Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidha crossing the road, and is about to get hit by a speedy car, but a taxi driver saves her and asks why you were crossing the road. Vidha says she is going to Bandra? Taxi driver asks about her papa and mamma. Vidha says she is going to home where marriage happened recently in Pali hill. She asks him to drop her there and says she knows the address. Taxi driver agreees and and makes her sit in car. Driver drops her to Mrs. Kaushik’s house. Driver says she was going alone, so I made her sit in my car and took her here. Deepak asks where is your mum. Vidha says she wants to meet coat wale uncle…and says she will give him sweets as promised. Deepak says he is in hotel and pays the taxi driver.

Dhaani searches for Vidha and gets worried. Deepak thanks the driver

for bringing her safely. Driver says everyone is safe here. Deepak asks did you inform at home before coming? Vidha says no. Deepak says I will call and inform her. He calls her. Parshiya tells Dhaani that he has searched her everyone, but couldn’t find her. He says he will file police complaint. Dhaani says he took my daughter as he threatened me. Dulaari says we shall search her first.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words and their conversation. Deepak brings Vidha there. Viplav asks Vidha and Deepak. Deepak says she came to Richa’s house. Vidha says I brought sweets for you as promised. Viplav says you came here for sweets. He is happy. Vidha makes him have sweets. Viplav asks did you inform mamma? Vidha says no, and says her mamma would not have allowed her. Viplav asks Deepak, if he informed her mum. Deepak says she didn’t pick my call. Viplav scolds Vidha for coming there without informing Dhaani. Viplav talks to her nicely and asks her not to come out without informing her mum. He asks Deepak to call Dhaani. Dhaani comes home and sees Deepak’s 3 missed calls. Just then she gets Viplav’s call and says she is fine and with me. I thought you are worried and that’s why call to inform you. Dhaani says you took my daughter from here. Viplav says she came by herself. Dhaani doesn’t believe him and says she is my daughter only. Viplav says she is my daughter too. Dhaani says she thinks of you as her uncle and asks him not to show right on Vidha. She asks him to stay away from Vidha. Viplav asks her to stop her drama and says I called to inform you that Vidha is safe and in her house with her father. Dhaani says that is not her house. Viplav angrily says I am her father and disconnects the call.

Dulaari comes and asks Dhaani..Dhaani says Vidha is with Viplav. Dulaari says he can’t take Vidha from here with informing you. She says he don’t have any right on her. Dulaari says he has a right on her. Dhaani says where were he? She says only I know that how I gave her birth and brought her up. She says she is not old Dhaani to give away everything and says she will bring Vidha from there.

A boy is seen watching TV. Viplav comes. He calls him Papa. Viplav asks when did you come? My boy..Atharva says today. Viplav says I want you to meet someone and introduces Vidha with Atharva. Viplav says she is laddo champion and makes me lose in the competition and tells Vidha that Atharva makes him lose in video game competition. Atharva says he hate laddoo. Vidha says laddoo is her and Viplav’s favorite. Viplav gets a call. Atharva gets angry on Vidha and asks her to get down from his papa’s lap. Viplav cuts the call and asks Atharva to apologize to Vidha. Atharva apologizes. Viplav goes to bring mango juice. Atharva asks her, why do you call my papa as rakshas uncle. Vidha says he likes that name. Atharva pushes her. Vidha says her mamma asked her not to talk to naughty kids. Atharva asks where is your papa? Vidha says he is not here. Atharva says you call papa to my papa until your papa comes. Vidha asks him to call Rakshas uncle to her papa. Viplav brings juice and makes them have it.

Kamini gives tickets to kanak and asks her to go. She says I can’t book tickets again. Kanak says I will not go without my son. Kamini says if you get worried like this then you will get old. Just then they see Viplav talking to Vidha and Atharva, and wonders who is the little girl. Kamini gets irked thinking Dhaani’s daughter has come. Viplav plays with kids. Dasharath prays for Viplav’s happiness and says he wants to see him happy even in Banaras. Viplav thinks what did you ask? Dasharath asks him never to lose hope and take care of himself. Dhaani comes there with Parshiya….Dasharath and Viplav looks on…Dhaani thinks about Dasharath’s cheap words. He calls her choti bahu.Dhaani says please forgive me, but I am not your choti bahu…all relations are changed. I came to take my daughter from here. Viplav asks Dasharath to tell her that Vidha is playing and when she is done then I will drop her there. Dhaani asks why are you playing games. Viplav asks if I am playing games with you and troubling you. Did you tell Parshiya about me and our relation. He says Dhaani and I….just then Vidha comes there with Atharva and Kamini. Dhaani hugs Vidha. Sushma and Kanak looks on. Vidha introduces Atharva to Dhaani….Dhaani thinks about Kamini’s words that she has a son with Viplav.

Dhaani says everything is joke for you, and asks what do you think that life will go on according to your wish. She says Vidha is my life and asks him not to interfere. Viplav asks her to tell about her life truth and says you never life naa. He says you are not married naa. Dhaani says it is truth that you have a wife and son…Viplav asks her to tell what to remember and what not to remember, and says I can’t forget you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think The child Atherva is an orphan ,every one in DT family knows him ,he is not a son of Tp or Shalu,then now slowly the mysteries unravel one by one .Atherva may be three years old not more than that.

    1. Arshdeep

      So according to you viplav knows he is an orphan?

  2. Arshdeep

    Morning everyone?
    Have a nice day..

  3. Sujie

    Good morning Family…..
    I am thinking its high time for showing flashback …
    Whenever Dhaani remimisc
    es Kaamini manipulating Viplav’s words in every 30 secs…its damn annoying….
    I mean there are many more wonderful memories they have mde together….. 🙂

  4. I also think atharva is an adapted child. . For sure he is not kamini’s biological child . For two reasons
    1 kamini would not bear anybody’s child ..
    2 ishita also wouldn’t want to play mother’s role….

    let’s see what’s the mistery behind atharva. ..

    inspite of wounds on viplav’s hand he is able to play so well -:)))..

    I want more of kt’s scenes. . She hardly has any scenes

  5. dhani is trusting kamini.. The way she trusted dt during ashram paper event. .
    dhani sudhar javo.. apni anjge kholo sorry band karlo aur apni dilki suno tumhara viplav pe yakeen him. .

  6. hi gu ys how uu guys?
    i think atharva ma vip adopted child
    because he like childs so may he adopt

  7. He maybe Kamini’s illegimate kid.

  8. in etretr hero is using same jeep as viplav’s ..

    in an interview sanjeeda has put a bomb hinting vidhani will not unite soon saying which ever serial where hero heroin meet trps drop.. -:(((

    1. Arshdeep

      Yess i have seen that too
      She is indicating the reunion wont happen so soon

  9. Sujie

    Guys…i also think Atharva is adopted….
    Maybe Atharva is a kid of one of the woman who was in ashram….after TARINI WIDWA ASHRAM was named DHAANI ASHRAM and that lady might have died…
    And Viplav might have taken the kid’s responsibility…as he loves kids

    1. Arshdeep

      Yes maybe possible..

      Then why viplav married kamini??
      What will be the reason behind this?

      1. Kavitha

        No arshi I think viplav should be compelled by tripati family to forcible marriage.hope that should happened. If not another stories.let’s wait for big fb among 5 years leap.

      2. Arshdeep

        But didi if it was by force why viplav said that he was not in his senses..but kamini was..and that kamini was his responsibilty.. That shows atharva is kamini’s son..maybe illegitimate..of tripuarri.. Whom she has used to marry viplav

        And didi i just love your pic..2 shikayti pudiya with rakshas behind them

  10. Its raining finally ??????after hot n sultry days?

    1. Arshdeep

      Ahhhh not here 🙁
      Send us here too

    2. Arshdeep

      Thank youuu didiii.. The rains have reached here too… Finally…

    3. hi renu how u?
      send the rain to my area
      because due to heavy sunlight the faast is soo thirst

      1. Hi cool ASSALAMO ALEIKUM. i am fine MAI THEEK HU. I wish i cud send the rains to u KAASH MAI BARISH KO APKE PAAS BHEJ SAKTI

  11. Kavitha

    Frnds there was spoiler that dhaani confronts to viplav that he has moved on in his life with kamini n he also have a male child then viplav replies that I even didn’t accept her as my wife till now did u think I forget u n ur love n move on with others n so on.
    Fingers crossed eagerly wating for today’s episode. Very interesting.
    Flora didi ur right after vidhaanis meet now iam slowly committing my heart to new
    dhaanidhaani don’t know may be this bcs of mishal aka viplavs acting.after his entry with dhaani the scenes r more adorable to watch.
    Wat frnds am I correct I think so u all to face same thing na.

  12. HI, IKRK family,

    IKRK is still is on all time low position as per last week on 15th position.

    The PH has been be fool to give you wrong TRP ratings details.

    Enjoyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………..Creep………………. IKRK………………..hahahahahahahaha.

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Sujie

      khaana khake jaane Aj…. made from Kaamini’s hand 😀 😀 Thank you and bye bye

      1. Arshdeep

        Hahaha muh jal jayega..but aj ko to boht pasand hoga kamini ke hath ka khana.. Hai na aj??

        Enough of your stupid nonsense aj…boht sun lia..
        Enough now

    3. Arshdeep

      Why dont you comment with your real name “Pjain”??..

      1. Sujie

        Exactly Arshu…..
        This illness of Aj or whatever his name is called ” lack of guts deficiency:…if you have guts , then comment with your original id….. I don’t think we should have any problems with your bashing…because before you many had come to bash us and our show….
        muh uthake aayethe…muh ke bal ghir bhi gaye….. so please…better think about it

      2. Arshdeep

        Very well said didi..!!

        Muh ke bal hi gire..remember that suman.. Jiski raja se shadi hogyi thi.. 😛 😀

        Lagta hai pjain ko kamini boht pasand h..

        Nima please iski kamini se shadi karwao

      3. Sujie

        So true Arshu….. Kammo raani Ki shaadi karwa dete hai Mr aj Se……
        It seems he is in love with Kaamini ….. ??

      4. This is FAKE account and who the hell is Pjain……………?

      5. You dont have any guts to look the real face of real world.
        This really creepy mind of you people to look like the Pigon Story who always close his mind and think that nobody seen to Pigon. But When Any Big Cat / Eagle had eaten to Pigon then nobody can’t realized how this real world is.

        You said lack of guts deficiency. I think you people also had same lacks of Guts deficency the above story like Pigon.


      6. Arshdeep

        Posts of pjain at twitter and Aj at TU are word to word same.. Isnt that just a coincidence???

      7. May be it’s a coincidence. But who the hell is pjain you are talking about….. ?

      8. Arshdeep

        Ohhh you dont know pjain??

        I thought kamini is the biggest over actor but no no you are more than her even

  13. Ade1111

    Good morning everyone have a great day

    1. Arshdeep

      Good afternoon 🙂
      You too have a good day ola

      @nimisha didi miss your comments over here

      1. Ade1111

        Thanks Arshi

  14. hi guys then i want to now that in hospital
    kamini wore one type of blouse waht is the name of the material
    plz if annybdy knows say me yaar

    1. Hi cool i have replied below

  15. Kavitha

    Yes arshi they r very cute I luv this bcs viplav+old dhaani+ vidha was very intimate n luvly but missing na that’s y I was attracted to this pic.if it will happened means like with old dhaani only there is no other luvly show than our ikrs.
    Any way now I used to new dhaani too this too bcs of viplav aka mishal when they too combine new dhaani too very nice so no issues .we must accept the reality na.

    1. Arshdeep

      Yes didi… I am moved on now..

      And if eisha can..why cant we all?

  16. I m also liking the show again obit because of viplav… His expression of fondness for dhani is irresistible. ..

    Hope idiot dhani understands him n help him throw kamini out. ..
    Post leap one good thing is swaha team is not United. . They have turned against each other. . so even kt may help viplav to bring dhani back in his life. ..

  17. I still miss esha.. vidha resembles esha a lot -:))

    I don’t understand sometimes y viplav has to struggle so much to proove his integrety n love all the time. . His love is Devine still he is been only proving it time n again. ..
    my heart cries looking at him -:))

  18. Sujie

    Zindagi issika naam hai…. Bas chalte jaana hai….. ????
    Eisha has moved on with her new show… So we should also move on with Mishal Sanjeeda in IKRS…..
    I am not trying to say Sanjeeda will take Eisha’s place….but will make her own place in viewer’s heart . ?
    Believe me I was not enjoying that much when there were hit and miss scenes between Viplav and Dhaani….. But I am liking it since the face off episode….
    Eisha cannot be removed from our hearts as Dhaani.. But Sanjeeda is also doing her job with diligence…. So I think we should enjoy MishSan Jodi’s performance now… MiEisha will always remain in heart though…. ??????? ….

    1. Arshdeep

      Yes didi..well said !!

  19. Shanitics

    Soo srry for the late cmnt because of the school ? I’m not able to cmnt here… The way Viplav behaved with Vidha and atharv was awesome….
    Vidha is awesome.. Waiting for athrav’s mystery…?

  20. Shanitics

    I too miss eisha even now..

  21. I saw the 20th episode again the writers make the story a mess,Kamini still doing nasty things towards Dhaani it is very irritating to see her why the production house love Kamini ?we should not tolerate her any more ,the writers want to separate Dhaani and Viplav permanently they donot even bring father and daughter together,what a horrible episode,horrible Kamini , and dumb Viplav the innocent Parshya is dragged into this by Kamini she petitioned in police station the Parshya and Dhaani wife and husband kidnapped their Atherva……….very horrible story…..

  22. Hi cool that is lace fabric called as raschel knitted avaliable in no of FLORAL ; paisley n geometrical design, in white and black . It is either nylon or polyester. Nylon one can be easily dyed in any color.

    1. thanks rennuuuu


    1. Arshdeep

      Didi kuch logo ko pyaar ki bhasha samjh nhi ati hoti

  24. I stopped watching this show after dhani and viplav met post leap…. It’s starting to be very transparent like I know exactly whAt will happen even without watching it,..endless custody battles, endless wins for kamini and dhani’s character portrayed like a weak little girl with no guts or common sense…matter of fact I was annoyed the the writer killed off the dadi bua character without any scence to show that she was wrong and wrongfully bullied the legitimate wife of his grand son out of her home…5 years later that woman is still miss treated misunderstood and additionally she is making her self look bad in the eyes of the one person who should have stood by her… The character of viplav… And are we going to forget that at the time of dhani’s supposed death viplav missinderstood her and kicked her out of the house??? I’m just saying… They need to find a new topic… Kamini needs a different angle… Not this stuff …this is just my opinion, sorry if I offended anyone

  25. Hi aj no offence. Actually u r right n everyone is of same opinion. But i think that to drag the story line they had introduced ishita ganguly but have heard that her contract was of 4 months which is supposed to be over soon so i am positive that all burried things would come out. Also these cvs have always lingered on with one plot n then suddenly cleared it out like introduction of raja n family n then the chapter was closed in a haste n though it revealed dhani’s past. Similarly kaminis closure would reveal some hidden part. So dont get disheartened. TO WATCH OR NOT IS ABSOLUTELY YR CALL N NO INE CAN BE COMPELLED. THKS FOR SHAIRING YR VIEWS. KEEP COMMENTING ?

  26. This is like old Hindi film no no films because film ends by clearing one confusion but here another story starts with that

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