Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Shalu to talk to her. She tells her that Viplav loves her very much, and asks why you are upset with your brother because of me. She says I came in his life few days back, but your relation with him is since birth. She asks her not to spoil her relation with Viplav. She says your brother is not at all angry with you and loves you very much. Shalu cries and says you are saying right Bhabhi. She apologizes to her and says I will convince bhai. She says my marriage is broken and that’s why I was angry on him, but now I have realized my mistakes. She hugs Dhaani and cries. She asks Dhaani to go to her pagphera rasam as everything is fine now.

Kanak comes to Dasharath and asks him to do something as she asked Raja and his family to give 2 days, else

everything will be ruined. Dasharath says who told you that our bad time have come, says our good time have started and sings song. Kanak asks what is his plan?

Viplav wakes up and calls Dhaani. Dhaani asks him to wake up and says Shalu have agreed. Viplav is happy and asks really? Dhaani says yes, I talked to her and she agreed. Viplav asks what did she say? Dhaani says it is a secret talk between us. She asks him to freshen up. Viplav says do tiger freshen up and roars. Dhaani smiles. Viplav is sitting at the dining table. Kanak asks him to eat food. Viplav says let Dhaani and Shalu come. They come there. Shalu apologizes to Dasharath and Viplav for her misbehavior and anger. Dasharath and Viplav forgives her. Viplav says Parathas are shouting taking your name. They laugh. They sit down to eat parathas. Kanak gives parathas to Shalu and asks Dhaani to bring parathas from the kitchen else Viplav will think she have not made any parathas for his wife. Viplav says Dhaani will eat from my plate. Dhaani says I will bring parathas from the kitchen and asks him to eat his food.

Dhaani goes to kitchen and takes parathas. She sees it burnt and no vegetable dish inside. She brings tea with burnt paratha. Viplav asks why she is not eating vegetable. Dhaani says she likes to eat with tea. He insists to eat from her plate. Dhaani says no. Kanak asks him to let Dhaani eat. Sushma smiles. Dhaani eats the parathas.

Later Viplav goes to bathroom to take a bath. He asks Dhaani to give a towel. Dhaani gives him towel. He pulls her inside the bathroom. Dhaani says I have already taken a bath. Viplav says I wanted to thank you for convincing Shalu. Dhaani says like this. Viplav says it is his style to thank her. He gets romantic and gets closer to her. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..He kisses on her cheeks, forehead etc. Dhaani shouts cockroach and runs outside the room. Viplav also comes out with towel around his waist. Sushma comes there and turns her face. Viplav asks if you are seeing me like this for first time. Sushma says but seeing you with Dhaani for first time like this.

Viplav asks her to knock on his room next time before coming or get habituated to see their romance. Sushma smiles. Dhaani feels shy. She asks them to change their clothes and come. Later Sushma tells Dhaani that she didn’t know that Viplav will bring a beautiful bride for him. She asks him to put sindoor on her maang. Viplav obeys her. After Sushma leaves. Viplav kisses on Dhaani’s cheek and says your shingaar is complete now. Dhaani also kisses on his cheeks and says your shringaar is completed as well. Viplav and Dhaani comes downstairs. Viplav asks her to wait till he brings the car and switches on the AC. Dhaani feels something wrong is going to happen while going for her pagphera. Shalu tells her bye Bhabhi and looks happy. They reach Ashram. Dulaari does Dhaani’s aarti. Raj Lakshmi welcomes them.

Raja, his mum and mami comes to Dasharath’s house and Kanak welcomes there. Later Raja and Shalu gets married in the temple. Viplav returns home and sees them married. He beats up Raja and asks how dare he to marry his sister.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. florentina moldovan

    thank you, Hasan!

  2. thnx mam finally updated ikrs and mam where is vishkanya???

  3. Thankyou H.Hasan.Hope everything is OK with you.?xx

  4. Finally the update is here
    Thnks mam ☺

  5. Frnds anyone knows what happened to br mam.. ? not commenting these days

    1. I’ve thought that too, some missing.
      Come back please

  6. Thank u Hasan jee 4 d update.we were waiting for dis.
    The episode was gud but show sone unique things plz,don’t show SAAs bohu drama.after salu’s marriage SAS bohu beti damad drama ll start.

  7. I had two shocks yday.. One about pratyusha n the other is am’s post on Facebook. .. it was April fool still o m not able to come out of it.. -:((

    I wonder y does someone take or even think of taking such extreme steps!! We being some xyz feel so terrible think of her parents. .. they would be on cloud 9 when she had received awards etc. . today she desserted them so badly but y???

    1. Seriously yaar me too so disturbed
      i am still unable to accept the truth that she is no more now 🙁 :'(

    2. florentina moldovan

      Dear Saras, people who does this kind of things(suicide) have a diseases …depression is a disease ….it is a soul disease…they lose the connection with God, they lose the understanding of life, they do not accept what happens in their lives…..i have been there….you have everything and it is not enough….you are suspended….you have to chose….you can chose accepting everything happens as being God s plan/wish and try to enjoy every little piece of good things in you life or you chose to give up on everything just because some things are not the way you wish… is a ego issue…
      It is very sad but nobody can understand and feel what are you feeling….sometimes you don t even think clearly….that it is why i do not judge this kind of people….i pray for them and i understand them, i even think they are not responsible on what they are doing….it is hard for me to say these things but i think i have to do it….maybe someone feel the same and maybe my words can help finding a way…..i took the hand God gave me and a chose to fallow my destiny understanding that everything happens for a reason and i have to find the reason and accept it.
      We forgot how to enjoy the simple things in life and the true happiness is there…

      1. I have experience of this too Florentina, well said.?

    3. really she was a nice & cute actress in television field.

  8. honestly I m not enjoying vidhani romance much… I feel it’s becoming little over… in a serial showing so much intimacy feels little odd -:((

    1. florentina moldovan

      Saras, in my country naked girls are all the day on tv shows, for me it is very innocent what happens in IKRS…HA-HA-HA…..I THINK IT IS VERY WELL realised the moment, i love it and i think it didn t cross the limit!

      1. Here too , in fact very tame compared to some here . wish Dhaani not so shy sometimes.

      2. Yes floren it was awesome na?

      3. haha haha flora… how do u all manage to watch tv while kids are around! !!

  9. Thanks arshdeep for the meaning of ghar jamai.
    Now it’s going to be interesting as I can’t wait to see shalu been maltreated by raja and mum buh I’m afraid as they will plan to do something against dhani, also raja is not aware that the property is named after viplav.

  10. As for vidhani’s romance I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting such buh u know wat I don’t know how she will feel as she’s going to be nervous and I guess her body will be filled with goose pimples as I was also on cloud9 lols

  11. We get romance now we get violence!
    Good, very watchable
    Now what will happen?
    For once i have no idea, please keep surprising us
    Love this drama!!!

    1. florentina moldovan

      me too, Anne! Mishal said -love, drama, thriller….honestly speaking, i think…our director soon will show us a real kiss….i think he crosses some limits in order to be different and have trp! and, honestly i like more this kind of love story than saas-bahu drama!

      1. Don’t think I could cope with a real kiss……cold shower needed. Lol x !

  12. Hello everyone! How r u all??? How was the episode???? Mast na?? Lol..saras u r shocked with Vidhani intimacy.. Haan..But Jo bhi socho I loved it?..

    1. hi rajee nice to see you back. .
      I m more worried for esha hahaha. ..
      she is still minor -:)))..

      episode after episode romance in the v air.. feels like february. .

      I loved vip n daadi’s conversation after bathroom scene it was too good

      1. Worry karna chhod doji..Eisha is just doing her job & she is giving full Justice to her role.. My pov.. Btw she is not the only one…there is lot if ex of actresses who done such roles in their relax..

      2. Don’t remind me of her age plz☺…it spoils my mood…After all for me its dhani …viplav’s dhani & not Eisha .Dhani is 20yrs old..Hai na?????

    2. sorry rajee fir spoiling your mood. .
      I didn’t mean to do that. . I want you to feel good as you came here after many days. .

      just enjoy onscreen story n dhani is now 21.. she celebrated her bday right

  13. Vidha wins,I have no words, everything is blocked.

    1. Hi Mirsada you OK?

      1. Danke, I am now, I had a migraine, It is not dangerous, Vidha therapy, scene killing.

  14. Hi Everyone….
    Thank you Hasan ji for the update…
    What to say…sizzling bathroom romance between lovebirds…..awesome
    I am sure that Mishal handles such situation with much consciousness because he is a matured man in his early 30’s and Eisha is a minor…. i had read on interview of Eisha in which she said Mishal always supports her in scenes and in her real life as well….so I don’t think it should be a problem….. I know Mishal and Eisha can maintain the dignity of romance…and have done really well…..
    I also loved the conversation of Daadi with ViDhaani and she was pulling Dhaani’s cheeks saying SAHI JAA RAHE HO TUM LOG….YOU ARE GOING IN CORRECT WAY…that was adorable…..
    Felt happy seeing Dhaani kissing Viplav and completing their respective shringaar….
    Kanak Raani had to eat that burnt roti which she was going to make Dhaani eat…… what can I say for her….as you sow, so you reap…… and DT the hypocrite balloon……
    After many days Ashram was shown….. and precap also looks interesting …but what will it lead to?? As per spoilers it is stated that Dhaani will be asked to wash Raaja’s feet but I am sure Viplav will not let that happen and come up with some plan to expose Awasthy family infront of DT,KT and Shaalu….
    God bless you guys….love you all…and please do read my new ff This is Love and drop your valuable comments….

    1. O sujie! New ff?? Right now going to read ..bye…

      1. Go on Rajee…hope you will like it

  15. I feel raja will be very sweet to shalu he cannot illtreat her so soon. . dhani will have tough time as she cannot make anyone realize real face of avasthis…

    dt n kt are are sacrificing shalu to separate vidhani.. how cruel of them. .

  16. florentina moldovan

    Saras, i do not watch tv, i only watch IKRS on my laptop, in my kitchen !!!!!! ha-ha-ha!!!! i don t have to much time now but i will tell you, someday how…. exhibitionist our european society is…almoust without values…we are on one extreme and you on the other…..i believe someday we will meet in the middle of the road and learn again one from the other….

  17. guys.can I join ur family ☺☺☺☺.plzzzz

    1. Please rvkumar..Welcome to the family of ishqoholics. ..

    2. you are welcome RV Kumar…there is no need of asking ……

  18. florentina. . I don’t think u r right neither in saying there’s no value system there nor lot here… its there everywhere sometimes not there everywhere. … afterall we are all human beings. . all have same natural needs both physical n emotional. ..

    I personally like tender romance n love story . even today I watched the episode of vip gifting dress to dhani.. that’s so so gentle tender n devine…
    compared to that I don’t enjoy wet scene much… its my liking. ..

  19. as i told you guys I m not really well mentally today after hearing the news. .May be that’s the reason I didn’t enjoy ydays episode also (I watched it after I heard the news)…
    anyways all of u have a nice afternoon. .

  20. florentina you r awesome in explaining. . when you think spiritually s life becomes much simpler n living becomes easier. .but it takes a lot of effort to attain that level of spirituality. .. its not that easy. . but we need to continuously try to attain that

  21. finally update the epi thanx hasan ji
    n i dont hv words for todays epi i mean just awesome very very hot vidhaanis romance just loved the epi

  22. Hello everyone.

    Sorry I was awol for the last day or so. Been unwell. Think I have the flu and basically stayed in bed for a day and a half.

    This thread seems very sad today, first of all Pratyusha Very sad but obviously she was too. RIP.


    1. Hi Nimisha, sorry you have been. Ill, its going round I think. Xx

      1. Aww thanks Anne. I think it’s what my daughter had. I think my son looks like he’s going to get it now.

        How are you now? You had something earlier in the week. Hope you’re feeling better. Xxx

      2. I’m OK ish …..left with a rattly chest v unusual for me. Kofkof?xxx

      3. Oh no! I’m coughing and spluttering too. Def feeling more human that I was yesterday.

        Hope you’re back to feeling 100% soon!

  23. Renu, thanks for the recommendation on the Bahu Humaari Rajnikant show. Sounds totally crazy and fun so I will try and catch that it I can. It will have to be online tho as I don’t have access to that channel.

    Really appreciate the synopsis too. Like I said it sounds fun so fingers crossed I can find it.


  24. SARAS, just wanted to give you a big hug! Xxx

    1. Thanks nimisha.. I needed it badly

      1. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now. Sometimes news just hits you like that and you have to ride the wave. Take care, big hugs. Xxx

  25. Ok, so to the episode.

    Anne, I only just watched it, but you were right, that shower scene… If I didn’t have a fever I would most definitely have gotten one after watching that! Very tame like both you and florentina said, but very beautifully done, and yes the words are beautiful.

    I do dipping myself thinking of the age gap of the actors, but they are all professional. Poor Eisha will be ruined forever, as there aren’t many real life Romeos like Viplav out there eh? Lol!!!

    Dadi was very sweet after the shower scene. Bless her.

    The meal scene was okay, I wish Viplav had eaten the burnt paratha just so he could see what Dhani has to put up with.

    The game playing scene between KT and DT was awful. They have tip his kind of creepy chemistry, almost like they were lovers. Like I said…creepy. Can’t stand them. The precap showed what that was about.

    The precap… OMG!!! I knew they would do that, sneaky so and so’s getting ullu married off behind Viplav’s back. I hope he is in charge of the tripathi fortune and doesn’t sign over a penny of it in any sort of dowry payment. I cannot tell you how much I dislike the awasthis, but the tow biggest idiots at KT and DT for letting ullu get married to him in the first place,

    I don’t understand their change of heart though as the day before they were up for Shekhar and ullu??

    Loved seeing Viplav beat raja. But I fear it will be Dhani that is on the receiving end of further raja creepiness. Also, quite looking forward to watching KT and DT squirm as the mistreatment of ullu starts, I hope he doesn’t but I think raja will be a ghar jamai. Poor poor Dhani,

  26. Meghs(megha)

    Epi was ok shalu was right in her place but she married wong person she think raja mr perfect which he is not…
    N dhani gain some sixth sense she guessed bad going to happen. as spoiler say if he become gar jamai our dhani trouble strt so i want our vip to support always be with dhani…

    1. Hi Mghsa.

      OH NO!!!! There’s no chance then that raja will take ullu and ride for into the sunset and off our screens forever???

      I hadn’t seen the spoiler. So now I Am well and truly depressed. I really don’t like the awasthis and was hoping they’d go soon, but looks like we’re stuck with them for a while yet.

      I was thinking of not watching at one point due to them…. But now that Dhani and Viplav are finally together, I can’t leave them really. Can I?


    2. I meant Hi Meghs! Sorry for the typo. Xxx

  27. What I admire about this show is that in the previous day’s precap, they could have shown the shower scene, but didn’t. I love that they don’t need to entice us loyal viewers to watch by showing us it. IT was a properly lovely surprise. I know it’s a big deal in an Indian Serial, but love that the shower scene was sort of incidental rather. Like I said above, really beautifully done. Well done show creators on that!!

    I’m also glad they didn’t show it in a way as I don’t think I’d have been able to sleep. ?????

  28. Finally updated. sometimes i m a silent reader of this family bt i read all comments.

    1. Hi Sabita,welcome and keep commenting.x

    2. Hello Sabitha. Xxx

    3. Oops, I meant hello Sabita! Xxx

  29. What does shinghar/shringhar mean?

    1. ahana (eisha)

      To beautify oneself I suppose

    2. To beautify with ornaments or adornments

    3. Thank you both.

      Btw Arshdeep, loved your translation of the episode. Hindi s such a beautiful language. Really wish I should speak it.

      1. Could speak it!

      2. Thnks dear.. m glad u liked it.. although m not so good in english
        I suggest you must learn hindi to enjoy the episode better ?

      3. Your English s amazing Arshdeep! Honestly!

        I’m eagerly waiting for the Hindi lessons to start on here in April.

        I am Gujarati, so can understand quite a bit, but some of the intricacies of the language are missing, esp the bits that make it so poetic.

        Anyway, Thankyou again.


      4. Thnks nimisha
        U visit india or not?

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