Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Asthana’s house and hears Asthana taking Dasharath’s name and says live long Dasharath Tripathi. She thinks why they are taking Dada ji’s name and peeps inside through the window. Phool Chand asks Asthana to keep the jewellery bags safely and says it was difficult to bring it here. Asthana asks him to talk slowly, and says he will give a verdict against Dasharath, which will make his family shaken shockingly. Phool Chand says it was really difficult to bring it. Dhaani thinks they have trapped Dada ji. Asthana says Dasharath is kept behind bars, and says he thought to digest everything and thought us fools. Phool Chand says Viplav is very clever and might doubt on us. He gets a video message, and shows to Asthana saying it is black work of Dasharath.

In the video, Dasharath is seen keeping the jewellery bags in his almari. Asthana asks who sent this video? Phool Chand asks him to see the video and don’t ask him. Phool Chand says Dasharath is a cheap man and takes all charity money. He asks him to make him wear gold bracelet. Asthana obliges. He sees window open and asks who has open it. Phool Chand goes to close it and see flower pot fallen. He sees Dhaani running away and tells Asthana. Dhaani turns and looks at them shockingly.

Viplav comes home. Kanak asks if Dasharath got bail. Viplav says no, and says Asthana is on leave. Sushma asks what will happen now? Viplav asks her not to worry and says it seems he wants to trap Dasharath. Dhaani runs while Phool Chand and Asthana follow her. Dhaani continues to run and hides somewhere. Asthana and Phool Chand worries. Asthana says I don’t know why did she come there? Phool Chand says she must have heard everything, and thinks what to do. Asthana says we have just one way…and asks Phool Chand to come. Kamini gives water to Viplav. Viplav asks where is Dhaani? Kanak says she is acting mad today. Dhaani comes running….and says jewellery and money is…..Viplav asks from where you are coming?

Dhaani says money and jewellery are at Asthana’s house. Viplav asks how did you know? Dhaani says I have seen with my own eyes…Viplav asks have you gone mad? Why did you go there. Kamini asks why did you go, did you get mad? Dadi Bua says why did you go? Kanak says don’t know what she does behind Viplav’s back. Dhaani asks Viplav to come with her. Dadi Bua asks Dhaani to tell everything. Dhaani asks Viplav to come with her and says Asthana might hide the bags. She says Asthana and Phool Chand have trapped Dada ji together and says we will bring Dada ji home. Just then they see Phool Chand and few men bringing Dasharath home while playing dhol. Dadi Bua smiles seeing Dasharath wearing garland and returning home.

Dhaani is shocked and wonders what is happening. Phool Chand congratulates Tripathi family. Sushma and Kanak takes Dasharath’s blessings. Viplav asks how did you get out of lock up? Dasharath says I will tell everything and takes Dadi Bua’s blessings. Dadi Bua asks how did he come out? Dasharath says I haven’t lose until now. Kanak asks about the bags. Dasharath says bags were never stolen, actually there was a misunderstanding while counting. He says when Phool Chand calculated again, he realized his mistake and took back the case against me. Dhaani sees gold bracelet in Dasharath’s hand similar to Phool Chand’s bracelet and gets doubtful. Dhaani and Viplav are in room. Viplav asks what you want to tell me? He says Dada ji just now came, and I didn’t talk to him. Dhaani says Dada ji had stolen those bags. Viplav is shocked and asks if his ears are hearing wrong, or if said wrong.

Dhaani says you will not believe me, but I was saying right. She says Phool Chand was there at Asthana’s house. She tells about hearing the conversation…she says they were happy to trap Dada ji. She hugs him and says I don’t know why did Phool Chand take back the case. She says if Dada ji and Phool Chand are together? She asks him to believe her. Viplav says you mean Dada ji is a thief. He says what do you want to mean that my Dada ji is a partner of cheap people like Asthana and Phool Chand. He takes out his anger on the vase and breaks it. He says I believe you…but just realize what you are saying? He says Dada ji taught me about dharam and karam and that man is wrong. He says whatever you are saying is all wrong and says he don’t want to hear anything. He goes. Dhaani says Viplav.

Phool Chand says who sent Dhaani here? Kamini is angrily sitting here, cooking up new conspiracy in her mind. Asthana says I had to take back the complaint because of Dhaani. Phool Chand says I have video of Dasharath’s wrong doings. Kamini asks what is that video? Phool Chand says Dasharath came late to the party and says he had stolen two bags from the charity stuff. I made someone take his video. Kamini asks who shot the video as you both were in the party. Just then someone comes and folds his hands. The man smirks.

Dhaani thinks she can’t hide the truth, asks God to help her and make Viplav believe on her words. Viplav comes to room. Viplav comes to room and says two things I want to tell you. First, don’t tell whatever you told me as I don’t want anyone to raise a issue and do drama. I can’t bear anymore. Second, think what is right and what is wrong. I know you can’t lie, but it must be a misunderstanding. He says Dada ji can’t be wrong. Dhaani says I am not wrong. Viplav hurts his hand and injured his hand. Dhaani asks him to give his hand and applies ointment. She tells about getting a phone call from a stranger woman, and tells that she went to Asthana’s house on her insistence.

Phool Chand says this is Banaras tiger…Tripurari (face changed). Tripurari says when I returned to Banaras, I thought to meet Dasharath and went to his house. He says then I recorded the video. Kamini says I couldn’t identify you. Tripurari says Pandit Dasharath Tripathi is my illegitimate dad. Viplav says how can you believe on stranger woman, and says may be Phool Chand and Asthana lied infront of you….He says nobody will believe you, and ask for proofs. He says Asthana and Phool Chand might have fooled and conspired against her. He asks her not to tell else their relation might be at stake.

Dhaani gets a phone call from a stranger woman (may be Suwarna) and asks Dhaani to meet her. Dhaani asks Viplav to meet her. Viplav says okay…I will see who is teaching you wrong things. Kamini hears them and may be gets ready with her plan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Zee

      Thank you H Hasan. Your updates are so well-written and detailed that I read even after i hve watched the episode. Your style and detailing has also improved with each episode. Pl stay with us even tho we are a low TRP series, we appreciate your effort with all our hearts.

  1. Viplav???

    Thanks hasan ji……just an irritating epi…but kehte hai na jahaan jakda hota hai wahi pyar hota hai….so hoping for the best in upcoming epis…

  2. Viplav???

    As shinjini told on yesterdays wu page many r not commenting or active here….
    I want to tell u guys my problems….most of u r active on night
    1. My parents dont allow me to use phone in night phone has always low battery
    3. I am very sleepy…so i will completely utilise the time for sleeping

  3. Finally mystery solved that tripurari had bolted from outside when dt was stealing n viplav had come ftom window to change for the party.

  4. Another issue cleared that the caller is not kaminis plan n a real wellwisher.dhani was not sent by kamini to asthanas house.

  5. Currently i didn’t like new tripurari as compared to daksh ajit singh. Probably in long run he may appear better.

  6. Arshdeep

    Thank you hasan mam

    Episode seems quite interesting to me today..
    Tripurari back.. So he was the only one who closed the door of AN..!!

    A true well wisher of dhani..many of u guessed it as suvarna.. Well done..!!

    Dhani the marathon runner..u rocked it today..!!

    Dhani did not keep quiet today..and she kept on saying her point..

    But viplav is one is gonna believe her in whats the use of telling them?? But viplavvvv atleast you should believe her…. No no.. You go and believe your beloved kamini..

    So about 4 villains all together now… Asthana.. Phoolchand.. Kamini.. And Tripurari..
    Very very clever people… Ahead of everyone at each step..

    I love the way director keeps giving us chances to guess..

    Not yet watched but will definitely watch it for dhani.. And to look whose the new tripurari..

    And the episode isnt completed
    Can anyone do that for me what happened after this?? And what was the precap??


    • Arshdeep

      Exactly what would have phoolchand answered??

      But his prestige means more than anything to him.. He would agree for anything if that helps him to come out of jail

  8. Nima

    thank you Hasan mam for the update.
    100% sure that Dhani’s well wisher is Suwarna.thank god creative team ne Tripurari k pant change kardi? BT ye new tripurari pasand nahi aaya.har ghar me pati patni k bich jhagde hote hai its normal so episode is OK OK .precap is let’s see kya hota hai

  9. lekshmi

    Oh no….this is expected..viplav is not gonna believe dhaani in d case of DT, even he loves and trust her alot… he beleives his dadaji a lot..according to him DT is great until he is not facing dt’s misdeeds,..we cant blame him if he says dhaani is having some misunderstanding…


    • florentina moldovan

      FORGIVE ME, DEAR RENU!!!!!!!!

    • Nimisha

      hey Renu

      u haven’t watched but on,y half an hour to go. I am very excited after see in the spoilers, Thanks Arshu for those! ???

      I am really looking forward to Dhani being a strong woman form now on. She was also super brave telling VIPs about DT! Good for her!

      Trips coming back is very interesting. Hope he is back to get revenge on KT and DT and nit poor Dhani!

      I feel sorry for Viplav as by the sounds of it his whole world has been rocked by dhanis revelation, he knows she wouldn’t lie but I guess he has to go through the emotions of turmoil he must be feeling, I have wanted DT,s truth to come out for such a long time I feel quite excited at the prospect, it’s not going to be plain sailing but I think we’re in for some good episodes with lots of scope to see Mishal being fantastic as the torn Viplav.

      I might feel differently after watching but hoping I enjoy it as much as I hope I will.


  11. Br mam saw ye post in varshas article of which shows should go off sir glad to see u back n know all well at yr end.

  12. Porkodi

    Thanks hasan mam for the update. Episode is quite interesting. Tripurari is back…don’t like new one. Can’t see Dhani in trouble… She is trying to convince viplav but in vain…

    Viplav is also right.. how can he believe his dadaji is theif ..High voltage drama is going .. full suspense. Again kamini heard the conversation between vidhani..Hope everything will sort out soon.

  13. Zee

    Today’s episode was very interesting had many twists and revelations! Tripurari is back but not our original printed pyjamas :(.
    Eisha and Mishal were both excellent – one could feel the anguish in their eyes. Dhani as the bearer or hard truths and Viplav as one who learns that his family is flawed and corrupt. Kamini is a crazy woman, her obsession with Viplav so high that she is sitting with a rapist, a murderer and a regressive pandit. I shudder to think what they could have done to a young beautiful woman like her.
    I am a bit scared abt the precap. Since Kamini heard it, she might reach the meeting point. I hope Suvarna does not get into trouble with Tipurari for revealing his secrets.

  14. Anne

    I’ve not watched yet but will. I hope suwarna is OK,if it is her, Tripurari stabbed her and buried her alive so she may have scores to settle. ??
    On the other hand,she might be working with him,?Its getting complicated..?

  15. Anji

    hello guys… I found d epi interesting… tp came bck.. I think nw dhani has a doubt oN dt n she’ll surely find the truth behind this..I think dat wenever we get disappointed by d writers.. dey come up wid a good epi.. after 2- 3 boring episodes.. dey always hve something exciting stored for us..dats d usp of our show n it’s team

  16. Anji

    M a huge fan of mishal …n always eager to know anything abt him…( sry 4 d shrt forms but I’ll try 2 avoid if anyone here wants to share anything about mishal pls…do I ‘ll b grateful to u all…well I think l kno lot of things about him.but still want to know more…

  17. Anji

    I saw mishal interview for India forums where they asked him..what is it that mishal is incomplete without… n he answered… love n emotions.. n I was lyk awwww…mishAl is a very honest person n he easily gets impressed by honest people.. but contradictory to dis. I can lie very but usually I don’t do this

  18. Anji

    if u all don’t mind we can play a game.. sort of a task…which I named EE dat is expression of d episode.. where in we will tell who gave a brilliant expression n where in d episode.. ok? I would say EE today was given by eisha wen she ws doubting kt n db… pls share ur opinions… btw wats vk..I mean full form

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Dhani shown as so weak n naive…cum cum Vip u wer always wit n support Dhani now dayaan kamini all against Dhani…

  20. Nimisha

    Hello everyone.. Me again ?
    Just watched the episode and i really liked it, Viplav is under immense stress about dT being locked up. Dhani comes in and says something but OC and Asthana are ahead of the game.
    I think Dhani was defo brave for facing Viplav to tell him what she heard. She also figured out DT,s lie and told Viplav that DT was involved,
    I can understand his frustration. Even that he’s directing it at Dhani. So pleased she told him that she tried to call him. It he would take her call.
    I can understand that he didn’t hug her back too. Here he is suddenly being forced yoqnuestion DT a man he has looked up to all his life,

    Great to see Dhani thinking clearly. POor Viplav is under a lot of stress and has had the rug pulled from under him.
    Pc and Asthana are always 2 steps ahead.
    And loved hearing trips music after sooo long. He looks totally different neck up. I almost for a second thoughtbitvwas dash.
    I hope Suvarna is the mastery caller and that she is thee when Viplav and Dhani go to meet her. Shame that VK was there when Dhani tells Viplav. Mind you seh’s like a bad smell,,, ever present!
    Really liked the epi. Though Mishal and Eisha were awesome, Mishal does torn and angry and confused and frustrated so so well! Love watching him.

  21. Anne

    I loved the epi ,not as scary as I thought, Kamini is really on the edge of discovery she has nerves of steel.Want to know about her relationship with Asthana ??

  22. Saraswathi.j

    Sending Dhaani to ashram may be a game played by both wife and husband ( sama,Dhani,beda,dandopaya ,concept of Chanakya) to know the reality of his family then he knows now who is the killer of his father,the dark side of DT and his won mothers harakat,and the truth of Tripurari .,and with a baby boy in Dhaani,s hand the show ends just like in Laagi Tujhse Lagan.

  23. florentina moldovan

    Good morning, friends!
    i manage to see the epi and it was not so bad….
    i like the new Tripurari….
    i really hope this week will end this stupid track…
    oh….God….how will Dulari react on Viplav when he will send Dhani at ashram??
    If i was her i would tAke my daughter and go far away so he can t reach her ever!

  24. florentina moldovan

    i think ….the story gives the possibility for Viplav come back to ashraam and live there with Dhani but i think it depends on Dulari reactions and Dhani security…
    i think villans will not let Dhani live in peace on ashraam…

  25. Louella

    Hello friends. Yesterday’s episode was very depressing. Well I want to tell u all that I will not comment for a few days. The reason is not because of sad episodes. I m very busy today. I don’t know if tomorrow also I will comment. Will try to come back as soon as possible. And as most of u know I n going for a trip with my family on Monday. So Sunday also I m busy in packing. Also I will not be able to post my ffs. Plz bear with me. So sorry. I will tell u the reason after I come back.

  26. shanitics

    Good mrng to all… Yesterday’s episode was okay okay type.. Vidhaani scenes were blahhh… I saw only as dekhiye and precap.. And a few scenes here and thr… YIPEE!!PP is back… Anya chechi will be happy to know that… I also thought 1st that it might be Suwarna…. I want our those romantic knok-jhok vidhaani IKRS…. Back?
    This track is boring? and y can’t the director stop this track and start piya’s story?
    Missing all those vidhaani knok jhok… Romance… How Viplav used to stand against all others for Dhaani and all…

  27. shanitics

    Now I am mostly depending upon this update because I can’t bear Viplav scolding Dhaani?

  28. Gudmrng everyone. Happy to see tp is I m fed up with kamini s d negativity in dis show is unbearable. Villains come one after another.viplavs also getting frustrated in dus situation. High negative drama is going on in these days..plz director save ikrs by ending ksmins track. We could nt watch dis negative track

  29. Sujie

    Good morning everyone…….
    Only one thing to say ….. Kaamini Ko hataao IKRS bachaao…..
    Enough if Viplav’s frustration and Dhaani’s weeping eyes…….
    Hate this Kaamini and gang to the core…… ????????????????????????????

  30. Anji

    Thanks renu di…n shanatics… I appreciate ur gestures…
    But m little disappointed wid rest of d members.. I thought you all will reply.. but it’s ok..I guess you didn’t like d idea of*EE

    • Viplav???

      Hey anji its not like u think…..we all r not active all time…..but almost all of us take part on the games here especially of our louella..swetha…etc…so now u r also a part of our ikrs family…u just start the game…all will dheere participate in it

      • Anji

        Relax viplav.. I was just pretending to be angry… our group members are so sweet n welcoming.. I know dis very well.. all I wanted was to grab some attention from u all dats y did a little bit of acting ..

  31. varsha(philo)

    hi guys how will be if viplav asks dhaani to leave the house dhaani will come to ashram and she will find that she is pregnant she will call viplav to say this happy news but viplav wont accept the call in anger again she will try and try and try finally viplav will attend her call and will ask her not disturb him and will shout at her.broken by this dhaani and dulaari will leave the ashram and will go somewhere.(rajlakshmi knows that dhaani is pregnant)
    after going somewhere she will became educated and will be a working woman at that time viplav will come to know about kamini truth he will slap her .kamini will say pls viplav i love u viplav (holding his) viplav in anger will slap her again.then he will come to ashram and will know that dhaani is pregnant and will think the day whwn dhaani had called him
    he will feel guilty and will ask rajlakshmi where is dhaani she will say i dont know dhaani had gone somewhere viplav will break down with this news and will take all if efforts to find dhaani then finally he will find her and will ask daani to forgive him .dhaani will ignore him but she cries in her heart how will it be guys

    • Arshdeep

      No no dhani can never ignore him and before that viplav cant live without her for many days..

      • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

        Yes I agree with u varsha Dhaani shouldn’t forgive Viplav easily honestly speaking I didnt expect this from Viplav 🙁

      • Arshdeep

        I did not find viplav wrong yesterday
        He believed that dhani isnt lying but he wasnt able to believe that DT can be thief…
        He think that they are trapping dhani

      • Zee

        I like the part abt Dhani becoming educated and economically independent and leaving. I feel the sadness that Dhani is going thru bec of Vip’s behaviour. But he is so torn, he said that he believes Dhani but its hard to accept that his Dadaji is a fraud. He is loyal to DT, which is a good quality that he does not write people off. He gives them the benefit of doubt. Also he shd not slap Kamini, – that is not our Viplav. But he shd cut her to pieces with his words and his angry looks. She deserves to be humiliated, named, shamed and hung out to dry. Even DB should give her a strong dose.

      • Nimisha

        I agree with Arshdeep and Zee. Viplav is human and he didn’t say anything wrong. He is a torn distressed soul but he still loves Dhani and us still trying to protect her. He is fight with himself, brilliant to watch Mishal.

      • Arshdeep

        Yaa was studying
        But something again disturbed me
        Dont know why indian governmennt is always behind medical exams

    • Anji

      Exactly yr…Fed up wid ol dis neet crap…wanna go some other place.. where only me n mishal will reside.. lol..

    • Anji

      Ya nimi di… arshi m coming… I hve got lot of books.. we will sell dem n den party hard..evry 1 is invited… haha

  32. actualy i am quiet bsy wuth mah studies, my xam is knocking at the door.. so i cant speak to you all so much individually… sorry 4 that… luv u all?

  33. Arshdeep

    Hello anjo… Giving neet 2????
    Anji i liked your idea of EE.. Read it just now..
    But i cant tell because i havent watched the episode

    • Anji

      Wat the…. no no … so nw.. state pmt will b held?? Arshi I request u… explainme d whole ssituation.. M confused

      • Arshdeep

        I am even confused

        Bdw you are from?? Maharashtra students were very happy
        News is coming on tv
        Thats why i was asking renu di for help…she can explain me better as i am out my senses now

  34. Arshdeep

    Vaishnavi read ur comment about making video to show to viplav.. I though that first too.. But what is the need??
    Viplav believes that dhani wont lie.. Even if she has made a video..that would be same whatever she has told him… The problem is that viplav thinks it is a conspiracy to trap dhani..
    He believes DT blindly

  35. Arshdeep

    How will dulaari and other ashram ladies feel when dhani returns to ashram?? Maybe she will lie to them

    Dulaari always wanted to see dhani’s happiness after her marriage and what is she getting actually??

    • Nimisha

      Hey Arshu ???

      Hadn’t thought of what you said, Maybe she will go to Sarla Kakis house instead, then Dulaari and VIPs find her, and then we get to see Dulaari,s story which would be awesome!

  36. Anne

    Morning everybody, it seems life is on a downward turn for Dhaani.but the only way after this is UPWARDS, I know this will happen, but it’s hard to watch Dhaani miserable. I hope kamini gets punished for all the heart ache she’s caused but she’ll probably just get a slap.or two.?

    • Nimisha

      I see her being really strong, Viplav isn’t supporting her so she’s finding her inner strength. That’s a really good message to all women, to believe in yourself and don’t always look to someone else to solve your problems, esp not a man. I’m not anti men by the way,,, I just mean she has to believe in herself and have confidence in herself without Viplav being there to constantly bolster her like in recent episodes, it’s because of him that she believes in herself. All his reminding her that she should has worked. Yes it’s sad to see her cry but she is not helpless anymore,

    • Hi anne its hard to watch dhani in miserable state but it is momentry n woukd be over soon once vk is exposed.☝

  37. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

    Wow looks like IKRS Will be back on track soon and makers r trying to create magic of old IKRS and this kamini track is so boring and irritating finally Tripurari is back happy makers r working on incomplete tracks n Dhaani back to ashram the best place of IKRS n wow Dhaani prego I was actually waiting for this two track the most 😛 now I can watch IKRS peacefully as firstly is shifted to 6pm and I m usually free at this time

    • Nimisha

      Hey there. So good to hear that the new slot works for you. And I’m also pleased that they’re starting to deal with the u finished tracks. Exciting times ahead I think!

      • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

        Ami Bhalo 🙂 actually super busy with quizzes, projects and extra activities. That’s why I comment very less. Especially Wednesday n Thursday is such a big headache uff I only get time to come n sleep these two days

  38. Nimisha

    Louella, enjoy your trip! Have a fab time.

    Swetha, I have done what I can with your twitter. I sent you a message there a couple of days ago, but not sure you got it. You should have had an emails and you need to follow the instructions to reset the password. Sorry I can’t do more. I think it’s something to do with you being on a different country to me, technology wise. Have a go, you’ll be able to figure it out,

  39. Nimisha

    Hello everyone, nice to see you Florentina.

    There must be something wrong with me as I really liked yesterday’s episode. Yes VK was in it but she was on the side mostly, being as arrogant as ever saying to trips I don’t recognise you, why would she… Unless she is some femal don of the underworld. Lol!

    The show the last couple of days feels more like a thriller, a mystery with the love story still there, I love the new direction. Still hat VK and don’t think she,s necessary but also grateful that’s she’s notpw grouped with PC and Asthana and trips who are more watchable,

    The only bit of the spoilers I don’t like is that dhani is pregnant, but that’s one because I want her and Viplav to have a happy life as a couple first.

    I’m out from this afternoon, so am going to miss the episode waaahhhhhh! Going on a child free afternoon and night out. Hardly ever happens so looking forward to it. We’re going to see a show in London, and then staying overnight. I might even have a few cocktails ?

    Have a lovely day everyone xxx

      • Nimisha

        It does Anne, but it’s also a ipbot wired to be going out into town on a Friday . I’m usually in my pj’s by 6?

        I know… I know… I lead a right rock n roll party lifestyle me, and I don’t want to miss the episode. ???

      • Anne

        I know ,I used to be abit of a stop out in my day. Town centre pubs etc, we had a good time. But now its too scary ,from what I’ve seen and heard….?

  40. florentina moldovan

    i would be so happy if Dhani will educate herself, and for their baby too but, if i was Dhani….i am so proud …i would never forgive him…
    i can bet that Viplav will treat her so bad that she will have to take emergency measures…
    this is what i afraid BUT
    maybe it is better this way, maybe Viplav will have to work hard and make her trust him again..
    maybe this will be the second launch of our favorite show….

    • Nimisha

      He won’t treat her badly. Even yesterday he was trying to protect her from further misunderstandings with his family, Viplav has always been her rock and will continue to be once he’s got over the shock and starts seeing things for himself. In the meantime Dhani will find she can deal with things by herself for her and her unborn child.

      I love how both Viplav and Dhani are so normal, neither perfect but that’s what makes them perfect for each other, the defo complete each other.

      I have a feeling that the pregnancy won’t last… I don’t know why…

      • Arshdeep

        I tok think pregnancy wont last
        Maybe a miscarriage…or kamini or kanak would do something

    • Nimisha

      And yes, it will be good to see Viplav being the one making mistakes and having to win Dhani back.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Absolutely right , I know one maid doing household work just near to my house ,after she become mature her parents married her to a boy of their own sect ,all people known to her in our street gave many gifts and she went to her in…laws home,she gave birth to a baby boy then they got a doubt about her charecter and left her,she came back to our street and start to do the same household work,she joined her son in a convent for education ,(now he is six year old ) many men asked her to marry but she said no to remarry ,it is enough that I will made my son a better boy that is ok forme , she is very good girl ,like that Dhaani you also do not feel regret after Viplav send you to ashram ,already you have experienced many troubles,be brave look for your coming baby boy make him a strong person both physically and mentally .This is not a new story for Indian women starting from Shakuntala the same is repeating she made her son a great ruler be brave Dhaani.

  41. Viplav???

    Areeb where r u????? Maria….sujie….swetha….mahira…..
    Where r u guys……???

    • Sujie

      i am here Lakshmi………… got some work ….will be back soon…………. love you all………….
      and wanna welcome all the newcomers…………
      keep commenting and hoping that IKRS gets back on track soon…….and those unfinished tracks are finished soon…… happy that TP is back but wish he was Daksh Ajit Singh..
      Keep smiling Friends……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  42. florentina moldovan

    hey, guys!!!!
    i want to make you feel good!!!!
    what do you think about my beauty Iulia Vantur and your handsome Salman??????
    Do you agree with this relation????
    in case they ask, we will give them our opinion!!! Ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!

  43. Hi anji dear pl note that from our family if any one replies it is on behalf of all together. Its not an individual reply. Ofcourse comments about the episode r individual as they do differ according to various thoughts but general comments r for all. Happy ur too a part òf family

    • Anji

      Sry if I hurt anyone.. I was just pretending to be angry… nothing much…even m very delighted to be d part of dis amazingly super duper awesome family

      Thanks nimi di aka nimisha..

  44. Anne

    Hi all can I ask a question of any body who is watching in the uk, do you get subtitles on ikrs? If you do can you tell me which is your TV provider eh Sky,Virgin etc. Please ? xxx

  45. Hi Guys,
    After long time I have seen full episode of IKRS. After seeing the I had though some interesting turns and twists is coming in upcoming episodes:
    1. The Conspiracy for Murder by – KT, 2. The Murderer – TP & 3. The Great Thief – DT when they meet and come across again what will happen again sound very interesting .

    It is very interesting that the 3 of Main Villain of IKRS ( KT, TP & DT) had been known each other weakness and kept and known secret (i.e. KT Confession Audio Recording, Shambhu Murder CD & DT theft the Tula Daan Packets (Bori) Video)each other.

    Guys the 2 or 3 episodes before of Vidhani Marriage Dhani has suspicious about KT & TP hands for Shambu Murdar at Ashram when after got Fire of Ashram by KT with the help of TP and Dhani has been reveled all the information from KT and she accepted all this conspiracy except Shambhu Murder . And now She also has been known that DT has been theft the Tula Daan Packets (Bori) how can Dhani will expose all the 3 main Villan of IKRS because when Vipu is not with her and also she is knowing that she is pregnant.

    I think am very much appreciated of Dhani when she is suspicious about any negative things. She can do anything and going to any limit to reveal the Final Truth. To find out the truth she never think the relationship (may be some body thinks that this is negative to maintain the relationships) I think the spirit to find out the truth Dhani main strength to separate from Vipu for her self-respect and dignity.

    Please Share your comments

    • Arshdeep

      A good post pjain

      I see that in almost all indian serials it is the female protagonist who is a detector…who finds truth…and all..

      So maybe here too dhani will be revealing all their secrets in front of everyone..and that too without viplav help

      • Nimisha

        I think Viplav will help her, he already knows KT and TP are dodgy. DT’s truth is a difficult pill to swallow for him, but swallow it he will. He like Dhani have to know the truth, that is why they are so well suited.

    • Nimisha

      Agree with Arshu, a very good post. Dhani is stronger than we all think. Viplav mood/anger is only a blip. Just because he doesn’t believe her, it doesn’t stop her believing it.

      And also agree that Dhani when she is onto something and when she knows she is right, is a force to be reckoned with.

      • Arshdeep

        Dhani was also so strong when she faced KT.. although she never speak against her but still she found out her truths that she was joined with tripurari

  46. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    I don’t know what happen but I have a feeling that b4 30 May something big will happen in Vidhaani’s life like a very big twist an then they will show now watch new life of Dhaani or bla bla bla at 6pm. Once time slot shifts the story of the show will have big twist and then shift. This happened with Beintehaa b4 like I think Aliya-Zain got divorced and Aliya married the lawyer (forgot his name) and then time slot change

    • Maria

      Yes you are right this happened in Beintehaa also the lawyers name was Rehaan.. And after that the show got very low trps because of the time slot!!

  47. Actually supreme court had ordered for a common medical entrance test but there was a opposition from state governments owing to logistical n regional language issues so thry wanted to implement this from next year n in current year wanted to conduct their individual exam now arshu has not filled any state form so she is worried a now she would have to wait for an year ti give the exam.

  48. Saraswathi.j

    20th episode. very funny both Dhaani and Viplav awesome ,suwarna is the well wisher,Durga mai is also in this episode ,kanak had experienced her bury kaam ko. Punishment,all irks see the episode we will heartily laugh.

  49. Maria

    Hi friends sorry that I did not comment today.. I went to school today to take the result so I was busy…

  50. Anne

    Oh Every body good luck taking your exams,sounds a bit stressful ..sending love and luck xxxxxxx?

  51. lekshmi

    guys me too from kerala…20th may ep was a relief…today viplav proved that he loves n care for dhani alot…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.