavitha saras saraswati saranya am phollo fatarejo florentina annie prachi sonu louella brmam sujie tintin yetty bulbyl sabita akshay vinny shri n the list is endless love u all

    • Hi shri dhani didn’t carry food but had her white sari in the bag for changing back as had brought that colored sari from ashram in it frankly speaking even i have done this a few times as in my house western clothes are a big no so when i used to visit my mother’s place i used to wear trousers n go to office directly n while coming in evening back from office to my in law, s place used to change to suit really embarrassing

    • SARAS

      hi renu. ..

      your story is interesting. .
      Its very irritating when people make fuss about what you wear. .. grrr

  38. Hi shri dhani didn’t carry food but had her white sari in the bag for changing back as had brought that colored sari from ashram in it frankly speaking even i have done this a few times as in my house western clothes are a big no so when i used to visit my mother’s place i used to wear trousers n go to office directly n while coming in evening back from office to my in law, s place used to change to suit really embarrassing

  39. As per spoilers dhani n raja would face each other in tomorrow’s episode n dhani would come to God bharaai rasam today where kanak would lift her pallu as per precap means either it is dream or precap scene to be shown tomorrow i am confused

  40. Poor shalu I pity u.already ur engagement was canceled with ram n now again with raja definetly it was break out by dhaani then if again ram will be for u r what.don’t know.
    But ram was right guy for u because he genuinely asked ur grand father to show his property papers to correct it.but ur stupid DT grandfather cancelled ur engagement for the status n property. N also for viplav. So matter of ur wish is there.
    Let’s see dhaani will help u to marry a good person don’t worry.

  41. Arey Sab log kahan chalet gayi FB mein join karkey tu ko boolgayi kya.pls frnds come on n give ur comments
    Guys pls join our FB group whom r not joined till now.
    But pls every one comment here.its our family becoming incomplete without u all.

  42. Yes rajee ur right dulhaari gave nice answer to knk that merit beti ko aur kuch bhi bola tho mein bhool javoungi aap bachwaji ki maha hein.
    Me n prachi also decided that if any one gives a good slap to kanak means very nice na.then now we all select dulhaari to give nice kick n slap to kanak.she was right person.wat guys wat do u say

  43. Louella

    Hi friends!
    Saras mam I saw ur comment yesterday. My studies r going on good. Now going to study. Will meet u all in the evening

  44. Omg I think my family is back again iam so happy to see comments. Pls continue my frnds.
    Ya Saras I think after dhaani enters into ayodhya nivas only she will arrange good n living husband to shalu. But it takes time to go on.but now dhaanis FB is on the way .till Saturday I’ll revealed na

  45. prachi

    Der should b some special on ikrs on d occasion of mahasiva ratri.all other seriels shows special episode on DAT dat

  46. prachi

    Dhani’s ex mother in law is lyk a pumpkin.after reaveling the truth dhani should give a tight slap on her face

    • Rajee

      Prachi! Only Viplav’s cheeks r lucky enough to get slap from dhani madam… She can only slap vipu . apart from that ek machhar ko bhi nahin maar sakti hamari jhansi ki rani.

  47. Rajee

    After marriage dhani became ‘khatron ke khiladi’. She is ready to take all the risk to keep her hubby Viplav happy. What a dedicated biwi! She came to ayodhya niwas with food wearing colorful saree,went to restaurant to meet her patidev & this is not the end..she is going to attend shalu’s godh bharai also..Hats of to dhani!!! Her MIL is an anaconda who can swallow her @ once but still she is taking this much of risk. Bravo Dhani!!
    “Khatron ke khiladi” award goes to u dhani..keep it up girl! & as per our members’ wish when dulaari will slap kanak u also take some advantage. Behti ganga mein haat dho dena. All the best for ur stunts dhani!!!

  48. Rajee

    Shri! Whenever kanak is around dhani its always a horrifying feeling. I feel like now & then rowdy kanak will come & start pulling Dhani’s hair ,then start beating…really horrible…

  49. Rajee

    When Dhani asked Viplav in restaurant that what if shalu will c her? Then Viplav replied shalu is my sister ,I can handle her. Then vakil babu why not ur mother??? Kanak is also ur mother..handle her also na…khunte se bandh ke rakho as dulaari said..

  50. Ya shri I also have that fear but don’t worry hamari viplav hai na wahan vo Samhalegi knk aur dhaani ko.aaj tho show mein maza aaney wali hai.dhaani wears anklets to shalu as bhabhi n then knk finds that she was dhaani in red saree.

    • AM

      mam I think she is busy in her school annual programme practise …she said in this page that she will not comment for two weeks

  51. AM

    hi guys …happy to see many old members back …story to interesting track pe ja raha hae but ek batt …har saas apni bahu ko kyu pasand nahi karte …why they are attempting to kill her bahu in serials …
    I think it is a very valid question ……
    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

      • AM

        hahaha ….right …kya karu abhi chutti hae and in all channel there are saas bahu drama ….pakk gaya hu ae dekh dekh ke …so I commented it 😛 😛

    • Rajee

      AM! This is human psychology. This happens out of jealousy & feeling of insecurity. An woman feels jealous when her ladla gives more attention to another lady I.e. her bahu. If she selected the bahu then situation somewhat OK but if her son selected a girl himself then its like a total ignorance of the son to his mother. In this case I pity the situation of a man balancing both mother & wife. Theses things r just a mind game,human emotions & human psychology. Life is really strange but one thing is imp to leave a peaceful life is to adjust . I hope kanak devi understands this & stop offending dhani always.

  52. Its a tuff question to answer AM .because no one knows y all mother in laws hate their daughter in laws. because there r so many reasons some r acceptable n some r non acceptable.saas sply have fear that their own son will be addict to bahus love n affection n their son will forget the was mother thing.but its dont means that same thing will happens in every house.

  53. SARAS

    dear friends n family. .. I m watching last week’s episode .. they r too too awesome oh my god .. how could I miss last week only. .. I m still watching. . comment later…

    • Rajee

      Achhe se dekhlo Saras…u missed the most precious episodes yaarrr!!! OK late hi sahi…

  54. Shri

    AM !! would u like to knw the reason??? Get ur wedding dne first..coz with the explaination u vl not get the right answer..u shud go through the reality..hahaha

  55. Ya rajee as u said dhaani is becoming brave after vidhaanis marriage .because woh kehta hai na pyar mein Sab andhey hojathey hai.waisa hamari dhaani bhi andhey hogayi aur uski widhwa dharmoko piche chudakar viplav ke piche chalegayi.
    Thabhi restaurant, thabhi mandir ab seedha ayodhya ghar chalegayi.patanahi ab kahoga.ab kahoga kanak ki hatho mein hoga dhaani.let’s be brave dhaani to face knk .keep one stretcher n ambulance ready then say her that u n viplav get married because after listening to this news she will definetly gets heart stroke.

  56. Saranya its very bad yaar u said me that today ur going to comment but still no comments .y yaar wat happened to our mission .take time n give ur valuable comments.
    Hello dear we created FB to be better close than hear but not to leave this page k so pls come on my heroine N comment here iam waiting for ur comments.

  57. No yaar rajee we know n both vidhaani know that dhaani is not widow now.but ashram members n tripati family members don’t know that she have to maintain secret n to follow widow rituals up to secret is revealed.that I mean.

  58. shanitics(swe)

    Gud eve guysss
    Seems like Dhaani is cmng frm a rich family?….And Awasthi family married Dhaani for money!!

  59. shanitics(swe)

    Though xams are near a day without posting comment in this seems like a day which is incomplete….

  60. Sujie

    as said by Rajee…. Dhaani is overcoming her fear day by day…and our hero Viplav always supports Dhaani…. waiting for tonight’s episode…. and i am literally addicted to ViDhaani cottage scenes nowadays…..

  61. Thanks am my son is 19 but he has never watched any serial all he likes is discovery channel ;mtv ; n hbo gòod u watch serial so yr mother can view with u

    • AM

      no no mam mother watch serials ..I watches sometime with my mom when I am free from studies …I usually see MTV ..history TV …sab TV etc

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