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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav getting shocked knowing about his engagement with Tania. He comes to Kanak. Kanak tries to divert his mind and tells she is busy. Viplav asks how can you take this decision without talking to me. Kanak asks if you are not happy with this alliance. Viplav says he is not happy. Kanak asks what is your problem? Viplav says you people have not talked to me before fixing my engagement. Kanak says you both were together in Delhi and you brought her here, so we thought you both like each other. She asks her to talk to Dasharath and reminds him that he has kept maun vrat for his happiness. She asks him not to hurt his heart and talk wisely. Viplav is shocked and tensed. He goes to Tania and asks her parents to excuse them. Tania asks if he is nervous about their engagement.

Viplav asks why you didn’t tell me about our engagement. Tania says she didn’t know that it will happen fast. Viplav says so you are not interested. Tania nods. Viplav says we are friends, but have to make a career first. Tania asks him not to worry and says she will postpone the wedding. She promises that they will not get marry until they fulfill their dream. She asks him to calm down. Raj comes and asks Viplav to spend some time with him. Tania says Raj is right and asks Viplav to carry on with Raj.

Viplav thanks Tania and says you are fantastic. Kanak hears them and gives angry look. Kanak asks Tania, if everything is alright. Tania tells everything is fine,and says Viplav is tensed about marriage. She asks her not to get tensed and says she also don’t want to hurry up for marriage. Kanak agrees and shows necklace to her. Tania likes it and says it is beautiful. She says I can’t wear it today, as I have worn Dadi’s necklace. Kanak says okay and asks her to keep the necklace. Tania asks her to keep it. She asks Kanak not to force Viplav to marry soon. Kanak agrees. Viplav thinks Tania might have convinced mum. Viplav folds his hand and thanks Kanak.

Suwarna calls Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani, and asks them to see the broken star. Raj Lakshmi says it is very auspicious thing. Dhaani prays and tells them that she prayed for their happiness and to get Ashram. Tania tells Viplav that he looks cute whenever he looks like this. She says she talked to Kanak and she agreed to postpone their engagement. Viplav says you are a darling and hugs her. Kanak looks at them and thinks Viplav might have agreed for marriage.

Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to get ready as they will be going to Tania’s engagement. Dhaani says we should follow widow rituals and tells people think them inauspicious. Raj Lakshmi says we have to change the people’s thinking and have to go there. Dhaani says we shall not go for Tania and asks her not to go. Raj Lakshmi says she will go. Dhaani says she is going to temple to open her fast.

Kanak asks Shalini to make Ram wear the ring. His mum gets happy seeing diamond ring. Ram makes her wear then. Everyone claps. Viplav congratulates them and asks for music. While Ram and Shalini dance, Viplav dances with Tania on the song Na Seekha Maine Jeena………..Kanak thinks engagement will happen as per Dasharath’s wish.

Dhaani comes to temple and gets a prasad. Kanak asks Dasharath, how she is looking and asks him to break his maun vrat. Dasharath signs her something. Dhaani comes near the river and sits to break her fast. She is about to break the fast, just then she sees a woman and a boy asking her to give something to eat. Dhaani gives her fruits/prasad to them. The woman thanks her. Kanak makes announcement and tells she is very happy as her daughter is engaged. She says she is also happy for her son who is getting engaged to Delhi based lawyer Tania. Everyone claps. Kanak asks Tania to come on stage. Tania blushes and goes on stage. Viplav is in state of shock. Dasharath signs him to go and holds his hand. He takes him to stage. Kanak asks Viplav to make Tania wear the ring. Viplav makes her wear the ring without his wish. Tania makes him wear the ring. Everyone claps, but Viplav is upset. He tells he will come in sometime and goes. Tania takes elders’ blessings. Tripurari thinks he can’t be Viplav in his life. He sees Viplav going in jeep and thinks to follow, but then decides to stay there itself and drink wine. Dhaani comes near the river edge for the puja.

Viplav comes to the temple angrily. Dhaani lights the diya and keeps it on the water. Viplav is angry and upset at his forced engagement. Dhaani gets up and faints due to fasting. Viplav sees a woman near the river and rushes to save her. He says this is not the place to sleep, and remobes hairs from her face. He is shocked to see Dhaani unconscious. He tries to wake her up and thinks of Dulaari’s words that Dhaani will be fasting for 2 days. He lifts her and lie her down on the stairs. He tries to wake her up again. Pandit looks at them. Viplav gets closer to her to check her heart beat and asks her to wake up. He says look your Rakshas has come, and thinks what to do. Pandit calls Dasharath. Kanak congratulates Dasharath and asks him to break his maun vrat. Dasharath says Om Shanti and asks her to bring one weighing machine.

Pandit calls Tripurari then and tells him that Viplav is with widow and has lifted her in his arms. Tripurari asks him to do something. Dasharath weighs Shalini with the equivalent gold. Tania’s mum tells Tania that they can’t weigh her as her dad is not a smuggler, but a lawyer. Pandit ji thinks Dasharath had closed his temple so now he will see. Viplav tries to wake her up. Kanak tells Tania that there were no rituals like this before, but Dada ji always surprises them. Tania smiles. Viplav asks Dhaani to wake up and asks her to understand his helplessness. He says not today and looks at her phone wet. He wonders how to call Raj.. He thinks someone will save her, but then thinks to do last try to wake her up. He holds her hand and says if anything happens to you then your Ashram people will blame me. Tripurari messages Kanak. Kanak is shocked to see Viplav and Dhaani closer pic.

Viplav covers Dhaani with red chunari kept in the temple and looks on tensed…………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for update! Whats need of villain everywhere ??

  2. Hi guys I am the first one to comment
    Nice epi gr8 going

  3. Oh my god…
    What an episode…
    The scene of VIDHANI was very sweet…

  4. nice episode …… 😉 :)…..

  5. Common… Tomo wl b fun…
    Dhani is very pretty…
    Kash mein uska vrat tod pata Aur shadi kar pata (aft 2yrs)…:)

  6. I wondering who found out Dhaani??
    He/She must deserve nobel prize in humanity (Her smile only release all tension)…
    Great invention of this decade…

  7. Oh yes….superb episode yaar but quite sad tat Viplav forced to engaged wit Tania….hope he saved Dhaani and she also fallen to Viplav. So pity…..tis couple need overcome so many ops…..waiting to see them closer on 2moro episode…..ishq ishq ♡;)

  8. I hate dis can viplav get engaged to tania.

  9. thanks for update…like todays epi..waiting for tomorrow episode..

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    1. Kidu & adipoliya maashe ☺️?

      1. Yes nimmi..colors l 2nd serial bayangara ishtam..MATSH n ths IKRS..♥♥ juz love ths 2 shows..Ashiqui♡ n ishq♡ishq♡

      2. samepinch shazna

  11. Why did Viblap not say to Tania that he doesn’t want to marry her. He could also say to his mom that he doesn’t want to marry with Tania. But he did not! I hope he will go to Dhani and spend with her. Someday he confess with his feeling for her. She will be suprised but I hope she will in love with him. She has to right to marry again. But her mom is hiding something. Something is fishy. It must be Dhani’s past life. I wanted to know about her past life. I hope it will show us her past life. I want more scences about her past life than Viblap and Dhani romantic scences. I am not against their romantic scences but we all have to know about her past life, right? Something have to be cleared! I hope you all understand me what I mean.

  12. Nice episode thanks for updates

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    Loved vidhani scenes

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