Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Atharva asking Kamini where is his Papa? Kamini says he is not here, your Papa likes to play with Vidha more than with you. She asks him to go and play. He gets sad and calls Viplav. He asks if you are playing with Vidha. Viplav says no, and says he came out for some important work. He asks what my rockstar is doing? Atharva smiles and says he is missing him. Viplav says he is also missing him, and asks him to have food. He says I will come soon and says bye. Atharva keeps the phone down. Dhaani comes and sees Viplav gone, and asks Dulaari, where is Viplav? Dulaari says he got a call and have left while talking. Parshiya tells Dhaani that you said he will not go. Dhaani says it is good that he left, I don’t want any drama to happen infront of Vidha. She says she will not

bend down infront of him and is not old Dhaani. Dulaari asks if you are angry with yourself or Viplav and asks her to sit calmly. She asks Parshiya to get the order and tells Dulaari that she will bring Vidha home as her bus might have come. Parshiya says I will drop you there. Viplav is standing outside the house and sees Dhaani going with Parshiya on his bike. He gets upset and irritated.

Dhaani is coming home with Vidha and asks what happened in school today. Vidha says did you know my teacher said very good to me for English homework. Dhaani gets happy. Vidha asks her to take her in her lap. Dhaani says she is unwell, and will take her once she is fine. Viplav comes and takes Vidha in his lap. Vidha gets happy. Dhaani says I thought you have gone. Viplav says I thought you know me. Dhaani looks on. Dulaari says sometimes I feel they are right at their place and is confused. Dhaani asks Vidha to get down. Dulaari takes Vidha inside.

Dhaani sees Viplav sitting in her house and says still you are here, I asked you to go. Dulaari asks them not to show their anger infront of Vidha as she will be affected. Dhaani asks Dulaari to tell him to go. Viplav asks Dulaari to tell Dhaani to answer him and he will leave. Dhaani asks Dulaari to make Vidha have food and make her sleep. She says if he will not go,then I will leave. She picks the bouquet and goes out to sit. She feels pain. A neighbor asks if she is fine. Dhaani says yes. Vidha asks Viplav if he came to play with her. Viplav says yes. He asks Dulaari to call Dhaani inside. Dulaari says you both are stubborn and asks him to talk to her. She takes Vidha with her. Viplav comes out and says weather is bad, your wound is not healed as yet and asks her to come inside. Dhaani says I don’t want to come and asks him not to worry. Viplav says if you start caring for yourself then I don’t need to care you. He asks her to come inside right now and not to do any drama. Dhaani goes inside and closes the door on his face. Viplav says I will not go from here.

Vidha calls Viplav standing at the window, and says you might be hungry naa….She asks him to have chocolate and gives. Viplav takes it and gives a kiss on her cheek. He thanks her. Dhaani makes Vidha sleep. Viplav is standing out and gets drenched in rain. She opens the window and looks at him emotionally. Chandariya song plays…………….She gets teary eyes. Viplav continues to stand outside in rain and sneezes. Dhaani sits to make bouquet. Dulaari comes and asks her to have food. Dhaani is about to eat, and thinks about Viplav. She looks at him through the window and gets emotional. Viplav sneezes as he is fully drenched. She takes Umbrella and goes to Viplav. She asks him to take Umbrella. Viplav says I don’t need it, but need your answer. He says you was sitting inside, but heard my sneezes. He says I understand your silence even now. I can clearly understand that you still loves me. He asks her to stop acting to be married. He says God has made us meet after 5 years. He says nothing has changed. I will make everything fine, and asks her to talk to him. Just then few men comes there and asks who are you?

Dhaani goes inside. Viplav says I didn’t come here to trouble anyone. He says I have some work with her, I will go after it is completed. One of them says that they have to put the banner of cycle race there and asks him to move. Viplav moves. They tie the banner. Someone knocks on Dhaani’s door. Dhaani opens the door and finds Parshiya standing. She asks him to come inside. Parshiya says florist is coming with order. Dhaani says okay, and tells Dulaari that she will return in sometime. Dhaani sits on his bike and they leave. Viplav is still there. Dhaani couldn’t see him. Parshiya tells Dhaani that it was raining heavily yesterday. Dhaani says mad Viplav got drenched in rain and stood there all night. She says Viplav gets cold easily, I told him many times, but he doesn’t listen. Parshiya stops the bike and says shop is here. Dhaani opens the shop and says they have to clean the shop now. While Dhaani is talking to florist. Viplav comes there. Dhaani asks him to come. Viplav says I will leave after getting answers.

Someone comes and buys all the bouquets from Dhaani’s shop. Dhaani sees bouquet on road and scolds Viplav for throwing her bouquets on the road, and calls him Rakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Renu

    Vidha looked adorable when he sweetly gave a chocolate to viplav telling him to have he must be hungry. More awesome was viplav when he ate it while being drenched. Viplav too looked super cute n simultaneously hot in the wet ambience ?

    • Nimisha

      Awww Renu! Love that!

      He did look super hot!

      She was sooo cute, Vidha, sneaking him the chocolate. Love her.

      Love Viplav
      luurrrrrrve MIshal

      Renu, Mein Kya karu Don’t know whether to smile or cry or book a flight or eat chocolate or smile or cry or book a flight… Or dust… Erm NO… That isn’t going to happen. It’s ok.. It’s ok.. I just slapped myself hard around the head and the dusting Sint going to happen. Phew! So anyway, don’t know what to do ???????????????????

      I LOVE MISHAL!!! ???????????

      • Renu

        Super cute post nimmy?? but i don’t have the answer. ?☺?Loved your what to i do in hindi ?

      • Nimisha

        Yay, did I get that right ??????????????

        Going back to being distraught now!

        Baaaap rai baaaaaap
        Areyyyy bhagwaaaaaaaannnnnnnn
        Deep breath
        Deep breath.

        I need to go and find a mountain, preferably in Switzerland that is nice an echoey and just scream my lungs out!


      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Nimmy….. Do take me to high mountains of switzerland along with you….. Please please…… I beg you…..i wanna scream loudly in happiness….. Because I am in love…..
        Normal people might call it celebrity crush ….but trusy me I love Mishal so so much 🙂

        allow me to accompany you ……
        Mad me ….

      • Nimisha

        Of course Sujie. We can scream together… Just hope we don’t scare any goats ????

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      ThAt was such a lovely scene. I really enjoyed the episode today and they both know the love is still there not liking the precap but lovely episode

  2. Renu

    Episodes start was not good due to VK AKA CK . THE way he spoke with atharv it looked as if she is a step mom. ??

    • Nimisha

      Can you believe she told him that papa prefers playing with another child. His face bless him.

  3. Renu

    Today dhani expressed her love towards viplav to parshiya when she narrated that viplav stood whole night in rain inspite 9f her telling him . She was so engrossed in telling about viplavs catching cold on being wet that she didn’t even notice that she has reached her shop!!

    • Nimisha

      That was cute! But Viplav arrived there so quickly so was she just being too lazy to walk ???

      But yes, Viplav is right she does still love him but she is too scared to say anything.

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        He is not ready to leave her even for a second. Bhaag bhaag ke dukaan tak ponch gaya mr.hero ?? if anyone was ready to follow us so… ?

    • Shruthy

      |Registered Member

      I agree with you in this Renu. She indirectly proved she loves him and so she knows him so much. ? Parshiya got so irritated of her talking about him. ?

  4. Renu

    Today viplav also realised dhani still loves him when she handed over the umbrella n said that she heard him sneezing. It was fun to hear viplav saying just close yhe door n u wud not hear…. ?☺

  5. Saraswathi.j

    Viplav playing with Dhaani to open up her heart at lost he succeeds …nice episode.

  6. Renu

    Dulari was sweet enough to ask dhani weather u r angry with yourself or with viplav. Later she wasmore lovely on being real confused to decide who out of vidhani is right.

  7. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Mishal’s expressions were just amazing. His acting is just superb. I Wish my deam of meeting Mishal and Vidha comes true.

    • Nimisha

      Yes, thanks H Hasan again. I should have said thanks first but I’m too distracted by MIshal. can you help me. I don’t know ow what to do with myself. The way he looked in the whole episode, and esp in the Precap, that glint in his eyes! I’m all a dither. I really want to cry! ????????????

      Help me somebody! HELP ME!!! MIshal, if your reading when I say somebody, I actually really truly mean YOU!

  8. vaishnavi

    vipu looks so hot in that rain scene n of course cutie pie vidha is also looks sweet when she give chocolate to vipu
    but dont like precap again dhaani scold vipu n calls him rakshas

  9. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    It reminded me of old episodes of IKRS when Dhaani used to wish Viplav leaves ashram…though Eisha was there…but still ….loved to see ViDhaani being adamant……?????????
    ❤️ Is in the air…..

      • Nimisha

        LOVE! Nimisha it’s LOVE! How hard is it to type… For goodness sakes,

        Yes yes, I know it’s Mishal’s fault but no excuse for typing badly!


      • Renu

        Nimmy dear its not possible in this birth but might becon next birth u get mishal?? as your soulmate.

      • Nimisha

        And, he’ll marry someone and do the pheras and then I’ll have to wait for 7 lifetimes recurring,, won’t I!?!

        I need help! MIshal? Aaaja aaja aaja

        Love you Renu! Xxx

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        NImmy……if Mish visits this page someday….. He might faint because he will see his crazy fans dreaming of marrying him…..
        Gosh….I am blushing…..

        Both of us will wait till those 7 births with same life partner completes….then our turn will come…..

        We are not Kaamini type ….. So we will wait rather than using bangali baba or something else to lure our love…..
        He is our love right….. YES I SAID LOVE….. We will always want to see him happy .. haina??

      • Nimisha

        Yes, of course Sujie. Always!

        I was… Just… Feeling very sad for myself yesterday. But over it now! Phew! The relief! Xxx

  10. Jessi

    Show ko phir se 6:30 ko shift karni chahiye bv not doing well compared to ikrs wat u say guys

  11. Renu

    Dulari rightly told vidhàni not to create any scene in front of vidha as it might effect her dhani please understand that your daughter yearns for father. Unight be capable to bring her up singlehandedly but can’t giveher fathers love.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Ya renuji I liked dulhaari words that she wants both vidhaani unites n she is very supportful to viplav yaay she is angry bcs of dhaani shoted but she is good.

  12. Shruthy

    |Registered Member

    I loved it! Viplav’s stubborn decision on staying there until he gets an answer to his questions from Dhaani while she doesnt say anything. He reminds me of that meditation he started to practice till Dhaani agree to come at Shalu’s godh bharaai. ? He is damn cute when he shows such an attitude towards Dhaani. ?? But well as she said, she is not really the same Dhaani who used to get convinced because of his ziddi acts ? But well that was so cute and romantic! Especially when he ecen beared rain just for that. And the. She comes out with an umbrella to cover but he refuses. When he said “hum jaante hai tum humse aaj bhi pyaar karte ho” i was ?❤️ and then when he held her hands and was like crying in love meaning how much he needs. “Kuch bhi nahin badla Dhaani” ??
    More than that, I was much happier seeing those Viplav and Vidha scene ? That cutie pie just made my day. Actually both Viplav and Vidha together made my day. When she cutely asks her mom to lift in her arms and then Viplav coming from behind, lifts and Vidha gets happy seeing her Rakshas uncle. ? And then when she offers him a small toffee as she knows he might be hungry. ☺️ The way Viplav loiks if Shaani was loiking at them and discretely kisses on his Vidha’s cheek, which so reminds me those days when Dhaani’s cheeks were showered of kisses. ? And lastly, I loved that cute sa hand shake of our fauther-daughter duo. Unique and so adorable. ??? It’s so obvious she loves her father so much even if she doesnt know ?
    Talking about bacha, how can we miss Atharva’s cuteness ? When he takes the phone and calls his papa and that cute sa phone conversation tho “what is my rockstar doing? missing his papa” ☺️?? btw he knows his father’s number, such a clever child! actually, both kids are so smart. even Vidha managed to reach Viplav from home to hotel alone. ? both are so like their papa.
    and then Dulaari! she was so funn teasing Viplav & Dhaani of being stubborn and all. kash she could help Viplav knowing the truth. ?
    precap is quite thriling. now both mumma and bethi calling papa “rakshas” ??

  13. Vimi???

    Hey guys….whatsup..?
    After a long time i am back here….hey anyone plz explain the story after atharva missing….missed the epis…now i am clueless….

  14. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Frnds I have a good news for u all.ikrs is retelecasted in colors rishtey channel again.but we don’t know the particular date but this information was given by rajee our old member of ikrs team.

  15. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    I think kamini was manipulating atharva that he hates his father.don’t know they real parents for atharva or not.but still very interested to know about atharva.
    U know guys today viplav ask dhaani if she loves him still he make all prblms clear out.
    He says tum aaj bi mujhe pyaar karthey hona tum mujhe bathado mein sab kuch teek karke rakunga.
    Don’t how he make clear about kamini n all.

  16. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Our CVS is making the story that too again at starting ikrs story love hatred vidhaani.
    But I don’t know I was missing something in the show.
    Ya may be mishal king of TV shows was trying to put all efforts but In my opinion I was missing something in show.
    Don’t know may due eisha quitted or y.
    But don’t know if eisha is there also I have same feeling or not.that’s it

  17. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Anyway waiting for vidhaani love n reunion .n their killing romance.may be that give changes in my mood n trp too.wat do u say frnds.

  18. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    I liked the way he speak to atharva beta n saying my rockstar wah aakhir who kiska beta hi isliye woh rockstar nikli.
    Cute viplav cute vidha cute atharva.these makes me to lobe ikrs more.

  19. Anya

    Hello friends! Sorry, net wasn’t working here properly,so cudn’t post my comments. Hello Renu! and thanks for remembering me.?today’s episode was good and Viplav stole the show today. His stubbornness coupled with the love in his eyes and his care for Dhaani were superb.✌✌✌✌✌But the pain in his eyes is really unbearable for me, oh dhaani pl pl don’t torture him so much, we can’t see him in so much pain and stop lying to urself also. As Viplav rightly said, u still love him so much, otherwise y wud u have tears in ur eyes seeing Viplav getting wet in the rain. Mishal as usual u were matchless ????? By Jove, what a handsome &.hot guy u looked drenched in the rain ????????????? who wudn’t have wanted to hug u there&then?????????

  20. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    Rakshas I saw etr2 and like a week ago wheree rani(dhaani) won award and she know the guy who gave him award so she was like ap rakshas uncle ho na, reminded me of Ikrs the first part where dhaani called viplav rakchas , like in both the show she said rakshas differently rreally eisha is a talented actress, and as for sanjeeda she is not bad, but we are too used to see her in glam roles like durga in ek hasina thi that’s why its taking time to accept in a completely opposite role

  21. Jasmine

    Viplav is so hot in today episod
    Uper walene badi fursat se Mishal ko banaya hi
    Amazing expression Mishal.
    Dhaani kyu paresan kar rahiho viplav ko plz viplav ko jawab dey do

  22. Anya

    Guys, pl help, my comment is neither showing by the name nor getting uploaded, what can b the matter? Earlier it showed “ur comment is awaiting moderation ” but now nothing is there, neither d comment nor the line even though I posted the comment

  23. Saraswathi.j

    The dialogues in Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani many are same ,the type of charecter of hero also some what similar like Viplav ,the story is very simple …..

  24. eshani

    Such a cute viplav and vidha I loved it when she gave him chocolate and those cute kisses….how sweetly he speaks to atharva and he also likes papa more than his mamma

    Ahh what to say abt viplavs stubborn behaviour and dhanis concern for viplav and d way he said u were inside still u heard me sneezing and dhani speaking to parshiya abt viplav jus super

  25. shanitics

    Yesterday’s episode reminded me of purana wala episode…

    Viplav in rain.. Again Viplav back with his old attire… And change…


    Vidha giving chocolate ??

    And Viplav eating that chocolate in rain… His acting was more than superb…

    When that banner people came and asked him to move arrogantly… Later moving was soo good…

    Precap seems to be interesting…

    Feeling like ikrs is cmng back to its track?

  26. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I must say Bhagwan Ne Mishal jaisa single piece Bohot mehnat Se banana Hal??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  27. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Guys new olv Persia is participating in clycle race to buy washing machine for dhaani.that was very nice but poor Persia one day he will hurted when he hears that dhaani don’t love him.

    • Renu

      That’s great kavi i thing its the same competition for which banners were being laid. i had heard he wud participate in wrestling competition too for vidhas fees has he ! I douvt??

      • Nimisha

        The banners were weird… Why would cyclists go down that street when it is a cup-de-sac/ dead end with only one way in and out ????

  28. Maria

    |Registered Member

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Parshiya plans to unite Viplav (Mishal Raheja)-Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) sacrificing his love

    The upcoming episode will show that Viplav wants to know Dhani’s reason for not returning back to him post accident.

    Dhani is not ready to answer it and refuses to tell anything, but Viplav is determined to know truth.

    Viplav still loves Dhani and remain away from her for so many years by just remembering Dhani.

    Dhani in dilemma

    While Dhani is in wrong perception that Viplav married Kamini and had a child Atharva.

    Dhani don’t want to spoil their life’s and thus keeps away from Viplav’s life, while Parshiya sees all this.

    Parshiya realize that Viplav loves Dhani and wants to clear all confusion, Parshiya decides to unite them back.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Yes maria I too saw this very interesting but still I waiting for the fb of viplav n kamini story very eagerly.let’s see altleast this upcoming week they will show the fb or not.
      Haww waiting for today’s episode.

    • Shruthy

      |Registered Member

      But well we know it wont happen so fast. Dhaaniji has become as ziddi as Viplavji. So Ziddi VS Ziddi ==> ??

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Yes….. God bless Parshiya…?
      Kash….Rajlakshmi was alive….. Two could have made a great pair…..
      Jiyo Parshiya…. I didn’t say this before…but if Parshiya will Unite ViDhaani toh…. Love you Parshiya …..

  29. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Omg no moderation today my com r posting soon how luvly.
    Any way frnds keep moderation too.

  30. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Hellooo everyone
    Got admission in Delhi University at Hansraj College in B.Sc Life Sciences.?

    Watched the episode just now as yesterday at 6 pm i was at ISBT Delhi?

  31. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    So coming to the episode now
    Viplav-Atharva conversation was so cute.? Mishal is red was burning hot? and Atharva in yellow was very sweet.? How cutely he said “apne papa ko miss kar raha hun”.. Cool father-son duo.? Kamini was very sure that he has gone to Dhani’s house.? Btw what was she working at? Making new plans to kill Dhani or how to get Dhani’s sign on divorce papers?? ?? Looking at Vidha returning from school.. I was wondering isnt Atharva missing his school classes in Banaras??? The scene where Dulaari said to Dhani that you only wanted him to go then “ab kyu badbada rahi ho” was very funny??? Dulaari was sooo good and helpless in the whole episode.

    Aww when Viplav came and carried Vidha in his arms.. Rakshas uncle.. Shikayti pudiya.. Hug.. Music.. Hawwww cute..????? Loved the way Viplav ordered Dhani to go inside and not request her. But when she closed the door on Viplav’s face.????

    The part where Vidha hidingly gives her Rakshas uncle chocolate and then cute kiss? was so lovely?..both father and daughter are intensely longing for each other.?? And yess did you notice? Vidha was sleeping with the doll given by her papa rakshas uncle???
    Haaayeee Rain..??????? (Hopefully he is well,otherwise cvs start using bd for him??) You are the heart and soul of show Mishal.❤

    Viplav you are just an amazing really dont want to marry but if get someone like you will definitely agree.??) Itna rona aa rha tha yaar while he was leaning his head against that staircase and the song which makes the situation more disheartening.? But when Viplav was eating chocolate in rain and his smile..aww..?..i was cryingly smiling that moment.?

    Vidha scene under the umbrella was delightful.? Even today Viplav can understand her silence. Wrong wrong timing of those banner wale people-cycle race han.. ?? And when Viplav told them “Han..toh pehle hi aise baat karte na..” And just that old naughty viplav wali tuning..?? Dhani telling about Viplav to parshiya showed her love and care for him. Was parshiya irritted? Or just confused for what she wants??? Even i am.? Dhani you still love him and you always .. Always take looong time to accept the fact that you cant live without thinking about him.??
    Loved the ziddi wala Viplav today.? Its a very difficult situation in love where you need to decide whether you are going to wait or move on? Both are tough.. Viplav is waiting for dhani and hopefully god will pay him for this wait with lots of happiness soon. ??
    Just a second what was that green paper dhani is tearing in precap??

    • Nimisha

      This situations is simply about him needing to know the truth.

      He has always loved Dhani and will always live her but the not knowing what happened is killing him and that’s why he,s being so determined.

      He would work away from her if he genuinely felt she’d be happier. But the more time they spend together the more he can see exactly what she is feeling and that is total love for him, but masked by fear.

      He keeps saying,bell me the truth and I,ll leave.

      He’s always know her better than she knows herself.

      It’s very beautiful! Very, very beautiful.


      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        I know he knows her more than she knows herself? But why Dhani doesnt know him more than he knows himself?

      • Nimisha

        Aaaah, you see, I totally get her and how she feels.

        Viplav is blissfully ignorant, he seems to have forgotten what he said to her, that slap, that he left her at the ashram and told her their Rishta was a mistake.

        She on the other hand hasn’t. She is still very hurt by him and what he did. But she is also confused about the fact that she clearly has strong feelings for him, which she is trying very hard but failing miserably to suppress.

        She is scared that if she lets him in again, I to her heart and life, that he will hurt her.

        Kam is evil but knows she can depend on Dhani to be virtuous so she is also playing her, too well, she is making her feeli guil that Dhani is responsible for kam and Viplavs marriage breaking down and fo the fact that Atharva won’t have his papa anymore. Dhani being Dhani wouldn’t do that to Viplav, separate him from his son, even though the irony is she is separating her own child from her father.

        Honestly, if I were Dhani I would be feeling the exact same way, once your trust in someone goes, it’s gone and it makes you question everything you ever had with them. Dhani has been manipulated for so long by DT, KT and then Kam and DB that she almost doesn’t believe she is worthy of happiness and is stuck in her current mindset of I’m fine and I can cope.

        I think sits all being portrayed brilliantly. I am depserate for them to have it out though and for kam to be finally exposed, but it’s building slowly to that. And while it builds Viplav can see she stills lives home dearly, Parshiya can see it too, so can Dulaari and maybe even Vidha. Dhani is fighting it though.

        Just my opinion, but I love it!

  32. Anya

    Hi Kavitha, hi Renu! Thanks for replying back &remembering me too ? it’s ok Renu this inbuilt dictionary is like that only??
    Hi Arshi! Many many congratulations for ur admission in DU, hansraj college is a good choice, i’m also a DU graduate ?. Renu said rightly, without ur comments, the analysis is like incomplete ????.

  33. Anya

    One thing what i didn’t like in yesterday’s episode was when dhaani slams the door on Viplav’s face, i swear yaar,at that moment i really felt like giving her also a tight slap on her face. God, what a way to insult a person and that too whhen he is Viplav, hw cud u do that dhaani? And on the other side is Viplav, so Patient and full of Love inspite of all this behaviour from dhaani, Viplav u r my JAAN ?????????

    • Nimisha

      Hi anya,
      See, I love her strength. In her situation I would have done the same.
      She’s lucky he,s not giving up so easily.

  34. Nimisha

    Maria, fantastic new spoiler.

    I knew Parshiya would be a good friend and he is proving to be an amazing one.

    That’s for posting that!

  35. Nimisha

    By the way, helloooo everyone.

    Apologies for my I dunno what ness yesterday.

    Was totally I dunno… But am a over it now.


  36. Anya

    Hi Nimisha! Yes, this thing is definitely true that Dhaani is really lucky to have Viplav in her life, he is not giving up. Hai yaar, me too love him soooooooooo much ???????so much so that the whole day how i wait for the clock to strike six! Hai ye intezaar bhi badi jaan nikaalne waali cheez hai????

  37. Maria

    |Registered Member

    I really want a husband like Viplav, so caring, patient, loving❤ I hope I get someone like him☺☺

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      I too think Mishal nahi toh Viplav Sahi ??
      Jokes apart….. I too want a husband like Viplav…. I may not be Dhaani for him…. Or maybe…
      But I want a life partner who does not only love me but care for me…. Respect me…support me…and if I am wrong then correct me with his love and support….
      By the way …it depends upon future..but still … dream boy should be like Viplav……

  38. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Maria I m here. How r u and how’s your fasts going? Hope u r fine. I went to school and then tuitions so couldn’t comment. Now again I m going to study. Just came here to have a look on how many comments r there. Sad to see there r only 120 comments!

  39. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Frnds a news from India times that mishal raheja was favourite actor in ikrs proved in survey yesterday that we all posted in twitter.
    So its result was mishal was all time fav actor for all of us.
    Actually this survey showed how people loved the show that only bcs of

  40. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi renuji my kids are very fine .today is holiday so they r watching cartoons.
    N me getting bored n taking rest now.
    Wat about u di how r ur sons both elder n younger can I know their names pls.

  41. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    N arshi congrats to u by getting seat in Delhi university. Happy for u n all the best for ur studies dear.god bless my child.

  42. Anya

    Hi Maria! I sincerely wish from my heart that ur wish comes true and u get an awesome husband like Viplav, always loving & caring for u ??
    Hey Kavi, that’s fantanbulous news that Mishal is the favorite actor, he deserves it, no actually he really is a favorite. ???????????? loads of cocongratulations to the ikrs family ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌?????????????????

  43. SARAS

    @arshadeep.. congratulations. ..
    I n sure you will give news of getting admission to medical College too..

    all the best dear…
    Gos bless. .

  44. Renu

    Had gone out with the family in evg so couldn’t see. So waiting eagerly for update. Though its recorded but i dont think that would be able to watch today.??

  45. Renu

    Out of the way i wanted to share an app with all girlies. It is My period tracker n just Dowland it as basic version is free. I found it useful. Just give a try. ? sorry if u are already using it??

  46. gowtham

    super post arshdeep…………….
    and congratulations for your admission..
    All The Very Best

  47. Anya

    The kids were very sweet in today’s episode, how cute they look together. And that kaamini is really a chudail,???????????????& plotting she is, really i what a mind-player and plotter she is i wish she is xposed asap

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..