Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling Dhaani that everything will be alright once Parshiya gains consciousness. She says I will talk to him. Dhaani and Dulaari looks on shocked. Dhaani tells her that she is thinking wrong. Dulaari nods her not to say anything. Pratibha says I am not thinking anything and goes to see Parshiya in the hospital. Dulaari tells Dhaani that Parshiya will clear the misunderstanding once he is fine, and asks her to keep quiet. Dhaani says I can’t tell her thinking about her health. She thinks everyone is getting complicated. What to do now? Dulaari says Parshiya will tell her truth, let her think what she is thinking. The girl who has taken the pics, knocks on Dasharath’s call. She says she has followed Kamini and says she went to Basti, Police station. She shows

the pics and says Kamini must be trying to find Viplav. Dasharath asks her to stop following her and gives money. Girl leaves. Dasharath thinks something is hidden from his eye. Dhaani asks Nurse about Parshiya and his mum. Nurse informs her that she went to canteen to have tea. Inspector comes to talk to Dhaani and asks do you know anything about Viplav. If he tried to contact you. Dhaani nods no.

Inspector says we assume that he will try to contact you or his family. He says this all has happened because of you. He says if he couldn’t come back then you will be punished. He says nobody can save your ex husband from attempt to murder charges. Pratibha comes and says Dhaani..She asks Inspector to hang the person who tried to kill her son, and cries. Dhaani looks on shockingly. Dhaani prays to God to help Parshiya get out of coma. Parshiya gains consciousness. Nurse tells that he is gaining consciousness. Pratibha thanks God and says make him fine for Dhaani, Vidha and her. She says she wants to see his son getting married and curses Viplav. She tells Dhaani to punish him and hang him. She says I will curse on his face if he meets me, I won’t leave him.

Doctor tells Parshiya and says he has a hand movement and will be alright soon. Pratibha asks him to get well and asks who is your enemy. She curses Viplav again and says she couldn’t see his condition. Dhaani thinks what is happening? She thinks she is feeling like betraying her as she has hidden truth from her. She thinks what is happening with me and thinks she has no way out. She thinks she is hiding a big truth from aayi and wonders about her reaction knowing about her relation with Viplav. She asks her to do something and make everything fine.

Dasharath tells Sushma and Kanak that he suspected Kamini, but got no proofs against her. Sushma says you are doubting on her. Kamini says we have seen her true face, she just loves Atharva and nobody else. Sushma worries for Viplav. Dasharath says this is a big secret. Kanak asks do you doubts on someone. Dasharath says Tripurari also. Sushma asks him to get her grand son back. Kanak asks him to spy on Tripurari also. Dasharath says okay and calls that girl. He asks her to follow Kamini and Tripurari, and give him all the info.

Dulaari asks Dhaani if she is fine. Dhaani says I don’t know what is happening with me. She asks about Viplav? Dhaani says Kamini is searching for him. They see Pratibha crying a lot. Dulaari consoles her and asks her to sit. Pratibha cries for Parshiya. Nurse informs Inspector that Parshiya went into coma again. Pratibha asks about Viplav. Inspector says he is a big lawyer and had a fight with Parshiya. Pratibha asks him to arrest Viplav and hang him. Inspector says he has fled. Pratibha curses him badly. Dulaari and Dhaani looks on shocked.

Dhaani gives her water and says Parshiya will be alright soon. Pratibha asks Dhaani why she fills sindoor in her maang? She says I understood…lonely woman have to be careful. Parshiya must have told you to fill your maang, and says he will fill your maang nicely. Dhaani is shocked. Pratibha goes to sit at Parshiya’s side. Dhaani tells Dulaari, what I will tell her if she comes to know that Vidha’s Papa have done this. Dulaari says Viplav can’t do this. She says he is a helpful person and says I was sad when Pratibha’s cursed him.

Pratibha asks where is Viplav’s home and throws stone on his chawl. Vidha says he is my Rakshas uncle. Pratibha asks what is your relation with him. Dhaani says Police will punish him if he is guilty. Pratibha gets angry and says if he is your close relation and asks about thei r relation. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Even if mishal is back, what difference does the stories make if we are going to see crap. The whole storyline is messed up. IkRS is not the same as it use to be and that’s y I don’t want to continue watching it. I think it’s better for me to just quit watching this show.

    1. Renuverma

      Dear amisha its truly yr personal decision to view or not. But i can just say that new twists r expected soon to bring the story on track. ☺

  2. Mariyam123

    Omg omg omg omg omg??? Much zyaada omg nahi his kya??

    Hurray?! Mishal is back. Mishal is back Mishal is back Mishal is back????? I m on cloud nine?⛅⛅ plz someone come and pinch me. I M not watching dreams na?. I can’t explain how happy I m?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺

    Arshi di u made my day. Morning I read the comments and I was dancing in my dreams???? I m feeling like dancing?????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Sujie

      Yes….. Mishal seemed to be really really interested in that desi party…..
      Please help him na….. If I were in London….I would have helped him ????
      Mere bhaag khuljaate..if I would ever get that opportunity ???????

  3. Renuverma

    Nimmy pl tweet about Desi party on friday to mishal as he is desperate about it.??

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes correct Renu di. Nimisha di plz do it na?

    2. I have no idea about such things Renu! ☹️

  4. Mariyam123

    Renu di and Maha di u both were asking me on whom I m angry na? To tell the truth I was angry on the whole ikrs family. You all were not at all commenting after hearing Mishal’s quitting rumour. That’s why the comments were not even 100. I got very angry and so was not commenting.

    I had told Meghs di that if I get 200,comments then I will definitely come back and today I saw 200 comments so I came back.

    1. Arshdeep

      Thats wrong Louella

      When you get angry and stop commenting how can you expect others to comment and reach 200 for you?

      When you will comment and be a part of family then only we all can together make the number a big one. Agree na??

  5. Mariyam123

    Renu di Mishal is back. He is back. Mishal is back. Mishal is back? our hero is back yes he is back. I m saying this again and again and when I say this I feel so so so happy that I feel like dancing??????????????

  6. Mariyam123

    Meghs di as I had promised I will come back when I get to see 200 comments, see I m here? Happy na?

    1. Meghs

      I am so happy cutie finally u comeback to c 200 comments r u happy now

  7. Sujie

    Just listened Mishal’s interview once again …… With headphones stuck in my ear …… ???
    Mishal’s voice….. The best part when he sings SAB TERA…. ad raj baddhan asks ANY GIRL FLASHING ON YOUR MIND WHILE SINGING THAT SONG….. AND Mishal says LADKIYAN…..
    I was like awwww…. ???? my name please BUT THAT GONNA HAPPEN ONLY IN DREAMS ??????
    The last part NIMISHA,OLA…… you guys are lucky yarr….
    Love you Mishal …..
    Aap aaye …baahar ayaa?????????❤️❤️❤️

    1. Mariyam123

      Oh Sujie di! U r tempting me to watch the video yaar???

      1. Renuverma

        Elle its audio recording.

      2. Sujie

        Loullu…’s an audio recording……Just imagine I am soooooo excited because I only heard his voice …… If it was video…then I would have been on cloud nine….. Oops!!!! Not only in cloud nine…..but cloud 9x9x9x9x9…… To infinity ???❤️❤️❤️

    2. Ade1111

      Yea it’s nice to hear our name called. ?

  8. Mariyam123

    Party toh banti hai?????? But when is the party??????? I m ready to dance??? and rock the party????

    1. Sujie

      Let’s Naacho dear….

    2. Angel20

      Yes party to banti hai??

    3. Meghs

      Lets dance together party tho banti hai????

  9. Angel20

    I am so happy☺☺????? let’s party???

    1. Meghs

      Ha angel lets have party mishal is back

  10. Oh my god mishal coming back.i am so happy.

  11. Sujie

    Party is a must now…..?????????‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍???‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?????? celebration toh banta hai ……..
    Come on everyone shoot your comments….. Just for some moment.firget about nasty episodes we tolerated….. And let’s celebrate…… MISHAL IS COMING BACK!!!!!?????

    1. Angel20

      Yes forget about nasty episodes and let’s nacho????

      1. Sujie

        Maria ?????‍?‍?‍????

    2. Meghs

      Yup sujie..
      We comment as much we can

  12. Sujie

    From last few days I was lost ……
    But now I am back…..
    Geni Di ….wish you a happy married life….full of happiness …may you and jiju be always together and your relation blossom in every thick and thin…..

    Arshu……. Study well sissy….. All the best ???

    And Nimmy Di….you are back….I’m so happy….. ?????

    Keep commenting everyone…… Love you all….. Have a great day ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Nimisha

      Hey Sujie

      How are you? Did you get your entry to you college?

      Sorry if thanks news.


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        I am here only 😉

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    Another song for Mishal …….. Only Mishal ???❤️❤️❤️

    Humesha tumko Chaha….aur Chaha kuch bhi nahi nahi nahi nahi…….kuch bhi nahiTiday morning only I came to know that Mishal will be back…. Otherwise my playlist was full of songs I was listening repeatedly while missing Mishal
    One is from love story….

    Teri Yaadein mulaakatein woh raatein..aur baatein.
    Teri Saansein woh baahein …ab mujhe Ko yaad aaye
    Tere bina mera jiya sataye kyoon Piya… Yaadon ne Teri mujhpe yoon jaadu kiya re…
    Waapas aajao…..mere pass tum sada waapas aajao

    1. Nimisha

      LOVE that song. Often play it on a loop!


  15. Angel20

    Renu di, Arshi di, Louella, Swetha where are you all??? Come fast its time to partyyy???

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    Some music to relax ?????????♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Imagine kar Lena……from my side….. Enjoy family ????❤️?

  19. Areeb

    HAHA! Somebody inform Mishal about our Party ! He’ll forget the rest desi parties. ???

    Thinking of to share my dish with all. Anyone want to taste Biryani ? ? ? And for evening will be sharing Home made Kachoris. ?

    1. Angel20

      Wow yes i am coming i want to have everything 😉

      1. Areeb

        Most welcome. Bhag ke aajao! ?

  20. Where is my comment

  21. Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy I am very happy thanks babaji hamari dua kabul ki aapne .. finally mishal is back

    1. Renuverma

      Hi eisha r u punjabi.

  22. Angel20

    Chalo guys comment we have to achieve the target Na?

  23. Angel20

    Let’s play a game! You all suggest a game!

  24. Angel20

    Ok I have one idea! You will describe a member of our tu family and others will guess who that member is? Ok??

    1. Areeb

      Bohat mushkil game. ?? But let’s I’ll be only guessing the names. ?

    2. Arshdeep

      Hey Maria..
      Loved the game..sounds interesting

      But please please shall we postpone it?? After 24th July? Please??

      1. Angel20

        Ok dear as you wish…

  25. Angel20

    So I am describing one member,
    The member is of course a Mishal Raheja fan!!! We all love to read his/her comments especially in ff’s who has taught some of them good recepies also! She had hopes when all of us had left our hopes!
    I guess the last one is the best hint!?
    If the member recognizes that it is his/her description then don’t comment let others guess okay??
    I expect answers from all of you!

    1. Areeb

      It’s so obvious!! Renu Ma’am. ? Recipes was the best clue. ?

    2. Porkodi

      It is Renu

    3. renu ji

      1. renu mam

    4. Angel20

      Yes you all are right! I gave the best clue I know??
      But Areeb replied first so she is the winner??

  26. Hi renu d I m from Maharashtra. Dhule. I am Marathi

    1. Renuverma

      Thks eisha dear

    2. Arshdeep

      Welcome Eisha to our family??

  27. Renuverma

    Nimi dear i have an intuition that u might stumble upon mishal at some restaurant or park.?. He himself said catch me on street n i wud be an hour with u.???

    1. Arshdeep

      Nimisha didi as long as he is there keep visiting some of the famous sight seeing places in London?? You never know what destiny has for you……..?❤

  28. Please someone can tell me how to set profile picture

    1. You have to get registered

  29. I’m soooo happy ? feeling like singing ????.in today’s happiness I made palada ??.whenever I used to be happy I used to prepare it.

    Arshi di u made my day ??

    1. Arshdeep

      Aww my pleasure dear???

  30. Louella little princess I am your big fan u r like my sister she is very talkative and creative

  31. Renuverma

    Oh dear friends thks for above guesses n specially to dear maria.?

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