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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath asking Sushma why did she take out the jewellery items and asks what is happening? Shalini brings Kanak there, and shows the bridal dress. Dadi says it is good. Kanak asks what is the matter? Dasharath says it is good, but what is the occasion. Sushma asks him to take out good mahurat for them. Dasharath asks whose marriage? Dadi says their marriage happened just like that. Shalini says Viplav and Dhaani. Dasharath says no, this can’t happen. Sushma tries to convince him and says happiness will come in our life. Dasharath says you are trying to make him understand these days. Shalini tries to speak, but Dasharath asks her to stop it. He says this marriage is not possible and tells about Shashtras etc. Shalu says remarriages happen in serials. Sushma asks him

to take out solution. Dasharath says ok, I will think of some idea. Shalu gets happy and shares happiness with Sushma. Kanak gets angry.

Next morning, Dhaani does Viplav’s tilak and shows his medicines. Viplav smiles looking at her and says he don’t remember which medicines to take. Dhaani shows the flag colors medicine and asks him to remember. Viplav says I don’t want to recover fast, else my wife will not sit with me here and get busy in household work. Dhaani asks him to get well so that they can spend some quality time. She says I won’t go anywhere, and be with you in your heart. Viplav asks the extent of closeness? Dhaani gets shy. He says I can’t come closer to you because of my injury. Dhaani says so what? I can come near you. Before she could kiss him, he kisses her and they share some romantic moment together. Dhaani rests her head on his head and says there will be no distance between us.

Sushma asks Shalu to bring Dhaani. Dasharath says no need, and takes out mahurat of marriage. He says there is a good mahurat after 2 days. Just then an old lady comes and hears them. She says why you people haven’t informed me about the marriage? Everyone gets up shockingly seeing her. Dasharath, Sushma, Kanak and Shalini seems to be shocked. The woman says if you have forgotten me. Shalu wishes her namaste and calls her Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath who is going to marry and asks why they look shocked? Dasharath asks her to sit. Dadi Bua asks who is going to marry? She says you have taken out mahurat for Viplav’s marriage, and asks if you have forgotten the promise made to me. She says you people haven’t cared about me, but how can you forget of your promise. She says I told you that I will bring Viplav’s bride, and asks Sushma if she have forgotten too. Dasharath says I am guilty that I didn’t tell you, but we were discussing about Shalu’s marriage. Shalu is surprised.

Dhaani applies ointment in Viplav’s wounds and puts bandage. Dadi Bua asks Shalu, if you didn’t get marry until now. Shalu says no, will happen soon. Dasharath says Viplav will marry after shalu’s marriage. Dadi Bua asks when is the mahurat? Dasharath says after 2 days. Dadi Bua asks him about the family details. Dasharath asks her to sit and have breakfast. Dadi bua says I felt bad hearing about Shambu’s death, but I have some questions in mind. She asks Dasharath if he will lie? Dasharath says no. Dadi Bua asks about Viplav. Shalu says he is in his room. Dadi Bua says he is in room. She says how do my son look alike. She says he must have grown up. She asks Kanak and asks why she is silent. She says I will go to his room and goes. Dasharath follows her and says he will call Viplav here.

Dhaani cares for Viplav. Ishq Ishq plays……..Viplav moves his finger in her hairs and showers flowers on her head. Dhaani smiles too. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………. They kiss on each other cheeks and eyes. Dhaani gets shy. Dasharath asks Dadi Bua to meet Viplav later. She asks what are you hiding and asks him to tell truth. Everyone is silent. Kanak says he might be sleeping now, and says I will make him meet tomorrow. She gets angry and goes to room. She opens the door and sees Viplav on bed. She hugs him happily. Viplav feels pain in his wound. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath how did this happen and scolds him. Viplav says it is my mistake, don’t scold me. Dadi Bua says I am seeing him from years, he thinks about himself rather than others. Viplav tells her that he is taking medicine on time, and says he will hug her like a filmy hero tomorrow. Dadi Bua says he is joking and asks Dasharath why Viplav is alone in the room. Viplav says no, and says she is with me. Dhaani comes just then and looks at her. Dadi Bua looks at Dhaani. Dasharath and Kanak are tensed. Dadi Bua says who is she? Viplav is about to tell that she is his wife, but just then Dasharath says he is his nurse. Viplav and Dhaani are shocked. Dadi Bua says Nurse? Dasharath says she is Aaya from hospital to take care of Viplav. Dhaani gets upset.

Dadi Bua looks at Dhaani from head and toe, and says she is a nurse. She says her clothes is like she is a owner of the house. Dhaani touches her feet. Dadi Bua asks her to send her out. Later Dasharath asks Viplav and Dhaani to take care of the situation. Shalu asks will you get me married in 2 days. Dhaani asks with whom?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kavi di had lunch…. Wat abt u???

    BR mam… In munnar there was a awesome veg hotel…
    But in Kerala there are a lot of veg hotel ? near guruvayur….
    But hands of to u and ur companions eating only fruits juice and bread… If it would have been me I would surely had started to scold everyone?
    Haha ? I have a great knowledge on hotels… Only think I knw abt that place…

  2. BR mam same sort of problem me and my family ? use to face when we go for a trip.. A veg hotel…

  3. hlw my ikrs family hw r u all? my health is good bt ikrs me 2 ladies ka entry n Trishakti ne toh dimag ko hilakar rakhdiya hai #Mishal k liye kya kya sehan karna pada hai ?
    one request to producer ji , directer ji n writer ji #PLZ viplav ko uss new entry girl se shaadi mat karadena agr ho gayi toh kasam se jab tak new grl ki chapter khatam nahi hoti tab tak ikrs nahi dekhenge?

  4. Mmm a thought ,precap says viplav is going to tell dadi
    Bua. He’s married… doesn’t say he does…..

    1. Yes, Anne… I thought the same.. But I’m being very cynical these days. Still haven’t forgiven the makers for those two horrific precaps. ( I think I seriously need help as I,m starting to forget this is only a to show ?????)

      1. How cheaply can u go to India….. In my dreams I would go tomorrow. I don’t suppose its the slightest bit like “” Marigold Hotel”” .
        Just want something different before its toooo late.
        Oh well I’ll try to get to Cornwall this year !!!!
        BTW my hometown is Chesterfield ,home of the famous Crooked Spire . Born n raised within 20 mins walk of town centre. We have Peak district,,Chatsworth,Haddon Hall,Hardwick Hall.Matlock,Bakewell. all about 30 mins drive. Cities. Sheffield, Leeds,Manchester ,Derby Nottingham and more… a Londoner I hope you’ve heard of some of these places at least!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????

      2. Hey Anne, Go To India definitely, It is so very different to anywhere else I’ve ever been. Amazing place. I’d love to go back at some point. And I honestly would go and visit some of the lovely peeps on this thread!

        My daughter has multiple allergies which is a pain and means I’m too scared to board a flight with her. I know lots of people do but I can’t. But one day I hope to take both my kids.

        Lol at the hope you’ve heard of some of the cities… Cheeky mare ???

        It sounds beautiful where you live and you’re very lucky to be able to get to places so quickly. A 20 min drive down here wouldn’t get you very far at all. My mum and dad live about 12 miles away but due to the traffic that can take over an hour on a bad day.

        We have family in Leeds and Sheffield so have visited those. Would love to visit the others too.

        Are you watching any other Indian serials at the moment?

    2. By the way, which precap?

      1. I think Tuesday.
        ..dadi bua asks Dhaani about her husband
        Viplav decides to tell dadibua about marriage
        Hope that’s right .xxx

  5. Misha didi… Mishal’s wedding ? is not yet finished… Wanna look forward to him..uh???
    Misha didi we both can go and appeal to the director to make us script writer… Hows my idea???
    Or via online we can send a story.. And using tat idea we can meet Viplav and Dhaani…

    1. ALWAYS look forward to Mishal.

      Love your idea. But… I’m not very creative but am very opinionated and think I could help the makers stop going down these slightly ridiculous tracks.

      Would LOve to meet them tho.

      How are you today, lovely?

  6. Mishal wedding should nt happen again
    Otherwise KT n DT ll consider unmarried to dem.n ask dem to stay separated till marrige.again new drama ll start

    1. Drama ok.but Vidha disassemble it will not accept. Enough that promo is killing me.

      1. I’ve seen promo,and viplav does not look pleased its not Dhaani hes on the ground with..

    2. Wasn’t the wedding idea by Shalu and Dadi, who do accept Viplav and dhani’s marriage. I thought it was just about celebrating it with everyone ???

  7. I read that in India the second marriage invalid, if someone is already married,this is canceled. Shalu is free.

    1. Good news! Got rid of him!!!??

    2. Phew! Thanks MIrsada.

      Poor Shalu but at least she got away with that one quite easily.

  8. Going awesome… Having silly fight wth siblings and mother… Enjoying the luxury of sitting in home…. Since there is nothing to do so simply sitting and thinking ? a good story… I have got a thread… Finding for the plot… Thinking to start an ff…
    Hows ur day my lovely sis???

  9. This trishakti promo is killing me ………
    i am going to entertain myself with those golden episodes of IKRS ….. till all these get sorted…and wanna watch romantic moments between Viplav and Dhaani…….

  10. this dadi bua was called by DT himself to stop the remarriage of Viplav and Dhaani….. cunning oldie…mann karta hai khoon pijaaoon iss DT ka….. how can anyone be so so so irritating…….
    dikhai nahi deta kya uska potha Viplav Dhaani ke saath khush hai……
    I really hope with the upcoming episodes Daadi bua helps Dhaani and Viplav to unite instead of creating rift….and Kaamini…the new girl ….leave ViDhaani as soon as possible…. bata rahi hoon main

  11. By the way, Prachi and Shanatics, it’s Viplav’s wedding NOT MIshal’s… OK.???

    1. Oops I forgot to add ….. ?????????

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