Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to the pint daan havan of Shambu. Pandit ji asks Dadi to bring kheer for bhog. Dhaani asks her to sit and goes to bring it. Dhaani brings kheer and is about to give to Pandit, but just then Shalu throws the puja kheer and asks Dhaani, how dare you come to my dad’s pint daan havan. She says mom was crying in the room and is not attending the puja as she has become widow. You are attending puja here being a widow. She says you are just Viplav’s love, and calls her inauspicious. Viplav gets angry and scolds her. Pandit says it is an insult of all of us as a widow is attending a puja. Shalu says Dhaani have insulted my dad by coming here. Viplav slaps her. Shalu is shocked. Pandit says this kheer has become akhandit/ not suitable for bhog. Dasharath says

Dhaani is going to be Viplav’s wife soon. Shalu says she is not yet married to Viplav. Pandit ji says we can’t do puja anymore and ends the havan abruptly. Dasharath asks Pandits not to leave and do the puja. Dhaani bends down on pandit’s feet and asks him to do the puja.

Viplav asks Dhaani not to bend infront of anyone. He folds his hands and asks Pandits to leave as he don’t want them to become impure. Pandit says it is a big insult and leaves. Kanak comes and asks why this kheer is thrown. She asks Dhaani, why did you come to this puja. I haven’t attended it as widows can’t attend this puja. Who has invited you? Viplav says I have invited her. He says his dad would feel happy knowing everyone is present in the puja. Kanak blames Dhaani and asks if you have attended your husband’s puja when he died. Viplav says Dhaani isn’t at fault in Dad’s death. Shalu blames Dhaani for the circumstances and says you have slapped me for her. Kanak asks she is in immense pain. Dasharath asks her to calm down. Dhaani apologizes. Kanak says this puja is left abruptly and my husband’s soul will not be at peace. Viplav says Shalu have stopped the puja, else it would have happened by now. He says Dhaani will not go anywhere.

Viplav asks Dhaani not to blame herself for his dad’s death and asks him to promise by keeping hand on his head. He apologizes to her on Kanak’s behalf. Dhaani says it is okay. Sushma apologizes to Shambu as the puja couldn’t be completed. Dhaani asks Viplav to do the puja and says you can do that. She folds her hands and asks Viplav to do puja for Shambu’s soul peace. Viplav announces that he will do the puja.

Viplav sits down and do the rituals as told by Dasharath. Everyone attends the puja. Sushma asks Dadi not to cry and says I will not leave any puja being his son. I will go and make all brahmins have bhog. Dhaani tells Dadi that she will leave now. She leaves.

Police comes to Dasharath’s house for enquiry. Inspector asks if they have any doubt on anyone who can kill Shambu. Badi Amma prays for Shambu’s peace. Kanak tells Inspector that she has a doubt on Dhaani, as she was in the house at the time of Shambu’s death. She asks Inspector to arrest him. Inspector leaves. Dasharath asks what she wants to do? Ask her to tell him. Sushma says Dhaani is our to be bahu and asks why you are doing this. Kanak says let Inspector do the enquiry, we shouldn’t interfere. Police team comes to Ashram. Inspector tells Badi Amma that they have come to arrest Dhaani as she has murdered Shambu. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says Kanak told us that Dhaani was in the house at that time. Raj Lakshmi informs Viplav that Dhaani is arrested. Viplav is shocked and drives the car towards Police station. Inspector interogates Dhaani. Dhaani says she is innocent. Inspector asks why did you go at night, although you are not married yet. Dulaari and Badi Amma asks other Inspector to make them meet Dhaani. Inspector asks Dhaani to tell something important. Viplav comes crashing the door, and asks Dhaani if she is fine? Dhaani says yes.

Kanak gives something to Tripurari and says it is for her first win. They laugh. Dasharath sees them together and gets suspicious. Later Kanak acts to commit suicide and Viplav stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. divya

    Kanak you witch, Khud maze le rahi hein aur bichari dhaani ko blame kar rahi hein…. Viplav’s hero entry in the police station was amazing he truely loves dhaani…….

  2. AM

    I like today’s episode because viplav was with Dhani …I don’t think all don’t like today epi …..but I loved it 😀 ….it is a drama serial so there will be not always happy …full of up and down …..but the precap is half good and half irritating … I think DT will expose TT and KT to all or will join hands with them. …..then KT ‘s drama ….white jil jil itni nautanki kese kar leti hae .. 😛 😛 😛 ….

    guys enjoy this show fully …don’t implicated too much in drama .. enjoy their acting and serial …
    “do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother” ( all know who’s dialogue this is 😛 ) ….
    keep commenting here ….I miss everyone who commented here even once … love ikrs and love all and keep commenting all my friends ,elders and younger .. 😀 😀

  3. Sujie

    Hi everyone
    Kanak is too cruel…she knows Shambhu died because of her conspiracy but still blaming Dhani…..but our hero Viplav is here… ViDhaani rocks 🙂

  4. divya

    Plz read my ff pure love, I really want to get some opinions so that i can improve plz read it sincere request

  5. AM

    hey guys I found the spoiler for this week. ..and it will be awesome this week ….

    Episode – 14106:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 19 Jan
    Dhaani gets implicated in Shambhu’s death
    The pandits are furious to see Dhaani at
    Shambhu’s ‘pind-daan’ pooja and refuse to
    conduct the ceremony.

    Episode – 14206:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 20 Jan
    Viplav is upset by Dhaani’s arrest and confronts
    his mother Kanak about it.

    Episode – 14306:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 21 Jan
    Kanak is shocked when Dashrath asks Dhaani
    to organise a pooja for the birth of a son.

    Episode – 14406:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 22 Jan
    Dhaani rescues Dashrath from the ‘aghoris’.

    Episode – 14506:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 23 Jan
    Viplav and Dhaani decide to find proof against
    Tripurari so he can be charged for Shambu’s

    • AM

      I did not understand what is about the pooja of birth of a son …and what is aghoris ….if anyone know then explain it ….

    • Marees

      I will bomb u kanak….

      unna partha enaku ore irritatinga iruku….

      2day vidhaani scenes was two gud..viplav 2day ur awesome ya…

    • Saranya

      AM,thanks yaar for that spoiler.u always come with spoilers and gives us an understanding on what’s going to happend next,thanks dear.

  6. Oh no I expected more than today’s episode its OK our ikrs will always rocks.
    Viplav ur the real lover of agirl.
    I like ur guts how darely u speaks out before whole family luv u yaar.
    Our writers r really great because they show always heroine dominated with others and supported by viplav this shows how much viplav loves dhaani.
    Sorry we all Misunderstood that this love track is going in Big MU track b/w vidhaani but it is going in ever loving story .I really love this track.luv all ikrs team .all the best.
    But we need only cool scenes from ikrs pls try this type.we don’t want revenges and all cruel criminal things.

  7. AM

    hi BR mam,varsha,joyee,Tamil,saranya,sonu,shri,meghs,marees,jyoti,akshay,hritya,brity,kavitha,kaviya,sujie,Divya and all comment here plz. ..share your opinions ….

  8. Knk I don’t have words to scold and tease her because she was fully crossed the border line to split vidhaani my god she is really a lady don of ikrs.

  9. Sonu

    Today I am full happy for ikrs. What a love Vipu. I am really enjoyed today’s episode. Love u Vidhani..

  10. Rajee

    Today’s episode was very emotional but I liked it as viplav stood by dhani’s side.dhani’s tear & viplav’ pain made me teary kanak is using shalu in her wicked plannings. I didn’t like shalu insulting dhani..poor dhani..

  11. Sonu

    @AM, I am already full happy. Abb mera mann hava mein chal raha hai, because of your spoiler. Thank u so much yaar for giving such a wonderful spoiler. I am eagerly waiting…happy, happy..

    • Rahul

      Hi guys… you forget me…..todays episode is gud….I hate kanak… cruel she is…..I love the way viplav stood up for dhani……

  12. Rajee

    And precap… again drama queen is playing a suicide drama..kaash viplav thoda late ho jaye aur kanak ka kaam tamam ho jaye!!!

    • Sonu

      Haha rajee, voo drama queen itni jaldi se nahi marungi. Voo doosoronki maarti kudh nahi maar. Stupid Drama Queen..

  13. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends BR mam, Shri, Saru, Joyee, Sara, Sana, AM, MM, Raj, Rajee, Kavi, Kaviya, Divya, nisha, Florentina, Sofe, Hritya, Varsha, Tamil,Gudiya, Gennipher, Marees, Megha, Swasti, Swati, Rezmie, Radha, Vaishnavi, Jyoti, Aksay and all of ikrs fans…
    Please share yours opinion abt today’s episode..

  14. Marees

    Hai my dr br mam,versha,saranya,joyee,raj,ranaji,kaviya,kavitha,shri,am,mm,sonu,sara,rajee,divya and all my dr ikrs fans…

  15. sara

    wow am…. what a nice spoiler. .. too good. ..

    see guys today’s episode was so so good. .. I have been telling you guys there is no mu n I don’t see any mu in near future also. ..

    such a beautiful serial yaar.. lots of love to team ikrs.. please keep us entertaining us like this only

  16. florentina moldovan

    OH MY GOD!!! This serial is the best i ever seen! I DIDN T BREATHE before the epi was finished! So well done! Congrats to the team that is making it!

  17. sara

    Hello everyone one. . br madam sonu saranya joyee am divya rajee flore.. kaviya kavita.. marees gennie varsha nc all dear ikrs fans. ..
    good evening please comment. .

  18. sara

    I fell in love with viplav n ikrs all over again. .. such a good strong charecter is viplav.. Great writer. . we need such nice heros at least on screen. . who stand by their truth. conviction furmly without succumbing to pressure buily by circumstance n start believing in superstitions.. cool yaar

  19. florentina moldovan

    i think Dadadji will became good because he will realise that Dhani is very good in Viplav s life! I LOVED the scene when Dhani asked Viplav to do the puja .She transformed that naughty and selfish and spoiled boy into a man! A man who will change the society and fight for every human being s rights! They are a great team!

  20. florentina moldovan

    I am so excited friends, so i will comment a lot! Hugs for all my friends…Sonu, Saranya,MAREES, Sara, AM,MM,BR, Fatarajo, Kaviya,Varsha,Rajee, Kavitha ,Akshay and all of IKRS family!!!!

  21. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    And all my friends

  22. Today episode was better than expected…Viplav is superb today…Kanak can play hell number of tricks but I believe she can’t create hate between Viplav and Dhaani…….Viplav character is portrayed in a such a way that he is very strong person to understand the reasons behind every move…The feel good factor in this serial is writer never failed to carry the love between Viplav and Dhaani……..

  23. Love is the need of the hour not the hate…..Already there is enough hate in the society so we need more serials like IKRS which can bring the feel of love in every heart…..Hope writer always gives strength to the love between Viplav and Dhaani than hate….So far writer gave the good weight for love scenes between Viplav and Dhaani than Hate scenes…Hope this continues…

  24. Hasi

    Thanks for is very gott and i am very happy about vidhaani,because they are decided to find truth against tripurari.TT go to hell along with KT

  25. Sonu

    @AM, I think Agori means they are one kind of God Shiva’s divotees. But they are not like a other type of swamijis and their looks are scared. I think they peoples lives in group. Most of the agorees are found in kashi.

  26. Saranya

    Guys,kanak moves to a new ad by quitting jewellery u know what it is?ok,let’s see,here is the ad song:
    ps:i am posting this one for the third time some data base problems may be u find it more than once also this one is modelled on original nirma song.

  27. Sonu

    Today i felt bad as well as sad for Shalu. Shalu please don’t believe your mom’s crocodile tear. Today you did wrong for Dhani. I know your feelings about your moms widow and your’s fathers death. But one thing you know your Mom’s only the reason of all situation in today, her widow life and Shambuji’s death, not Dhani. Today you slapped by your’s brother, don’t take it serious. So next time don’t blame Dhani.
    I hope u must understand the viplav’s love for Dhani and Dhani’s innocence.

  28. Saranya

    Varsha u know the actual meaning of Philos is” someone we loves”.such a dear name u have varsha,superb.

  29. Sonu

    Hi BR mam, yen aaytu? Ivattu kooda nim comments illa. Ellidderee, hegidderee. Really miss u and your comments. Please comment maadi. Really miss u, take care love uuuu…..

  30. prachi

    Today’s episode is more Dan expectation, the seriel is on the right track n become more interesting day by day,luv u ikrs team

  31. Saranya

    Sincerely saying,Vidhani is the most perfect couple ever.both in chemistry and in unity.even in a lot of worse situations there is not even a ray of misunderstanding,in which serial we can see this.all negativity fades away with their positivity.that’s why i really appriciate our writer for making such an epic love doubts,vidhani deserves the best jodi award this year as the best jodi means mental unity.

  32. Sonu

    Hey Drama queen whatever u did wrong for dhani, its become good for Vidhanis strong bonding. Agar tum Dhani ko sabke samnae not blame kar, Shambuji’s death ke baare mein full upset hokar chup chaap se vidwa dharam palan karki hamara viplav ko emotionally black mail karegae tho? Voo tumari ronadona dek kar melt hota tho?? So I am happy for your attitude towards Dhani.

  33. Ya guys I agree with u all here the writer created the hero who supports the girl who unable to fight for her rights.
    A very cute character of viplav.
    At first he is in responsible person but dhaanis love changed him to responsible and brave to fight for them.
    Really hats off to writers.
    If MU Is created BT vidhaani then viplavs love is not our writers and directors showing true love of hero.really amazing.salam karthe hain ikrs.

  34. Hi br mam were r u pls mam we need ur comments from last two days u didn’t comment mam pls come on with us we miss ur comments mis u too mam.take care.

  35. sara

    really poor shalu .. ye kanak apni matlabkeliye kisike bhi bali chadha saktee hai…
    ad it is she never showed any love to shalu or shambu.. she only loved (or shows) viplav. ..

  36. sara

    What I have seen with ikrs is the writers take us by surprise everyday. . whatever we think will not happen. . they will give us some other story/scenes amazing. .

    • Rajee

      Yes Sara u r right. The writers always surprise us.they really think diff fm us &this is what the most amazing thing abt the show. IKRS rocks!!!

  37. AM

    BR mam …missing you very much .. love to see you here. plz come you are the first one who welcomed me and replied me first ….mam come … 🙁 🙁

  38. Tintin

    Good episode today, better than expected. Really like Viplav’s character and his strength and courage to stand for the good and the right and protect and stand by his love of life, Dhani in all her difficulties and problems. Great acting by Mishal, Jai Ho Viplav. IKRS rocks when Vidhani are in love and stand by each other.

  39. Saranya

    Guys,we have four fan fictions now.and all of these have some unique feature.each of them possess different quality.this is what i noticed:
    Divya’s ff-perfect romantic drama
    Sujie’s ff-perfect family drama
    Joyee’s ff-perfect suspense drama
    Kaviya’s ff-perfect entertainment drama
    Guys,this is only my opinion.after reading these much parts i felt so.u can also express ur opinion and motivate them.and my humble request is pls comment to their ff.we have a great strength here and it will be really a motivation to them.what saying guys?

    • sri(kaviya)

      Thanks saran for giving your support for ff. Yes saran you well said each comment is more valuable to us, it well motivate us so friends read it and share yours opinion. It will give more power to us and make us do well …….

    • Rajee

      U r right saran… I am trying to read all…all r really very good…these girls r a bunch of real talent…

  40. Saranya

    Gud mng friends,i think dhani’s past is going to reveal soon.this is the second time she is accussed as murderer.something is going to happen.what do u think guys?

    • sri(kaviya)

      Good morning saran I am also felt same way let’s wait and see what suspence our writers have……

  41. sara

    good morning everyone. .
    I don’t think so saranya.. iv don’t think dhani’s past will reveal so soon. .

  42. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    ***********Can’t expect anything more from Shalu as she appears to be Dumb girl in the serial**********

  43. sara

    I am very happy with ydays scenes if vidhani.. so much of love scene.. viplav stupid against everyone for his love. .. it was amazing what more love scenes do you guys expect I seriously don’t understand. . I love that bg music which was played while vip asks her to swear on him. .. that comes sometimes. . I love it

  44. AM

    hey …good afternoon guys ….hi BR mam,varsha,joyee,saranya,Sara,sonu,shri,Tamil,akshay,jyoti and all ….comment itna kam kyu hae???? ….come and join guys ..plz ….missing you all …br mam come back plz 🙁

  45. Fatarajo

    Hey all, sorry for the late comment I was sick yesterday and also still recovering so couldn’t comment I watched this episode on tv already but I liked it overall as Vipu took stand for Dhani that’s why was sick that’s why didn’t see the episode properly m still recovering

  46. Viplav supported Dhaani infront of his family and when Dhaani asked him to continue pooja,
    He followed her words……..these two scenes shown the love and affection they both have on each other………Mishuu…& Eishuu….both r awesome yaar……

    • Fatarajo

      Lol eishu I call my friend that and Mishu lol that’s my jija Ji’s name 😛 my fav Jiju somemore

    • Haha thanks sonu, actually yesterday I fall very sick as I m allergic to dust so i was sneezing non-stop and that’s why I couldn’t use my phone as I was not feeling well n slept early than usual

  47. Sonu

    Arre BR mam and Shri today also yours comment not there. What happened? R u OK? Please do atleast one comment per day..miss uuu….

  48. Sonu

    Hi Britty, Tamil, Gudiya, Lifna, Raj what happened guys? Still now yours comment not there? Please do comments..

  49. sara

    hey joyee please take care of ur health. .When n if possible comment. .
    saranya seems busy with collage now. .

  50. Sonu

    In yesterday’s episode situation;
    V: Mein hoona? Tumari saat, aeh mera vaada raha.
    D: Hum Bahut pyaar karte tumse.
    Shalu: Mein pagal bangayi..
    KT: Dhani mein tumko nahi chodungi .
    DT: Hey bagwan! Yanha par kya ho raha hai? Muje kuch nahi samaj mein aa rahi.

  51. sara

    dt has really slowed down after shambu’s death. .. I think he will get acrive from today. .. its interesting to see if he will join hands vith kt n jp or turn positive. .. hmmm interesting

  52. Rajee

    My 1st attempt to take names of members here.sorry if I miss any name as I don’t have a grt memory power…
    Aditya,akshay,am,br mam,Brity,biswajit,chonu,divya,fatarajo,Florentine,Gayatri,gudiya,hasi,hritya,jyoti,kavitha, kaviya,lifna,marres,marine,meghs,mm,prachi,purple,rahul,radha,raj,renu,Sara,sana,saranya,shri,sonu,sujie,suresh,tintin,varsha,yogi…
    Iist is really big…I hope I passed…
    Good afternoon to all…

  53. Rajee

    Forgot ranaji too… time I will not try this attempt… I have a really bad memory power…bye to all..will comment after today’s episode …bye..

    • My aunt also watches that show I isn’t watch IKRS yesterday as I was sick so my aunt got to watch SKR 😛 she likes to watch it a lot but she watches the repeat as I was watch IKRS that time , I also like ashish his acting so good

      • sara

        I used to watch rangrasiya in the begining or was somewhat ok cos of ashish’s acting n good bg music after few episodes of lost everything n it was a disaster. ..

        I m watching only ikrs but today I happened to see skr while surfing…

  54. sara

    ikrs team is using only necessary cast in any episode they seem to be cost conscious. .. vip has only two friends n when such tragedy has happened in his life both not there any day

  55. sara

    I loved the way viplav stops dhani from apologizing to pundits. .. dialogues were really nice powerful n touchy. .

    amazing. .

  56. Hi sonu, brity, joyee, fatarjo, varsha, BR, n all fans.
    Loved d way vipu was there with Dhani supporting her all d time. God bless you both. Hope dt turns positive. Natak me kt Sach me Mar jani chahiye…. Cunning kt.

  57. Rajee

    No Sara…bilkul bhi nahin…most of the names r not visible…I have written in alphabetical after s names r not visible…I just blindly wrote without caring abt the margins & that’s all..
    A loud sorry dear!!!

  58. Saranya

    Gud evening friends,
    And sara u are right now a days i am busy with college but that’s not the actual reason for less comments.first one is some health problems,second one busy with my student’s science expo and third one i really miss some of my friends here.anyways from today onwards i’ll comment as much as possible.

  59. Saranya

    Joyee take care of ur health yaar bcz really missed u yesterday and also u have to take care for our fan fiction director ji,just joking yaar.but take care.

  60. Saranya

    Now a days we are not even making atleast 200 comments.what happened guys?i really miss that lost my friends pls comment as much as u can and about me i am really fighting to get some time and whenever i am free i just keep commenting and commenting i can come only at evening as i have to take tutions.see u in evening guys.bye.we should make atleast 200comments for tmrw.

  61. ruhan

    why is that Kanak being a widow is not sent to the Ashram and be treated/ Why is that she has more power than Dashrath being a widow.

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