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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dhaani that he felt really good today, as Vidha has accepted him as Papa, we have united again and are family now. Dhaani says yes. Viplav says just one thing is missing, someone haven’t fulfilled the promise…Dhaani blushes. Viplav gets closer to her and says I need my birthday gift. Dhaani says if anyone comes here. Viplav says nobody will come, and says I have closed the door. Dhaani feels shy. Kamini thinks she forgot Viplav’s birthday because of Tripurari, and thinks to do something to impress him. She then thinks where is he? She thinks if he went to Dhaani. Viplav asks Dhaani for a birthday kiss……Dhaani looks at him, feels shy and turns her face. She walks a bit and throws ball on him……Viplav comes near her and holds her. Main Toh Tere

Rang Me Rang Chuka Hun plays………….Viplav moves his finger in her hairs and is about to kiss her. Dhaani keeps hand on her lips. Viplav kisses on her hand….while the song continues to play. Viplav kisses on her forehead. Dhaani lies down on the bed. Sab Tera song plays……..Kamini reaches Basti and looks on. Viplav admires Dhaani and touches her hand. Rahul sees Kamini walking inside the basti and thinks whay did this chudail doing here. He thinks to inform Parshiya.

Parshiya is talking to Vidha and asks her not to make Chudail. Rahul comes there and informs him that Kamini is going towards Dhaani’s house. Parshiya goes to Dhaani’s house. Viplav is about to kiss her. Parshiya knocks on the door. Viplav says they don’t leave us for a min. He opens the door. Parshiya tells him that Kamini came here and is coming there now. Dhaani gets worried and asks Viplav to hide somewhere with Vidha, as Kamini might question her. Vidha asks why we are hiding? Viplav says we are playing hide and seek game and says we have to win.

Kamini comes to Dhaani’s house and asks if Viplav came here. Dhaani says why he will come here and asks her to go. Kamini looks at the cooking utensil, and says you both are cooking food but the stove is off. Parshiya says it might get off because of air and says you don’t know as you have AC in your kitchen too. Viplav smiles hearing his reasoning. Parshiya apologizes to Dhaani and asks her to light stove also. Kamini looks around in the house for Viplav. Parshiya sees Viplav’s wallet on the table and signs Dhaani. Kamini says I got what I wanted…Dhaani asks what do you mean? Kamini says happiness seeing you both married and says I will leave. Viplav asks Vidha to be silent. Kamini hears his voice and turns. Dhaani asks what happened Kamini? Kamini says nothing. Vidha sneezes. Kamini says I heard someone sneezing and is about to check under the bed. Parshiya checks before her and says Gudiya is hidden under the bed. He says we were playing hide and seek game. Kamini is doubtful.

Dhaani asks her to check if Viplav is hiding in her cupboard, behind the door or under the door. Viplav gets tensed. Kamini asks her to stop it. Dhaani says he might be at home, and asks you are making everyone know. Parshiya says she is doubting on her husband and asks her to learn from Dhaani and says she is so confident about me. Dhaani asks Kamini, if she thinks Viplav will leave her. She says he will not leave you as you love him truly. Parshiya says doubting him will break your relation and says your relation is not ripe. Kamini says shut up and goes. Viplav comes out of bed and says I have to reach hotel before she reaches there. He leaves. Vidha says bye Papa. Parshiya says my role ends here for today and is leaving. Dhaani asks him to stop and gives him jewellery which he gave her during marriage. She thanks him and says nobody would have done this, what you have done. Parshiya says I am your friend, Vidha’s baba and Dulaari’s son. He says you can’t snatch this relation from me, and says I want to be always in this relation with you. Dhaani signs yes. Parshiya takes the jewellery and goes. Dhaani gets emotional.

Kamini comes home and sees Viplav playing with Atharva in their hotel room. Viplav asks where did you go? He says it seems you are fine. Kamini says I am absolutely fine and says manager needed advice on will. Viplav says now we don’t have to wait to cut the cake. Kamini says sorry and says lets cut the cake. Viplav asks Atharva, who will sing song for him. Atharva and Kamini sing happy birthday to you. Viplav makes Atharva and Kamini eat the cake. Viplav asks who will make me eat cake. Kamini says I will and makes him eat it. She gets Tripurari’s call and says wrong number. Viplav thinks it is written on your face that it was not wrong number. Viplav asks her to give phone and says I will take selfie. Kamini says I am selfie expert and takes their selfie. She gets Tripurari’s call again and tells Viplav that she is getting call from Spa. Viplav asks her to pick the call. Kamini picks the call and tells him that she will come to Spa tomorrow. Tripurari asks her to come and meet him at 12 noon. Viplav asks Kamini to give phone as he will take another selfie. Kamini gives the phone. Viplav checks the phone and sees last call deleted by her. He thinks that person must be her partner in crime and determines to find out.

Kamini comes to meet Tripurari and asks why he was calling again and again. If anyone doubts then everything will be ruined. Tripurari says gunahon ki Devi…I need all the money 5 crores Rs. Kamini asks him to be careful and says you are equally responsible with me in those crimes. Viplav hears them. Just then stone gets moved by his leg alerting Kamini and Tripurari. They see Viplav and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Areeb

    Again Cake Cutting. Again Happy Birthday. ? Mishal got lucky this time or the other way we got lucky to see him cutting his bday cake. ?

  2. Thanks Hasan mam for the update ☺☺

  3. Thank you H hasan!
    Areeb phir champion :). Did you like it?
    Episode was thik thak. I watched on Desi tashan.

    1. Areeb

      Oh I just open the site and update was there- lucky me. ?
      Though I was on the way so couldn’t watch the first half – that’s actually good. ? Didn’t get to see the lovey dovey romance.
      In today’s episode I liked the scene when Dhaani- Parshiya fooled Kam in their talk meanwhile Viplav smiling under the bed. ?
      And my most favorite thing the selfie part. When Kam boasts I’m the selfie queen- I was like, Really!? * With my mouth wide open *
      Other then that, the precap- it’s kind of confusing. I don’t think so they saw Viplav spying on them. May be.

      And ya, so ultimately episode was thik thak. ?

  4. Shanitics

    Today’s episode was smpy ???

    Vidha and viplav are aniling the screen…

    Parshiya’s talk to VK ???

    Gonna miss u all…

    1. Mariyam123

      No ways… No missing wissing… Read my comment down and reply to it. Then u will have no need to miss us?

    2. Areeb

      Hi Swetha! True, Parshiya’s character has been turned out really good!

    3. Sujie

      Ekdum sahi….
      Apunko bhi aisa eech lagta hai……
      Parshiya’s character turned out to be really really good ….. Ek dum JHAKKAS type?????????

    4. Nimisha

      Hello Swetha! Hope you’re well and that school is going well. ???

  5. Mariyam123

    Thanks Hasan mam for the update?

  6. Sujie

    Thank for the update Hasan ma’am
    Hello everyone ??

  7. Sujie

    Episode was fun…
    Parshiya talking to Kaamini ???????
    Viplav and Vidha…..?????
    And TP …. Wakeel baabu ke saath ho…. Isliye comedy batya Rahi ho??? seriously Kaamini and TP no longer look like villains …. But look like the person fired from the job of the clown of circus because of which dono paglagaye hai… ???
    And precap….. They are shocked because of the sound…. Viplav Ko dekha nahi hoga…. ?

    1. Renuverma

      Yes sujie now both look comical villains ?☺

  8. Sujie

    And yes…… Sab tera…??????

    1. Renuverma

      Yes sujie this song is awesome ☺

      1. Sujie

        Sone Pe suhaga WALA thing is Mishal also loves the track ????☺️☺️??

  9. Mariyam123


    Friends actually I wanted to tell u this long back ago but couldn’t due to the busy schedule. But now I have to tell before its too late.

    First of all I m very sad that only 1 week is left for ikrs. But I cannot live without u all. So I have an idea?

    See on 29 I myself will post the first episode of our ikrs serial. I want u all to join us there, please? I don’t want to lose anyone of u?

    Remember the date well, on 29th August. Just 5 comments from each person and I will be satisfied. I want silent readers to comment too? But plz don’t miss commenting.

    From 29th I will everyday post the episode updates of ikrs from the starting. At least we will spend one more year together.

    Plz I want maximum replies to this comment, pleaaaasssseee???

    I don’t want to lose anyone of u?? That’s why I want to take quick action. And don’t worry about tellyupdates team, I will anyhow talk to them?

    Plz plz plz plz reply?????

    1. Hi Louella. Ok. where will you post it?
      I will be going out in a while and will not have access for the next 2 days. But i will be in touch on Sunday night/monday morning.

    2. wow great idea n initiative dear. ..

      I m Game for it..

    3. Renuverma

      Great effort.? elle

    4. Sujie

      Done donna done done….. good one chuttku….
      Count me for it

    5. Angel20

      That’s a nice idea??

    6. Areeb

      Oh. That’s a really good idea.

      1. That’s very nice idea☺☺

  10. Mariyam123

    Thank u everyone for your best wishes?? I m really so lucky to have u all as my second family??

    1. Sujie

      I got late to wish ……
      Congratulations for getting highest marks…..
      Keep rocking like this dear

      1. Mariyam123

        Thank u so much Sujie di?

  11. Thanks mam for the update.

  12. Today the episode was thrilling….Dhani sending kamini out was superb.

  13. though show is ending the writer seems to be in full form… All block buster episodes

    1. Renuverma

      Yes saras.????

    2. Sujie

      ???? so true ma’am

  14. Renuverma


    1. Sujie

      Gunahon ka Pandora box addressing another Pandora box…. 😀 😛 😛 :-D:-D

      1. Areeb

        HAHA. Correct.

    2. Angel20

      Yes I also liked that☺☺

    1. Mariyam123

      Will surely read and comment? Just five minutes and my comment will be there?

      1. Angel20

        Thank you☺☺

    2. Areeb

      I’m on my way to reach that episode. Wait. ??

      1. Angel20

        Haha?? waiting

  15. Yes Sujie Pandora box opened now they will accuse one another I am waiting for that episode

  16. Mariyam123

    Zee I will be posting the updates here only in tellyupdates. So no worries?

  17. Sujie

    Pata nahi where has everyone gone ???????

    Hungry hungry….super hungry!!!!!
    Thode se comments dedo baba??

  18. Shanitics

    Pls go and read it’s my first promo.. Of my serial…

  19. Shanitics

    I’m soo happy that u r gonna post the serial update.. We have gt another year.. To spend with..? Thankss lols.. I’m soo happy means soo happy.. No wrds to xpress my happiness to u.. Love u.. Hugs and hugs and hugs to u.. As many kisses.. Kisses on ur forehead.. Cheeks… Love u too much I’ll too hlp u in updating…

  20. Shanitics

    Lols.. My sweety..??????????

  21. Shanitics

    I’m soo happy I am nvr gonna miss this family…

  22. Sujie

    A new me ???
    Do read it and drop your comments ??

    1. Areeb

      Itni speed. ?

      1. Sujie

        Areeb ????
        Sab bhagwaan Ki kripa hai ??

    2. Angel20

      ??? Sujie di??

      1. Sujie

        Maria ???????

  23. Angel20

    Yesterday Dhaani and Parshiya NE Jo kamini ke sath kiya??? it was just awesome! And she deserved it!!??

    1. Sujie

      So true Maria???

  24. Shrinjal

    Friends,that’s the link for my Swaragini ff…hope u all vll comment?

  25. Areeb

    mohe ang ang kayi rang rang
    (Each part of my being is dyed in a different hue of happiness)

    koi hara gulaabi laal
    (Verdant green, joyful pink, and rapturous red)

    yeh dharti mere paaon ki mehndi
    (The earth feels like beautiful henna adorning my feet)

    ambar laal gulaal
    (And the sky is rosy with merriment)

    ye mausam milne ka hai
    (This is the season for lovers to unite)

    phoolon ke khilne ka hai
    (For flowers to blossom)

    aa ja re more saiyaan
    (Come to me, my beloved)

    aa ja re more rasiya
    (Oh come, my charming lover)

    aa jaa
    (Come to me)

    baadal men se chandrama mohe dekh dekh muskaaye
    (From behind the clouds, the moon peeps out and smiles fondly to see me)

    mujh se meri chaal poochhne pawan jhakore aaye
    (The breeze wants to emulate my light-hearted gait)

    yeh ḍagar ḍagar kare jagar jagar jab tere raste jaaoon
    (These pathways shine brightly as I journey towards you)

    main yaad rakhoon tujh ko rasiya
    (You are forever in my thoughts, my sweetheart)

    main kisi ko yaad nah aaoon
    (Even if the rest of the world becomes lost to me)

    Some of my favorite lines from the song I’m listening at the moment. ❤ Any suggestions? For some good music. In full mood to listen. ?

    1. Sujie

      No idea…. From which movie is this song….. But would like to suggest songs of ARIJITH SINGH…. RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN….. ATIF ASLAM….ANKIT TIWARI…..
      Koi bhi Gaana sunlo….. Maza aayega… But one thing ….. CLOSE YOUR EYES..AND FEEL THE SONG ????????
      This feels lovely ??

      1. Areeb

        HAHA. Yeh to Pakistani song you must not have heard. ? HAHA. Yep listening to Atif Aslam. ❤

  26. Sujie

    Am I the only one who after watching IKRS and listening to the romantic IKRS track… Keeps imagining a blur figure opposite to me…with me ???
    I mean… Romantic songs make me feel that blur figure is with me ….. ??
    Serious songs Sunti hoon toh I feel I am the one fighting with emotions…
    Dhamakedaar songs Sunti hoon…toh I imagine I am enjoying with that blur figure…..
    What is happening with me????
    Hayo Rabba MEIN KI KITTA???

    1. sab hota hai.. blur figure clear figure bhee hotahai ()baad main)..
      koyi gal nahee puttar. tu bas khush rahe…

      yoi know whenever I get hooked to one song I just listen to it literally 100 times. I don’t get satisfied at all. ..

      1. Sujie

        Saras ma’am….
        It’s just that some songs really affect me…. I keep feeling those songs…and literally I never get bothered by listening that song again and again ….???
        Aap bhi khush rahiye ma’am..???
        Thank you for your blessing…okay
        I feel like spend whole day listening to those lovely lovely songs ….

  27. Sujie
    Found this…and was behaving like INSANE…..
    😀 😀 😀

  28. from past few days I m stuck with shakti song “ishq hai meri ibaadat..”

  29. Shanitics

    Go and read the ff.. Hungry fr cmnts..?

    This epi cnsist of the epic dia.. Tum uparwale se… Aur hum tum he.. ”

    Njoy the epi..? and pt cmnts ?

  30. Shanitics

    Aish in kochi.. Whr u live???

    1. R u also in Kochi???????

      1. Kaloor

      2. In which school r u studying? ??

  31. Nimisha

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been merrily chatting away in yesterday’s thread and realised that it was the wrong one!

    Anyway me found the right one now.

    Louella, will try and come and find your story. Great way to stay in touch! Well done!

    Areeb, that colours song is lovely, maybe you could link to it on YouTube or online as would love to listen to it.

    This episode was fab. A bit of something for everyone. Some drama, lovely romance and of course the comedy.

    Kam’s face when :
    Parshiya told her she should be more like Dhani and confident
    When Viplav fed the bit of cake to Atharva
    And when Dhani looked for Viplav behind the door
    Just brilliant!

    Loved the happy scenes to Sab Tera, lovely song and lovely moments, love how Viplav is back to his old self. Relaxed, cheeky, happy and full of hope. Soooo good to see after so long of him being on the outside and sometimes losing hope,

    They have figured bits out so well, Parshiya Viplav and Dhani. Thank goodness for Parshiya. The other two are so loved up they can’t see or think clearly but he know what Kam was like from the off! Good man!

    I nearly got up and danced when Viplav actually Closed the door!! ???????????????????????????? He has finally learned! Thank goodness. I feel my work here is done. Lol! Really good scene with him and Dhani.

    MIshal is sooooo gorgeous and Sanjeeda is sooo beautiful. She seems so at ease in the romantic scenes and they both make me believe in the feelings Viplav and Dhani have for each other.

    So a mother really good episode.

    The Precap, ??? Viplav really is clumsy??? I’m sure he won’t be caught but I wish he’d stop doing that to me! ???

    Have a fab saturday everyone. Xxx,


  32. Nimisha

    Btw, does anyone op watch Krishndasi?

    The story seems to be following in IKRS’s footsteps, almost identically! And they even have a leap coming up!

  33. After leap the time of the story full one year ,it begins with Viplav,s birthday , may be going to end with another birthday.

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