Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya telling Vidha that he wants to tell her a story today. He tells there was a king in the city who used to stay with his queen happily. Once a witch comes in their life and befriended them. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says little angel was about to come in King’s life, but he was unaware of her. He says witch doesn’t want King to stay with his queen and made Rani go away from his life. He says King got mad and tried to search his queen, but he couldn’t find her. He says people used to call him rakshas. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says King went to Basti one day and met a gudiya. He says then King came to know that Gudiya is his daughter. Dhaani is in tears hearing the story. Vidha asks what happened then? Parshiya says King used to

come and meet his daughter again and again. He tells people call him rakshas because of his anger.

Kamini fills the form at the psychiatrist clinic. Psychiatrist asks why you are imagining things. Kamini says I am not aware why these things are happening. Doctor says something had happened in your subconscious mind. Kamini says no, nothing had happened as such. Psychiatrist tells Viplav that he have to do some test to figure out why she is hallucinating things. He asks him to take care of her, don’t make her insecure and do as she says. He asks him to get her admitted in his clinic. Viplav says whatever you have said, I can’t do if I admit her here. He says I will take her home and will take care of her, keep her happy. Kamini smiles. Doctor prescribes some medicines. Viplav asks Kamini to rest and says I will bring your medicines.

Parshiya tells Vidha that the king was not Rakshas, he loves her Gudiya very much. Vidha asks if he used to love her just like her Rakshas uncle. Dhaani gets emotional. Parshiya says you said right, just like him. He says Viplav saved you from crackers and also gave blood to you when you was in the hospital. He asks why did that rakshas save angel. Vidha says just because he was her Papa. Parshiya says you said right, and this way Viplav is your father. Vidha says no. Parshiya says your full name is Vidha Tripathi, and says Viplav is your Papa. Vidha asks you are not my Papa, and asks Dhaani, why did you tell me wrong. Parshiya says I will always be your baba. Vidha says Rakshas uncle didn’t come when the crackers was lighted etc. Dhaani says I am not lying and says Viplav is your baba. She runs away. Viplav comes and hears them.

Kamini thinks about Ashram women threats and thinks what is happening with me. She thinks I have to treat myself before everything is ruined. Vidha locks herself in room angrily. Dhaani asks her to open the door and asks her not to be angry. Parshiya asks her to open door. Vidha refuses to talk to him. Parshiya asks her to listen to him. Vidha says you don’t love me and recalls Parshiya saying that Viplav is her Papa. Just then they hear band playing and crackers are bursting. Vidha runs out of room and goes out to see. Viplav comes there then…Vidha sees Viplav coming there and runs to him. Dhaani smiles. Vidha asks if you are my papa….Viplav says yes. Dhaani says yes, I told you. Vidha asks then why you didn’t tell me before. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says I am your Papa Vidha. He says Parshiya baba told you witch story naa, and says I didn’t want that witch to separate you from your parents. Vidha says I am afraid of witch.

Viplav says your Papa has made arrangements to send that witch to jail, and says Police will take care of her well. Vidha happily hugs him, says Papa. Viplav says you will call me Papa naa. Vidha says yes, and asks will you not call me shikayati pudiya. Viplav says sometimes I will call you. Vidha says okay and wishes him happy birthday. Parshiya says I have brought cake for your papa. Kamini meets some astrologer/ baba. He says he can see only darkness in her life and says our karam decides our future. He says your doings are troubling you, and asks her to do penance. Kamini says I haven’t do anything wrong. Baba says okay and asks her to keep Prasad near Shiv ji. Kamini keeps Prasad near Shiv ji’s idol. Baba sees insects on the laddoos and says serious problem.

Viplav cuts the cake, makes Vidha, and Dhaani eat it. He asks if you are on dieting..Dhaani blushes. Viplav then gives cake to his new friend Parshiya. Parshiya makes him friends eat cake. Viplav tells Vidha that he brought special return gift for her and asks her to think. He says laddoo, house. Vidha says no. Viplav shows watch and makes her wear it. Vidha thanks him. Dhaani says it is good. Viplav and Dhaani kiss on her cheeks.

Kamini thinks about Baba’s words that he can see darkness in her life. Tripurari calls Kamini and asks what is going on? Kamini says Viplav has accepted her and says she is very happy. Tripurari says I got happy hearing it and says my village is ruined. Kamini asks what happened? Tripurari says Dasharath wants to make Viplav as his heir and even Durga is not talking to him nicely. He asks her to give 50 lakhs rupees. Kamini says you might have more than 50 lakhs rupees. Tripurari says Dasharath has blocked his accounts, and asks her to open her purse. Kamini agrees to give money and asks to give some days time. Tripurari threatens to expose her. Kamini thinks this illiterate will ruin everything.

Viplav shows the letter and form and says expert confirm that these letters are written by Kamini. Dhaani says she has written just like you write, and sent mangalsutra also so that I couldn’t understand. Viplav says she sent a letter to Dada ji also, and gave me drugs so to make me unconscious. He says she got her son kidnapped also, and wonders how is she? He says she is very clever. Parshiya says I have solid gut feeling that someone is with her, and tells that someone kidnapped Atharva and put accusation on me. Viplav says yes, someone is helping her. Parshiya says someone attacked me on Vidha’s birthday and says he was someone else. Viplav says why she wanted to send me to jail. Dhaani says now I can understand and says she even tried to spoil Vidha’s birthday party and burns the crackers. Viplav says who is with her.

Kamini wonders where is Viplav and thinks if he went to Dhaani. She comes to Basti. At Dhaani’s house, Viplav and Dhaani fall on bed and is about to get romantic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you H. Hasan!

    1. Areeb

      Hi Zee! Good to see your comment. Agree with your Sweet Bitter feelings. You are not alone in that. Mutual feelings ya. But I’m kinda relaxed more at least will not the makers anymore messing up with the story or with the actors. And ya, the biggest thankful thing is that they took back Mishal in the show for the climax. Else I’m afraid, I would have bid adue to the show a long back ago.

      See lets just go with flow. And with current few episodes the continuous laughter shocks are covering up all the flaws. Hoping some good last few episodes with positivity prevailing and culprits getting to their right end. That’s it.

      And all good? Seems you are quite busy these days.

      1. Renuverma

        Well said areeb. Unfolding of secrets n story on right track n continous laughter tracks do cover up the flawd?

      2. Renuverma

        Well said areeb. Unfolding of secrets n story on right track n continous laughter tracks do cover up the flaws ?

    2. Renuverma


      1. Hi Areeb, Hi Renu, Hi Arshi and HI Madame lost and found (congratulations for ur new job! hope u r liking it)
        Yes IRS is unfolding well. As each day passes by and the end comes nearer, I feel sad at the idea of losing touch with my IKRS friends. The time when I cut my self off from the world, IKRS, friends were my my only link to reality. Areeb I am not so busy, I just try to look busy. But I am in France now, so timing is a bit ulta pulta. But when I come back,, IKRS will be over 🙁 and with it so many memories.

      2. Areeb

        Oh yes Zee. I think everyone here got connected with each other at some extent. Connecting with some pretty people from around the globe – something I did for the first time although at this age when I’m not a that much Samajdhar. But still lived a beautiful time and now will keep it in a good time memories. Through the medium of a television show getting some genuinely good heart friends is a feeling that’ll never be recreated again. ❤

        Or sachi baat ye hai, I don’t want to think about show getting off – it’s really scaring me. ?

        Hope you are having a good time in France.

      3. Nimisha

        Helloooo Zee, am I Madame? Just wondering…

        Wow, you’re in France? Same continent as me. Are you here for business or pleasure? Either way hope you’re having a ball.

        I feel the same about the show ending and how we’ve all met and made some amazing friends. It will be sad, but I’ll always be grateful that it happened, of that makes sense.

        A year ago I didn’t watch Indian shows.. Was a total snob about them if truth be told and never understood what my mum and dad saw in them, they’re more into the religious ones I guess, which is fine. I am now exactly like them. Record a few and watch them religiously,

        My whole life things like that have happened, whenever I’ve been A bit judgey pants, the same has happened to me in spades and I’ve always thought ahhhh hello karma. It’s never been anything awful but I am slowly learning to not be so judgemental. Have a long way to go… But anyway I digress
        A to year ago I didn’t watch shows, didn’t know who MIshal Raheja was, never heard of him, or any of the other actors on Indians tv, didn’t participate in any forums about to shows, didn’t really tweet. HOW my life has changed and the best bit is that I’ve made some amazing friends on here.

        Not sure how we’ll all stay in touch post IKRS ending but if anyone wants to say hello on Twitter, I am @minkar33

        Anyway, lovely to see you again Zee. Enjoy France. whereabouts are you? We holidays in Brittany last year and it’s a beautiful country,

        Love and hugs! Xxx

    3. Yes indeed it was you Nimisha :). You did go AWOL but happy to have you back on board maaite (Aussie style). So how’s your new job? hope you are liking it.
      I am just across the channel wish I could swim like Phelps then Id be able meet you. I am in St Etienne, will go to the Alps tomo for the w-e. I am supposedly here to work but most of the time pretend to look busy, go for long walks, feed my face like there’s no tomo and hang out with friends. It is a v nice country but i so miss the sights sounds and smells of Delhi.

      1. Nimisha

        Allo’ matieee! Wow St.Etienne sounds totally dreamy and Romantic. Bit like MIshal ???

        How long are you here for? Any plans to hop across to the UK? If you do, let me know and we could defo meet up. Would be lovely wouldn’t it! We could do tea at the ritz ??

        My work hasn’t really started yet. Have a couple of induction type things to do in the next week or so and start proper in September. Perfect really as its afterwards go back to school.

        What’s your line of work Zee? Sounds great if it gives to time to go for long walks and stuff your face. The pastries in France are yummy and the bread! OMG! I can’t eat it any more due to a pesky gluten issue but boy is it tasty food over there.

        Enjoy the rest of your trip and def let me know if you’re planning to come over. Btw, have you always lived in India? Or did Australia figure somewhere? Just wondering as you used phrases which make me wonder like stuff my face ? Which is something I say. And do. A little too well. Which is why I’m on a permanent diet ???
        Anyway, take care Zee and catch you soon, xxx

  2. viplav and vidha scenes awesome…..

    1. Renuverma

      Yes bharthi perfect father daughter duo????

  3. Thanks Hasan mam for the update ??

    1. Renuverma

      Hi aish . R u ok now.

  4. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan ma’am for the update…..

  5. Sujie

    Hello family …..
    Back to back Dhamakedaar episodes….. ???
    Wish makers had done this some months before…but it’s okay….at least IKRS will end sensibly….. ??
    The episode was superb…..
    Finally Vidha’s long wait for her papa got over…… Aap mere papa ho??? ??☺️ Ha beta….hum apke papa hain??
    Papa aayenge toh Dhol bajenge..balloons phootenge…par rakchas uncle aye toh aisa kuch nahi hua….. And then SURPRISE…Vidha’s papa….our Viplav’s entry??????
    Superb…. …. While watching ViVidha scene…. I was like ….yeh Banda ..??he looks soooo cute even with his onscreen daughter…toh will we handle the cuteness when Mishal becomes father in his real life ❤️❤️❤️????
    I was smiling and at the same time my eyes were full of tears of happiness ❤️❤️❤️????
    Loved the scene…and same happened during Parshiya’s story telling ????

    1. Areeb

      HAHA. Agree Sujita. Wish they would have showed some happiness earlier. End mein sari kasar pori karny ka socha hai writers ney.

      And the irony is, mujhy to itni happiness .. lovey dovey scenes dekh k yaqeen nahi ho raha k IKRS hi hai. ?

      1. Renuverma

        True areeb n sujie if it was shown earlier then probably trps wud have been better n then it wud not have been off air too.

      2. Tell me abt it. Ye writers bhi na sari khushiyan ek saath hi denge ki bande ko yaqeen ho na ho paye ki sach hai ya tasawwur.

      3. Sujie

        So true Areeb….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Renuverma

      Hi sujie. Yes it was a dhamakedar episode as vidhu cud meet her papa n hug him for whom she was waiting since first episode post leap.?

      1. Sujie

        Hi Di… 🙂
        yes….that hug and soooo many kisses 🙂 🙂 to beti from papa…awesome

    3. As usual you make us laugh Sujie……will miss your humour when IKRS finishes.

      1. Sujie

        Anita Ma’am ….. i am glad my posts work as laughter dose for you 🙂 🙂 🙂
        🙂 🙂 😀 😀

  6. Sujie

    And Kaamini…. Wonder Where is her Bengali baba….. Bchari paglagayi ….???????
    I must say TP is soooo stupid…. Everyone use him….. And when their work is done ..they throw him….. Usski halat toh toilet paper se bhi battar hai…???? and he still behaves stupid….

    1. Areeb

      And just after your this statement. I’m thinking what can be worst then a toilet paper? And yes the answer came similar to yours. Tripurari Tripathi. ? urf TT. ?

      1. Renuverma

        U mean TT IS TOILET TISSUE ?????

      2. Sujie

        Righto Renu di and Areeb 🙂 🙂

    2. Ur comment really made me laugh ???

      1. Sujie

        RK 😀 😀 😀

    3. Renuverma

      Well sujie today’s baba seemed to be learned as he cud forsee darkness ahead in vks life.
      Best was when she said baba this is not feasible as just now my life got btighternef??????

      1. Sujie

        Renu di…… Kaamini has gone MAD….. 🙂 😀
        Thinking of leading happy life with Viplav….but madam ko nahi pata… SHE WILL BE IN JAIL….AND CHAKKI PISING AND PISING AND PISING 🙂 🙂

    4. Ha ha..TP its just too funny.

      1. Sujie


    5. Nimisha

      Hey Sujie

      Yes TT is a stupid man, but I really like watching his slightly manic manner. He’s morphed into a slightly comic villain so is fun to watch, ???

  7. Porkodi

    Thanks hasan mam for the update…

  8. Mast epi today. Finally Vidhu got united with her real father???????, voo,the scenes btwn father & daughter were ????,the happiness on Viplav’s face was worth watching, O Mishal, ur expressions make words fall short to describe them, U r simply Awesome. ????

    Parshiya, u r genuinely a good soul,exerting so much to unite Vidha & Viplav & finally successful also in ur endeavour✌✌✌. This world actually needs a lot of good souls like U.??? I salute u and ur goodness. ??

    1. Renuverma

      Hi anya?
      True in real life people like parshiya are not found.but if they exist then definitely world wud be a better place to live.

      1. Areeb

        Hi Renu Ma’am.

        People like Parshiya can be found in the society but thankfully people like Kamini do not exist in real life. ?

    2. Areeb

      Hi Anya. Agreed. Parshiya’s character has been turned out really kind.

  9. Nimisha

    Hey everyone!

    gosh, we’ve had such a treat of awesome episodes back to back recently. And it was Viplav’s birthday today and the best gift was that Vidha called him Papa! ????????????????????

    Parshiya is such a star! The way he explained everything to Vidha and then Viplav making her belief that papa would arrive with a band, balloons and fireworks was just super awesome. vidha and Dhani are vet lucky to have two awesome walla men in their lives.

    Kam, crazyyyyyyy Kam is brilliant at the moment. I’m enjoying watching her unravel slowly. The plan so far has been flawless but worried about who walks in the Viplav an Dhnai tomorrow. ?????. Yesterday it was as frustrating as when they never closed the door when Viplav answered the call in the room with Kam sleeping. I was almost screaming at Viplav to stop being careless. Thankfully he wasn’t caught,

    Who will it be tomorrow?? ???. Do t tell me if you know I am avoiding spoilers and enjoying wondering ?????

    I think I’m the on,y person on the planet that’s doesn’t like spoilers but tis true.??

    Really really enjoyed today’s epi.

    OMG! Didn’t comment on yestedrays but.. When Viplav started unbuttoning his waistcoat, I fell in love with him again, and I nearly passed out when he started, I thought, undoing his trousers! Sorry but I was ??? glued to the screen.

    He is so so so so so gorgeous. how am I meant to cope when the show finishes. I mean HOW!!!

    It’s going to be very very very strange.

    Sorry to be awol for a few days again. Didn’t mean to, just kinda happened.

    Btw, I have a new job so one of the days I was there for a meeting. First proper work in 9 years for me but very lucky to get the opportunity so maybe it’s just as well the show is ending otherwise I’d be in the LOO for a long time everyday watching in a cubicle and people might have started to wonder what was wrong with me, ???

    Anyway, happy birthday to MIshal and hope he had a fab fab day. He tweeted to thank everyone for all the love so that means everyone on here too. He didn’t tell me that but am sure he’d have meant it for here too. As you know I feel I know him very very very well.

    I’ll be back. Xxxxx

    1. Renuverma

      Hi nimmy.perfect analysis ??

    2. Areeb

      Hello Nimisha Ma’am.

      I don’t think it will be Kamini, maybe Dulaari and Anushuman or someone else will enter the room.

      And congratulations for your new job!

      1. Nimisha

        Thanks Areeb. I hope it’s not Kam. My heart can’t handle the stress of Viplav and Dhani’s naivety. Those open doors used to drive me totally mad. Then phone calls and now they close the door for some ???alone time??? but didn’t lock the door.

        Seriously, they need to come to London on their long overdue honeymoon, an I’ll teach them about how to maintain privacy! ???. They can bring Vidha too, she can play with my kids, I think they’d get on. And I’d probably stop staring at Viplav after about 10 hours or so, and me and Dhani could go shopping and for a coffee and a natter. Ooh and Viplav would become a really good friend of mine too. I could help Viplav with his work. And if Dadi sorts out that weird stuff going on with her hair, she’d be welcome too.

        That was just an idea that popped into my head. I haven’t been thinking a lot about it, at all. No, no I haven’t, honest, really it’s just popped up. ?????

        I’ve woken up a bit hyper today! ???

      2. Areeb

        OMG OMG!! ?? If they ever come up to your place, I’ll too wish to join the Kids squad! ? Me, Vidha and your kids! ?? What Fun! ? That will also be helpful to you, you’ll get more time to stare Mishal.

      3. Nimisha

        Hi Areeb, yes , ok, ok, you can come too. And yes you’d get on with my kids too. They’re a bit loud sometimes and don’t stop taking so if you can cope with that you’re also welcome! ?

        Can you imagine, if they did come over, I’d be sooooo excited! Imagine MIshal in my house, ??????????

        There’d def be lots of fainting, from him of course as he gets over the excitement of meeting me, at last. ???? I wish! Oh, how I wish!

  10. Hai guys,i was doing my projects,that’s why i didn’t came here for few days and also my network is going really slowly.

    1. Nimisha

      Saranyaaaaaaaaaa. Hellooooooo! Good to see you back and that the absence hasn’t affected your supreme comedy talent. Love printed pyjama! ?????

  11. Parshiya u r too good..hello friends…today was fresher’s party at college ?

  12. This is for our dear TP aka PP yani Printed Pyjama;
    “dt ka kt ka sabka kehana hai
    Ek hazaron mae mere pp hai
    Sare umar usse ullu banana hai”

    1. Sujie

      Saranya….. You are back?????????

    2. Areeb

      Hi Saranya. That’s a really good one! ???

    3. Angel20


  13. Kamini,pls don’t worry,i am a big expert than Bengali Baba and the current baba.i will help u.pls follow my instructions.kamal ki ideas hai meri paas.mein hoon na.
    (1)take a deep breath and eat gajar ka halwa made by our dear kanak madam.
    (2)tell tp to kill mosquitoes in ur room,bcz he always kill the right person,just like he did to shambu,right!
    And if all these didn’t turned out well(3)pls go and marry Our dear phoolchand yaani fool chand.i am sure then u willn’t commit suicide.
    Ok bye,i am a well wisher of u,that’s why i am giving nice suggestions.but no need to say thank u.u are always welcome.bye.woh kya haina,its time to hear the song’sun sathiya mahiya’.maza aayegi ,haina?

    1. Renuverma

      Wow saru?????????

  14. Ade1111

    Hi everyone sorry I have not commented for few days
    Am in DUBAI on holiday ??????? but finally managed to watch the last few Sus it was just so so good am loving it ??
    I miss you all and hopefully I get to watch it at the same time as you all here in Dubai ???

    1. Areeb

      Hello Ma’am. Episodes are going really good! ? Enjoy your holidays!

      1. Ade1111

        Hi Areeb yes episode are so good am enjoying watching Kamini suffer.
        Loved that Vidha was just happy with her papa.

    2. Nimisha

      ola ??????

  15. Parshya did good by revealing vidha tripati her father secret by telling her as a story ,
    How could Kamini get such huge amounts of money ?
    What is she doing just running after Viplav
    Why writer,s forget Atherva,s birth secret
    Who will be the person that is going to enter in Dhaanis room
    Again they did,t close the doors?
    What will be the next move?
    May be 8 or 9 episodes left before its end.

  16. Viplav kissed his daughter 9 times it shows how he is longing for his daughter calling him papa

    1. Sujie

      Saras ma’am ….. you counted the kisses????
      Yes…that shows his TADAP to meet his daughter as a father…not RAKCHAS UNCLE

    2. Areeb

      Hi Saraswathi Ma’am. Oh you counted. That scene was perfect!

  17. At last Viplav thinking in right way about Kamini she even captivate and drugged to make him unconscious and serve the fake letters to Dhaani and Dt , her hand writing tallies both on application and letters Viplav brain at the end of the show become active ,then what next Vakil babu ?

  18. Sujie

    Otherwise I will die of hunger…. 🙂 🙂

    GOOD MORNING FAMILY…. Have a lovely day 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And one more thing….. did anyone tweet the link of TU page full with wishes and messages for birthday boy Mishal on his twitter??? bhul toh nahi gaye????

  19. Very excellent family story. In colours channel they show the Programme and don’t telecast Isk ka rang safed instead they telecast Thapki pyar ki . Colours never maintain the schedule correctly. Re telecast the episode atleast once.

    1. Yes you are correct they did not rectify their mistake in schedule program how stupid it looks

  20. Today episode was superb as vidha got her father.loved the way how parshiya and viplav convinced was full of tears and u all.

  21. Ade1111

    Good Morning from a very very Hot Dubai ??? have a great day everyone ???

    1. Renuverma

      Hi ola dear.?

  22. Hi Renu, Areeb and all the family members ?
    I really wish all of us could meet at one place some day, may be one day God will grant my wish.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi anya i too wish the same

    2. Areeb

      Yes Yes Yes!! Me too!! ?

  23. Mariyam123

    Hey lovely people? I m back after the most amazing day in my school??? My results were out today and want to know how were they??

    They were just awesome, I got full marks in all the papers? And I m feeling like dancing now????

    1. Wow – great. congratulations little one!
      Yes do dance and sing and jump and enjoy, but dont stop commenting 🙂

    2. Nimisha

      Hey Louella
      Congrats on the amazing results! And when you feel like dancing, I say dance!


      1. Renuverma

        Hi nimmy. Just got some free time. Howz yr job. N i did forgot to congratulate u dear.?
        Congratulations sweety.??

      2. Nimisha

        Hey Renu

        Not really started properly yet, will do in September. It’s going back to what I used to do and did a bit last years so should be okay. I hope. Just have to make sure I don’t have MIshal on the brain as a phase spent the last year in that state ? ???

        It should be a few days a week but some weeks slightly more and others slightly less. Will figure it out as we go.

        Thanks for the good wishes Renu. Means a lot. ???

      3. Renuverma

        Wow few days a week! !dounds great. It would give u dual pleasure of working n staying at home.
        Iam sure u r gonna enjoy??

      4. Nimisha

        I hope so Renu. I have developed a one track mind in recent months with MIshal on the brain every waking moment so hope he moves over a bit so that I can focus on work.
        It will be good tho, as long as my head behaves,
        Thanks again lovely! ???

    3. Renuverma

      Elle congratulations dear. So yr hard work has brought u this pleasure.
      Stay happy. God bless u.
      Party time ??

    4. Angel20

      Congratulations Princess?? party toh banti hai!???

    5. Areeb

      Many Many Congratulations Louella! ?

      And you feel like dancing? I’ll join you too! Wait me putting my dancing shoes. Okay done. ??

  24. Colours channel make efforts to re telecast IKRS as scheduled 3.30 am and 5.30 am. atleast from tomrow. Do keep maintain the schedule and make the viewers happy. Miss the show and the talented actor Viplav.Pl. retelecast the show. And also tell us is is dubbed for any other language.

    1. Nimisha

      Hey Pinky, It’s being shown on rishtey somewhere under a new name.. I realise that’s not very helpful info but it’s got rag de moll or something like that in the title.

      1. Renuverma

        Nimmy n pinky it is MOHE RANG DO LAL
        MEANS colour me red or dye me in red??

      2. Nimisha

        Thanks Renu. Don’t understand why they changed the name but good to know what it’s called properly. I’m not actually going to watch it again; maybe will in a few years but not straight away.

  25. Hi Louella! Many congratulations for the great result, ur hard work hs got its reward✌✌✌✌, i sincerely pray that u always get such rewards & much more in ur life ????? God bless u always ???

  26. Renuverma

    Just a query freinds how did viplav know that parshiya had told a witch story to vidhu.??

    1. Angel20

      He was outside Dhaani’s house hearing them

      1. Renuverma

        Oh thks dear i missed few scenes while watching multitasking ??

    2. Areeb

      Oh yes Maria is right he was standing at thr rooms door though he was showed in the last when Vidha goes away getting upset. But when Viplav told about Parshiya’s story it means he had been standing at thr door from a while. And heard the trio talking.

  27. Angel20

    Yesterday’s episode was superb??
    Finally Vidhaa called Viplav as Papa☺☺ how cute you are Vidhaa? I just love that girl! How cutely she said ab ap mujhe shikayti pudiya nhi bulayenge Na..☺☺ awww??? Viplav feeding Dhaani!!❤❤ Parshiya is so good yaar!! Where was Dulaari and Anshuman?? ?

    1. Areeb

      Yes the way Vidha said! Much cute! ?? Dulaari went with Anshuman to live happily ever after. ?

      Hey Maria how are you?

      1. Angel20

        Hi appi.. I am not good??
        Exams from Monday! How are you??

      2. Areeb

        I’m pretty cool as always. ? Oh. Why not good. ? Exams, good luck for them!! ?? And chill exams come every month, year or so. ?

      3. Nimisha

        Maria, all the best for your exams! Hope otherwise you are well. ?

      4. Renuverma

        Hi maria wish you all the best for yr exams ?

    2. Angel20

      Thank you appi??

    3. Angel20

      Thank you Nimisha di❤

    4. Angel20

      Thank you Renu di☺☺

  28. Renu di I’m ok now ??

    1. Renuverma

      Great aish . Take care

  29. Areeb

    Dhaani takes a western avatar and dances to trap Tripurari. Dhaani covers her face and gets helped by Viplav and Parshiya. She is trying to please and fool Tripurari by her disguise. Tripurari has killed Shambu. Dhaani wants Tripurari to confess his crimes. She is sure her plan will succeed. Tripurari gets much drunk as she serves him wine. Dhaani tries to make him admit the truth.

    Okay, will wait for it! Watching Sanjee dancing . ?

    1. Nimisha

      Areeb! Did you just give away a bit of a spoiler? Hmmmmm!

      Need something like SPOILER ALERT in flashing letters so I don’t read them.

      I don’t like spoilers, they…. Spoil it for me… ?????

      1. Areeb

        HAHA. A Oh. I should have headlined it with Spoiler Alert in Bold letters. I guess my bad. ?

        Assume you didn’t read the whole plan of exposing Tp. ? That’ll be not easy but still. ?

      2. Nimisha

        Nope, yep I read it! Sounds good.

        I am the only person in the world who doesn’t like spoilers. I think.

        I don’t even like seeing trailers for movies more than once as I feel they give too much away. I like surprises I think.

        And don’t apologise, it’s cool. I’ll just be more slow at reading posts and will have to stop at the first sniff of a spoiler. ????

      3. Areeb

        HAHA. It’s fine with the spoilers but Movie Trailers! – That’s a bit strange. ?

      4. Nimisha

        Areeb, I think Nimisha means a bit strange ???

  30. hi friends. . I m very busy these days not able to comment. . last few days I didn’t want to miss. ..

    renu how r u n ur mil doing? ?
    Please take care of urself..

    saranya.. tumto sooper entry kiya…

    nimisha good to see u back..

    kavitha..sujie.. areeb .. arshu..anya.. pinky.. loella.. zee .. pinky. ..saraswathi ji.. and all other friends a big hi to u all. ..

    1. Areeb

      Hi Saras Ma’am! ? Hope you are keeping well.

    2. Nimisha

      Hey Saras, good to see you too. Hope you’re well. ??

    3. Sujie

      Hi Saras ma’am ??

  31. Congrats louella …

  32. Renuverma

    Hi saras. Thks for yr concern dear.?
    My pain is still the same though it has been 10 days since i started the medicines.
    Probably the course is if 3 months so it might take some more time to go.
    My mom in law was discharged on monday n gradually she is recovering.
    Hope u n sri r fine.
    Take care.

  33. Hello Saras, good to see your comment. PL keep commenting when u get a moment.
    I will also hve to slow down for the next 2 days. I am going to mountains and may not be able to take laptop. Network is always bad in mountains.

  34. Sujie

    Hello everyone …..
    Nimmy Di……. Congratulations for your new job…. ????
    And love you all……?❤️?❤️
    Renu Di….hope your MIL is doing better now

    1. Nimisha

      Thanks Sujie, hope you’re well. Have you started the new course at your local college! Hope it’s going well and that you’re Enjoying it. ???

  35. Renuverma

    Yes sujie she is better now. Thks dear.? for your concern.

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