Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani praying to God to make Sushma fine and freed Dasharath from jail. Viplav brings Kamini and says she is feeling drowsy. Kamini says she is fine and asks about Dadi. Dhaani says she is much better now. Kamini says I was scared and asks how can you give wrong medicine. When you couldn’t red then you would have asked someone. Dhaani says it happened suddenly. Viplav goes. Kamini blames Dhaani and says Dada ji and Dadi are in trouble because of you. Dhaani says Viplav also wanted to file complaint against Asthana, and says that’s what I did. I will go and talk to him. Kamini says Viplav is not angry as you did police complaint, but because you didn’t tell him before. She says Asthana is freed from jail and Dasharath is still stuck in jail. Dhaani says I believe on

law and nobody can trap him if he is innocent. Kanak comes and scolds Dhaani. She asks are you suspecting on Dasharath? Dhaani says no. Dadi Bua says Asthana is taking revenge from my brother, and Dasharath is suffering because of you. Kanak says she is responsible for all this. Kamini looks on happily.

Kanak asks why did you make food and for whom? Dhaani says for you all. Kanak angrily makes her sit on the table and asks her to eat 56 bhogs. She says I can’t eat as my saas and sasur are in hospital and jail respectively. She asks Dhaani to eat. Dadi Bua asks Kanak to calm down and see Sushma. She insults Dhaani for making Sushma have wrong medicine. Kamini asks Dhaani not to feel low. Dhaani cries and goes to her room. She sees Viplav sitting on bed, and asks if he is angry on her. Viplav leaves her hand and asks when you can’t read, why did you give medicine to Dadi. Dhaani says I was tensed and gave medicine in a hurry. Viplav says why did you file complaint against Asthana without telling me. He says I would have come with you. Dhaani says Dasharath was worried. Viplav says I would have come then also. He says you would have call atleast once, or it is that you don’t trust me. He says it seems you want to do everyone alone. He goes out to sleep. Dhaani is hurt.

Next day, Viplav is going to police station and tells Kanak that he will bring Dasharath’s home and get his bail. He gets a call and is shocked. He tells Kanak that Asthana will hear Dasharath’s bail plea. Kamini smirks. Viplav and Kanak are shocked. Viplav says I will not waste time and goes. Dhaani comes just then and aarti plate falls from her hand. Kanak goes after Viplav. Kamini says Viplav is very upset, and says Asthana will be the judge in Dasharath’s case. She says Dhaani…you did a big mistake. What was the need to file police complaint and says Asthana will take revenge now. Dhaani says there might be some way. Kamini says there are many ways, but you have closed all. She says you have closed the ways by taking enmity from him. Dhaani says if I get proof of Dasharath’s innocence then….Kamini asks how? Dadi Bua comes and asks Kamini to go, as Viplav needs her. Dhaani says I will also come with you. Dadi Bua stops Dhaani and insults her, says you will ruin everything. Kamini goes. Dadi Bua says you are still roaming in the house, else would have kicked out.

Dhaani receives a phone call. A woman asks her to get proofs of Dasharath’s innocence in Asthana’s house. Dhaani is who is there? Woman says she is her well wisher and says person framing Dasharath is her family member. She asks her to go to Asthana’s house alone….Dhaani is in shock. Kanak asks Dhaani….what happened? Dhaani thinks if Kanak is the one who has framed Dasharath and ignores her doubt. She collides with Dadi Bua…Dadi Bua asks Kanak, if Viplav called you. Kanak says no. Dhaani suspects on Dadi Bua, and thinks she can’t harm her own brother. She wonders what proof Asthana might be having for Dada ji’s innocence. She thinks to call Viplav. She calls Viplav….

Viplav gets Dhaani’s call. He gives the phone to Kamini and cuts the call saying Viplav is very worried. Dhaani asks her to give call to Viplav and says she came to know about some proof. Kamini asks what is it? Dhaani says she wants to talk to him. Kamini disconnects the call. Dhaani calls again. Viplav says he is busy and disconnects the call. Dhaani calls again. Viplav gives the call to Kamini. Kamini gets angry at Dhaani and scolds her politely. She says you don’t know when a lawyer loses a case, then he feels bad. She switches off the phone and thinks when the phone is off, Dhaani will not call him. Dhaani thinks she will bring the proofs.

Dhaani goes to Asthana’s house and hears Asthana and Phool Chand conspiring against Dasharath and about jewellery bags theft. Asthana asks Phool Chand to close the window. Dhaani hides, but the pot falls alerting him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maria

    Coming to todays episode horrible, Viplav should have atleast listened to Dhaani for once yaar, how can he be so rude, cant listen to his wife once? But on the other hand I think everything is happening because of Dhaani, she should use some brains atleast yaar, she again went alone to take the proofs. But who was on the phone, who is Dhaani’s shubhchintak?

  2. Ishqoholics

    Thanks Hasan mam for the update. Even if u would not update, I would feel happy as I know today’s episode was very sad. Now going to read the update. Not getting courage but I have to!!

  3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    What is going on here this is too much yaar hate this kamini, Astana and foolchand drama -_-

  4. Ishqoholics

    Just read the updates. I had tears reading it. I could imagine everything while reading. Thinking to watch the episode. I have set the alarm. I will watch the episode then share my opinion. And plz plz don’t get sad. There r more sad episodes to go. Keep some sadness for later

  5. Viplav was so rude to Dhaani. ? Please, turn Dhaani’s role to a strong woman! Fed up of seeing weeping eyes! ?

  6. Arshdeep

    Who must have called her??
    Is it a part of kamini’s plan or actually a well wisher??

  7. Smita

    How viplava believe s his father s innocent when he experiencd his fathers dirty activities &he s well educated lawyer

    • Nimisha

      Hey Renu! Yes me too! Lol I know that know… I,ll join the back of the line that says queue her to punch VK… Gosh look, it’s soooooo long! lol!

  8. Really hats off to dhani for listening to all baddies has immense patience. Her last hope viplav too avoided her n instead was annoyed ??

    • Nimisha

      Yes, but she didn’t crumble. Was impressed by her resolve. Hers and Viplavs quiet confidence in their bond is really very special! Loved the way she walked in to the room and leant her head on his shoulder.

  9. Vks jazzy look with glossy tops n shiny sari with armlet n waist band is though too bad but still can see her in this form at home or party but at th3 court no way!!!!!+++no sensible lady would wear a formal outfit to the court.??


  11. Dhani today also u are doubting on KT N DB as u are told that some insider is involved but what about VK she is the biggest culprit pl thin…..k

  12. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani may be tricked by Astana and pool chand ,how can she escape from this house with two bags and save DT to get bail.?

  13. lekshmi

    from viplav’s point of view may be he is right.. his wife is doing things without telling him.. bt still he diidnt shouted at her in front of others. He is totally messed up, thats why he is being rude to dhani… Anyway he is gonna realize his mistake soon… a litttle seperation is indeed in their relation, it wl make their relation strong after patch up..

  14. Saraswathi.j

    Kanak forget her behaviour at the time of her husbands death secretly she came to eatery shop by covering with a shawl and eating somasas then she was caught by Tripurari.Her scolding Dhaani for each and everything and drum beating of Dadi bua is irritating ,cvs please close these tracks as quick as possible.

  15. Amisha

    Viplav is so quick to blame Dhani but he is not willing to listen to her and but he claims that he is busy with Dt case and not gives Dhani the chance to talk??

  16. Saraswathi.j

    The well wisher of Dhaani is Suvarna ,good she will help Dhaani to get two bags give them to Viplav at the nick of the moment and get the bail.for Dadaji …good

    • No saraswathi if it was suvarna she would have told her n rather accompanied dhani instead of sending her alone.

  17. Jessi

    2much drama aur iska time 6 baje ko shift hone wala pata nahi kaise dekenge trp kaise ayega

  18. Nimisha

    Hey peeps!

    That was a good episode wasn’t it? Well apart from the first 5 minutes or so which almost had me not watching.

    Loved watching Dhani thinking her thoughts.
    Loved how she actually started to STOPntrusting VK finally
    LOved how she kept trying with Viplav! I hope she shouts back at him if he says why didn’t you call me again!
    Lived that someone, hallelujahhhhh, is finally helping Dhani and Viplav. About bloomin time.
    Not sure how Dhani hasn’t given up but SO pleased she hasn’t, I feel like she is ready now to be the Dhani who we all know she can be, nit the whimpering victim but the quietly confident strong person sehe is when up against it. Last time we saw that was when she fought back Asthana but properly it was with the kidnap goons.
    I can understand Viplavs frustration but was very disappointed that he didn’t give her a chance to speak. I hope he feels properly bad when the truth comes out. I love Viplav but he is forgetting he knows Dhani and is beginning to slightly listen to Kam. He knows that she encouraged Dhani to lie about the night school. Yet her still repeated what she had said to him that Dhani should have spoke to him first. I live you Viplav, but you need to feel bad for not listening to her today,

    Actually thought it was a good episode apart from the ridiculous opening scenes with fainting VK, and the drama queens DB and Kt, KTbrealky needed slapping! Then DB shouting at Dhani for not looking where she was going. Well neither were you DB. Idiot women they are!

    I actually hate the ph and Cv’s though. They are the puppeteer and I am a puppet, they pull the strings and I react. I have been on an emotional roller coaster since VK and the awasthis and its all their fault! Lol!! My emotions this week have been
    Basically all I’ve the place!

    Hope everyone else enjoyed it

    • Nimisha

      Oh, yes there’s more ???

      After she solves the case she should def pack her bags and leave AN for a bit and make Viplav realise that she has had enough of the constant attacks in her by his family. I don’t include VK in the his family bit.

      But Dhani deserves better in future and Viplav needs to control his family!

    • Nimisha

      Cor blimey Anne, he couldn’t be any slower could he. Ooh look I’ve turned all cockney! Blinkey blimey guv’nor! ?

      • Zee

        Hi Nimisha, I am doing ok. Your cockney reminds me of the janitor in Mind your Language. He was quite funny!

  19. Nimisha

    Right then , off yo bed for me. Sleep well fellow IKRS’ians!

    GOod night. Sweet dreams

    And good morning to those of you just waking up!

    Have a Terrific Thursday!


  20. Amisha

    I hope Tripathi comes back because he know every secret of Kt and dt and kam love him instead of Viplav. Tripathi and kam make cute couple too.

  21. Amisha

    one thing that I hate about Viplav and Dhani relationship is they don’t keep things btw them and don’t let involve kamini in your marriage life. Always take each other advice and if you guys fight talk thiugh in private without anyone knowing please.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Absolutely truth ,and they also learn to close the doors when they are in their room.

    • Nimisha

      Exactly Amisha. I’m going there is about 2 days time just to teach them how to close the door! Lol! I wish!!
      We’ve all been saying the same for ages, but will they listen, erm no!

  22. i am very disappointed with the fact that no one replied to my comment,,,, i hav seen that ikrs griup always welcome new mamber…… ok never mind… i will again be a silent reader

  23. Saraswathi.j

    In today’s promo DT released from jail with the help of pool chand,Viplav and Dhaani are clueless how he came out ,DT coming to AN with band Baja.

    • Nimisha

      Really… There’s actually a promo?

      I haven’t seen it.

      But I did see the montage where it had the show time as 6pm when I was watching online, so ypfornmostbof you the telecast time has changed.

  24. Zee

    Good morning friends,
    I did not have the courage to watch yday’s episode. It all seemed so depressing. But there was an error in the plot. An accused officer or politician is relieved of his official charges and cannot assume duty until s/ he is cleared of the crime by a court. We read about so many such cases in the news. So how can Asthana be judging DT’s theft case? He is himself out on bail.
    Curious to know who this well wisher is and why is she helping Dhaani? Doesnt seem like Suvarna – how would she know Asthana?

    • Nimisha

      Zee, the judge thing is weird. How can on on molestation charges be presiding over the case of a family member of the accuser. I tweeted this yesterday after watching so glad it’s not just me that find it odd.

      Hope you’re well! Xxx

  25. Louella

    Shinjini welcome to our sweet ikrs family. Keep commenting. If u don’t mind can I know about u means u study or work, where u live, and most important!! Your birthdate.

  26. Louella

    Today something very funny happened with me. Plz don’t laugh. I had the courage to watch yesterday’s episode though it was depressing. I had set the alarm and was all set to wake up at 5:30 but the alarm didn’t ring. I woke up by myself and saw that it’s just 5. So I thought to wake up when the alarm rings. Again after ten minutes I saw the alarm and I was surprised to know that it was 5 again. Then I realised that my alarm is not working. I saw the clock in my bedroom and realised its 7. I was so angry. I thought even after getting courage I couldn’t watch the episode. Then I slept again. When it was 7:30 the alarm began to ring. Now u would think how the alarm rang? The answer is that the alarm was stopped for two hours and after that it rang. When I saw it ringing in the alarm it was 5:30 while in the clock it was 7:30. I was just speechless. I was fooled by an ordinary alarm clock!! Just think.

    • Nimisha

      Awww bless Louella, that’s quite funny. At keast the alarm clock played on a non school day! If we have had a power cut in the night, which isn’t often, the various clocks in the house are all different when you wake up and it’s very disorientating!

      Well done for being brave enough to watch is. It wasn’t too bad was it? KT needs to be locked up in a mental institution, even DB told her to stop her drama, all Dhani had done was cook for the family!

      Is it just me or I’d DB slightly less vicious with Dhani now. I think she will be a good character, eventually.

    • Viplav???

      ???hey cutie kabhi kabhi hota hai….mujhe bhi?????main toh kabhi school ko bhi late gaya hai alarm na bajne ke waje se….so its not a big deal???

  27. Gudmrng family..
    I ll nt comment fir did episode. Too much negativity.dhani has to tolerate everything

    N I heard somewhere DAT its d separation tym of vidhani.n I think by this track ashram scene ll start again.let’s hope for d best

  28. Ishqoholics ??

    Now ashram scenes are on the way…I guess….
    Can’t comment much about the episode…because I didn’t get the courage the watch it…..only read the updates….and felt like punching….kicking….killing those ladies because of whom Dhaani is weeping all the time……
    Viplav…….use your CRIMINAL LAWYER wala dimaag…… Know about your so called trainee Kaamini-the husband stealer…as you had done in tulsi wala case….. You had doubt and were correct at that time….but now why behaving as if Kaamini is your best friend…..grow up hero……

    Last time when KT did drama and Viplav was about to raise hand on Dhaani….I felt bad….but when Viplav came to know about his mother’s intention….. Direct shaadi hogayi …….. I hope Viplav realises this and this time kaamini is thrown out…..

    • Nimisha

      Hi there.

      I think as Anne said Viplav will cotton on quite quickly, he’s too distracted, worried and VK is taking advantage.

      I felt so relieved seeing Dhani thinking yesterday, watch it if you can, FF through the first few minutes, I recommend 5, but the rest is good. A bit like a thriller with Dhani slowly thinking through things, worth watching for her quiet resolve I think.

      Hope you’re much better by the way! Xxx

      • Ishqoholics ??

        Nimmy…I am much better now..thank you….
        Hope this leads to a good ending of the track…. Kaamini thrown out…. Truths unveiled??????????
        And nimmy you had asked about my sat exams… Result will be out by mid June ….and I took it as it’s necessary to join any university or college in USA for your undergrad studies…that is bachelors’
        I had replied to your comment the same day..but I guess it was eaten up…. ???

  29. Nimisha

    Morning everyone! I can’t sleep so am up very early for me.

    Hope you’re all well and having a good day so far!

    Shinjini, please don’t be upset hat no one commented, which isn’t true by the way! If you know the IKRS threads well, then you also know that everyone is very welcome. Please don’t be upset. Sometimes comments move on so fast that it’s hard to keep up and other times commenstbgetvstuck waiting for moderation for ages so poss don’t appear.

    Tiny are very very welcome so please come back and comment away! How did you find yesterday’s episode?

    • Nimisha

      By the way we are also an international family so people join in throughout the day at different times, so many will. It have even read you pr comments yet, ?

  30. Dhani is uneducated ,intelligent n brave lawer n viplav is well educated, fool n dumb lawer who now a days don’t apply his brain atall

  31. varsha(philo)

    i dont want viplav to throw kamini out the house i want viplav to slap dhaani i know he wont raise his hand on ladies but here i want viplav to slap kamini and dhani must slap 4 to five time saying this dialogue
    dhaani dialogue
    u have broken my trust on u kamini (slap)
    u want me and viplav to be separate right but that will never happen (slap)
    u said to me to asthana as a ………. (slap)
    chi u r so cheap hum tumse nafrat karte hai

    kamini dialogue
    aan dhaani even i too hate u i want viplav i love him a lot (viplav give a hard slap )

    and u guys say viplav dialogue

    • Zee

      I love the slap series Varsha
      One more slap and one more line…
      Tum namak haram ho, jis thhali mein itne din free fund mein khaya, usi thhali mein chhed kiya by sending DT to jail (which he deserves but thats between us) and bringing dishonour to Tripathi parivar!
      For non Hindi speakers basically she is unfaithful and ungrateful.

      • Nimisha

        I’m confused… Who is slapping who?

        I’m happy as long as it’s Kam on the receiving end! ???

      • Zee

        Ok as far as I could understand. Varsha suggests a series of slaps from Dhani to Kamini as she lists Kamini’s evil deeds one by one.
        I added one more slap to the list. Kamini is ungrateful and unfaithful to the ppl who hosted her. I use two coloquial HIndi lines to express these great qualities.

    • Arshdeep

      Hahha awesome philo

      Waiting to see it

      I wish DB also slaps kamini very hard that she falls on the door of AN and go away and then never return back

  32. varsha(philo)

    actually today i am very upset i dont wat is happening here y did ranaji anna said like that
    as per as varsha madam told i dont know what is happening in here and his brother said he cutted his hand can anyone explain me what exactly happened

    • Louella

      Varsha even we don’t know. Ranaji said he had a chat on fb with Varsha. And Varsha told him something so he got angry and sad and cut his hand. I think it’s some other Varsha not u. Don’t get upset.

  33. shanitics

    Pls go and read my cmnts…
    I am again to a cmnt a day policy.. Patha chala na… Net offer khatham hogaya?… I am gonna miss the chats over here… I am gonna miss u guys… Though I will put a cmnt here .. Y I don’t knw I feel like something…

    MISHA DI… The job I gave u on twitter do NT forgt.. If u gt the thing thn snd msg….

    ARSHI DI.. If u don’t mind can I call u today..?

    Lols… Arshi di… Misha di… Give me tight hugs…

  34. Arshdeep

    Hey shinjini.. Welcome to our family..
    Sorry for late welcome..was studying since morning..
    A very warm welcome to you..!!
    Keep commenting 🙂 🙂

    • varsha(philo)

      hi louella we must not play any games in here as this website is only for serial i thought to say this to everyone before itself but u started the game and were playing so i thought not to disturb u but we must not play games here ok dear

      • Arshdeep

        Varsha actually we all dont have any other common place to talk..or play a game..,so we play over here
        But you right this site is only for serials?

  35. Louella

    Arshi di how’s ur studies going on? And also how’s ur health?? Are the stones out now??

    • Arshdeep

      Studies going ok ok,..i feel so sleepy these days??
      Health is good? dont think stones are out yet
      But will go for an ultrasound some time later

  36. IKRS TRP is now 0.6 (Last 0.7) dropped again 0.1 with previous week.

    This IKRS Creative team has been ruin the whole IKRS serial after new entry of DB & Kamini.

    I am unable to understand why why why why……………………. they have not close the chapter of this DB & Kamaini.

    • Agree with u pjain. Cvs had introduced DB N VK TO ⬆THE TRP BUT WITH THEM TRP HAS INSTEAD ⬇SO THEY SHUD UNDERSTAND N END THE CURRENT TRACK ASAP SO THAT TRP CAN RETAIN ITS ORIGINAL VALUE OF 2 AT LEAST. i am sure trp would be better infact quite high with dularis past n shqmbhus murder mystery. Fillers can be done with PALLU pankaj n shalu or rls marriage.

  37. hey hi louella, nimisha, anne, viplav and to you alll, i am a student and studng n colleg bsc hons. and m 21 yrs old m 4m india, west bengal ?

    • Anne

      Hi Shinjini,comments get a bit less this time of day,cos people are waiting for new epi n updates.?

  38. Arshdeep

    Episode – 252
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 19 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani is shocked to see Tripurari. She tells others about his arrival but no one believes her.
    Episode – 253
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 20 May
    Kamini tries to convince Viplav that Dhaani is losing her sanity.
    Episode – 254
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 21 May
    Viplav gets into an argument with Dhaani as he feels that Dhaani has misbehaved with Dasrath.

  39. Arshdeep

    Episode – 255
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 22 May
    Dhaani is sent back to the ashram. Later, she discovers that she is pregnant.

    • Nima

      hi Arshi, Hurry? Dhani is pregnant ? ye kbr VK k kaan me padne k baad uski chehra dekhne layek hoga eagerly want to watch that scene

  40. Arshdeep

    Nothing is going to happen to dhani in todays episode
    Saw the olvs..
    Dhashrath returnig with band baaja…dhani is veryyy shocked.. dhani is becoming very suspicious now..good good

    Viplav and dhani misunderstandings… dhani tells about everything he heard at asthana house that DT has actually stolen that and they are having a video but viplav dont believe her..??
    And says how can u doubt on dadaji??
    Loved the way dhani pulled viplav back while he was going..

    According to me that woman who called dhani was a part of kamini …asthana plan…so that dhani comes there…listen everything and then tells it to viplav..and viplav dont believe her and so they fight… thats what i think
    Anyways everything is going to get well soon…as dhani is going tk be pregnant…viplav will forget everything when he will come to know that he is going to become Papa…wow..??

  41. I doubt that all tripathi family would be elated on knowing dhani’s pregnancy rather they might question her character

    • Arshdeep

      But viplav is there..
      Atleast he dont let anyone raise question on her character

      • Anne

        As per usual in these dramas. I bet she keeps it a secret and we’ll all be screaming at the TV. TELL HIM !…….LOLX


  43. The suspicious lady who is calling to Dhani is Swarana. She is the well wisher of Dhani. She knows that Tripurari has been coming. Accordingly she inform to Dhani to know the real face of DT & all.

  44. varsha(philo)

    OMG dhaani pregnant
    i hate pregnancy track in every serial
    it would be good viplav pleading dhaani to come to ayodha nivas after knowing kamini truth

    • Zee

      True Varsha I agree with you. Its falling into the same trap of seeing women not as individuals but as baby-producing machines hence valuable.

      • varsha(philo)

        yeah even me too want the same i want viplav beg dhaani to come to ayodha nivas
        let us guess what is going to happen
        viplav will come to know about dhaani pregnancy then he will feel bad and will get her back because for his child and this dhaani will also go happily i dont want that

  45. Sujie

    So ……. Dhaani is gonna be mummy… Viplav is gonna be Papa…. Wow wow wow!!!!!
    No matter how much Kaamini conspire…ab kuch nahi ho sakta…chullu bhar paani mein doob marr Kaamini….
    Viplav….. Someone is coming who will call Dhaani shikayati mummy….Do you remember Viplav???
    Hope that this leads to exit of Kaamini…

  46. Saraswathi.j

    Send her back to ashram permanently is wrong what happened to marriage owes , Viplav how can you send her to ashram ? What happened to your daring and dashing nature you yourself married her , now you make her life miserable ,behaving like Rama,sending Seeta to vanavas ,just like seeta she is strong and she herself look after her son and brought up him as a strong boy not like you.!
    Viplav you are behaving just like a normal Indian boy there is no uniqueness in you ,we donot need such type of weak youth to our Indian society already there are plenty of young people like you in our society we need the youth as described by Vivekananda,strong boys both physically and mentally .You behaving just like “Talli chatu bidda” ( your mothers boy ).

  47. florentina moldovan


  48. florentina moldovan

    I SAID IT!

  49. Anne

    I watch Balika Vadu,it is a good antidote to IKRS ,little stress,and I like Mahis outfits…??????

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