Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi tells that it is her birthday today and is happy seeing him. Viplav says Dhaani brought him here without telling about Raj Lakshmi’s birthday, and that’s why he didn’t bring any gift. Viplav says I will go from here. Raj Lakshmi says you have celebrated Sita Maayi’s birthday and asks what enmity do you have with me? She says I was about to marry you, but this Dhaani has snatched you from me. Dhaani acts to get angry on her. Raj Lakshmi smiles. Viplav also smiles as Dhaani takes his name Viplav. Viplav agrees to attend her birthday. Raj Lakshmi cuts the cake and makes everyone have it. She smears cake on Viplav’s face. He runs after her and then smears cake on Dhaani’s face. Dhaani says it is okay, just keep smiling.


tells Tripurari that she has done so much for Viplav, but he haven’t given any money to her, and says she can sell her loyalty in 5 mins. She asks him to give money. Tripurari gives him 50000 Rs. He says you can change your loyalty again and record my confession. She asks him to keep her phone with himself. Tripurari asks her to do his work before going.

Raj Lakshmi and Viplav dance on the song Chittiya Kalaiyya re…………Dhaani also joins them. Everyone is happy. Raj Lakshmi hugs Dhaani after the dance. Raj Lakshmi tries to give cake to Viplav, but he says he has washed the face with much difficulty. Raj Lakshmi says ok and makes Dhaani have cake. He gets Bijli’s call and says Dhaani made her change her statement forcibly. Viplav asks what nonsense. Bijli says she is saying truth. Viplav looks at Dhaani…………….He holds Dhaani’s hand and asks her to come. Dulaari says Bacchva ji…..Dhaani asks him where he is taking her? Tripurari gives gold to Bijli and asks her to vanish somewhere. Dhaani asks Viplav where he is taking her. Viplav says he got Bijli’s call and she said that you have changed the CD and also made her change the statement. Dhaani is shocked. Viplav says I have understood, you have nothing to do with this. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……He says I have full faith on you and my love. I won’t let anyone separate us……………Ishq Ka Rang continues to plays……………He smiles and hugs her…….Dhaani hugs him and gets emotional.

Kanak meets Tripurari. He makes a drink and cheers with her. He says Viplav will never see Dhaani again. Kanak says I will curse or badmouth about you infront of people. Tripurari says it is okay.

Viplav tells Dhaani that previously you was instigated against me and proved that I was trying to snatch Ashram. He says they are playing the same game with me. They are instigating me against you. He says you didn’t help Tripurari come out of jail, but I was told that you freed him. He says we will never get separated. He asks her to promise that she will be his only and he will be hers only. He says he has decided to marry today itself in the temple. Dulaari calls Viplav, but he doesn’t pick the call. She gets worried and thinks Viplav might be scolding Dhaani. Sita Maayi asks her not to think much. Dulaari says whenever I think that everything will be good then something wrong happens.

Viplav calls Raj and asks him to bring garland, wedding dress and mangalsutra. Raj asks if he is planning to marry. Viplav says I am inviting you both and asks him to reach soon. Dhaani says but. Viplav says I can’t let you separated from me. Our marriage will happen today. Kanak gets hiccups. She asks Ram Deen to bring water. She drinks it and asks him to make Viplav’s favorite food. Dasharath keeps tap on her movements. Kanak calls Viplav and wonders why he is not picking the call. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and goes inside the temple. He recalls all the incident since the start. They fold hands infront of God. Raj says that all the arrangements have been done. They sit down for the marriage. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Viplav makes Dhaani wear the bridal chunari…..Viplav takes a pinch of sindoor and is about to fill her maang…..

Viplav comes home alone and says he is here. Kanak looks at him. Dhaani comes to Ashram and says Bijli accused her wrongly and that’s why Viplav wanted to marry her today itself. Dulaari is surprised. Kanak makes Dasharath have laddoo, and says she might have mixed poison in it. Dasharath is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank u all for not answering me …but this can’t stop me from writing nonsense vidhani scenes in my way..I asked to choose bet 2 situations bt nobody replied.. But instead of those 2 options I am going to present another scene whether u like or not…nobody can stop me …
    The scene is, when viplav came to dhani’s room & dhani was sleeping hiding d CD under her pillow… Keep on reading…

  2. Frnds now i have watched some of the shows updates.every show comments r less than ikrs comments so in my opinoin ikrs is always one show can beat our show.dekhlena is Sal ka best show ikrs hi hoga.

  3. And am pls give us this weeks spoiler yaar.iam eagerly waiting for ur spoiler.

  4. When vipu enter dhani’s room dhani was ready to attack thinking him as an enemy.
    Dhani” chodd diya jaye ,ya maar diya jaye,
    Bol tere sath KT sulook kiya jaye”
    Viplav was shocked…
    Viplav-” tera dhiyan kidhar hai
    Yeh tera hero idhar hai..”
    Dhani asked Viplav that why he came like this. Viplav replied-
    “Meri neend ud gayi hai,
    Mera chain kho gaya hai,
    Meri jaan yeh tere pyar mein,
    Kya hi gaya hai,
    O yara …Aja Meri bahon mein aaa …”

    1. Superb yarr Rajee…. loved it
      🙂 🙂 😉

  5. Anyone can tell me what time they show repeat telecast of IKRS in India?

    1. Morng 10.30am,afternoon 12.30 n 3.30pm

  6. Hi akki my son is in first year

  7. Guys…news about purple……she is in critical position now….doctor said that internal bleeding is there…so its difficult to save her………..24 hour under observation…..we wish to see her back to life…pray for her

  8. Then Viplav put his head on dhani’s lap. He pulled her hands & wrapped around his neck..
    Viplav- yahan pe ake bahut achha lag raha hai
    ” tumse milna batein karna bada achha lagta hai…
    Kyun hai yeh, kya hai yeh,
    Haan magar Jo bhi hai,
    Bada achha lagta hai…”
    Dhani pulled out her hands & try to lift Viplav’s head.
    Dhani-” chhodo chhodo Meri rahen ,
    Meri bahen oooo…”
    But our hero is very stubborn.
    Viplav-“he ya ayay ayya ye
    He ya ayy ayy ayy…
    Dil yeh ziddi hai,
    Dil yeh ziddi hai…”

  9. Frnds I m watching krishnadasi now.n DAT hero dressing style is quite similar to viplav.dey doing copy of ikrs.hahaha. ab to ikrs ka jadu chlrha h 🙂

  10. Viplav continued to sleep on Dhani’s lap. He then took Dhani’s hand & bit her finger.
    Dhani screamed…
    “Pehle toh zulmi ne pakdi kalayi,
    Phir usne chupke se ungli chabayi,
    Phasi dhani apne hi bed mein
    Jorajori dhani ke bed mein..”
    She asked him why he did so???
    Viplav- dadi me kaha tha aise karne se nazar nahin Lahti.
    “Nazar na lag jaye kisi ki rahon mein,
    Chhupake rakhloon a tujhe main bahon mein,
    O my love..nazar na lag jaye”

  11. Then Viplav approached towards Dhani & asked her – hamesha hame daantti ho..thoda pyar se baat nahin kar sakti..
    “Maine toh kaha sau baar sanam ,
    Tum bhi toh kabhi izhar karo..
    Jhootha hi sahi jhootha hi sahi,
    Jhootha hi sahi,
    Mujhe pyar karo..mujhe pyar karo…”

    Viplav asked dhani 4 tea.
    ” ek garam chai ki pyali ho..,
    Koi usko pilane wali ho…
    Mil jaye toh mit jaye har gham..
    Tararam pum pum tararam pum pum
    Tararam pum pum…”

  12. Dhani found that there was no tea leaves.
    Viplav asked to go out 4_tea.
    ” kisi nukkad pe jayen…
    Kisi stall mein chai piyen..
    Koi dekhle na hamein yahan,
    Kahin ghoom ke ayen hum,
    Chalo ishq ladayen,chalo ishq ladayen,
    Chalo ishq ladayen sanam…”

    Then they went out.
    We,the fans-“pone 12 baje dono ghar se chale,
    What’s going on…”

  13. Vidhani reached the tea stall. They sat on a bench.dhani was feeling cold .
    Dhani to viplav as he didn’t let her sleep &it was cold outside-
    “Tadpaye tarsaye re,
    Sari raat jagaye re,
    Pyar tera…Delhi ki sardi,
    Pyar tera..Delhi ki sardi..”
    Seeing this Viplav covered her with his shirt.dhani thanx him 4 a beautiful outing..
    Dhani-“tere sang, ek simple si chai bhi click deti hai,
    Tere sang yeh duniya alag hi nazar ati hai,
    Tere sang…
    Zindagi Keene ka ,luft to aye hamein ,
    E sanam, e sanam…
    Ek tere sang,ek tere sang…”

    1. wah wah rajee maza aagaya

  14. Joyee ikrs repeated in India at 10am,12.30pm,3pm and early mrg at 3.30am.they repeat it four times .but no use no one can catch I want ikrs retelecast at 11pm at that the people who r busy with work n studies can also watch our show.thats the reason.

    1. Oh thanks a lot Kavitha, hmm the timings of the repeat r not flexible much but at least thy show repeat 4 times, looks like the 12.30 or 3 seems to be a little managable 10am n 3.30 am way too early 😛

    2. 10:30 kavitha.. today it was 10:37

  15. Viplav gave some intense romantic look to dhani.
    Dhani-“isharon isharon mein jadoo chalana, baat yeh hunar tune sikha kahan se…”
    She asked him by lifting her eyebrows.
    “Khulke batade o …
    Dekhta hai tu kya?
    Arre yeh toh bata ,dekhta hai tu kya?”
    Viplav-” raat shabnami,bheegi chandni,
    Teesra koi ,door take nahin…
    Iske agey hum aur kya kahen,
    Jaanam samjha karo….”
    Dhani-“ishq aur pyar ka …maza lijiye eee..
    Thoda intezar ka maza lijiye..
    Maza lijiye ,maza lijiye…”
    Here ends the scene….

  16. My comments are not getting posted.iss moderation ko tho mein hi maar daloonga.suba mein dho comments post kiya aur ab tak woh moderation ke custody mein hai.kya karoo waham pyaar ki kamal yaham moderation ki kamal.

    1. Yes saranya! I told na its not moderation its murderation….
      Killing our mood like anything…

    2. Same here saranya..
      from morning my comments waiting for moderation. .

  17. Frnds koi mujhe bathadega ki YouTube ,desitv ke alava aur koi website hai kya ikrs show dekhne ke liye.pls mujhe inform kardo.kyun ki aaj mein hamari show time she nahein dekhpaavoonga isliye .
    Pls guys tell me the link.

  18. Even my comments are with moderation bhai.
    But this happen with me for the first time

  19. Wat happen rajee now days ur showering songs for our show and that was really nice .but sad thing was they don’t use any another songs for vidhaani luv scenes. Only title songs r going there.but no problem ur there to connect our favourite songs to favourite situations of our lovable vidhaani .really nice yaar.

  20. Guys…I lost my life…its not the time to comment here…I dont want to live anymore….you heard the suicide attempt of purple is correct…I dont know why she did this….she is in critical…pray for my life…if anything happens to her I will be no more

  21. I can’t control my cry, why Purple why? Why you attempt to suicide? I am totally disappointed from Sunday after saw Rahul’s reply for me. Yesterday I am too busy, so i am not entered the page and couldn’t see the comments.
    Tomorning I saw all comments and shocking about purple’s health. So I am fully upset and not intersted to comment here.
    Now UNKNOWN told Purple’s condition is too serious. Please bhagwan ham tumari saamnae haath jodte hamari Purple ko save karo, uski saat kuch nahi karo..

  22. Sorry guys I can’t comment about IKRS. I feel so sad, i just see all of your comments. Guys we are all pray for Purple’s present condition. Now she fight in b\w live and death. God please save her, humko hamari Purple chahiyae. Bye Guys..

  23. @Unknown, how u know Purple? Who r u? Please update Purple’s condition..We are all waiting. Mujhe pata hai, usko kuch nahi hoga, voo jaroor vaapas aayegi..anha par comments karegi..

  24. Oh really very worried for purple…didn’t guess it was so serious… May god help in her early recovery…We all pray for her…

  25. What still purple is in critical condition….I am getting worried. …everything will be ok na?…..
    What’s happening there ……
    Guys continue ur prayers. ..god will not ignore us….

  26. I am rahul’s sis…..he asked me to tell this bad news to you… name is ritwika……guys I don’t know why purple done this…but this news shattered my brother’s life…..pray for her life…..otherwise you guys lost your vidhani real …..bhai also do something wrong if anything happens to her

  27. Feeling sad…After purple’s recovery only will post comments… Bye…

  28. Feeling sad abt purple, nothng ll happen to her,we ll pray for her.

  29. Purple should get well soon….. She and Rahul should get together… nothing in the world can shatter the feeling of true love.. Please god make purple fine…..

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