Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming back to Police station after admitting Dulaari in the hospital, and insists to meet Dhaani, but the Inspector says visiting time is over. Viplav requests him to give him 2 mins, but Inspector refuses and asks him to understand his helplessness. Kanak touches Raja’s mum feet and requests her to get her daughter married to Raja. Raja’s mum refuses and says it is a limit now. She says this marriage can’t happen now. Kanak gets angry and thinks she will not let Dhaani live. Viplav thinks about Dhaani words that she haven’t killed anyone. He feels helpless. He asks Constable to give food plate to Dhaani and tell that it is sent by me. Constable says we have already given her food. Viplav says I am sure she wouldn’t have eaten

it and asks him to give the food plate to her. Constables takes the plate and goes to give food to Dhaani. He tells her that it is given by Viplav. Dhaani recalls Viplav words that they will have dinner together. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………She eats a food bite and reminiscences all the moments between them.

In the morning, Viplav asks Inspector to let him meet Dhaani. Inspector asks him to wait for sometime. Viplav thinks what to do, shall I go home and collect the papers. Dulaari wakes up in the hospital and shouts Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi and Sita Maayi try to give her relieve and says she will be fine. Dulaari cries.

Dasharath tells Viplav that you have made me ashamed and hid the fact from me that you are secretly meeting her. He says you went to meet Dhaani in the police station and doesn’t care about Shalu. Kanak says you said right and says he don’t care of us, but cares for Dhaani only. Viplav says I just hid the fact from you all, but Dhaani is innocent, how can I get her punished. Kanak shows her marriage decorations and emotionally blackmails him, saying Shalu’s life is ruined, and asks him to remember that this marriage is stopped by Dhaani.

Viplav tells Kanak to understand that he is Shalu’s brother and won’t let her life ruined. Dasharath asks how will you save Shalu’s life? He says you are going to save Dhaani, and this will make Raja’s family go against us. Viplav says okay, if Shalu would have married to Raja, then we came to know about their later then, then what will we do. Kanak says he will never accept Dhaani as guilty. Viplav says yes, and says I trust Dhaani more than myself.

Constable informs Dhaani that someone came to meet her. Raja comes to meet her and says what did you think that I will leave you. He says even destiny wants us to be together. He says you are still beautiful, even Viplav wants to have….laughs….Dhaani asks him not to laugh and says God is seeing everything. He says only one man can save you, and that is Raja
Avasthi. He asks her to be his and he will save her from the charges. Dhaani shouts and asks him to go. Lady constables asks what happened? Raja tells her that her mental state is not right.

Viplav comes to Shalu. Shalu is seen sadly sitting, says I would have reach to Kanpur by now and would have my grah pravesh done. She asks why did Dhaani do this? Viplav says Dhaani had a past with Avasthi family and if she is saying they are not right, then…Shalu doesn’t believe on Dhaani. She says I don’t know what is happening, and asks him to leave her alone and go. Viplav comes out of house. Reporters click their photos and tells about the case. They ask question if he thinks Raja and his family are lying? He asks if you and Dhaani have any relation? Viplav gets angry and says raise hand on the media persons. Raja enjoys the scene, and asks the reporters to go. He asks them not to make drama and go. He apologizes to the reporter. They leave. Raja apologizes to Viplav and says I couldn’t get justice for my brother, but atleast saved your family from the troubles.

Kanak tries to convince Raja’s mum again. Raja apologizes and says I don’t think we should think about marriage at this time. Dasharath asks him to rethink about their respect. Raja says I have taken this decision and Viplav trusts on Suman. I can’t marry Shalu as Viplav is against us. He says I went to meet Suman in jail, and said that I will take back the case, but she have insulted me again. He goes to room. Raja’s mum tells Kanak that she will try to convince him. Viplav finally comes to meet Dhaani. Ishq Ka Rang Safed while they look at each other emotionally.

Raja’s mum tells Raja that she just acted to break the marriage, but you have broken the marriage. Raja asks her to just see and says he will get married as they will get the lost reputation back. Later Viplav asks Dhaani to tell everything about her past from the start. Dhaani tells him that her husband used to come home in a drunkard state and used to beat her daily. Viplav asks then? Dhaani is about to tell her about that fateful night, when Viplav gets a call and he gets shocked. Their conversation gets interrupted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Hi ikrs family!!!!! first I hate kanak second I hate dasharath………….guys did u see kanak she is black mailing viplav by her stupid innocent words………….

    poor dhani I truly feel like crying seeing her innocent face!!!!!!!

  2. Sujie

    Hello my lovely friends……
    I was crying with a smile seeing Dhaani reminiscing those past moments and eating the food….. i can’t see them apart anymore….. this kt and dt they themselves don’t care about Shaalu but blaming Viplav for not caring about Shaalu
    Shaalini Tripathi please you should be thankful to Dhaani for breaking marriage with that womanizer psycho Raaja..someone will definitely come for you who deserves you and whom you deserve …so stop blaming Dhaani……
    omg…precap is shocking!!what must have happened….
    This Raaja … i wish i could slap him….. He said to constable that Dhaani is mentally unstable…how could he….. i really wish VIPLAV MARR MARR KE TUMHARI HAALAT KHARAB KARDE…can’t anyone see his real face…. Shaalu,kt,dt all against Dhaani…poor Dhaani….
    my heart was aching seeing pain in ViDhaani’s eyes…….
    their conversation got interrupted because of the phone call…who must have called him??who???

  3. Avijit(AM)

    aaj to episode kamal ka tha …viplav supporting Dhani fully ..but the cheap raja …he is pretending to be good in front of viplav ..but raja beta kuch bhi kar lo viplav to Dhani ka kaha hi sunega ….I can guess that viplav is shocked after the phone call because shalu will attend suicide …viplav real story jan nahi payega ….let c what happens …

    one thing also shalu is little bad actress in emotional scenes …but eisha is too perfect is those scenes …born actor …really good ..shalu sikho dhani se kuch 😛 😛 …..

  4. Saraswathi.j

    Interesting episode but the cunning Raja Avasti again harassing Dhaani ,how he will get permission to meet Dhaani ,the police people will not allow Viplav to meet her but how this jackal get permission ?

  5. oh no in precap dhani was telling viplav about her past then he get a call who could it be viplav was shocked!!!!!!! I think it’s dulaari or mybe kanak but am not sure……..

  6. Anne

    Thankyou Hasanji , sitting on pins waiting for update. Story developing really well but feel so sorry for Viplav , he’s being pulled in all diirections. When he finds out his own family has been working against him as well as low-life Raja and his ghastly mum-n-aunty he will cling to Dhaani even more .They are made for each other..

  7. Ranaji

    Thnx mam for fast update and mam you r going to enjoy vishkanya which is going to be telecasted in zee tv by replacing sarojini or 10.30 slot.I am waiting for that show since 2 months promo looks like avatar movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Louella

    Hi Saranya, Saras mam, Fatarajo, AM, BR mam, Kavitha, Kaviya, Sujie, Swetha, Ahanaa, Arshi, Aish, Anisha, Sonu, Genita, Josh, Varsha, Meghs, Marees, Nima, Naty, Mangai, Zea, Radha, Prachi, Dilu, Elizabeth, Renu, Maria, Sofeya, Hritya, Vinny, Yetty, Flora, Rajee, Akshay, Raj, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Swara and all my ikrs friend, to all the silent readers and also to the New comers. Plz share ur opinion and increase number of comments

  9. Hi guys good afternoon. How are you all. Well I don’t know what to say. That psyco Raja is so cunning. He is a pervert and he gives me the creeps. I wonder why Viplav was shocked while on the phone, I just hope that psyco Raja didn’t marry shalu as he said he would to get their lost reputation back.

  10. Louella

    Tomorrow is 19th March, my birthday. Is anyone here who remembers my birthday here? I know the answer is no. Never mind. I commented about my birthday now as I will be busy tomorrow eating birthday bombs from my school friends lol. Anyone here wants a treat. Plz give me a list. I will send it for u by parcel and it will reach at ur house till tomorrow

    • Avijit(AM)

      hi cute sis …happy birthday in advance …enjoy this day …sabka birthday kaise yaad rakhe ..tum humare fb group join kar lo ….to sabko notification mil jayega birthday ka ….

    • hi louella princess wish u a happy birthday in advance mu dear be frank i dont remember ur birthday date i am so so sorry for that [;-(
      wish u a happy birthday
      hope ur special day
      brings that all
      your heart desires
      here wishing u a day
      full of pleasant surprises
      wish u a advance happy birthday dear

    • Hi my little princess snow white……happy birthday to u may god bless u with a wonderful life…… I think I have wish u early…….if god wishes I will wish u to tomorrow!!!!!

  11. Anji

    Hi..ikrsians…m a silent reader of ur comments… ikrs rocks… u guys rock… n mishal aka viplav rocks n shocks too :p..

    • Louella

      Anji u r right ikrs rocks. Plz I request u to comment instead of being a silent reader. We will be more happy if u will be part of our ikrs family

    • florentina moldovan

      Anji, too, rocks!!!! you are not anymore a silent reader! I wait you everyday even just to say hi!!!!hugs!

  12. BR

    good evening to day”s epi I s good …


  13. Anji

    Guys I missed the 16 mar episode due to power cut… pls tell me where I can watch the episode except YouTube. pls tell… m dying to watch the episode..

  14. Yetty

    Thanks Hassan for the update.
    I think Raja and his family has something else they wants to do, why are they planning to go on with the wedding, I don’t understand. And again Viplav is not listening to the most important bit of Dhaani’s past, (what a suspense) sorry shalu you will understand better later.
    Dhaani and Viplav eye lock is something else. Love ikrs.

  15. Louella

    Shalu plz don’t get angry on dhaani. She has not ruined ur life instead she has made ur life beautiful. I wish u get a very nice husband just like viplav. I think now shalu will definitely be very angry on dhaani and she will no. Accept dhaani as her bhaabhi when dhaani will come to ayodhya. This is my opinion about shalu

  16. Swara

    Louella..wht did u do…i was planning for a surprise wish. ..nd u spoiled it..I even told it to my frnd…how can u ……..
    I remembering ur birthday from this month start…..
    Hahahhaah……cutie….advance happy birthday. …

  17. shanitics

    Today I was not able to see it because my elder siblings were watching something else on TV..?☹?
    I missed IKRS

  18. shanitics

    Thanksss hasanji from bottom of my heart ?
    If your won’t be there then I will be simply like this ?
    Thank u ? Hassan…may god bless you✋

  19. hi guys how r u all my guess is right on raja what i guessed they have showed
    hi new comers genita,natalia,saraswathianji,nima and all welcome to IKRS family

    and comments to all negative comments i dont want to say suman as a virus because by her comments she looks like well mannered so suman i can understand the fact that u r an swaragini fan and i am also an swaragini i do also watch swaragini but that day u hurted IKRS fans like u said ikrs is an waste serial it hurts ikrs fans a lot if u dont like ikrs then dont watch it but pls dont hurt others i say this to u as a friend if u accept my advice i am sorry if i have hurted u

  20. Anne

    Hope Kanak doesn’t pretend to be at deaths door just to take Viplav away from Dhaanis case or “attempt” suicide or anything like that.She and Dasharath are capable of anythimg.??

  21. Sujie

    seeing comments here…i fear that Viplav could not know the main things…how munna awasthi died and what Raaja did with her….. how much pain they have to bear???
    is it true that Shaalu attempted suicide or something might have happened to Dulaari??? or this kt or dt planning something against ViDhaani…….
    really can’t see our lovebirds pain…..

  22. sasha

    When will kanak’s evil ways get exposed.Her husband died because of her wickedness.How can she get away from murder?Do some improvisation writers…

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes you are absolutely right Kanak and Dasarath Tripati has no right to scold Viplav and Dhaani.

  23. shanitics

    Advance Happy b’day ?…
    I was going to wish you tomorrow morning as a surprise ? wish…

  24. Anji

    First of all.. happy birthday louella… in advance… nd definitely I ‘ll try my best to comment regularly… nd Nikzz thanks for the site… gn

  25. Marees

    Today episode was to gud..DT thatha ur are always thinking about u r respect not shalu’s feelings and also kanak always thinking about DT thatha money.. I dnt know wat kinds of thatha and mum u two r.”yar eppadi pona enakenna nan nalla irukanum neenaikurengale…ungalai yellam en eman thookama irukaru”

  26. Anji

    Guys..I don’t know.. this happens to me only… or other people also.. I get irritated restless nd shout n scold unnecessarily if I miss even a single episode of ikrs… omg m so addicted to ikrs..

  27. Anji

    N regarding today’s episode.. it was fantastic fabulous amazing super duper as usual. m eagerly waiting for viplav s reaction when he gets to know that raja tried to rape his lady love.. definitely he ‘ll kill him

  28. Yetty

    Happy Birthday in advance our sweet Louella, wish you all the best in life.
    Greetings to you my friends.
    Kavitha where are you?
    I’m feeling sad for dhaani, she doesn’t know what’s happening to her mom and also KT and DT will be a major stumbling block for Viplav, they will not allow him to have straight and direct investigation.

  29. florentina moldovan

    oh, my god, i am scared that triparti family will somehow compel Viplav…maybe by blackmail him to not defend Dhani on court and then Dulari will have to search her family in order to help Dhani….what do you think?!

  30. Meghs(megha)

    Are cutie u know what u spoiled our surprise . I thought to surprise wish u… Anyway we will celebrate tommorow k…

  31. Dear Louella.. Wishing u a day DAT is as special in every way as u r.happy birthday!!!.may all ur wishes come true dear. God bless u

  32. SARAS

    happy birthday to you. .
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear little princess
    happy birthday to you. .

    may God bless you
    may God bless you
    happy birthday dear louella
    happy birthday to you. ..

    clap clap clap…

    have a wonderful day dear..
    enjoy ur day. .. you can ask any gift we will deliver it don’t worry. .

    may God bless you with loooooong life filed with peace.. joy.. n prosperity. .
    may all your lovely dreams come v true.. take care. ..

  33. SARAS

    Today I couldn’t watch the episode. .. oh god shalu please go marry psycho raja when your in laws torture you.. Then don’t repent you didn’t listen to dhani …
    all tripathis get lost from our vidhani’s life. .
    only mr n mrs viplav tripathi is enough for us. ..

  34. Yetty iam here only my frnd.
    Sorry now itself I saw the episode it was amazing episode.
    My god I can’t bear this much of love yaar really.I was very depressed for our vidhaani.see even though they r bodies r separate but their souls r viplav already said day we saw.
    I like the scene
    Both vidhaani eating food at a time.
    Dulhaari mother reaction
    Even raja also nice in his negative
    role.thought just kil him for his character.
    DT n KT as usual their r trying to separate vidhaani with their cunning sentiments.
    But that rajas family is more culprit than our three idiots gang.our three r drowning in their fake drama.
    And finally show touch up with vidhaani climax.luv u vidhaani

  35. N frnds after a long time our jeevan ka rang so cute to listen that song with vidhaani scene.
    N also after pot making scene the fulsong was played today only.

  36. Raj thank u for ur information. N really ur lucky ur having ikrs 4 times retelecast. Here we r fed with colors n its stupid shows except ikrs.

  37. Mirsada

    Raja is schizophrenic, very dangerous person, there is no limit to the evil ,and he agres to mary Shalu,poor Shalu, Vidha sad to watch them separades.

  38. A'isha

    Shalu is a fatty who is desperate for marriage ????? she needs to marry the food that got her to that size ????

  39. genita

    Gid morning ikrs. Begin ur day with a sweet smil☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  40. Gud morning lovely friends have a fantastic day lot of hugs to u guys……..

    louella wishing u again happy birthday princess……..wich gift do u want?

    don’t separate vidhani….. plzz don’t drag to much….on jail…..

    • Louella

      Naty thank u but I don’t want any gift. Actually my granny and mom already gave me a nice dress

  41. Louella

    Good morning friends.
    Have a sweet Saturday!
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    Saras mam and kavitha thank u so much for the birthday song
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  42. Rajee

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  43. Rajee

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    May God bless u with health, success,love & happiness! Always b happy! Once again sorry 4 the late wish.

  44. saranya

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    Miles to Go before I sleep
    And Miles to Go Before I sleep”

  45. Sujie

    good morning my friends…..have a great weekend and enjoy………

    I will tell you one truth I cried watching ViDhaani yesterday and how Viplav sent food plate saying he knows Dhaani had not eaten anything…..poor them!!!!!!:( 🙁

  46. ahanaa

    Happy birthday Louella……… Be happy always… Hugs!! and lots of love…… 🙂 🙂

  47. saranya

    Guys,i think the shocking news is Shalu is getting married to Raja,i don’t know why i think so or may be they are again doing a drama,an emotional blackmiling,something like suicide attempt to complete this marriage.whatever it is we should wait until evening to see it.

  48. raj

    good morning frnds

    subha se lekar shaam tak
    shaam se lekar raat tak
    raat se lekar suabh tak
    subah se phir shaam tak WE LOVE IKRS

  49. Hello birthday girl princess today is ur birthday so take blessings from ur parents n go to temple wish wat do u want.
    Agar Sache man se prarthana karoge na baghvan jaroor tumari sath dega.
    Be happy always.

  50. shanitics

    ??? Happy birthday ?
    Let this birthday ? be one of ur most remembered moments of ur life…??
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    ?? Always remember my champ..


  51. shanitics

    Maine kal much bola tha Kisi KO yaad hai kya?
    Celebrate ? karei kya 200th episode yaha??
    Jab production set waahan celebrate ? kareinge toh hum yahan celebrate ? kareinge…even production set ka members khush honge…
    If we celebrate ? her then it will be the first time any serial celebrating there 200th episode in telly updates…

    Hope the answer will be affirmative ?

    • saranya

      We should celebrate 200th episode Shwetha just as we celebrated Vidhani marriage.and this time it must be more grand as our dear show is giving us enough entertainment and happiness day by day.and our sweet IKRS is the reason for our bonding and unique friendship and our support matters more than a award.IKRS ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • Avijit(AM)

      hi shantics …great idea …celebrate 200 episode grand …come to our fb group ….dekhna mae kya karta hu ….TU pe bhi aunga …just wait and watch

  52. Hi frnds br mam,saras,swara,saranya,sonu,sujie,Anne
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    Alia,Naty and all new comers n also silent readers Avery good morning to u all my family.have happy n safe week end frnds.take care.

  53. Aaj supense wala Saturday hamari show ki directors suspense dene wali hai.
    Frnds did u saw any promo for sunday show.I didn’t saw.that’s y I ask u.
    Saranya I also expect that thing only
    If the cal may be raja accepts to marry shalu.r they already married.if not two idiots DT n KT do some drama I think.
    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode. By guys catch u later.

  54. Nima

    hlw good morning my dear ikrsians:-)
    yesterday’s episode was Heart touching I was crying when vidha eating food separately:-(

  55. Louella

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  56. Louella

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    God Morning dear friends !!

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  58. Louella

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  60. Sonu

    Feeling so sad about Vidhani, still now I am sad. How they cunning people that stupid DT and Kt, and that Drama team.. Go to hell..

  61. saranya

    Guys,did u noticed something,though colors fail to promote IKRS,in Golden Petals,IKRS has a unique place in promo along with swaragini.i am sooooooooo happy seeing our’t wait for their performance.IKRS ROCKZ AND VIDHANI ALWAYS ROCKZ.

  62. Sonu

    Shalu please understand your brother’s situvation. Voo Raja tumariliyae teek nahi hai, voo log tumse nahi pyaar kartae, voo tumhari khandhan se aur aapki property se pyaar kartae. Please understand this matter Shalu. Rona matt karo, don’t get angry and sad on Vidhani. Vidhani tumari Bhalai chathae…

  63. ArShi

    Hi Louella…Happy Birthday my dear little princess. Wish u a vry hpy nd prosprus life.

    Sry fr late.Actly I’d xm tdy…so i was bg.

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  66. Sonu

    Director sir, maa humble request to u, pls close this Raja’s matter as soon as fast. I can’t bear the Vidhani’s pain no more. Pls Raja don’t get marry on Shalu, we don’t want this cunning RAJA AWASTI and his family anymore.. Pls sir ..

  67. Hi dear little princes cuttie elle baby wish u many many happy returns of the day wish u a exciting? day today n years ahead
    God bless u

  68. Guys on shocking twists is coming episode is that Raja will get married to Shaalu when VIPU is coming to jail to meet Dhaani.

    The more upcoming twists & turn is coming in Vidhanni’s life.

    Pls share your comments.

  69. shanitics

    Oh my god?
    If shalu marry Raja then…
    Shalu tum ne jaan bhujkar hi thumne thumhari ZINDIGI barbad Ki…

  70. Avijit(AM)

    mujhe kuch nahi bolna aaj ke episode ke bareme …mujhe pata hae shalu pagal hae but itni hae pata nahi tha

  71. Frnds now I watched one olv viplavs dream sequence was going on in that dhaani n knk both blames viplav for his preset situation. Very interesting.but don’t know y .they scold viplav.
    May be I think shalu did any suicide attempt. So that purpose n raja claims witness opposing dhaani that viplav can believe him.I was really tensed .
    Today is Saturday the suspense day.

  72. Hi frnds.I watched holi promo on colors.have u noticed wen dey happy holi together I heard mishals voice at DAT tym saying happy holi with all.I think I m nt wrong.plz notice it

  73. Hi arshi how was ur exam today.take care study well dear.first studies only don’t mind for comments.but say just hi that’s enough. My dear.

  74. Salu is really adumb.always following his mother’s footprint .doesn’t know wat is wrong wat is right.if raja marry Salu d situation is going to b worst for vidhani

    • Sujie

      yes yarr… shaalu should think that dhaani can not be wrong…last time she was listening to Kanak when safed bhootni was boasting about her plan which led to ViDhaani’s marriage………
      she should know there must be some reason for dhaani stopping shaalu’s marriage with that Psycho Raaja……
      she should have thought………
      saw Viplav’s dream sequence shooting…. both kt and dhaani blaming Viplav for the present situation….. what is going to happen now???

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