Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suwarna walking on the road to go to temple, and her aarti thaali falls down. She picks the thaali and is about to go, but a drunkard man holds her hand and asks her to marry him. Viplav is standing there and comes near them. Suwarna runs from there. Viplav slaps the man and tells Raj that the same flower garland is made by Ashram ladies. Raj says that woman is a married woman, and asks why he wants to find out about the woman. Suwarna reaches temple and hugs Tripurari. Tripurari asks why did you take time? Suwarna tells she met a drunkard man and he was misbehaving with me. She says I was scared. Tripurari asks her not to worry. Suwarna says you have decorated the temple well and asks about the pandit who will get them married. Tripurari says he is Pandit and groom

both, and says you will become mine today. Suwarna hugs him. He stabs on her stomach mercilessly. Suwarna is shocked. He calls her towards him. Suwarna forwards her hand. Some mantras is being played. Suwarna falls down. Tripurari says I have fulfilled your dream and fills her maang with her own blood. Suwarna writhles in pain. Tripurari asks if she is happy and says I have fulfilled your dream and filled your maang. He says I will be with you till you die, and have fulfilled the wish. Suwarna slaps him and faints/die.

Viplav tells Raj to leave and says he will come in some time. Raj says okay, and leaves. Tripurari drags unconscious Suwarna towards the isolated area. He sees Viplav coming there and hides Suwarna’s body. Viplav tries to see who is behind the tree and gets down. Dhaani wakes up and feels strange. She looks for Suwarna and searches in the Ashram. She wonders where did she go? She comes to Raj Lakshmi and tells her that Suwarna is not in the Ashram. Raj Lakshmi gets up and is shocked. Dhaani says I searched her in the Ashram, and don’t know where did she go? Tripurari digs the land and throws Suwarna inside. He buries her there. He then covers her with sand. He puts something ( may be something related to Viplav and smirks). Dhaani wakes up everyone and tells that they will file Police complaint. Raj Lakshmi gets Suwarna’s letter. Raj Lakshmi reads her letter that she is going to start a new life with a good human being. They are shocked.

Viplav is sitting there ( It might be park) and thinks about Dasharath’s words that Dhaani agreed to marry Tripurari. Viplav sees Tripurari and asks where was you? He asks about the sand on the clothes. Tripurari says he fell down. Viplav says do you want to marry Dhaani? Tripurari says Dasharath has decided. Viplav asks did you ask Dhaani if she wants to marry you. Tripurari says she might be liking me. Viplav says I will leave. Tripurari says I know what is bothering you and says it will be fun to trouble you all.

Badi Amma says Suwarna has gone mad. It is good that she is starting a new life, but why did she elope from here. We wouldn’t have refused her. Dhaani says it is our mistake, she might have thought that we will not understand her feelings, thoughts and love. Tripurari cleans the knife on the blood with his own kurta. Viplav comes and calls him. Tripurari keeps the knife and comes out. Viplav says he is restless and asks if you asked Dhaani that she wants to marry you. Tripurari thinks I don’t know that Dhaani is happy or not, but I know that you are very unhappy. He agrees to talk to Dhaani. Viplav sees blood stains on his kurta and asks about it. Tripurari says it is lamp’s blood and says he has sacrificed lamp. Viplav says I had seen you near Shiv temple. Tripurari says I was in the ghat temple. He asks did you think that I have murdered someone? Viplav looks on.

A woman is going from the place where Suwarna is buried. Suddenly Suwarna’s hand comes out from sand and holds woman’s foot. She shouts and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. varsha

    hai tamil,gaya,brity and others what do u think about todays episode . my thought is stupid swarna y can’t she write tripurari name in letter if she has written atleast dhaani life had been safed idiot viplav had started his feelings for dhaani nice
    thank god they have introduced jaswir khan i hope tomorrow’s episode will good

  2. Brity

    What the crap is showing them???? Suvarna’s hand came out…. Really…. Are they trying to entertain people by showing this!!!!! Whatever it is… But it’s totally a stupid one…. I didn’t wanna say so but I had to….
    Hi Adi…. Are you feeling the same???
    And what happened to BR?? Is he/she quiting….?? Don’t do….PLEASE…
    And heyy… Versha,Tamil, Gudiya,AB,Lifna,Arpana…. ALL OTHERS…
    What happened to Yogi?? Absent yesterday….

      • AAditya

        My opinion also same Brits… actually today I missed episode as I stuck in rain… I feel story became too complicated nd funny…;) HeHe…

    • Brity

      Is it raining out there in India?? Wow.. Rain in Winter season!!!! Awesome…. Anyways Adi you might enjoyed the rain with someone special like Viplab and Dhani…. Right???? Ooho… Ummmm… Just joking…!!!

  3. Desi Girl

    I have seen lots of serials but this one is the limit!!!! Why all the blame on viplav all the time. Stop this bakwas!!!! This was suppose to be a love story, lekin it is only showing negativity. Stop it yaar!!

  4. AB

    a ray of hope……silver lining………bt i mst say the director is not doing ny gud potraying the leads as so dumb…….immature direction

  5. Lifñä binth salim

    nyz epi..
    Poor suwarna…
    Viplav..dnt wry dhaani..only 4 u….
    🙂 vidhaani…
    Hai aparna hwu ?net prblm thirno..
    Eyalu padikano ethna padikune..?

  6. BR

    hi , friends . I think iam the odd manout bcz u r all young and enthu. but I cannot sit quietly i cannot understand at end of every part why swaragini epi comes and shout?. Rajalakshmi is always naughty. she called vip as SALMANKHAN . NOW SHE is quite. I think she will be the informer of vip. vip is sitting on jula that is infront of his house only. new entry tries to kill suvarna means she will be saved by vip . NOW ONLY REAL MAJA STARTING. I feel today that I saw a thikil film.. am I right?

  7. I hate the twist of drama.It get boring twistlam supera irukanum ippadi mokkaya iruka kudhadu.Hello varsha,gaya,BR,Brity, lifna,adi

  8. Renu singh

    Yaar Maine socha atleast today galat fahmi door ho jayegi but no ..I hope tommmoro suvarna he tripurari Ka bhanda fodegi ..poor viplav I just love his acting every expressions are just amazing .kuch karo yaar but is tym viplav ko dhaani se na mafi. Na hi baat karna chahiye bahut ho gaya dhaani Ka acting

  9. Gayathri

    Precap is scary…I hate this tripurari…and still waiting for good episode..hi varsha inaku episode semma mokkah..they are dragging…”Ennama neenga ipadi panrigale ma”….Tamil where are u?? comments…BR don’t think like dat please continue commenting…and hi to all…

  10. Sorry Brit…..tis days I stop watching tis serial but oni read the written updates to knew any improvement but day by day its worst… wat u said crap story n doesn’t make sence. Wasting of time waiting for ishq ishq.♥:(

  11. kaviyan

    Omg what the comety precap swarna hand came out I thing ikrs different from all the serials, but the precap looked very shocked its like ghost flim ya this story is love story ya please make it realistic we need only pure love of both leads please ikrs writers keep on this mind we r thing that ikrs different from other serial plz fulfilled it much more realistic and nature love story

  12. MM

    Same here Yogi all these days I was only going through written up dates.I hope Viplav
    will be safe from every evil actions.

  13. raj

    i think ishq ka rang safed going to be x files right? i am really happy to ikrs the different story with the serial till date but now its losing its own different and the mean. however music composer is superb every background music parts are amazing. one of reason is that what i am looking its however.

  14. BR

    hi, friends my name is . . Rukmani.. today 1 answer came out. this is dadaji decision. 2 he could not swallow that decision. vip mandaila nandu kudaiyarathu . again and again he asked question himself if she had accepted this marriage? and asked to tpalso.still he is inconfusion. now he will realize his love to dhanni . THE MILLS OF GOD GRIND SLOW BUT SURE TP.

  15. BR

    hi friends, my name is Rukmani. 1. VIP CAME TO KNOwthat. this decision had taken byDT. 2DID she willing to accept this marriage ? again and again he asked this question to himself atlast he asked the question TO TP . vip is not in the park.he is sitting on jula that is infront of his house. now only he starts to realize his love with dhani. when vip analise one by one whichhad happed againt him and who is the sotharathari for all shdayanthru slowly the story willstart. vip plz cheerup u r the C.I.D AND WEAR SUPER DRESSMYSON.

  16. Viplav scene super.I going for colleage sum exams.BR you wanted any advise tell me i accept hapily.gaya,varsha so later i continue my comments

  17. BR

    hi good morning . my friends bcz. I feel my students are my daughter as wellas my friends. so they discuss all their problems . frankly still now. TAMIL DONT WORRY CONCENTRATE U R STUDIES . u r comments are super. . u r having the very good knowledge of analizing any thing u ll become v .good story writer or journalist. keep it up. I had written the comments at 10 4.0 pm it was not displayed so again I had written . 114.0 pm . sorry . to day we will see what new comer going on?

  18. Thanks for ur concern abot my comment Brity n MM… t began story was nice wit lovely scenes of Vidhaani but now….alot of negativity scenes…..I thot IKRS has a different quality serial…..but now t writer has proved tis story also same as others……draggiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

  19. K.praveena

    Precape so fearfull. Swarna hands comeout and put on someone feet. I really getting scared for this moment.

    • Gayathri

      Yeah even me enakum Hindi theriathu Tamil…dats y I’m reading written updates…ungaluku ajith pidikuma?…varsha where are you?…

  20. Anoop

    Tripurari is a evil ? man, woooooooo eee, but how could a if suwarna is dead and buried in ground, suddenly her hand just came out and caught a women’s leg I think still she has life…. So sad ? ? ?
    Yenna koduma sir ithu, yenna nenga ipadi panuringalae ma

  21. Anoop

    Fact fact fact shri viplav is a real hero, but bcz of Tripurari he is going to face trouble if some one dig suwarna out from ground… What an idea sir ji

  22. BR

    TAMIL ILIKE AJITH bcz my son is just like aasai movie ajith . . u r and varsha comments are supper that means bcz yours comments are not suitable foe u rs age its really high for u r age . viplav will find [kudaporanthabuthi pongal ittalum pogathu}. form TP dance everyi think vip u r CID . V. GOOD JOB..

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