Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani recalling Viplav’s words and tells Raj Lakshmi that she wants to meet Suwarna. Raj Lakshmi says she will call her in market. Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Dhaani called Suwarna to market. Kanak asks him not to call her again and again. She says Dasharath is unaware of her conspiracies and she don’t him to know anything. Even Dhaani and Viplav are getting far because of the misunderstandings. Tripurari asks her to bring Viplav there and gives her an idea. Kanak says okay and disconnects the call. Kanak thinks Tripurari is just a puppet in her game and she will throw him out like a fly. Tripurari also thinks that he is using Kanak and will ruin her once his work is done. Kanak comes to Viplav and asks him to come with her as she has to buy something.

She takes him forcibly to market.

Dhaani meets Suwarna and asks her to tell the truth, and asks if Tripurari was with you. Suwarna says yes. Dhaani slaps her. Suwarna looks on shocked. Dhaani says you can lie to the world, but don’t lie infront of me. Suwarna takes promise of her mangalsutra and says you have broken our relation of friendship. You have broken relation of honesty and truthfulness, I will never forget this slap all my life. Dhaani melts down and hugs Suwarna apologizing her. Tripurari comes and asks what is happening? He says I have already apologized to you. Today Viplav insulted me and now you have slapped my wife. He says Suwarna will never take fake promise of her mangalsutra. I am your jija ji and asks her to believe him. Kanak brings Viplav there. She instigates him against Dhaani and says she came to meet her jija. She says you might have been thinking that I am talking much, but try to see. Tripurari says I have changed and asks her to believe. Dhaani folds her hands and says I will leave. Suwarna hugs Tripurari and cries. Viplav says you want to go somewhere. Kanak says she can’t go seeing Dhaani here. She instigates him more. Viplav says Dhaani is worried about Suwarna. However he is tensed and leaves.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani in the Ashram and asks what you were doing with Tripurari and Suwarna in the market. Raj Lakshmi tries to speak, but Viplav says he want to hear Dhaani. Dhaani says I went to meet Suwarna, but Tripurari came there. Suwarna have taken promise of her mangalsutra and said that Tripurari was with her. Viplav apologizes to her and says Kanak was eating his brain. Dhaani says tomorrow will be pind daan for Baba. Viplav leaves. Kanak meets Tripurari in market. Tripurari taunts her and says she is wearing white saree and come to meet him at a sweet shop. Kanak says she is eating today as she can’t eat tomorrow. Tripurari says Dhaani is believing on Suwarna now and this will create misunderstanding between Viplav and Dhaani. Kanak says I will make you eat 5 kgs jalebis if this happens. Kanak leaves. Tripurari says he will make her eat sweets when he kicks everyone out of house.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she is going to Pint Daan function of Shambu. Dulaari reminds her that she isn’t yet married and Kanak will not feel good seeing her there, but Dhaani insists and says she wants to be with Viplav. Dulaari says okay and asks her to go.

Few Pandits are doing the puja for the pind daan. Kanak says her destiny is bad and Shambu failed to give her anything even after his death. She sees Dhaani coming and puts glycerine in her eyes. She cries and does the drama. Shalini comes and asks have you gone mad? Kanak says yes and says widows can’t attend the puja. Shalini says Dhaani is attending the puja. Kanak says Dhaani doesn’t follow any widow rituals and curses her. She instigates Shalu against Dhaani, and your engagement is broken because of her. She has given me her white saree and now will wear colored clothes. Shalu goes angrily.

Shalu throws something on floor and asks Dhaani, how dare she to take part in the puja. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked. Pandit ji tells Dasharath that he is ending the puja right there (because of Dhaani). Dasharath looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    Okay, this misunderstanding track totally unnecessary, this is making fans disappointed, but I know that vidhaani’s love is strong enough to overcome these hurdles. I wonder what’s with this track, I have just searched in the internet and thanks to this track IKRS both trp and online ratings is decreasing, trp dropped to 1.8 from 2 and according to india forums , 2 weeks ago IKRS was 6th, and it dropped to 10th and now it dropped to 6th. Please end this misunderstanding track right now. I m actually liking Dadaji in these few episodes, he is at least better than Kanak n Tripurari but he is the main root of all this problems

  2. sara

    hmm what to say about episode? feel very sorry for viplav who is totally unaware of his mom’s truth. .

    today felt sorry for shaalu sge is so inocent. . kanak using her too..

    I enjoyed scene where kanal eating jilebi. .lol..

  3. Rajee

    Dhani’s trouble is increasing day by day. Now shalu also came in kanak’s word. Let’s c how viplav & dhani going to handle all these situations agst them…I just hope all their problems will b sorted out very soon.

  4. What the hell is this, now the serial is becoming really disgusting and Kanak ur so cheap u r trying to make ur daughter as u. Feeling bad for Vidhaani and precap is Horrible ?

  5. Plzzzzz a humble request from IKRS Fans the writers end this MU track and I think if this way goes on then definitely this serial will loose its TRP and am very disappointed with today’s epi. Sorry if I had hurted anyone but I can’t control it guys

  6. sri (kaviya)

    plz don’t do this writers u already change most of the character negative, now shalu. if you change like this in the end of serial all are turn into negative except vidhaani. don’t do this yar…….

  7. Sara ,it was mention when dhaani and all widows were fighting for their ashram with Lala.
    At that time kanak suggested dadaji to build an hospital on ashram place for his elder brother who is a doctor.

  8. AM

    itna mu achcha nahi lagta hae ….sab Dhani ke against hae ….at least viplav is with Dhani ….let see what happens next …hope for good ….don’t loose hope …it would be good ..don’t feel bad 😀 😉 😀

  9. sara

    dont know why you guys are after mu.. mu. I don’t see any mu between vidhani its getting resolved then n there. . ..last week was full emotional n sad episodes so people don’t like to watch even I didn’t watch. . I think trp will pick up this week (wishful thinking?)

      • sara

        everybody missundertanding the story n thinking it may lead to mu track lol ..

        there is only one mu here viplav believing kanak is in pain due to shambu’s demise

  10. Marees


    anyways hai tamil,gaya,BRmam,brity,saran,guiya,lifna,AM,MM,ammu,renu,sonu,shri,raj,hirtya,genni,ranaji,rajee,kaviya,kavitha,mangai,meghs,purple,sofe,rezmie,sandy,joyee,akshay,sujie,shreya,sara,marees,radha,divya,tintin and others

  12. Rajee

    Kanak is not looking good without her heavy jewellery & designer sarees. When shamhu was alive tp never called kanak as bhabhi but only after shambhu’s demise tp is calling kanak as bhabhiji…wah Bhai wah..

  13. hai brity,lifna,gaya i don’t know wat happened to u three no comments now a days i know u all r busy but comment atleast a once guys

  14. Rajee

    Why the hell tp is calling himself as dhani’s jija & why not uncle in-law??? Tp can u go to jail plz…

  15. Sonu

    Maa big hi to my lovely BR mam, Shri, Saranya, AM, MM, Joyee, Sara, Sana, Raj, Rajee, Sofe, Varsha, Tamil, Nisha, Megha, Hritya, Gennipher, Kaviya, Kavi, Swasti, Swati, Divya, Gudiya, Jyoti, Akshay, Vaishnavi, Florentina and all of ikrs family friends..

    • florentina moldovan

      hi,Sonu! Thanks you always remember me! I read your comments every day but i was little busy last days! So i didn t find enough time to coment but now i am back in business! hello every one!

  16. Marees

    Kanak aunty i have one doubt..,

    Nijamave viplav & shalu your pasangala illa avangala thavittuku vanguniyaa?

  17. prachi

    Mujhe lgta h jb sare log dhani k against m hojayenge TV viplov ko msjburan sadi krna padega dhani ko,woh v suddenly

  18. Sonu

    @Saranya, Hi saru how are you? Day before yesterday I went to my sis house and also missed the Saturday’s episode. Today full busy in my office work. So I am not able to commented.
    But miss my all ikrs friends and don’t miss the read yours wonderful thoughts. Now I am get to time for read yours comments and write my comment.

  19. Sonu

    Arre TP wore Jeans pant in today’s episode. Kanak safed rang ki sadi mein shift hogi aur tum jeans, white shirt , colorful shawl pehenkar hero ki taraha tip top se ready tum PP se JP bangayi..
    Kya baat hai TP? Tum tumari BHABHiji ki Saadi ko match karnekeliye aeh White color shirt phenenge hai kya?

  20. AM

    yes Sara …there is no MU between vidha because viplav is intelligent and he discuss every confusion with Dhani and sort out it …now I am very confused …what the cv’s want to show us …what is the recent track actually … 😛 😛 ….now I am thinking this track is about KT’s nautanki with TT. …. 😛

    • sara

      s I m liking their association .. both want to dump each other n think cheaply about each other (they are indeed cheap)…

  21. AM

    I don’t like today’s episode …..full of KT and TT …viplav is smart so he sort out all …let wait and watch what happens

  22. Sonu

    This ikrs from few days, hamko tension mein dal diya, abi bi hai. Aeh MU track, especially in Saturday’s episode. Hum day by day iss MU track ki baare mein sochkar takk gayi.. Like voo abb Vipu Doubt or MUs Dhani yaa nahi??
    Please director sir iss MU track ko jaldi se katam kariyae. Thoda different se story banniyae. Now a days story is good, but this MU disappointed our mood. So maa humble request close this MU track of VIDHA.

  23. Hi guys today’s precap is very interesting.due to knks drama shaalu insults dhaani that a widow should not do his father pinda pooja .
    Wait and watch very interesting .

  24. Today episode was not good…seems to be slowly serial is focusing more on other characters than lead characters….In today’s episode more focus was on stupid Kanak than Viplav and Dhaani…..Precap looks horrible….what Shalu did in precap is absolute nonsense…Shalu also getting into the trap of Kanak..

  25. Fatarajo

    Anyone watches Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do which airs on sony tv here? I don’t think so but still asking 😛 I don’t know why for some reason I love that show a lot, sometimes slightly more than IKRS 😛 but PKHJD is ending this Fri 🙁 we should be happy with the fact that despite IKRS is not being promoted well, it is still getting decent trp which is good enough for the show to run for quite some time, at least it’s not ending too fast like PKHJD, I don’t know why very good shows like PKHJD, Badtameez dil, Manmarziyan end so fast, not even 6 months 🙁 I feel for a hindi show 2 yrs is the perfect run time not too much not too less, 1 yr is also ok, but with season 2 but sadly season 2 concept doesn’t gets clicked in Indian shows 🙁

    • Fatarajo

      I just got to know that the sony show will end next week not this week lol 😛 I can enjoy that show for one more week yeah 😛

    • sammy

      yeah u r right…. I too liked PKHJD very much….bt sony never promotes its gud serials… n end them lyk this as earlier they ended Humsafars… that was also too gud..

      • Fatarajo

        Ya Sammy I also liked Humsafars a lot, I liked shows like Itti si khushi and 2025 but that sony also finished those serial way too early, and I heard that PKHJD has got one week extension is it true?

  26. Rajee

    Viplav’ s serious look is very scary. I like his angry look & attitude when he fight for dhani but not with dhani..i feel more scared than dhani when viplav gives serious angry look on her.. I am like omg what is he going to do? I can’t bear serious fight & mu bet my fav Vidhani..I want the old mischievous viplav back… I think we have to wait till Valentine’ s day… I hope CVS will give us a grt treat this Valentine’ s day!!!!

  27. OMG…why everyone is hurting Dhaani….Already Kanak and TP torturing her….now Shalu also joined with them…stop the nonsense….Because of what Shalu did in precap, Viplav and Dhaani will be hurted deeply….

  28. Anne

    Serial seems to be sticking to it’s original track which is the horrible life of widows. This theme is the driving force behind the whole show. All the insults,discrimination and fear shown towards the widows are the backbone of the show. ALL the bad that has happened is a direct result. I think the writer should be praised .

  29. Fatarajo

    After watching today’s episode I feel like bringing the magical cute doll from Yeh Vaada Raha who made Surthik marry 😛 that’s the easiest way for Vidhaani to get married now lol 😛
    Honestly, speaking today I enjoyed Yeh Vaada Raha episode the most even more than Ishq Ka Rang Safed, because Surthik got married, that’s why 😛

    • AM

      I think you are watching serials too much …so you mixed all serials .. 😛 😛 😛 ….

      sorry just kidding 😛

      • Fatarajo

        Lol AM I only watch 3 shows regularly, and 2-3 shows sometimes as they r dragging a lot nowadays 😛 n I m so bored as my lessons will strt in apr 😛 I finished all my handicraft materials that’s why I m even more bored

  30. Hi Sara before viplavs ashram episodes when ashram case was running DT and knk says that they want to build one hospital in the place of ashram for their elder son who was doctor in out states but they didn’t mention it clearly.
    And ones DT scolds viplav for he went to say sorry for all his bad behaviour with dhaani then he expresses that ur brother had not having responsibilities about his respect in society so u must be varas for my whole property.pls don’t do this again viplav he makes a request to viplav.
    But till now they didn’t show r express again about his character don’t know y.
    If this character is there he must come to rituals of his father shambu.
    But he didn’t came.
    If not he must be knks past lifes son.may be.don’t know it may FB of knk.
    Don’t how ikrs track goes on.
    This my opinion.

  31. Sonu

    Poor Shalu, her mom’s crocodile tear mein pass gayee… Please Shalu don’t believe her, she is no. 1 drama Queen. Shalu you are innocent, your mom uses you in her game. Stupid Vampire..

  32. sara

    wow kavitha. . your thinking is great. . I m not sure if it will be true. ..
    I don’t think their marriage will happen that soon. .
    I m liking dt these days. . At least his feelings for his son was true we could feel that. . At least he is a person with some emotions unlike kanak n tp urf jpg (jeanspant n goggles)..

  33. Saranya

    Hai friends,i was reading all ur comments and frankly speaking i don’t like these serious discussions and as Sara said there is no misunderstanding track.we can consider this as an mu track only when it happens b/w vidhani but here situation is different.viplav always clear and sorts out everything with dhani and i really appriciate our writer for that bcz he didn’t made our hero a dumb.i must say mishal’s character is very realistic as compared to any other character within and outside our serial.viplav is really a good character that other writers can model.and all other characters are truly unrealistic except badi amma,raj,dadi and now rajlakshmi.

  34. sara

    just with lead’s scenes that too only guddy guddy scenes how can anybody make a story ?

    it has to have everything. . just enjoy each episode n scene. . It so funny n interesting to see kanak eating jilebi n tp spotting her .. I really enjoyed it..
    I felt when vip came to ashram the scenes could have been better to make vidhani’s fans happy but it did not happen anyways. .
    my request to all of you .. please don’t worry about some possible mu bw vidhani in future n keep worrying all the time. ..

  35. Shikha

    Hope this misunderstanding wont last for long. Vidhani love eachother so much- Viplav sud understand the strength of their reln and sud nt come into his mom’s words afterall he loves Dhaani alot. Plz end this misunderstanding chapter.

  36. Guys did u watch ganga show on & channel now it going awesome.
    I know both ikrs and ganga had similarities but here in ikrs dhaani is innocent and afraid of society ,but teaches them to be independent.
    But in ganga she is brave and very forward minded even if she seems as widow and also educated. And now she was fighting for her love alonely .very interesting.
    U Also watch it guys it will definitely impress u n entertain u.

    • I watched only 2 episodes in my friends house which I mentioned before, I also liked Ganga serial a lot, but I miss the little Ganga I saw one episode when they showed little Ganga I read somewhere that her name is Ruhana Khanna she is so cute. I watched & tv and I liked that channel a lot, n so sad Deal or no deal finished that was my fav show, in sg they also showed deal or no deal long time ago that’s why,
      But I liked 3 shows Ganga, Begusarai and Bhabiji, I also liked the Karan Kundra where his name is Rishi and the girl’s name is manvi I don’t know the name of the show, but it seems like an ekta Kapoor drama

  37. Saranya

    I think tripurari’s new avatar can only suite the dabaang movie song munni re……..
    His white kurta,jeans and shawl made me think like that and i really enjoyed he dancing with that song in my imagination and Mrs.Vampire mam u can dance with him if u wish,are u ready tripurari ka babiji?

  38. Saranya

    Friends,looks like other shows also started noticing our IKRS.yesterday i watched a promo of Swaragini and they used the same rang de song from dilwale movie in their show which our show used first for vidhani’s date wala episode.right na?some magic is working here in IKRS and i hope trp will also increase by this week.

    • prachi

      But i cannt see DAT passion n feelings in swaragini as vidhani did on DAT song…mishal n eisha was superb in DAT helicopter nothnh else,but really hrt touching episode DAT was.

      • Saranya

        Yes prachi,vidhani always rocks and one thing is that we clearly understood the chemistry of our cute couple when that song was taken as a comparision for most perfect jodi.right na?vidhani rocks.

    • AM

      yes saranya …they are copying some of things of ikrs ….in that sanskar also gifted swara a dress like viplav ….. ikrs is becoming popular … 😀

  39. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    Gennipher,hritya,meghs,Nisha,Sujie,Divya,gudiya,vaishnavi and all IKRS Friends.

    • florentina moldovan

      hi my dear Saranya! i am here waiting our couple romantic moments! they are so cute! Viplav is looking so mature, so determinate and our Dhani is just perfect, i like the mood this story goes! I think the makers want to show us that every bad situation can be exceed if lovers thrust each other and love each other. to me this situation doesnt seems like a mu, rather a sad period caused by Shambu s death and others interferences.

      • Saranya

        U are right florinta,even i am desperately waiting for vidhani scenes but i am not at all upset as we have a bunch of beautiful vidhani scenes offered by joyee,divya,kaviya and sujie through their fan fictions.they are doing it really well for us.i hope u also enjoy those creative efforts.

  40. florentina moldovan


  41. AM

    one day I was moving channels …then I saw that …but it don’t attract me ….leads are not so good according to me …story is good but can’t attract me ….I only see ikrs because of story and lead pair ….. 🙂 ….
    it is my opinion …don’t get it heart if you don’t like it 😀

    • Fatarajo

      Lol too much love 😛 same happens with me at times not always especially when the IKRS r romantic I tend to assume Vipu as Karthik/Ishan and Dhanu as Survi/Preet. Sorry 😛 as IKRS, YVR, n PKHJD are my very much fav and m crazy for these three shows I also watch other shows TEI, TPK but not so much addicted/attracted to those shows 😛

      • Fatarajo

        Oops I write the comment worngly whenever I watch those shows I assume Karthik/Ishan as Vipu and Survi/Preet as Dhanu sorry 😛

  42. Fatarajo

    Hey Arshi, I m Fatarajo ur desifriend if u r reading this please reply, is Asia Cup T20 starting on February, I m anyways going to BD on Feb that’s why? And does BD has &tv channel?

    • ArShi

      Oh my desi dosto , tumhe kayse vuul sakti…!!!!!!
      Yes me dear, Asia cup will be held frm 24th Feb-6th March.
      Abt &tv, I’m not sure. Bt I heard it’s available here. Tnk u.

      • Hey thanks for the reply I didn’t even know there was bd vs zim t20 match I missed the first t20, but got to watch 2nd t20 n happy that bd won 🙂 2 more t20s ago

  43. Tintin

    Unnecessary negativity and mistrust track, boring episode. Why does Dhani unnecessarily go and talk with evil Tripurari when he had tried to kill her and Viplav and also Suvarna before. Dhani should do more to protect her love and trust Viplav 100%. Please do not damage Viplav-Dhani’s love towards each other. Once it is damaged, the innocence of their love would be lost and the charm of IKRS will not be the same.

  44. Rajee

    Thank u kavitha & fatarajo for giving info abt other shows but I am very much possessive abt IKRS & vidhani…. My reply is the dialogue of salman khan in thumbs up ad-
    Yeh kuch aur kya hota hai my love.
    Kuch aur ka toh option hi nahin hain hamare pass. ..
    Sorry guys ! my heart beats only for IKRS & vidhani….

    • Fatarajo

      This is called true IKRS fan m so proud most of the time my first priority is IKRS among all current hindi shows, I just cant see Vidhaani cry that’s why I liked other shows only this week 😛

  45. Rajee

    “Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se ,
    Hame pyar ho gaya sirf ‘vidhani’ se,
    Yeh pyar na hoga ab humse…”

    …Main ‘ Vidhani’ ki deewani hoon…
    No chance for other show or jodi…

  46. sri(kaviya)

    Hi saran,joyee,BR mam, sonu,kavitha, varsha, Tamil,hrityta, AM,MM,akshay, Sara,divya, sujie, Sofie, gennifer, and all IKRS fans a very good morning to all and have a nice day.

  47. sree

    Too much negativity and that too all centered around Dhaani’s character. A true lawyer by nature would be of suspecting nature. I am completely lost on why and ow Viplav is so naive. Why has he not connected the dots yet?
    Every individual has a social responsibility. The episodes just spews a ton of negativity and teaches a ton to people. This is like a 101 book on how to torture people
    If Viplav starts mistrustinghaani then we can give up on this serial. It’ there love which keeps the TV viewers continue to watch this.
    If that happnes, Dhaani has to just walk away from the relationship. There is no point in aking this nonsense anymore.

    • Rajee

      Noooo…sree…why walk away? Dhani should not do this. In fact she should try to clear all the mu. Right now viplav is in miserable condition. He lost his father & on the other hand there is a continuous attack on his love. ..Then this tp viplav is not in a condition to c the truth. Viplav & dhani should solve the problems together & not individually..dhani should not hide things from viplav… No matter what..
      Its easy to fall in love but to build trust it takes a lot of time.

  48. mridu

    why every colors serial ends in usual saas bahu crap or low standard dramas .The theme of this serial was really gud . bt latr went on a different track.

    • sara

      mridu I think other way. . they are still
      on the same track… their story still revolves around life of vidhavas

      • Rajee

        Thank u so much Sara for the + ve comment..I was depressed reading – ve comments.. I was desperately waiting 4 a + ve comment.

  49. sara

    Once upon a time I used to somewhat like sanskar but bit swara.. n yday swaragini guys have done extravagant effort to make it very romantic but I did not neither liked their idea nor their chemistry not even their acting. …

    vidhani’s chemistry was awesome during geruva song n they did not do any silly dance.. n jhula mishap was such a different thing unlike everything going right n as planned. . ikrs rocks..

    • AM

      yes ikrs is ikrs …no one can beat then ….vidha is awesome jodi because they are very innocent and this called a pure love …. 😛 ….always vidhani rocks 🙂 😛 😛

  50. sara

    from the olv it doesn’t look like vip will marry dhani today. . so let’s wait for d-day. . hope thats not the last episode of ikrs…

    frankly I m not liking kanak’s new avtaae.. she is pretty as jiljil only. . writers ples bringin some twist to make kanak jill jill..

  51. AM

    why today is so much less comment …below 150 …can’t digest it …guys comment as much as you can in today’s episode ….#IKRSPOWER

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