Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua looks at Dhaani’s clothes and asks if she is a nurse. Just look at her clothes, she has worn clothes as if she is owner of the house. She asks Sushma to throw her out of house. Sushma says you are thinking wrong. Kanak says she is dressed up like this because of Poornima. Dadi Bua asks Dhaani to come in Nurse dress and tells about crow and hans story. Viplav tells Dhaani that she is his Dadi Bua. Dhaani touches her feet. Dadi Bua asks her not to behave as family member, and just take care of Viplav. Dhaani assures her that she will take care of her. Kanak asks Dadi bua to have freshen up and have food. Dadi Bua goes with Kanak and Sushma. Viplav asks Dasharath, why did you lie to her? Dasharath says his jiji will get angry if she comes to know about the truth.

He says this is happening because of you, as you married secretly. If I tell her anything then she will hate you. Viplav says so Dhaani have to act as nurse now until she is here. Dhaani says I will manage and says Dadi Bua loves you a lot. Dasharath tells Dhaani that everything will be fine in 2 days.

Shalu comes to Viplav and says I am trapped. She says Dadi bua is happy as Dada ji told her that my marriage is happening. Dasharath tells him that he lied to her that he is taking out mahurat for Shalu’s wedding. He asks them to manage the situation. He says marriage have to happen. Shalu says will you get me married in 2 days. Dhaani asks with whom? Dasharath says I have to do something and goes. Dhaani tells Viplav that Shalu came out from the trauma just now, how she will marry in a hurry. Viplav says everyone is scared of her and even Dada ji. Dhaani says you didn’t tell me about her. Viplav says she went on a teetra yatra, and came now. Dhaani says I am worried how Dada ji will manage. Viplav says I will convince Dadi Bua and tells about his childhood incident. He says when he got ill in his childhood, Dadi Bua didn’t have food for 11 days. Kanak asks Dasharath what will happen now? Dasharath says we have to get Shalu married and find a good guy. He says I will not get her married to a random guy.

Shalu says I was always burden on you. Dadi Bua comes and asks them to make her meet Shalu’s to be groom. Dasharath says I have fixed the marriage by seeing the groom and asks her to rest first. Dadi Bua scolds Dasharath and asks him to call Jamai. Kanak says I called him, but he isn’t picking the call. Dadi bua says I want to meet him today itself. Kanak says I will call him. Dadi Bua says this house is looking like house now. Pankaj comes home talking on phone. Dadi Bua mistaken him to be Shalu’s to be groom and asks if he is a guy. Pankaj says yes surprisingly. Dadi asks him to sit and asks about his family. Pankaj tells that he has a dad and mom in the family. She asks about his sister. Pankaj says I don’t have. Dadi Bua says it is good. Viplav comes and says you are here Saale. Dadi Bua says he is going to be your jija and asks him to talk nicely. She says I like the guy and says relation is fixed from my side too. Pankaj asks Dhaani, what is going on? Dhaani says Shalu’s marriage talk is going on.

Pankaj asks with whom? Viplav says with you? Pankaj is shocked. He tries talking to Viplav. Viplav goes as he gets call. Shalu comes and greets Pankaj and asks about Raj. Pankaj says he didn’t come. Dadi Bua comes back and asks Pankaj to sit. She asks Shalu to sit as well. She asks Dhaani to bring tea. She praises Shalu and Pankaj’s jodi. Shalu and Pankaj are hesitant. Servant brings tea and it falls on Pankaj’s hands. Shalu takes him inside and washes his hand. She scolds servant and cares for his hand. She says I will apply ointment on your hand. Pankaj says Shalu…your family also wants to convey same message, that there is a treatment for every pain. Dhaani looks at them. Shalu asks him to come. Dhaani comes to Viplav. Viplav says I can’t get Shalu married because of Dadi Bua’s fear. Dhaani says guy is good and even Shalu likes him. Viplav asks whom? Dhaani says Pankaj and tells that Pankaj saved Shalu’s hand and gets his hand burnt because of hot tea. Viplav says okay, I will talk to him and asks her to talk to Shalu.

Viplav gives book to Pankaj and tells that he will handle Dadi Bua. He says Shalu likes you and asks what is his opinion. Shalu tells Dhaani that she can’t take any decision and says she has lost interest in marriage after the recent happenings. She says who will marry me? Dhaani asks her about the qualities in the guy. Shalu says she wants a selfless, good hearted guy who loves her a lot. Dhaani asks about Pankaj? Shalu smiles. Dhaani hugs her happily. Viplav continues talking to Pankaj. Dhaani comes to Viplav and smiles. Dadi Bua asks where are you all? She asks Kanak if the invitations are sent. Kanak says it will be done in a day. Dadi Bua asks Pankaj to touch elders’ feet. Pankaj touches their feet. Dadi Bua says I am happy. Kanak blesses him. Viplav smiles. Shalu gets shy and goes to room.

Dadi Bua calls someone and asks her to come soon. Viplav holds a woman and falls on her while she was taking clothes from the rope thinking her to be Dhaani. Dhaani comes and looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nimisha ?

    First of all… More topless Viplav… ????? lol! Not really.

    Why is Dhani so quick to agree to lies. Viplav did try but she almost insists.

    Dadi bua…. Hmmm can’t decide whether she’s some so of comedy figure. Has she been brought in to lighten the mood?

    In the precap, hmmmm that girl….. Pretty but I already dislike her. Good to see Viplav being affectionate after his super speedy recovery but shame it wasn’t the right girl. Lol!

    Sujie, on the last thread said DT had called DB to stop Viplav and Dhani’s wedding part 2… Does he not realise they are already married. What is that old fool up to.

    A bit of an odd episode. But better than I was expecting.

    And poor Pankaj, came to see his ill friend but ended up getting engaged to dumbo Shalu. The way she ran off after her got the blessings from Dadi, DT and KT, suggests that she is like totally in love with Pankaj already. She’s soooo fickle. Didn’t take her long to get over the person who she madly lived a few days ago. Lol!

    • Anne

      Nimisha, your daughters allergies sound rotten for her,and she’s not very old .It must be a daily problem for you both. This time of year doesn’t help,with everything growing.and pollen flying about. ?? x

      What do you mean. **not really**!? It doesn’t hurt to have a good old perve now and again ! Lol. I did.
      I think I missed some meaning in this episode,like you I thought it may be a light hearted break from all the drama,but I really don’t know.
      Writers have got skates on , not only is viplav better (its a miracle) !
      but Shalu has moved on pretty quick ,has pankaj been secretly in love with her ? Even reading update I’m confused a

      • Nimisha ?

        Thanks Anne. Yep they are a pain and do feel very sorry for my daughter as for a little one she has a lot to deal with. The biggest thing is that she is different and is very aware of it.

        We first found out about her allergies when I started weaning her onto solids at 6 months. It felt like every thing we tried she didn’t tolerate. I find it really sad that she has never eaten the foods I go up eating like chapattis, Dahl, bean foods, normal cakes etc.

        She doesn’t know any different but still finds it hard. She also has seasonal allergies so at this time of year, you’re right, it can be more difficult esp as pollen causes her to also react to foods she can otherwise eat like apples and carrots,

        But, she’s a beautiful little soul and is amazingly kind and mostly good natured, it’s taught her a lot about empathising with people and understanding the different is just that and not a problem.

        I think I live in fear of it a bit more and won’t fly with her which affects us a bit.

        Anyway, I could go on and on, as you know, so I’ll stop.


  2. florentina moldovan

    i don t know about you but i liked today epi!!! even they were in a huge hurry!!!! ha-ha!!! sweet pair…shalu-pankaj!!!!! i laugh a lot!!!!

  3. florentina moldovan

    omg, i saw little from Thapki….so boring…i see only thatan scenes….our director yes is a surprising guy!!!! i hope will be fun with this crazy aunt and not tragic!

    • Fatarajo

      Yes florentina I agree with u I only low the pair of that show, but they are dragging finally they stopped dragging but negative track again :/

  4. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode was nice but this dadi bua don’t like her character, so shalu-Pankaj is another pair hmm not bad nice , overall good episode but don’t like the precap :/

  5. BR



  6. BR

    anushka entry I don’t like …….how many obstacles are they [vip and dhani] going to face ?

    shalu”s marriage is fun of dt ….. but really gives heavy pain for shalu ……..

    now shalu loss weight …..I think so ….

  7. Zee

    Hi guys. I enjoy IKRS, H. Hasan’s updates and the chats on this forum. But todays episode was v shallow. I agree with you Nimisha – Poor Pankaj and fickle Shalu. Shalu/Pankaj cd be nice together. BUT writers could have developed this track by showing their interaction, Shalu getting over her emotional and social trauma – Raj helping her thru this etc. But mariage in 2 days seems like a joke. As most ppl have said there are interesting tracks – Raja’s closure, Dulaari’s past, Tripurari’s return and DT’s exposure etc. Or Rajlalxmi findng her soulmate!! THhs new track of loud Dadibua thing is weak and badly done. I hope the writers read our comments and take some of our ideas forward.

  8. Saraswathi.j

    The hugging of a lady in red Saree by Viplav indicates the nature of a man it won’t suit for Viplav charect by his intensive love towards Dhaani he can recognise Dhaani in whatever form she may be , Director Ji do not degrade Viplav,s charecter, he is just like Rama he won,t look to another women do not make him a laughing fool.

    • Yes Sara’s ur right I too want viplav to be Raman character only but here our directors creating Krishna role.wat to do dear.

  9. BR

    dadi bua went to theertha yatra means ,, no body talk single word about dadi bua up to this ……. that means she is also staying here or not she has to ask about sambu ‘s death ,,,,,,, nothing yelse director sir small ,,small,,,,conversation between relations ….. very cute at the same time important …..

    kusalam visarikkarathu mukkiyam …… uravukalai enaippathu ithuve ……

  10. Guys,

    Please share your comments

    I think one interesting seen told by Dadi Bhua to Dhani is Kauva Hans Ki Chaal Chale to Hans na banjaata Kuva – Kuva hi rahe & during the episode Vipu told Dhani that Dadi Bhua is very famous & very well known in the Society.

    I read some where that Dulari Mai’s past will be revealed so soon by Dadi Bhua unknowingly that Dulari Mai belongs to from Very – very Rich family (Bigger then Tripathi’s).

    After the knowing fact that Dulari Mai & Dhani belongs to very-very reach family (Bigger then Tripathi’s) I want to see Big Both hypocrites DT & KT face reactions.

    • Thank u ahana dear it releaved me god u made my day.bcs of the new shows everyone here were dicusing about ikrs off air so with this news we came know to that ikrs is best n not going to off air n all rumers.
      So from today pls no one talk about this off air topic.pls its request from me.

    • Nima

      thank you ahana for the info….we r soooo happy na ??????✌✌✌
      rangeela waalo aake link click karke dekho?
      our haters especially SUMANWA tum log v dekho aur laddu khake jana ?

      • ahana

        Correct or sumanva ka bhai kapilwa…….woh bhi dekhle……….muh tod jawab for all haters………….. 😛

  11. BR

    dear saranya r u not well ? plz take care .

    marees where r u ? shri .. engaithiya? megh how do you do? varsha ,am, louella, shan, ,,ahana,,rajee,, kavi,,sonu,, joyee, mirsada, renu, sujie, and others to day epi is so funny ….. new twist ,,,,,,plz share u r enjoyable thoughts …….

  12. Today epi was better Dan expectation..Salu n pankaj pair is nice. At last Salu found a gud person for her.I think der chemistry ll Rock also..dadibua is a comedian n villain also.but precap is unacceptable. Why vipu hold her without looking her face.I already dislike DAT grl kamini.

  13. eshani

    Episode was quite funny for me….the best part was dadi bua asking pankaj Tum ladke ho? pahle batana chahiyana n he telling isme batana kya hair sabko pata hai

  14. florentina moldovan

    i think the makers keep raj for our raj lacksmi! i trust them! they always surprise me!!!!

  15. Hi freinds today’s episode was truly a comedy show’ firstly dadi bua tells dhani to dress up as a nurse. When dhani touched her feet she told her not to behave like a family member ‘ where is it written that we can touch feet only of family members ‘ it is done out of sheer respect to elders irrespective of their family. Dhani was sensible to ask viplav that why he did not teĺl about her earlier hmm! Dhani how would he know as writers have included this character recently. Viplav’s reply of tirath yatra sounds unrealistic as she was on tirath for past one year during which viplav was engaged to tanya’ shalu to ram’ later viplav engaged with dhani’ then demise of shambhu’ then shalus marriage with raja why did she not turn up n then on coming she is asking shalu ‘”U R NOT MARRIED YET” IT means that if shalu was married she would not had any grudges then why would she be annoyed of vidhàni’s marriage. The way she insisted to see the guy was a bit childish ‘ i was wondering she would ask for engagement pics!!!!!later on seeing pankaj she asked are u boy ‘ i reaĺy laughed out then comes our hero tunning dressed smartly as if n9thing has happened ‘ minutes before he was lying on bed in pain simply Express recovery ‘ hats off to Nurse dhani n her medicines. All of a sudden shalu is shown so affectionate for pankaj n he also behaved as if he has some feelings for her when dadi bua said such a nice pair i again laughed out as i was reminded of cartoon character Motu patlu. $ when pankaj took elders blessings Dt looked relieved ‘ now only raj is left for our rajlaxmi i think they would make a nice pair.PRECAP NOT GÒOD AS DADI BUA IS KEEN TO GET VIPLAV MARRIED TO HER KNOWN GIRL KAMINI. HER ENTRY IS ALSO SHOWN DRESSED UP IN SAME RED SARI TO CONFUSE VIPLAV AS BR MAM SAID HE IS OUR RAM N WOULD NOT FALL IN ANY TRAP SO LETS WAUT N WATCH

    • florentina moldovan

      My dear Renu, better this way , on hurry mode than boring mode like others shows!!!! And if we can enjoy and laugh well, better again! We all were so sad yesterday thinking about this new girl( who btw has no right to touch our Viplav) and today we laugh a lot!!!!!

    • Porkodi

      Dhani how could Viplav know as writers have included this character recently .. Lol
      your comment was too funny and director should read all our comments.

    • surya

      Renu….wen one go for a tirth yathra , they do not keep any communication with their family….
      Dadi bus went for tirth yathra that mean the family cant move on in their life…
      But even I do feel there are loopholes esp bua s response on shambu s death and all…

  16. vaishnavi more

    i missed todays epi but anyways
    shalu n pankaj cant imagine this pair
    really director sir aapki sock bahot hi unique hai hamne to socha bhi nhi tha

  17. Mirsada

    Today epi, in my opinion, Shalu marriage, capital of the ends no longer circus, Vipi knows Pankay and will have peace for sister.

  18. Sujie

    Hello everyone….got a bit late to comment…. first of all thank you hasan mam for the’s episode was good….
    Pankaj and Shaalu…the new jodi….they looked funny while giving shocked expressions because of Daadi bua’s fear…..precap toh khoon jalaane wala hai….. they could have omitted the other girl wala track just like they omitted the scene where Dhaani falls over Raaja……
    but theek hai…dekhte hai aage kya hota hai

  19. Mirsada

    KN and Dashart, why have a fear of dadi Bua KN and DT have bad character, if you are not inerrant god is not afraid. Dadi bua acts as the boss of the house why.

  20. Mirsada

    DT and KN are hooked up to no longer have control of what. Bua dadi wants to marry Vipi of your choice, when she Vipi says his wife Dahni may change the plan, so it is I accept.

  21. Nimisha ?

    Love all the posts on here today. Renu, lovely to see you back. Love your posts a lot. Love everyone’s posts actually. ???

    I do t think Viplav will stray at all. The friction will be because Dhani feels inadequate as a result of the stupid lies spun by DT.

    I think Viplav will be totally shocked but will take a second to register that the woman under him isn’t Dhani. He’ll jump up, apologise and will also make it up to Dhani in his own sweet Viplav way. ???

    i hope it transpires that Dulaari left her marital home under some misunderstanding and that’s why that room in Sarla kakis house was empty, out of some sort of respect to her.

    I hope Pjain is right that her truth will be revealed and that she has a happy outcome. She surely deserves it.

    I also hope that at some point, KT,s attempt on DT comes out and that she is evicted without all of her hold to go and live in the ashram, not the nice one, but another one that isn’t as lovely.

    There are sooo many interesting ways the story could go. I hope misunderstandings between our gorgeous Viplav and Dhani aren’t the way they decide to take it.

    • Thanks nimmy. Even i had a feeling n had mentioned 3 days ago that dadi bua might be a relative of piya s grandma n would reveal dularis pas totally agree with yr idea of kt staying in ashram but then she would trouble all innocent ladies

      • Nimisha ?

        Morning Renu. That’s why she needs to go to a different ashram. Not our lovely one.

        How are you by the way? Hope all’s well with you. ?

  22. florentina moldovan

    friends, i imagine our director on a meeting with producers ( colors-i think) and they ask him very hard to do some dramas in order to increase the trp….
    they advise him to kill some characters or separate Vidhaani , or marry them with another persons-eventually with a brother, or sister…
    or maybe making black magics….
    or maybe transforming Dhani in naagin….
    And our director say-yes, bring me some actors, i will do it…
    They bring him actors , wich are ready to separate our pair and our director says….
    -sorry guys, i changed the story, i need you 1 or 2 weeks because the writer says it is destiny and this pair can be never separate…
    sorry, guys, Viplav and Dhani are young, educated and crazy in love one with the other…nobody can separate them…
    -see, guys, this is not a drama, this is a real love story, amusing and happy story….

  23. Nima

    today’s episode funny n interesting tha.daadi bua aaj to aapne kamal kar diya poor pankaj ko 1sec k liye sochne pe majboor kardiya ki wo ladka hi hai ?????
    shalu n pankaj ki jodi jhat se karadi ..isse kehete hai chat magni pat vibah….dhani kal ki episode me itni sari mdcn dikhakar tiranga banayi thi aur aaj puri ki puri mdcn viplav ko 1 hi bar me khiyadiya kya jo aaj fully recover hogaya hai hamara viplav toh ??

  24. Mirsada

    My dear, l just hope that this will be the last attack on Vidha marriage, this is last temptation of their love. Shalu marriage happy end and goodbye. Vidha leave to live a peaceful and happy life. It should end up open threads, Dulari past, Shambu death, KN and DT intrigue, Durga, ………………..

  25. Anne

    I really don’t know what is going happen in IKRS . Which is a good thing as it makes it exciting to watch ..How much has it changed since it started !!
    Viplav has got some of his happy smile back now he has Dhaani . And Dhaani is so different to the girl she used to be.

    I am missing the ashram ladies,but I think If we want vidhani to stay together as a happy couple we have to accept that other stories and people must be brought in or the series will end .?xxx

    • florentina moldovan

      yes, Anne, they were so different, especially Dhaani…she was so shy, so innocent, so kid and now she is so mature, so ….young lady not a child….both of them were so proud, so angry….i always think that those who started watching later the series lost the best part of this show…
      it is haw things goes in real life ….
      Mishal is a great actor but Eisha is leARNING FAST …..i was thinking i could not imagine Eisha with another guy making another role…
      And so beautiful Eisha, so gorgeous Mishal… beautiful couple…..


  27. florentina moldovan

    good morning, IKRS WORLD, good morning friends, have a beautiful day , same as your souls are (beautiful)!!!! i LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  28. Sujie

    I think Shaalu agreed to marry Pankaj because when hot tea fell on Pankaj’s hand, Shaalu cared for him and in turn Pankaj also asked Shaalu to forgot what happened with her in the past ….. that means Shaalu was impressed with Pankaj’s noble thought and loved him instantly….. and seeing Shaalu’s care Pankaj also started feeling for her….i know its bit quick…but let’s enjoy this…… And talking about Shaalu’s marriage with Raja.after knowing his reality..Shaalu can only hate him and her madness of loving Raaja has gone in the pit…. so there is no problem in ShAj( Shaalu and Pankaj Pair).. am i right??? Please share your views….

      • Sujie

        yes prachi …and I have some hope that now someday Raj will get married to Rajlakshmi….. wouldn’t that be a happy treat??

  29. shanitics

    Good morning to all Happy mahavira Jayanthi… May Mahavira bless u and ur family ? abundantly
    Keep smiling ?
    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?

  30. shanitics

    Yesterday’s episode was funny…?
    Mishal naughty wala face was soo good…. The way he talked to pankaj and Dadi bua interrupting them and speaking else and without no clue abt Dadi bua’s talk pankaj sitting was too funny…
    Pankaj was soo funny yesterday….. His ? confused face when dadi bua asked tum ladka Ho?? Was too funny.. Ohh how can I forget that scene He Asking shalu Ki shaadi theer hogayi.. Ladka kaun hai??? Tum was soo smile cracking one… In short that whole scenes were smile cracking ones…

    Precap… Again we can c jealousy wala Dhaani… Remember how Dhaani was jealousy when Tanya was near Viplav..
    So now?

  31. Louella

    Yesterday’s episode was truly funny. But I missed it. When I was reading the update I just burst out laughing. It was too too too funny. But precap is annoying.

  32. shanitics

    U think bua and Dulaari has some relation or Ishita(New entry) and pia has some relation….
    Through some tactic way he may be trying ? to unfold one of the mystery story…

  33. shanitics

    Shalu is fickle minded girl…. Anyone can capture her heart easily… Uska taariff karo uska dil jeet Gaya….
    Pankaj weds Shlu
    Then most probably RL weds Raj

  34. Dr.Sweety

    lol my x family good morning to all
    keise aaplog ??

    day by day increasing unsolved problems and becoming unable to find its own meaning
    but yday was very funny…this is daadi bua or dj bua??

  35. Louella

    Nimisha u had asked my age on 18th April update. My age is just 12 and I m going to go in 7th std. I m the youngest one here

  36. Louella

    Friends plz wish me all the best for tomorrow. There are two occasions tomorrow. 1) Tomorrow is my results. 2) Tomorrow is also trishakti that too till 8 and I come back from play at 7 so I have to watch trishakti and also that bhoot, pataali device etc etc. Plz wish me all the best.

  37. Anne

    Good morning IKRS fans.have a lovely day, really looking forwards to next episode, so many questions to be answered .?xxx

  38. Louella

    Guys, do u all know the number of comments? Just 95 comments guys, just 95 comments. We ikrs fans r well known for our comments. Plz don’t stop commenting and go on commenting. We need high number of comments. Yesterday’s episode was superb then why r u not commenting? Comment guys comment even I m commenting.

    • ahana

      Actually even I was thinking the same then I got a name for shalu and pankaj ‘ShaPa’ but then realised that it means curse in my language kannada……so not possible to name them Shapa

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Renu. PALLU this week… I wonder if it’ll be someone else next week.

      Poor fickle Shalu. Being married off left right and centre… Literally first come first served. Her character is a bit desperate, which is a bit sad.

      Poor Pankaj has no idea how fickle she is.

      • Hi nimmy i think now it would be consistent as she only said yesterday that now her desperation to marry is finished.

      • Nimisha ?

        That’s a shame Renu.. Was hoping she might find someone whose name began with a U so we could actually call her ULLU ?????

  39. Louella

    Ahana we both will go on commenting and increase the number of comments. Actually I don’t have any work till evening so going on

  40. Louella

    Gayathri welcome to our lovely ikrs family. If I m not wrong u had commented in my episodic analysis right? Anyways plz keep commenting.

  41. ahana

    Guys I felt now Ikrs is trying to bring new charecters but not getting proper idea how to introduce
    I hope atleast dulaari’s past comes out……. hmmm lot of suspense more things to happen but the precap disturbed me a bit like viplav loves dhaani a lot will he not recognize her but I am sure our viplav uske romantic andaaz se dhaani ko mana lega and I hope they spend some quality time together and also away from dadi bua kamini and others…….

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Ahana. ( really want to know the meaning of your name. Love it!)

      I agree… The whole Pankaj Shalu story is completely new, but their ‘love story’ could have been introduced a long time ago and could have been simmering away in the background and then yesterday’s revelation wouldn’t have been such a surprise.

      The script used to feel more complex and clever but as you say ideas and characters are just being suddenly brought into the show.

      I honestly e it’s not, but I think it’s probably just to do with the TRP… Shock tactics , typical drama and other things that you see in the more run of the mill shows. Fingers crossed they don’t forget to keep the show unique.

  42. Nimisha ?

    Morning Anne.

    Tis lovely and sunny ‘down here’. Hope you have some warm sun where you are.

    Just watched the bbc weather and the woman said cooler at the weekend and I’m sure she mentioned ‘Arctic winds’. Bbbrrrrrrrr!

    Oh well, at least we have all that lovely sun from IKRS to keep us warm.

  43. Nimisha ?

    Slightly off the topic but just saw an ad for Balika Vaddhu and Mahi Vij is on it soon. LOVED her in LTL. But BV has been going for sooooo long that I don’t think I’ll watch it as I like to see things from the start.

    Also, that was one of the shows that ‘might’ end, but I,m guessing if they’re introducing new actors, it probably isn’t. Still curious to know which ones will be replaced,

    I agree that we shouldn’t talk about ours going off, but the is still speculation around this. Saw something on another thread about it yesterday. Fingers crossed we’re safe.

  44. Nimisha ?

    Has anyone heard from Arshdeep?

    Keep thinking about her and hope she,s okay. Really hope her exam on the 17th went well.

    Come back soon Arshdeep, missing you lots! Xxx

  45. Nimisha ?

    Louella… Are you really only 12???

    Omg you come across as SO much more mature. And you,re only 4 years older than my daughter. Wow! I had no idea.

    So now I need to know, Swetha, how old are you?


    • Louella

      Nimisha I m really 12 years old but I don’t know why I m so mature. Actually everyone in this page say this but if u ask my friends u will get another answer.

      • Nimisha ?

        As it should be Louella. Sounds like you have the right balance, although still slightly shocked that you’re on lye 12. You’re amazing my lovely! Amazing!!!

      • Nimisha ?

        Not at all. Makes me feel very special.. You are my little sis no.3 on here. Feel very proud!


      • Arshdeep

        And diii ur commnt where u said its viplav wedding not mishal… aww i loved it.. i really wanted to commnt “jealousy” ??

      • Nimisha ?

        You’re right Arshdeep… It was total jealousy. Lol!!! Mishal is mine. ALL mine I tell you. ????

      • Nimisha ?

        Really… Swetha is only 15! Wow! Another amazing little person.

        And Arshdeep, I need to know… How old are you?


      • Arshdeep

        Me 17
        Will turn an adult on 5th june this year
        Very excited for my 18th bday as that day my results for Aipmt will also be cuming

      • Nimisha ?

        Wow Arshdeep. Another amazing young person.

        So.., adulthood huh? Are you excited? Fingers crossed that the results become the best birthday present you could possibly have!

        Are you planning a big party or get together? Hope so!

        I am very VERY happy to be yours, Swetha’s and Louelle,s di/didi (esp as I’m actually old enough to be your mum! But di makes me feel ever s slightly younger. Phew!) ???

      • Nimisha ?

        Ahana, really!!!

        You are all really amazing.

        See this is why I want to come and live in India. I would love for my kids to grow up to be as lovely and as mature as you all are, but still have that happy young spirit that you all seem to. And they would learn to speak Hindi too.


  46. Arshdeep

    Hey guys m here
    Missed you all sooooo much????
    Thanks a ton for remembering me..
    Thnks to renu di and shwetha for concern about my exam..
    And dr. Sweety i loved ur coment wen u asked where is our real doctor..?
    Thnks louella.. m here only..
    I realised that i just cant live without you all…life is incomplete without you all !!

  47. Arshdeep

    And a huge thanks to you nimisha di.. i read ur comment when my exam was over.. that gave me intense relief..
    I reached the centre quite early at 6.. although the entry was at 8.30 ??
    To our good luck sundays are exempted from odd even we travelled by our own car?
    Exam was good..biology was the easiest..!!
    Next exam on 24th now of indraprasth university..
    So i though not to comment anymore.. but seeing ur comments i could not resist myself anymore.. i missed you a lot??
    I just took out the screenshot of all your comments…? i cant tell you how happy and special i felt..that i mean something to someone??
    Thank you once again?? love you …!! Big big hugs from my side too❤❤

    • Nimisha ?

      Arshdeeeeeeeeep. Feel ridiculously happy to see you back. You do mean a lot to me as I,m sure you do to lots of us. ????

      Sooooo pleased you got to the centre ok. And that the exam went well. Well done you! Feel very proud of you!

      We’ve all been thinking of you lots.

      Hoe you can have some down time, a bit of fun, a movie, a meal out or something to have a
      break from studying before the next exam.

      Not sure how long you’re back here for but just in case.., ALL THE BEST for the next one. I’m sure you’ll nail it. Super proud of you my lovely girl!


      • Arshdeep

        The way you write my name.. i feel like somebody is calling me really from heart.. i love it??

        And for a break for next exam i will come for sure over here only !! Thats the best place where i refresh myself

        And i missed you more than you missed me.. i am telling you ?

        And u all feel m i so intellignt ?? Then its really wrong.. i am really worried abt my upcoming exams… exam r really tough and as i told u earlier i lose my confidence there..? i have worked for 2 long years indeed but feeling like dont remember anything now..2 or 3 questions not solved and i feel helpless .. if i dont get admission in mbss..dont really knw what will happen.. i think will lose my own cheerfulness? maybe you will lose your cheerful lovely girl
        I know m talking something i should not but i really dnt think i will be able to crack it !!
        Fingers crossed xx
        Please pray for me

      • Nimisha ?

        Arshdeep, I think no matter how hard you work, you’ll always be a worrier. That because it means a lot to you. And that’s good because if it didn’t, what would be the point.

        And you can’t control what might or might not happen so just do your best and keep smiling and staying positive. Whatever happens I know you’ll do amazingly well in life, and the fact that you have so much drive and determination at such a young age makes me believe that more.

        Try not to worry about the what if’s. Just focus on today and do your best and that’s all anyone can ask.

        How is your mum by the way? Hope she’s doing good too.

        Keep smiling and stay positive. Xxxx

      • Arshdeep

        Again thank u thnk u thnk u ahh i need to write it 100 times to say to you..maybe everyone tells me the same thing wat you say but yours words are extra powerful.. that leaves an imprint on my mind ?

        For determination i suppose i have that a lot..
        I have posters in my room of aiims hospital…of quotes like”when u want success as badly as u want air then u will get it..
        There are many things which keep motivating me ?
        And ur words too work the same for me
        Thanks again??

      • Nimisha ?

        You don’t need to say thank you at all. Xxx

        I also love inspirational quotes. I can just imagine you studying away surrounded by them. I wish at 18 I had the drive and determination that you have.

        I,m seriously impressed. By you but also Swetha, Louella and Ahana. You’re all amazing!

    • Nimisha ?

      I think it’s because of the slightly ‘flat’ episodes, recently. Yesterday’s was much better but direction is a bit confused. Hopefully the comments will pick up. Soon. Xxx

  48. Arshdeep

    And louella no results for commnts day?
    I thot to get 1 more prize???
    But its ok that was a bit difficult to calculate

  49. Louella

    Arshdeep happy to know that ur exam went very easy and good. All the best for ur exam on 24th.

  50. Louella

    Renu it happened with me also. I wrote the comment and it got posted instantly. What a magic!

  51. Louella

    I know this is question is not related to ikrs but I want to ask u all that when u were children how would u spend ur time in ur vacations and what fun u would have with ur friends while playing?

    • Arshdeep

      Will think loeulla and tell later but really wanna share my life for past 2 years
      Ahh i think i forgot something like vacations or holidays came in my life…
      No birthday parties except for my best frnd jaha pe mumy se ladai karke jaati thi and just 1 hr me wapis aa jati thi ?.. no marriage parties..
      I feel i havent slept for years..
      Now feel have developed a disease of sleeping sickness..? but still somehow keep sitting and studying..!!
      No movies.. last one i watched was ..sorry i dnt even remember..?
      Pressure from everywhere.. all relatives ..teachers..frnds..say tera to clear ho hi jayega.. so feel have to really work to fulfil everyone’s dream
      Keep thinking just 2 saal ki baat h..then full on masti.. but wonder now will it really happen???
      Bachpan se ek dream tha doctor banna h.. but doubtful will it be achieved ??
      Guys i think i gave gone mad..?? kindly give me some words of inspiration !!

      • Nimisha ?

        Awww Arshdeep. You definitely need a big hug (((((((((Arshdeep)))))))))

        The only words I have ar STAY POSITIVE!!! You sound incredibly driven and awesome so you will do well. I know it.

        And the other thing is, no matter what.. Things ALWAYS work out for the best.

        Love you lots lovely. Please don’t worry so much, you’re working hard and that’s all you can do.

        I do think you should go out and see a movie or go dancing or out for a nice meal with friends or family and just have a bit of a giggle. Xxxx

      • Arshdeep

        Thank you di..?
        I will try something before exam for sure !!
        Love you too ??
        My mum says hard and rest leave everything to god..!! ?

  52. shanitics

    Misha didi I am 15… Young naughty…
    Jealousy girl.. I said Mishal didn’t had his wedding bells.. I was taking abt real life not reel life…

    • ahana

      Hmmm same age shantics……. same I love playing some harmless pranks on friends of mine…….

    • Nimisha ?

      Wow Swetha. Just Wow! I,m still in shock at how amazing you all are at such a young age. Xxx

  53. Louella

    Arshdeep sorry I couldn’t declare the winner as I didn’t know whose guesses were correct so I didn’t declare the winner.

    • Arshdeep

      Exams were good.. not soo good actually.. depends how others went.. will have to wait for results to know that

  54. ahana

    Nimisha di did u watch the movie of mishal raheja shaadi vaadi and all that……loved his character and the heroine name was suprisingly ahana :-P. 🙂 He played a serious type role but it was too gud……… do watch it If u haven’t………

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes, we were lucky that it was on TV here in Saturday so have it recorded so can keep it forever. I loved it. He is amazing in it, even though he,s not in it very much, but totally lovely.

      I love him in that light blue jacket in the coffee shop. ?????

  55. shanitics

    Here in Kerala.. Its 33degree.. And feels like 40degree says weather forecasters.. But its feeling like 50degree… I am burning here

    • Arshdeep

      Still i think it must be better than here in haryana
      Its burning
      And i study in a small ac.. no cooler.. coz that makes me sleepy..just a fan for me and my books ?

  56. shanitics

    Ahana wat a question no doubt she had watched it and I am super sure tat she might have ended watching it by dreaming her in the heroine’s place

    • ahana

      Hmmmm yesss hmmm maybe I forgot that she is our misha di…….. she would have definetly watched it

    • Nimisha ?

      You know me too well Swetha!

      Mind you, I haven’t seen Love Story as I can’t find episode 1 anywhere. My current favourite song is Teri Yaadein which is from that. Perfect song for when you fall in love, or to remember that feeling.

  57. shanitics

    Ahana.. Waiting for the results uh???
    Wats the plan?? Science or commerce or something else

  58. shanitics

    Arshdeep.. Can I call u arshi didi??
    I am sure my this sis will pass with flying colours…

    • Arshdeep

      Aww i will love to listen it
      I am also didi for someone here
      It sounds lovely???
      My nickname is arshi anyone else can also call me arshi instead of saying a loong name?

  59. Arshdeep

    @nimisha di
    Offcorse m excited..will have the driving license??

    I really wish i get the best bday present with my admission in mbbs in any corner of india.. i wont mind

    Party i dnt think as there will be another exam on that day of jimper puducherry…
    So already set the centre at mohali so that i can visit my naani.. bua.. and all
    Seems like ages i havent gone there and enjoyed with them
    Lets see if my parents give me a surprise

    • Nimisha ?

      I just looked it up and you’re travelling far and wide for these exams. Is it lots of separate entrance exams or do they all count together? Apologies for my ignorance.

      By the way, we visited Pondicherry and it’s a beautiful place, are there two in India? We visited the one on the coast but for some reason I seem to remember there might be two. My geography is terrible so again apologies if this is a daft question,

  60. Arshdeep

    @nimisha di muma is good ?
    I forget to ask m sorry ..
    How is ur daughter. I read ur commnt saying she has allergies.. i could not get it..what kind of allergy? Allergy from which things?
    And whats her sweet name?

    • SARAS

      ask arshadeep what’s the question?
      Good to hear it exam went well. . dr.deep
      you will definitely get a seat for mbbs n later seat for md for the specialization you want to pursue..
      all the best for your future.

      • Arshdeep

        Thnku saras mam.. thnks a lot?
        Want to specialise in gaeno actually..

        Question i actually wanted to ask to nimisha di that why had nt named her son mishal? ? i feel she is bit moree crazy over thats why??

  61. shanitics

    Arshi didi.. First of all thankss for giving me an another relationship here on tu…
    I am choosing commerce… I hate phy and chemistry… Bio diagrams I am very very bad @ drawing.. So chooses science…

    • Arshdeep

      Okay great u must pursue what you love
      There are many lines in this stream to go for

      Thnks to you too for i got a beautiful younger sister ??

  62. Arshdeep

    So now we are 5 sisters together??
    Starting from the eldest one nimisha di…me(arshi)…shwetha..ahana…& the youngest one louella ??
    So m elder than many..?? i deserve a didi with my name too??
    Just kidding.. dont take it serious ??

    • Nimisha ?

      Hello again.

      Yes of course ArShi, ask away lovely.

      I’m not going to tell you my little girls name, only because it would totally out me, but can tell you via a private message on Twitter if you like. Hope you understand.

      She is allergic to lots of foods, so basically reacts, with hives and swelling if the mouth/throat if she eats them. She has to carry adrenaline injections with her plus antihistamines just in case of a reaction. Her allergies include wheat, eggs, pulses (beans, lentils, etc), nuts(all Nick peanuts) plus lots of other things, so her diet has to be managed to avoid all of those.

      Lovely that there are 5 of us sisters on here. I wonder how many more we,ll have soon. The more the merrier!

      And don’t apologise for chatting away, you haven’t been here for a few days so we’re enjoying you being back.


  63. Sujie

    sab apna age bata rahe hai toh mein bhi boldeti hoon….i am 20 years old ……. 🙂 🙂
    @ Nimisha …… are you talking about my latest ff?? then it is titled as THIS IS LOVE….IKRS….. check those episodes…..
    and if you are interested in my first ever ff…then it is titled was ISHQ KA RANG SAFED…ViDhaani’s love….. please do drop your comments….. 🙂

    • Nimisha ?

      The headline has a question mark, so they don’t know either.

      If it’s all about TRP’s then that’s ridiculous as there are shows that too the TRP,s that are really not very good or interesting.


  64. Nimisha ?

    Sorry everyone, I’ve been very nosey today, ?

    A question of etiquette.

    If you call me di/didi should I also call you ArShi di, Swetha di, Ahana di and Louella di?


  65. Nimisha ?

    And Renu, where are you?

    So sorry if allll much long posts are annoying,,,

    I just scrolled up to see updates and realised I have posted a lot today.

    Top right, I’m going to sit on my hands now. ???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.