Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj House

The Episode Starts with viplav gifts watch to raj for his birthday…his other friend also asks viplav to gift this type of watch to me also…viplav says you are very greedy…Raj Says you have changed a lot…Other friend also agrees to this…he says you dont have time to meet ur friends…raj agrees to it…viplav says i didn’t changed and same as the as earlier viplav…raj says you cant see this change but we can see..he taunts him by saying that you became nakchade as same as that nakchadi ladki(Dhaani)…viplav and his friends laughs…raj asks him till when will u stay in ashram..vilplav says till my promise is not completed i will not leave from there..

Ashram Scene

dhaani comes to room and sees the room

unntidy…she remembers daadi’s words…after that she cleans the room and arranges his dresses in suitcase..

Raj House

viplav asks him what type of gifts u got for ur birthday…raj shows one flower pot and says this is given my mother..viplav says im feeling happy after seeing this because now-a-days im seeing less colors…viplav asks from where did the aunty brought this flower pot..raj says she bought this from one women’s associations who helps poor people…viplav asks what type of things they will sell…he says all small things…viplav says he want to meet his mother and want to ask work ashram people..raj says ok…viplav hugs him and says in this way my promise will get completed..

Ashram Scene

Dhaani thinks that viplav has to go back to his home this navratri..this will be gift for Tripathi family from my side…Dhaani and suwarna arranges a new bed for viplav…viplav asks what are u doing here..suwarna says dhaani has made this new bed for u..Dhaani says cant u keep ur mouth shut…viplav surprises and asks why are u taking so much care…she says you have habit of sleeping on bed only..that’s why i made it…viplav asks dhaani where did u got money for this…she says you eat mango dont count money…viplav says mango this season..where?dhaani says in our garden…viplav asks why didn’t u made the bed on the tree so that i can eat. They leave.viplav says in few says you will all sleep on nice beds…

MidNight Scene

Viplav comes down to drink water.But seeing dhaani making garlands he looks on her.Dhaani sees and asks why are u looking at me like this as ur seeing flowers for the first time..he asks are u a alien??she says go and drink water after that sleep well..after drinking water he comes to dhaani and helps in breaking a tiny rope…he says i will also do this garlands by seeing u…he says if we put a race in this then i will win..dhaani laughs and says race…ok fine lets start…Male Ishq Ka Rang Safed Starts…viplav tries to distract her by throwing flower on her..

Viplav Feels sleepy..dhaani brings tea for him..she asks how many did u completed..he says only 4…she says you cannot compete with my speed..please go and sleep..viplav says when i will defeat you i this you will not have any idea and also your work will also completed very soon…dhaani says i know already you did so much for us as a friens..vipla whistles and dhaani tries to do that…but she cant…viplav teaches her how to whistle…but she cant and laughs…dulaari observes this and looks angry at dhaani..

Some Pandit house…

Tripurari brings kundli to some pandit house from DT..but pandit says dont come closer.he says you are son of that durga..i cant touch you in this festival period..Tripurari gets angry and leaves from there…

Ashram Scene..

Dhaani comes down and thinks to cook some nice breakfast for viplav babu…she looks for him.dulaari comes and asks why did u got up so late..dhaani says becoz of garlands i cant get up early.she asks dhaani whom you are looking for..dhaani says viplav babu…dulaari scolds her and says be in your limit..dulaari leaves from there and dhaani thinks what happened to mai…suwarna says viplav babu went outside

Viplav calls DT and asks him some money for ashram people..DT says ok…

Viplav’s House

Tripurari comes and takes out his angry on durga for believing DT blindly…Durga tries to cool him the meantime dhaani comes gives food for durga which was given by daadi…durga says we will have these kind of small fights…Daadi meets dhaani…DT also comes there and asks favour from dhaani…he says stay with sushma ji for sometime and say about viplav so that she will be happy for sometime…he tries to start emotional blackmail…he gives some money to dhaani and asks her to give it to viplav…She agrees and gives them promise that viplav will come to home during festival period…

Viplav asks how will you help us…till now what you have done was entirely from DT’s money..she says we have to say thank you to DT not him..she says if he is not there you cant help youself..then what you will help us…viplav looks on…

Update Credit to: tarun

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  1. florentina moldovan

    I think this is the moment when Viplav will start working! Super-interesting! Love the story, love the actors, love the script writer ,the director, the producer,and vidhanii!!!

  2. Update is sooo late…. Where is H Hasan?? I think because of new writer its late …. Anyways…. Love the precap…. But got stuck while reading as it has a lot of typos…. Viplab and Dhani are sooo sweet…. Hope DT Won’t make any plan to break them…

    1. Im wid Brits…:)

    2. Dat garland mala scene remembered me my childhood, mom used to do it before going to temple…:(
      Missing childhood…

  3. Superb script. But please do update soon. y so late now a days. Ur team used to update around 7.30 na. Please do continue that

  4. Good going:-) 🙂 what is the promise he made with whom?? Could it be Tanya s word ?? After breaking engagement she made promise with him to protect ashram

  5. Where is raj laxmi guys?…

  6. Tamil LA sekaram serial la doub pannuga pa

  7. Nice update… Love to read…..
    Thanks Tarun 4 d update
    And nice episode too

  8. Please vote for our beloved vidhani as the hottest jodi on colors…..

  9. yeah swasan rocks and wat?? there is another tia here huh!?!?

  10. our vidhaani has less votes. i cant tolerate..

  11. florentina moldovan

    where can we vote?

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