Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath telling Pandit that he didn’t understand where did he do mistake in calculating his maths. Pandit says that the girl’s kundli have widow yog and if she marries Viplav then he will die. Dhaani is standing there and hears everything. Dasharath asks how can you say that? And asks for the solution, saying he don’t believe it. Pandit says there is no solution for this and if Viplav marries then he might die. Dhaani gets shocked. Dasharath looks at Dhaani and smiles seeing her heard everything. Viplav is driving the jeep and suddenly loses control. Pandit asks Dasharath to make Viplav understand about the consequences. He says I will make him understand and says he will talk to him. Dasharath says okay and calls Viplav. Viplav tells him that he had a small accident

as the car’s brake failed. Pandit takes the phone. Dhaani runs to them and takes the call. Dhaani asks Viplav to come home urgently. Viplav says he was going to market to take some stuff for her. Dasharath and Pandit looks at her. Dasharath asks him to go and says you have made her scared. He asks Dhaani not to worry. Dhaani tells Dasharath that if this kundli talk is right then I can’t marry him for my love and his life. Dasharath says Viplav doesn’t believe on Kundli thing and says he can go to any extent to marry you. Dhaani says even I can go to any extent to protect his life. She says I will not marry him. Dasharath smiles at his successful plan.

Badi Amma and everyone see the clothes which Dulaari brought for Viplav. Dulaari says she wanted to buy many more stuff, but limited herself because of her financial status. Badi Amma praises Viplav and says he is a sensible man, and also respects us a lot. Dhaani looks on scared. Badi Amma asks about Pooja. Dhaani says it was good and goes to her room.

Kanak empties the wardrobe and says she will not buy anything for Dhaani. Dasharath asks her to distribute the clothes amongst the servants and says this marriage can’t happen. Kanak asks about his game plan. Dasharath says it is a game of fear, and says he works less, and also he gets less anger. Kanak says we shall inform Ashram people. Dasharath says no need, and says Dhaani will inform to Ashram people. He asks her to keep her happiness hidden for some time. Kanak laughs. Dasharath sings the song happily.

Viplav calls at Ashram number. Dhaani picks the call and asks if he is fine and reached home. Viplav says you are getting worried as a wife and asks what happened? Dhaani says she want to meet him now itself. Viplav says he can’t stay without her and asks her to marry him fast so that they couldn’t be together. He says we will have small babies who you call you shikayati (complaining) mummy. Dhaani says she will meet him.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani and keeps hand on her eyes. Dhaani says she have identified him. Viplav gives her locket which she refused to take it in the temple. He says you have agreed for marriage at the earliest and I didn’t get a chance to bring gifts for you. He asks why she is worried. Dhaani says I think we are hurrying up for marriage and says she needs time. Viplav says we will marry at 7 pm instead of 6 pm. Dhaani asks him not to joke and asks him to understand why she is refusing to marry soon. Viplav asks her not to joke and says he can’t leave without her. He gets emotional and hugs her. Dhaani cries hugging him.

Suwarna comes to Tripurari and is sad. Tripurari asks what happened? He asks her to tell. Suwarna says everyone is happy with Dhaani’s happiness and nobody is bothered about my pain. Tripurari asks her not to worry and says he will teach them a lesson once he is out. He says your husband is with you. Dhaani meets Dasharath and greets him. Dasharath asks if you talked to Viplav and asks if he agreed? Dhaani says no and asks him not to worry as she will not let this marriage happen. Dasharath says you can’t do anything if Viplav doesn’t agree. He gives her ideas and says he can’t leave Banaras. He says he will get this marriage happen lavishly and says nobody can stop this marriage, I have become helpless. Dhaani looks at the bus stand board. Viplav and Raj comes to the bus stand to drop Pankaj. He sees Dhaani there with Dulaari, but then thinks it is his imagination. Dhaani sees him and sits in the bus. Viplav wonders what she will take up the bus. Dulaari asks Dhaani why they are going to Mathura when there is so much work for marriage, and asks her to rethink. Dhaani cries and recalls Viplav’s love. She recalls Pandit’s words about her widow yog. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………..

Suddenly the bus stops midway. Viplav gets inside the bus. Conductor asks why did you stop the jeep infront of bus. Viplav looks at Dhaani and Dulaari and asks where they are going? Dulaari says we are going to Mathura for fulfilling her mannat and will be back after 2 days. Driver asks Viplav to hurry up. Viplav says his 48 hours will be wasted and says he will also come with her. Dhaani asks him to get down the bus, but Viplav insists to come and sits on the seat.

Viplav comes to Ashram in a slightly injured state. Dhaani tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him because of the widow yog in her kundli, and asks him to go away far from her. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. hai guys hai tamil,gaya,BR,brity,lifna,gudiya,saran,ammu,renu,banu,sonu,shri,sandy,joyee,
    and others wat is ur opinion on todays episode i only liked vidhaani scenes guys u can get many news from indiaforums website

    lifna shreya BR mam and gaya pls pls comment today

    • kaviya

      Hi varsha I also like viplav and dhaani scenes. Why Dada ji want to betray his own grandson. One day viplav come to know about his daaji real face, how viplav Will be hurt inside, and how he face that pain omg I can’t imagine

  2. Episode was very emotional it made me cry and hi Hritssss how are you, plzz guys view ur opinions about the episode and once again happy new year to all. Love vidhaaaniiii?

    • Rids

      M good. Hw r u… Yeah love vidhaani… M liking the way dhaani is expressing her love… But viplav saying 48 hrs and dhaani s mom lookin at his calculation was very funny…. For me best was precap… Once viplav knows the truth he ll find solution…

  3. AM

    Hii …guys today’s episode is good …viplav Is very cute in the last scene …..mishal and great acting ….I love today’s episode …everyday there was a hug of vidha .. 😛 😛 …. 😀 …

    today I found many on location videos and a spoiler too …I am little bit confused ….
    and eisha’s new instagram video confused me more …. she wishes everyone happy new year in the video but she was in white saree …..
    why ????? ….very confusing …share your thoughts about it varsha,Tamil ,saranya,raj and BR mam and all ……BR mam come back plz ……

  4. RaDha

    Today episode is very emotional….Last seen in bus is very heart touching…especially the way Viplav sees Dhani…

  5. Today’s episode was a mixed one. I had mixed emotions on today’s episode, this DT is so irritating why he no care about his grandson’s happiness. And Vidhaani so cute loved their phone conversation when Viplav called Dhaani shikayati mummy oops 😛 and best scene was when they hugged each other how sweet and lovely and OMG is Suvarna turning negative :O what’s wrong wid her she should open her eyes she’s blindfolded in elephant Tripurari’s love the one who killed her unborn baby Suvarna should wake up and precap 🙁 please don’t leave Viplav, Dhaani

  6. Hritya

    viplav pls do another lie detection test with the same lie detector machine on ur sweet mam and grandfather…….then u will realize how sweet is ur mam and grand father……

    • Hi hritssssssss, my day was ok and how was yours, kk byeee see u in the evening, I should go for college. Hav a great day dear

  7. Hi guyzzz I am back……….dont u remember me dear friends I was badly injurie!!!!!!!

    Nice when viplav says to dhaani that he will go with her……

    Happy new year guyzzz be happy all of u 4 your new year!!!!!!

    • Rajee

      Take care Nisha!
      It was an emotional episode 4 me. I cud feel d pain of dhani & felt like crying…
      Dhani don’t leave viplav…

    • Rajee

      Precap was good. I feel happy that dhani is revealing abt d kundli yog to viplav. At least
      Viplav is now going 2 b aware of d truth & convince dhani.
      The maha episode looks horrible…
      Omg d heavy,big bell is going 2 fall on Viplav & KT pushing dhani. & blaming her 4 this accident…
      I hope everything will b sorted out & d maha episode will b grt…

      • I really happy Rajee 4 concern……..

        Me to I am really scared wat will happen next I hope everything will be ok in maha episodes………

        Rajee I am saying again thank u soo much 4 concern!!!!!

  8. Rajee

    Except tp- suv & dt-kt scenes I liked d whole episode….new vamp under construction…
    Yes dulaari’ s expression was funny…

  9. RaDha

    DT is very very bad…I hate him…Dhani plzzz plz plz change your decision…..I love viplav&Dhani

  10. Rajee

    It was so touching 2 c d concern of dhani for viplav..while dhani called viplav fm ashram it was very emotional as viplav was unaware of d fact…it was cute when Viplav called dhani as shikayati mummy..
    It was very emotional when Viplav told dhani that he can’t live without her & hugged her…very emotional..

  11. sammy

    Hello everybody …m new here…bt i too like vidhani vry much….n m likin these days episodes
    todays episode was gud bt lil frightened abt d mahaepisode don know what will happen

  12. Hi frnds gud evg .ikrs family.all of u feeling about vidhaani.yesterday u enjoyed their new
    year ur feeling bad about vidhaani.don’t worry their love itself is a big strength of our viplav and dhaani if our vidhaanis evils try anything else at last winners r our true lovers.

  13. Atlast DT succeeded in his cunning plans.but don’t leave vidhaani u have to fight for ur love with ur DT and mom.because if they try to split ur love then only ur becomes more stronger.and u can know the value of love.if love is gained easily then it looses its strength. So go on fighting dear until u success. Definitely one day u achieve it.all the best.

  14. Ragini

    how easy it is to tap into a person’s fear… it is exactly vat dt is doing… a person themselves have to fight its own fear… no other can do it for them… support understandin can be given… but the fight is only ders…

    hope dhani understands this and fights her fear with help of viplav’s luv…

    it wud be interesting to watch this track as well…

  15. Saranya

    Hai friends, the most striking factor appealed to me today is that why is this kanak vampire blushing always when she hears that idiot’s song?
    Aare vampire ji balloon aapki sasur hai,aap kya wo baath phool gayi.and balloon ji apne bahu hai wo,aapko malum haina maha pandit ji.koyi baath nahi,agar aap lok ye sab phool gayi tho ham haina.ham sab kuch yaad dilayenga.

  16. Omg and finally our colors started ikrs promos and the new year started special episode also in new colors changed it’s mind that ikrs is TVs block buster.iam very happy to watch ikrs maha episode.thank u colors.luv u yaar.

  17. And coming to ikrs show it was very exiting and interesting episode’s. There is romance,love,short and funny conversation,chasing,planing,cunning my god total masala mixed story.really hats off to our ikrs team.but now it was speedy in story.pls we want the story like ashram and before ashram episodes.every scene is short and cute.we see reality in that shows.every conversation has it reality.pls try to make story like previous episode’s. We really liked it.guys wat is ur opinion. Is it right.

  18. raj

    loneliness is a good feeling when it is created by our self.
    but it is the worst feeling when it is gifted by others………

  19. Saranya

    Yes kavitha,u are right.finally we got justice.but did u noticed something?when IKRS jumped up,our immediate comments went down.earlier our comments reached atleast 75 to 80 by this time and now only 39.i think that polls made everybody tired and disinterested.and look now there is no moderation.i don’t know whether it’s a new year offer.anyways everyone can easily comment now.there were days in which all of us eagerly waited to get rid of this process and to make our comments to a definite route clear but i think we all are under moderation now.i said even me.

    • Saranya

      I used to watch it during my degree as i had a lot of time but doing PG now so no time always now only other shows.but i watch promos of all.and i think yhm is not going on a right track now.i don’t know whether u are a fan of it but sincerely saying i found that one boaring now a days.

  20. gennipher

    It was boring. Bt now it came on track satanya. Bt iam not a fan of that. I like to watch it. Thats all. I am only a fan of ikrs and vidhaniiii

  21. Saranya

    Hey are u now?really missing ur comments.i always remember u as the first person to comment daily.and of course past few days really missing that phenomena.get well soon friend and hearty congrags for ur good results.Happy New year also.

  22. gennipher

    Hey i woud like to share something. Today when i was reading the updates if yeh hai. I saw a horrible comment by a person named ashok. He was saying he would like to hav s*x with a girl who is commenting ther. He is mistreating girls. I got angry and i commented against him. Yaar i felt so sad. Hopefully no one is not ther in our family lkie that i dont wanna dat girl name

    • Saranya

      Is it gennipher?oh my god,how disgusting,better kill that can he behave like this!stupid idiot vulgar fellow.if he did that here,then i will not leave him to comment anymore.i say better pull his poison tongue out.and his hands should break to not write anything like this afterwards.go to hell u idiot.

  23. sara

    hi all. . evening I could watch only vidhani scene it was too touchy for me… oh god why so much pain in love? ??
    kavitha I agree with you v on all points. ..let the live off vidhsni get more strong by facing all these hurdles. ..

    I felt very bad for dhsni n worse for viplav. . he is unaware of all facts n sll conspiracies n conspirators. ..
    madke dhani strong viplav.. that’s your duty now. ..

    • Hi gannipher I am a girl 20 years I am from egypt I stay with my parents & 3 siblings……I am the only daughter in my family…… I am learning medical……….my name Is nisha!!!! Plzzz tell me If u want to know more about me ready to tell u u are like my true friend…….

      • Saranya

        Hey nisha,then we are of same age.i am also 20.and u know i am also single daughter but only one brother.and i am from kerala.

  24. sara

    seriously there’s some problem with the editor of the show…I was involved in vidhani seen (offcourse very emotional)suddenly they take us to printed pajama oh god. ..
    today I felt dirty about kanak..

    suvarna. .. tum to zinda tab tak jo jab tak pp jail nain hain..vaapas aatehi tumhara pati tumhe maarhibdaalega.. pakka..

  25. gennipher

    Yes sarnya u r rigjt. Even i felt the same. Anyway i could not kill him. I tried killing him through my words by commenting. He is auch a big psycho. I dont want to reveal dat girl name. Like i font want to spread something bad abt her. Ibt i wanted to shar it wid all

  26. Saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,BRmam,tamil,
    and all my friends.actually gud mng because now its 1.00 am.

  27. And guys in todays episode i watched the precap viplav gets slight injuries.i think its drama done by viplav to know th feelings of dhaani that y she was scared and uncomfotable.with him.atlast he succeeded in his drama so that dhaani reveals her feelings about vidhva yog in her kundli.and as usual our viplav don’t believe all these he finally takes next step goe their marriage.that was the maha episode was very sad that viplav gets injured. Don’t know wat happens that DT reacts and his mom reacts.then how their marraige was going be.very intresting.and mesmerising story yaar.and I can’t see viplav injured as he is the king of the show.wat guys iam I right.

  28. Guys pls tel me the place that from where r u all .because by knowing this we can estimate that how long ikrs spread through out world wise r India wise. Only 3 replied it pls reply me all of u frnds.

  29. ruhan

    Beautiful episode. See how power can manupulate people life. That guy has emotional interligence to the maximum.

  30. Saranya

    I am also thinking that viplav is doing drama to bring out the that he came their with wounds instead of going hospital.let’s see.

  31. sara

    good morning friends. .I m amazed to see people from egypt, nepal, srilanka , britan all watch ikrs unbelievable. ..
    I m from India. ..

    I feel the marriage will not happen that soon. Could be lot more drama will happen. . with lot of courage , love n determination n strong will not believe in orthodox belief of viplav only will make the marriage happen..
    very curious to see how they unfold the story. .
    seriously I feel very bad fir the couple. .

    • Saranya

      Yes,sara,i also noticed how the power of good and creative art makes people bond stronger without any barriers.

  32. Saranya

    Viplav,aapne tho uss dhin sahi kaha,aap har chees mein master hoon.ham sab ne kal wo dekh liya,kaise aap mathamatician ban kar dho dhin ko express kiya.ithna aasani se kaise kiya yaar.aap tho bilkul master hai master.

  33. Hey everyone, today I just browsed through colors Instagram account and I saw this pic of Ishu and Mish (Vidhaani) where Dhaani is wearing the red lehenga(i think) with green blouse and Mish wearing a brown tops I think the pic was so nice.

  34. Saranya

    BR mam,if u were here,i am sure atleast ten hot comments should come by this time. Pls come back.atleast one comment per day.

  35. Tintin

    Viplav-Dhani jodi is the best and made for each other.
    They looked so cute during their date on New Year’s Eve on 31/12, especially the ‘ rang de tu mohe gerua..’ song was so romantic that the song appeared to suit Viplav-Dhani more than SRK-Kajol.
    True love will always triumph and even God will protect them, so Dhani please do not worry and do not listen to all the bad people in the society who only want to harm you; please have trust and faith in your love and God; even God will listen to your prayers to protect your husband Viplav as you are already married to him following the burning episode; if you believe in Janam Kundalini, then please also have faith and belief in the ‘ sati-savithri’ story where the wife prays and succeeds in protecting her husband from dying; Viplav needs you Dhani, he cannot live without you, he is fighting with everyone for you and you have to stand by him. And you will have to protect him even after the formal marriage as Viplav’s and your enemies are inside the house; Dadi+Dhani vs DT+KT will be a great fight to watch out for inside Ayodhya!

    • Saranya

      Tintin everytime u come with a long comment and its very interesting to read.what u said today is right.if dhani believes in kundali then she should think about sathi-savithri who put their life at stake to save their husband’s life.

    • rids

      Yeah… I think there s very soon going to be a dialogue where viplav says if I marry you might die.. but if I dont then I will definitely die….

    • sara

      actually you exactly write what I think..
      While commenting in hurry burrybib neither choose words nor pay attention to what I write. .. but I thoroughly enjoy ur comment as its av absolutely what’s in my mind. .

    • Rajee

      Yes tintin! Viplav- dhani r d best jodi & dhani is already Viplav’s wife so she should not worry abt the kundli..This marriage is a mere formality only…so Mrs Dhani Viplav Tripathy don’t fear…nobody can separate u from viplav…

  36. Viplav looks very innocent during hug scene with Dhani….Dhani, pls don’t leave Viplav…..He don’t imagine his future without you……in telugu Dhani dayachesi viplav ni vadaloddu dear…viplav nuvvu lekunda assalu undaledu yaar…plz plzzzzz

  37. Saranya

    I always wonder how these much superstitions rule us.but in some way it is good,bcz when it becomes a matter of life,we can easily understand whether our life partner leave us or not.

  38. rahul

    Hii……..everyone I am back….after a few days……I met with an accident…but now am recovering so fastly…..hi saran,br maam,varsha,fatarajo,brity,raj,hrithya,sana,sara..and. all other friends … are you all

  39. kaviya

    Hi friends good morning. I think without BR mam our comments are energy less, plz BR mam come back we need you. Plz come back with your powerback comments and give boost up to our ikrs family members.

    • sara

      hi rahul good to see u back..
      purple was very worried for you. .
      take care.. god bless ur jodi..
      happy new year to you both

  40. hai guys i will not comment here till BR mam comments her really i am missing her comments a lot mam pls read this comment and come back i am really missing u calling me kutty so pls come back

    • Saranya

      Same here Varsha.i also miss her a lot.i miss her guidance,love and funny comments.i am also requesting her to come back.pls mam,come back.u comment atleast one per daily.pls pls pls read this and reply this.u said that u are like our mother then how can u leave ur children like this.pls come back.

  41. Saranya

    So our cute jodi purple and rahul are back.very happy to hear from u guys.and Rahul our Purple was very much worried for u.u are lucky to have her as your in our mother tongue:
    Ningalunde shubha jeevithathin ente ella vidha ashamsakalum.

  42. Hi frnds gud mrg.iam happy that u all replied to my question. Omg u all from Britain, Romania, Shanghai, srilanka,Singapore.its really happy to hear our Indian show and ikrs Is watched all over the world.iam really glad to say ikrs spread through out the world.and also iam proud to be an Indian. Thank u the way iam from Bangalore,Karnataka. But my native is seemandhra(andhrpradhesh).thank u once again .have a nice day guys.

  43. AM

    and BR mam …plz come back …missing you a lot badly ….feeling very lonely without you mam ….if you read this …come back plz … :'(

  44. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys anyone is from delhi here?? And guys happy news that IKRS beats thapki pyaar ki. IKRS trp is 2.4while tpk trp is 2.2. Hurry guys pls bring this showbtp first place.

    • Saranya

      The Exclusive Hot am really happy.finally we defeated thapki pyaar ki.really happy to hear that Ranaji.and now i am sure our show will reach to first position step by year rings in only happy news of our show.promos,mahaepisode and now this good news. I wish a superb year for IKRS ahead.only disappointment is we can’t be happy completely without BR mam.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Ya that should be the case and its not surprising that IKRS beat TPK as TPK was boring last week unlike IKRS which rocked last week.

    • Rajee

      Wow Ranaji! Its really a wonderful news..I am very very happy abt d trp…really waiting 4 dat day eagerly when IKRS to become d no. 1

  45. Ranaji(narendran)

    Fatarajo and brity ek that raja ek this rani and tashan-e-ishq trp has come down. Etretr trp is 1.9 and TEI trp is 1.8 plzz watch that shows IKRS fans that show is super but not upto this show plzzz guys watch it. Fatarajo and brity plzz comment

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Its not surprising that numbers in ETR2 and TEI has seen a drop as both shows were really boring last week, hey Ranaji can do me a favour by telling me YVR, because in terms of the track last week I m enjoying all the episodes of IKRS and YVR. and is IKRS and YVR the slot leader

      • Ranaji(narendran)

        Its trp is low 1.3 and my fav meri aashiqui tum se hi is 2.6 Matsh fans happy news!!! Radhika madan has commented on tellyupdates page that on feb14 ishveer will be united. It means there will be spl epi enjoy it and I am happy for ishveer

      • Huh, how come all trp become exchange how come YVR trp so low :O last week YVR was so awesome what’s going on, and as for MATSH looks like the current track is better than the double role track , I will see it once I come back to sg, and really Ishveer is gonna be reunited on Valentine’s Day? 🙂 love Ishveer hope that’s true but 14 feb is like sooo late

      • Ranaji(narendran)

        Yes fatarajo pls check matsh page in that radhika madan commented that they will be united on feb14 pls be happy and support ishveer

  46. And iam happy to hear most of u people from Tamilnadu,Kerala,andhra,Nepal,odisha and etc pls share this news about ikrs spread through out the world.and to be glad of our show of luck ikrs team .god bless u ikrs team may all the success to be u.we all ikrs fans always wants ur the leading one in all TV shows.

  47. Oh god our ikrs team is having a lovable couple rahul and purple along with ikrs jodi cute .so all the best for ur bright future guys.

  48. nisha

    hey nisha where are you dear. I find you so many times see ur page dear. hey what injury dera are you fine. Miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear. happy new year. and get well soon. love u always by heart
    Keep smiling always
    once a friend always a friend.

    • Hi nisha I truly miss u so much u r in my heart I had never forget u………….dont worry I will be ok!!!!!!!! Why dont u update your story I really miss it……. Plzzzz update

  49. Sonu

    Good afternoon to
    BR, Shri, Saranya, Joyee, Brity, Raj, Rajee, Kaviya, Kavitha, Nisha, Gennipher, AM, MM, Sana, Sara, Sandy, Sofe, Rids, Renu, Vaishnavi, Marees, Purple Rahul, Subhashini, Chonu, Hritya, Radha Varsha, Tamil, Gudiya, Lifna, Ranaji and all of IKRS fans.

  50. Rajee

    Saranya! Its bizarre to c d awful chemistry bet balloon & jil jil…Why does she blush & says hayye daiyya while this DT sings song..This DT is so…..
    Whereas Other serials r saas- babu serials our IKRS is sasur- babu serial..

    • Saranya

      Hai Rajee that’s why i told yesterday that something ghadbad.but we will make them realize their position.but i find it a little boaring relation.

  51. hai guys i got new olv here it is


    In this onlocation viplav has a bandage on head and a sling.shalu and dadaji are with him.he regains conscious and asks for dhani.DT tells him dhani is fine ‘the women he was trying to save was not dhani.Viplav wants the shuddhikaran ceremony immediately.dadaji agrees.
    then there is a scene where dhani is in white .suvarna is telling her that viplav has gone away today but she wont be able to keep him away.he will follow her till death.she tells dhani to accept him and share the kundali thing with badi amma and mayi.dhani says she will never share it with will only make them miserable.
    so the fractured hand scene is after the temple accident,and today’s precap is probably dhani’s imagination.

  52. Sonu

    Hi Rahul, nice to see you are in here. Take care. You know, our purple how much badly missed u?
    @Purple, now are u happy? Your jeevan saati be here. I really missed yours nokjok in our ikrs family.
    I wish both of u HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  53. gennipher

    Hii kavitha, iam from kerala. Hii nisha.sonu.saranya.sara.lifna.rajee.purple.rahul.rezmie am.ranaji.suresh.lifna.hritya. is rahul and purple lovers?

  54. Sonu

    Hi Brity, how are you? we really miss your first comment in ikrs page. Get well soon, congragulations to your wonderfull result. Keep it up..

  55. sara

    good afternoon all. . feels very good to see so many comments flowing. .
    what a good news for ikrs trp I m so so happy. .. hope they maintain quality even after achieving good trp. ..
    see aftrr this maha episode trp will increase even further. . hurrey

  56. Sonu

    Hi Shri how are you? I think you are busy in Goa trip. Ivattu nimm commentsae ilwalla, please atleast ondu comment aadru maadi. I feel so sad, Because our lovely BR mam not commented from past 2 days. Yelligae hodru? yen vishya antanu gottilla, full bejaaru.
    Miss u Gelathi. Keep comment yaar..

  57. Sonu

    My dear lovely BR mam, where are u? how are u? Everything is ok ? Why you are not commented ? We really miss you mam. I already told you are the head, soul, mom, teacher and all of our family. Why you are leave? Our IKRS family is incomplete without you mam. Please come soon. Because of your absent, even i am also not intrested to comment here.Please mam come soon, my humble request. Take care, love u..

  58. Saranya

    Gud afternoon varsha,BR mam,sonu,shri,brity
    Nisha,purple,rahul,hritya,rids ,rajee,raj,AM, and all other friends.

  59. sara

    I was soo touched by vidhani scenes yday the phone conversation n the meeting. .
    tgat part of the song of ishqka rang safed was so apt for that situation of dhani…(koyi na dekhe mere aansu….)
    but dhani there is one guy who sees all ur aansu n he will do everything to bring smile on ur face. .. please have trust in Him n his love. ..

  60. sara

    I tried watching thapki but it’s too tooo irritating nothing happens just episodes will increase no story nothing. ..
    yday swaragini was lil good. .

    • Ya genni I agree to u to a certain extent as TPK was suPer boring this week but from the precap it seems that tomorrow episode will be good for thahaan scenesand as for Swaragini it became bad at one point but nowadays it’s Iookibg interesting as Sanskar lover came back which may unite swasan and Ragini Also turning positive

    • Saranya

      Sara,i used to watch it during my vaccations and now IKRS only.and i think thapki track is little boaring now,forgive me if there is any thapki fans.

  61. Saranya

    Varsha,thanks for the OLV,intense drama is going to take place in our show.writer sir pls don’t decrease vidhani scenes in the name of kundali.but i think no problem for now because now viplav knows that dhani loves at any cost he will make this marriage happen even it will take time.and serial’s theme will end if the marriage happends so early and then it will typecast to usual saas-bahu continue loving each other vidhani and everything will be possible.

  62. sara

    “sasura bahu” serial lol too good. .

    I normally like kanak’s acting mostly it will be funny but yday I was very much irritated with her.. witch she is

    un pad gavaar .. chalti phirti cheap jewelery dukaan..

  63. Sonu

    Thank you Saranya, meri man ki baat tumnae kaha chuki. I hate both jiljil and baloon. Voo log ne kya samajgayee apni risthey ki baarae mein? DT, kanak is your Daugter – in -law. Humari samaj mei Saas ne Bahu ko beti ki taraha samman karti. Par DT, uski baare mein tumari mann mei kya chal raha hei, muje pata nahi.She always did over makeup and wanted to praise from DT. Tum dono ki problem hai kya? Aap logo ko bahut acchae acchae jeevan saati milgaya. iss show ki peheli din se abi tak yea DT ne hamesha hamari pyari dadi se jyada Voo Jiljil ko importance dena raha hai. Aap logo ki yea sab chata hai kya?

    I always irritate from this two peoples conversations. DT’s bulshit song for her, she gets blush and her reaction towards him. Vyaak..

    • Saranya

      Yes,Sonu,from beginning itself i wanted to say that and yesterday epi provoked me to write such a comment.

  64. Shraddha Sharma

    Dhani don’t be fool…. aisa mat kro, itni siddhi bhi mat banno ki viplav se dur ho jaao…

  65. gennipher

    Does anyone watch ek hazaron me meri behna?its over now . I ussed to watch it till cancer episodes.after virman marriage i stopped it. Bczz it was very bore

    • The time they showed that serial I wa in no hindi serial mode that time I used to hate all the Hindi serials and felt forced whenever my mom watched them . My aunt use to love that serial a lot , I also used to watch of and found it not bad.I became back to hindi serial mode like two years ago but I think that serial finished by then. For some reason I hated hindi serials like anything from 2011-2013 😛

    • Saranya

      Genni,i also used to watch it till love confession of manvi and cancer epi and it was one among my favourite but afterwards marriage of manvi it found really boaring and i stopped.

    • Ya I saw that serial Sanskar and I really liked Tejaswi that time and also I liked Jay Soni in his previous show, so I liked him from before. But I didn’t like the story of that show much I only watched it for Jay and Dhaara/Tejaswi. I heard that Tejaswi won a modeling contest is it true?

  66. Sonu

    I must say Thanks to whole Telly updates team. Thank you so much for giving a wonderful gift of new year( as I think) to our family. Without moderation in comment.

  67. Saranya

    Raj,i just want to ask u that do u have any personal probelms?if no why r u writing about loneliness.

      • Saranya

        U are right Raj.and by the way i have classmate like u.he loves loneliness and finds peace in that world.always he likes to sit under the shelter of a tree in our campus and then he writes poems.poems with high creativity.very intellingent.but i am very contrast to this.i just don’t want to be alone.always with friends and chatting and chatting.

  68. Shri

    Hii Sonu & all my frnds of IKRS..

    I’m back Sonu ..this evening travelling to TN again for grandma’s ritual. Sorry chinna solpa bsy idhdhe ..BR is been to mumbai i guess ..

    Stunning Performance by Viplav & Dhani …but gotta bear the painful scenes…Love u Vidhani

  69. Sonu

    Hi Shri, nice to see your comment. Ok shri TN ge hogi banni, nimma ajji kaarayavanna vallae reeteli mugisi . Nimma ajjiya aatmakke shanti sigali.
    I thought same Shri, BR mam went to Mumbai to meet her badi amma.
    Happy journey dear, miss you Gelathi.

  70. MiSha

    hello everyone…
    happy new year to alll
    Nice episode n precap is good .. atleast dhani tell viplav why she dont want to marry, so now viplav try to find solution!!!
    Has anyome here watched Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha serial(on colors)??

  71. Sonu

    Thank you Varsha for that link. You are right Varsha, today’s precap is just a Dhani’s dream or her asume, it’s not true. I also watched two or more OLS. After watch on location shootings of ikrs, i am fully confused. one is already u told, Vipu, Shalu, DT and Suvarna’s conversation. Then Engagement scences. Dhani not come to engagement. Another one is Dhani talk about RL’s marriage matter with Suvarna. In first OLS (i mean vipu in bed) Dhani is in white saree. Remaing OLS , she is in Color saree. What is first, what is second, I don’t know. I am so confused. So mein wait and watch karnaayee padega.

  72. Sonu

    Till now watching OLS(On Location Shooting) of Ikrs, I felt very happy. Becuse atleast she(dhani) told kundli matter to viplav. But it’s not true. It’s just a dream of Dhani, she is not yet all tell the kundli matter to Viplav, Dulari kaaki and Badi amma until engagement. After I don’t know.

    In today’s episode Vipu in Tarini Vidwa Ashram and calls DT, he tells that I am stop both Dhani and dulari kaaki to leaving Banaras. Gave his phone to Dulari kaaki, to speak with DT. DT praises Viplav in phone and tell that you have done a good job. Then VIDHANI sit on the bench in Ashram, Vipu scolds for Dhani.

  73. OMG guys one more serial is there which gets high comments it is yeh hai mohabbtein
    they got 700 comments omg it is unbelivable our IKRS page had got only 500 comments so for this maha episode we have to reach 700 comments wat do u say guys

    • :O how come so many one day I check YHM got like 90 comments , I think the most commented show in tellyupdates is YHM, IKRS, BB, Swaragini,others don’t think so. I think all time highest is Manmarziyan and it’s 2000+ and that too last episode

  74. Shri

    Yeah Saran it was fun..HOPE u r doing good.. U r a girl whose alwys blushing and want u to remain the same..

  75. Hi ikrs family its very happy 25 people replied me from were they r.among them 8 r foreigners and all others r Indians from different places.guys pls promote our show ikrs to ur friends and neighbours.I also promoted our show then our neighbours used to watch ikrs now.they also enjoying it.daily discussions will go on about ikrs show.nice na.

  76. I think after tomorrow’s maha episode.number of comments will definetly more than 1000.guys we must do it.because after along period of time colors promoted our ikrs as maha episode. By this maha episode there must be every Sunday maha episode.we must make ektha hi thakath(unity is the strength).

  77. Shri

    Yeah Kavitha good msg…infact my day does’nt end without the discussion abt IKRS (that crazy) to all my caleegs in HOTEL..nw most of them watch this show here coz of me ..

  78. I remember once when I was watching IKRS my friend Eisha visited my house and then I told her that Dhaani’s name is Eisha while I watching the show. She said is Dhaani not Eisha, then I said her real name is Eisha , my friend Eisha was also wearing white so she said that the white dress Eisha is better, I said ya Dhaani Eisha is better, she says no this Eisha rocks without Viplav Eisha rocks 😛 she looked so funny tht time I hope my friend gets a boyfriend whose name is Viplav/Mishal , don’t know why she’s so desperate to have one so that I can tease her 😛

  79. Guys do u know wat is viplavs position when he come to know.
    1.if DT and knk is person who is disturbing his love from story starting onwards.
    2. If rejects to marry viplav after the kundli drama( in tmrs maha episode their fate there was an real accident in temple for viplav ,though dhaani confirms to don’t marry viplav).
    3. Don’t know how he will react to it.
    I hope after these situations also viplav must be strong and handle bravely to slove all problems and get married to dhaani.

  80. I don’t want to see viplav as an injured or any problematic .I want him always like daring, sharing,caring,and loving person.he used to be a free from all tensions.always laughing and getting others to be laughed.I think he is like that only (wat I told u before about his character) in his real life also.I saw one interview .that was very old interview of mishal.I think every one likes this mishal(viplav) one likes serious and angry mishal like he was in previous show (ltl).

  81. MiSha

    i also pick this name bcz dey r my favourite couple of tv.. Mishal n Eisha… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    n i talked too much abt this serial to my roomate now she also is big fan of this.. we cant sleep without seeing episode.. i used to read all our comments to her..
    NBT is reason to watch colors channel.. before that i only watched star n zee tv.. mohan was such a cute n handsom.. i accidently watch that serial at my friend’s home her mother is fond of that serial..there is little similarity between this 2 serial..
    mohan was carefree guy initially but when he met megha(heroine) there were lots of misunderstanding then fighting; husband wife drama; love confession; family not agree for marriage; n lots of efforts from hero n then marriage; megha was also widow; mohan also can go to any possible ways to protect megha!!!
    I know Viplav bhi kisi bhi had tak ja sakta he Dhani ko bachane aur usse shadi krne ke liye.. Best luck to ViDhani

    • Hey misha, I have heard of that serial is Mohan the same guy who played the role of grown up shaurya in doli Armano ki, and is the rumored boyfriend of Sriti Jha(pragya in KKB), and is his name Kunal Kapoor, as I liked his acting in DAK a lot

  82. And about eisha(dhaani) she debut to the show.but being 17 she looks like mature minded mishal said ashram ki badi Amma(eisha).always being serious in her character some times she luaghs that after coming of viplav in her was shown very nice by directors.and wrters.she mind blowing in her character.even she was social type girl in her real life she was acted as dhaani(always be quite and respectable towards elders) .it was so sad wat is her position when viplav met with an accident (bell scene).she confirms that it was happened due to her kundli dish.story was very interesting.every one knows one day vidhaani gets married. But how and when it must wait and watch.

  83. MiSha

    yahh.. Eisha is very mature in very young age.. I really want meet her personally n want to congratulate for bright future

  84. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I told my Indian friend the one who hates Hindi serials but love IKRS that Eisha is 17 in real life, she didn’t believe me, even Now she don’t believe me I even send her the source she still dont believe it, jealous of Eisha she did so much and also so talented , unlike me 😛

  85. prachi

    Frnds now a days I m watching another seriel of mishal ” lagi tujhse lagan” on YouTube. Wat a superb acting of mishal.must watch this seriel

    • Hi prachi that is first show of our mishal he was also nice in that show .did u watched all the episodes of laagi tujse lagan. But I watched only few episodes it was nice.then I came to know that story and I stopped to watch it .enjoy it .mishal was very serious gangster in that story.but looks different from ikrs character.

  86. Frnds did u watch yhm show at starplus.if anybody watched then tell don’t u get bored with that story.I think after that evil acting story of ishitha its getting bored to me so i stopped to watch it at all.before ikrs I used to watch all starplus and zee TV shows,yhm,sns,dosti yaiyan manmarziyan,ssel,yrkkl,jodha Akbar,Jr,sslk.but now every thing is boring to me .only ikrs is best.after ikrs ,tpk,and naagin,ganga,in &channel that’s it.but I love ikrs madly.I think u also like me madly love ikrs na.wat guys wat do u say iam right.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      I am loving Ishq Ka Rang Safed and Yeh Vaada Raha a lot due to the current track and also love Pyaar Ko Ho jaane do. These 3 are my current favorites and I m sad thatpyaar KO jaane do is ending way too soon. Besides these 3 shows I like other shows also but too lazy to name all 😛

  87. Ranaji(narendran)

    IKRS fans in matsh page now only started to comment it came from 130to 170pls gear up guys

  88. When was new Hindi shows ipknd time i saw the show laagi tujse lagan promo in colors. But I don’t know the previous story of LTLso I don’t want to watch it .but now I watched due to ikrs mishal. I have seen him some were then I saw his biodata in google.then I got an idea and watched some episodes of LTL in YouTube app.I liked duttas character but not much as viplav.viplav is really rocking.go on rocking viplav .my best wishes for u.

  89. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I UST searched about LTL in Wikipedia and I found out that Mahi Vij(Jay Bhanushali’s wife) was the lead actress nakusha in that show , I thought that was Gulki Josh(seen as the new lead in piya rangrezz) :O lol, I literally assumed the wrong actors for LTL, first mishal as piyush sachdev , now Mahi vij as gulki Joshi 😛 oops 😛 but Mahi looked so different in that show I didn’t expect her to be nakusha

  90. MiSha

    i was fan of IshRa.. but after spirit drama i hate YHM.. i think Ekta know only to spoil serial in name of increase trp.. i watched some episode of lagi tujse lagan.. Mishal’s acting was superb…but i like Viplav role more than datta

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      OMG I was so crazy about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein used to love that show like anything, I remember in Bd me and my cousins used to watch yhm on 11.30pm and then sleep together miss those days a lot , but after the surrogacy track, me and my cousins stopped watching YHM

  91. And first to end of ikrs in all episodes I like viplav and dhaani scenes.viplav dhaani valga valamudan ( jeetheraho). Best wishes in Tamil.

      • Ya prachi my mother tongue is Tamil and my studies was English,Telugu and Hindi.while I was studying in my hostel days I used to learn Malayalam and now in blr I learnt Kannada life will teach us good life to lead not only life but also different languages. I came to know.iam happy to share this with u dear.

  92. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    According to me shows of the year
    2013 off air- Punar Vivah on air- Qubool Hai
    2014 off air- Beintehaa on air- yeh Haii mohabbatein
    2015 off air Manmarziyan on air ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Its an request to IKRS makers please don’t spoil this show like YHM and QH, I will pray that this trend to break

    • MiSha

      @Fatarajo: ur list is correct.. i also liked all these serials. i can’t watch all regularly bcz studying away from home; so just read written n watched ocassionaly
      But there is some strange feeling for IKRS.. I cant just satisfy with written I download all epi from youtube.. Also before this i never commented for other serial.. reading u all force me to write comments..!!! 🙂 🙂

      • Hmmm. IKRS have that magic and a very strong magic once u watch it u can’t stop watching it which is what happend to me my mom she is like she’s okay with any serials but IKRS is a must and first on her list on whatever she watches and as for these shows, I also love these shows a lot, tbh I didn’t miss a single episode of IKRS till 2 weeks ago as I m in overseas, and trying my best to watch all, and the 5 shows especially the off-air ones I watched it like after weeks the serial went on air but IKRS and YHM from first episode I stopped watching YHM already

  93. Shri

    I jst saw clicking “lagi tujshse lagan” in the youtube… I dnt knw ,was not able to see Mishal with anybody else ..except Dhani

  94. nisha

    hey shri yes, before this serial he also portrayed another character with mahi vij playing nakusha character in this serial . Their chemistry is also good but the serial is somewhat more focussed on Data bhau character aka viplav character. So this is somewhat a choclate boy character and that is a gunda character both are good.

    Hey heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to all ikrs fans happy new year to all .


    • jenifer

      Am a big fan of irks I was missing mishal from laghe thuje serial but thank God he is back….and the ishq ishq song was awesome….also voted for irks….

  95. prachi

    I never watch any seriel ,I thought all seriels r family always avoid series,but coincidentally I switched on TV at 6.30 pm and just watched dis seriel .I think it was November wen dhani’s marrige fixed with tripurari.wen I saw mishal I just fall in love with his acting on first site.from DAT day I m a crazy fan of ikrs,

  96. To be honest, these are my opinions and I want to say that Mishal Raheja is the perfect example of do not judge a book by its cover if I have to say that to someone I will just show him/her IKRS. When I saw the promos, I wanted to watch it due to the concept and I found Dhaani quite beautiful. But didn’t want to watch it as I found Viplav ugly . I got horrified by his face. Sorry fans 😛 #justmyopinion

  97. When I saw the show I thought kitna acha show me Yeh rakshas batsuraat behroopia Viplav ne show kharap kar diya(This ugly duckling Viplav spoiled the show)should have taken someone else. But I was wrong his acting OMG sooo good. What expressions. Mishal Raheja is the ultimate expression king of Indian tv. Even my mom hated him but she loved Viplav Babu’s acting. Mish Bhaia u rock

  98. And my aunt while watching the promos during Dhaani part
    Aunt: Hmmm show looks very interesting. Will definately watching , the actress is beautiful.
    And then suddenly creepy Viplav comes on the promo
    Aunt: I m getting angry while seeing him my bp is increasing can someone , can’t tolerate him
    Sorry just for fun was true one but just shared it and my aunt loves this show a lot now

  99. MiSha

    first i also dont care much.. i watched intial promos i liked concept but i never think they nailed it so perfect.. i started to watch regularly after that promo when viplav got ready for aashram case n they said ‘dhani ne jisko raksas samja he kyaan vo hi banega raksak’ i dont remeber exact dialouge but it was like this! i also wanted to see bcz of viplav’ dressing style i love that jacket style very much..i also brought one for me..
    but i have one question for so long time Viplav is lawyer but they never show him in white-black dress of court.. not even in that court scene!!

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Same pinch Misha, u know coincidentally one of my aunt who have NVR saw ishq ka rang saved brought 2 jackets for me, and vippav had the same 2 jackets 🙂 and as she never saw colors she only watches most zee shows on internet, I recommendend her to watch IKRS

    • No misha he kept his lwayer dress in his car itself.first time he attended the court in emergency and second time he was going to attend the case the lala was absent .so can’t attend second time ashrams court hearing.don’t worry we can see him as perfect lawyer dress in dhaanis FB story happens let’s wait and watch.and one thing in one personal interview mishal said that acting ke alava mishal ko lawyer ya director ban na achalgtha hai ( he personally told it)

  100. AM

    hii friends…today I am not at home because of my studirs so can’t able to comment … so much comments …happy to see it …
    and all..
    …. I found mishal is not looking handsome in the first promo …he looks like datta bhao from LTL ….
    but after that he looks very cute ….eisha and mishal looks very cute together onscreen ….perfect onscreen couple 🙂 🙂 …..

  101. MiSha

    I m listening songs then suddenly this song came..n it remind me dhani’s condition in bus
    Zaroori tha of Rahat fateh ali khan
    Wahi hai sooratein apni
    Wahi main hoon, wahi tum ho
    Magar khoya huaa hoon main
    Magar tum bhi kahin gum ho
    Mohabbat mein dagha ki thi
    So kaafir the so kaafir hain
    Mili hain manzilein phir bhi
    Musaafir thhe, musaafir hain
    Tere dil ke nikaale hum
    Kahaan bhatke, kahaan pahunche
    Magar bhatke toh yaad aaya
    Bhatakna bhi zaroori tha
    Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi
    Bichhadna bhi zaroori tha

  102. Ya guys I also wish that ikrs shouldnt go in such a way that people getting bored and hate to watch it .pls its a requests from all of our ikrs fans don’t spoil the story of ikrs like other shows.pls get it in right way that this show must be in top place always in trps and comments .

  103. Shalu

    This serial is very stupid,senseless and waste of time..even in reality negative role doesn’t have so much strong characters..
    In this serial all negative characters has so kuch strong role..which is bulshit..

    • u r a bullshit piggy shalu
      i dont want to scold u because viplavs sister name is also shalu else i dont know wat will i do
      u blo*dy virus
      virus kirimi

    • Ranaji(narendran)

      Virus I was happy that you have stopped commenting on ek tha raja ek this rani show but you have came to disturb this page also virus kirumi pls get out

  104. Ranaji(narendran)

    Viplav gave phone to dhaani it is sooo cute and kanak and dashrath are just disgusting

  105. Rajee

    So some interesting discussion was there..
    Fatarajo even I had somewhat same kind of impression on mishal @ d beginning… I didn’t find him good looking in promos.. B4 this I had never seen his work…
    But now I find him as d most handsome guy in TV industry… First I became fan of his acting & expression then only his looks..

  106. Rajee

    B4 IKRS I used to hate serials… But in promos I found dhani very pretty & cute..& d promo dialogues were really very attractive… But I started watching d show casually & now it became a part of daily routine… I watch only one serial that is only & only IKRS…

    • Hey varsha if u wanna watch any tv show live on colors like they show on colors check out and if the episodes are finished watch but must wait for 30 mins for instance here IKRS starts at 10pm but in desitvbox they send the link on 10.30pm

  107. Rajee

    Shri I totally agree with u… Even I can’t c mishal with any other actress… My sole reason of watching IKRS is mishal- eisha jodi….they r just too cute together…

  108. Hiii guysss no update today yyyy hasanji where are you. Hi hritss, varsha, Sonu, saranya, BR, fatarajo, gennipher, Am, Tamil,

  109. Feeling so good after watching IKRS live on colors after so many days 🙂 I will express my opinions on the episode when the latest episode is updated to set up the base up this DT and Kanak spoiled my mood hope the precap turns out to be Dhaani’s dream

  110. Saranya

    Why this hasan ji?where is our updates.suhani and thapki are already there.why telly updates?don’t begin this partiality.pls.

  111. Saranya

    Fatarjo,Naagin airs only sat & sun.each epi for 2hrs.and about sat colors show regular serials only till 8.00 pm.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Thanks saran, I will continue watching naagin tomorrow as I m watching TEI and m currently watching last episode of Darmiyan on star plus(I sometimes watch that show) so, colors only air IKRS,TPK and SSK on sat also

  112. Saranya

    Telly don’t do this to us.our show airs on 6.30.and you updated serials which airs after that.what’s this guys?

  113. Guys I think all r waiting for update.but its not disgusting. Hassanji today only we praised u that ur updating is fast .but today u started irritating us .soory sir we so angry.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.