Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a crowd coming there. Suwarna asks who called them. Tripurari feigns innocent and says he doesn’t know. Pandit Phool Chand comes and tells the people that Dhaani has ruined her character. A FB is shown, Badi Amma talks about Dharm. Pandit says she has tried to insult our religion and says she will be punished. Her punishment will be death. All the men standing there say kill her. Phool Chand asks them to calm down. Suwarna asks Dhaani to run from there to save her life. Dhaani runs with Suwarna. Tripurari stops Suwarna and asks her to worry for herself. Dhaani tries running inside the Shiv temple. Phool Chand asks the men to bring Dhaani and tie her under the tree, says he will show her what dharm is?

Tripurari’s goons and the crazy crowd bring Dhaani near

the tree. A man laughs at her and says you will not be saved and will be punish today for insulting our customs and religion. Dhaani touches Phool Chand’s feet and says she is innocent. Phool Chand asks her to keep quiet and says I will burn you alive. He asks his men to tie her to the tree. Suwarna cries and calls her name. Viplav’s car is out of petrol. He says no, not now and starts running on the road to reach the place. Phool Chand says she is a sinner, black spot on woman, etc. Suwarna cries and says these mad guys will kill Dhaani. She tries to stop the men and asks what you are doing? Have you gone mad? She requests them not to kill Dhaani, but they ask Suwarna to move.

Phool Chand asks the crowd to calm down and reminds Dhaani what she has done with him (slap). Dhaani says I didn’t do anything. Phool Chand tells the crowd that she will be burned, first she had swallowed her husband, then tried to marry Tripurari, and now trapped Viplav. He says every man here will marry you and will fulfill your wish today. He says lets see what I will do with you.

Suwarna comes to Ashram and tells Dulaari to save Dhaani, as the mad crowd is trying to burn Dhaani alive. Dulaari gets shocked. Badi Amma says we can’t face them alone and calls Dasharath, but he doesn’t pick the call. Dulaari asks Badi Amma to come. Dasharath laughs and enjoys the kheer.

Phool Chand asks the men to make Dhaani wear mangalsutra, apply sindoor and fulfill all her wishes. Dhaani cries. The men throw sindoor or may be Gulaal on her. Phool Chand smirks. Tripurari also smirks happily. Viplav runs on road. Dhaani prays to God to save her and says she didn’t do anything. Dulaari, Badi Amma and others come there. Dhaani cries. Some of the men come towards her to make her wear mangalsutra. Viplav comes running and pushes the men. He talks about the Banaras and asks if they will do the same thing with their woman. Pandit Phool Chand says she has insulted Banaras. Viplav says Banaras is mine also and asks if anyone try to kill her, then he will not leave anyone. Phool Chand asks him to move and says they will burn her alive. Viplav fights with the men.

Tripurari calls Dasharath and says Viplav came to save Dhaani. He says Viplav has gone mad to save Dhaani, and asks him to reach Shiv temple. Phool Chand asks his men to burn Dhaani with the fire. The goons hold Viplav. Dhaani cries. Dulaari and others also cry. Viplav asks what you are doing and shouts asking them to stop. They lights the fire around Dhaani. Viplav pushes the goons and frees himself. He runs to her, jumps through the fire and opens the rope to free Dhaani. Someone runs to kill Dhaani with the sword, but Viplav stops the sword with his hand, and his blood falls on Dhaani’s forehead filling her maang. Dhaani realizes that her maang is filled with his blood.

Viplav says if anyone try to harm Dhaani or eyes her evilly then he will kill them. Someone asks about his relation with her. Viplav declares that Dhaani is going to be his wife soon, and warns everyone. He then covers Dhaani with shawl. Everyone looks on tensedly with his declaration.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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