Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s mum telling Raja that she just said that marriage will not happen without any intention to stop the marriage, but to scare the family. She says we don’t have money and your brother have lost money in gambling. Mami says if you would have told me before that this marriage will not happen then I would have stolen good things from here. Raja assures them that he will marry and get back his lost respect and money. He says he wants to win Viplav’s trust and that’s why doing all this. He asks them to wait.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani and says I don’t remember anything. When did you tell me about your past. Dhaani says I told you when I brought kada for you. Viplav says I was unwell at that time and slept, had woken up when Mami shouted for thief. He

asks her to tell everything from start. Dhaani tells him that she got married in Avasthi family, and her husband used to come drunk every night and used to beat her daily. She says that night and is about to tell, but just then Viplav gets a call. He gets shocked and tells Dhaani that Shalu tried to commit suicide. He leaves. Dhaani prays for Shalu.

Viplav comes to Shalu. Shalu tells him that she got half married and was left. She says my life is ruined just because of Dhaani, and that Raja left me after taking 4 pheras. Viplav tells her that he will make everything fine in her life and says Dhaani said that as she had a past with Avasthi family. Shalu says Dhaani is good and doesn’t want anyone bad. She says nobody thinks about me. I don’t have strength this time and asks Viplav to go as he don’t want to talk to him. Viplav tells that her hand is bleeding and calls nurse, dada ji and dadi. Shalu asks him to go and says Dhaani is right in your eyes and not us. Why you are caring for me? She asks him to go. Dasharath tells Viplav that you have paid a good price for my upbringing and love.

Dulaari comes back to Ashram from the hospital. She picks the saree from the rope and cries. Raj Lakshmi asks if Dhaani have really killed her husband? Dulaari slaps her and says Dhaani haven’t done anything. She says her husband and her inlaws used to beat her badly. She prays to Tulsi plant and asks it help Dhaani come out clean.

Mami tells Raja that Dhaani have ruined their game. Raja’s mum says nothing is ruined and says if Raja wants then he can make everything fine. She asks him to make Shalu believe that he loves her, and also make them understand that they have accepted Shalu as bahu. Raja says you said right, we can show sympathy and make them feel that we are with them. He says once I get married then even Suman can’t do anything. He asks them to come and start acting. Raja’s mum hugs Kanak and asks what happened? Sh says she will make Shalu understand. She comes to Shalu and says God gave me a daughter and you was snatching yourself from me. She promises that everything will be fine. Raja asks her to get well and says everything will be fine after that. Shalu asks really. Her mum in law says yes. Raja tells Viplav that he can understands his feelings and says he just want Shalu to be fine. Viplav tries to speak, but Raja says if Dhaani apologizes to me then I will forget everything and make a new start.

Viplav refuses to talk and says it is good if we talk in court about the case. Shalu cries. He requests them to leave from their house. Raja’s mum says okay. Sushma folds her hands and asks them to stay back. Raja’s mum says she wanted good for both the families, but Viplav doesn’t want them to stay longer. Dasharath tries to stop them, but in vain. Shalu tells Sushma that Viplav have looted her happiness, and says our relation is over now. I don’t want to talk to you.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani. Dhaani says what happened Viplav? She says where did I come? She blames him for helping Raja and filing case against her. She says everything is over now. Viplav tries to answer, but Dhaani is gone, as it is his imagination. Kanak blames Viplav for making arrangements to lift Shali’s arthi rather than her doli, and accuses him. Viplav says I haven’t done anything. He thinks tomorrow it will be decided, I won’t let you get punish for the crime which you haven’t committed. . Ishq Ka Rang Safed play………………….He recalls their sweet lovely moments. Dhaani also recalls her moments with Viplav and prays to God. Viplav prepares for the case. Sushma comes to meet Dhaani in jail. Dhaani touches her feet to take her blessings. Sushma shows her newspaper. Dhaani is shocked to see murder news.

Viplav gets ready for the case. Dasharath tells him that he thought him lamp of his khandan, but he is ruining his name. He shows the newspaper to him. Sushma says our family name is maligned in this newspaper. She says I was about to lose Shalu, and will lose Viplav also. Dasharath asks him not to fight the case.

Sushma asks Dhaani to leave Viplav and go far from their life. Viplav comes to meet Dhaani and tells her that he will fight her case, win it and will also take her home with all the rituals of grah pravesh. Dhaani cries with her head turned towards other side. Later Raja makes plan with his family. Dhaani decides to give wrong statement to go far from Viplav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maria

    OMG!! Can’t wait for Monday’s episode. I think Dhaani will tell that she has killed her husband..

  2. Sonu

    Iss Tripati Khandhan ki logonko kya hogayee? Daadi you also? KT and DT ko chodiyae, aapko apki potae air Dhani per vishwas nahi hai kya?
    In today episode I really hate u Dadi, u also don’t understand our Vidhani’s intention..
    Really I feel like a cry, poor Vipu, helpless..

  3. Sujie

    Firstly thank you hasanji for fast update…..
    Hello my dear friends…..
    Viplav and dhaani reminiscing their mo!mental 🙁
    Shaalu what to say about you…. You were going to die for that cheapo but can’t see Dhaani’s goodness….grow up girl….ek hi pal mein Cheapo raaja ke liye apne bhaai SE relation to diya……
    Daadi how could you ask dhaani to leave viplav…at least you could have supported her…….
    In short only one person from ayodhya is supporting dhaani and that’s our hero viplav… can do it….come on……fight for your love…..
    Dhaani don’t be stupid this time….. Kaise soch Sakti ho tum viplav SE dur jaane ki baat….koi galti mat karna eesbaar …sab sach bolo…. Hamaare wakil baabulai ko case jitado…… Samjhi!!!!!

  4. vaishnavi

    hi meghs saran sonu n all ikrs family pls give ur opinion

    omg dadi iccant belive that u told dhaani to go away from vipu’s life u r the only one person who understand vipu n dhaani’s luv very well i know situation hi aisi create hui he but u have to motivate vipu for fight dhaani’s case anyways just pray to god that dhaani dont take wrong dicision main nhi dekh sakti is tarah se vidhaani ko just finger crossed

    • Sonu

      Hi Vaishnavi, today’s episode was so sad. Now I really hate all tripati kandhan’s people, including Dadi also except our Vipu..

  5. Anne

    Please Dhaani, don’t do that ! Predictable…..disappointed in this twist. Wanted Dhaani to stay strong. Seems I’ve seen this before….Parachay perhaps? Oh well.?

  6. Sonu

    Vipu tum voo logonko chodo, voo Shalu ki shadhi uss naalayak, ghatiya , shameless Raja ki saath kar lijiyae. Baad mein uss tripati khandaan ko pata chal gayee, hum sabb kya kiya? Baad mein voo pachtayae..Uss samay San kuch cheen gayee, aeh logonki haath mein kuch nahi kar saktae.. Except Vipu, all Tripati Khandhan people go to hell…

  7. BR

    good evening



    can you please type in lowercase?

  8. Sonu

    Love u so much VIPU. Now all tripati members oppose to u, but u listen only your Dil or Heart. Hatts up to Vipu..
    Today u r alone, don’t worry, I wish u and Dhani unite very soon. U both lead wonderful, brightful and joyfull life..

  9. raj

    this wrong turn make positive sooon pleaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
    dont give toooooooooooooooooo much pain to vidhaani aur vidhaan ka fans

  10. Sonu

    Friends now I decided, this foolish, brainless Shalu get marriage on Raja Awasti. Then she get Awastae( torture or situation) from Awasti. Today I am so angry for Shalu. Go to hell…

  11. Sonu

    Director sir today also I request u, whatever u do, but don’t separate our Vidhani..pls pls..

  12. saranya

    Guys today’s special treat from me.
    Avashti Fry
    Step 1:Take a big big big pan or cauldron and heat it in high flame.
    Step 2:put Raja,his Mut and Mrs.Stealer in it(no need of oil,enough fat is in their body)
    Step 3:stir well in high high high flame
    Step 4:add chilly mix in the pan
    Step 5:add balloon,shalu and vampire for essence.

  13. ArShi

    Tnx Hasan Ji….fr ur qik updt..

    Dhaani….wht r u gong to do????Plz dn’t be fool. It’s not only Viplav bt also mttr of Shalu’s life. Ur one mstk will ruin evrtng.

    Dhaani can thnk abt evrone…bt not abt Viplav. Viplav spprts her gong aganst own fmly…
    nd she thnks to leave Viplav….jst hrribl.

  14. Ripu

    Episode was Soo sad.. But I’m so happy today… Cauz my results are good so I’m happy… I’m sorry guys I too am a great die hard fan of ikrs… I was just fooling around…. Soooooo sorry…

    • saranya

      Hey Ripu,i willn’t forget what u did.i don’t know abt others but i can’t.kidding is ok and fooling is also ok to some extent but u tested all of our i can’t.i can’t even think abt saying negative words for Ishq ka Rang Safed even in my far dreams.i love this show from my heart,so i can’t do these type of too i can’t control my anger remembering ur words.u don’t know how many people got irritated by ur words.even in my busy schedule i made some time just to rply u,that much i love IKRS. sorry,i can’t forgive u for this but congratulations for ur result.

    • Sujie

      sorry yarr for all those insults…….
      welcome to our family
      you made us april fool in march 🙂

    • Sujie

      but why did you play with our feelings…… it exceeded the limit ……. never do this again please

  15. florentina moldovan

    omg, i think Dhani will say that she killed her husband but Viplav will defend her against her own and i think that this will finish just when they almoust hang Dhani…..omg….tell me i am wrong…i want to be wrong!!!

  16. Hi all freinds very disappointing as if dhani would give statement against viplav then he would be shattered n everything would be finished. Our writers n directors are the god in this case n hope every thing is sorted outsoon amicably , wish it happens as in joyees ff

  17. florentina moldovan

    i think Triparti family deserves Raja and his family…felt sorry for shalu but she doesn t think well- this is the consequence of not going to school, not being educated…i think…dadi…what a disappoint…

  18. Sanjana(Ripu)

    Hello everyone… Saranya, sonu, AM, Sujie, kavitha, raj, saras, akshay, Louella, BR mam, fatarajo… Hello everyone… I’m sorts for the trouble.. I too am a big fan of IKRS

  19. Is Marraige The Only Aim In A Woman’s Life ???!!!
    It was clear in today’s episode that the only aim in Shalu’s life is to get married!!!!!
    It is true that Marraige is an important part in one’s life … But it cannot be the ONLY thing about one’s life…
    Specially as woman shalu nd dadi should realise that if another woman is saying that she has bad past with awasthi family they should atleast consider checking the family background rather than crying about how dhani did not let her get married to any random( literally ) person…!!!!

    Just my point of view…hope did not hurt anyone

    • Fully agree with you point of view. We always think only one point of view in the life which we suit & best of our life. Why we can not think other part (second) of point of view of the life or every moment of life.

  20. prachi

    I feel sad for viplav:-(.he is in emotional turmoil condition now, it us very difficult to decide anything in dis situation, but finally viplav won over d situation n stand by d truth.n gradually all turned negative even sadi maa too.I wish dumb Salu ll come to know d truth ..but its dhani who ll ruin all d situation if she gives wrong decision.. Let’s hope for d best.but one thing in today’s epi all actors neiled der acting.specifically dulari n dhani

  21. Yetty

    Oh no! this can’t be happening, why is dhaani trying to be the heroine all the time please just say the truth don’t cover up for anybody, get your justice while you can and also save shalu from marrying the evil Raja. Why is Sushma advising dhaani wrongly? I thought she wanted Viplav and dhaani together but alas she’s asking dhaani to go far away.
    I’m so sad now it seems nothing is going to work out soon between our love birds.?

  22. saranya

    Yeh Balloon kya kar raha hai,uss shivarathri waala din woh kaha tha “isse kehathi hai Viplav ki soch,acchi soch” par aaj,aaj woh kya bola tha,achanak Viplav baaba se Viplav Tripathi ban gaya.waah kya baat hai.waise Dasharath Tripathi,hamara Viplav ko aapka ehsaan nahi chahiye,woh Tripathi naam haina woh bhi aap aapka paas rakh lo.hamara Vipu sirf Viplav hai,aur uss pe deek hai woh,usse tripathi ghantan ka naam nahi chahiye.samje aap ya samjhayein.

  23. Guys any one let us know that Dhaani’s birth surname.

    After 1st marriage she was with Awasthy and her full name was Suman Awasthy.

    After Marriage with VIPU now she is Dhanni Tripathi.

    I think IKRS directors wants to separate Vidhanni at any cost. He were not deserving that both wants to remain with united.

    • We feel very sad that from the ist episode the precap shows that the IKRS serial Heroine (Naika) after widow’s remarriage she will get everything in her life (i.e. love, name, fame everything etc.) and she will become the IDOL of the today’s society.

      • Guys as per serial name Ishq ka rang safed. Can we see Dhaani always in white dress.

        Please suggest that she can not deserve the colored dress………………………

  24. uffu….boring now….dhani will accept the murder…so much to unfold….tripurari’s truth…..shabu’s murder….dulaari’s pic. at sarla kak’s house… this drama will go for ages and become boring…..when will dhani have happiness in her life.

  25. saranya

    DADI U TOO!!!!!!
    U hurt us a lot Sushma Tripathi U hurt us a lot.u also showed that u are perfect balloon follower.u filled our heart with those unique

  26. Meghs(megha)

    Hi vaishnavi …
    Today epi was so sad …. Emotional part as shalu n whole family blame dhani . Good part is viplav trust dhani n supporting her… Sushma ji wt is doing yaar… Moreover But wt will dhani tell in court am eager to know hope no misunderstandings…

  27. BR

    Renu u r right from this part what will happen next god only knows that

    god is here director only…..

    saranya u r given yema tharma Rajan punishment …… now u assume as a YEMAN

    very good act

  28. BR

    Ripu what is u r result first we enjoy it ….. then dhani case….

    our hero will save heroine dhani . this is end don’t worry but it takes some epi

  29. Meghs(megha)

    Ripu if u are fan of ikrs u can say directly na y u overreacted drama n all ….
    We all will welcome u whole hearted but u hurted hurted our feelings y….

    Any ways welcome to ikrs… I can forgive u …

  30. I am not happy today am feeling sad……..plzz make dhani give right statement…………. and this tripathi family there r stupid can’t they see the truth…….

  31. Meghs(megha)

    Hey cutie … Cute princess our birthday girl how was ur day…. What is special u got today….

  32. Anji

    The situation is getting worse… poor viplav.. mentally tortured by everyone.. now Dadi too..but I must say.. ikrs writers team is superb.. n again mishal nailed it by his performance.. m in love with this viplav character.. m mishal too n dat stupid dhaani.. she’s creating more problems for our vipu…

  33. BR

    Shalu dhani is doing good for u only. raja”s mom is twice of dt ….. u r whole property will be grabed by Raja”s family……

    vip is only kind hearted, loveable and 6th sense man . plz belive u r bro …

    dadi u too brotus ….. I cannot belive ….. I think this BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER…..

  34. Meghs(megha)

    Hi Br mam… Cutie louella… Kavi di..
    Saras.. Saranya… Sonu.. Shri.. Prachi…
    Hrithu… Anne.. maria…niks..
    Zea.. Rezmie… Raj… Purple…
    Akshay.. Florentina maldovan…
    Joyee… Anjum… Marees.. Sujie..
    Rajee.. Varsha … Swara .. Renu… Arshi …
    Kaviya… Ahana.. Maris .. Am(avi)…
    Shanitics… Nima… Anisha.. ria… alia
    Vaishnavi.. Sofeya.. Yetty.. Isha… Elizabeth
    Saraswathi… Mangai… Mirsada.. Abhi
    Shruthi.. Neil… Naren.. N all ikrs family…

    How r u all

  35. BR

    hi saran ,sonu ,renu ,florinida ,prachi., ripu,,,, anne,,, ranaji,,,,marees megh pian and others

    Iread all comments and enjoyed it one point different kinds of opinions . super . in different angles ……v .nice
    r c

  36. BR

    megh lovely u type all names ….. super .

    rajee send one message in fb zee tv is going to telecast one new serial so sarojini time changing if the ikrs time changing I cant fully read bcz that is too small letters ..

  37. Required your valuable comments.

    Every time we saw the situation in our societies & families that a man always beaten to a women & other family members will support that man without knowing the fact.

    And also a man support his Wife, Girl Friends, Friends for the truth that families & societies also blame of that man you are going to against their family without know the truth & fact of life.

    So said please guys I urge & request you to all the review all the point of view and aspects of life,

    Request you to share your valuable comments please.

  38. BR


    which country do u belongs to ? I don’t know ….. in olden days early marriage…. 2 after hub died wife had to die no life after that and then sathi system abolished .. 3/….she can live after hub died but some customs should follow in dress, food habit, not to attend any auspicious functions still they r following these conditions r only for women

    not for men after the death of his wife . . he is ready for second marriage .

    from century , century they r following … now only it is slightly changing …….widows re marriage bcz of women scarcity . and with out issues r marring. now few of them r moving their lives ….. sorry this is my opinion I don’t want to hurt any body

  39. Mirsada

    Oh my God, I hope that Dahni will not sacrifice themselves for peace in the house Tripati, who se genes have Vipi, the whole family is stupid, nobody him not to support to demonstrate the truth, all against him,or why Sushma. I’m so sad.

  40. BR


    Now only dhani”s age is 18 . she has to finish college …… takes 4 yrs . with in that sambu murder……, dulari pic …saralakaka house,,pya relation … dhani hub murder case ……shalu”s …marriage. durga and dt relation …… all the problem will be solved ……

    if dhani accept as a accuse ……. vip nee munale pona
    nan binale varen

  41. Nim

    First of all poor Viplav. But so so so so pleased that he’s sticking by Dhani.

    Dhani was SO brave to stop the wedding to mega creep Raja nod now after Dadi’s visit she’s become the weak sacred Dhani from the earlier episodes when the show started, he character development in the series so far will be wiped out if she doesn’t stand her ground.

    Dadi… What can I say. Very disappointed in her. The family name is more important than her grandsons life. If Viplav believes Dhani then she must know something is amiss. Wake up and smell the roses love.

    DT and KT are the biggest hypocrites, they have caused so many upsets and still blame Dhani. As a fan of the show I find this constant theme very very frustrating and boring.

    I haven’t enjoyed the show so much since the raja and his very annoying mother amend mamiji entered the show. But I have persevered because I love watching Mishal. Finally the story has moved on, after much dragging. I find it surprising that shaky must be married at all costs and that no one is questioning the awasthi family apart from Viplav.

    If Dhani doesn’t stay strong and fight for the truth then I,m afraid she will be letting Viplav down and me and that might be it as far as the show goes for me. I’ll find something else, like LTL to watch again.

    This series like many others seems to always let the baddies win out. I for one find it frustrating.

  42. Sree

    So very true. I am just about done. If Dhani lies in court she would be letting Viplav down. Now that is unacceptable especially when so much drama is happening around him. She needs to stand her ground. After all that they went through, if she did give up. Then she would be letting raja win. Yuck !! She is more character for that. Else it is bye bye for me. Boring. There has to be positiveness. Regarding dadi , she should have checked with her.

  43. Sonu

    @Ripu, Congratulation for your result. Next time don’t do like this. one of my comment told in u are also a fan oinus, sorry for that comment..If u get hutted, sorry for that..
    Anyway welcome to our ikrsians, keep commenting, be happy..

  44. Nim

    Sree, I’m glad it’s not just me that feels this way. I feel a bit sad actually as I totally and utterly adore Mishal and this his acting is phenomenal. I feel bad saying this stuff but honestly it is getting a bit depressing. Agree with you that it needs more positivity. Xxx

  45. Nim

    By the way a HUGE thank you to the H Hasan for the brilliant update. My Hindi isn’t great so I really appreciate these written updates. Really Helps my understanding of what’s going on.

  46. florentina moldovan

    oh!!!! so many new comers! Welcome,sree, nim, name, sanjana, neil&nikki!!!!! i knew it, our friends are the most intelligent !!!! happy to meet you, guys!!!!

    • Nim

      Thanks for the warm welcome florentina. I’ve been following this for a while. Was feeling a bit sad that I wasn’t enjoying IKRS so much recently. Like the last couple of episodes. Hope it moves in a good direction and hope Dhaani keeps her nerve. I loved when she heeded Viplavs words that she needn’t be afraid if she is right and how she stopped the wedding. She and Viplav need a whole episode for her to tell Viplav everything. The one chance they had was interrupted by Shalu,s attempted suicide. He is then seen working on the case, but hasn’t yet spoken to her. She esp needs to tell him about what a slime ball Raja is.
      Really want the story to move forward and not get stuck on the same old same old cycle of misunderstanding after misunderstanding,
      Dadi has been one of my fav characters in this show just for her belief in Viplav. She has fallen from grace now.

  47. florentina moldovan

    great!!!! even those who hates IKRS just loves ikrs!!!! yupeee!!!!!! ripu, i knew it!!!! i send you so many hugs, you should send me too!!!! just kidding!!!!

  48. Rajee

    What a bakwas episode. Thank god I cud not watch it..Its better to read the ffs written by our dear friends… & precap disgusting.. The episode is so awful that I am unable to control myself from commenting & showing my frustration…

  49. Rajee

    Friends u r right this dysfunctional tripathy family deserves raja as their damad…
    Dadi u broke my heart & Dhani too…
    Dhani if this time u betray Viplav by lying then u accept my request too.. Go far very far from poor Viplav & never come back..I don’t want same drama again & again …u always taking decision by itself without consulting Viplav.. Have u forgot that Viplav is ur husband..He is supporting u fighting with the world & in result what he is getting??? Ur betrayal.. Kindly don’t try to b mahan atma…its too much…???

  50. Rajee

    This tripathy family is no less than awasthi family. Just perfect match. Made for each other…
    I am not waiting 4 Monday’s episode… Fully faltoo precap…very much disappointed…?????

  51. Frnds don’t worry serial ho tho aisa hi hotha hai.but i was worried for viplav ek tharf biwi aur ek tharaf parivar.poor viplav.that was dream sequence.
    but frnds did u remember while viplav was in ashram that time also dadi request dhaani to send viplav ayodhya nivas soon.with out hesitating she done that.
    N now same dadi asked dhaani to leave viplavs life means she will do it.
    So on Monday episode she will definetly accepts that she only murdered munna avasti.
    N it must be imp that viplav must prove avastis r arrogants .then only they stop blaming for everything.

  52. N this is the first time in the show DT scolds viplav directly.we all know he loves viplav very much rather than shalu.of course he stopped ram n shalus eng for viplav only.n now suddenly this much love for shalu n her marriage. How cunning.
    Any way dadi twisted story.towards dhaani.
    But if dhaani apologizes means raja will enter in ayodhya nivas.then three idiots k sath aur ek three idiots will join n to totally six idiots.will torture vidhaani.

  53. Saranya ur back with ur funny comments. Happy to see ur comments. Now a days ur attendance was very pls attend tu daily yaar.
    Hi sanjana (ripu) nice name.welcome to ikrs family.keep commenting. It may be -be r + be.don’t worry.we have ex press’s our feelings only. But it shouldn’t hurt others.keep commenting my frnd.

    • saranya

      Kavi,mein nahi tho kya hua,aap haina.u are too good yaar.romba nallavaru.i am a little busy in studies that’s why i can’t comment much.

  54. Viplav try n try until u succeed k.bcs if u prove dhaani as innocent then shalu n dadi will come to know they r cheaters .but don’t know about DT n KT.

  55. Frnds tel me one thing did u all people also like me
    If i watch some songs I get ikrs recal
    If see at clock don’t know when 6.30 happens.
    If speak to any frnds here ask them to watch ikrs.
    I Mis the show then its something lost to me.
    Guys tel me these things r going with u also nor only its only with me a??

  56. saranya

    @Pjain,i have two quotes with me as part of ur question.
    1.”One Man’s theology is another Man’s belly laugh”-A.Heinlien
    2.Everything has been figured out except how to live-Sartre.
    Here matter is that our society has some pre set rules.that conservative society don’t want to redefine those rules as they consider it as part of our proud culture.children are growing up by breathing this poisonous gas of superstitious and misguiding no wonder for their rude and immature behaviour even if they are educated.real education begins with love and care.but those preset rules are so strong that they can even mislead the messages said by our holy scriptures.but society is changing now,in a very invisible slow pace towards our real and pure proud culture.let’s work together for making that change possible in a fast pace.

  57. Anne

    Just watched episode online and I’m not going to watch it on TV later tonight as I usually do . (double delight)..Can’t bear to see Viplav so upset and confused. Remember him as young and happy when series began,now he looks thinner and sad.. Might watch repeat on Monday if I can get in the right frame of mind eg…not to throw things at my telly when Raja and family are on,and all the shouting at Viplav. If Dhaani confesses to save Viplav and his family I will be SO disappointed that writers new ideas and are falling back on cliches. Aaggh!

    • Nim

      I’ve also been thinking that Viplav has been looking much thinner recently. Hope Mishal is well.

      I also used to do the same and watch online and then on the TV but haven’t recently.

      There are so many unfinished storylines that the writers have lots of good material to work with. I’ve been fascinated to finally learn about dhani’s life when she was married and it’s been very sad, but the initial flashbacks were such a long time ago that it’s great that the story is now being told.

      I also find it strange that in the police station Raja came in and grabbed Dhani and she said nothing, but worse the police staff didn’t notice her being terrorised. Then when she did speak up, it was so easy for raja to say she,s unhinged and the police lady seemed to believe him.

      Also why did Dhani not tel Viplav that raja had been to see her?

      Anyway, I totally get your need to watch when in the right frame of mind as it is otherwise tempting to throw things at the tv. Xxx

      • Saraswathi.j

        Nim you are right there are so many un answered questions why she did not tell Viplav that Jakal Raja visit her ,why she did not take off her hands at once from Raja I think the direction not good any woman in that incident spontaneously take off her hands ,that to a married woman ,Directer Ji be sensible,then coming to Dadi ,s entry in the jail may be Directer thinks to make Viplav strong to all adds and fight for Dhaani,whatever it may be Dhaani should stand by Viplav.

  58. saranya

    Thanks a lot for everyone who enjoyed Avashti fry.thanks Prachi,Sujie,Saraswathi,BR Mam,Marees,Meghs,Raj,Nima and Florinta.

    • florentina moldovan

      saranya, we tank you for your good ideas!!!! ha-ha!!! love you, saranya!!!! love your sense of humor!!

  59. Yetty

    I saw on YouTube that munna is not dead , I don’t know how far it’s true, he’s a police officer using crutches to walk and I think he lost is Memory too. There will definitely be a new twist this coming week.
    Good night friends and sweet dreams

    • Anne

      Perhaps its a plot so that that Munna and family can escape his gambling debts. But didn’t they have a funeral? Dhaani ran away as soon as it happened, so she has no idea what was plotted in her absence. She believes what she was told?!!!

  60. Mr P jain in india women have always been looked down n were considered a burden as, she would be married off n leave her house n dowry would be given so they thought instead f wasting money on education let it save for dowry . infact girls in few parts mostly rural are still not given proper education n proper food though things r changing now , most ironic is the fact that a woman is against wpman , in my case also i was lucky to be born in a family where parents gave me full support treated equal to brothers i did my engineering n job infact was the first girl in whole khandan to do the job but unfortunately married to a conservative family of up where there are many restrictions on dressing office timings social gatherings i was not allowed to gp out on any official tour though my job demanded tours within india n to usa . ultimately it affected my career n i could not rise my parents had promised me full cooperation in case i wanted to leave my inlaws n come back to them but i thought that if my destiny is such then. Even if i would marry again i might get similiar. Person so i continued For my children n today i have completed 20 yeas of marital bliss i am sure that i would not torture or illtreat my daughter in law n would encourage her to excel in her field n would not impose any restrictions on her

  61. aish

    Hi friends, how was ur weekend.
    Friends I’m scared on wat dhani said and I’m afraid.
    If she’s going to say that then I’m gonna stop watching it bcos I can’t imagine their separation.

  62. seeta


    • florentina moldovan

      seeta, you seem to be so angry, my friend! hate and bad words make people UGLY!!!! So, you should better KEEP CALM AND DREAM A LOT ABOUT your skinny, talented ….i don t even know who he is…..ha-ha!…by the way, did someone pay you to came here and do some promo????? omg, we are something specials if you came here just for promo!!!!!ha-ha!!!

    • Seeta who is ur handsome.skeliton skinny unknown international superstar barun sobti.I heard his name first tym from u.I think he must cross tom cruise in his acting.hehehe

    • Plz define us definition of ugly n talent if u have any standard method.bcoz we cannt find any ugly character in ikrs.but according to me I never seen an ugly people lyk u who called another people ugly.I don’t want to scold u in early morning. So keep ur limit

    • saranya

      Barun Sobti Rockz Mishal Raheja Rockz Rockz Rockz Rockz Rockz Rockz Rockz and Rockz.
      Ishq ka Rang Safed,Awesome serial ever on small screen.Love u Mishal and Eisha,the cute pair forever on tv.and finally GET OUT FROM OUR PRIVACY VIRUS SEETA.

    • raj

      arre sobti virus welcome back. but this time v r very strong with virus protectr
      keep commenting or vomiting

    • Sujie

      a new virus….if you like barun sobti then its fine go the hell out of there and watch your skinny talented so called hero…….go from here….ek baat dimaag mein bithalo….
      ViDhaani ROCKS
      Your name is so pious but why you doing utterly non pious things…hurting others’ feelings…achcha nahi lagta hai toh mat dekho na…..paise milte hai kya yaha aakar bakwas karne ke liye???
      Final words for you: GET OUT

  63. BR


    RENU super . . really I respect u / I studied in ladies school and worked in ladies school 99% ladies even peon also . 1or 2 gents iam also 3 sis no bro . so I don’t know how they behave to the ladies after marriage only I came to know the gents and brother in laws sis in laws behavior …….but plz tolerate if u come other 3 sis wont marriage my coworkers also many of them living their children alone … so many times I advised my students .. education more important for ladies .. I will help in future ……… I love u u r so meturwd day morning at 5.3oa m only while I was dinking coffee I am thinking about u and all the answers from first holi, and shivrathiri and other ……after after 6 .30 I read all comments fantastic answered by all

  64. shanitics

    Good morning ? My dear friends…
    Yesterday mera mood serial dekhne ke bath karabh hogaya isiliye comments nahi dal payi…
    Kal main toh itne guse Mein thi Ki mujhe laga Ki abhi Mein triavasthi stupids ko sabak sikhavu..?

  65. BR

    nim I don’t who u r ? he/she .. I used to read tuklak magazine now I am not …… mr pranap roy analayzing //… both I loved …… after I read u r comment I feel v good crictics and analayzing .. fine v good satisfaction brave answers . .. so many new commers registered their thoughts in a grand manners ………

    • Nim

      Hello BR.

      i am Nimisha. I live near London. Not sure what you mean but I’m just a normal fan of IKRS and esp of Mishal Raheja. Have grown to really love the series but the recent track has been slow. Now that it’s moving on, I hope it continues in a positive way.

      I hope that helps answer your questions. ?

  66. shanitics

    Wow soo many comments……
    SARANYA I have triedur DISH its too nice awesome yaar..?

  67. BR

    from the first onwards I am telling no anwers for so many question . ….. we cannot digist some scenes also … afer 170 epi only the story is moving . again dhani accepts as accuse . again starts.. dluari will go to vip and explain every thing … middle badi amma story also insert

  68. shanitics

    Mujhe lagtha hai Shalu pain bear karna Sikh rahi hai….kyumki jab Vo iss stupid Raja ke sath javogi toh ye sab as usual hoga..isiliye Vip tum chintha math karo…
    Lagtha hai Tripati khadan ke sab pagal hogaye hai….laken ab dadi ko kya hua?!!!!
    VIP to dadi:-“Et to Dadi”?
    Triasvasthi(Tripathi+Avasthi)? Pure ke pure pagal hai….

    Ab mujhe lagtha hai Ki shalu Ki shaanthi us psyco se hona chahiye…tabhi un logonko Dhaani par vishwas aayega…?

  69. BR

    ada ipathan sariyana potti sabash nadakkattum ha ha ha ……………………………….

    healthy questions ,,,,,,, healthy conversation ,, ,, and mirchi answers ………. v good go on …..

    ethyei ethyeithaan ethir par thene

  70. shanitics

    1st time I am telling to vip nt to listen ? to Dhaani…
    Dhaani pls asa math karo…

    If my Hindi is wrong pls correct because my trying ? to improve my Hindi…

  71. shanitics

    Mujhe lagta hai ab koi new entry ya old member ka koi lena Dena hai iss story Mein…

    Director pls wrap up this story. This story seems to be like watching a cage with illiterate people and one literate person(VIP)

  72. BR

    hi varsha ,, sonu…sri,,,saran,,,,florinida ,,mirsida,,rajee…renu,,,,,kavi,,rana,,,Hass
    nikzz,,,prachi,,megh,,,,,swara,,saras,, AM,,,, nim esha,,,, marees and others good morning and have nice feast … bcz to day is a holi day take u r own time for

    things food rest comments shopping , wih u r family enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  73. Avijit(AM)

    hi ..good morning to all … is very awesome that I could not see yesterday’s episode ….so I am happy …I don’t want to talk about yesterday episode ……
    it is like previous IND vs NZ match …episode was like NZ’s batting( faltu) and precap is like India’s batting (bakwas) ….everyone knows about it ……….

    who give money to the viruses to promote their show and actors …..

    then plz give money to me also yaar …I will definitely great job to promote our IKRS ….. 😛 :P…..
    nothing to say more …bye bye…….. 🙂 🙂

  74. shanitics

    Avi bro,I will also join ur effort in promoting our IKRS…if you make me ur partner?….

    Avi bro u r lucky tat u didn’t watch IKRS yesterday…I saw only 1st & few parts from here and there due to network problem…and tabhi mujh ko gusa aya uss 2-3scenes dekhne ke bath….

  75. Sujie

    hello everyone …a very good morning
    i was watching yesterday’s episode for Mishal…..
    till now I loved daadʹs character but in yesterday’s episode she proved that DT THE HYPOCRITE’s wife…….she couldn’t see her grandson’s love … i can say that fatty shaalu deserves Raja…she is crying as the only aim in her life is to mary anyone that comes across……
    and Dhaani if you think that going away from viplav will keep him happy….then you are wrong…..
    he is doing every possible thing to set you free… and you are deciding to give him your betrayal….don’t do this…..
    agar ab aake tumhe kamjor banna tha toh pehle oos fatty ki shaadi kyun roka daring karke….ho jaane deti shaadi aur pata chaltha sabko ……..
    Humble request to director sir…please don’t separate them at any cost……. if this happens there won’t be any difference in other shows and IKRS….. keep dhaani strong and vidhaani together

    • Nim

      Hi Sujie

      I kinda agree with you but have been thinking about Shalu no why she is so desperate. She has been bullied by KT all her life. Gets called moth all the time and been told by KT no one will ever want her unless she loses weight. Then along come raja who is okay looking, tall and fair and says yes to her. If I was her I’d be questioning it, but she is desperate to be loved and accepted I guess.

      Also, she feels it was her fault that the other guy who said yes to her left. It was again DT who got him transferred after the guy revealed that he was to investigate DT’s wealth. DT again got rid of him to protect himself, with no thought for Shalu.

      I sort of get why she’s desperate but if I were her I would be assuming raja is after my family’s money.

      • Sujie

        You are right Nim…. dt and kt never thought about Shaalu and are always conspiring…..
        That first guy left Shaalu because of DT’s conspiracy because DT wanted himself to be on the safe side to hide his dual nature.
        Shaalu might be seeking a boy’s acceptance and when Dhaani stopped the marriage she thought Dhaani is not good at all…..
        I hope there will come a day when she and others who oppose Viplav and Dhaani’s relation will accept them wholeheartedly… fingers crossed 🙂

  76. vaishnavi

    good morning guys
    n i just saw the news on india forums that cgpa is telecasting on 10th apr 2016

  77. Frnds may be this happens to every girl who faces these type problem that she already failed engagement wit ram n now breakup marriage with that’s y she have distracted mind.may she attracted to rajas Innocent acting n every girl is not so brave to face all she is very
    disturbed by Vidhaani.
    I think our directors r in correct track move ikrs.

    • Sujie

      kavi dear…. the only thing that we are interested to watch in CGPA is MiEisha’s performance …… so chill dear….. its okay… tab tak ke liye youtube se purane sunehre episodes dekhlo IKRS ke…

    • Louella

      Kavitha its better to keep cgpa on 10th of April as my exams r ending on that week only. But I wish this month ends soon.

  78. Sonu

    Dhani, pls don’t give any wrong and lie statement in court. Vipu nae tumriliyae uska pariwar ko bi chod gaya. Usnae sirf tum par vishwas rak diya. Agar tumnae court mein joot bol diya tho, sirf tumnae vipu kaa apmaan aur uska dil thodegi. Baad mein usnae apmaan se apna sir jukengi uski family ki saamnae. Pls Dhani aisa matt karo..

  79. Sonu

    @Saru, your Awasti fry was too superb, thank u dear tumnae tumari conservation se hamari Mann ko relief diya.
    R u give that Awasti fry to Poolchand? Is he taste that? Now he is dead or live?
    Agar poolchand ne voo Awasti fry ko kaa gaya tho, voo jaroor Marengi. Known zinda rahega iss stupid, ghatiya insaan ko kaake? Voo insaan ki sarir mein khoon nahi, jeher hai jeher..
    Am I right SARU???

    • saranya

      Sonu,that’s my intention,to kill everyone against Avashti family is fried and tripathi family except daadi is inactive as i squeesed them for making is not route is almost clear for our vidhani.phool chand will die even if he tries to taste the come on vidhani,this is my treat for always vidhani not viplav and Dhani.

  80. saranya

    @Raj yes i am busy in studies but reason for what u asked is not studies,its bcz of lack of motivation.and u are also not here to motivate,what to

  81. saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,
    BR mam,Sonu,Shri,Raj
    Narendran and
    All my friends

  82. Sujie

    lagta hai Barun Sobti ke baare mein soch ke itni pagal hogayi hai ke aise comment kar rahi hai jaisi ki ise paise milte hai nonsense bakwas karne k liye….

    THOUGH NO HARD FEELINGS FOR SEETA’S SKINNY TALENTED HERO… a humble request to SEETA OR WHATEVER…….. learn some mannerisms first…

  83. saranya

    Yesterday they played the song,jeewan ka rang safed hai baaba.oh what a soothing song.whenever i hear it i am lost into nostalgia.superb lyrics and superb compoing and that song draws us to the pot making scenes,old memories of vidhani.

    • Sujie

      not only that saranya ….all the bgms in IKRS makes me feel nostalgic…… that tune which was played when viplav was restless outside asking that constable to give the food plate to dhaani…. i cried thinking how can anyone love with so much trust….
      if you haven’t heard that tune in 18th march episode just listen to it….. that comes just before both of them take a bite together….do watch that part only 🙁 🙁

  84. Sonu

    Hi Swara, where r u? Why no comments? R u still hangover in yesterday match of Ind vs Pak? Or Ikrs sad episode? Pls make comment yaar..

  85. Sonu

    Hi Varsha, Gudiya, Tamil, Rezmie, Britty, Adi, PurpleRahul, Nisha, Jennifer, Radha, MM, Marine, Kaviya, where r u guys? Why no comments? Atleast make one comment per day..

  86. florentina moldovan

    hi, my lovely friends…br…renu…saras…kavitha…saranya…sujie…meghs…swara…louella…prachi….aish…avijit…sonu…anne…anne ….rajee…julia…maria…vinny…nima…yetty..snianitics…varsha…shri…raj…mirsada…saraswathi…mirsada..vaishnavi…josh…joyee…sofe…isha…aish…ahana…anjum…nim..sree…ranaji…jessi…marees…nima…arshi…sanjana…nikzzz…pjain…varoley…natalia…anji…elizabeth….zea,….aKshay…sandy…and all the silent readers !!!! love you all , my friends!!!!

  87. Hi frnds now only I saw olv that dhaanis lies at court that she only murdered munna avasti.n our viplav says y ur lying dhaani ,y ur didn’t say anything. Say something dhaani.its very interesting.viplavs acting was amazing.
    He was fighting withdt n KT that dhaani didn’t do any murder she is in fb all of u.

  88. Louella

    Meghs, yesterday my birthday went very nice. I enjoyed my day yesterday. And also we decided to go out for summer vacations. I m so happy. Thanks for asking dear

    • Meghs sorry for the late reply. Yesterday I was very bus. And also my cute little sister had come at evening 4 and she was there at my house till night. So couldn’t comment. Also relatives had come

    • Meghs(megha)

      Cutie don’t take tension u will do it well … Our prayer will always will for u……

  89. Louella

    Saranya ur treat was very tasty. Just liked ur recipe. Director sir should follow this recipe. Thank u for ur recipe. And sorry for the late reply. All my cousins had come so I didn’t get the chance to comment. They were just back of me especially my cute little sister Angel

  90. florentina moldovan

    friends, i love the way story goes, something has to happen….i belive that love means sacrifice, if our Dhani would not be so pure , so innocent…so ready to sacrifice her for the love one and for his family we would not love her so much!!!! that is why viplav loves and respects her soooo much!!!! and don t worry…they are not physical together but their souls are one always…..and…the last mu did last just 2 days so i don t think that will be mu btw them! if Dhani would achieve the respect and the happiness so easy then it wouldn t be neither real, neither exciting! emotions are emotions, love and hate are just the same feeling with different energy, + or -…if we want to experience good things we have to enjoy the bad things too cause this world is a duality world…one of my country saints says oance….-brothers, how could we find God if wouldn t exist the demon???….demons and bad things are very importants, they make the difference between good and bad, light and dark..etc….so…to live great happiness we have to first live the sadness, the tears….that it is how we recognise the happiness!!

  91. Sree

    Ok. I shall read the episode update before I decide to watch going forward. First Dhani cannot get carried away by what others think she should do. For all the drama created in stopping the wedding , she just cannot but be strong. Bullshit that she should listen to Dhani. And by the wAy how is it that this girl alone faces such negativity one after another. Is our society that bad or is it that we want to show all the negativity and give more ideas to the rotten people of the world. So mr director tell you what. If Dhani is to agree that she did kill then please let her do sati as well. Good story is completed. Viplav does not need such a Wife who does not think about his love or life. Huh. Never mind. Not worth all this.

  92. Ripu aka sanjana I m very sorry for the harsh words I gave u and my ride behaviour. Plz forgive me and also I have forgave u. But promise me that u will never comment anything bad on any serials page in tu(telly updates). And I m very happy that u got good result in ur exams. Plz keep commenting

  93. Sree

    * she need not listen to dadi. It’s time she thinks for herself. Especially when she is right.

  94. shanitics

    @saranya,can I call u anya…last 4 letter of ur name!!!
    sorry if u don’t like this name pls ignore this msg?

    By the way wat are you studying???

  95. Sree

    Ultimate thing would be if her ex husband is alive. Really, how far would the director go. And just becuase this is a story you cannot think of subjecting a being to so much torture. Shows a very twisted mind. We are already living in a twisted enough world. If possible make it more fun and light for people. Not sickness.

  96. Hi renu Jo now onlyni saw ur comment .I too think so many families girls means some wat disappoint in parents.but all families r not our family my parents r very broadminded even in my huby family also they r all broadminded. So they can take over all gud things only.but in India most of people r restricting girls don’t go outside.n their small likes also sacrified for their family.
    But iam proud of u thinking about ur future daughter in laws n to give freedom for them was too nice.its not necessary that we suffer means our upcoming generation also like our self I was pruod of ur decision. So be frndly with ur in laws without hesitation they will be proud of like now we r.all the best.renu ki.

  97. bharathi

    Y dhani doing dis…… if whatever else s done….but last truth s win in dis story…..but i can’t see viplav and dhani apart….

  98. Hi florentina how r u n how was the day my dear.n ya dear if we want to lead happy life first we must cross AL sad life then only we know the value of happyness.ur amazing my luv n hugs to u my frnd.

    • florentina moldovan

      hi, Kavitha, i am fine! in weekend i spoil my family!!!! specially my husband who needs all my attention. cooking, resting, talking ….being together! i love , respect and admire you so much, my friend!!!! how are you?

  99. Sujie

    just watched on olv….. dhaani confesses the crime she didn’t do….and is taken in police van….and viplav asks her to answer her and is frustrated…… why dhaani why????
    director sir…. stop showing dhaani weak please …….this show is supposed to be an inspiration for all women out there…to make them realise when a true mate like Viplav.comes in Dhaanis life…then life gets its lost colors back…don’t make Dhaani like other typical sacrifice queen… us the brave Dhaani …..who changed her attitude towards life because of the undying love she is getting from Viplav
    Please don’t separate ViDhaani

  100. Anne

    Good morning and good afternoon also to ikrs fans. No episode today so can relax. Seeta… much venom and unhappiness. You will make your self ill darling. There are many gorgeous men on TV , enough for all of us I think.( we can dream but we all know that’s all we have got …dreams..not real.)

  101. shanitics

    Couple of years ago it was Barun who was rocking in TV ?…bt now Its our mishal who is rocking…
    Barun made the history..but mishal is making the present….

    Wat u say guyss???Am I right or wrong ????share ur thoughts

    • Avijit(AM)

      you are right …..I don’t like barun sobti …but I am not insulting him …everyone choice is different ….according to me mishal is the mishal ..incomparable ….

    • florentina moldovan

      hi, Genita, i am from Romania, 34 years old, married , i have a kid-a BOY-10 years old and…..crazy about IKRS!!!!! HUGS!!!

    • Meghs(megha)

      Hi geni am studying in bcom final year in Karnataka my native is kerala…. Am keraline

  102. I am sorry to say guys. If sujie is comments is correct then IKRS will lose its original plot. So sorry guys but it is very disappointing.

    • Sujie

      don’t worry Pjain.. this track might be of some days….. still IKRS has lot more to go…till then enjoy those old golden episodes of IKRS……

  103. Iam also fine also spending with my children’s doing their spls n teaching today this is my schedule.but this is also happy.

    • florentina moldovan

      THIS IS a thing that we both share, we learned enjoying every little thing of our lifes!!!! isn t it, my lovely friend?

  104. Nim

    Totally agree with Sree. If dhani’s dead husband is actually alive then it does show a very very twisted mind.

    I also wonder how such a devout person like Dhani faces so many hardships.

    If Dhani does admit to the rime she didn’t commit, her character development will be wiped out. That will mean the show has lost its way. Why are women portrayed in this way.

    I live in the UK not in India but it’s not a good image of India that men can do whatever they want and get away with it as they have evil mothers who will protect them at all costs and mahaan atma wives/girlfriends who sacrifice themselves time and time again.

    I also agree with the comment above that to appreciate the good happy times we need contrast with the sad times but when the characters like the awasthis’ are SO evil and the likes of DT and KT get away with stuff all the time, it makes it not very believable. And that’s what makes the current track disappointing nit just for us fans but for everyone who has worked so hard to get the show and story yo where it is now.

    I know it’s not real but it needs to be realistic as its about people and especially as it was billed as being about the hardships widows face. I didn’t realise that it would just be about that sort of hardship and the constant reminder of that.


    • I am fully agree with you that in India all the time a women will sacrifice to man. Why a man can’t see that women are better in every part of life. I am man but I love and very much respect my better half and give full respect and dignity to her. Why I like the ikrs most is that is the originallty of Widows remarriages. I am highly disappointed for IKRS to lose its original plot of story.

    • Anne

      I agree Nim we read such dreadful Indian news over here that perhaps we get a wrong view.We get little good news at all. Reading comments here by the IKRS fans has opened my eyes to the intelligent, funny and kind people there are .?

    • Sujie

      Hi Nim…. if dhaani’s husband is alive then the whole concept of IKRS will be meaningless…so that cannot happen….
      munna was dhaani’s bitter past….
      but viplav and dhaani have a beautiful future together,,,, 🙂

  105. Nim

    Hi everyone.

    I hit reply to BR, Sujie, Anne, Florentina, and some others but wondering now as this moves on so fast if I should just post a new comment.

    I’m new here so wondering what the best way is to respond to someone to make sure they see it.

    Thanks so much everyone.

    • I think we should changed our opinion and mind set about women. I am working in a very large organization where most of women are very senior and dignifed position, some are the group director positions, and I am very much respect to all.

      • Nim

        Hi Pjain, that’s why I think the show needs to be more realistic instead of constantly portraying very old fashioned views about women.

        Even the way the women are freely slapped in most shows is wrong. Yesterday, Dulaari slapped RajLakshmi so hard. I know she was upset, but she has also slapped Dhani many times. There is no need in my opinion. Women always are shown as being controlled either by their mothers and fathers or by their husbands and In laws.

        Even people in the streets are shown disrespecting women and talking in a way that doesn’t seem realistic.

  106. hi guys today i saw a negative comment in our page u all know that dont worry guys some people would have some good taste but some would have worst taste in IKNMP page i saw one comment her name is anu she have said that she hate to watch IKNMP and after that she had said that she is enjoying IKRS here is a link for it

    so dont worry for these comments in my class everyone is watching ikrs and we used to talk about ikrs before assembly and we will talk about ikrs ,kkband matsh and some other serials in our lunch

    ripu if u like IKRS thenwhat is the fact of saying bad about ur fav serial no one can do that but anyways i wish u a all the best for ur results u r welcomed to IKRS family

    a big hi to all the new comers ripu,pjain,nim,sree, and others
    hi seeta (mohini ghost ) do u think that u r an aishwarya rai u dont have rights to say that they r ugly in gods creation no one is ugly if u ever dare to comment in ikrs page again then i dont know what i will do then i will say bad about barun (skeleton) if u like his acting then go and watch his show dont waste ur time in commenting here

  107. Nim

    BR! I forgot to add I am a she and I like to talk a lot…. And have a lot of opinions on IKRS … Can you tell?? ?

  108. Nim

    It’s great to chat with you all about the show. Do the show creators ever read these comments? Does it make a difference what we think? Just wondering…

    • florentina moldovan

      nim, the important thing is to make a difference to us, first of all and then ….i think maybe not the director sir fallows our opinions but someone from the team does it! mishal told in a interview that they will have romanitic and positive moments as their public ask this and something like this!

  109. genita

    Thank u louella. Florentina. Kavi. For ur info.iam from kerala.25 years old. My marriage is fixed. Might be on july or august. Love marriage with the permission of my parents. I studied pharm d. Now sitting home simply.

    • Sujie

      hi genita…….
      i am sujie….. 19 years old…from Nepal…..i have completed my +2
      and wish you a happy married life in advance

  110. Anne

    When Tripuraris left,they must have had to alter the story line I think?? Anyway feeling more hopeful now,so much to REVEAL , so much to look forwards to.?x

  111. gennipher

    Hii guyzz do u all remember me? I had made a sudden exit due to some problems
    Sorry for that

  112. shanitics

    @Genita,Hey From which district are u from????
    Me too from Kerala
    And wish you a happy married advance…?
    Genita so 2States theme in ur marriage ?,uhh!!
    Sorry if I hurt ur feelingssss

  113. shanitics

    Hellooo Iwaniya..unique name..

    Varsha hi-fi..?.e too used to discuss abt IPKKND with my friends in school..before assembly during intervals between subject classes…

    If Avasthi is not dead then ishk ka rang safed kese???

  114. genita

    Hii shanitics. Iam from ernakulam. What about u? Its not like 2 states yaar we both are from kerala. We are christians hus name is nivin.

  115. Guys no worries dhaanis ex husband was dead is no doubt but it was done by raja avasthi.but dhaani was blamed for this.n now for viplav n his family dhaani is going to accept fake concept of avasthis parivar.
    So hero viplav as a lawyer he is going to reveal all truth .that’s it this my opinion.
    Don’t worry guys in all previous episodes viplav supported dhaani only .no other they r made for each other in show ikrs.let’s wait n patience till tmr.
    N our mishal is going to rock in tmrs episode. He was amazing let’s see guys.

  116. Hi everyone
    What’s up how are you all? Wow I’ve been reading all your comments here and it took me ages to read them but I’ve enjoyed reading them though. Some of your comments were touching and some were very funny lol? which made me laugh. Anyways I don’t know what to say about the current track of this serial it’s sad that vidhaani will be separated. I just hope that doesn’t happen. And that sushma I didn’t expect that from her. And that psyco cunning Raja and his family are disgusting, they discust me yak. Anyways got to go now guys talk to you later?

      • Hi fatarajo
        How are you? Yes I’m bengali but I was born in UK. What about you are you Bangladeshi? And if yes where about do you live?

    • Well actually my cousin she’s living with me and my family. She used my phone to comment in Swaragini page so her name which is not her real name and her email address got saved in my phone. So when I replied to your comment I selected her name and email address by mistake. Once again sorry. And yeah I’m British Bangladeshi.

  117. Hi genita so ur getting ready to step into married life.all the best n my advance wishes to u dear.but dont forget to invite us for ur marriage ha??? Hahaha
    Just kidding.

  118. genita

    Thank u kavi. I will definetely invite allmy ikrsians…after comung into this family i feel like iam incomplete with u all. I cant even enjoy my day without even commenting here once. I will comment on my wedding day also???? just kidding guyzzz. But still i will try to comment once on my wedding day

  119. saranya

    @Shanitics aka Shwetha,i don’t have any problem in the new name,hahahaha..i love u a lot guys,how many names u all gave me.thanks for that.and after all we are from same state na,so u are welcome.

  120. saranya

    @Genita,i am also from Kerala,i am doing PG in English Literature.i am from Trivandrum.happy to know that u are getting married soon.advance wishes for ur Married Life.

  121. florentina moldovan

    GENITA, i am happy for your marriage!!!! listen, do not invite us already cause our family grows every day….soon, we will be so many that you will have to make your wedding on a stadium!!!!!!ha-ha!!!!!

  122. saranya

    Hey Guys,why so serious?don’t be serious and desperate.what u all want now?dhani should say truth in the court,that is what u all want na?i have a solution for that.for all of ur happiness and for Viplav,i am ready to kidnap Dhani and Viplav and afterwards we should discuss what to do with them.whether to sent them to Boston or Sarla kaki house.but at the same time,i am in another dilemma,whom should i kidnap,vidhani or their enemies.anyway i am also planning to make a secret friendship with our tp to beat them,woh kya haina,an enemy’s enemy is our friend.

    • Sujie

      good plan…. a real stress healer…… love to read your comments…
      kab uthana hai Viplav aur Dhaani ko ?? bolo bolo!!!!!!!!!

    • ahana

      Vidhanni ko kidnap karlo….. wo acche sangat mein acche ho jate hein par kt ko kidnap karogi toh saridon ki 10 goliyan ko mangwalon…..

  123. iwaniya

    Thank u so mich guyzzzz. And genita bestvwishes. Iam als lik u. Iam also in love but family not allowing fir our marriage.

  124. Yetty

    Hello to you all and a special welcome on board to all our new friends.
    I hope the new week brings joy and happiness to us all.
    Very good comments all , have been busy reading them all, quite interesting with different views. I like it.

  125. saranya

    So many serious discussions are going on here. From ystdy i am opening this page with a little hesitation as i am afraid of reading serious conversations all the time.really i am afraid of being no more serious comments.only normal conversations on the future of our vidhani.ok va?

  126. iwaniya

    Iam so happy that u all gave me a warm welcome. Florentina ur comment to genita was really funny. Thats why i said u r very funny

  127. Sanjana

    Hello everyone how are you….. Saranya, BR Mam, sujie, kavitha, AM, akshay, Raj, saras, fatarajo, Louella, florantina, hello…. I’m sorry once again for these past days….

    • florentina moldovan

      hi, Sanjana!!!! you can send us a warmly hug and it is ok!!!! made a great thing assuming your mistake, i think you are very brave, just like our heroine so join us every day!!!!

    • Sujie

      Hi Sanjana….. i am good and how are you???…forget that yarr….. the biggest thing is you dared to come over here and accept your mistake …so no need to say sorry again and again…. hearty welcome to you …

    • Avijit(AM)

      forgot about it ..don’t worry … ” badi badi sahro mae aisi choti choti batt hote rehta hae sanjana ” 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  128. genita

    Thank u so much florentina. If possibke i will arrange my wedding in a stadium. But still i will invite u all.???. Love u dear. What is ur son”s name

    • florentina moldovan

      Genita, my son s name is Robert! YOU KNOW….in my country there is a saying wich says that-be careful with your wishes because it may happen!!!!ha-ha!!!!!

  129. Sanjana

    @saranya mujhe maaf kardo yaar… I’m so sorry… As for the thing you said about TP I’m with you… I too will come with you…

  130. shanitics

    Genita,me too from Ernakulum district…
    Is it nivin poly,uh??

    Thanksss anya for giving affirmative answer to my question ?

  131. Meghs(megha)

    Are wa so many comments n many new commers …

    Hi to all new commers n welcome to ikrs family … Sry sanjana i hurt u unknowingly we r here as a frnds so welcome to family …

    Hi nima …

  132. Genita

    No shanitics. Nivin Pauly is already married . So I don’t want to disturb him. I want only my NIVIN. I will say this to nivin. Shanitics u r making me laugh a lot…☺☺☺☺

  133. genita

    Thank u yetty.louella. prachi.iam so happy today. I got many wishes in advance. I need to say that u all ikrsians are the first to give me married wishes. Because i have not said this to all except u all. Only my parents and nivin’s parents know this. I thought og telling tjis to every one once the date is fixed. Onlu u all know this. Thank u so much… u all.☺☺☺☺☺

  134. genita

    Hii sanjana. Why r asking maffi and all? I mean what did u do? If u dnt have any problem pls do share it with me also.iam alsi like ur sis

  135. genita

    Shanitics can i call u shani?louella can i cll u loulu?saranya can i call u saran?florentina can i call u flora?

    • saranya

      Of course yaar,u can call me by that name,many of my friends here also call me by that pet name is Achu,if u wish u can call me by that name also.but i am a little angry on u,u accepted Shanitics as your aniyathikutty but what about me?its unfair na.

  136. genita

    Hey kavi no keralians or anything like that. We are all ikrsians….maddy ikrs fans….. kavi u r the best among that….

  137. shanitics

    @Genita,Watevr u want u can call me!!?
    I promise chechiude jatagathil nan shani avula?
    Can I call u geni chechi???

  138. shanitics

    Sanjana mafgi math mago… friendship Mein no sorry no thanksss..
    This the policy of our family..
    Wat u say guys:-agree?

  139. shanitics

    Gud night,have a tight sleep ? with dreams full of romantic Vidhaani scenes…
    See u tomorrow ?

  140. Sujie

    welcome all the new comers……so happy that this family is growing bigger and better…..
    good night everyone…….
    sleep well
    🙂 god bless you guys… you people

  141. genita

    Pinne enda aniyathikutty enne chechi nnu vilicho.njan niviyodu parayunnund ee aniyathikuttuyude karyam. I liked u very much….☺☺☺☺

  142. florentina moldovan

    good night my friends but i maybe still comment , my time is just 19 43 !!!! sweet dreams, see you tomorrow!!!!

  143. Sonu

    @Genita, I am from Udupi Karnataka, now working in Bangalore.
    In advance i Wish u happy wedding life dear..

  144. Nim

    I’m still awake.

    Thanks so much for the arm welcome everyone.

    I,m actually starting o feel nervous now about tomorrow’s episode and really hope it’s good.

    I’m so much older than a lot of you but glad to be part of the okra telly updates family.

    Sweet dreams to everyone and see you on the other side of tomorrow’s episode.


    • Anne

      Still awake too.waiting for Dr Thorne at 9. I am so much older than most on this site too. I almost feel like I should be whispering because the children are asleep.Everybody is so lovely though. ?

      • Nim

        Glad it’s not just me Anne.

        Lol at my typos. Obv I meant glad to be part of the telly updates IKRS family. Not okra. ?

        See you all tomorrow, hopefully I’ll still have some nails left by then.

        Goodnight all! Xxx

  145. saranya

    @Sanjana,ok now its enough,no more sorry,how many times u will say sorry.i am not angry yaar,yes i was but not a big shake hand to u and a very big hai too.anyways Sanju,are u a tamilian?i am from Kerala and i watched Rahman sir’s show for half an hour,then i went to study.i am a big fan of A.R.Rahaman sir.soul touching songs and amazing musician.

  146. shanitics

    Thanksss Geni chechi…

    Anya, I will call u Anya chechi…Then you will be chechikuttii along with aniyathikutti of Geni chechi..wat you say????

  147. shanitics

    ANYA,nw only read ur previous post on kidnapping..You better kidnap Judge of the court…

    Or better than tat u simply go to thripathi kandhan and say tat Dulaari ka koi cousin ne mujhe behjah ha yahann…Then they will ask why???Then u say I am there family advocate…then they will ask family adddvocate???Then u say yes and tell them tat she is daughter of Ambani or bill gates..then surely KDT team will surely accept Dhaani as there bahu..

    • saranya

      Hahahaha,super idea Swetha and u guys r so sweet,at first u gave me so many names and now u are saying me to act as a lawyer,that’s cool as my mom always say that the best proffession for me is a lawyer and now the matter is vidhani so i agree 100 times for it.

  148. genita

    Gud morning all my ikrsiand. Everyday has a purpose in our life. So utilise ur day to the best. Have a great day……
    Have a great day

  149. Avijit(AM)

    hii …..good morning to BR mam …sara…..varsha …joyee …Tamil ….prachi(dadi 😛 )…saranya ..megha …anne ..florentina …mirsada ..kavitha …kaviya …josh ..akshay …jyoti ….hritya ….isha….yetty …shantics….. …nim ..genita ..sonu …shri ….sujie ….Natalya ….louella…sanjana …
    swara ….and all friends ……and me also 😛
    have a great day with great start …..enjoy your day ….bye bye … 🙂 🙂

  150. florentina moldovan

    Rajee, i know you are angry on our Dhani but think that she gives us the chance to see our Viplav in a new super acting! i miss you and your comments! hugs, my darling!!!

  151. SARAS

    good morning all. .
    today morning I m bak to blre. .
    just finished all your comments. .
    everyone has Willen so well n correct. .
    but I m deeply pained with current track..

  152. raj

    ” nettru illaada mattram ennadu
    kattru en kaadil eado sonnadu ”

    yday nejam elu shw was suuuuuperrrrrrrrrrrr

  153. shanitics

    Saras main bham chahiye kya pain dhoor karne kaliye???

    Bhai(AM)Gud mrng..which entrance exam are you going to clear in the coming days???

  154. SARAS

    I m pained because ikrs team has changed its writer.. I don’t know why they hired MATSH writer-:(((..
    worst part is that guy so lazy not even changing anything in the story just copy paste his old work. … how disgusting. …

    jaane kyoon log aisa karte hain
    jaane kyoo ghise pite kahani dikhate hain.. jaane kyooonn jaane kyoon.. jaaane kyyon …etc..

  155. saranya

    @genita thanks for considering me as ur sis.hahaha and for calling me achu,my parents and close people and family only call me by that u are in that list.i am so happy.

  156. SARAS

    shanticks. .. yeh dilka pain hai.. kounsi balm lagavoge??? mujhe to lagta hain open heart surgery ki zaroorat hogi..

    tadap tadap tadapke is dil se ah nikaltee rahi mujhako sazadi serial ka aisa kya guna kiyaa ke lut gaye.. haan lutgaye lutgaye hum ikrs ke mohabbat main. …-:)))

  157. SARAS

    ranaji (ishveer fan).. I think u r super happy with the Current track. .. its looking just like matsh…
    happy?only difference is unlike ranveer viplav is not believing dhani hee knows she is inocent but don’t worry in few more episodes that may also happen don’t worry you will get to see remake of matsh…

  158. genita

    I dont like that dadi. When dhani saved dt dadi praised her alot. Even she said she will never forget and many sweet words. But now what is she doing? Niwadays i dont like her

  159. Avijit(AM)

    Sara mam ..are you sure about the writers …then see ..ikrs is soon going to off air …. 🙁

  160. Anne

    That’s bad news. I used to watch matsh from the beginning and loved it. Then it got silly and annoying so stopped . Perhaps new writer is cheaper to hire lol.

  161. Yetty

    Good morning to you all my friends, good to know we all had a great night.
    Now to the business of the day. Act wisely as you go out, be of help to others, don’t forget to emulate Dhaani’s quality? and remember I love you all ?. Have beautiful day. Off to work

    • Do you mean Indian shows? If yes then I watch TPK, IKRS and swaragini. Swaragini is boring these days, I’m just tolerating all the nonsense going ons just for Swasan. I also like Thahaan’s chemistry you know B for Bihaan and T for thaapki. What about you what other shows do you watch?

  162. Sujie

    guys…check cast’s list of wiki page of IKRS…
    At first she was just Dhaani….
    and now Eisha Singh as Dhaani Viplav Tripathi/ Suman Viplav Tripathi…..

  163. SARAS

    hey guys what’s wrong with u all? ???
    Since they story is going matsh way .. o just told they seemed to have hired the same person. ..

    just because I didn’t comment for two days properly you guys forgot humor itself? ??. . ha ha ha

    • Sujie

      why yarr……heart beat ruk jaata toh mein marr jaati na….. saras mam aap bhi kamaal karti hain…..
      i was going to die…but thanks to you and godji as its your humor only……..

    • Sonu

      Oh Saras dear, tum bhi naa, we already sad, then your news abt writer makes me very tensed. But now I am smiling, thank u dear.
      Tum hum sabko March mein hi APRIL FOOL kar diya, kya baath hai SArasji..

    • florentina moldovan

      DEAR SARAS, i think they try lot of things in order to get better audience, maybe colors are pressing them….

  164. Oh god. Its very bad news.dey should nt change d writer,bcoz original writer knows d plot of d story n dey r habituated with nt knowvabt MATSH s writer.if dey drag lyk match den everything ll b spoiled. whatever d situation may b

  165. Sonu

    @Shri, where is my Gelathi? Still now u r not commented. What happened? r u ok? Miss u Gelathi..

  166. saranya

    suwarna,tp&their son
    So:paapa,why do married people always warn others to not get married?
    T:aare pagla,its our duty to save someone from disaster.
    (Suw stares him)
    So:can u help me in my homeworks paapa?
    T:why not,i was an outstanding student.
    S:ya,always standing outside the class,OUT STANDING STUDENT.hahahaha.
    So:don’t laugh maa,he is very smart.paapa is this poison good for spiders?
    T:no,its not good for them,it may cause death to them.
    S:very smart paapa.hahahaha.
    So:paapa what is the similarity b/w Maths and marriage?
    T:hahaha,simple qn:pagla,both are problems and creates headache to people who tries to solve it.
    So:one final qn:where is our new bedsheet?
    (suw looks tp&laughs uncontrollably)
    S:And where is my new dupatta!!!!
    T:chup karo pagli.

    • SARAS

      wah wah comedy princess. .
      after my bad humor. . here comes real good humor dear. . thanjs. ..
      I miss tp a lot. . he was so good n humorous. .. I hate avasthis except chor maami

    • Sujie

      arrey yaar…kitna hasaaogi…..
      Saranya dear love you for your humor….. you are really working for me as a painkiller….
      pagla and pagli 😀 😀

    • Avijit(AM)

      omg ..saran di …last wala awesome tha ….bed sheet and dupatta …superb …..hahahaha 😀 ….post this type of super funny comments

  167. Helloooooo my dear ikrs family.all of u wat doing guys.I know everyone is waiting for this suspense evening right.
    My god frnds u can watch an Awesome lawyer viplav he was very dam good in his acting.
    I was fully flat of his acting today.
    Iam still waiting n finishing my all works.
    But don’t know how this power cut acts.
    Frnds wait n watch today’s viplavs episode.

  168. Saras is any thing wrong with our show I think nothing is changed ur r kidding right.
    Pls tel correctly that our writer was changed r ur joking ha??
    Really I was watching ashram episodes that r awesome episode’s. I Mis tthat type of story writer must be in that way only. We don’t want any others that too off air show writers feeling sorry to this.

  169. saranya

    Saras it seems that this is the right time for a murder.i am prepared for it.i decided to kill the master brain behind the play to change our who is the new guy,MATSH had only a shortage of promos,and we had hope that we can increase our trp,now all hope is gone.MATSH writer and IKRS is like jalebi and fish curry be ready guys,old mu track is getting ready to explode our tv screen.

  170. florentina moldovan

    guys, i don t think our Vidhani will get separate…it is just few days…tell me,please, those rumors about getting off air are something true???? i saw on die hard page that our show it is again in 5 position in CHASKA METER SHOW RANKING…..WHAT IS GOING ON?

  171. florentina moldovan


  172. Louella

    Genita of course u can call me loula. I will be very happy having a new name by my friends. Sorry for the late reply. As today I busy preparing for my exams which is tomorrow

    Bye friends. I don’t know when I will comment next. But for now bye!!

  173. SARAS

    sujie florentina n sonu… seriously I never imagined you guys will think writer is really changed!!!
    I m upset due to change in track I mean loosing track. .. When she knows the truth she cannot act like mahan aatmas like swara . simar n ishani n thapki.. that was the beauty of our show n they r doing this! !!!!anyways lets wait too early to arrive at a opinion

    • Sujie

      what to do yarr.. i can’t imagine IKRS with the separation of ViDhaani …… waiting for tonight’s episode for Mishal’s acting …..
      Ya… you are right….its too early to come to an opinion… i have one thing in my mind….twist is necessary to make the story go further…. and i hope this twist of court room drama will end soon and Viplav Dhaani would be together forever….

  174. shanitics

    Oh my god ?
    MATSH..writer….as our serial director…then no worries we can see vips or Dhaani’s marriage ? 5-6times..
    There misunderstanding til the end of the serial l…and intro of some persons
    Of no imp..Even the writer don’t know for wat he has introduced him..because he will forget..And some romantic scenes we willl think it is true but it will be a dream sequence…and draging the serial like a rubber band…

    And most probably now production house will be brought by ektha Kapoor…
    Dedicated to my draaging king of serial world…

  175. Hi my old frnds pls give ur comments yaar we Mis u all guys.
    I was waiting for the day when the family of all us even every member should give comment.
    Can we fix a world r taleast tu comment day.

  176. shanitics

    Sooo guys let us celebrate ? this serial’s 200th episode grandly…because till tat date ? story will be going on the present writer’s story…
    Hope film farm production…ke logonko..koi sahi raasta dikhaeye..pls pls pls…

    Avi bhai,Anya chechi,kavitha di,Geni chechi,BR mam,Saras mam,geni chechi,Raj & myself..can we go pled to the director and producer tat we(this family ?)will become the writers..along hire some of the gud writer….and we can make this serial one of the best serial…

  177. shanitics

    Saras mam matlab writer nahi change hogaye…
    Mam ab mujhe dard aya…ab samjh kagyi dil ka dard kya hota hai..

  178. shanitics

    iss comments sab ke bath mujhe kuch samajh ya aya ki Varsha tho kahani Ki Vidhya Balan hai..usme Vidhya kuch karne chali aye..kargayi..or chali Gaye Kisi KO nahi patha Vo kaha Gaye..
    Veseyi..Varsha aayi kaha Diya Ki Seetha aachi hai lekin achi bahi hai aur chali gayi..kisi KO nahi patha Vo kaha chali Gayi…

    Wat u say my friends???

  179. Avijit(AM)

    hii …guys …just saw the saas bahu and suspense segment about ikrs …there dhani told lie about the murder but viplav manage it and take out Dhani from jail …then there was a cute hug of vidha ….ae viplav court mae bhi romance nahi chodega 😛 …..
    so nice to see this …..but abhibi raja ka sach samne nahi aya ….let see how the story will unfold

  180. florentina moldovan

    Saras, i have a bad feeling that our show can be off that i can t bear everything!!!! sorry, i am a little week today! that it is why i need you, my friends!!!!!

  181. Avijit(AM)

    koi nahi madega rotten eggs … 😛
    pehle jyada maja nahi araha tha but last Mae bedsheets and dupatta .. omg …really ..too much . 😛 hahahaha ….sab ka pyajama bana diya …. our Trpurari oh sorry printed pyjama …really missing him especially his printed pants 😛

    • Nim

      Those printed pyjamas were awful ?

      If those ones that he hid in the trunk in his house that Dhaani almost found when she and Viplav searched his house, are still in the trunk they’ll be really smelly now. Won’t need rotten eggs just those printed pyjamas will do the trick! ?

  182. Nim

    I’ve been thinking, We need to be positive!

    So on that note.. The biggest positive in the recent track has been Viplav’s total and utter trust in Dhani. We haven’t seen him do what he used to do and not believe her.

    It sounds like he has total faith in Dhani and probably understands that she doesn’t want to cause him any hardship. He knows her well and that’s why he will fight for her and will hopefully win.

    Dhani is a strop her character than when the show started. However, she is also the sort that doesn’t want to hurt those close to her. So in her own way mayor be she is trying to protect Viplav.

    I don’t think the story will move quickly but I hope Viplav gets to the bottom of the truth sooner rather than later.

    I also don’t believe the writers, creators, directors, producers etc want the show to fail, so hopefully they know what they’re doing and will do right by the show so far, the cast and crew and also by us fans.

    I hope so anyway. Am going to watch and wait no see where it goes.


  183. shanitics

    Bhai tum tho bahut ache ho jab bhi mera mood karabh ho jageya iss serial ke kathir aap spoiler leker mera face Mein phir se smile le athe ho?

    • Sonu

      She is one of the old member of our IKRS family, she is also a student..Now a days she is not commented here.

  184. Sonu

    @Saru, kya baath hai Saru dear, tumari conversation se hum sabb dil se hass gayee. Thank u dear for giving such a wonderful comic about our pyaari PP.
    PP we really miss u, where r u? Come fast. Tum aakar aeh RAja Awasti ko sabak sikawaoo..

  185. Sonu

    Friends today our comments cross 400, it’s too good for our family. Thank u so much for everyone..

  186. Sonu

    Waiting for today’s episode..
    Avi aka AM, brother also waiting for your’s weekly spoiler..Take care..

  187. Meghs(megha)

    @ genni u considered us as aniyathikutti so u r my chechi…
    I can call me ponnu my pet name ..

  188. genita

    Ok ponnu. According to age wise dhani is also my sis.dhani acts so maturely i cant beleive that she is just a 11th std student. Superb acting….

  189. shanitics

    Hi Meghs,u considered Geni chechi as ur chechi..then we indirectly became siblings..
    So will u accept me as ur aniyathikutti???

  190. shanitics

    Geni chechi no worries just younger than her I am there for you I am in 10th..I am soo naughty…and not even matured..?

  191. shanitics

    Happy congratulations ??..

    I think its the 1st time our comments are grossing above 400
    Its gud for our TRP

  192. Meghs(megha)

    Now i have 2 elder sis kavi akka n genni chechi
    One small cute princess louella as my younger sister wow …

  193. SARAS

    @am this is the reason I wait for your spoiler. .. you always come with interesting news… finally vidhani hug… thank god sorry Thank writer. …

    ab dil ka dard thoda kam huva…

  194. florentina moldovan

    o m g friends, we have more than 400 comments!!!!!! congrats!!!! if someone do not want to see us he cannot!!!!! we have so beautiful bound, so many different opinions but so good relations, so good energy!!!!! i love you all and every one!!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.