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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani to wake up and asks why she is taking revenge from him. He thinks she will catch cold and rubs her hands to give warmth. He asks her to get up and continues warming her hands. Kanak is shocked to see Viplav close to Dhaani. Tania also sees the photo and is shocked. Her mum asks what did you saw in the photo. Tania goes without saying anything and calls Viplav, but his number didn’t answer her number. Kanak calls Dasharath. Tania sees Tripurari seeing Viplav photo with Dhaani and asks why did he send it. Tripurari introduces himself as Dasharath’s servant. He says he sent that photo. Tania’s mum asks Kanak, where is Tania and Viplav. Kanak says they got engaged just now, let them spend some time together. Tania’s mum thinks she is hiding

something and knows well about Viplav’s whereabouts. Dasharath weighs Shalini with the Gold equivalent to her weight, and asks her inlaws to accept it.

Tripurari tells Tania that Viplav is romancing widow at Ganga’s pavitra ghat. Tania asks him to take her there. He agrees. Suddenly it starts raining and thunder storm happens. Viplav takes her inside the temple and calls Pandit ji. Pandit ji looks at them from far. Viplav asks Dhaani to wake up and thinks she is shivering. Kanak asks Dasharath to look at her phone. Before Dasharath sees the photo, Ram comes and requests Dasharath not to give him gold with which he weighed Shalini. He says he didn’t want dowry. Dasharath talks sweetly and tells I know you don’t want that, but whatever is Shalini’s is yours. He says you are also like my grand son like Viplav. Ram says you are not understanding me and goes.

Dasharath doesn’t listen to Kanak and goes. Viplav tries to warm her hands and wake her up. Pandit ji records everything in his phone in a wrong way. Viplav asks God to show him way and sees Devi Maa’s Saree kept near the idol. He picks the holy Saree and apologizes to Devi Maa for taking her Saree. He then covers Dhaani with holy red Saree and folds hands. Tania is on the way to the temple with Tripurari. Pandit ji records everything in his mobile. Dulaari wakes up tensedly and comes to Dhaani’s room. She asks Suwarna, about Dhaani. Suwarna is sleeping and tells Dhaani might be sleeping. Dulaari tells Dhaani is not here. Suwarna tells Dhaani went to temple to break her fast and asks her to sleep. Dulaari gets tensed and worried. Viplav lifts Dhaani. Tania comes to temple with Tripurari. Pandit signs Tripurari that they are here.

Viplav sees her shivering and prays to God. Tripurari tells Tania not to see there. Tania sees Viplav giving mouth to mouth respiration to Dhaani. She gets shocked and runs. Tripurari tells rich guys do this raas leela with poor woman. She leaves in anger. Dhaani shivers. Viplav makes her drink gangajal after making her sit with a support. He tries to wake her up. Dhaani wakes up and sees him. Viplav hugs her and says thank God, you got consciousness. I was very worried. Dhaani realizes that he is hugging her and breaks the hug shockingly. Tania’s mum sees the photo and gets tensed. Tania comes back home devastated. Her mum asks where did you go? Tania tells I went to meet Viplav. Her mum asks what did you get after seeing his doings. Why did you get engaged to him forcibly and tells Viplav is having affair with that widow. He is rich, spoilt lad and that’s why his parents are getting him married to him forcibly. Dadi asks what happened? Tania’s mum says she want to talk to Dasharath and asks why did Dasharath got Tania engaged to Viplav. She asks where is Maha Pandit ji. Dadi asks what happened but….Kanak asks Tania to stop her mum.

Dhaani stands up and asks who changed my saree? What are you doing here, and how did I come here? Viplav tells you had fallen in river and I brought you here as you were shivering. Dhaani asks why you didn’t take me to Ashram? Viplav says you were shivering and got blue. Tania asks who changed my saree. Viplav says your saree was wet, so I changed your saree. Dhaani is shocked and is in tears. She slaps him. Viplav is shocked. Dhaani turns to go.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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