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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath blessing Dulaari after she informs him about accepting his offer. Viplav picks the fallen papers from the floor and also picks the cloth which Dhaani tied on his hand. He thinks he will not accept defeat so easily. He thinks I will not leave you until I prove my truth. Dhaani asks why do you want me to marry? Dulaari says she wants to see her in colorful dress again, and wants to see her smiling, laughing and enjoying life. She says she has promised Dasharath and will not back off. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to accept as life is giving him second chance. Suwarna comes to meet Durga and touches her legs. Durga blesses her. Suwarna introduces herself and is about to tell Durga about her relation with Tripurari, but just then tripurari comes and asks do you have any

work with me. He says there might be some work in the Ashram, and says he told Dulaari that he will help her. He asks her to come. Durga looks on.

Dhaani prays to Tulsi Maa and thinks Maayi knows my fear well, then also she agreed for marriage. She says I can’t change her decision as she is my mum. She says that fear is not going from my heart and asks God to protect her, and she will accept her destiny. She gives water to Tulsi plant. Suwarna asks Tripurari, how can he marry Dhaani when she is becoming mum of his child. Tripurari says did someone say anything? Suwarna says Maha Pandit ji brought your alliance and Dulaari accepted. Tripurari says I will marry you today and asks her to come to Shiv temple. He asks her not to tell anyone, as he don’t want any inauspicious thing to happen. He says I am eager to spend my life with you. Suwarna says she is also ready and hugs him. Tripurari says your wish is my wish.

Badi Amma, Dulaari and others come to Dasharath’s house. Viplav sees them from window, and tells Dasharath that Badi Amma and Dulaari came to meet him. He says all the misunderstandings will be cleared now. Viplav tells him that they have come to meet Durga. Viplav is surprised. Dulaari comes to Durga and greets her. She says you gave shagun to Dhaani, and now we are bringing shagun at your house. We are accepting Tripurari and Dhaani’s alliance. Durga gets happy and hugs her. Viplav asks why? Dasharath asks him to turn and see. Viplav sees them going and is clueless.

Viplav says Tripurari and Dhaani’s marriage. Dasharath says Dhaani has agreed to marry Tripurari. She says you wanted to see their life colorful and asks what is his worry? He says Dhaani is getting a good life partner in Tripurari. He asks him to think about his future and gives phone. He says you have tried to agree them, but you have no place in their life, then why you are forcing them. He folds his hand and asks him to think about his future and accept his words. Viplav looks on.

Raj Lakshmi sees Tripurari and Suwarna talking. She asks Suwarna what he is doing with you. Suwarna says I was going……Tripurari says I was asking her if she needs help. Raj Lakshmi thanks him and says we don’t need any help. Raj Lakshmi asks Suwarna what is happening? Suwarna says I came to see you. Raj Lakshmi asks her to come inside. She shows food stuff for them. Dhaani says she don’t want to eat. Even Suwarna says she is not hungry and needs to sleep. Raj Lakshmi says you both are insulting food today, and says you are getting married soon. She asks her to have food and sees Suwarna lost in thinking. She asks what happened? Suwarna says nothing. They make each other eat food happily. Suwarna hugs both of them. Later Suwarna gets ready as a bride and looks beautiful. She holds the letter which she has written for Dhaani. She asks her not to search her and says she is starting a new life with someone special.

Dhaani is tensed in the Ashram and walking. Suwarna secretly looks at Dhaani and tries to go, but then stops as Dhaani comes near her. Badi Amma comes and calls Dhaani. Dhaani goes upstairs. Suwarna keeps the letter and leaves. Raj gives chilled bear to Viplav. Viplav refuses to drink and says his mind is moving like a helicopter. He wonders why did Dhaani agree to marry Tripurari. Badi Amma tells Dhaani that she might be thinking a lot, and says life confuses us, but God choses right path for us. She says Tripurari is a nice man, and his mum also respects you. She says you will be happy with him. Dhaani looks on.

Tripurari waits for Suwarna at the Shiv temple and checks his watch. Raj asks Viplav not to start again. Viplav is shocked and surprised. He thinks about Dasharath’s words.

Dhaani sees Suwarna missing from Ashram and wakes up Raj Lakshmi. Suwarna hugs Tripurari, but he stabs on her stomach and goes. Viplav sees him leaving.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. New entry Jaswir IKRS…

    Jaswir Kaur, who was last seen playing an investigation officer on & TV’s show ‘Gangaa’ will soon enter the show. She will be playing the character of a dancer who would have been called to perform for awedding.

    As Tripurai doesn’t want to take the responsibility of the child, he will try out various ways to kill Suvarna. And twist in the story is that Jaswir will perform but her real motive would be to kill Suvarna (Vandana Singh). However, she would eventually end up helping her.

    The character is a cameo role, which would feature for 15 episodes.

    1. Thanks meera for the update..waiting for vidhani to unite

  2. Awesome episode!! Now this confusion has become damn interesting. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  3. Viplav see TT killing suvarna tell that guys?

  4. Awesomeeeee precap! I just hope viplav saves suwarna, or else dhaani and raj lakshmi wil think viplav stabbed her :\

  5. Precap nice but colors channel not show any precap IKRS.viplav flame listla try to kill suvarna iduvum add aagum but RL believes viplav.

    1. hai tamil and gaya it is sad that i am younger than u both i am just studying school i am studying +2 i am sorry that i didnt give u respect at all naan unga kuda ennudya agela irukura friends kitta chat panra madhiri pannan frm now ill respect u and BR i really respect u a lot because being a teacher is very hard ill respect u a lot

      1. and hai gayathri can i call u gaya r can i call u akka but it was nice to chat with u both yet today u didnt post any comments i think i am the only 1 who is young in these comment is there is anybody studying 9th,10th,11th,12th r any one is frm school

      2. really day by day this serial is getting worst but i cant able to hate this show
        do anyone known eisha singh age she is just 16 she is a school student frm bhopal
        if anyone has anyone have doubt u can visit

  6. Really…. Is Suvarna gonna die?? Oh…. What the hell is TP doing!!!! Thank god that Viplab sees them….
    Heyy Adi… You didn’t reply me yesterday… Is everything alright??? And thanks to all of those friends who welcomed me yesterday…. And BR …. YOU REALLY A RETIRED TEACHER!!!! Don’t mind but I feel scared when I see teacher… Cause I feel he is gonna question me about Grammer or Mathmatics or The worst subject of mine HISTORY….
    Anyways… What do you feel about today’s episode Tamil, Gudiya,BR,Yogi,Varsha,AB And others???

    1. Yupp Brits, I ws not coming here daily as u also disconnected due to exam (as most time I comment here in reply part of ur comment only) nd I went to grand parents home (No network) for Deewali…

      So tell wats daily routine?? Enjoying???

      I like Suvarna character b frank… She is chulbuli type nd hope dat such persons b gud in life #SoftHeart…

      1. Oh…. So I’m the reason of your absent…. SORRY….
        Anyways tell me why do you guys celebrate Diwali…. I mean I heard the because of new year …. But which year??? Please explain buddy…

      2. Its celebrated as d significance of god destroyed demon named Bali King who was ruling world by bad means…
        God came to his court as simple Brahmin nd asked 3 steps of land, For dat Bali king agreed… God grew bigger nd bigger dat he put first foot on Heaven, second on earth nd third he didnt found any place, den Bali king give his head only so he keep his words… god put last step on Bali’s head nd pushed him to world below d earth… But god became so happy with Bali King’ modesty nd asked him for any wish??
        Dat time Bali king asked 1 day every year on earth nd all welcome him wid full of light nd joy… so Deewali is festival of light…:)

      3. You know a lot… Thank you….

      4. Gud morning Brits… Hru? Any plans today?? Enjoying vacation???

  7. Kya Haramkhor he yar tripurari

  8. finish all this shit in one mahaepisode……plzzz dont drag…….the storyline seems lost its track

  9. Oh God ab toh misunderstandings ka d end ho Jaye ..fed up of it ..come on viplav u r really smart n have a strong character u can prove urself dhaani ke kandhe pe toh gun istemaal Kar sakta hai ..

  10. dasarath go to HE………………………………………………………….LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  11. OMG……whatt the hell this director is showing us!! All the ashram women are really dumb and brainless!!! And this tripurari and dulari need to get rid of this serial. They are so annoying!! Tripurari is a good for nothing kinda man. Dhani deserves him. Viplav needs a new twist in his life. Serial is getting worst day by day. Main sirf viplav ke liye yeh serial dekhti hoon warna kab ke dekhna choordeti…total bakwas what they are showing lately….

  12. hai brity wat is ur religion because i cant understand ur name meaning it sounds like ur r a foreigner

    1. I’m Muslim… Yes I’m a foreigner…. I’m not from India… Now I’m in Bangladesh… But I wasn’t born at Bangldesh… I’m actually citizen of France…. And it has a lot history of my citizenship Because my mom wanted me as a Bangldeshi…. Now I’m citizen of Bangladesh… And my name is a Bangla word…”বৃতি”– It mean the lower part of flower which is probably green colored….
      Thanks for your concern.. You might be Of Joyfull India… ??? I really wanna visit India….

      1. B frank Brits, in my opinion Bangla is like part of India…:) Culture, ppl nd climate all same… nd v fought war wid Pak to liberate Bangla…:) Specially wen v go through Indian freedom struggle, somany somany Bangla city names nd make us think nd proud… its British who seperated us orelse v might b united till now…
        Hope SAARC take concret step nd make ppl contact easy by connectivity nd develop eastern India nd Bangla economically strong…
        And I want to visit Bangla nd understand/study culture der…:) Hope after my IAS exam…

      2. Adi… Are you talking about Kalkata?? No… I mean it Bangldesh… And I also don’t like English countries…. They had treated our Asian county specially Bangldesh and India as we aretheir slaves…. I fell they are still trying to do so…. Cause USA think they are the king and by USA’S help other countries like China,Japan,London,France,Mexico etc are showing power towards The weak countries… It creates disaster in our Culture,Life,Politics ….
        But There has some misunderstandings between India and Bangldesh also….

      3. Brits I was talking abt Bangladesh country only… now read my comment again, u wl know…:):) I wanna see united India again Brits, as might b like EU…:)

  13. vaishnavi more

    hope viplav catches trip red handed

  14. I just thought tripathi kill swarna and all blames to goes to hero viplav. But viplav only knows the truth about swarna unborn baby and murderer. All of things to tripathi so innocent and the cheater is viplav. Times to the merriage epi viplav merried to dhani for hide the face in veil & he saves the dhani from evil tripathi. Mean time dhani could not accept the merriage and she hates viplav. It is my opinion.

  15. Hi Brity. Great to learn that u had awesome exam. All d very best for ur results. Im not watching ikrs nowadays. Just read the update. Hope Vipu saves poor Suvarna n comes to know d truth about bast… Trip.
    Hey brity what’s Yr real name. I’m also a Muslim. U r most welcome to India. We Indians are very loving and excellent in hospitality…

    1. Brity is my real name… And please don’t stop watching…. It gonna be alright soon…

  16. Varsha you didn’t think about age different.I am just then completed 12 standard.I think give lot of respect to BR are you from?

  17. Hi evrybdy, due to net wrk prblm my rply not seen, so disapoinmnt.I hope tis cmnt will display…..

  18. hi, friends , I am a maths , and English teacher , but I love maths. after my son ” death I quit the job. now I am blank. I I always talk with my students. more than 10000 sudents are studying in our campus. . I face so many obstacles . . all the thinks are happing by distany. Brity. once narahasura was rulled the country. he was the worst king he was killed by Krishna{lord}. at time of dyeing the lord this shold be celebrated ina grand manner joyfully . that day we wearnew clothes eat sweets, burn crackers samjgaya my daughter.when viplav came down with kushi I am kushi. I don’t like read and watch very cruel story and novels . from my childhood.

  19. Omg..atlst I saw my cmnt:-):-) hai lifna wer r u? Aaditya gud to c u..& im srprisd hear abt backgrnd of IKRSians.fel sry abt BR…Any otr frm Kerala? ???

  20. Hello all…varsha u should call me as gaya and plz don’t give respect and all…and tamil selvi don’t worry about exams because it’s more different than +12 exams…just enjoy your college life…varsha I replied to your comment yesterday…and I’m also supporting swalak..and Brity your name is really nice you should visit india so they we will be so happy…and BR I totally different from you because I hate maths…

  21. They don.t show even a precap of IKRS ,just to get a relief.WHY????????.

  22. hi from I epi onwards adi, Brity give the comments . middle they had exam . and tamil told yty tension about exam , that’s why I encouared her. first I said sorry, 2. thanks for ikrs serial. because they unit viewers without age group and not only India butalso THE WORLD. THIS IS THE SUCCESS OF STORY . THEN THERE SOME EPI WILL BOARING. JUST LIKE THAT sometime we need relief. . IDONT WANT TO HURT ANY BODY IF ITS SO AGAIN SORRY. . I after 10 yrs I talk with students I am so happy. pazakkathosam..

  23. Ooo whats going on in ikrs am very tired thinking about viplav’s feelings. actually this all tragedy;s after ending will how much love from dhaani wont to return sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much know? [ i’am waiting for that day ]

  24. hai tamil,gaya and brity
    thanks brity for replying my comment
    hai gaya v have same taste swalak is the bestpair if ragini mistakes can be forgiven then why not laksh thank god atleast they become frnds
    hai Mr/Mrs BR feeling bad for u hope u will have a good time with ur students
    okay anyways lets wait and watch todays episode

  25. Hope they dont blame viplav again with suwarna’s situaton

  26. Hello varsha I’m so happy that my friend (varsha) also supporting swalak..yeah but they separated them…I hate tripurari and dada ji also…how your replying today no school??..

  27. hy …I am new here ….but I like this show …hope it gonna be more interesting

  28. hy …I am new here ….but I like this show …hope it gonna be more interesting .on a reply on instagram eisha said that …”the main content has not come yet ….it gonna be more interesting”

  29. due to rain in we got holidays upto 22.11.2015 we have holiday 23.11.2015 only we have school

  30. I think creators could have made a better crime based show rather than making the so called love story…..just toooooo much of negativity……just irritating…

  31. Not bad…

  32. hi good evening to all. I am not talking about me . iam supporting to all of u only bcz I think here 90percent of them are students. I am happy to chaat with u . fine . from to day onwards maja agaya. good bye to all . this is my last comment. I will read u r comments and enjoy.

    1. Why?…what happened? …plz don’t stop commenting….Definitely we will miss your comments please continue please

  33. Yeah varsha for me also now I’m in sem holidays…23rd I have to go to college….

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